The Puck-Lauren Relationship is the romantic relationship between Noah Puckerman and Lauren Zizes. They are commonly known as Pizes, as stated by Puck in Rumours.


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Lauren rescues Puck after he spends 24 hours locked in a port-a-potty. Later, Puck asks her to join the Glee Club, seeing as Kurt transferred to Dalton Academy and the New Directions need a twelfth member. She agrees on the condition of spending seven minutes in heaven with Puck, as well as being given a carton of Cadbury Eggs, which she claims will be difficult to find as they are not currently in season. When she doesn't return his feelings after finding out he's a bad kisser, she claims she originally liked him because she thought he was mixed race. Puck steps up the effort to win Lauren over and, in time, he succeeds. By the end of the second season, they are still happily together, however in the third season premiere The Purple Piano Project, Lauren breaks up with Puck, quitting the New Directions in the process.


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While Puck and Artie perform One Love (People Get Ready), Puck begins to collect and deposit money, and Lauren growls at him seductively. (Never Been Kissed)

Pizes at sectionals

After Lauren rescues Puck after being trapped in a port-a-potty, he asks her to join the Glee Club in order to have the required twelve members in the club, because Kurt went to Dalton Academy and joined the Warblers. She agrees on the condition that he gives her a case of Cadbury Creme Eggs and seven minutes in heaven, but she still joins despite leaving after only three minutes. When Puck tells the club about this, he says "She kinda rocked my world". Before the competition, Lauren says she is not nervous "because show choir is stupid", and Puck says that he owes her his life. When celebrating the victory by performing Dog Days Are Over, Puck and Lauren are dancing in a very friendly manner. (Special Education)

Lauren asking Santa for Puck and sweet potato fries

The New Directions visit "Santa Claus" at the mall to support Artie's plan to keep Brittany from finding out that he doesn't exist. When it is Lauren's turn to sit on Santa's lap, she asks for Puck to love her, stating that he is "a fox". (A Very Glee Christmas)

Puck and Lauren's "seven three minutes in heaven"

Puck admits he is in love with Lauren. He dedicates the song Fat Bottomed Girls to Lauren, to ask her out. Lauren admits that this is the first time anyone has ever sung a love song to her, but she finds the song offensive. Later, Santana is shown to be jealous of Lauren and possessive of Puck, though they are not dating. Santana and Lauren have a fight in the hallway, which is ended by Coach Beiste. Puck begs Lauren to go out with him. They schedule a date at ‎Breadstix for Valentine's Day after Puck formally asks Lauren out by presenting her a Ring Pop. However, Lauren stands him up causing a heartbroken Puck to make out with a random waitress. Later in the episode, the two are sitting together as friends having dinner at ‎Breadstix. (Silly Love Songs)

Puck is still trying to win Lauren over. After the Justin Bieber number Puck tells Lauren he is dying and wants to know what he has to do to get with her, and she tells him that she'll keep him posted. She later goes to him for help with her solo for that week's "anthem" assignment, and he helps her relax during her performance of I Know What Boys Like by telling her to picture everyone in their underwear. Lauren initially starts out the song very nervously, but tries Puck's advice, and quickly gains confidence. At the end of the song, Puck exclaims, "How freakin' hot is she?" (Comeback)

At Rachel's House Party Extravaganza, Puck and Lauren are seen together for much of the night. Lauren insults Puck's mohawk just as Finn is classifying her as an angry drunk. While Rachel and Blaine perform Don't You Want Me, Lauren pulls Puck into a hug. He is also wearing her glasses during their hug. (Blame It on the Alcohol)


Lauren realizes that in order to become famous you need to make a sex tape, so she decides to make one with Puck. Holly eventually talks them out of the tape, as it is illegal

Puck happy after the kiss

. During Landslide, Lauren and Puck smile together, and she rests her head on his shoulder. Later Lauren calls Puck a "nerd" for joining The Celibacy Club, and when he confesses his love and says he likes courting, Lauren tells him she wants to push it and look for a while. Lauren kisses him and says she will join the celibacy club before leaving. (Sexy)

Puck dedicates an original song to Lauren titled Big Ass Heart to make up for the insulting rendition of Fat Bottomed Girls that he dedicated to her in the episode Silly Love Songs. Unlike in Fat Bottomed Girls in Silly Love Songs, Lauren approves of this song and is seen enjoying herself throughout the performance. Later, after Puck expresses his favorite song, Lauren smirks at him and tells him he's on a roll. At Regionals, they dance together during Loser Like Me. (Original Song)

Prom Queen and King

Puck decides to help Lauren run for prom queen after she confides in him her past in beauty pageants. He tells her, "Baby, I'll help you get that crown, and I'll be your king." Lauren smiles at him when he says this. He's later seen helping Lauren look through Quinn's school file to help her find something bad about her. (Born This Way)

While saying the portmanteau names for the couples in Glee Club, Puck throws out "Pizes", and the two nod approvingly at the name. (Rumours)

Pizes in prom

Puck is worried about his status as a badass after Jacob tells him that Lauren "wears the pants in the relationship." Puck decides to try and deliberately throw his and Lauren's chances of becoming Prom King and Queen and is not shown letting Lauren know this. Despite Puck's concerns, he takes Lauren to Prom, and the two take their prom picture together. They seem to enjoy the prom without any signs of trouble unlike other New Directions members. (Prom Queen)

Pizes in New York

When New Directions first arrive in New York, Puck and Lauren are seen together trying to order cocktails, but Mr.Schue catches them before they can convince the bartender. Puck encourages Finn to go after Rachel without a hint of jealousy implying that he is totally committed to Lauren. (New York)

At the start of the episode, Santana criticizes Puck for not being able to convince Lauren to stay loyal to the New Directions. A flashback reveals that Lauren ended not only her New Directions membership, but her relationship with Puck, as well. Lauren acknowledges that her relationship with Puck was "hot", but expresses concern that the Glee Club's loss at Nationals is damaging her "cool factor". She subsequently breaks up with him, telling him not to be sad, and that the two of them will always have Subway. Puck then looks of dazedly, and refers to Lauren as "the one that got away". (The Purple Piano Project)

At the Too Young to Be Bitter Club meeting, Lauren mentioned that ever since she and Puck dated no one seems to ask her out. Both of them attended the Sadie Hawkins dance separately and they didn't have any interactions. (Sadie Hawkins)


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  • Both have proven to care about their reputation. Both also have a reputation for not being nice to students of McKinley or generally just people around them. 



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