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I started ballet at the ripe old age of three. My mom enrolled me after seeing me in front of the TV jeteing and debouleing to the Blues Clues theme song. That ballet class was one of the few places that just seemed to fit. And even when I saw some of the kids and their parents laughing at me, something inside my little brain said, 'Screw them. Just go for it, Hummel.' My can-do attitude was born in that room.

—Kurt Hummel, Lights Out

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel is a major character in the hit series, Glee. He is the first openly gay character introduced in the series.

In the beginning of the series, Kurt is in the closet until he comes out to Mercedes Jones and eventually to his father, Burt. He establishes a crush on Finn Hudson and tries to pursue him, despite Finn being straight. He even goes as far as to set up his father with Finn's mother, Carole, just so he could be closer to him, which backfires when Finn uses a homophobic slur against him during an outburst. In the Season 2, Kurt meets Blaine Anderson and quickly falls in love with him. During the season, Kurt is the target of bully David Karofsky, who turns out to be gay when he kisses Kurt unexpectedly. Scared for his life, Kurt eventually transfers to Dalton Academy with Blaine and they eventually pursue a relationship in Original Song.

During the third, fourth, and fifth seasons, Kurt's relationship with Blaine goes through several obstacles, such as when Kurt flirts with another guy or when Blaine cheats after Kurt moves to New York. Despite this, they realize they will always be in love with each other and get engaged in Love, Love, Love. Sometime before Loser Like Me, they break up, but Kurt later realizes his mistake and sets on a quest to win Blaine back. In A Wedding, Kurt finally marries Blaine.

Kurt is portrayed by Chris Colfer.




Kurt is introduced as the sassy, stylish student, who often gets thrown into the dumpster by Noah Puckerman and his football friends. He auditions for the Glee Club where he hits an impressive high note. After he's accepted, he is seen singing Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat, the first song the Glee Club sings together. At the end of the episode, Kurt performs Don't Stop Believin' with the New Directions.


Kurt joins the New Directions in performing an inappropriate performance of Push It at the school assembly.


Kurt and Mercedes Jones form a friendship out of their fashion rivalry. Mercedes also develops a crush on Kurt. Kurt sees that Mercedes is lonely and he offers to cheer her up by taking her out shopping. The cheerleaders, driven to stir up some petty drama for the Glee Club, manipulate Mercedes into thinking that Kurt is straight and has feelings for her. When she confronts him about their relationship, Kurt, still closeted, lies to Mercedes and tells her that he has feelings for Rachel, although the subject of his real crush is Finn. Jealous and embarrassed, Mercedes throws a rock through the windshield of his car. When Kurt eventually tells her that he is gay, she asks why he was not honest with her. Kurt then admits that he is afraid and does not want anyone other than her to know the truth of his sexuality.


Kurt dancing to Beyonce's Single Ladies.

When Burt walks in on Kurt dancing to Single Ladies with Brittany Pierce and Tina Cohen-Chang, Kurt attempts to hide his sexuality by claiming that he has joined the football team and that he is dating Tina. Desperate to gain his father's approval, Kurt actually "auditions" for the team. Much to the surprise of Coach Tanaka, his father, and his teammates, Kurt turns out to be a spectacular place kicker and he scores the final point to win the first game of the season. The players lift Kurt onto their shoulders after the winning kick; he looks to the stands where his father is proudly shouting that Kurt is his son. After the game, Kurt nervously tells to his dad that he is gay. Burt reveals that he has known since Kurt was three and asked for a pair of "sensible heels" for his birthday. Even though he is not entirely comfortable with the situation, Burt reminds his son that he loves Kurt no matter what: that he will always support and be proud of him.

The Rhodes Not Taken

When former Glee club member April Rhodes joins the New Directions, Kurt is initially reluctant to accept her into the club, but is moved to the point of tears after she performs Maybe This Time. April attempts to get him fully on her side by sneaking him alcohol (which he dislikes at first, but accepts after she tells him it will give him courage) and vintage male muscle magazines, which he happily accepts. Emma Pillsbury, the school guidance counselor, eventually sees a haggard-looking Kurt walking through the hallway, drunk. Kurt mistakes her for Bambi and vomits on her shoes.

Vitamin D

During a mash-off between the boys and the girls, Kurt tries to work with the girls, only for Mr. Schuester to make him cross back over. The boys perform their mash-up rather enthusiastically, and Kurt feels obliged to tell the girls that all the boys took pseudoephedrine tablets from Will Schuester's wife, Terri, to enhance their performance.


When Sue Sylvester is named co-director of the Glee Club, Kurt is recruited by her to join the minority students to make an elite Glee Club: Sue's Kids. They perform Hate on Me together. He later performs Ride wit Me and Keep Holding On with the New Directions.


Finn debates throwing a slushie on Kurt. Though his teammates will beat him up if he does not do it, Finn is torn. Eventually Kurt slushies himself and asks Finn if he thinks a football player would do that for him.


Kurt singing Defying Gravity.

Mr. Schuester decides that one of the possible song selections for Sectionals will be Defying Gravity from the musical Wicked. Kurt is overjoyed at the idea of getting the chance to sing the song, but his hopes are dashed when Mr. Schuester immediately awards the solo to Rachel Berry. Kurt relays his disappointment to his father and a furious Burt storms down to the school, demanding his son be given the chance to at least audition for the part. Will agrees that it was unfair of him to ignore Kurt's interest in the piece and agrees to let both Rachel and Kurt audition for the solo. It is decided that the club members will vote for the winner, which worries Rachel because she knows that the rest of the students like Kurt better. Kurt, however, asks that the kids choose fairly on the merits of their musical talent, despite him being more popular and a better dresser.

Before the competition takes place, Burt receives an anonymous phone call at work calling Kurt a fag. Kurt has intercepted similar calls for some time and is more disturbed at how badly his father takes the incident. Kurt, not wanting to give his father more grief by singing a girl's song in public, throws the high note during the audition. Burt is disappointed that his son took a dive for his sake, but is touched by his actions, calling Kurt "strong" like his mother had been. Kurt responds by saying that his father is more important than stardom. Kurt later performs Proud Mary with the rest of the club.


When the Glee group is split into pairs and asked to sing ballads to their partners, Kurt and Finn are assigned as partners. Finn of course, is reluctant to pair with a boy, for fear of being pegged as gay. Kurt however, is overjoyed at the idea and attempts to flirt with Finn through the guise of friendship and giving advice for Finn's personal problems. His plan works in that he and Finn become closer friends, but backfires in other ways. In the end, Kurt hints to Finn that he has feelings for the other boy, with his ballad choice I Honestly Love You, but Finn seems to misunderstand.


Kurt's feelings for Finn continue to lead him to behave in a manipulative fashion when he manipulates Rachel with false advice on how to win over Finn, after Quinn has asked him to help seperate Rachel and Finn. Kurt convinces Rachel to take on a sultrier look, like the character Sandy in Grease. While the look does get Finn's attention, Finn admits that he prefers Rachel as she normally is. Rachel then confronts Kurt, who admits that they are both in love with the same man and that as long as Quinn is in the picture, neither of them will ever have him—Kurt less so because Finn is not gay. In the end, although not quite friends, both have bonded over their shared heartbreak. Kurt is seen wearing a blonde wig and dancing with Quinn during the group performance of the mash-up Hair/Crazy in Love.


It is Kurt who suggests the group not to fight against Glee Club's cut from the yearbook, due to all the previous years' Glee Club photos being defaced by the rest of the student body. But in the end, the kids allow themselves to be photographed for the yearbook (which goes on to be defaced as usual). Kurt also joins the rest of the group in taping a mattress commercial. Kurt performs back-up vocals during Jump.


Despite Sue releasing their setlist, New Directions win Sectionals. He is later seen performing My Life Would Suck Without You after the competition. Kurt is seen re-enacting his Single Ladies routine with Brittany and Tina.


Kurt is among the people who confront Rachel on her relationship with Jesse St. James, the lead singer of their rivals Vocal Adrenaline.

The Power of Madonna

Kurt and Mercedes.

When Will grows concerned about how the boys are treating the girls, Kurt suggests that all of them perform Madonna numbers to strengthen the girls' sense of self-worth. Sue enlists the help of Kurt and Mercedes to give her a makeover, and the three of them recreate the Vogue video. However, instead of changing herself, Sue decides to change others and offers Kurt and Mercedes a spot on the Cheerios. Because of their lack of solos in Glee Club, they accept and sing 4 Minutes at a pep rally, shocking Will. He is not pleased by them "joining the enemy camp" asking if they could have warned him beforehand. Mercedes and Kurt, however, respond that he never warned them about passing them up for solos. In the end, Will has no choice, but to accept their decision. At the end of the episode, Kurt and Mercedes receive solos in the episode's closing number, Like a Prayer.


Kurt tries to get closer to Finn by setting their widowed parents up. Finn is not happy with the idea, but Kurt tries to convince him by singing A House Is Not a Home. However, Kurt's plans don't go the way he expected when he finds himself feeling left out when Burt and Finn bond over sports at a "family" dinner. That evening, Burt confronts Kurt about his change in behavior, to which Kurt reveals how much it hurt to see his father connect so much better with Finn than with his own son. Kurt then dismisses his father, so as to avoid crying in front of him. Before leaving, however, Burt asks Kurt if he introduced him to Carole for Burt's sake or for something else, implying he suspects Kurt's attraction to Finn. Unable to deal with this, Kurt conspires with Finn to break their parents up. However, in the end, Finn comes to accept that Burt's relationship with his mother is beneficial to her, after seventeen years of being alone. Finn invites Burt to watch the basketball game with him, during which the two fall into a discussion of sports again. Both however are unaware of Kurt watching them from a nearby window outside crying.

Alongside all of this, his relationship with Mercedes hits choppy waters when he suggests she needs to lose weight so she can keep herself on the Cheerios. He strongly desires to no longer be considered a loser, enjoying his interaction with the Cheerios, such as in the group's hatred of Rachel's personality, stating that "The Glee Club would rather die than see Rachel and Jesse be the new Beyoncé and Jay-Z." He is humbled, however, when Mercedes, thanks to the help of Quinn, realizes that she is fine the way that she is and proceeds to sing Beautiful at a pep rally, after which Kurt apologizes to her.

Bad Reputation

Kurt is upset to find that he didn't make the Glist, a list of the hottest and sexual members of the glee club, so he, Artie Abrams, Mercedes, and Tina team up with Brittany to bring up their reputation by singing U Can't Touch This in the library, but they are unsuccessful.


Kurt is saddened by the fact that his dad is paying more attention to Finn and in the mistaken belief that if he becomes "straight" his father will love him again, he changes his persona to straight, becoming "Butch Kurt"—a "man's man." He dons flannel and trucker wear instead of his usual lingerie, speaks in a deeper voice, and sings Pink Houses by Mellencamp for Glee, to which everyone listens uncomfortably. He starts dating Brittany, but asks her what it's like to kiss boys during their make-out session. Kurt makes sure his father "catches" him and Brittany kissing, which Burt finds extremely odd, but proceeds to humor him, all the while encouraging his son to be true to himself and saying that he will always support him and to use protection in which Brittany thinks they need security guards.

After being rejected by his father again, in favor of spending time with Finn, Kurt has finally gives up and returns to his true persona singing his own version of Rose's Turn in the The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion, where he is confronted by his dad, who tells him that he likes him as he is, not what Kurt thinks he wants him to be; "Butch Kurt." After finally accepting that his father loves him no matter what, Kurt is at last free again to pursue his feelings towards Finn.

Dream On

Kurt's role is very minor. He is seen being very excited over the New Directions jean jackets presented by Bryan Ryan.


Kurt during Bad Romance.

When the Glee Club learns that Vocal Adrenaline will be doing Lady Gaga for Regionals, Kurt and the girls don Gaga-inspired outfits and perform Bad Romance. Kurt is elated when Burt invites Carole and Finn to move in with them. Kurt, in an attempt to seduce Finn, goes to elaborate attempts at making Finn feel welcomed. However, he crosses the line of Finn's existing comfort levels. Kurt's flamboyant decoration of their shared bedroom ultimately causes Finn to have an outburst and use a homophobic slur. Burt overhears this and kicks Finn out, despite the problems it might cause his relationship with Carole. Finn proceeds to make several attempts reconciling with Kurt, all of which are rejected, until at last Finn saves Kurt from several bullies attempting to assault Kurt for wearing his Lady Gaga costume, while wearing one of his own.


Kurt assists the Cheerios in winning their Nationals for the sixth time in a row, by singing a medley of Céline Dion in French. Meanwhile, the Glee Club is horrified to discover that Jesse has returned to Vocal Adrenaline and a more intense rivalry explodes between the two groups, climaxing with Rachel being egged by the rival group. Furious, the boys of the group proceed to set out for vengeance. Kurt joins the rest of boys, stating that despite everything Rachel is their friend and that only they may belittle and insult her. In the end, New Directions gets vengeance by performing a funk number in which Kurt shows off the low notes in his range at the beginning. Vocal Adrenaline is not capable of doing a funk number because they are self-admitted "soulless automatons."


Finally the group makes it to Regionals in which they are shocked to learn that Sue is one of judges. Will urges the kids to push on, and they sing a selection of songs from the group Journey. Their performance is a hit, and they receive the support of Josh Groban who feels they had the most heart. However, after Olivia Newton-John dismisses their entire performance, everyone thinks that New Directions should lose. It is only Sue who votes for them to win the competition.

They rank third place, which means that, according to Figgins, the group will be forced to disband. All the kids talk about their lives before joining the Glee Club and Kurt shares how he was not honest about who he was. They sing a "farewell" song to Will, To Sir, With Love, which Sue overhears. Moved by the love that the kids show for Will, Sue asks the principal to give them one more year, allowing the group another chance to win Regionals after the summer.


Kurt joins the New Directions in helping recruit new members for the glee club with Empire State of Mind, but is unsuccessful. Rachel managed to sway Sunshine Corazon into auditioning, but grew fearful of her joining their group when she discovered how good of a singer she really was. Rachel tried to get Kurt and Mercedes to join her in taking down Sunshine, supposedly for "their benefit." Neither of them were impressed with Rachel and were later furious to discover that she had intentionally sent Sunshine to a crackhouse rather than to auditions.


Kurt is the one who insists the most on doing Britney Spears music. He is the only one aware of a Facebook campaign that is pleading for New Directions to perform Britney Spears music at the fall homecoming assembly. Most of the kids are excited about the campaign, but Mr Schuester is adamant about his no Britney Spears policy, as he believes she is a bad role model. During a passionate argument about the importance of Britney Spears to pop culture, Kurt releases his anger verbally on Mr. Schue, causing every member of the New Directions looking shocked, which leads him to send Kurt to the principal's office. Eventually, Mr Schuester changes his mind and allows the group to perform Toxic at the Homecoming assembly, provided that he gets to sing with the kids also. The performance does not have the result the kids are hoping for, as it creates a "Britney Spears Sex Riot." Sue pulls the fire alarm, stopping the performance, and the students evacuate.

Grilled Cheesus

Tumblr ler7h0d6vM1qee7fro1 500.jpg
Kurt brings his dad a healthy breakfast in contrast to the "two Slim Jims and a Coke" he normally has. He is a little taken aback, and Kurt states that he needs to start taking care of himself. Burt concedes that with enough hot sauce it should be fine, and asks Kurt to a dinner with Carole and Finn. Although the four of them are no longer living together, they still have dinner together every Friday night. Kurt announces that he isn't going to go to dinner, because the Sound of Music Sing Along that he had been looking forward to, a once a year event is on at another theater. While Burt understands Kurt's point that he's a teenager and has a busy life, he reminds Kurt that this tradition was started with Kurt's mom and is really all they have to connect them. Kurt still refuses, unable to see the effect his selfishness is having on Burt. He walks out, telling Burt that he won't be attending dinner with the Hudsons. At work later that day, Burt has a heart attack. Emma runs to Kurt’s French class to tell Kurt the news. Will and Emma rush Kurt to the hospital to see his father. Kurt goes to his Dad's hospital room and asks his Dad to hold his hand. Kurt seems to want to bear the burden alone, only letting Finn in after he points out that he thought they were a family and Burt would be the closest he's ever going to get to a father.

Later, everyone in the Glee Club comforts him. Kurt finds Rachel singing Papa, Can You Hear Me? to his father and asks them to leave. He remembers all the good times with his dad and sings I Want to Hold Your Hand in Glee club, showing all his emotions (as he had been acting very calm through the dilemma) at the end of the song. Mercedes Jones asks him to come to church with her. Although he doesn't believe in God, Kurt agrees, and at church Mercedes sings Bridge Over Troubled Water with everyone in the church comforting him. Kurt goes back and holds Burt's hand again saying that he doesn't believe in God, but he believes in both of them and Burt starts to squeeze his hand, signaling that he is going to be all right.


Kurt initially believes that the newest member of the Glee Club, Sam Evans, may be gay because Kurt can tell Sam dyes his hair, and proposes that they sing a duet together for the duets competition. When Finn finds out, he pleads with Kurt to break it off as he believes that doing a duet with Kurt may cause Sam to be harassed by others for singing with a gay male which may potentially lead to him leaving Glee Club. Kurt doesn't listen, but after a talk with his dad, he comes to the conclusion that, while incredibly unfair, it would be the right thing to do to let Sam sing a duet with someone else. He then decides that he will sing Le Jazz Hot on his own, wearing a costume that represents both the male and female side of the human psyche, thus making it a "duet." At the end, Rachel confronts Kurt and informs him that she knows he is lonely. During this heart to heart talk, they come to the realization that they aren't as different as they believe they are, and sing a duet of Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy as the episode closes.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

When Mr Schuester plans to hold a school production of The Rocky Horror Show, Kurt is offered the role of Frank-N-Furter. He rejects, saying there's no way he'd play a transvestite in fishnets, high heels and lipstick, to which Santana mockingly asks if Kurt is opposed to playing the role "because that look was last season." Mike Chang takes the role instead. (later to be replaced by Mercedes). Kurt is then cast as Riff-Raff. He joins in on singing back-up on Damn It, Janet and shares the male lead with Finn in Time Warp.

Never Been Kissed

Dave's bullying begins to escalate, as Kurt gets painfully shoved into lockers and openly insulted. Adding to Kurt's misery, when Mr Schuester presents that the group perform another boys vs girls mash-up competition, Mr Schuester again forces Kurt to join the boys' team as opposed to the girls' team, which he would have preferred. Dave hammers Kurt again and when Kurt speaks out, Dave threatens to beat him up. Will sees the aftermath of Kurt again being bullied by Dave and attempts to reach out to him. Kurt tells Will that he, like everyone else in school, too easily lets homophobia slide and that he's not feeling challenged musically. In response, Will alters the competition, requiring the teams to tackles songs better suited to the opposite gender.

At Dalton

While Kurt attempts to stay strong, he finds himself slowly cracking under the strain of being so easily bullied as well as being the only openly gay student in the school. After his song choices being rejected by the other guys, Kurt sneaks into Dalton Academy to check out their competition. Noticing the boys all are rushing off to somewhere, he stops one of them, claiming to be a new student and asks what's happening. The student introduces himself as Blaine and explains that Dalton's Glee Club are about to throw an impromptu performance.

When Kurt asks if the Glee club is cool at Dalton, Blaine says that the Warblers are like rock stars. Taking Kurt's hand, he rushes them to where the Warblers will perform and reveals himself to be the lead singer for their show choir. Kurt is enthralled with their performance of Katy Perry's Teenage Dream. He is overwhelmed by how accepting everyone at the school is and seems smitten by the attention that Blaine shows him during the song. Afterwards, it’s revealed that Blaine and two of his friends Wes and David are aware that Kurt was a spy, but actually found the fact that he was "such a horrible spy" endearing and did not hold it against him. Instead, they have coffee with him. Confessing to being a spy, Kurt asks several of the Warblers if they're all gay. Blaine says that out of the three of them he is, the others explain that their school has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment. Alone with Blaine, Kurt reveals that he's the only out student at McKinley High and is constantly harassed by Karofsky. Blaine had a similar experience at his school before Dalton and regrets running away. He advises Kurt that prejudice is ignorance and by confronting Karofsky he'll teach him that he can't get away with it. Blaine suggests that while Kurt could do what he did and transfer schools, another option would be to confront his bully.

Staying in contact, Blaine urges Kurt to have "courage" via a phone text. Kurt takes his advice, and after being shoved into a locker by Karofsky once more, Kurt calls him out and follows him, demanding to know what his problem is. Dave becomes extremely defensive, ordering Kurt to back off. Kurt refuses to do so, stating that Karofsky isn't his "type", and that Dave can't "punch the gay out of him any more than he can punch the ignoramus out of Karofsky." Mid-insult, Dave grabs Kurt and kisses him. Dave attempts for a second one, but Kurt immediately pushes him away, completely in shock by what just happened, causing Karofsky to punch a locker and run from the room, clearly upset. Kurt gets Blaine to help him confront Karofsky about his closeted homosexuality. Kurt and Blaine approach Dave, who's back to his insulting persona, denying his feelings and growing more violent when they try to talk him into accepting his feelings. When Kurt defends Blaine by pushing Dave away, he runs off. Still in a sense of shock after what happened, Kurt explains to Blaine that before Dave, he had never been kissed when it actually "counted." Blaine offers to buy Kurt lunch. Later we see that Kurt now has a picture of Blaine in his locker with the word "courage" beneath.

The Substitute


Kurt begins to blow off Mercedes, in favor of his new friendship with Blaine. Mercedes is curious about Kurt's budding relationship with Blaine, but he assures her that it's not a romantic situation. Later, Kurt takes Blaine and Mercedes out for dinner. It is evident during the outing how close Blaine and Kurt have become as they have a lot in common. Mercedes seems to fade out during their chatting. Kurt is comfortable and relieved that he can discuss "gay issues" with another. He high fives, pats, and touches Blaine throughout the conversation.

When Mercedes smuggles Tater Tots into the school, Kurt tells her she's substituting food for love - and substituting Kurt for a boyfriend. He assures her that she'll find someone and urges her to take care of herself in the meantime. Mercedes agrees with him and goes off to meet the jock he tried to set her up with. Dave then confronts Kurt asking if he told anyone else about him kissing Kurt in the locker room, with Dave claiming that Kurt kissed him, rather than the other way around. Kurt replies he hasn't told anyone to which Dave says, "Good, because if you tell anybody, I'll kill you." He walks off, leaving Kurt terrified for his life.


Kurt and Finn discover that their parents are finally getting married, and Kurt is made the wedding planner. At the same time, Kurt is terrified by Dave Karofsky and begins to panic whenever Dave is near him. Dave walks up to him, touches his upper chest, and attempts a smile at Kurt. He then grabs the wedding figurine Kurt is holding, asking "Can I have this?" before walking off, leaving Kurt looking unsettled. Will sees this and asks Kurt if he's alright, causing Kurt to shake and cry; Will takes him to the principal. After Will and Sue say they can't do anything to help him, the glee boys on the football team confront Dave in the locker room and demand he leave Kurt alone.

Later, while Kurt is giving Finn and Burt dancing lessons, Dave sees and mocks them, angering Burt. Kurt hesitates but when Finn tells Kurt to tell his father the truth or he will, Kurt tells Burt that Dave has been harassing him for a few weeks. When his dad presses Kurt for more information, he admits that Dave threatened to kill him, which shocks both Finn and Burt. Burt rushes after Dave and throws him up against the wall, threatening Karofsky to pick a fight with him. He is pulled off of him by Finn and Kurt. The situation causes Sue to call Dave's dad, Paul Karofsky, to the school. Paul notes that Dave has been acting differently and takes Kurt's side. Upon Kurt telling Sue that Dave threatened to kill him, Sue expels Dave.

Glee Furt Nov24newsnea.jpg
Later, Burt marries Carole, making Finn and Kurt stepbrothers. At the reception, Finn says that "Furt" has been born, and he has Kurt's back no matter what it costs him. Finn and the rest of the Glee Club proceed to sing Bruno Mars' Just the Way You Are to him, with Finn putting his past insecurities with Kurt aside, and they dance, ending with a hug. Sue reveals that her expulsion of Dave has been overridden by the school board and he'll be returning the next day. She resigns in protest, allowing Figgins to return as acting principal and says she'll be a set of eyes and ears for Kurt in the hallway. Kurt leaves the office and runs into Burt and Carole, who offer to use their honeymoon money to pay for his tuition at Dalton Academy. Kurt goes into the choir room and announces he's transferring to Dalton Academy, effective immediately, because Dave is returning the next day. All the guys offer to protect him, but Kurt refuses. He walks out of the choir room in tears, leaving all of Glee Club stunned and upset. Not only about Kurt's leaving, but also that Kurt would be their competition for Sectionals, leaving Rachel worry about it.

Special Education

Kurt, who is now a member of Dalton Academy finds himself struggling to adjust to the energy of the place. The Warblers make him watch over their mascot, a canary named Pavarotti, in order for him to join their Glee Club. Kurt makes jokes that mostly fall flat. He presents an idea for Sectionals, but the council politely declines. After the meeting, Blaine comes over to him in the hallway and offers Kurt the chance to audition to sing a solo at Sectionals, because Kurt showed guts by suggesting new ideas. Kurt goes to Rachel for help and together they work on Don't Cry for Me Argentina for his audition. Unfortunately, Kurt is not selected; Nick and Jeff, both of whom had auditioned multiple times for the solo, are told they can go forward to the next level of auditions. Blaine tells Kurt that he doesn't have to show off or try so hard, and to try to blend in.

At Sectionals, Kurt runs into Rachel, where she admits her own shock that he didn't get the solo and jokingly states that the reason she had never been as nice to him before was because of the fact he was her biggest competition. She admits they all miss him, and he says he misses his old school as well. Rachel admits that the most important thing is for Kurt to be safe. During their talk, he accidentally lets slip that he knew Finn had slept with Santana, assuming that Rachel had known already.

The Warblers perform Hey, Soul Sister, before New Directions goes up, and Kurt is pleased to see that a majority of his friends from New Directions smile up at him from the audience with pride and support, even giving them a standing ovation at the end. He returns the kind gesture and leads the audience to give a standing ovation for New Directions after they perform. In the end, both the Warblers and New Directions tie for first place at Sectionals, meaning both groups will be competing again at Regionals against Westvale High School's Aural Intensity. After the competition, Kurt, who is still taking care of Pavarotti, becomes scared that the bird might be dying, when he notes that he is becoming weak and his feathers are falling out. He texts Blaine, who assures him that the warbler is simply molting.

A Very Glee Christmas

When Blaine asks Kurt to help him prepare for a gig, they flirtatiously sing Baby, It's Cold Outside. Afterwards, Will visits Kurt where Kurt reveals that he is in love with Blaine.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Kurt joins The Warblers in preparing for Regionals. He and Blaine later join Rachel and Mercedes for coffee at The Lima Bean. Afterwards, he and Blaine can be seen at the football game, cheering on the New Directions, who have joined the football team.

Silly Love Songs

When Blaine reveals he has a crush on someone, Kurt assumes it's him but is disappointed when it turns out to be someone else. However, when Blaine's attempts at wooing his crush backfire, Kurt reveals to Blaine that he has feelings for him. Blaine is surprised, but suggests they should stay friends for the time being.

Blame It on the Alcohol

Kurt accompanies Blaine to Rachel's house party where Blaine gets extremely drunk and kisses Rachel. The next morning, Burt catches Blaine in Kurt's bed, but Kurt insists that nothing had happened. When Blaine starts questioning his sexuality, Kurt admonishes him and asserts that bisexuality is not real. Kurt later goes to Rachel's house to help her clear up the party mess, but he really wants to talk to her about Blaine. Kurt tries to make her understand that Blaine and her will never have chemistry, because Blaine is gay. Rachel claims that Blaine is "confused." The two then start a bet, in which Rachel has to kiss Blaine while sober. When she does this, Blaine declares he is "100% gay", and Kurt feels better about his chances with Blaine.


Kurt struggles to be sexy when Blaine has The Warblers perform Animal for their sister school, Crawford Country Day. Blaine offers his services, but learns that Kurt is too resistant about the topic of sex. Burt decides to give Kurt "the talk" after a conversation with Blaine, but Kurt becomes uncomfortable.

Kurt and Blaine finally get together.

Original Song

When Pavarotti suddenly dies, Kurt sings Blackbird in his memory, causing Blaine to realize his feelings for Kurt. Blaine then proposes they sing together at Regionals, where Blaine admits his feelings for Kurt and kisses him passionately. At Regionals, Kurt and Blaine sing Candles, before The Warblers perform Raise Your Glass. The Warblers end up losing, but Blaine and Kurt agree that they still have each other.

A Night of Neglect

Kurt and Blaine visit McKinley High for the benefit concert where Blaine comments that Kurt misses his old school. They soon confronted by Karofsky, who begins to taunt them. Santana Lopez witnesses this and intervenes.

Born This Way

Santana is able to get Kurt to transfer back to McKinley with the promise that Karofsky's bullying would stop. After saying goodbye to Blaine, he sings As If We Never Said Goodbye to his old friends. At the end of the episode, Kurt lead Born This Way with Mercedes and Tina, sporting a T-shirt that reads "Likes Boys."


Finn and Rachel are surprised to find Kurt leaving a hotel room with Sam and assume he is cheating on Blaine. However, it turns out that Kurt has been helping Sam after Sam's father loses his job.

Kurt Hummel, 2011 WMHS prom queen.

Prom Queen

While dining at Breadstix together, Kurt asks a reluctant Blaine to his high school prom. Later, Karofsky tearfully apologizes to Kurt for the bullying. At prom, the school plays a cruel joke on Kurt by rigging the vote and making him prom queen. Although he's pushed to tears, Kurt eventually finds the courage to come back and accept the crown. When it's time for the king and queen dance, prom king Karofsky backs out, allowing Blaine to step in for the dance.


Kurt competes against Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana for the big solo at Nationals by singing Some People, but is unsuccessful in impressing newly appointed consultant Jesse. When Sue's sister, Jean Sylvester, dies unexpectedly, Kurt helps in planning the funeral where he and the New Directions perform Pure Imagination.

New York

In New York, Kurt invites Rachel for breakfast at Tiffany's where he reveals his plans to come to New York for college. They sneak into the Gershwin Theater and sing For Good from Wicked. At Nationals, the New Directions suffer a terrible loss and return to Ohio in defeat. Despite this, Kurt remains in high spirits when he meets Blaine again and is surprised when Blaine tells him he loves him, which he responds that he loves him, too.

The Purple Piano Project

Kurt asking Blaine to transfer.

Kurt convinces Blaine to transfer to McKinley. Kurt and Rachel learn, from Emma, about a prestigious performing arts school called the New York Academy of the Dramatic Arts (or NYADA, for short) and plan to psyche out the competition with Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead. However, they are shocked when the competition turns out to be a lot better than they'd expected. At the end of the episode, Kurt performs You Can't Stop the Beat with New Directions.

I Am Unicorn

In an effort to beef up his résumé, Kurt attempts to run for student class president and audition for the school musical with I'm the Greatest Star. However, obstacles like Brittany and Blaine threaten his efforts.

Asian F

Brittany reveals to Kurt that she will be running against him in the student election. Kurt sings in It's All Over when Mercedes turns up late to Booty Camp, causing her to quit. Kurt surprises Blaine with roses in an effort to show support for Blaine, who is a shoe-in for the role of Tony.

Pot o' Gold

Kurt's role is very minor in the episode. He is seen during a performance by the newest glee club member, Rory Flanagan and dancing in Last Friday Night.

The First Time

Kurt begins to feel threatened when a handsome Warbler named Sebastian Smythe pursues Blaine. Kurt and Blaine decide to accompany Sebastian to a gay bar where Blaine gets drunk and overly affectionate, causing an argument. After the school play, Kurt and Blaine apologize to each other, affirming their love, and they make the decision to have sex for the first time with each other.

Mash Off

Kurt confronts Sue about her slanderous campaign strategies. During the presidential speeches, Kurt promises to end dodgeball, because it promotes bullying.

I Kissed a Girl

In support of Santana's coming out, Kurt and Blaine sing Perfect, but she rebuffs them. After the election voting, Kurt is accused of stuffing the ballot, but it turns out to be Rachel. At the end of the episode, he sings Constant Craving as he fills out his NYADA application.

Hold on to Sixteen

Kurt warns Sebastian to stay away from Blaine, but Sebastian refuses. At Sectionals, Kurt and Tina lead ABC with Quinn and Mike Chang. During their performance, Kurt notices Sebastian in the audience, eyeing Blaine.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Kurt participates in co-hosting Artie's Christmas special with Blaine, singing Let It Snow and My Favorite Things. After filming is complete, he and the rest of New Directions go to help out at the homeless shelter and sing Do They Know It's Christmas? to everyone.


Kurt joins the girls during Summer Nights as Mercedes talks about her fling with Sam. He later joins Rachel and Finn at Breadstix to discuss their futures post-graduation, where he laments that he doesn't think he'll get into NYADA.


Kurt helping Blaine

At The Lima Bean, Sebastian confronts Kurt and his friends and reveals that The Warblers will be performing Michael Jackson songs at Regionals. During a sing-off with The Warblers, Blaine gets injured after Sebastian tosses a slushie that was intended for Kurt. Later, Kurt, Rachel, and Finn visit Blaine and sing Ben to him. Kurt finally gets his letter from NYADA, stating that he is a finalist, which upsets Rachel, who hasn't gotten hers. At the end of the episode, Kurt and New Directions confront Sebastian and The Warblers and perform Black or White.

The Spanish Teacher

When Rachel reveals her engagement to Finn, Kurt initially objects. He later approaches Finn with pamphlets for New York-based schools.


Kurt begins to receive gifts from a "secret admirer" and assumes that Blaine is the one sending them. However, it is later revealed to be Karofsky, who tells Kurt that he's in love with him. Although flattered, Kurt gently rejects him. At the end of the episode, Blaine makes a surprise visit and they sing Love Shack together with the girls.

On My Way

When news hit about Karofsky's suicide attempt, Kurt joins The God Squad where he reveals that he feels guilty for ignoring Karofsky's attempts at contacting him. Kurt later joins Blaine, Brittany, and Santana at The Lima Bean to confront Sebastian, who apologizes for his actions after he feels responsible for Karofsky's suicide attempt. After New Directions win at Regionals, Kurt visits Karofsky at the hospital where they agree to form a friendship.

Big Brother

Recognizing Blaine's growing annoyance with his brother, Kurt encourages him to talk to Cooper and hash things out.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Kurt and Mercedes are visited by the new lead vocalist of Vocal Adrenaline, Wade Adams, who seeks advice from them on how to be confident as a woman named Unique. When Sue gets word of this, she orders them to encourage Wade to go along with the Unique persona, but have second thoughts and try to discourage him. Wade, however, goes on stage as Unique and his performance is well received.

Dance with Somebody

In memory of Whitney Houston, Kurt joins Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana in singing How Will I Know. Kurt and Blaine begin to feel distant with each other, prompting Kurt to exchange flirty text messages from a boy named Chandler Kiehl that he met at a sheet music shop. Blaine catches wind of this and accuses him of cheating, which Kurt denies. After a conversation with Burt, Kurt sings I Have Nothing as an apology to Blaine, and the two work out their issues. At the end of the episode, they perform My Love Is Your Love with New Directions.


Kurt during his NYADA audition.

NYADA auditions have finally arrived, and Kurt and Rachel prepare their own performances. Kurt decides to play it safe with a song from Phantom of the Opera, but after an unimpressed reaction from Carmen Tibideaux, he changes the song to Not the Boy Next Door at the last minute, nailing his audition.


Kurt and Blaine join Rachel in performing Big Girls Don't Cry, and agree to go to Rachel's anti-prom, which turns out to be extremely boring. They decide to go to prom, despite Brittany's hair gel ban, where Blaine reveals his curly hair, much to Kurt's shock.


Sue calls Kurt and Mercedes to her office where she reveals Unique's success as a drag performer. She then orders Kurt to wear a dress and perform as "Porcelina," which Kurt refuses. Kurt and Blaine are at the mall when Tina falls and hits her head in the water fountain. In an alternate universe, Kurt switch places with Finn, who shows his support to Tina (as Rachel).


At Nationals, Kurt has a solo in Paradise by the Dashboard Light. After New Directions are revealed as the winners, Kurt and the seniors perform We Are the Champions to Will, who was just awarded Teacher of the Year.


Kurt and Rachel awaiting Finn's acceptance letter.

Burt surprises Kurt with a performance of Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) with Brittany and Tina as a graduation present. Kurt then has a discussion with Blaine about the future of their relationship, and reassures Blaine that he isn't saying goodbye to him. Kurt sings I'll Remember as his goodbye to New Directions. It's later revealed that Kurt did not get into NYADA, but Rachel did. Despite this, he sees Rachel off with the rest of their friends at the train station.

The New Rachel

Having failed to get into NYADA, Kurt busies himself around Lima, obtaining a job as a barista and joining the New Directions for auditions. However, after encouraging words from Blaine and Burt, Kurt moves to New York and surprises Rachel, who breaks down from her stressful life in the Big Apple.

Britney 2.0

Kurt and Rachel buy a loft together. Later, when Rachel complains about her dance teacher, Cassandra July, and her abusive treatment, Kurt reveals her backstory as "the biggest trainwreck in Broadway history.


Kurt with Isabelle, giving Rachel a makeover.

Kurt applies for an intership at where he meets the eccentric Isabelle Wright, who is impressed by his style. Later, he and Isabelle help give Rachel a makeover, singing The Way You Look Tonight/You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile. At the end of the episode, we see Kurt ignore a phone call from Blaine, foreshadowing the events of the next episode.

The Break-Up

Blaine and Finn visit Kurt and Rachel in New York where their relationship problems come to head. Blaine reveals that he cheated on Kurt, leading to them singing Don't Speak. Kurt and Blaine break up and they, along with other couples going through issues, sing The Scientist.


Kurt and Rachel travel to Lima to see the school production of Grease. Kurt has an awkward run-in with Blaine, where he reveals that he doesn't trust Blaine anymore.


Kurt explaining what a "Kiki" is.

Kurt, Rachel, and Rachel's new boyfriend Brody Weston celebrate Thanksgiving together, but are interrupted by Isabelle and her drag queen friends, singing Let's Have a Kiki/Turkey Lurkey Time. Isabelle is able to convince Kurt to call Blaine and talk things out.

Swan Song

Kurt attempts to get into NYADA by convincing Carmen to give him a second chance. At the NYADA Winter Showcase, Kurt sings Being Alive as an impromptu audition. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Kurt got accepted into NYADA.

Glee, Actually

In an alternate universe where Artie can walk, Kurt is held back a year and still being bullied by his peers and mentions that he doesn't know who Blaine is. In real life, Burt visits Kurt in New York where he reveals that he has prostate cancer. He later surprises him with a visit from Blaine, with whom he sings White Christmas at the ice rink. At the end of the episode, they sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Sadie Hawkins

Kurt meets Adam Crawford, a charming senior and leader of the NYADA glee club, Adam's Apples. Feeling lonely from the break-up, Kurt asks out Adam, who accepts and they exchange numbers.


After learning that she'll be doing a nude scene for a film project, Kurt advises Rachel to not go through with it and calls Quinn and Santana to help in convincing her.


Tired of her growing diva attitude, Kurt challenges Rachel to a second diva-off, after admitting that he blew the first one they competed in. During NYADA's Midnight Madness, Kurt and Rachel sing Bring Him Home and Kurt is announced the winner. Having been knocked down a peg, Rachel mends things with Kurt.

I Do

At the wedding of Will and Emma, Kurt and Blaine are hooking up in the backseat of a car. They later sing Just Can't Get Enough at the wedding reception. He is later confronted by Tina about his treatment of Blaine. Afterwards, Kurt and Blaine proceed to have sex in a hotel room during We've Got Tonite.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

Kurt's Moulin Rouge! dream about Blaine.

Kurt snowed in the apartment with Adam, Rachel, and Santana. To pass the time, he suggest they watch the film Moulin Rouge!, where Santana comments that Come What May was supposed to be Kurt and Blaine's wedding song. Later, Kurt daydreams of Blaine and himself, singing Come What May, suggesting that he is still not over Blaine.


Annoyed with Santana's flagrant disregard of boundaries, Kurt and Rachel order her to move out of the apartment.

Guilty Pleasures

When Santana learns the truth about Brody's real profession, Kurt advises Santana to hold off from telling Rachel as she prepares for her Funny Girl audition. At night, Rachel and Santana discover Kurt's "boyfriend arm" pillow. He later gives them one for each other. At the end of the episode, the three sing Mamma Mia as they watch the movie version.

Sweet Dreams

During Funny Girl audition, Kurt appears along with Artie, Finn, Mercedes, and Tina during Don't Stop Believin'. At the end of the episode, Kurt can be seen, waiting for Rachel to get her callback.

Lights Out

Isabelle asks for Kurt's help at the New York City Ballet educational programs, which he accepts. He brings along Rachel and Santana where Isabelle helps Santana realize her dancing dreams by singing At the Ballet.


Kurt, Brittany, and Santana in the season finale.

Kurt returns to Lima with Mercedes and Mike to get Burt's test results to see if he has cancer or not. He sings You Are the Sunshine of My Life for his father. It's later revealed that Blaine is planning to propose to Kurt and asks Burt for permission.

All or Nothing

Kurt attends a double date with Blaine and two lesbians named Jan and Liz Stevens. Blaine hopes that witness their love would help Kurt realize his feelings for Blaine enough to marry him. At the end of the episode, Kurt witnesses Will and Emma get married and Blaine stands next to him with the engagement ring behind him.

Love, Love, Love

Kurt and Blaine get engaged.

Kurt and Blaine agree to give their relationship a second shot and sing Got to Get You into My Life together. Afterwards, Burt drives Kurt to Dalton Academy where Blaine proposes to him.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Kurt sings Get Back with Rachel in an attempt cheer her up after she hasn't heard back from the Funny Girl producers. After Rachel wins the role, Kurt accepts a job at the Spotlight Diner and performs Let It Be with Rachel, Santana, and Santana's new girlfriend, Dani.

The Quarterback

Kurt returns to Lima in the wake of Finn's sudden death, singing Seasons of Love with New Directions past and present. He later gets into a small conflict with Puck over who gets to own Finn's letterman jacket. After Santana's tearful performance, he goes to speak with her about how she should stop feeling guilty.

A Katy or A Gaga

Kurt with Elliott.

Kurt decides to hold auditions for a new band he's creating. When a flashy auditionee named Starchild auditions, Kurt becomes jealous and rebuffs him for being too flashy. Starchild later visits him in a toned-down attire, revealing that his real name is actually Elliott Gilbert and Kurt agrees to let him be a part of the band, which is eventually named Pamela Lansbury.

The End of Twerk

In an attempt to "live life on the edge," Kurt and Rachel agree to get tattoos, which ends badly when Kurt's tattoo reads "It's Get Better" instead of "It Gets Better." He later has the tattoo changed to "It's Got Bette Midler."

Movin' Out

Kurt, Rachel, and Santana welcome Blaine and Sam to New York as they prepare to look at colleges to go to. Kurt and Blaine discuss Blaine's future career, in which Kurt encourages him to go to NYADA. They all later sing Just the Way You Are.

Puppet Master

Kurt books a gig for Pamela Lansbury at Callbacks, which is negatively received by his bandmates. He explains his decision with a vision of him playing Madonna's Into the Groove, where everyone loves their performance. Kurt and Blaine have a discussion about Blaine having control issues. Pamela Lansbury's first gig ends up a bust when only one person shows up.

Previously Unaired Christmas

In a special "unaired Christmas episode," Kurt, Rachel, and Santana get jobs as Santa's helpers, singing Here Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane), but it ends in disaster. They later meet a sexy Santa named Cody Tolentino, whom they invite over for to the apartment where they get high from helium and extremely drunk, singing The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late). Kurt is later caught making out with Cody by Rachel and Santana. However, the following morning, Kurt, Rachel, and Santana all learn that they were robbed by Cody. At the end of the episode, they take a job as singing mannequins, performing Away in a Manger.


Kurt begins to worry that Elliott might try to take over the band. After Elliott takes Kurt to a guitar shop where they sing I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Kurt has second thoughts. They take a selfie together with Elliott kissing Kurt's cheek, which upsets Blaine after Becky shows him the photo on Facebook.


Due to Rachel and Santana's feud, Kurt kicks them out of the band and forms a new band with Dani and Elliott, One Three Hill. They have their first performance at Callbacks, performing The Happening. At the end of the episode, the three have band practice, singing Hold On.

City of Angels

Kurt is informed about New Directions' loss at Nationals and tells Rachel and Santana about Sue disbanding the club.


Kurt during Defying Gravity.

Kurt returns to Lima again to participate in Will's final glee club assignment. He joins Mercedes and Rachel in singing Defying Gravity. The following day, he receives a flask as a wedding gift from April.

New Directions

In an effort to mend Rachel and Santana's relationship, Kurt and Mercedes sing I Am Changing. Kurt joins all the New Directions members, old and new, in singing Don't Stop Believin' to Will as a special goodbye.

New New York

Kurt sings Downtown with Artie, Blaine, Rachel, and Sam. Kurt and Blaine adjust to their life in New York with You Make Me Feel So Young, but Kurt eventually grows increasingly annoyed with Blaine's constant smothering. He finds releases with Elliott, singing Rockstar, and Elliott convinces him to work out their issues. Kurt and Blaine eventually agree to live separately for the time being.


Kurt performing I'm Still Here.

Kurt joins Blaine, Rachel, and Sam in attending a candlelight vigil for a gay-bashing victim by singing No One Is Alone. Later, Kurt and Rachel have a talk and is disappointed that Rachel would drop out of NYADA in favor of Funny Girl, which ends in an argument. After dinner, Kurt sees a gay man being harassed and comes to his aid, getting attacked himself. Burt visits him in the hopsital and expresses his grief, but Kurt reiterates that he is strong. At the end of the episode, Kurt sings I'm Still Here with Burt and all his friends enjoying the performance.


Kurt and Blaine begin to have issues again after Blaine gains weight and becomes insecure around Kurt, who gets attention for his toned body. Their issues come to head when Blaine accidently strikes at Kurt during stage combat practice after singing Love is a Battlefield. They eventually work out their issues, with promises to be more honest with each other.

Opening Night

Kurt appears in Rachel's dream in the same outfit he wore in the first season "diva-off". He later attends Rachel's opening night for Funny Girl with Blaine, Mercedes, Sam, Santana, and Tina. Later, they are seen reading a very positive review from the New York Times.

The Back-Up Plan

Kurt meets up with Blaine and informs him that a wealthy socialite named June Dolloway, who helps kickstart artists' careers, is visiting NYADA. He convinces Blaine to sing Story of My Life for June, but it backfires when Blaine is the one she becomes interested in. Blaine lies to Kurt about being a part of June's show when in reality, June wants Blaine to dump him.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Kurt takes on a special project of Peter Pan with the help of a former Broadway star named Maggie Banks. He auditions with Memory. He also helps mend Maggie's relationship wit her daughter, Clara. On opening night, Kurt performs Lucky Star as Peter Pan, which is well received. Lastly, Kurt joins the gang at the diner in singing Take Me Home Tonight as they give away dogs to people.

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

Kurt becomes upset when he learns that Blaine lied to him about June. At June's showcase, Blaine surprises everyone by singing American Boy with Kurt, against June's wishes. At the end of the episode, Kurt performs Pompeii with the New York gang as they begin the next chapter of their lives.

Loser Like Me

Kurt first appears at NYADA, where he mentions he is in his third year there. He has to find a place to do some work experience, during the third year students are needed to work somewhere, preferably outside New York.

After breaking up with Blaine, he did not date for a while, but he finally decided to do some speed dating. Where he met a man called Rich, who strongly believes Kurt is not over Blaine.

In a flashback, while Kurt is waiting for a date, it is revealed what happened during the break-up. After Blaine arrives late to a date, Kurt asks him why he is always late. Blaine tells him that he feels all the wedding planning is being done by him and asks if he is having second thoughts. Kurt replies that it is exhausting living with him and reveals that they had a three hour fight because Kurt washed his mouth with a towel while still having toothpaste on his mouth. Kurt says that they are failing their "test run" of living together. Blaine says that he feels that Kurt has been distant and asks if he really wants to marry him. Kurt angrily replies that maybe he doesn't. Blaine begins to cry and asks "what happened?" and assures that he loves him. Kurt replies that he does too, but that they are just kids and says that it is better to end the relationship before they hate each other. Blaine later says: "I will never forgive you for this." Back in the present, Kurt's date arrives, and Kurt leaves crying.

Some days later Kurt goes back to Lima, and waits for Rachel in her bedroom. Kurt then reveals to her that nobody showed up to the spot they agreed to meet in New York. He also tells her that he still loves Blaine and asks Rachel to set him up a date with Blaine. Kurt then decides to join Rachel on coaching the glee club as his NYADA required work. After Sue finds out, she threatens to torture them and she tells them that she will do anything to destroy the glee club.

Kurt then goes to Scandals, where he meets up with Blaine, Blaine then reveals that he is dating David Karofsky, to which Kurt reacts very surprised. Blaine then decides to explain how it happened. Through some voice overs Kurt is clearly upset about this.



During the dinner at Mr. Schuester's apartment, Blaine poses the question of whether to let Jane join the Warblers or not. Kurt says he thinks she should be allowed to join them. The next day, at McKinley High, he is seen organizing some sheets with Rachel. But they realize they have been organizing them in different ways, Kurt feels upset and tells Rachel that there is no point organizing sheets if there is no glee club to coach, and that she must be more pro-active if she wants people to join.

Rachel follows Kurt's advice and decides to call the alumni to help them recruit members. Kurt along with the rest of the alumni, sing Take On Me to try to excite the students, but the song did not work. Kurt decides to try to talk to Spencer. Kurt tells him that the reason he can be openly gay at school is because of glee club. Spencer disagrees and says that he "owes Modern Family," and says he won't join because glee club is lame.

After failing to recruit new members, the alumni hear a voice through the air ducts and decide to go after that voice. They find Roderick Meeks at the library and persuade him to try out, which he agrees to do. Kurt, along with everyone seems to be amazed at Roderick's performance and Rachel lets him join.


The next day, Kurt arrives at the auditorium, with Roderick, to get Rachel back to the choir room so that they can start the first official meeting. Blaine then suddenly arrives, angry at Rachel, for "stealing" Jane from him. Kurt tries to calm him down, but Blaine says that he is sure Kurt is happy this is happening to him and assures them that the friendly competition is over.

Later at the meeting, Santana arrives with Madison and Mason, and says they will join. To which Rachel is happy about but says that they still have to audition. Kurt, along with the alumni begin to sing Home. The episode ends during the Homecoming bonfire, with Rachel and Kurt sadly looking at Blaine and Dave cuddling together.

Jagged Little Tapestry

In a music store, Kurt questions himself about how there is not a specific sheet of music he's looking for. A voice agrees with him, which is revealed to be Blaine. An awkward silence follows, to which Kurt says hello to him, as David Karofsky arrives. David says to him, how he's helping Blaine find songs for his set list, joking about how he can't get Blaine off of Broadway, to which Kurt laughs abnormally. They go to another section, and Kurt and Blaine sing It's Too Late. Kurt appears in the Lima Bean, in his Dalton Academy uniform, as Blaine remembers him. Later on, Kurt looks at photos of himself and Blaine. He plays the piano, as the song ends, in the auditorium.

The next day, in the choir room, Kurt tells Rachel about his encounter with Blaine, as they go through sheet music, stating how he imagined himself singing Its Too Late that night. Kurt suddenly gets an idea of using the song’s break up album Tapestry as their lesson for the week. After Rachel suggests otherwise, with Jagged Little Pill, as its more modern. Kurt replies that the glee club members should know the album, and refers to Will’s obsession with specific genres, but said they still learnt other songs. After Rachel states how he didn't have a co-director, and says how they may ruin their friendship, Kurt suggests to mash-up the albums, to which Rachel agrees.

Kurt and Rachel introduce the lesson to the gathered Alumni and New Directions and states how theres is a tradition of exploring genres in the first week. After Quinn states how they mostly did showtunes and Katy Perry, Kurt starts to introduce the lesson, but is interrupted by Rachel. They continue to interrupt each other, everyone looking astounded by them. They both explain the albums that they came up with, as everyone chooses a side. Kurt says how they want to mashup the album, but is again cut off by Rachel. When Rachel suggests that Kurt and her will do a mashup first, they fight. When Santana suggests to go first with Brittany after seeing their bickering, Kurt thanks her, humiliated.

After Santana performs Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move, she proposes to her, to which she says yes. Everyone looks happy, except Kurt. Kurt stands up, and announces he has something to say, or he'll never say it. Quinn says that it normally happens in weddings. Kurt continues, stating how there to young, referring to his break-up with Blaine. Tina interrupts, saying how there perfect. Everyone hugs them, except Kurt. Santana glares at him.

Later on, as Kurt and Rachel walk out of the choir room, Rachel says how he should be supportive. He says they'll ruin their life. Santana comes up from behind, saying he wants to talk to Kurt, with Rachel as witness. Santana says she agrees with Kurt about how their too young. Kurt looks surprised how accepting she is about that. She continues, saying its how his relationship with Blaine failed. She continues to insult him, with different reasons of why Blaine wanted to leave him, and call hims intolerable at the end of it. She walks away, a sign saying “Get Your Crap Together,” as Kurt looks humiliated.

In the auditorium, Brittany and Kurt view a large, heart-shaped container, containing Mounds Bars, that Brittany is gifting Santana, as an engagement present. Kurt asks Brittany that aren't jelly-beans more traditional, but she says that there for the gays, while Mounds bars are for lesbians. Kurt apologizes to Brittany about his outburst, saying he doesn't believe that people shouldn't get married till there 30, saying their relationship reminds him of his broken on. Brittany tells him, apologetically, that Blaine and David are moving in, because they asked her to decorate their place. She advises to him to move on. Kurt replies that he doesn't want to officially say their relationship is over. Brittany metaphorically compares a Mounds Bar to his relationship, stating he shouldn't wait for things to work out for him and Blaine, but to do something about it. Kurt hugs Brittany, saying he missed her.

In the auditorium, Jane and Mason sing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet. Throughout the performance, Kurt remembers memories of himself and Blaine. At the end of the performance, Kurt, upset by this, says their vocals could have been better, and Mason should have added a routine to it. When Rachel says it their first time, Kurt says that their competition is better. Rachel pulls him aside, saying he's being too negative, and she's tolerated enough by him, and sends him home.

In the choir room, Kurt walks in to Rachel working, on the piano. Kurt apologizes to her, about his behavior, saying he's trying to get it back under control. Rachel tells him that what he said in the auditorium, made Jane and Mason watch past performances of them, agreeing with them. She says she needs him by his side, to change the school. Kurt asks if they really said that about them, and Rachel replies that it feels nice when people say that. He sits next to her, finally realizing that their teachers.

In the auditorium, Kurt and Rachel talk to the members, saying how they've started to work together properly as a team. Madison says that it sounds like there congratulating themselves. Tina, walks in, saying they'll get used to it. Kurt continues, saying they've used their inner Carole's and Alanis' (Brittany saying Alani- as plural), saying their ready for sectionals. He then performs You Learn/You've Got a Friend, with everyone their, and the rest of the alumni, as they come in.

The Hurt Locker, Part One

Kurt first appears in Sue's office, where Sue tells him that she wants to help him to get back with Blaine, but Kurt doesn't seem to be alright with that idea. Kurt asks her when she started to care about them, since this appears to come out of the blue, to which Sue assures that she started ever since they started dating. Kurt seems a bit uncomfortable with the conversation and plans to leave the office, until Sue also tells him that there will be an Invitational, which shocks Kurt. Sue clarifies that she's doing this because she wants the glee club to end once and for all, but she corrects herself saying that she should've said that in a voice-over.

Kurt and Rachel talking to Blaine about the Invitationals.

Next, Kurt is seen with Rachel and Blaine, with the latter saying that he and the Warblers are taking the Invitational seriously, that is, they won't place second. Blaine also asks them about the fact that they have a few members, and Kurt replies by saying that it's only an Invitational, and, therefore, they should not stick to the rules, since no one will be judging. After Blaine remarks that no one will be doing things easier for Kurt and Rachel, Blaine is called by Karofsky. The three of them go to Blaine's and Karofsky's apartment, when they see a bear in their bed.

Kurt, Blaine and Rachel find a bear in Blaine's and Karofsky's bed.

Kurt goes again to Sue's office to ask about the bear he had seen earlier, knowing that Sue was the one who put the animal there. Sue says that she did it because she thought Karosfky was attracted to bears, but Kurt says that the term 'bear' refers to burly gay men, something that Sue obviously doesn't know. Kurt begs her to stop doing such things, because he doesn't really want to be with Blaine again, but Sue is not done with them especially after Kurt says he's about to meet a man named Walter.

Rachel and Kurt go into the Choir Room, where the new kids are waiting for them, to tell them that they have found the two songs they are going to perform at the Invitational. Roderick wonders about the lack of twelve members in the club, but Kurt assures him saying that they don't actually need more members for the Invitational, and that it only shows how Sectionals is, and that there are no judges, and no prizes. When Rachel plays the piano awfully, Kurt seems horrified to what he's listening to. Rachel then explains that no matter what, the Warblers and Vocal Adrenaline don't know what they are against to, and both Roderick and Kurt say that they're screwed, fearing that there won't be any chance to win.

Kurt is then seen telling Figgins to clear the chairs in the Auditorium, since they are dirty, and he won't sit in any of those if they are still, dirty. Blaine appears and interrupts Kurt, and asks for Rachel and Blaine, because he was supposed to give them another piano lesson, and he can't find them anywhere. Figgins then leaves them alone, and Blaine and Kurt talk about the failed date he and Karofsky had where it turned out that Blaine and Karofsky are actually third cousins, but Kurt says that there is no way that is true. Kurt says that it's part of Sue's plan, to which Blaine agrees and asks himself why no one understands that they're done, but Kurt is glad that they can talk about it like adults. Kurt reveals to Blaine that he's going to have a date with a man he met online, and Blaine is visibly sad about that, and says goodbye to Kurt and leaves, obviously shocked.

At Breadtix, Kurt is alone waiting for Walter. Then a man appears, and he thinks he is a waiter and says he'll have something to drink, but is surprised to find out that he's actually Walter, the man he met online. He's deeply sorry for that, obviously thinking that Walter would be younger than he is. Walter explains that his profile photo is from when he was thirty (he's now fifty-something), and Kurt is somewhat disappointed. Walter explains he's come out for about a year and before that, he had a family with kids. Kurt tells him that he didn't expect him to have family or be that age, but Walter really wants to like him, and sees Kurt's deception and decides to go away since this was not comfortable for any of them, but Kurt says that everything is new. Walter asks him if he's okay with being just friends and that, if Kurt wants, they can go further with the relationship as long as Kurt wishes to do so. Kurt agrees and they proceed to have a normal date.

Kurt and Rachel are surpised by Vocal Adrenaline's performance.

He is last seen when Vocal Adrenaline performs Rock Lobster and Whip It, scared and surprised because of their talent, possibly thinking about the impact that had on New Directions. He also tells Rachel that he thinks Will won't throw the competition for Rachel as he promised to do before.

The Hurt Locker, Part Two

Right after Vocal Adrenaline finishes performing Whip It, Sue announces the new rules for the Invitational, which include that every glee club must have at least twelve members to compete, which makes Rachel and Kurt feel worried since they only have four members. Kurt proposes to boycott the competition, but Sue threatens him by saying she'll kidnap whoever does that. After Rachel and Will have a little argument about the agreement they had made in the previous episode, Kurt tells Rachel that they need to recruit Kitty, because of her talent, but Rachel is afraid of doing so, since she feels guilty about not learning the names of the previous members who were transferred, but Kurt reaffirms that they must recruit her, and that she mustn't worry, since he'll help her.

Then, Kurt is seen in another date with Walter (the 50-year-old man), and, while Walter explains to him how a woman gave birth at Breadtix in one of the tables, but Kurt is not interested in that as he explains, in a voice-over, that he doesn't know what is going on with this new situation, but thinks Walter is really funny and smart, and he cannot tell whether he's actually dating him or not. At the end, he decides that it is, indeed, a date and has a toast with Walter, after asking him if he thinks that it's a date too. But then Sue appears as a waitress wearing a pin which has a photo of Kurt and Blaine in their Junior Prom dance (from Prom Queen), and during her monologue to both of them, she puts another pin on Kurt which says "I love old people" while the one Sue puts on Walter simply says "Klaine". Though Kurt is clearly embarrassed by Sue, Walter finds her funny and is not bothered at all, which shocks Sue and Kurt. Sue feels even angrier when Walter calls her a "man" and asks how old she is.

When Kurt comes across Blaine (who's coming out of the toilet), Kurt asks Blaine if they can go together walking to the Auditorium, to which Blaine agrees. But they find a sign that says "New elevator to the auditorium", which surprises both since they didn't know there was one. They decide to take it, but when Blaine sees that there's a bathroom, apparently inside the elevator, they become suspicious. And things get worse when they discover that the elevator is not a real one, since any of the buttons work. They try to open the doors, but they are unsuccessful at their attempt. And all of a sudden, the lights go out.

Since Kurt has disappeared, Rachel is now worried since he didn't show up at the Warblers' performance and has not been present at work the following day. Rachel calls the police, but the police instead comments on her TV show and finishes the call, leaving Rachel furious.

Blaine and Kurt are still inside the elevator at night, Kurt tries to use his cellphone, only to find that the battery is dead. A few moments later, a Sue puppet (stylised after Jigsaw from the Saw franchise) comes out suddenly, which freaks out both of them. The puppet states that they will go out of the fake elevator only if they kiss, but Blaine dismisses that idea. Then, the puppet leaves them alone, again, after giving them a heart-shaped box which has fruit, among other things, for them.


Next, they are shown trying to escape from the elevator, but they are unable to accomplish this, while they eat the food they have and talking about new plans to get out of it. Later, they are just playing games since they have nothing to do. Puppet Sue appears again and since they have not kissed yet, she tells them that a gas that will stimulate them sexually is now being released inside the room. While New Directions sing It Must Have Been Love, Kurt and Blaine make the decision to kiss, while they remain doubtful about it, and they acknowledge that the kiss won't mean anything, as it is the only way they can get out of the elevator. They do kiss passionately, while the puppet Sue celebrates the victory, and the doors finally open. They run away through the hallway to get to the Auditorium, as soon as New Directions finish their first song of their setlist. Once New Directions sing Father Figure, Kurt is seen enjoying himself, and then, during All Out of Love, Kurt and Blaine share a short glimpse, with Blaine smiling to him.

Kurt and Blaine go to Sue's office to complain about their kidnapping, and they say that the whole situation made them better people, since they could solve their problems, and they are better as friends. Kurt storms out of the office since Sue does not recognise what she had done to them earlier.

Kurt is last seen with Rachel and New Directions celebrating their victory.

What the World Needs Now

Kurt and Rachel introduce to New Directions the new assigment.

In this episode, Kurt has a small role. Kurt is first seen with Rachel walking into the Choir Room, where the New Directions members are waiting for them, including Artie, Santana and Brittany, when Kurt and Rachel announce that this week they are going to perform songs by Burt Bacharach, who wrote, according to Kurt, sixty three top hits. He also introduces Mercedes, as New Directions' vocal coach.

Kurt is then seen when Mercedes wants the New Directions boys, Sam and Kurt to help Rachel go back to Broadway. He is seen to be a little annoyed when Mercedes only mentions Rachel as the only one directing New Directions, to which Mercedes mentions him, though she doesn't know what his thesis is. Mercedes also says that she has called Blaine to help, and apologises to Kurt.

Kurt performs, alongside Artie, Sam and the New Directions Boys, Arthur's Theme to inspire Rachel to go to New York and audition for a new Broadway show.

Kurt is seen performing Arthur's Theme along with Blaine, Sam, Artie, Spencer, Roderick and Mason to inspire Rachel. During the performance, a scene taken from The New Rachel is seen, when Kurt surprises Rachel during the first weeks she was spending in New York alone. Kurt is also seen doing back-up vocals during Alfie, while Santana is singing it to her 'abuela', much to the latter's shock. When the song ends, he simply walks away, along with the rest of New Directions, Sam, Blaine and Artie, leaving Brittany, Santana and Alma alone so they can talk about their engagement.

Next, Kurt is talking to Santana and Brittany (alongside Will, Blaine, Sam, Rachel, Kitty, Mercedes and Artie) saying that "family are the people that embrace you with open arms no matter what". After that, New Directions along with the Alumni perform What the World Needs Now. During the performance, we also get to see that everyone went to Will's house to celebrate, and in a moment, Kurt opens the door, revealing to be Blaine who knocked it, they greet to each other and then, they hug.



Kurt first appears when Sam gathers Kitty, Blaine, Mercedes, Artie and Kurt to talk about the fact that Rachel's childhood home has been sold, something that has affected her a lot. Kurt mentions that her home is where she grew up, and tells everyone that this is a big deal for her.

Kurt offers himself to be the first person to roll the Wheel of Music Fortune.

When Rachel introduces to New Directions the new assigment, a special week to perform songs by people from Ohio, Kurt interrupts her to announce that things changed and now, they are going to perform songs about transitioning, After a few moments, the Wheel of Music Fortune is introduced which establishes duets chosen by fate, and Kurt is the first one to roll the Wheel. When it's likely that he's going to have a duet with Artie, he rigs the wheel to score himself with Blaine, without nobody noticing he has cheated. Kurt pretends to be surprised.

Blaine walks out of the Choir Room, when Kurt tells him that he didn't know that fate was going to come between the two of them again but asks Blaine if he's alright with the duet, to which Blaine says that there's no problem with that. Blaine begs him not to tell Dave about this, but Kurt assures him by telling him that Dave won't be jealous because of a song. Blaine makes sure that there is nothing going on between them, with Kurt agreeing and simply hugs him, leaving Kurt shocked by this reaction.

At Rachel's basement, Sam gives Kurt two drinks (one for him and another one for Rachel) when the Final Farewell to Rachel's Childhood Home party begins with Mercedes and Roderick singing All About That Bass, to which Kurt and everyone else dance to (including New Directions), Kurt is also seen singing along.

When Sam and Rachel go into her bedroom, Kurt is seen in some pictures (some of them are when he reunites with Rachel for the first time since she went to New York, or when he, Rachel and Santana hug at the end of Old Dog, New Tricks).

Kurt about to sing Somebody Loves You along with Blaine.

Back at the party, Artie introduces Kurt and Blaine so they can sing together. They perform Somebody Loves You, and during the number, it is clear that they still feel something for each other, especially Blaine, who stares at Kurt several times. After the performance ends, Blaine decides to leave the place, and then, they agree that they didn't sound that good since their first duet (Baby, It's Cold Outside) and they even talk about Blaine's first crush (Jeremiah, the young man from GAP), but when Kurt says that it is strange that a person can be important for someone else in a moment and he/she's not at the very next one, Blaine kisses him in the mouth, something he immediately regrets and runs away.

While Rachel and Sam sing Time After Time, it is seen that Kurt is helping Rachel put her photos in boxes since the week she had to pack her things up has past.

After Blaine breaks up with Dave, he rushes to the Choir Room, to tell Kurt that he loves him and wants him to be with him again, but much to Blaine's dismay, Kurt is going to have a double date with Walter, Rachel and Sam. Kurt introduces Walter to Blaine, and Kurt asks if he needs something, and Blaine responds by saying he needed to ask something to Rachel, and Kurt also tells Blaine that if wants to invite Dave, they can go all together as a triple date, and it seems he knows Blaine is acting a bit strange. He leaves Blaine alone when Rachel, Sam and Walter walk out of the Choir Room.

Kurt is next seen watching and later hugging Unique after she finishes off her performance of I Know Where I've Been along with the Transperson Choir.

Kurt, Rachel and Will discuss the next week's assigment.

Kurt is last seen when he is with Rachel and Will in the Choir Room, where Rachel asks Will if he'd like to be New Directions' consultant, to which Will accepts. Will also demands both of them to call him just 'Will' instead of 'Mr. Schue', but Kurt explains that it'll be hard not to call him that way. Will also wonders about the next week's assigment, and Rachel tells him that Kurt wants to do another Britney Spears tribute, but Rachel is sure that there are no more songs by her left. At the very end of the episode, Will wants to know if both of them talk to the kids, and Kurt says they don't and Will says that they should do it because one day, they can be the best friends they could have.

A Wedding

Kurt is first seen alongside some members of New Directions, Tina, Sam and Brittany when they are trying to organise the farm Brittany was born in for Santana's and Brittany's wedding. When Tina complains about the lack of attention she's getting, Kurt ignores her to see Brittany who is having 'pre-wedding jitters' because of the day of the wedding coming closer. Brittany says that she can't find any person to officate the wedding and Kurt offers his father to do it instead, and Brittany seems rather confused since she doesn't know who he is (though she's seen him before). Before they finished talking, Kurt mentions that they need to control the problems they can, and Brittany mentions his troubled relationship with Blaine and Walter, but Kurt changes the subject quickly.

Kurt is mentioned by Brittany when she wants him and Rachel to sit together since they are a little 'annoying'.

Kurt is about to have a date with Walter but Kurt interrupts him to say that he's going to the wedding with Blaine but he's shown to be sorry about that. Walter understands this situation and assures him that everything's fine. Walter feels a bit jealous because he wants Kurt to be happy now since he is young and he doesn't want him to waste his life like Walter did, hiding because of his sexuality. He advices him to run right where his love is before it's too late. Kurt runs to Blaine's and Karofsky's apartment where he finds out that Karofsky has moved out and he proceedes to kiss Blaine passionately on the lips, which Blaine reciprocates.

Kurt is then seen with Blaine posing together similar to the American Gothic painting for a photo that Sugar takes.

Rs 560x415-150220123609-1024-Chris-Colfer-Darren-Criss-glee-wedding.jw.22015.jpg

Burt and Carole are surprised by Kurt and Blaine and they all talk about how it seemed yesterday when Burt and Carole got married and Blaine comments on how they were so close to do the same, Kurt replies by saying that it wasn't meant to be, to which Blaine slightly agrees with a sad look on his face. Burt says even if it wasn't meant to be, he doesn't agree when Kurt says they were foolish and young. Carole says that ever since they married, they try not to waste any time they have. Carole mentions that Finn taught her to live as much as one can, to which Burt agrees while also adding that cancer has also taught him that and the one time when Kurt was in a hospital.

Kurt and Blaine are seen talking about the wedding when Sue tells them to follow her who takes them where Brittany is waiting for them to show them their wedding suits. Brittany then tells them and she was thinking about them the whole time and the only reason she's getting married is because of them, because they inspired her to let herself free in relation to her feelings towards Santana. Sue wants them to get married too, since that is supposedly Brittany's ultimate dream. They look at each other confused, but Kurt says that even if they want to do it, Santana would not agree with that. Then, Santana shows up and says that that's also what she wants. Blaine complains that they don't have rings, but Sue shows them that she has two on her fingers, leaving Kurt shocked. Kurt is still unsecure about the decision, but Blaine is still thinking about what Carole and Burt said earlier to them.

Kurt and Blaine finally marry after a very long time.

When the time has finally come, and while Mercedes and Artie sing At Last, everyone seems very surprised to find out that Blaine and Kurt are going to marry too, and no says anything while they go, alongside Brittany and Santana, to the altar. Burt then goes on to tell Kurt whispering that he didn't expect that while trying to officiate the wedding. Kurt and Blaine tell each other their vows, before they say 'I do' and kiss again, with everyone clapping in happiness. Kurt and Blaine are now officially married.

After Brittany's father says a few insulting words, Santana announces that everyone must wear an 'OTP' hat before the real party begins. Artie then performs Hey Ya!, with some dancers dancing to the song (including some of the Alumni and New Directions) while Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Brittany and the rest of the guests remain in their seats during the first part of the song. By the end of it, pretty much everyone is dancing with Artie.

Kurt and Blaine then are seen watching The Troubletones, Carole, Whitney, Pam and Maribel singing I'm So Excited. After that, Kurt says that he and his husband - though that sounds weird to him - want to thank everyone (especially Brittany and Santana) and that they are going to sing with Brittany and Santana a song for the 'official or unofficial couples'. They go on to perform Our Day Will Come, while the rest of the guests dances with another (with the noticeable exception of Sugar - who's dancing with herself).

In the last part of the episode, in the auditorium, Blaine, Kurt, Brittany and Santana are gathered, knowing that Sue brought them there. Sue walks out, on stage, combining their last names together. Sue states that she wanted to give them one more gift and then she says that although they may think she is just a bipolar person, she sees them as her kids. She tells them that she’s cancelled their honeymoons, and arranged one for them. Blaine finds out that they have a weekend trip to Provincestown. They exclaim and hug Sue, as Blaine and Kurt look hurt. The two couples walk together, saying how they can’t believe that what they did. Brittany states how they now have the same anniversary date. The three others look shocked, as Brittany states how they’re in this together, and celebrate their anniversaries together every year but Kurt suggests they should celebrate it every 5 years.

The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

In this episode, Kurt has a small role. Kurt first appears alongside Blaine while New Directions are performing Rather Be, sitting down completely silent. As Blaine looks catatonic, Kurt puts his arm around him in comfort. When they finish off the performance, Will comes close to them and asks them what they think about the performance, but they remain in silent. Will, worried, asks what's going on with them, to which Blaine breaks the ice by saying that Dalton Academy has burned to ground and nothing is left, leaving Will shocked.

Blaine and Kurt as they break the news to a worried Will: Dalton has burned to ground.

Kurt is seen next when Will introduces the now-homeless Warblers to New Directions so they all join to form a new glee club. Though not all the New Directions members have taken this in a good way, in the end, they all hug, including Kurt. When Will tells them that they need to be ready to get at Nationals, Sue interrumpts him. Kurt seems not to be surprised at all at Sue's remarks that she will end the glee club once and for all.

Next, when Geraldo Rivera is presenting a documental about Sue's rise and decline, he says that a few students have suffered because of her, contradictiing what Sue said earlier about the fact that she helped many kids to succeed in life. Kurt is seen with Blaine complaining about how Sue trapped them together in a fake elevator filled with sex-inducing drugs with a strange robot who forced them to kiss, since it was the only way to escape.

After Rachel gets the lead in a new Broadway show, she tells Blaine, Mercedes and Sam that she'll tell Kurt about it.

Kurt is seen with Rachel and Blaine when Will is trying to teach the newly formed super glee club a new choreography, which the Warblers learn quickly, while the New Directions cannot follow the steps as fast as they can, which causes a verbal fight (that almost becomes physical) between the two groups. Jane expresses discomfort about the need to get off the uniforms, to which Kurt agrees saying that they do need to make changes about it. Though the Warblers clarify that the uniforms are important, Kurt says that they accepted them with open arms, but they can't expect them to get used to them so easily.

Kurt then shows up at the auditorium, along with New Directions, the Warblers, Rachel and Blaine as they see Sue and Will singing The Final Countdown as they perform pretending they have guitars and stuff. After Rachel remarks that they are now crazy, Kurt replies by saying that they can't let that happen to them as he, and the rest, watch in shock.

Rachel and Kurt join Will and Blaine in the cafeteria to tell Will that Myron has informed them that there is a high possibility that the glee club (and all art programs) gets cut again. Kurt says that this is just a new fight, and that they got everything they have through fighting for what is worth. Then, he is last seen watching the new glee club performing Rise as Blaine is giving all the members the brand new uniform, one that represents both schools.

We Built This Glee Club

Kurt, and the rest of the club, waiting to find out who will win Sectionals.

Again, Kurt has a minor role in an episode. Kurt is first seen when New Directions are practising their dance moves for the upcoming Sectionals competition, alongside Rachel and Blaine, while Will is teaching them how to dance. Then, a new fight begins between the two groups (the New Directions and the now former Warblers), it's Kurt who stops the fight to tell them that, it's not the time to panic since everybody's working on their dancing skills.

Kurt goes to talk to Rachel about her apparent decision to drop out from NYADA again and choose Broadway, worried that what happened last year may happen all over again. He tells her that no matter what she chooses, he and everyone else will support her decision, but she should really consider returning to NYADA. He is then seen when, all of a sudden, a lot of boxes explode with glitter (a move made by Sue to help them relax for the competition, unknown to New Directions). He hugs Blaine when this happens, and is seen scared and terrified over what just happened. He asks about who would do such a thing, to which Will answers that it was Sue and runs out of the Choir Room to find her. Kurt wonders if the piano (which also exploded and actually, ended up being destroyed) was insuranced, but Blaine says it was not.

Then, he watches Vocal Adrenaline performing We Built This City and Mickey, terrified about their routine being impressive and over the top, a feeling shared with the rest of the club and coaches. After that, Will gathers everyone for the show circle, their annual tradition, and he lets Rachel to speak to the club this time. Next, New Directions perform Take Me to Church, Chandelier and Come Sail Away in excitement, due to their excellent performance. When the club finishes off, he applaudes with the rest of the audience. When the New Directions are declared the winners, he is seen celebrating with everybody. Finally, he appears in the Choir Room when Kitty asks to put the trophies from past competitions where the new one is. He is seen through flashbacks from these competitions while everyone is helping to put them where they belong. After they're done, they continue celebrating while Sue watches over them and smile.


Kurt has a major role in this episode, as it shows why and how the original members of New Directions joined the glee club.

He first introduces himself in a voiceover, and says that he's a sophomore at McKinley, that in his first day at school, Figgins told everyone that the four years he was going to spend at that school were going to be the best of his life, which, obviously, is not true because as soon as he explains this, he is pushed to the lockers by Puck and Karofsky, who are bullies at McKinley. This causes everyone to break in laugh at him, and even, two other students kick his books as he tries to reach to them. He explains that he feels alone, isolated. He even thinks that if he died tomorrow, no one would be sad for him nor will they remember him. He also says that he used to be so happy when he was little, but that feeling (happiness) isn't something he remembers nowadays.

Then, he is seen grabbing one of Emma's pamphlets which is about comtemplating suicide. Emma surprises him and they both greet each other. Emma says that if he needs help, she will be there for him, but Kurt is embarrassed and tries to put the pamphlets where it was without her noticing her. Kurt goes away quickly but unfortunately, Emma does see what he did, and looks at the pamphlet, with a sad and worried expression on her face.

Burt, after having a conversation with Emma, tells Kurt about the pamphlet. Burt goes on telling him that he doesn't have any friends, he's always alone in his basement and that he must join a club by the end of the week, otherwise, Burt would take his sewing machine away. Kurt, angry, accepts his order. Kurt complains that school is very hard.

Glee 6ARC09 1280x720 416150595627.jpg

Kurt is seen trying to sit to have lunch, but sees that every table is already being used. When he finds one, Puck, Karofsky and several other student look daggers at him, scaring him and causing him to go away without saying anything. He finds another, but there's only one person sitting there, who turns out to be Rachel Berry, who is trying to finish some posters about the Speech Club she joined. Rachel explains that not only is she in that club, but she is also enrolled in many other clubs. Kurt says that he's seen her videos on MySpace and that she's very talented. Then, they shake hands. Kurt says he wants to join the Speech Club, but Rachel, angrily responds that it's already full. Rachel comments on the possibility that a new glee club is about to be created and tries to convince Kurt to join. Rachel also proposes to him to see her tomorrow so she can see his vocal range. The next day, they perform Popular, with Rachel, a little bit jealous, seeing how talented Kurt is. Kurt says that that's the song they need to sing for the audition, but Rachel says that when it comes to auditioning, it's all about doing all by oneself, and leaves the Auditorium. Kurt is seen speechless.

Kurt meets Rachel for the first time.

Kurt approaches Mercedes Jones who seems unimpressed by his presence. Kurt, nervous, says that she's a star in her church choir, and that she hit a high note, which makes him want to be like her. Mercedes, in response, says that he's adorable but that he wouldn't be accepted in her choir. Kurt says that he's talking about the new glee club and doesn't know which song he could choose to audition and how to move on stage, something Mercedes does well. Giving him a piece of advice, Mercedes suggests that he sing Mr. Cellophane, which he performs at his audition, which impresses Will Schuester, who wrotes on a piece of paper, things like "GAY" and "SWEET KID".

Jumping happily, he enters into his dad's tire shop and says he was accepted in the glee club. He thanks his dad for pushing him to do that. Kurt, remaining silent, says in his mind that he's gay and doesn't want Burt to stop loving him. Burt asks if everything's alright, but Kurt decides not to say anything and walks away.

Kurt is seen having lunch with Rachel, when two punk students throw at her some pasta, getting them dirty. Everyone is either surprised/laughing at them. Those two students then dare Tina Cohen-Chang and Artie Abrams to join the glee club.

The first official glee club meeting begins, but it is quite obvious that there is a certain tension between the new five members. Will says that, after Rachel complains about giving Artie his first solo for Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat, everyone will get their chance to have a solo, considering doing a Grease medley at Sectionals. Will asks who wants the Sandy part, and Kurt slightly raises his hand, but puts it down when Rachel again protests when Mercedes also wants the part as well.

Kurt is seen with Mercedes at The Lima Bean discussing whether to let Finn Hudson join the glee club or not. Mercedes says it would them good if they let him because that'd open more doors for the club. Kurt is not sure about that, and that he doesn't trust him. Kurt says that Rachel wants Finn to join because it's obvious she's in love with him (then, in his mind, says he's in love with him too). Still unsecure, Mercedes wants to arrange a meeting with the other members.

Kurt complains that Finn wants to perform Don't Stop Believin' and that he knows that Rachel doesn't see him - and Artie - as a potential male lead, but they reconsider again, saying the good things he did for them, to which Kurt says that he let him take out his expensive jacket before being tossed into the dumpster by Puck and the other students. In the end, they decide to accept him.

He is last seen performing Don't Stop Believin with the rest of the club, with Finn now as the newest member.

Dreams Come True


Several months have passed and it's time to find out which glee club will win the 2015 National Championship. Kurt is seen while Will is getting ready to go to the stage to be with New Directions. He, alongside Will, Blaine and Rachel walk through halls to reach the stage. Much to everyone's surprise, New Directions are declared winners for the second time ever in six years. Kurt celebrates the victory and hugs Rachel, Blaine and Will.

After Will is named Principal of William McKinley High School (now for Arts), Kurt watches him as Will and Sam play guitar during Will's take on Teach Your Children in the Choir Room which now has a glee club with over thirty members. He is seen sitting next to Mercedes and Blaine. He appears to be deeply emotional and as if he were about to cry.

613GLEE Ep613-Sc7 0323 hires1.jpg

Kurt is then seen when Mercedes announces that she will be opening concerts for Beyoncé and because of that, she will go for a very long time. For that reason, she performs Someday We'll Be Together for Kurt, Rachel, Blaine, Artie, Sam and Tina. At the end of her performance, Mercedes simply walks away, leaving everyone sad, including Kurt who tries to smile.

Sue, somehow, sneaks out Will's office, but she is caught by Blaine and Kurt. Kurt thanks her for getting them back together. He announces that they will go back to New York in a few days. Sue, thankful, reveals that she learnt a lot because of what they both went through these years. She confesses that, at first, she had a bad impression about them, but when she got to know them, she opened her eyes and understood their problems.

Kurt is seen looking at his old locker full of memories with Blaine (including Finn as Brad in The Rocky Horror Show, his Gaga heels from Bad Romance, their picture from Prom Queen, and a Christmas ring Blaine gave him a few years ago). Blaine laughs and cries because he'd be the only one to keep those things.

Kurt the rest of the gang celebrate as Rachel wins her first Tony Award in 2020.

Five years down the road, and it's revealed that they both became actors and that they are also famous. They are invited to a Child Daycare to perform for kids. They remark how important is to be who you are and that kids should be proud of your identity, to dream big and have friends that accept them. They go on to perform Daydream Believer, which makes the children applaud happily. It is also shown that they kept in touch with Rachel, who is a nominee at the Tony Awards for her work in a production created by Jesse St. James, who is also revealed to be her husband. Mercedes, Tina, Artie and them reunite as Blaine informs that Sam has a new girlfriend. They walk into Rachel's dressing room. It is also seen that she's become Kurt's and Blaine's surrogate mother. Rachel wins the Tony and gives a speech thanking Kurt and the rest of the people who helped her be where she is now.

Kurt is last seen performing and dancing to I Lived in the Auditorium - which has been renamed as The Finn Hudson Auditorium - with the rest of former members of the glee club (except for Marley and Rory) alongside Sue, Becky, Terri, Will, Emma, Burt and Carole. He has a solo line with Blaine. As the episode and the series comes to an end, he's seen in a photo taken from that performance, while they all celebrate happily.

This is his final appearance on the show.


Kurt confronts Rachel about Finn.

Kurt's personality is one of the most multi-faceted in the show, having interests in everything from cars to fashion, and seems to have very high standards for himself.

In the beginning of the show, he appears to be somewhat superficial; Kurt is obsessed with the latest fashions, which are normally of the highest quality and most expensive brands. He is also very obsessed with his hair, spending hours preparing it, and often adjusting it at random intervals, even when performing. While many assume him to just be a snob, the truth is, this is simply a mask that Kurt wears in order to hide his insecurities and fears.

He can be brutally honest, once telling Mercedes she looked like "a technicolor zebra" because of her hoodie. He's very smart, as proven through his quick-witted sense of humor and use of intelligent vocabulary. This was further proven when speaking to Mr. Schuester he told him he wasn't "challenged in the least" at McKinley. He can be manipulative at times, as seen when he tricks Rachel into dressing more like Sandy from Grease in order to win over Finn's affections, despite Kurt's knowledge Finn is attracted to the opposite look in a girl. This side of Kurt is also shown when he sets up Finn's mother with his father to get closer to Finn.

As the only openly gay boy at McKinley, he tries his best to keep strong, a trait that his father and many in the Glee club value in him. However, having no friends at school who he can completely talk to about being gay, he is often seen as a very lonely individual. This loneliness has at times caused his romantic interest in certain boys to become a bit unsettling, as seen during the course of his crush with Finn. When Kurt develops a crush he seems to fall hard, as shown with Finn in Season One and Blaine in Season Two.

Throughout, he is able to persevere through the cruelties of high school. Kurt puts those he cares about before his own wants, despite his superficial exterior, as in Wheels where he throws a high note, thus giving up a solo in order to spare his father the stress of being ridiculed for his son singing a girl's song, and somewhat in Laryngitis, trying to change himself so that he and his father can better relate and because he felt that he wasn't doing enough to help his dad feel comfortable (though this all may or may not be a cover-up). Kurt, like Rachel and Mercedes, can be a bit of a diva at times, but he cares deeply for his fellow Glee Club members, as seen when he wanted to help the boys get revenge against Vocal Adrenaline for egging Rachel. Tina was also picked on by two bullies but is defended by Kurt. He also told the bullies to pick on him instead.

He has tendencies to lash out and get defensive under pressure, as illustrated particularly in his and Blaine's fight in Blame It on the Alcohol. Kurt, while ambitious, seems to always be generous enough to appreciate real talent. He contends with both Rachel and Blaine for solos, but always acknowledges Rachel's talent and singing ability. Even when competing with her for the lead solo in Funeral, he rises to his feet and applauds and is pulled down by Santana. He is extremely good at keeping secrets, even when his safety is at stake, as seen in his relationship with Karofsky. He is also sensitive enough to forgive him later because he realizes that Karofsky is miserable. Kurt is shown throughout to be a very caring individual, even towards people he isn't close to; such as defending Rory and shouting at Santana for "attacking" him in Mash Off.

He also has a strong "family first" mentality, as shown in Wheels when he throws the high F in order to protect his father. Kurt is also an extremely forgiving person, seen when he forgives Dave for bullying him, when he forgives Rachel for running for class president when he forgives Mercedes for busting his window and when he forgives Blaine for cheating on him.


Kurt in season 1

Kurt is slender and quite tall in regards to the rest of his New Directions teammates. His eyes are glasz (blueish, greyish, greenish color), and his skin is very pale and clear. His hair is chestnut and wavy. His pale skin earned him the nickname "Porcelain" from Sue Sylvester. He takes very good care of himself.

He seems to never wear the same outfit twice a week unless under stress or depressed, as shown in Funk. Throughout the seasons, Kurt's fashion trends change, Season One he would always wear large amounts of clothing and as the series continued the layers began to decrease, but staying eccentric all the way through. Ryan Murphy has said this is due to Kurt's journey of accepting himself for who he is.

He has also made changes in his appearance, such as getting a tattoo on his upper back, and a piercing in his tongue during Season Five, as part of his grieving process due to Finn's death. It is implied he took the piercing out.


Main article: Finn-Kurt Relationship (Furt)
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Even before they joined Glee together, Kurt and Finn shared a great deal of interactions due to Kurt's constant abuse at the hands of the football team. Despite the fact Finn never tried to stop this treatment, it was clear that he was never comfortable with it, and often tried to help in small ways, such as allowing him to take off his expensive clothing before getting tossed in the trash. It is revealed a few episodes into season one that at some point Kurt has developed a crush on Finn. Kurt sets up their parents and they are forced to move in together (and share a room, much to Finn's dismay). After a heated argument, some mean things are said between the two, but they eventually make up. After this, Kurt seems to move on from his crush. In Season 2, the bullying gets worse for Kurt and Finn admits to not standing up like a real brother should. He says that he will protect Kurt because he sees him as family.

Main article: Blaine-Kurt Relationship (Klaine)
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Kurt is instantly enamored by Blaine when he goes to spy on the Dalton Academy Warblers. Blaine is not angry when he finds out. They become friends, and Kurt ends up going to Dalton with Blaine. Kurt admits to having feelings for Blaine after they sing Baby, It's Cold Outside. Blaine doesn't instantly reciprocate his feelings, until Original Song, in which Blaine admits to being mutually in love with Kurt, and they become a couple.

Kurt transfers back to William McKinley High School soon after Regionals. Since he remarks how much he'd love to have Blaine with him during his senior year, the latter transfers to the high school in Lima at the beginning of the school year. Around then they lose their virginities to each other. Their relationship is tested when Blaine becomes more and more aware that Kurt will probably be leaving him behind after graduation, to which Kurt promises they will make it work.


As predicated, Kurt moves to New York in The New Rachel. Blaine starts feeling neglected as a result of their long-distance relationship and ends up cheating with a man named li. Although Blaine immediately travels to New York to confess this and apologize to Kurt, the latter breaks up with him. Over the next couple of weeks, Blaine repeatedly tries to apologize to Kurt, but Kurt doesn't accept it until he has a heart-to-heart with Isabelle Wright. Kurt and Blaine both appear to move on after speaking themselves out on it in Glee, Actually. Blaine then begins crushing on Sam Evans, and Kurt begins a relationship with Adam Crawford. Despite this, they reunite in Love Love Love, and get engaged in the same episode.

After graduating, Blaine moves into Kurt and Rachel's apartment together, but moves out when living together doesn't work for them. While attending NYADA together, a change in their relationship stresses Blaine especially. They also clash when June Dolloway doesn't want Kurt in her showcase with Blaine, but they eventually manage to sort that out, too.

In Season Six, it is revealed that they have broken up after a few months living together, and this cost Blaine his enrollment in NYADA, since his marks were so low that he had been kicked out. Kurt realizes his mistakes and returns to Lima to get him back and is shocked to discover that Blaine is now dating former bully Dave Karofsky. During the course of the season, it is seen that they both have something for each other, and this reaches its boiling point when Sue traps them in a fake elevator and the only way to escape is if they kiss, which they do, but that kiss meant something more for them, though neither of them wants to admit it. In Transitioning, Blaine breaks up with Karofsky (who accepts this) and goes in a rush to confess his love for Kurt, only to find out that Kurt's dating someone else, a 50-year-old man named Walter.

In A Wedding, Sue tries one more time to get Kurt and Blaine reunited and makes a plan with Brittany and Santana to convince them to marry each other. Kurt is visibly insecure about the whole idea, but Blaine seems to think that that's what he wants. After a few moments, Kurt accepts and they get married, which shocks everyone in the guests' room. Sue, as a gift, gives them a weekend trip to Princeton so they can have a honeymoon.

Main article: Chandler-Kurt Relationship (Kandler)
Chandler is a character that first appears in Dance With Somebody. Kurt meets him in a music store, while looking for sheet music. Both share an interest in Broadway and both intend to move to New York for school the following year. Kurt and Chandler later exchange flirtatious text messages behind Blaine's back. When Blaine notices the messages on Kurt's phone, he is upset and thinks Kurt is cheating on him. Kurt claims that he is not cheating, only texting Chandler because Blaine has been distant from him and hasn't giving him any compliments and Chandler's texts makes him "feel good." Apparently, Kurt told Chandler to stop texting and so the one sided crush may or may not have been finished.

Main article: Adam-Kurt Relationship (Kadam)
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Adam made his first appearance in Sadie Hawkins. Kurt meets Adam during his first week at NYADA, when Kurt was standing in front of the sign up sheets for the Adam's Apples. He introduces himself to Adam, but Adam said that he already knew Kurt from the performance at the Winter Showcase, which he describes as being "breathtaking." While Kurt's looking at the Adam's Apples sign up sheet, Adam decides to take Kurt and show him a performance, which Kurt enjoys. As the days go by, the two boys get closer as Adam compliments Kurt whenever they happen to run into each other. Kurt later tells Rachel that he has an eye on someone, referring to Adam. Rachel advises Kurt to take the chance he could get, and so with that thought in mind, Kurt asks Adam out for drinks, to which Adam agrees and they then exchange numbers. In Girls (and Boys) on Film they are seen doing impressions of Downton Abbey characters, watching Moulin Rouge, and baking cookies with one another during a blizzard that has left them, Rachel and Santana snowed in in the loft. Adam later confronts Kurt about his feelings for Blaine and asks Kurt if he has just been a rebound, Kurt lets him know that he wants to get over Blaine so bad and reassures Adam that he was never a rebound. Adam then insists on taking Kurt to the movies to find their own sappy love movie they can connect with, and takes Kurt's hand. Adam is mentioned, but does not appear, in the next seven episodes and what exactly happened between him and Kurt after Girls (and Boys) on Film is unclear. Later in Love, Love, Love, Kurt tells Blaine that although people liked the idea of them as a couple, the two of them never got serious. The last time Adam had been mentioned was during A Katy or A Gaga when Kurt is at the Spotlight Diner and informs Santana, Dani, and Rachel that he was starting his own band as he states that he had to due to being kicked out of the Adam's Apples once Adam heard that Kurt was getting engaged to Blaine.

Main article: Brittany-Kurt Relationship (Kurttany)
In season one, Kurt believes that the only way to grow closer to his father and impress him is by pretending to be straight. In Laryngitis Kurt starts dressing more like a straight man and is approached by Brittany because she thought he was "capital G-gay" and now that he is apparently not she wants to hook up with him as he is "pretty much the only boy" she hasn't with. They are later seen making out in Kurt's room where they are interrupted by Burt who is rather confused as to the reason why Kurt did that. Their relationship is short-lived and ends when Burt encourages Kurt to be who he really is. In I Am Unicorn, Brittany wants to help Kurt campaign for class president, but when Kurt disagrees with her bold ideas (mainly with the posters of Kurt with a unicorn horn coming out of his forehead), Brittany begins her campain for class president.

Main article: David-Kurt Relationship (Kurtofsky)
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Throughout Season One, Karofsky is constantly harassing Kurt, shoving him into lockers, and calling him insulting names. However, the tormenting becomes drastically worse in season two when teachers and classmates are starting to notice how he treats Kurt. The boys from glee club get into a fight with Karofsky trying to defend Kurt. However, it is to no avail, and the bullying continues. It isn't until Never Been Kissed when Blaine gives Kurt the courage and strength to face Karofsky and confront him about the bullying. However, when he chases Karofsky into the locker room, they get into an argument. Karofsky yells at Kurt to get out of his face, but Kurt doesn't. Karofsky pulls Kurt forward and kisses him on the lips. Kurt later tells Blaine that it was his first kiss that mattered. They are both equally shocked at the act. Karofsky tries to kiss Kurt again, but Kurt recoils, and Karofsky ends up punching a locker in frustration and running away as Kurt freaks out at the knowledge that his tormentor is gay. The next day, Kurt and Blaine try to talk to Karofsky about the kiss, but he refuses to speak about it to either of them. They get violent on the stairwell, but Karofsky turns around and leaves to avoid a discussion. However, the bullying does not stop. In fact, it gets worse. Kurt gets shoved even harder and starts getting scared and flinching every time he turns a corner at school. Things reach a climax when Karofsky asks Kurt if told anyone about the incident. Kurt does not believe in outing people so he keeps quiet about it. Although, that does not stop Karofsky from threatening Kurt. He says that if Kurt tells anyone, he will kill him. Now, even though Kurt thinks that it is an empty threat, he is terrified and starts considering a transfer to Dalton Academy in Westerville. Although he is very reluctant about it, Kurt decides that is the safer and better solution to switch schools. He stays at Dalton for some time, until Karofsky and Santana form the bully whips: a club made to end all bullying at McKinley. After Kurt shows him compassion, Karofsky apologizes for the pain he inflicted upon him. It seems as though the bullying at McKinley has died down until the night of prom where Karofsky is announced king and Kurt is announced queen. Karofsky is still to afraid to come out of the closet and leaves during their dance.

In season three, Karofsky does not attend McKinley anymore. He has a conversation in a gay bar with Kurt in The First Time, showing he's slowly making progress in accepting himself. He appears again in the Valentine's Day episode, Heart. Kurt has a secret admirer he thinks is Blaine until it is revealed that Karofsky is the one sending Kurt gifts and Valentine's Day presents. Kurt and Blaine were involved at the time and Kurt does not reciprocate Karofsky's feelings. He gently rejects Karofsky, who is upset, even more so when noticing their conversation was overheard by a current classmate of his. Things take a tragic turn when Karofsky attempts suicide because of the bullies at his new school. Luckily, it was a failed attempt and Kurt comes by the hospital to comfort him and get him through the rough times. In the end, they end on friendly terms and possibly stay in touch with one another.

As seen in the sixth season, they are now in good terms, but things get shaken a bit when Kurt finds out that Karofsky has started dating Blaine, though later, they do break-up because of Blaine's feelings for Kurt.

Tumblr mxd7o976Jg1qk2fyro1 500.png
Since the moment Kurt met Cody, it seemed obvious that he was attracted to him, while Cody entered the Bushwick, Kurt and Cody shared very flirtatious moments with each other. Afterwards, they made out with each other, and after role-playing, Kurt refused to be Rudolph, resulting in Cody tying him up and robbing the apartment. Kurt admits that their kissing was "sexy-kissing" since it was like Kurt did not have any teeth.


Main article: Kurt-Mercedes Relationship (Kurtcedes)

Mercedes and Kurt have been friends since the beginning of the first season, although during their relationship they have had disagreements over things such as religion. They frequently have sleepovers and enjoy spending time with each other. In Acafellas, Mercedes develops a crush on Kurt and becomes angry when he rejects her and she accuses him of leading her on. When Kurt comes out to her, Mercedes is supportive and encourages him to come out to the Glee Club. Throughout the show's seasons, the pair's friendship strengthens, becoming close friends who are always there for each other. When Burt gets sick, Mercedes takes Kurt to church where she asks everyone to pray for Kurt's father. When Kurt begins his friendship with Blaine, Mercedes begins to feel like a third wheel. When Kurt announces to the New Directions that he is transferring to Dalton Academy, Mercedes seems hurt and steps up to try to convince him to stay at McKinley.

Later, when Kurt returns home in season four, she helps him to get through the days leading up to the results of his dad's surgery. Kurt seems happy for Mercedes' success in Los Angeles and supports her decision to quit the record deal.

In Season Five, Kurt and Mercedes feud again about Tater Tots and sing a duet (I Am Changing) to Santana and Rachel to persuade them to stop fighting.

Main article: Kurt-Rachel Relationship (Hummelberry)

Kurt and Rachel discuss her dating Blaine in "Blame It on the Alcohol."

Rachel and Kurt have had a love-hate relationship for a very long period of time. They start being very distant due them both having a crush on Finn. They both tend to see themselves as being superior to the other, although they are actually quite similar (which is one of the reasons they clash). They often compete in diva-offs, but ultimately look to each other for advice. They become close mid-Season Two, and Season Three opens with Kurt and Rachel portrayed as best friends. They audition for NYADA together and Kurt supports Rachel when she gives up hope. Kurt ends up joining Rachel in New York, although he is not yet attending NYADA, and the two find an apartment together. Though their friendship sometimes takes a back seat to their ambition, they usually end up alright.

Main article: Kurt-Tina Relationship (Kurtina)

Tina and Kurt as Rachel and Finn.

Tina pretended to be Kurt's girlfriend in Preggers to hide Kurt's homosexuality from his father. Though it was not an actual relationship, the two appear to be friends. Kurt also stands up for Tina in Theatricality. In Never Been Kissed, they walk through the hallway while they talk about sweater trends. In Hold on to Sixteen, Tina and Kurt sing together with Mike and Quinn at the Sectionals ABC. During Tina's Dream in Props, Tina and Kurt switch roles with Rachel and Finn, making them a couple in her warped fantasy.

Main article: Sue-Kurt Relationship (Surt)
Throughout the first three seasons, Sue seems to take a liking to Kurt above the other members of the New Directions. She takes special care to protect him from harassment and bullying, particularly at the hands of David Karofsky. This may, in part, be due to her experience of the difficulties of being a social outcast, a consequence of having a sister with Downs syndrome, Jean.


Total - 111

Solos (In a Group Number)



Solos with

What It Feels Like For a Girl The Power of Madonna Artie, Finn, and Puck
Like a Prayer Finn, Jesse, Mercedes, and Rachel
Bad Romance Theatricality Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, and Tina
Give up the Funk Funk Artie, Finn, Mercedes, and Tina
Any Way You Want It / Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Artie, Finn, Puck, Mercedes, and Rachel
Don't Stop Believin' Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Santana
To Sir, With Love Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Unreleased Songs
  • Mr. Cellophane from Chicago (Pilot)
  • Pink Houses by John Mellencamp (Laryngitis)
Piano Playing

Solos (In a Group Number)



Solos with

You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
It's All Over Asian F Finn, Puck, Mercedes, Mike, Santana, and Will
Constant Craving I Kissed a Girl Santana and Shelby
ABC Hold on to Sixteen Mike, Quinn, and Tina
My Favorite Things Extraordinary Merry Christmas Blaine, Mercedes, and Rachel
Do They Know It's Christmas? Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Summer Nights Yes/No Finn, Mercedes, Puck, Rory, Sam, Santana, Sugar, and Tina
Ben Michael Finn and Rachel
Black or White Artie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
Love Shack Heart Blaine, Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sugar
How Will I Know Dance with Somebody Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
My Love Is Your Love Artie, Blaine, and Mercedes
Big Girls Don't Cry Prom-asaurus Blaine and Rachel
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Rachel, and Santana
We Are the Champions Finn, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
Back-up singing
Season Two
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
More Than a Woman Saturday Night Glee-ver Finn Santana
Unreleased Songs
  • The Music of the Night from The Phantom of the Opera (Choke)
  • Seasons of Love from RENT (With New Directions; cut from an unknown episode)

Solos (In a Group Number)



Solos with

The Way You Look Tonight / You're Never Fully Dressed Makeover Isabelle and Rachel
Don't Speak The Break-Up Blaine, Finn, and Rachel
The Scientist Blaine, Brittany, Emma, Finn, Rachel, Santana, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Marley, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana
Let's Have a Kiki Glee: The Music, Season 4, Volume 1 Isabelle and Rachel
Let's Have a Kiki / Turkey Lurkey Time Thanksgiving
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Blaine, Brittany, Jake, Marley, Puck, and Sam
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Blaine, Finn, Jake, Marley, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Blaine, Kitty, Marley, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Unique
At the Ballet Lights Out Isabelle, Rachel, and Santana


Solos (In a Group Number)



Solos with

Let It Be Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Artie, Kitty, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Seasons of Love The Quarterback Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Santana, and Tina
Just The Way You Are Movin' Out Blaine, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Into the Groove Puppet Master Elliott and Rachel
Here Comes Santa Claus Previously Unaired Christmas Rachel and Santana
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) Cody, Rachel, and Santana
Away in a Manger Kitty, Rachel, and Santana
The Happening Trio Dani and Elliott
Hold On Artie, Blaine, Dani, Elliott, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Tina
Defying Gravity 100 Mercedes and Rachel
Don't Stop Believin' New Directions Artie, Blaine, Rachel, Tina, and Will
Downtown New New York Artie, Blaine, Rachel, and Sam
No One Is Alone Bash Blaine and Rachel
Take Me Home Tonight Old Dog, New Tricks Artie, Blaine, Maggie, Mercedes, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Six
Song Episode Solos with
Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Brittany, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Tina
Home Artie, Brittany, Jane, Madison, Mason, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Roderick, Santana, Spencer, and Tina
You Learn/You've Got a Friend Jagged Little Tapestry Brittany, Quinn, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
What the World Needs Now What the World Needs Now Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, Rachel, Sam, and Will
Our Day Will Come A Wedding Blaine, Brittany, and Santana
I Lived Dreams Come True Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, Rachel, Roderick, Sam and Will
Unreleased songs
  • Mr. Cellophane from Chicago (2009)



  • Chris had originally auditioned for the role of Artie, but the producers loved his audition so much, they created Kurt just for him. He was used in place of an Indian character, Rajeesh, who was intended to be Mercedes Jones's love interest.
  • Kurt is the first character to be identified by name in the series.
  • He is also the first openly gay character in the series
  • The name "Kurt Hummel" comes from the character "Kurt von Trapp" from The Sound of Music, in which Chris Colfer had once played, and Hummel is named after the Hummel collector dolls with rosy cheeks.
  • Blaine, Santana and Kurt are all gay characters who had their first on-screen kiss with someone of the opposite gender (in Kurt's case, it was with Brittany).
  • Alongside with Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Mike, Quinn, Rachel, Santana, Sue, and Will, they are the only characters to have a middle name revealed (his being 'Elizabeth').
  • As revealed in 2009, Mercedes was the one to suggest that Kurt audition for New Directions with Mr. Cellophane.
  • Kurt had at least one solo in every season, except the last season.
  • From the second season onwards, he had fewer or equal solos than the previous season.
  • Kurt sang in a total of 111 songs and appeared in 116 episodes, making Chris Colfer the second most frequent cast member in the series after Lea Michele.