They say you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself.

—to Rachel in Loser Like Me

LeRoy Berry is one of Rachel's dads, along with his partner Hiram. He first appeared in Heart, the thirteenth episode of Season Three. His name is revealed in the book, Glee: The Beginning.

He is portrayed by Brian Stokes Mitchell.


After LeRoy and Hiram decided to have a child through a surrogate, they mixed their sperm together by using a turkey baster in order to create a child and paid Shelby Corcoran to be a surrogate mother to Rachel. As Rachel grew up, LeRoy and Hiram spoiled her in the arts.

LeRoy seems to display a tendency to being a diva which is probably where Rachel obtained the trait. LeRoy also creates the plan to break-up Rachel and Finn, which, like Rachel's plans, doesn't work the way he expected.


LeRoy is mentioned by Rachel and is seen in photographs inside her locker.


He is once again mentioned by Rachel.


He is mentioned along with his partner by Rachel.

The Power of Madonna

He is mentioned when Jesse wants to "do it" with Rachel. Rachel agrees to do it on the day that her dads are at the opera.

Dream On

It is revealed that he and Hiram won't let Shelby see Rachel until she is 18.


Neither he nor Hiram can sew, so the dress Rachel wore had stuffed bears and other beanie toys stapled on. Earlier, after Hiram and LeRoy heard from Rachel about her finding out Shelby was her birth mother, they moved Rachel's therapist to the guest bedroom. He and Hiram used to give Rachel water whenever she was sad. Because of this, Rachel was never sure whether she was sad or just thirsty.



Rachel and her dads

LeRoy and Hiram Berry make their first official appearance in Heart. They find out about Rachel's engagement to Finn Hudson, and host a family dinner with the Hudson-Hummel's in the hopes that Rachel will rethink her marriage, while pretending to be supportive of it. They also sing You're the Top with the Hudson-Hummel's watching them.

On My Way

LeRoy and his partner Hiram are in the audience to support Rachel as the New Directions compete at the Regionals. They both appear proud and tearful at their daughter's performance. They are also ecstatic that New Directions win first place.

Hiram, LeRoy, Burt and Carole try to decide how to deal with the imminent wedding plans of Rachel and Finn since neither one of them approve. Hiram comes up with a couple of over-the-top plans, but LeRoy appears unimpressed.


Finn tells Joe that Hiram and LeRoy are trying to build Rachel up again after her NYADA-audition by doing something called "Sitting Shiva." Rachel also mentions to Kurt that she and her dads were trolling the NYADA chat rooms.


Although he remains unseen, it's certain that both him and Hiram were at the graduation ceremony cheering on Rachel as she received her diploma. Later on, Finn sends Rachel to New York so that she can meet him and Hiram there.

The New Rachel

Rachel mentions that while she loves New York, she misses LeRoy and Hiram.

Glee, Actually

Once again, remaining unseen, Rachel mentions that she misses spending Christmas with her two dads as she converses with Kurt in their apartment.


Santana briefly mentions he and Hiram saying that she is just as good as Rachel, even with all her singing and dancing lessons and her gay Broadway dads.

Loser Like Me


After Rachel comes home from LA, LeRoy visits her in her bedroom and tells her the sad news that he is getting divorced with Hiram. He also mentions that he put the house up for sale. He later organizes an intervention together with Blaine, Sam and Will to face Rachel with the reality. they watch 'That's So Rachel' together and try to make Rachel feel better about herself.


Hiram Berry

The details about how and why LeRoy and Hiram met and fell in love are revealed in Heart. They performed in a play together. According to Rachel, their relationship is one of true love that she is the result of. The two appear to be very different from one another, but they have both proven to be loving and supportive parents to Rachel, aiding her in her ambitions to become a star.



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  • According to the original Pilot script, LeRoy's name was originally Bruce.


They say you have to lose everything before you can really find yourself.

LeRoy to Rachel, Loser Like Me (Episode)


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