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List of Minor Relationships is a list of relationships who had minor interactions and storylines on Glee.


April & Holly

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Hoooooopril.jpg April Rhodes
Holly Holliday
Good Friends

This section is about the relationship between April and Holly.

100 April bring Holly back to Lima to try and cheer New Directions up as April feels bad about raising their hopes and then disappointing them. April butters the floor for Holly to make her standard entrance. Much to Wills surprise, it's revealed that they've been friends for a while as there is a Facebook page for all guests of the Glee club. They both perform in Happy and later are seen sitting in the rafters of the auditorium and vowing to save the Glee club together. New Directions Holly and April are playing "Kill, Marry, or Bone," in the teacher's lounge, before being interrupted by Sue. They ask Sue if they can bring more music to the school that isn't Glee club, and Sue agrees as long as Will is involved. After Don't Stop Believin', Holly and April are standing and watching everyone on stage. April tells her that she did good and Holly says that their work is done and they looked flawless doing it. Then she asks April to go on a gay boy cruise with her and they leave.

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Happy 100 Blaine, Mercedes, and Will

Related Songs

Artie & Becky

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
002~908.jpg Artie Abrams
Becky Jackson
One-Sided Crush
One Date

This section is about the relationship between Artie and Becky.

Yes/No Becky decides to find a new boyfriend for herself. Seeing as he is also disabled, she picks Artie. She asks him out on a date. Slightly uncomfortable with the situation, Artie invites Becky to watch him, Mr. Schue, and the New Directions Boys perform Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash. Becky enjoys the performance and, when it's over, tells Artie that "part one" of their date was amazing, informing him that "part two" will be dinner at Breadstix. When his fellow Glee Club members question Artie about his intentions with Becky, he tells them that he had a really great time with her, calling them shallow for making it all about appearances only. However, when Becky sends Artie a nude photo of herself, inviting him to "seal the deal" with her, he starts to consider their relationship and asks Sue for advice, who tells him that, seeing as Becky just wants to be treated like everyone else, he should just be honest and break up with her. Later that week, Artie approaches Becky and breaks up with her. When she asks him whether the reason is her intimidating mood and he agrees, but as she walks away, her voice-over in the voice of the Queen of England confirms that she knows it's due to her having Down's Syndrome. However, Becky promises herself to be strong.

Glee, Actually In Artie's dream, Artie runs into a pregnant Becky, who is blatantly coming onto him. Rory - as his guardian angel - explains to him how, with his popularity, Artie never bothered going on there date a year prior, leaving Becky with a lack of self-respect and confidence, which has turned her into the school slut. Naked Becky is one of the girls who buys the "Men of McKinley" calendar from the New Directions. When Becky gets to Artie, she asks him to sign her calender and calls him her "future husband," leaving him confused, while she walks away, hugging the calender.

A Katy or A Gaga When Becky watches Artie and Kitty kiss, she snaps and tells Kitty that she's getting her "sloppy seconds," seeing as she had Artie first. Later, she watches Artie and other members of the New Directions perform Applause. Movin' Out Artie notices Becky's reluctance about college. Despite Sue's threats and claims that Becky isn't ready for college, Artie decides to help her. He invites Becky to the auditorium and sings Honesty for her. At first Becky mistakes it for a declaration of love, but Artie clears it up, telling her to be honest about her desire to go to college. Becky reveals that she's afraid of what other people will say about her disability, but Artie tells her that she needs to face her fears in order to overcome them. Artie explains his plan to Sue and she finally agrees to let Becky explore her options. Artie and Becky go to the University of Cincinnati to look at an inclusive college program for students with developmental disabilities. Touring the college and making new friends, Becky decides that she is ready for college after all.

Artie & Betty

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Betty and artie 3.png Artie Abrams
Betty Pillsbury
Bertie Friends
Broken Up

This section is about the relationship between Artie and Betty.

I Do Emma introduced Artie to Betty, and described her who described her as a blonde with big breasts, which seems to please Artie. They meet in the church shortly before Emma and Will's wedding, where Artie is disheartened to find that Betty is less than thrilled to meet him. Later, Artie invites her to dance, which she accepts. They perform We've Got Tonite while entering a hotel room that Artie reserved, where they have sex. She later appears when she tells Artie he was one of her best sexual conquests and apologizes for the way she treated him at the wedding. Artie asks her out on a date, which she accepts.

Love, Love, Love Betty isn't seen again, but is briefly referenced when Kitty mentions that "the girl in the wheelchair" broke up with Artie, thus clearing up the fact about their up to then unknown relationship status.

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
We've Got Tonite I Do Blaine, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana

Related Songs

  • During The Glee Project, Ali who plays Betty, frequently expressed an interest in both Kevin McHale and his character. She also stated that she would love to work with him on the show.

Artie & Blaine

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Blartie hq.jpg Artie Abrams
Blaine Anderson
Blartie Friends

This section is about the relationship between Artie and Blaine.

I Am Unicorn Blaine auditions for the supporting role of Officer Krupke in the school musical West Side Story, which is directed by Artie, along with Coach Beiste and Mrs. Pillsbury. Impressed by his audition, Artie asks him if he would be interested in auditioning for Tony. The First Time During a rehearsal of West Side Story, Artie voices his concerns over Blaine and Rachel not being able to properly portray their roles due to them not having lost their virginity yet, unlike their characters.

The New Rachel When Blaine, Brittany, Tina and Unique compete for the spot of the "new Rachel," Artie is the one judging their performance of Call Me Maybe. After having held an online poll, Artie picks Blaine as the new lead soloist for the New Directions. The Role You Were Born to Play Blaine, still heartbroken after his break-up with Kurt, auditions for Grease, which Artie directs, with Hopelessly Devoted to You. Artie comments on his performance, claiming that although it's a Sandy song, he is still the Danny Zuko they want for the play. Blaine refuses and explains that he can't portray love since he ruined his own relationship. Artie asks which role he might consider taking and is consequently cast as "Teen Angel. Girls (and Boys) on Film When Artie reveals that the winners of the New Directions' annual mash-up competition will be cast as lead roles in his student project movie, Blaine is enthusiastic to win. After Mr. Schue tells them that they're all winners, Blaine, along with Tina, tries to convince Artie to cast him as the lead. Shooting Star Blaine helps Artie out of his chair and onto the floor after they hear gun-shots in the school. Blaine is also one of the people to be filmed by Artie during the incident.

Love, Love, Love When Artie and Kitty perform Drive My Car and go to the carnival, Blaine and the rest of the New Directions tag along. Artie is sceptical when Blaine informs them that he plans on proposing to Kurt but nevertheless participates in the performance of All You Need Is Love, clapping happily when Kurt accepts Blaine's proposal. Frenemies After Artie and Tina are tied for the position of the valedictorian, Sue informs them that she appointed Blaine the position of valedictorian, as he is third in line. Blaine apologizes to Artie and Tina, both angry about the unfairly handled situation, and ultimately decides to include both of them in what he plans to be a valedictorian performance instead of a speech. Together, the three of them perform Breakaway with the rest of the New Directions, to rehearse. Trio After Blaine, Tina, and Sam perform Jumpin' Jumpin' in the choir room, Artie clearly feels a bit left out of the senior moment, even being rejected by Blaine when he tries to comfort a saddened Tina. At the end of the week, when Blaine suggests all the seniors perform a song together, Artie is hesitant at first, but then agrees to join and, together, they sing Hold On. New Directions Artie and Blaine are hanging out in the Choir Room with Sam when Tina comes in and tells them that she didn't get accepted by the universities she applied to. They try to convince her to come to New York with them, even without a solid plan, by singing an acoustic version of Loser Like Me together. Later, they both perform Don't Stop Believin' with the rest of the New Directions, Alumni and Will and both of them graduate at the end of the week. New New York Artie and Blaine have both moved to New York, where they spend time with their group of friends and have Monday Night Dinners. They both help Mercedes move into her new apartment and Artie apologizes for not being able to carry stuff around, which Blaine shakes off as "no problem." Tested Artie and Blaine, along with Kurt and Sam, enjoy bonding time at the Serendipity when the topic of conversation changes to sex and having a "clean bill of health." They all agree to get checked together. Later that week, Artie confesses that he has contracted Chlamydia and when he reveals that he never uses condoms, Blaine chastises him and tells him that he has to tell the girls he had sex with recently, which Artie later does.

Duets Boys/Boyfriend (Britney 2.0) Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Control Hold on to Sixteen Quinn
Man in the Mirror Finn, Mike, Puck, and Sam
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Bad Michael Santana and Sebastian
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Finn, Mercedes, Rachel and Santana
My Love Is Your Love Dance with Somebody Kurt and Mercedes
In My Life Goodbye Joe, Rory, Sam Sugar and Tina
No Scrubs Sadie Hawkins Joe, Ryder, and Sam
This Is the New Year Naked Brittany, Jake, Marley, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
We've Got Tonite I Do Betty, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
We Will Rock You Lights Out Jake and Ryder
Applause A Katy or A Gaga Marley, Ryder, and Sam
On Our Way The End of Twerk Jake, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
The Fox Puppet Master Elliott, Jake, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Breakaway Frenemies Tina
Hold On Trio Dani, Elliott, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Tina
I Love L.A. City of Angels Jake, Sam, and Will
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Sam and Tina
Loser Like Me New Directions
Don't Stop Believin' Kurt, Rachel, Tina, and Will
Downtown New New York Kurt, Rachel, and Sam
Take Me Home Tonight Old Dog, New Tricks Kurt, Maggie, Mercedes, Rachel, Sam, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam

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Artie & Mike

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Martie.png Artie Abrams
Mike Chang

This section is about the relationship between Artie and Mike.

Artie writes down that his dream is to dance, and Tina convinces him that the two of them will perform a dance number. However in the end, Artie says that he should focus on realistic dreams instead. So when the club performed Dream a Little Dream, Artie sung lead as he watched Tina and Mike perform the dance. (Dream On)

Artie briefly saw Tina and Mike holding hands after Jacob interviews them. Artie is furious that Tina broke up with him to be with Mike, something which motivates him into wanting abs. He looks upon in sadness watching Mike and Tina dance together in What I Did for Love. (Audition) Artie and Mike both confronted Dave about picking on Kurt. After demanding David back off, David told Mike the same and pushed him into Artie, knocking both of them over. After both were helped up by Puck, both asked if the other was alright. Both later had solos while singing Marry You during Burt and Carole's wedding ceremony. (Furt) Both seem to be happy with their respective girlfriends (Artie with Brittany and Mike with Tina), letting each other know about their happiness. Artie sings P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), while Mike dances to the song as a way of serenading at Valentine's Day. (Silly Love Songs) Both Mike and Artie (along with Brittany and Tina) join The Brainiacs and are in the finals for the Academic Decathlon TV show "Smarty Pants." But couldn't afford to go until the New Directions came up with the money. Sandy later ended up paying for the trip. (A Night of Neglect) They are seen along with Sam and Puck, singing Bella Notte during Finn and Rachel's date in New York. (New York)

Mike and Artie, along with Tina, were interviewed by Jacob Ben Israel when asked about future plans. In that interview, is revealed that Mike is a senior, but neither Artie or Tina are. (The Purple Piano Project) Artie is angry that the New Directions aren't able to get revenge on The Warblers after the slushie attack on Blaine. He storms out followed by Mike leading to a dream sequence cover Scream. This is their first official duet. (Michael)

It is been known that they still keep in touch after Artie calls Mike to return to help for their school musical, Grease. Mike becomes the choreographer of the school musical. (The Role You Were Born to Play) In Artie's dream, he isn't in a wheelchair because he was able to walk. However, this resulted with no glee club because he was the glue of the club. In his dream, Mike is still attending McKinley and is part of the jock scene. He, along with Puck, Finn, Ryder, Jake, and Sam, are picking on Kurt and pushing him into lockers. Later, Artie gets all the members that are still at McKinley together and performs Feliz Navidad to try to get them to discover the love they have for singing and performing. However, this doesn't work as Mike appears bored and unimpressed. (Glee, Actually)

They don't interact in most scenes of the episode. Opening the episode, they both sing in Seasons of Love. When Rachel sings Make You Feel My Love, Artie and Mike glance at each other while they both hold Tina's hand. (The Quarterback) Together with Santana and Puck, they both go to Breadstix, where they meet Quinn and Biff. They both performed Keep Holding on with Puck, for Quinn in the auditorium. (100)

Artie & Puck

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Tumblr ll2vd85StB1qgkj12o1 500.jpg Artie Abrams
Noah Puckerman

This section is about the relationship between Artie and Puck.

Puck and the Football Team trap Artie in a porta-potty, planning to flip it over. Finn points out that this could be dangerous, but Puck counters that Artie is already in a wheelchair anyway. Puck offers Finn the chance to tip the porta-potty over, but Finn instead frees Artie, to which Puck responds: "Why are you helping out this loser?" (Pilot) Having now joined the Glee Club, Puck helps carry Artie on his wheelchair when they are storming out of the auditorium. (Throwdown) Puck wants to help Artie, but he cares more about his family so he tries to steal money from the cupcake fund for Quinn and their baby. Quinn reminds him that Artie is someone they both consider a friend, though. Puck then gives all the money to the Glee club in order to help Artie, like it was originally intended. (Wheels)

Puck chooses for his community service to be helping Artie. He and Artie sing One Love (People Get Ready) to raise Artie's popularity and gain some money to help pay Puck's parole. Artie tells Puck he is still in love with Brittany, so Puck arranges for them to go on a double date with him and Santana. At the restaurant Puck decides to dine 'n' dash, but Artie doesn't want to and pays, this makes Puck angry with Artie. When Puck gets told helping Artie doesn't count as community service, Artie offers to help Puck picking up trash by the highway, during which Artie would tutor him on geometry so that he can pass the class. Puck apologies for what he said at the restaurant and Artie thanks Puck for making him feel cool. (Never Been Kissed) At the very beginning of the final scene of the episode, before Mr. Schue walks into the classroom to announce what his plans are for Sectionals, Artie is playfully punching Puck's open hands in some sort of game. (Furt) Puck plays the guitar during the song Isn't She Lovely, which Artie sings to cope with his breakup from Brittany. Later, he gives him some advice on how he can win her back. Puck also wants Artie's help to spike Sue's punch bowl, which Artie declines at first. However, after Brittany rejects his prom proposal, he tells Puck that he'll help. Later, the two perform Friday at the prom with Sam. The prank to spike the punch bowl ultimately backfires as Sue catches Artie in the act, resulting in him miss most of his junior prom. Sue tries to interrogate him to tell her who put him up to the job, but Artie refuses to rat out Puck, even though it costs him most of his prom. (Prom Queen)

As Artie is wheeling himself down the halls he raises his hand to give Puck a high-five, but Puck gives him an unamused look and leaves him hanging. At the end, when everyone thanks Artie for being a great director and gives him flowers, there is a nice close-up shot of Puck smiling at him and clapping for him. (The First Time) When the New Directions try to talk Artie out of his relationship with Becky, Puck questions if Artie has any intentions for dating her. (Yes/No) To help Puck graduate, Artie with the rest of the New Direction boys (minus Kurt) help Puck study for his Geography exam staying up the whole night to tutor him. (Choke) When Puck announces that he is going to attend the anti-prom instead of the actual one, Artie asks him what became of his plan to spike the punch bowl at prom with alcohol, reminding Puck how he almost lost his teeth for it the year before. (Prom-asaurus) During You Get What You Give, Artie shakes his head and smiles at Puck's solo line and dancing. (Goodbye)

When Rachel explains how Glee Club is about different people coming together in order to have fun at making music, she uses Puck and Artie as an example. (Swan Song) In Artie's dream, he can walk and therefore results in no Glee Club. In the halls, Artie notices Puck, along with Finn, Sam, JakeRyder, and Mike, harassing and bullying Kurt against the lockers and mocking his sexuality. Artie then steps in, wondering why they are acting like such jerks since they have sung Lady Gaga. Immediately Puck turns his attention to Artie and also pushes him into the walls and threatens to break his legs if he ever says that again to anyone. Artie then recruits all the members of New Directions into the choir room and tries to get them to remember the good times and the love they have for singing by performing Feliz Navidad. During the performance, Puck looks unamused and questions what he is trying to do. It is also insinuated that without Artie and the club, Puck never got the help academically for his classes, and therefore failed and didn't get to graduate on time, and hence why Puck was still at McKinley. (Glee, Actually) They do not interact in the episode, but when Finn suggests doing a bake sale to raise money for Regionals, Artie reminds Finn that the fundraising back in "Wheels" had only successful because Puck had spiked the cupcakes with marijuana. (Naked)

Artie watches as Puck performs No Surrender with the rest of New Directions. After the performance Santana confronts Puck about Finn's letterman jacket, Puck denies it but Artie still accused him of stealing it. (The Quarterback) Artie, along with the rest of the alumni and New Directions, helps Puck with his Keep Holding On performance. (100)

Tina announces to Puck, Artie and Blaine that she's going to ask Mike to marry her. (A Wedding)

Artie & Quinn

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Tumblr ngv072a7c71s57bimo3 1280.jpg Artie Abrams
Quinn Fabray
Quartie Friends

This section is about the relationship between Artie and Quinn.

Quinn and Artie are seen singing together while the whole group is singing Ride wit Me, before they are split again into their separate groups. Later, Artie with the rest of the Glee Club, dedicates Keep Holding On to Quinn. (Throwdown) Quinn and Artie are seen sitting next to each other and Quinn says to Will that Artie "understands" if he can't go to Sectionals in the same bus. (Wheels) Though never having any interaction between one another, both seem pleased when Artie pulled out Quinn's name for a ballad assignment, although the song wasn't shown on the show. (Ballad) During the performance of Dream a Little Dream, Quinn comforts a disappointed Artie to show her sympathy towards him. (Dream On)

When Artie uses the ReWalk in the Choir Room, Quinn remarks that it is "A real Christmas miracle." and they share a look. (A Very Glee Christmas) They share a little look during Baby. During I Know What Boys Like, they are sitting next to each other. (Comeback)

After the disappearance of Quinn from the Glee Club, Artie says "It's sad. I miss her." (The Purple Piano Project) In the Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another performance, Quinn "hugs" Artie, as if she was protecting him from the dodgeball competition and continually shields him from the dodgeballs the opposing team is throwing. (Mash Off) At the 2011 Western Ohio Sectional Championship, Quinn opens the second number of the club's Jackson Medley, Artie and Blaine lead the rest of the song with New Directions as backup. (Hold on to Sixteen) During Rory's performance of Blue Christmas, Quinn and Artie are sitting next to each other. During the performance, they share a look. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas) When Artie tells the Glee Club how Becky understands what it is like to be trapped inside a disability, Quinn gives him a sympathetic look. (Yes/No) Quinn and Mike grab Artie and take him to the Choir Room. (Mike pushes the wheelchair and Quinn holds Artie's hands). (Michael) After Quinn returns to school in a wheelchair, she is shown to be in a happy mood confronting Finn and Rachel whom are accompanied by Artie moments later. Quinn then decides to "race" Artie to the choir room which leads into their first duet, I'm Still Standing. During the performance, they dance to a wheelchair choreographed routine which they both appear to enjoy. She says her dance moves aren't as smooth as Artie's yet and he says with a lot of practice they will be. At the school ramp behind the school, Quinn hesitates to go up the steep ramp but is encouraged by Artie and decides to give it a go after Artie says that he believes in her and that she can do it. He encourages her throughout her whole attempt in which she succeeds receiving a high-five from him. Artie then persuades Quinn to skip her senior ditch day with the rest of the Glee members and asks her to go with him somewhere else to which she reluctantly agrees to. They attend "crip-skip" at a skate park along with other disabled skaters. Both sing another duet at the scene of this to Up Up Up and choosing their adrenaline moments going down steep ramps and attempting tricks with their wheelchairs. After Artie shows her the life that she might have to embrace, Quinn informs him the she will in fact walk again, attend Yale and dance at Nationals saying that this is temporary and she will not be one of them. (Big Brother) When the seniors sing You Get What You Give, Quinn is one of the many people to interact with Artie. During I'll Remember, they are seen smiling at each other and later Quinn puts her head on his shoulder and he puts his head on her head, showing that they are close friends. (Goodbye)

In Artie's dream, Artie walks out to see a single wheelchair in the hall. When he asks Rory - his Christmas guardian angel - if that's his, Rory tells him that it's Quinn's and that after her accident, she never could walk again because she didn't have the support and encouragement from the Glee Club. First Artie is confused, since in his dream, there would have been no Finn and Rachel wedding and therefore no accident. But Rory tells him that in every timeline, she would have been hit. Then when he asks why she isn't in it, Rory tells him that she died of a broken-heart, and that like her body; her spirit never recovered. Artie then smells the single rose that was left on the chair and confidentially sits down. (Glee, Actually)

Quinn is seen dancing with Artie during Raise Your Glass, rolling him around the room. Next Artie is seen to be enjoying watching the Unholy Trinity perform Toxic, but at the end looks angrily towards Biff. (100)

When Quinn asks Artie why is he drawing her, he responds that he draws just her boobs. They're both part of performances Problem, Take On Me and Home. (Homecoming)

Duets I'm Still Standing (Big Brother)
Up Up Up (Big Brother) Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Glee Show Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, and Tina
Marry You Furt Brittany, Finn, Mike, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year A Very Glee Christmas Brittany, Sam, and Tina
Control Hold on to Sixteen Blaine
We've Got Tonite I Do Betty, Blaine, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, and Santana
Take On Me Homecoming Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Rachel, Sam, Puck and Tina
Problem Santana and Brittany
Home Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Brittany, Rachel, Puck, Tina, Jane, Madison, Mason and Mason

  • In an interview, Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale were asked where they saw Artie and Quinn in 5 years. They answered that they would be married (to each other) with a lot of children, living at a duck farm.
  • Strangely, this relationship is built up and seems to exist entirely within Big Brother. No references to their friendship is made in any other episode, and the two share minimal to no scenes together per episode.
  • Both of their impairments are the result of a car accident, causing them to become paralyzed in the legs and feet (though Quinn was only paralyzed temporarily).
  • Artie and Quinn were duet partners in Ballad, though their duet was never shown.
  • Dianna Agron and Kevin McHale wanted Quinn and Artie to date in Season Three.

Artie & Sugar

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
1Sugartie.jpg Artie Abrams
Sugar Motta



Broken Up

This section is about the relationship between Artie and Sugar.

Yes/No Will sets the Glee club an assignment to think of a number to help with his proposal to Emma, and Artie asks Sugar to do a duet with him for the assignment. However, she declines his offer, guessing correctly that he wanted to ask her out. Heart Artie fights with Rory for Sugar's affections and to go along with her to her ​​party at Breadstix, including buying her a stuffed dog, putting confetti around her locker, and singing Let Me Love You for her with the New Directions Boys, which pleases her. She sits on his lap and asks him to wheel her to class, and later it seems she's picked Artie as her valentine, but when Rory announces his Visa has expired and he'll be moving back to Ireland, Sugar chooses Rory instead out of sympathy.

Makeover Sugar pays the most attention to Artie during the school debate between Sam and Brittany, and when he finishes, she is the only one to clap. Later, Artie mentions to Blaine that Sugar asked him out on horseback riding date, and that he accepted. Dynamic Duets Sugar and Artie appear several times in the choir room. During Heroes, New Directions are seen painting a wall and Sugar and Artie are kissing whilst covered in paint, so it is assumed they're dating. Sadie Hawkins While at the Sadie Hawkins dance, Sugar and the rest of the Too Young to Be Bitter Club are moping before she gets up and asks Artie to dance with her and he accepts. When she sees that Blaine left Tina, she asks Tina to dance with them. I Do It is suggested Artie and Sugar are not in a relationship anymore after he sleeps with Betty Pillsbury.

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
In My Life Goodbye Blaine, Joe, Rory, Sam, and Tina

Related Songs

  • Artie often gives Sugar a ride on his wheelchair, as with many of his girlfriends.
  • Vanessa Lengies said she thinks Sugar should've chosen Artie instead of Rory.


Becky & Puck

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Tumblr m3t2gwK7qy1qgkj12o1 500.jpg Becky Jackson
Noah Puckerman

This section is about the relationship between Becky and Puck.

While Becky is looking for a guy to be her boyfriend, she sees Puck, but removes him from her list of potential boyfriends because she doesn't like his mohawk. This list also included Artie, Mike, and Rory. She chose Artie because Rory smiles too much and not Mike because she isn't "a rice queen." (Yes/No) Puck and Becky both attend Rachel's "Anti-Prom," along with Kurt, Blaine, and eventually Finn. When the others eventually decide to go to prom, Puck and Becky stay behind to play strip poker. After winning several rounds and making Puck strip down to his underwear, Becky tells him that she is upset because she wasn't nominated for Prom Queen. To cheer her up, Puck makes two crowns from cardboard, and crowns himself and Becky king and queen of Anti-Prom. They later attend prom together, where Becky distracts Sue, allowing Puck to spike the punch, and accomplish his dream after trying for two years. (Prom-asaurus)

  • They were Prom Queen and King of the "Anti-Prom."

Beth & Puck

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Tumblr lurnr2Rqzj1qgkj12o1 500.jpg Beth Corcoran
Noah Puckerman
Peth Biological

This section is about the relationship between Beth and Puck.

It is revealed that Quinn is pregnant with Beth. Puck is the actual father. However, Quinn tells Finn that he was, as Quinn was dating him at the time. It is revealed Beth was conceived on a one night stand. (Preggers)

Beths birth.jpg
When Puck finds out Quinn's baby is a girl, he says: "Cool." Puck continuously gives Quinn money, insisting he can take care of her and Beth. (Wheels) Puck brainstorms names for Beth, including Jack/Jackie Daniels. Eventually, Puck reaches a decision. He sings Beth to Quinn, then tells her he wants to name the baby Beth, even though Quinn's not keeping her. Quinn agrees to let Puck be there at Beth's birth. (Theatricality) Quinn gives birth to Beth, whilst Puck looks on in a look of confusion and stress. When Beth is given to Quinn, Puck looks on in awe. He looks at her with Quinn in the nursery, while they talk about whether they love each other or not and whether to give her up for adoption or keep her. He says he wants to keep her, but Quinn does not. Shelby ends up adopting Beth. (Journey)

He gives Beth a photo of the clown pig, but thinks it might scare her. He thinks she looks exactly like Quinn. Shelby takes a photo of a happy Puck holding Beth in his arms. According to Shelby, Puck and Beth have the same 'dopey grin.' He says to Shelby that he wants to be in Beth's life as her father. Says Beth is perfect. And looks like the old Quinn. (I Am Unicorn)

Puck Beth2.gif
Quinn and Puck babysit Beth. Quinn plants items around the house to make Shelby look like a bad mother. It is revealed that Puck wants to have Beth back as well, but not as much as Quinn. Puck goes to Shelby's home to take those items away, making sure Shelby can keep Beth. Puck sings Beth to sleep with Waiting For A Girl Like You. Puck tells Shelby that if she ever needs any help taking care of her, he'll be there. Puck kisses her mother, Shelby. Puck takes Beth, from Quinn's arms after Shelby leaves since Beth keeps crying. (Pot o' Gold) He tells Shelby that Quinn was trying to take Beth away from her by planting things around the house to make her appear to be an unfit mother. He says he and Quinn thought they could be good parents, but says Shelby was always meant to be her mother. He says he really wants to be in Beth's life. Puck says he thought of Beth as an accident, but then corrects himself and says she's no accident; he and Quinn gave her life. (Mash Off) Puck runs out of math class when he gets a call from Shelby because Beth is in the hospital. He demands that Beth will see a plastic surgeon, so she doesn't have a scar across her lip. (I Kissed a Girl) During Quinn's performance of Never Can Say Goodbye, she looks in her locker and sees photos of Puck with Beth. (Michael) When Puck's father comes to ask Puck for money, Puck comes into the choir room as the boys are trying to make a plan to help Puck study for his test so he can graduate with the rest of the guys. Puck agrees saying he doesn't want to go to Beth, asking her for money and feeling shame in the future. (Choke)

  • Puck has slept with both Beth's biological mother and her adoptive one.
  • The "Clown Pig" drawing was actually drawn by Dianna Agron and Brad Falchuk.
  • When Puck first sees Beth in I Am Unicorn, he is wearing the same shirt he was wearing when he sang Beth to Quinn. This could be a coincidence, or for sentimental reasons.
  • Beth cries when Quinn holds her, but seems to be comfortable around Puck.
  • Puck didn't want to hold her at first so she wouldn't freak out.
  • He thought of Beth as an accident, but realized that he gave her life.
  • Kept Beth entertained while Shelby was putting together a crib.
  • Looked at Puck when she was playing with her toys on the table.
  • Puck wants to be a part of Beth's life.
  • Beth has Puck's dopey smile.

Beth & Quinn

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Tumblr lyxi5s2YgW1qgkj12o1 500.jpg Beth Corcoran
Quinn Fabray

This section is about the relationship between Beth and Quinn.

Quinn finds out that she is pregnant with Beth. (Preggers) After New Directions finish their performance, Quinn's water breaks. She is rushed to hospital where she later gives birth to Beth. Quinn and Puck give Beth up for adoption, and she is adopted by Shelby. (Journey)

Quinn and Puck both talk about Beth and Quinn tells him to get a real job so they can raise their baby, and it is revealed that Quinn has called child services. She also say Beth is "her perfect thing" and something "she can't even screw up," showing that she does love and care about Beth. Quinn plants false evidence to frame Shelby as an unfit mother in Shelby’s apartment so that she can call child services and get full custody of Beth. (Pot o' Gold) Quinn tries to join Shelby's choir to get closer to her, and overall, get her closer to Beth. After Puck tells Shelby of Quinn's plan to gain custody of Beth, Shelby banned Quinn from being part of Beth's life. (Mash Off) Rachel tells Quinn that if she takes Beth away from Shelby then she is ruining Beth's life. This makes Quinn realize that she doesn't need to get Beth back and she just wants Beth to be happy. Quinn realizes that she shouldn't tell on Shelby, and so she doesn't, thanking Rachel at the end of the episode. (Hold on to Sixteen) There is a picture of Beth and Puck in Quinn's Locker seen while Quinn sings Never Can Say Goodbye. There is also a picture of Quinn holding Beth after giving birth to her. Puck is standing by her side. (Michael)

Blaine & Brittany

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Blittany woop.jpg Blaine Anderson
Brittany Pierce
Sunshine Twins

This section is about the relationship between Blaine and Brittany.

Blaine and Brittany first meet at Rachel's house party, though they have no on-screen interactions. (Blame It on the Alcohol) Brittany did back-up for Blaine in I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You along with Tina. (Prom Queen)

When Blaine performs Last Friday Night, Brittany joins him. On the line "There is a stranger in my bed..." they are on the floor with Blaine's hand around her. Brittany can be seen enjoying herself throughout the performance. (Pot o' Gold) Brittany and Blaine had prepared You Should Be Dancing together with Mike, which they perform in the episode. (Saturday Night Glee-ver) Brittany is in charge of prom and she makes a list of rules, one of which was no hair gel. When she tells the New Directions, Blaine protests a little at the hair gel ban rule and Brittany proceeds to tell him she doesn't like his "looks." However, Blaine defies her and arrives at prom with hair gel in his hair. When Brittany approaches him and Kurt, he stands as still as a statue, hoping Brittany won't see him but of course she does. She tells him once again no hair gel and then he leaves to wash it out. Minutes later, Blaine returns, his hair all curly and wild. His hair was so different that Brittany mistakes him for someone else. She then apologizes and tells him he can wear the hair gel. (Prom-asaurus)

Brittany and Blaine are first seen in the hallway when Jacob interviews them, asking "Who is the New Rachel?" and they both respond in unison "Me!." Next, they are in the choir room seated when self-proclaimed diva, Unique enters. Both of them eye her suspiciously. After, Brittany and Blaine along with Unique and Tina approach Artie, asking him to choose the "New Rachel," which he agrees to do. This is when the competition begins. Tina, Brittany, Blaine, and Wade begin to compete to see who's going to be the "New Rachel" and perform Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen for Artie. During Call Me Maybe, Blaine and Brittany can be seen fooling around, being playful with one another while having their best bitch mode switched on. At lunch Blaine and Brittany are seated beside each other while conversing with the rest of the New Directions and the popular kids. Later, they are at Lima Bean having coffee and talking. He asks her how Santana is doing and she replies saying, "She's good, she is just busy with cheerleading practice and, it's hard making out over Skype. You can't really scissor with a webcam." Back in the choir room, Artie chooses Blaine as the "New Rachel" and this does not sit well with Brittany. She lets this be known when they are having lunch together and Blaine tells her she "can't just decide not to sing anymore, we all need your voice" which she replies to, saying Blaine killed her heart song. At the end they sing Adele's Chasing Pavements with the New Directions. (The New Rachel) During a scene in which Brittany is talking alone, Blaine comes and asks her: "Brittany, who are you talking to?," she thought she was doing a voice over. Blaine and Artie sing Boys/Boyfriend to make Brittany feel better; but it doesn't seem to work. Later, when Mr. Schuester is lecturing the Glee Club for lip syncing, Blaine replies to Will and says that they were just trying to help Brittany. (Britney 2.0) In order to get over missing Kurt, Blaine starts to sign up for several school clubs and organizations, including Student Council President, where Brittany is also running again for a second year. Later at Blaine's locker, Brittany convinces him that he should have Sam as his running mate, and after a solid argument, agrees. At the debate, Blaine and Brittany discuss their own policies they would enforce as class president. In the end, Blaine wins, and at his celebration after party, Brittany congratulates the new president. (Makeover) Blaine and Brittany are seen at the beginning of the episode, at lunch sitting on the same table talking about "young love" and how easy things were when they started dating Santana and Kurt and they were still in high school. (The Break-Up) They dress as super-heroes; Brittany is the Human Brain and Blaine is Nightbird. Blaine invites Brittany to join his super hero club: Secret Society of Superheroes. During one of Glee club's meetings; Brittany notices that Blaine was missing, she says: "Guys, I don't smell raspberry hair gel, where's Blaine Warbler?," alerting the other members. Afterwards in the montage during Heroes, they are painting a wall, painting each other and laughing. Brittany also kisses Blaine on his cheek after she runs paint down his face. (Dynamic Duets) After Will announces the assignment, both of them come up with the idea that just because it's a girls vs. boys mash-up competition, it doesn't mean that New Directions can't sing some song from a movie together. They suggest that the New Directions should sing Shout and they sing this song as a duet with New Directions. When the songs ends, Artie comes up to them and asks them if they know that it wasn't even a mash-up. When he wheels away, Blaine and Brittany just look at each other and give each other a high-five. (Girls (and Boys) on Film) Blaine announces Brittany's performance with the New Directions Girls. (Guilty Pleasures) When Brittany returns she tells the club why she should have the solo, she mentions Blaine and tells him that he's shorter than the average lawn gnome. Later, during her goodbye speech, Brittany tells a teary-eyed Blaine that he is like a brother to her. (All or Nothing)

Blaine and Brittany are interviewed by Mary Halloran as part of her untitled project she is working on for Rachel. While Brittany and Mary seem to have a great understanding of one another, Mary's eccentric creative style leaves Blaine feeling exasperated. Later, Blaine and Brittany are at the Bushwick Apartment for the first read through of Mary's script along with Rachel, Artie, Sam and Kurt. They discover that the names of their characters have been changed to silly variations of their own names. Blaine is "Slaine" and Brittany is "Nittany." In the script, Brittany and Blaine's characters are sleeping together and decide to continue doing so and open an art gallery. Blaine seems taken aback by this strange plot point, but it doesn't seem to bother Brittany. Later, when Rachel has convinced Mary to make some changes to the script Blaine and Brittany meet with the rest of the gang to read through it once more. Blaine and everyone, aside from Brittany, seem very pleased with the new script. Afterward, they all gather to admire Sam's new semi nude spread on a city bus. The group all talk about the two years they have spent in NY and how some of them are scattering. They decide to meet up in the same spot in NY in six months. Blaine and Brittany perform Pompeii with the rest of their friends. (The Untitled Rachel Berry Project)

Brittany helps with decorating Blaine and Karofsky new appartment. (Jagged Little Tapestry) Blaine is seen along with Sam and Artie in Brittany's imagination. They are dressed like Angels and sing Wishin' And Hoping. At the end of the episode, Blaine shows support for Brittany and Santana's relationship and, along with the Alumni, New Directions and Will sings a song for them. (What the World Needs Now) After Brittany encourages them, Blaine and Kurt get married along with her and Santana.Later, they both sing Our Day Will Come along with Kurt and Santana. (A Wedding)

Duets Shout (Girls (and Boys) on Film) Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Love Shack Heart Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sugar
You Should Be Dancing Saturday Night Glee-ver Mike
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Rachel, and Santana
Call Me Maybe The New Rachel Tina and Unique
The Scientist The Break-Up Emma, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Finn, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana 
Don't Dream It's Over Swan Song Finn, Marley, Sam, and Tina
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Jake, Kurt, Marley, Puck, and Sam
This Is the New Year Naked Artie, Jake, Marley, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
Diva Diva Tina and Unique
Say Shooting Star Kitty, Marley, Ryder, and Sam
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam
Wishin' And Hoping What the World Needs Now Artie and Sam
Our Day Will Come A Wedding Kurt and Santana

Related Songs

  • They both have run and won Senior Class President: Brittany against Kurt in Season Three and Blaine against Brittany in Season Four.
  • Both had some kind of friendship/romantic relationship with Kurt and Sam.
    • Both of them have kissed Kurt.
    • Brittany has dated Sam. Blaine has had a crush on Sam and they are best friends.
  • They both had Cheerios back up dance in some of their solo performances. (It's Not Unusual, Hold It Against Me, Run the World (Girls), It's Time)
  • They both competed to be "The New Rachel" along with Tina and Unique, Blaine won and Brittany got second place. (She calls herself the Vice-Rachel of the Glee Club)
  • Both of their characters started off as recurring for one season, and then were promoted to main the next.
  • Darren Criss used to have a crush on Heather Morris.
  • Both have been captains of the Cheerios.

Blaine & Burt

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Schermafbeelding 2013-05-10 om 01.42.57.png.jpg Blaine Anderson
Burt Hummel
Blurt Father/Son-in-law

This section is about the relationship between Blaine and Burt.

Blaine, Burt, Carole and Kurt go to a McKinley Titans game together. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle) The morning after Rachel's party, Burt walks into Kurt's room asking about cooking, to find Blaine hung-over in Kurt's bed. Burt backs out of the room, clearly shocked and feeling awkward. Later, Kurt and Burt have a conversation about Blaine's experimenting with Rachel. Burt says Blaine isn't the only one experimenting and asks Kurt to apologize for being inappropriate and having a guy sleep in his bed without asking. (Blame It on the Alcohol) When it becomes clear to Blaine that Kurt has very limited knowledge about sex and doesn't want to learn, he goes to Burt. Blaine tells Burt that he's worried that if Burt waits until Kurt is ready to talk about it, it might be too late. Blaine says he doesn't have the relationship with his father that Kurt has with Burt and he thinks it would be "really cool" if Burt took advantage of that. Blaine apologizes for overstepping. (Sexy) At the Hummel-Hudson home, Burt tells Finn and Blaine that he has a friend who can give them a discount on their tux rentals. He tells Blaine he wore a powder blue tux with a big blue bow tie and looked like Tony Orlando, to which Blaine replies "Was that a designer?" When Kurt shows Blaine, Finn and Burt his outfit for Prom, Burt tells Kurt he doesn't like it because he doesn't want Kurt to be a target for bullies. Kurt asks Blaine to back him up, but Blaine agrees with Burt, clearly worried. (Prom Queen)

When Kurt gets his NYADA letter, Burt is overjoyed and says "Who's gonna tell Blaine? You gotta let me do it!" This implies that Burt and Blaine are pretty close. (Michael) When Kurt is organizing his stuff for his move to New York, Burt asks why he isn't taking the photo of Blaine and Kurt at junior prom. Kurt tells him his relationship with Blaine is "on the rocks," to which Burt looks shocked and upset. (Dance with Somebody)

During this episode, it is stated that Burt has prostate cancer. Burt brings Blaine to New York with him as his Christmas gift to Kurt. Blaine tells Kurt that Burt told him everything, and promises to look after him. When Kurt and Blaine are ice-skating, you can see Burt smiling. Later Burt, Blaine, and Kurt are watching a basketball game. Burt and Blaine are watching intently, but Kurt gives up and picks up a copy of Vogue. Burt says "Pay up Anderson!," revealing that they had a bet on when Kurt would get bored. Burt asks Blaine about his future plans, to which Blaine tells him he wants to apply to NYADA. At dinner, Blaine pulls out a chair for Burt, keeping his promise of looking out for him. (Glee, Actually) Blaine and Burt are greeting each other in the choir room. During Kurt's performance of You Are the Sunshine of My Life, Blaine smiles at Burt. He later gives Burt a rainbow pin for him to show his support for gay rights. Blaine then proceeds to asking Burt for his blessing, as he plans to propose to Kurt, however, Burt is not too fond of the idea and attempts to convince Blaine not to, saying that there's nothing to worry about for if Kurt and Blaine truly do care about each other, they'll stick by each other's sides. (Wonder-ful)

Though they do not directly interact in this episode, Burt mentions Blaine asking him to propose to Kurt. He drives Kurt to Dalton Academy for the proposal and advises him to listen to what Blaine has to say. (Love, Love, Love)

Blaine & Cooper

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
HungryLike Rio.png Blaine Anderson
Cooper Anderson

This section is about the relationship between Blaine and Cooper.

In the hallway, Kurt, who has been noticing Blaine acting rather strangely, asks him what's wrong to which Blaine reveals that his older brother is in town. Kurt is surprised that he didn't say anything, but is interrupted by the arrival of Cooper. Kurt recognizes Cooper from a National commercial and tells him that he has the jingle from it as his ringtone. Sue sees him and asks for Cooper to sign her breast, also telling him that she thinks he is a great actor and a Disney prince. Blaine, Kurt, and Cooper begin to leave, but are interrupted again by Sue, who begins to talk with Cooper. In the Choir Room, Sue surprises the club with Cooper, telling the club that he is Kurt's older brother when he is actually Blaine's, thinking that she is doing them a favor of seeing someone who has done what they want to do, and suggests that he give the club a class in performance and acting. Rachel suggests that Cooper and Blaine do a song together, much to Blaine's annoyance, but he ends up getting into it

and they sing Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio. At Breadstix, Cooper is trying to give Blaine advice on his performance, putting his dancing down. Blaine gets annoyed and asks why he constantly has to put him down. This shocks Cooper and he apologizes, saying his intentions are just a way for him to feel closer to his brother. In the choir room, Cooper is giving his master class. As he teaches, everyone writes down what he is saying, except Blaine who can't believe what he is saying. When he has the club do a scene from NCIS, Blaine gets fed up and yells at Cooper, who says that he didn't do it properly, thinking he was acting. Kurt surprises Blaine at his locker with a stuffed dog that he had taken from the toys Finn had won for Rachel at Six Flags. He tells Blaine not to give up on his relationship with Cooper and says that maybe talking isn't working, and that he should tell him his feelings in the one way he truly knows how.
Blaine begins to sing Somebody That I Used to Know. Cooper joins him in the auditorium. After the song, Cooper tells Blaine how sorry he is for what he has done to Blaine, and says that he had always done what he thought was best for him, knowing since he was young how talented he is. He reveals his audition was cancelled and will be staying longer. Blaine tells him that he will go get a camera and will film a scene so they can send it to the casting director. (Big Brother)

Blaine & Dave

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Blainofsky1.png Blaine Anderson
David Karofsky
Broken Up
Former enemies

This section is about the relationship between Blaine and Dave.


Loser Like Me At the beginning of the season, it is revealed that Kurt and Blaine broke up shortly after moving in together. This initially devastated Blaine, who got kicked out of NYADA and returned back home where he is now the coach of The Warblers. Blaine agrees to meet Kurt at the local gay bar, Scandals, where Kurt tells Blaine he's going to win his heart back. However, it is then revealed that Blaine has started dating Karofsky. They met at Scandals at Country Bear Night, where they had a long talk and connected. After that they starting hanging out more and ended up dating. Both Blaine and David try to deal with the situation in a very mature way, with David proposing they could hang out together. Even though he tries to hide it, Kurt is incredibly upset with them dating. Jagged Little Tapestry Blaine and Dave meet Kurt in a music store. David says how he’s been helping him with finding a set list for Sectionals, and jokes about how he can’t get Blaine off of Broadway music. Kurt laughed edgily. David and Blaine walk off to another section, where both Kurt and Blaine start to sing It's Too Late. Blaine, at the Lima Bean, continues singing, as David talks to him, where he imagines himself and Kurt sitting, in their past Dalton Academy uniform, as they sing to each other. Later Brittany tells Kurt, rather hesitantly, that David is moving in with Blaine was asked to helped them with decorating the place. The Hurt Locker, Part One Blaine receives a text from Karofsky, where it says their’s an intruder in their apartment. Blaine along with Kurt andd Rachel burst in, Blaine asking what happening. Karofsky, standing on a table, holding a chair as protection, says its in their bedroom. They rush to the room, and find a bear on the bed. They exclaim at why there’s a bear in the bedroom, to which Kurt replies that he may have an idea why. That evening, Blaine and Karofsky sit in Breadstix, Blaine stating how so much has changed. Karofsky restates his high-school, moving on. Blaine states how he admires him for that. A man walks up to Karofsky, recognizing him. Another one comes in, and suddenly all of Breadstix is buzzing of people who know he is. Blaine questions what is happening. Sue goes up to them, and answers that she took the liberty to invite Karofsky’s ex-dates. She continues about how she ran a DNA test, revealing that their both cousins. They are surprised, to which Sue concludes that they’ll be now having sex as family members, before walking away. Later Blaine tells Kurt about the night with Sue revealing his relation with Karofsky and the guys he’s dated. Kurt reassures him that they aren't related, and that Sue wants break them up, so they can get back together. Blaine wonders how no one can understand that they don’t want to get back together, but be great friends. Kurt states how he’s met someone, Blaine being taken back, stating how that is good. He awkwardly talks to him, but then states he needs to go. They hug, before Blaine leaves. The Hurt Locker, Part Two Kurt and Blaine are looked in an fake elevator by Sue and play charades, as they both are happy at what they’re doing until Blaine mentions Karofsky, which ruins Kurt’s mood. Transitioning In Dave and Blaine’s apartment, Blaine and Dave walk in to the kitchen, Dave retelling a story that day. Dave then asks what’s wrong with Blaine, as he’s been unfocused for the past few days. Blaine apologizes. Dave then realizes that something happened the night at Rachel’s party. Blaine states how he sung a duet with Kurt, sitting on a stool. Dave then relieved, says that he wouldn’t be upset about him singing a duet with Kurt, and knows that something else happened. By the look on Blaine’s face, he realizes that Kurt and Blaine kissed. He questions who kissed who, but knows that Blaine kissed Kurt. Dave then leans near the kitchen sinks and tells him that he was lucky to date him for two months. Blaine, confused, asks what he means. Karofsky states that Blaine still loves him, and a time-bomb had been hanging over their heads since Kurt came back. Blaine apologizes to him, but Dave shrugs it off and says that he should go to Kurt, smiling. Dave then asks him to say his feelings for Kurt out loud instead of singing it, to which Blaine hugs and kisses Dave on the check before walking out. Dreams Come True In the fall of 2020, Dave and Blaine return to McKinley High along with the rest of the New Directions where they perform I Lived together.

Blaine & Marley

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
AON-blarleyyyy.png Blaine Anderson
Marley Rose

This section is about the relationship between Blaine and Marley.

After Marley's audition, Blaine is clearly impressed and compliments her by saying that she's "very good." When Marley first enters the choir room as the newest New Directions member, Blaine is the first to welcome her. Later on, apologizing on behalf of the Glee Club for their earlier behavior, Blaine invites Marley to sing lead at rehearsal. When Kitty slushies Marley and Unique in retaliation, Blaine assures them that they'll get them cleaned off. During the song Chasing Pavements, he leads her out to join the rest of the Glee Club. (The New Rachel) Marley feels bad for Blaine, Sam, and Unique after Mr. Schue yelled at them. She then writes a song to make them feel better, and they smile at each other a few times throughout the song. Blaine says the song is incredible, and encourages her to share it with Mr. Schue. (Sweet Dreams) Blaine says that what Marley did was messed up, when Marley tells Ryder she was the catfish. They sing a duet together at Regionals, holding hands for the first part of the song. They also share a hug when it is announced that the New Directions have won. (All or Nothing)

Marley, along with Jake jokingly mocks Blaine's speech, before participating in Blaine and Sam's performance of Help!, and applauds cheerfully with everyone else when Sebastian agrees to helping Blaine. She is also seen enjoying the boys' performance of I Saw Her Standing There in which Blaine takes part. In the choir room, when Blaine briefly interrupts Kitty's declaration of love for Artie, Marley rolls her eyes. She later participates in the performance of All You Need Is Love, and celebrates Blaine's engagement to Kurt. (Love, Love, Love) Marley and Blaine, together with Sam, Ryder and Artie consider themselves Katys, therefore Mr. Schue puts them together in the Katy group, and tells them to do a Gaga song. They are seen together in the auditorium, when they are planning the Applause performance, and Blaine comforts her when she suggests a silly idea. After the performance, Blaine along with the rest of the team, confronts Marley for wearing a Katy outfit. He then seems to approve when Mr. Schue suspends her. (A Katy or A Gaga) In "The End of Twerk," Marley, along with the rest of the New Directions, is seen laughing at Blaine's twerking video. When Mr. Schue announces that the assignement of the week is twerking, Marley asks what happens if some of them don't know how to twerk. Blaine then offers to teach her how when he tells her to watch him twerk. They are seen interacting together throughout the song Blurred Lines, and both look extremely offended when Sue puts an offensive port-a-potty in the choir room for Unique to use and Tina has taken to using it. When Marley announces that she has been having "a horrible week,"-Jake cheating on her-Blaine looks sympathetic towards her. (The End of Twerk) When Blaine begins singing Joy to the World. Marley, along with the rest of the glee club, tells him to shut up. They are both seen in the Christmas Club meeting with Marley sitting behind him. Blaine can be seen enjoying Marley's audition for the Virgin Mary. They are then seen singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, which both of them get solos. In the Christmas Club room, when they are getting things out for the magner scene, Marley confides in him about Kitty's recent behavior, to which he starts jokingly questioning whether Marley heard Kitty correctly. He is seen as part of the plan to help Marley convince Kitty to take the part of Virgin Mary, and they are both part of the magner scene-Marley one of the Three Kings and Blaine as one of the Three Wise Men. (Previously Unaired Christmas)

Duets All or Nothing (All or Nothing) Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
You're the One That I Want Glease Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana
Some Nights Dynamic Duets Jake, Joe, Kitty, Ryder, Sam, and Tina
Don't Dream It's Over Swan Song Brittany, Finn, Sam, and Tina
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Brittany, Jake, Kurt, Puck, and Sam
This Is the New Year Naked Artie, Brittany, Jake, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Kitty, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Unique
Say Shooting Star Brittany, Kitty, Ryder, and Sam
You Have More Friends Than You Know Sweet Dreams Sam and Unique
Superstition Wonder-ful Mercedes
Applause A Katy or A Gaga Artie, Ryder, and Sam
On Our Way The End of Twerk Artie, Jake, Kitty, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique

Blaine & Mike

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Header-son.jpg Blaine Anderson
Mike Chang
Bike Chanderson Friends

This section is about the relationship between Blaine and Mike.

The Purple Piano Project During the performance of It's Not Unusual, Mike watches on, but he and the rest of the guys, including Finn and Puck, aren't so sure about the idea of Blaine joining the New Directions when they blame him for burning one of their pianos. Then they perform You Can't Stop the Beat and Blaine dances with Tina and Brittany, who are Mike’s frequent dance partners. Pot o' Gold Mike performs Last Friday Night with Blaine and New Directions,. Later when more members drop out, Mike says there's an "awful lot of empty chairs in here," and Blaine shares a sad look with him. Mash Off Blaine and Mike are throwing paper airplanes at each other and messing about. During Puck's dream sequence of Hot for Teacher they dance on tables and move to the choir room, where they sing and pretend sword fight. Michael During Wanna Be Startin' Somethin', the two boys have a small dance solo together during the number. Later, after Blaine gets slushied, Mike wants to stand by Artie and exact revenge on the Warblers for what they did to Blaine, leading them to Scream. Saturday Night Glee-ver Blaine and Mike, along with Brittany, perform You Should Be Dancing to express their mutual love for ‘Disco’ even though the rest of the Glee club hate it. Choke Blaine is working out on the punch bag, when Mike asks for help using gel in his hair for prom as he has "no idea" what he is doing, but Blaine gives him plenty of advice. Then the pair along with the rest of the guys decide to help Puck graduate.

Thanksgiving When asked about Kurt, it is shown that Mike and Blaine keep in frequent contact when Mike responds "I know Blaine’s been texting him, but Kurt won’t text back." Wonder-ful Mike has coffee at The Lima Bean with Blaine, Kurt, and Mercedes where they discuss Mike being at college and Blaine working towards Regionals, and Blaine laughs when Mike jokes about having no idea what Mercedes is talking about. All or Nothing New Directions are doing their show circle, and Brittany is saying her goodbyes and she mentions that Mike and Blaine are like her brothers and they both look genuinely upset.

  • Tina has been romantically interested in both.
  • Often sing back-up together, especially for Finn and Puck.
  • Both of them have used or at least thought about, putting gel in their hair.

Blaine & Santana

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Blaintana woooop.jpg Blaine Anderson
Santana Lopez
Blaintana Friends

This section is about the relationship between Blaine and Santana.

When Santana hears that Dalton Academy will be against them at Sectionals, she states a thousand gay jokes popped into her head. (Never Been Kissed) They meet for the first time this episode. They both go to The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza, along with the rest of the New Directions. While watching Blaine's performance of Don't You Want Me with Rachel, Santana shouts "I want you, I do," possibly towards Blaine. (Blame It on the Alcohol) When Dave starts making homophobic comments towards Blaine and Kurt in the hallway, Santana shows up and threatens him with physical violence: "I have razor blades hidden in my hair." Intimidated and bewildered, Dave leaves. Blaine then says to Santana, with a slight smile "We could've handled that." She replies with a smile and says "It was more fun doing it together." Santana receives a tweet on her phone and leaves Blaine, looking on amused. (A Night of Neglect) Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Mercedes, and Tina are seen discussing Nationals at the Lima Bean. Santana wanders off in her thoughts of becoming Prom Queen, and while leaving she mistakenly says "I've got to gay," soon correcting herself with "I've got to go." She walks off, and Blaine is seen grinning at what she said. (Born This Way)

While Blaine is singing It's Not Unusual in the McKinley courtyard, Santana turns around from her table, smiles and makes a hand gesture towards the Cheerios to start dancing with Blaine. She soon gets up with the rest of the Cheerios and starts dancing with Blaine. They both smile at each other, but Santana's smile seems more devious than Blaine's. Without Blaine's knowledge, Santana has the Cheerios pour lighter fluid on the piano causing it to go up in flames when Quinn flicks a lit cigarette onto it, leaving Blaine confused and shocked. Later, in the choir room, she corrects Finn on who started the fire when he attacked Blaine for it. (The Purple Piano Project) During Blaine's performance of Last Friday Night, Santana gives Blaine dirty and weird looks. She also refuses to participate in it, even though everyone else seems to be dancing and having fun. Afterwards, Santana is annoyed because she claims New Directions is going to become the "Rachel and Blaine show" now that Mercedes is gone. Santana is also the only member of the New Directions who does not participate in the musical number. (Pot o' Gold) Blaine and Kurt try and console Santana about her recent outing by singing Perfect to her. She makes a comment to Blaine about his sense of fashion, telling him to lay off the bow ties. Santana then tells them that she will add the song to the list of crap she has been through in her life. (I Kissed a Girl) Both characters sing solos in Do They Know It's Christmas?, and take part in the New Directions holiday special. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas) Santana and Blaine are seen discussing Michael Jackson at the Lima Bean, and later seen together in a parking garage during the confrontation with The Warblers. They both sing in Bad. Santana also appears to be upset about Blaine's eye surgery and goes to Dalton Academy because she wants to find out what Sebastian put in the slushie. After a duel between them, singing Smooth Criminal, he admits that he put rock salt in it. (Michael) They confront Sebastian at The Lima Bean along with Brittany and Kurt. They also both rap in Fly/I Believe I Can Fly during Regionals. (On My Way) They are seen sitting together in the bus that will get them to Chicago. (Props)

During a scene at The Lima Bean, Blaine asks Brittany how Santana is. He seems to show concern when he finds out that the relationship isn't working out. (The New Rachel) Blaine mentions Santana during a conversation with Brittany while they are talking about their respective lovers (Santana and Kurt). (The Break-Up) To get Sam out of his funk, Blaine organizes a video full of support from individuals that Sam had somehow impacted and changed their lives significantly. Since Santana appears in the video, it is implied that Blaine personally reached out to her for help. (Naked) Blaine is seen enjoying Santana's Nutbush City Limits performance. (Diva)

Santana helps Blaine with proposal for Kurt. (Love, Love, Love) Blaine and Sam visit Rachel, Kurt, and Santana in New York. When Blaine sings Piano Man at the Spotlight Diner, Santana can be seen dancing and enjoying the performance. Before Sam and Blaine leave New York, Santana sings along with them in their rendition of Just the Way You Are. (Movin' Out) Blaine intentionally wanted to attend a Pamela Lansbury concert, which Santana was a part of. Santana and Blaine both have solos in The Fox. (Puppet Master) During Don't Stop Believin', Santana hits Blaine in his head by accident. (New Directions) Santana and Blaine have a meeting with Kurt and Rachel in restaurant. (Old Dog, New Tricks)

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Tina
Bad Michael Artie and Sebastian
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Finn, Mercedes, and Rachel
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Rachel
The Scientist The Break-Up Brittany, Emma, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, and Ryder
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Quinn, and Rachel
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Kitty, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, Sam, and Unique
Just the Way You Are Movin' Out Kurt, Rachel, and Sam
The Fox Puppet Master Artie, Elliott, Jake, Kitty, Rachel, and Tina
Hold On Trio Artie, Dani, Elliott, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
Take Me Home Tonight Old Dog, New Tricks Artie, Kurt, Maggie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam

Related Songs

  • They both are able to rap, as shown in Fly/I Believe I Can Fly. (On My Way)
  • They were both slushied by Sebastian in the same episode. (Michael)
  • Their respective current partners have kissed each other. (Brittany and Kurt)
  • They are both gay.
  • They were both on the Cheerios and have both been made co-captains of the team alongside Becky in their respective senior years.

Bree & Kitty

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Breekittyyyyyyybreekitty.png Bree
Kitty Wilde

This section is about the relationship between Bree and Kitty.

Bree and her friends are at the carnival, when she sees Kitty and Artie she introduces herself. She comments on how adorable Kitty and Artie are together while on the bumper cars, and asks if they are dating. When Kitty denies it, Bree is slightly disappointed, and says that they should be dating as they look really sweet together. She mentions that she took a few pictures of the two, and posted them on Instagram. After showing them the picture, she smiles and tells the two to have fun, before walking away. Kitty and Artie talk about Bree for a short moment, and according to Kitty, she is "a stone cold bitch who is out to destroy her." During You've Got to Hide Your Love Away, Bree is seen with a few other Cheerios in the hallway, walking away with the group when Kitty arrives to go with them to their next practice. (Love, Love, Love) Bree and the Cheerios meet with Kitty in the hallway after finding out that Kitty was nominated for prom queen, but Kitty decides not to run in favor of helping Tina to win. She explains that a Cheerio hasn't won prom queen in several years, and states that she wants one of the Cheerios to have that chance again before "a transgender wins prom queen," implying Unique. After Kitty finds out about the multiple Photoshopped photos of her hung up in the hallways, and attempts to take them down, Bree can be seen standing near the door watching her. (Tina in the Sky with Diamonds) Kitty is in the choir room with Jake, Tina, and Unique when Jake walks out, saying that he has to help the Cheerios with some choreography. Kitty immediately becomes suspicious and, after working out that Bree invited him, reamrks that she is "the most vile human being on this planet." (A Katy or A Gaga)

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Blurred Lines The End of Twerk Artie, Jake, and Will

  • Both of them are/have been the Captain of the Cheerios.
  • Kitty was referred by Sue as the Young Quinn Fabray and Bree was referred by Figgins as the New Santana Lopez. Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez were rivals and best friends, and with Brittany, they were the members of The Unholy Trinity.
  • Bree's speech to Kitty in Tina in the Sky with Diamonds was a direct parody of the "angry sorority girl letter."

Brittany & Finn

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
BTWFritters.png Brittany Pierce
Finn Hudson
One Date

This section is about the relationship between Brittany and Finn.

After being asked out by Santana and Brittany as part of a plot by Sue to make Rachel jealous and quit Glee Club, Finn goes on a date at Breadstix with both of them. During the night, though, the girls spend most of it talking about guys at McKinley High (including Finn, who is being ignored while they talk). They also offer to make out in front of him, but the date wasn't a success and they haven't dated since. (Hell-O) Before New Directions performs onstage, Mr. Schuester jokes that "They have something the other teams don't... Finn's dancing!" Everyone laughs, and Finn looks pleased when Brittany taps him on the shoulder jokingly yet comfortingly, then goes back to a grim face. (Journey)

When Mr Schue asks the Glee Club "Who is Christopher Cross?" Brittany replies that he discovered America. Finn nods, looking as if he agreed with it. (Britney/Brittany) When Sam joins New Directions, Mr. Schuester asks the class, "What's a Duet?," and Brittany answers "A blanket" making Finn turn to her and smile. (Duets) Finn and Brittany are dance partners during the performance of Blame It (On the Alcohol), Finn mentions Brittany, when explaining what the Glee girls are like when they are drunk, he refers to Brittany as "The Drunk Stripper." (Blame It on the Alcohol)

When Santana was kicked out of Glee club, Finn worriedly looked at Brittany to see if she was okay. Unfortunately, she seemed very upset. (The Purple Piano Project) Finn says Brittany is like Rain Man with boobs. Later, Finn finds out that Brittany will be leaving the New Directions, and she tells him that Santana made a wish on her leprechaun, Rory, for her leave and join the Troubletones with her. He tells her the "believing in Santa thing" was cute, but leprechauns aren't real, and that she needed to grow up and not be such an idiot. Brittany reacts to this, and stands up for herself, saying that it is bullying, mean and that won't accept it. Finn later apologizes and gives Brittany a hug to make up for his actions. (Pot o' Gold) Brittany talks to Santana in the corridor, and while doing so states that Santana should stop making fun of Finn. (Mash Off)

After Finn and Rachel have a rough moment together, Finn comes back to Lima and Will lets him visit with the Glee Club. Brittany hugs Finn when she sees him. (The Break-Up) Brittany gives a barbie head to Finn as a gift. (Dynamic Duets)

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Glee Show Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, and Tina
Marry You Furt Artie, Mike, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
Loser Like Me Original Song Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
I Love New York/New York, New York New York Artie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
Light up the World Artie, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Tina
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Rachel
The Scientist The Break-Up Blaine, Emma Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Blaine, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana
Don't Dream It's Over Swan Song Blaine, Marley, Tina, and Sam

Brittany & Kitty

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
GuiltyPleasuresScreenshots9.png Brittany Pierce
Kitty Wilde

This section is about the relationship between Brittany and Kitty.

Kitty, along with Phil and Bobby, were making fun of the lunch lady. They pressured the New Directions to says something mean about her. Brittany added, "Well, maybe she has, like, a medical condition, or she swallowed someone with a medical condition." (The New Rachel) They are seen performing Hold It Against Me with the Cheerios. After Sue sees this performance, she calls Brittany to her office. Sue kicks Brittany out of the Cheerios because of her low grades and appoints Kitty to the head Cheerio position. During the New Directions performance of Gimme More, Kitty watches Brittany carefully. Then she yells out that Brittany is lip-synching, causing the crowd to boo at Brittany and the New Directions. (Britney 2.0) Kitty invites Brittany and all the New Directions Girls to her house for a sleepover where all of them sing Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee, making fun of Marley. (Glease) During the performance of Diva, Brittany and Kitty are seen singing and walking down the runway trying to become the best diva, and at one point Brittany momentary blinds Kitty with her dress. Throughout the performance of Hung Up, they are seen dancing as back-up for Tina. (Diva) In the hallways, Brittany comes up to Kitty and tells her that nobody likes her, that's why nobody wants to work with her. On their way to another class, Kitty tells Brittany that she is trying to be a better person and her pastor told her even Jesus took baby steps. Brittany tells Kitty that it wasn't nice that she told Marley she was fat even though Kitty's face looks like a soccer ball. Brittany invites Kitty to be on Fondue For Two so people can get to know the real her and seem to be great friends. (Guilty Pleasures) When Will reveals that Brittany may get her acceptance at MIT, Kitty says "Now that can't be true." (Wonder-ful) In All or Nothing, Kitty is one of the many New Direction's members that are confused and annoyed by Brittany's new behaviour after her MIT visit. Before they perform at Regionals, in the choir room during their show circle, Brittany says a teary goodbye speech to everyone, making Kitty teary eyed too. She mentions that Jake, Marley, Kitty and Ryder are like the foster kids of Glee Club due to the fact that they are family. (All or Nothing)

When Kitty says, that Rachel didn't know names of her and people who joined to Glee Club after she graduated, Brittany says, that her name is "Quinn. (Homecoming) Kitty shows her support for Brittany and Santana's relationship and sings for them along with New Directions, Alumni and Will at the end of the episode. (What the World Needs Now) Kitty attends to Brittany and Santana's wedding. Later, both girls dance to Hey Ya! performance. (A Wedding)

  • Both of them are members of the Cheerios and are former captains of the squad.
  • They both like the movie Bring It On (Guilty Pleasures).
  • They both like the Spice Girls (Guilty Pleasures).
  • Their dance partners are usually Sam and Ryder.
  • Both have dated Artie.

Brittany & Kurt

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Kurttany3.png Brittany Pierce
Kurt Hummel
Kurttany Friends
Broken Up

This section is about the relationship between Brittany and Kurt.

Brittany and Tina are seen dancing with Kurt to Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) in his bedroom. When Burt walks in on them and asks whether Brittany or Tina is his girlfriend, Brittany can be seen rolling her eyes as Kurt grabs Tina. But when his dad asks why Kurt is wearing a unitard, Brittany claims that Kurt is on the football team, forcing a frustrated Kurt to try out for the team. (Preggers) During Bust a Move, Brittany attempts to dance with Kurt, but he chases her away with a tambourine. (Mash-Up) In an attempt to connect with his father, Kurt begins dressing like his father and speaking in a lower voice. For his assignment in Glee Club, Kurt sings Pink Houses by John Mellencamp, in a deeper/more manly voice than usual, and pretends to be interested in women, which shocks the rest of the Glee Club. Brittany, oblivious to Kurt's facade, tells him that his performance was "hot" and tells him to let her know if he wants to 'tap this.' Later, Kurt and Brittany are seen awkwardly making out on the couch in Kurt's bedroom. When Kurt's father walks in on them, Kurt asks him to respect his privacy, as he and Brittany were just "having sexual relations." Burt leaves Kurt and Brittany alone, telling them to use protection if things get serious, but before leaving he lets Kurt know that he will support him whether he is gay or straight. The next day at school, the new pair holds hands in the hallway, which confuses both Artie and Tina. Brittany comments on the softness of Kurt's hands, claiming them similar to a baby and he shares his secret of 'duck fat' with her. Burt shows up and tells Kurt he will be home late because he is going to a game with Finn. Devastated, Kurt realizes that his new personality has done nothing to strengthen his bond with his father and breaks it off with Brittany by telling her to go away and goes back to his true ways. (Laryngitis)

When Brittany voices her objection to Britney Spears, Kurt is very irritated and sarcastic towards her. They shared a lovely look in Rachel's solo The Only Exception. (Britney/Brittany) Brittany is very concerned and upset with the news about Burt's heart attack and gives him a report on heart attacks that she did, but it was knocked down a letter grade because of the crayon. She also shares her view that heart attacks are just from loving too much. (Grilled Cheesus) They sit beside each other during class, Kurt then asks Brittany what she is going as for Halloween and she says that she is going as a peanut allergy. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show) Brittany seems confused as to why Kurt was invited when the girls are picking prom outfits. But she sits next to him and agrees with his fashion advice. When the Prom Queen turned out to be Kurt, Brittany looks shocked. Santana did not get Prom Queen and so Brittany comforts Santana telling her to go out and support Kurt instead as this is going to be a lot harder for him than Santana. (Prom Queen)

Brittany confesses that she thinks Kurt is 'unicorn' and asks if she can be his campaign manager for his campaign to become senior class president. Kurt goes to Brittany's house and doesn't like Brittany's poster because he thinks they're too gay. Brittany puts up the posters anyway and Kurt gets angry at Brittany, who feels she has 'failed her precious unicorn.' Kurt later accepts that he is unicorn' and puts up the poster and invites Brittany round to his to talk campaign strategy Brittany tells Kurt that she now plans to run for class president as well Kurt looks very surprised. (I Am Unicorn) Kurt congratulates Brittany in becoming senior class president, to which Brittany responds by saying that Kurt is still "the most unicorn of them all." (I Kissed a Girl) Brittany announces that the theme of the prom is dinosaurs. Kurt and several others attends Rachel's anti-prom due to their own personal reasons on resenting the event. However, they later decide to go to the prom to which Brittany is happy to see. Both Brittany and Kurt are shocked to see Blaine without hair gel, as a rule set by Brittany for the prom. (Prom-asaurus) Brittany dances alongside Tina and Burt in a recreation of Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) as Kurt's graduation gift. (Goodbye)

Kurt is working at the Lima Bean and gives Brittany and Blaine their coffee. He sits down, telling them how excited he is for the Glee Club Auditions. When Kurt notices that Brittany and Blaine aren't as excited about it, he asks them about it to which they deny. Later in the episode, Kurt finds out about the "New Rachel" competition and asks Blaine, Brittany, Tina and Wade why the Glee Club is so competitive nowadays. (The New Rachel) Blaine asks Brittany if she remembers when they started dating Kurt and Santana and how things were so much easier. (The Break-Up)

It's the first time they see each other again in months, the last time being during Regionals in All or Nothing. They both dance and sing backup in Raise Your Glass. Kurt watches Brittany perform Toxic and Valerie. (100) Brittany is watching Kurt perform I Am Changing with Mercedes, to Rachel and Santana. Kurt and Brittany both enjoy watching Rachel and Santana perform Be Okay, as they are both clapping and dancing along to it. They both sing Don't Stop Believin' with the rest of the current and former New Directions. (New Directions) TBA (The Untitled Rachel Berry Project)

Kurt turns to Brittany for advice about how to get Blaine back. She suggests he tells him to burn all his clothes, then start dressing like a normal person and follow his life ambition to become America's top Barbara Bush impersonator. Kurt says it's not his life ambition, and Brittany chuckles, telling him it's a joke, which upsets him. (Homecoming) Kurt helps Brittany place all of the Almond Joy candies in the giant heart that she was going to give Santana as a wedding present. Brittany uses the candies to prove a point to Kurt about his relationship with Blaine and convinces him to not wait so long to find the happiness in his life that he had been missing. Kurt and Brittany end the scene with a friendly hug. (Jagged Little Tapestry) Kurt, along with other Alumni, New Directions and Will shows support for Brittany and Santana relationship and sings a song for them at the end of the episode. (What the World Needs Now) Kurt helps prepare barn to Brittany and Santana's wedding. Later, Brittany encourages Kurt and Blaine to get married along with her and Santana. Brittany says that she used to look up to their relationship in high school and that gave her encourage to dating with Santana. Kurt and Brittany walk down the aisle. (A Wedding)

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Glee Show Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Santana, and Tina
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Artie, Sam, and Tina
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Blaine, Finn, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Love Shack Heart Blaine, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sugar
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Blaine, Finn, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, Rachel, and Santana
The Scientist The Break-Up Blaine, Emma, Finn, Rachel, Santana, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Blaine, Finn, Marley, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Blaine, Jake, Marley, Puck, and Sam
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Blaine, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam
Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, Santana and Tina
Home Artie, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Santana, Tina, Jane, Madison, Mason and Mason
You Learn/You've Got a Friend Jagged Little Tapestry Santana, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina
Our Day Will Come A Wedding Blaine and Santana

Related Songs

  • Brittany was Kurt's first kiss. However, he later asserts that Dave Karofsky was his "first kiss that counted," implying that he does not think of Brittany as his first because she is a girl.
  • Brittany is the first person that Kurt has dated, and Kurt is the first person Brittany dated on-screen.
  • Kurt is one of the few people to call Brittany "Britt."
  • They were both Cheerios in Season One.
  • They were both romantically interested in Sam.
  • Brittany is Kurt's second on-screen beard, the first being Tina.

Brittany & Marley

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Brittley wooop.jpg Brittany Pierce
Marley Rose

This section is about the relationship between Brittany and Marley.

Brittany tells Marley, as well as the rest of Glee Club, that she forgets to wear underwear sometimes. Marley seems confused after hearing this. (The New Rachel) When Marley asks if they don't have dietetic food, Brittany replies that she can eat Kleenex because they taste like clouds. (Glease) Brittany is seen giving everyone gifts because she thinks the world is gonna end soon. She gives Marley a Rolex watch. When Brittany is being brutally honest with the rest of the Glee Club members, Marley gets upset and tells her that she's not gonna stay there just to be insulted, but Brittany tells her that she wasn't gonna insult her and was just going to say "I think you're delightful." (Glee, Actually) In the hallways, Brittany introduces herself to Marley but she tells her that she already knows Brittany's name, she replies that she just wanted to make sure since this is the first conversation that they have had and adds that she's excited about it. They talk about Marley's relationship with Jake. Marley says she likes him, but that ever since what happened at Sectionals, he has been distant. After that, she and Brittany sing Tell Him with the New Directions Girls as a way for Marley to ask Jake to the Sadie Hawkins dance, to which he says yes. (Sadie Hawkins) Brittany invites Marley to her show, Fondue For Two and introduces her as the bulimic girl and the girl who ruined Sectionals for everyone. When Marley mentions that she likes The Hunger Games, Brittany asks if it's because she considers herself 'hungry'; Marley looks really awkward after this. Brittany also suggests that she should be honest and vulnerable with Jake about the way she feels about him. In This is the New Year, Marley pulls Brittany to the stage with her. (Naked) They stand next to each other during Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go. Brittany and Kitty are seen talking and Brittany mentions that Kitty calls Marley fat and it's really mean. She also says that Kitty's face is shaped like a soccer ball, defending Marley in the process. They later perform Wannabe with Tina, Kitty, and Unique. (Guilty Pleasures) When Brittany announces her leave after Regionals due to her early MIT acceptance, she makes a speech before the group's show circle. Brittany mentions that Jake, Ryder, Kitty, and Marley are the foster kids of the Glee Club, who came to live with them after the foster home closed, and that the club is a huge family now. (All or Nothing)

Duets Tell Him (Sadie Hawkins) Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
You're the One That I Want Glease Blaine, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana
Don't Dream It's Over Swan Song Blaine, Finn, Sam, and Tina
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Blaine, Jake, Kurt, Puck, and Sam
This Is the New Year Naked Artie, Blaine, Jake, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
Wannabe Guilty Pleasures Kitty, Tina, and Unique
Say Shooting Star Blaine, Kitty, Ryder, and Sam

Related Songs

Brittany & Mike

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Brittany-mike-gleegfds.png Brittany Pierce
Mike Chang
Broken Up

This section is about the relationship between Brittany and Mike.

Mike and Brittany are paired together during Last Name. During the final pose, her hand is seen resting on his shoulder. (The Rhodes Not Taken) During Keep Holding On, Mike and Brittany can be seen joining hands, while sharing a brief laugh and smile with one another. (Throwdown) Mike and Brittany are briefly seen together with Matt and Santana in the choir room drawing on the piano. Towards the end of Bust a Move, Brittany moves closer to Mike so they can dance with each other (which they do while grinding their backsides against one another). They later jokingly hold hands during Puck's solo Sweet Caroline. At the end of the song, they can be seen tickling each other's hands in an affectionate manner. When Mike chooses Glee club over football, Brittany runs over to give him an enthusiastic hug and is even heard saying 'I love you' to him. At the end of the episode when the entire club is in the choir room, menacingly approaching Will with their drinks, threatening to slushie him, Mike and Brittany can be seen briefly in the back whispering and giggling with one another in an intimate manner. (Mash-Up) Mike and Brittany are seen holding hands several times while filming Jump. At the end pose, they are lying down next to one another with her hand resting on his back, and their legs are also intertwined. Towards the end of the episode, they are standing next to one another when the entire club is getting their photo taken for the school's yearbook. They are also the only two who are not defaced by David Karofsky. (Mattress) When Finn calls upon Mike and Brittany (along with Santana and Matt) to come up with some last minute choreography to You Can't Always Get What You Want, they are sitting next to one another on a couch and share a smile with one another. During the actual performance, they are paired off with one another at certain parts. (Sectionals) Mike and Brittany are sitting next to one another during Mercedes and Santana's duet The Boy Is Mine. Throughout the song, Mike and Brittany can be seen chatting and whispering with one another from time to time. (Laryngitis) Mike and Brittany share a look with one another while Quinn walks from the risers to perform It's a Man's Man's Man's World in the choir room. Mike and Brittany later dance seductively with one another during Give up the Funk. (Funk) Mike and Brittany are sitting next to each other on the couch in the waiting area, while Aural Intensity performs at the Regionals competition. They also sit next to one another again while singing To Sir with Love. (Journey)

At the beginning of the episode, Mike and Brittany are seen chatting with one another in the choir room.  Brittany is later shown thoroughly enjoying herself while watching Mike sing for the first time during Sing! (Duets) Brittany jokingly introduces herself to Holly Holliday as Mike Chang, which Mike nods to show approval. During Holly's rendition of Forget You, Brittany playfully pushes Mike. At the end of the episode, they are seen dancing together in Singin' In the Rain/Umbrella. (The Substitute) Mike and Brittany share a look with one another in the choir room after Will announces his decision to feature them together for the upcoming Sectionals competition in order to highlight their dancing abilities (much to Rachels annoyance). As they spend a lot of time together rehearsing, Mike's girlfriend Tina begins to believe that the two are having an affair and shares this unfounded rumor with Artie (who was dating Brittany at the time). The rumor turns out to be false. At the competition, Mike and Brittany perform a spectacular swing-inspired dance number together to Santana's solo Valerie, helping New Directions secure their second consecutive victory. Before their victory is announced, Mike and Brittany are standing next to one another on stage (along with the rest of New Directions) and holding hands while awaiting for the announcement of which team had won the competition. After their win is announced, they can be seen in the background hugging one another. Towards the end of the episode during Tina and Mercedes' duet of Dog Days Are Over, Brittany high fives Mike when they pass by each other. Later, they are holding hands, twirling around in a circle. At the end of the number, their arms are around one another. (Special Education) When New Directions are singing The Most Wonderful Day of the Year and putting up the Christmas tree, Mike and Brittany dance with one another around the choir room.  Later on in the episode when the Glee club bring Brittany to a mall Santa, Brittany laughs at Mike's Christmas wish for Channing Tatum to stop being in things. (A Very Glee Christmas) During the scene when New Directions and the football team are in the dressing room getting ready to rehearse the half-time show, Mike is seen staring at Brittany (who was putting make-up on another football player) before Santana Lopez forces Mike to face her so she can put make-up on his face. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle) The camera shows Mike looking at Brittany when she says "I love salt water!." He then looks at her directly with some concern when she looks sad because Mr. Schuester didn't throw her a piece of salt-water taffy. (A Night of Neglect) Mike and Brittany share a look with one another when the glee club is gathered on the stage shortly before they all sing Born This Way together. (Born This Way) During Puck, Sam, and Artie's performance of Friday, Brittany dances together with Mike and Tina. Brittany soon cuts in-between them and aggressively jumps on Mike, straddling him and wildly rides him until an angry Tina separates them. (Prom Queen) When Brittany and Artie sing My Cup in front of the rest of the New Directions in their hotel room, almost everyone watches them with a confused or puzzled expression. Mike watches Brittany sing with a fond and affectionate smile on his face. (New York)

Mike and Brittany dance next to one another several times during You Can't Stop the Beat. They are also seen holding hands towards the end of the number as they dance. (The Purple Piano Project) Brittany runs to hug Mike when she, Mercedes, and Santana return to New Directions after their stint in the Troubletones. While they all perform We Are Young together, Mike and Brittany have their arms around one another at times. (Hold on to Sixteen) Mike and Brittany dance backup with David during his solo Sexy and I Know It. During Will's solo of A Little Less Conversation, they appear together as dancers pretending to be bulls. After the performance when Will confronts Santana about how she had lodged a complaint about his Spanish teaching skills, Mike can be seen smiling and gesturing to Brittany. (The Spanish Teacher) Mike has an idea for senior ditch day (a Footloose movie marathon) and seems to be looking at Brittany as he says it because they are both dancers. (Big Brother) Mike and Brittany sing and dance with Blaine in You Should Be Dancing. (Saturday Night Glee-ver) During I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me), Brittany is stretched across the piano and her body is in a sexy position. Mike can be seen directly in the background looking at her appreciatively. Brittany gets up and pulls Mike up so they can dance together. After they dance, Brittany caresses Mike's cheek. (Dance with Somebody) Mike and Brittany have a little dance break seen in the background during the performance of Paradise by the Dashboard Light at Nationals. (Nationals) During graduation, Mike walks over to both Tina and Brittany to celebrate momentarily. Brittany looks genuinely happy and excited for Mike. (Goodbye)

Mike agrees on giving Brittany the role of Cha-Cha as he says she's the best dancer. (The Role You Were Born to Play) Rachel uses Mike and Brittany's dancing as an example of glee's importance by saying to Finn "You know, even if we, we never won our Sectionals, or Nationals had never happened, it still would have been worth it. I mean, glee, it's about the love of the music. It's about people like Puck and Artie not just singing together, but actually being friends. It's about Brittany and Mike dancing just for fun when no one else is around." (Swan Song) During the show circle, Brittany begins saying her goodbye and how she's gonna miss everyone including Mike, who, she says, is like her brother. (All or Nothing)

They dance briefly during Valerie. (100)

Mike attends to Brittany and Santana's wedding. They both dance during Hey Ya!. (A Wedding)

  • They are considered to be the best dancers in New Directions.
  • They rarely speak to one another (on camera at least), but seem to communicate through eye contact and have a connection through dancing.
  • Both of their portrayers, Harry Shum Jr. and Heather Morris, are professional dancers, and both have also toured with Beyonce as one of her back-up dancers (albeit at different times).
  • When Harry Shum Jr. taught a dance convention at West Coast Dance Explosion years prior to Glee, one of his students was Heather Morris.
  • They both really like Dinosaurs. (Prom-asaurus)
  • They are usually seen as dance partners in group numbers.
  • They might have dated in season one.

Brittany & Quinn

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
BiuuXTNCIAEhu34.png-large.png Brittany Pierce
Quinn Fabray
Best Friends

This section is about the relationship between Brittany and Quinn.

Quinn and Brittany are seen in The Celibacy Club with Santana, the other Cheerios and Rachel. Later, Quinn, Brittany, and Santana perform I Say a Little Prayer to join the glee club, and Brittany strokes Quinn's arm at the end of the performance. Later, all three are seen in Sue's office and she asks them to spy on the glee club for her. (Showmance) Quinn and Brittany are seen washing cars together at the car wash to raise money for hiring Dakota Stanley. Later, Dakota says to them along with Santana, that they're perfect and that they don't have to change a thing. (Acafellas) Brittany gives Santana a shoulder massage in the choir room, when they learn that Quinn is pregnant. (The Rhodes Not Taken) When the girls are preparing for their performance, Brittany jokes about Quinn being absent. With Santana, they report details on New Directions to Sue. They also dance to Halo/Walking on Sunshine. (Vitamin D) Brittany takes Quinn's paper during a test, Quinn who was angry with Finn, snatches it back and does not let Brittany copy her answers, even when Brittany states that she did not understand anything, Quinn responds by saying "That's not my problem." They hold hands before Rachel and Finn perform No Air, they also share looks during this song. They're the only Cheerios practicing along with Santana. Later, Quinn sings You Keep Me Hangin' On with the help of Brittany and the other Cheerios. (Throwdown) Quinn, Brittany and Finn are all sitting together in what appears to be math class. Kurt is staring and Finn and Quinn while they talk and goof off with Brittany in class. Brittany is fooling around with Quinn during Lean on Me. (Ballad) Quinn sits with Brittany and Santana when they deface a yearbook, while Quinn talks about wanting to be in the Cheerio squad's yearbook picture. (Mattress) During My Life Would Suck Without You they dance together along with Santana, imitating moves from their first performance together, I Say a Little Prayer. (Sectionals) Quinn puts Brittany as fourth on the Glist, which confuses Brittany, who desires to be placed higher. (Bad Reputation) Quinn is seen with Brittany practicing vocals on the piano, looking rather bored. They are on Rachel's list of Glee Club members who "are not pulling their weight." (Laryngitis) After Quinn finishes her performance It's a Man's Man's Man's World, Brittany walks towards her with the others and whispers something in her ear. (Funk)

They're seen together during Jacob Ben Israel's interview. They dance together in Empire State of Mind. Brittany asks Quinn and Santana to stop when they were fighting. (Audition) They both make comments about Finn's body in the Rocky Horror rehearsals, also the two dance together in Whatever Happened to Saturday Night? Brittany also sings back up for Quinn in her parts of Time Warp. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show) When they sing Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer with the other New Directions girls, Quinn is partnered with Brittany. (Never Been Kissed) With the Cheerios, they dance to California Gurls. They are also seen with Santana cheerleading during the football game. Quinn and Brittany, with the other Cheerios, later are seen outside with Sue who is unveiling the new cannon which she intends to shoot Brittany out of. Brittany worries that she will die, but Quinn assures her that she will tell Will and get him to stop it. Sue then tells them that they have to choose between Glee Club and Cheerios. At first, they quit Glee Club, but are convinced by Finn to return at the end of the episode. (The Sue Sylvester Shuffle) They stand next to each other while their boyfriends perform Somebody to Love and also sit together in Glee Club. (Comeback) At the end of the episode, they can be seen sitting together in the Choir Room, and when Sam's brother and sister come into Glee Club they sit on Brittany and Quinn's laps. They dance together in Don't Stop. (Rumours) Brittany and Quinn sit next to each other, laughing and chatting on the steps at the start of the episode. They dance together and share looks and smiles during I Love New York/New York, New York. Brittany and Santana console Quinn when she is sad about Finn breaking up with her, Brittany strokes Quinn's hair and rubs her arm comfortingly. She accompanies Quinn to get a haircut. Quinn also shows that she knows about the sexual nature of Brittany and Santana's relationship and that she is fine with it. Later, when Will tells them he is not leaving for Broadway, they are seen sitting together. They dance together in Light up the World. (New York)

With Santana, Brittany try to persuade a new-look Quinn to rejoin Glee club (after she quit), and the Cheerios. Brittany states that they used to be "like the Three Musketeers," and that they all slept with Puck and joined the Cheerios the same year. Brittany and Santana admit to missing Quinn in their trio and openly express their wanting of her to be their friend again. Quinn, however, rejects their offer. (The Purple Piano Project) Quinn dances to Brittany's performance of Run the World (Girls) along with the other female students. (Asian F) They're seen together with Tina and Santana when Rachel asks them for sex advice and are against the idea of Rachel having sex with Finn. They are also the only girls in the Jets in the performance of West Side Story. (The First Time) Quinn votes for Brittany during the school president elections (however, Quinn states she's voting for her only because she's the only girl). Both, Quinn and Brittany, stand up for Santana, when the captain of the rugby team torments her. Later, they dance together in I Kissed a Girl. (I Kissed a Girl) During the performance of Never Can Say Goodbye, we can see that in her locker Quinn has a photograph of the New Directions Girls, including Brittany and also one of just Brittany, playing Columbia in Rocky Horror. Brittany hugs Quinn after the performance and appears to be really happy for her when she hears of Quinn's Yale acceptance. (Michael) Quinn (along with The God Squad) serenades Brittany with Cherish/Cherish because Santana paid them to. (Heart) Brittany (with Santana) is the only person to stand up and hug Quinn after Quinn's duet with Artie, I'm Still Standing. (Big Brother) During Santana's performance of If I Can't Have You, they're sitting next to each other. (Saturday Night Glee-ver) Brittany performs I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) with Santana and unsuccessfully tries to dance with Quinn. After the performance, Brittany says to Quinn that she is still dancing (and flying and breathing fire) in her dreams. In the girl's bathroom, Brittany, along with the other girls, comments on the chemistry between Quinn and Joe. (Dance with Somebody) Brittany is in charge of the Prom as she is senior class president and she puts Quinn, along with Santana, in charge of counting the prom court votes. Quinn is nominated for Prom Queen and Brittany for Prom King, they both don't win the election (Actually, Quinn did win, but with the help of Santana, she changes the votes and makes Rachel the winner). (Prom-asaurus) Before the New Directions go onto the stage to perform at Nationals, The Unholy Trinity, form a circle to cheer for themselves in private, saying that they began their school career together and that they will also end it together. "Starting together, ending together," Santana says. (Nationals) They smile at each other when they are sitting on the piano during Will's performance of Forever Young. When Quinn goes to accept her graduation diploma, Brittany fans her with her fan and they hug. (Goodbye)

Quinn returns, along with Santana, Mercedes, Mike, and Puck. They make the Glee Club glad as they become mentors for the newbies of the group as New Directions prepare for Sectionals. Quinn, Santana and Brittany sing and dance to Come See About Me for the girls of the Glee Club to display how they can dance and sing together in sync. At the end of it, Brittany squeezes Quinn's arm and they giggle. Later, Brittany walks in on Quinn and Santana alone in the choir room, witnessing them slapping each other. Brittany asks, "What are you guys doing?" to which Quinn replies, "Nothing." (Thanksgiving)

Quinn and Brittany come back to Lima to say goodbye to the glee club.  They, along with Santana, perform Toxic. Later, Brittany and the rest of the New Directions help Puck sing Keep Holding On to Quinn. (100) Brittany is supportive of Puck and Quinn's relationship. They both sing Don't Stop Believin', along with the other old New Directions. (New Directions)

Quinn and Brittany, along with other Original Glee Club Members come back to Lima to help Rachel recruit new Glee Club. They are part of Take On Me. Later, both of them, along with Santana and Artie perform Problem to recruit some Cherrios to Glee Club. During conversation with Kitty, Brittany confuses her with Quinn. At the end of the episode, they are part of Home performance. (Homecoming). Quinn seems to enjoy and be really supportive of Brittany and Santana duet and proposal. Both of them, along with Santana and Tina help Becky with her troubles with her boyfriend. At the end of the episode, both of them perform, along with other Alumni You Learn/You've Got a Friend. (Jagged Little Tapestry).

Song Episode Solos with
Time Warp The Rocky Horror Glee Show Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, and Tina
Marry You Furt Artie, Finn, Mike, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year A Very Glee Christmas Artie, Sam, and Tina
Toxic 100 Santana
Take On Me Homecoming Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Artie, Rachel, Sam, Puck and Tina
Problem Santana and Artie
Home Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Artie, Rachel, Puck, Tina, Jane, Madison, Mason and Mason
You Learn/You've Got a Friend Jagged Little Tapestry Rachel, Kurt, Santana and Tina

Related Songs

  • They both have slept with Noah Puckerman and Santana Lopez. They both slept with Puck in the same year. 
  • They have both dated Sam Evans.
  • They form the Unholy Trinity, together with Santana.
  • Brittany and Quinn have both been head-Cheerio at some point.
  • They both were kicked out of the Cheerios. (Quinn in Mash-Up and Brittany in Britney 2.0)
  • Brittany has tried to break up a fight between Quinn and Santana twice, once in Audition and another time in Thanksgiving.
  • They both have a dance and a solo with the cheerios as back-up dancers.
  • At some point they were the only blonde girls in New Directions.
  • Both have been dumped by Finn for Rachel. (Funeral, Hell-O)

Brittany & Rachel

Image Characters Shipname Intimacy
Pieberry wooop.jpg Brittany Pierce
Rachel Berry

This section is about the relationship between Brittany and Rachel.

Rachel asks Brittany to be in the yearbook with her, but she refuses after saying she doesn't want to be in a picture that will get defaced. When Rachel tries to confirm that it won't, Brittany says it will because she'll be doing the defacing. (Mattress) When Rachel comes into the choir room with her theatricality costume, Brittany says, "You look terrible, I look awesome." (Theatricality)

Brittany tells Rachel that she is more talented than her. (Britney/Brittany) Rachel tries to make a comeback at McKinley High by setting a fashion trend. She gives Brittany her allowance money to use one of her trademark accessories, her legwarmers, but Brittany messes it up by wearing the warmers on her arms. When Rachel sees her wearing them like that, she gets angry at her and tells her to wear them on her legs. After that, Rachel sees that the 'armwarmers' have become a new trend at McKinley, but that Brittany is getting the credit for it. Rachel, determined to succeed, decides that Brittany should go all out "sexy schoolgirl librarian chic." Once again, it becomes a trend and Brittany gets the credit and an interview with Teen Vogue. Rachel is left furious. (Comeback) During the Tik Tok performance, Brittany tells Rachel that she is feeling sick. Rachel responds by encouraging her to "power through it." Unfortunately, Brittany throws up on Rachel at the end.  (Blame It on the Alcohol) Brittany claims that Rachel's song My Headband is her favorite song ever. (Original Song) After Santana shows her a voodoo doll that she made to resemble Rachel, Brittany convinces Santana not to be mad at her about losing Nationals because she feels that this year wasn't about winning. (New York)

Brittany campaigns against Rachel for senior class president, and tries to gain votes by stating that Rachel is still on MySpace. (I Kissed a Girl) In this episode, Brittany first mistakes another girl for Rachel. Rachel, later, plans an anti-prom party which Brittany does not attend as she attends the prom she had planned herself because she is class president. In the end, Rachel and the others who were at anti-prom decides to go to the school's prom, Brittany was happy to see her and everyone else. (Prom Queen)

As Rachel and the other 7 seniors have graduated, the competition for the new star power, also known as "The New Rachel" is fierce. When Jacob interviews Brittany, Tina, Artie and Blaine as to who the new Rachel is, the four say "I am." Rachel watches the interview online saying she's happy that she's missed back there. Finally Brittany, Tina, Unique  and Blaine compete for the role but, in the end, Brittany does not become the new Rachel, as she only achieved second place. (The New Rachel) In the beginning of the episode, Sue brings Brittany to her office about her academic excellence while being on the Cheerios. On the other side of her test, she had drawn a picture of "the land where math doesn't exist." Brittany points out her picture of her, Santana, Sue, and Sue's baby, along with Rachel and Kurt in heaven. She also mentions in a voiceover that she's the new 'vice Rachel', referring to being placed second in the competitive run to be the "new Rachel" of the Glee Club in the previous episode. (Britney 2.0) Brittany mentions to Santana that Rachel has found a new love in New York, suggesting that Brittany pays attention to what Rachel has been doing. (Diva) When Santana comes back to lima to know what's going on with Brittany and is invited by her to Fondue For Two, Brittany asks her to confirm a rumour about Kurt and Rachel "playing bingo down at the V.A. and knitting alpaca mittens on Saturday nights." (All or Nothing)

Rachel cheers in the audiece for Brittany and Mercedes when they perform Shakin' My Head. Brittnay is the only one who supports the original script for Rachel's TV-show. Rachel and Brittany share a during the performance of Pompeii. (The Untitled Rachel Berry Project)

Brittany, with the rest of friends come back to Ohio to help Rachel and Kurt create the new glee club. During conversation with Roderick, Rachel mentions, that she knows, that these people (Original Glee Club Members) would never insult her and Brittany respond that not to her face. They are part of perfomances Take On Me and Home. (Homecoming) Rachel is very supportive of Brittany and Santana's engagment. At the end of the episode along with the rest of Alumni, they sing You Learn/You've Got a Friend (Jagged Little Tapestry) At the end of the episode, Rachel, along with the Alumni, New Directions and Will shows support for Brittany and Santana and sings for them What the World Needs Now (What the World Needs Now)

Sang Together

Song Episode Solos with
Toxic Britney/Brittany Santana, Tina, and Will
Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer Never Been Kissed Mercedes, Santana, and Tina
Marry You Furt Artie, Finn, Mike, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina
Loser Like Me Original Song Finn, Mercedes, and Santana
I Love New York/New York, New York New York Artie, Finn, Mercedes, and Santana
Light up the World Artie, Finn, Santana, and Tina
We Got the Beat The Purple Piano Project Santana
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Blaine, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Santana, and Tina
Love Shack Heart Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, and Sugar
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Blaine, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Santana
The Scientist The Break-Up Blaine, Emma, Finn, Kurt, Santana, and Will
You're the One That I Want Glease Blaine, Finn, Kurt, Marley, Ryder, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, and Sam
Take On Me Homecoming Kurt, Mercedes, Santana, Quinn, Artie, Sam, Puck and Tina
Home Kurt, Santana, Quinn, Artie, Puck, Tina, Jane, Madison, Mason and Mason

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