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Sue Sylvester didn't win. Maybe she took away Glee Club, but she'll never take away what we had; we were part of something incredible.

—Marley Rose, New Directions

Marley Rose is a major character on Glee during the fourth and fifth seasons. Marley was a student at William McKinley High School. She was a member of the McKinley High School Glee Club, the New Directions. She's now a senior student.

She and her mother, Millie Rose, who works as a lunch lady at Marley's school, are poverty stricken. This, her mother's weight, and her low self-esteem has led to Marley being separated, as she was never accepted in any of her other schools. Marley aspires to one day be a singer on the radio, and is currently recovering from bulimia nervosa, which Kitty Wilde lured her into.

Her best friend is Unique Adams. It is revealed briefly in the episode Shooting Star that she writes original songs and in the episodes Sweet Dreams and All or Nothing, her songs are performed. Some songs are Outcast and All or Nothing. She was in a relationship with Jake Puckerman up until The End of Twerk, where she broke up with him after finding out about his affair with Bree.​

It is revealed in Homecoming, that Sue transferred her to another school after the disbandment of the glee club.

Initially a recurring character during the fourth season, she is promoted to series regular in the fifth season. However, she was demoted in the sixth season but does not return despite being invited for the series finale, due to Melissa's prior commitment with her show Supergirl. She is portrayed by actress and singer Melissa Benoist.


Not much is known of Marley's family background as of now, other than the fact that she and her mother, a lunch lady at McKinley, are facing poverty and no one has seen a father figure as of yet. It is revealed that she used to attend another school where she didn't have any friends prior to going to William McKinley High School.

The New Rachel

Marley is first introduced when New Directions are discussing the results of the "New Rachel" competition. She explains she's a sophomore and is going to audition, which Tina brushes off. While Unique takes off her make up to avoid risking New Directions' popularity, Kitty and some jocks take her seat. They begin to make fun of the new lunch lady, insulting her weight. New Directions are clearly uncomfortable, but Artie joins in by making a fat joke, wanting to impress Kitty. Marley listens to them from the next table over and frowns. She goes back into the kitchen to see the lunch lady sewing a skirt. The lunch lady is Marley's mother, making her a skirt for the audition. She says that even though people will think the skirt is secondhand, they'll at least think it's designer secondhand, as she put a designer label on the skirt. Marley expresses concern about not getting into the group, to which her mother replies that she has "magic in her throat." She tells Marley that she'll drive off after school and that Marley can meet her in the car afterwards, to keep Marley from being humiliated. Marley auditions for New Directions with Barbra Streisand's version of Billy Joel's New York State of Mind (which is sung as a tag-team duet with Rachel, who is singing it at NYADA). Most of New Directions are impressed, though Unique, Tina, Blaine, and Brittany seem clearly threatened. Marley looks on the callback sheet and finds that she was the only new person who tried out to be accepted, passing by Jake in the hallway. When she's welcomed into the group, Sugar compliments her sweater, but is confused when Marley says she bought it at J Crew. Her mother is ecstatic at the news and says that Rachel Berry rode New Directions to Broadway. Marley says she would rather be a singer on the radio. After her mother laughs and tells her to use the glee club to help her accomplish that goal, she tells her mother that the group has been making fun of her and she doesn't feel comfortable lying about the fact that she is her mother. Her mother tells her that they're teenagers, and that at her last school, her mother's job and their poverty led to her having no friends. She adds that Marley will finally be able to sit at the popular table. Marley leaves in tears after New Directions continues to make fun of her mother, and tells them the truth. Sam finds her and shares his story of poverty with her, and New Directions come to apologize. After Marley says she doesn't feel comfortable sitting next to Kitty and the jocks, Kitty walks up and says that the feeling is mutual and the jocks slushie Unique and Marley. Artie says they are officially members of the club. Marley is invited to sing lead vocals on Chasing Pavements. As she's singing, she spots Jake again and smiles before he leaves. The episode ends with New Directions' praising Marley and themselves on the performance.

Britney 2.0

Marley is seen smiling at Jake, who's talking to Tina, before being stopped by Unique, who tells her that as the new girls of the club they should be friends. She asks Marley if she has her eyes on anyone, to which she replies that she likes Jake. Unique warns her that Jake has been seen with many girls from the school already, which leads into the performance of Womanizer. Jake looks on as she, Unique, Tina, and other McKinley High girls perform continue in to the gym. After the performance, Jake says that he and Marley should hang out sometime. Marley agrees, much to Unique and Tina's disagreement. When Jake shows up to visit Marley by the bleachers, she tells him that the other girls told her not to trust him. He asks if she believes what they said, to which she replies that she believes that Jake has been hurt and that he has put up walls in the form of his appearance and behavior because of it.

Glee.S04E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 232.jpg
She confides in him that she always tried to be someone different at her other schools, and that for the first time she feels like she can be herself. When Jake pokes fun at the fact they're covering Britney Spears, Marley insists that he hasn't heard her version of the song. The two sing Crazy/'U Drive Me Crazy. They almost kiss, but Marley backs out by stating that it got cold outside. Jake gives her his leather jacket and leaves, smiling. Mrs. Rose is teased by two jocks in the lunch line and Marley yells at them, telling them that she's her mom. When they continue to mock Mrs. Rose, Jake tells them to apologize to both of them. When they don't, he begins to fight them, only for it to be broken up by Will.
Glee.S04E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 467.jpg
Jake asks Marley if he can sit next to her during glee club. They talk, and she tells him that she just realized that she's still wearing his jacket. Jake tells her to keep it, but Kitty overhears and tells her that she'd like to wear it because she and Jake are dating. Marley is saddened by this, but tells them that they make a great couple, and gives Kitty the jacket. Hurt by Jake and Kitty's relationship, Marley sings Everytime during glee club as the episode ends, watching Jake serenade Kitty on the football fields.


Marley is first seen during Everybody Wants to Rule the World, saying hello to Blaine quickly. She is then seen in the choir room with the other Glee members, and seen again, watching the presidential debate between Brittany/Artie and Blaine/Sam. She also appears at the Blaine/Sam party, celebrating their victory.

The Break-Up

"Young love" - Brittany

Jake notices Marley stuffing lunch tickets into her pockets and later reveals that he has them as well, explaining that his mother is struggling because of the aftermath of the global financial crisis. Blaine and Brittany watch them talking and the latter describes them as 'young love'. Later on, Kitty invites her and the rest of the glee club to a Left Behind Club meeting for the Rapture. At the meeting, Jake apologizes to her for letting her come to this. Marley then jokes about Jake being half-Jewish, asking if he floats to heaven at half speed. When Kitty executes a fake rapture prank on Dottie Kazotori, Marley is seen upset about this. She tells Jake that she doesn't like Kitty and can't believe that he does. Next, Marley is seen with New Directions when Finn returns and suggests “Grease” as the next school musical. Jake apologizes to Marley about Kitty and the fake rapture. Marley says that she doesn't get it why Jake is with someone like her. She sees that he tries to act like he doesn't care what everyone thinks, but is actually desperate to fit in and be popular if he's willing to date Kitty. Jake states that Marley doesn't know what its like being on the outside since the black kids think he is "too white" and the white kids think he's "too black" and that Kitty and can be crazy, but she likes him, and when he stands next to her no one makes fun of him. Kitty, overhearing this starts hurling insults at Marley. Jake tells her to ease up or else he'll break up with her. Kitty doesn't relent and he hold true to his world, to which Kitty holds Marley responsible. Once Kitty leaves, Marley tells Jake that he didn't need to do that, but Jake responds that he actually did have to. She invites Jake to go over “Grease” music saying that she wants to go for Sandy, but he politely declines and says that he’ll see her in Glee rehearsal.

The Role You Were Born to Play

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Marley and Unique are in the girl’s restroom discussing their ideal roles for the musical. When Unique confides to Marley that she wants to play Rizzo, Marley encourages her to audition. While Sue mocks Unique with transphobic comments, she fails to come up with a mean nickname for Marley. After standing up to Sue, Marley and Unique perform Blow Me (One Last Kiss) as their audition song, strengthening their friendship. Marley is next seen talking to Ryder Lynn, flirting with him innocently, as Jake and Kitty look on. Kitty hurls an array of insults at Marley, causing her to run off crying. She walks in and watches on sadly as Jake performs Everybody Talks with Kitty for their audition. Marley and Kitty are decided as the finalists for the role of Sandy. Marley dances and sings Born to Hand Jive with Jake, Kitty, Ryder, Mike, and Mercedes, as the latter two test their choreography skills. She hugs Ryder after the performance. Marley wins the role of Sandy, but her confidence is shot when Kitty insults her again about her weight.


Marley is seen in the Glee club, expressing some confusion over the fact that Will is leaving and Finn is taking over New Directions until he returns from his sabbatical. Tina is seen trying to fit Marley into her outfit, but can’t seem to get it to fit much to her confusion. Tina brushes it off as stress bloating, which she gets all the time. Kitty interrupts to get her costume fitting and starts making jabs about Marley's weight saying that Marley has had some considerable weight gain. Marley says she hasn't been eating any differently. It’s then revealed that Kitty has been altering the costume. Kitty invites her to a slumber party, which Marley agrees to go to so long as Unique can come as well. She talks to her mother about her problem with her weight, who encourages her by stating that they will both go on a diet together to combat Marley’s weight issues. Kitty shows Marley around her room, before leading her into her bathroom and convincing her to try bulimia. Marley contemplates this while Kitty performs Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee, mocking her as Brittany, Unique, Sugar, and Tina look on. Marley walks out, offended by Kitty and the rest of the girls. After Marley seeks out Tina for help with her costume shrinking again, despite the fact that she’s been starving herself, Kitty takes Marley away, telling her to purge in order to fit into her costume.

You're the One That I Want

Ryder walks in on Marley purging and tells her to stop, reciting a funny story about his cousin to lift her spirits. He tells her that he doesn't want to kiss a girl who has puke on her breath, during or after the show. While thinking over his advice and getting ready to go on stage, she sings Look At Me I'm Sandra Dee (Reprise). Marley is embarrassed about her outfit for the closing number, especially after Kitty shakes her confidence, but Ryder reassures her that she looks and sounds amazing before kissing her, with Jake watching in the distance. They go on stage and perform You're the One That I Want, to a standing ovation. Ryder, Marley, and the production of Grease get a glowing review from a critic in the McKinley Muckraker, to which they all celebrate.

Dynamic Duets

Marley is approached by Jake, who asks whether she plans on joining the school's Superhero Club that several of the other glee club members have joined. Marley insists that she won't, noting in part that she would feel self-conscious in a tight superhero costume. Jake proceeds to ask Marley out on a date, only to have Ryder quickly interrupt and point out that Marley already has plans to watch him play at an upcoming football game. This incites a fight between the two guys, and Marley tries to break it up before Finn intervenes. Later in the choir room, Marley, along with the rest of the glee club, is skeptical about Finn's plans for Sectionals. Marley is worried when Finn announces the week’s assignment is duets as superheroes, asking if they have to wear costumes. Kitty approaches her by her locker, telling her the song that they’re going to sing. Jake and Ryder perform Superman for Marley, who watches with embarrassment and giddiness, until the two start to physically fight. She stares in disbelief as Finn and Sam break them up. Marley tells Kitty that she doesn't wan

Superman ryley.gif
t to do a duet with her, saying she’s too self-conscious to wear a costume. Kitty asks if she’s still making herself throw up, and she says that she’s been "doing it every day this week." Kitty encourages her to keep throwing up, but assures her that if Marley feels uncomfortable that she will cancel the performance. As they hug, Kitty gives a conniving smile indicating that she is only pretending to be Marley's friend. Before their performance, Marley is shown to feel extremely self-conscious about her appearance. When asked what the WF stands for on her costume, Marley replies that it is Wallflower as that is how she sees herself. When she shows Kitty her costume, Kitty tells her that she looks hot (in attempt to keep her being bulimic) and that she’ll be buying her clothes instead of her mom making them. Kitty tells her that she is no longer a wallflower and now Woman Fierce, giving her confidence.
The two perform Holding Out for a Hero with a thunderous applause from New Directions. Finn tells them that they nailed the assignment, and commends them for their teamwork. Marley is seen cleaning up graffiti with the rest of the club, throwing paint on Ryder, Jake, and Kitty, smiling. Ryder approaches Marley and tells her that they have to cancel their date due to his plans with his dyslexia teacher, and asks to reschedule. Kitty tells her that it sound like Ryder was lying, but Marley rejects the idea, and empowered by the week, asks Jake out on a date. Marley and the rest of New Directions perform Some Nights, celebrating their anticipation of Sectionals.


Marley is seen in the hallway, doing a voice over about how when she was seven, she had a dream that she was wearing a beautiful dress in front of a full audience that was there to hear her sing, and now, she can finally achieve that dream thanks to glee club. She expresses concern for her weight and the pressure she feels she’s under to perform well at Sectionals for New Directions. Marley is assigned Santana to be her mentor when Finn wants the former members to help them prepare. Finn then assigns the lead duet for Sectionals to Marley and Blaine. The New Direction Girls are being given advice from Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, who then perform Come See About Me to demonstrate how the girls need to be in sync with each other. Santana asks Marley if she’s feeling okay because she seems uncomfortable. Jake asks to walk her to lunch, but she declines. In which by saying she needs to continue rehearsing, because she doesn't want to let the team down. Later Santana finds laxatives in Marley’s bag, which she tries to dismiss, however, Santana suspects that Kitty has been giving them to Marley in an effort to make her lose weight. Marley gives herself a pep talk in the mirror of the bathroom. She talks about how hungry she is, but how happy she is that her dress fits. She greets Unique, and tells her that she wishes she were as brave as she is. They both join the New Directions for a prayer circle; a New Directions tradition before a competition. After watching The Warblers perform their set list, she’s visibly shaken as Jake tries to comfort her and calm her nerves. Right before the New Directions go on to perform, Marley goes to her mirror backstage and confesses to a worried Jake that she hasn't slept in days, and that she feels that she’s under an extreme amount of pressure and if they lose, everyone will blame her. Jake assures her that it's just nerves and that she’ll kill the performance, and they both go on stage to perform Gangnam Style with the rest of the group. Towards the end of the performance, Marley begins to experience tunnel vision, which causes her to pass out after the number concludes, thus, cutting ending New Direction’s performance prematurely.

Swan Song

Jake and Ryder carry Marley into the choir room, where the group tries to help her recuperate following her fall from “Thanksgiving.” Jake explains that Marley hasn't been eating, and Santana confronts Kitty, saying that she’s been trying to turn Marley into an anorexic. Because New Directions left the stage in the middle of the performance to check on Marley, they are disqualified from the competition, and the Warblers are declared the winners. Tina and Artie blame Marley for their loss at Sectionals and the disbandment of New Directions while the year is over, and the rest of the group seems to echo their sentiments. Tina continues to express her newfound resentment of Marley, when Finn tries to get the group to rehearse for an upcoming holiday concert.

4finnmarley hudrose.gif
Marley seems to be the only one who shows up for the rehearsal, and tells Finn that she found a place where the club can rehearse, prompting Finn to send out a mass e-mail to the club. Marley confesses that she blames herself for the disbandment of the club, saying that it’s all her fault that it’s over. Finn tells her it’s never over, and they sing Don't Dream It's Over, as the rest of the club shows up to join them. She cuddles with Jake while singing.

In a deleted scene, Marley finds Kitty crying in the bathroom because of New Directions' loss at Sectionals, though she claims it is because she has allergies. Kitty admits that she has been awful to Marley and is confused as to why Marley is still being nice to her; Marley responds that she thinks that Kitty's meanness is just because she's scared.

Marley then invites Kitty to come and discuss song choices for their last performance, but Kitty sharply rebuffs her. However, she then calls Marley back and, in a friendlier tone, thanks her for asking.

Glee, Actually

Marley is first seen when Brittany gives her a Rolex watch. Marley, Tina, Ryder, Joe, and Jake are invited by Brittany and Sam to the first (and last) meeting of the “2012 Mayan Apocalypse Club,” where the two decide to tell everyone how they feel about them. After Brittany insults Tina by saying her dream of acting is irresponsible and Joe that he hasn't made much of an impact on her, Marley says that they’re leaving because they’re not going to be insulted. Brittany stops her before the group goes, saying she wasn't going to insult her, but simply say that she was “delightful.”

TheFirstNoel Marley.png
Millie tells Marley that they’re not spending anything on Christmas in order to afford therapy with a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders. She tells her that the only thing she wants for Christmas is for Marley to sing her a song. Marley sings The First Noel. Her mother tells her it’s the best Christmas gift she’s ever gotten. Unbeknownst to them, Sue, who has drawn Miss Rose for the faculty’s secret Santa program, watches on. Miss Rose and Marley come down to see to a fully decorated Christmas tree in their living room (that Sue had set up), with a stocking filled with $800, and a designer sweater for Marley that was originally a gift that Becky turned down.
Glee.S04E10.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 1381.jpg
The two hug as Sue and Becky watch from the window, smiling, before Marley quips, “We should still probably call the police.” As thanks for what she did for her and her mother, Marley pulls Artie, Finn, Kitty, Joe, Tina, and Ryder together and they perform Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas for her, which is intercut with scenes of Puck, Jake, Brittany, Sam, Blaine, and Kurt singing in various locations.

Sadie Hawkins

Marley is first seen in the glee club meeting, where Finn announces that the theme of the week is “Ladies' Choice” to coincide with the Sadie Hawkins dance. When Finn tells the girls that they’re to sing to the guy they want to ask out, Kitty announces that she knows exactly who she wants to sing to, glaring at Jake much to Marley's disappointment. She’s seen expressing confusion at Tina singing I Don't Know How To Love Him to Blaine along with the rest of New Directions, but seems shocked at Blaine's rejection to her offer to attend the dance with him.

Brittany approaches Marley and tells her that she looks sad and whimpers when she sees Jake. Marley tells her that they went on a couple dates and had a great time, but that he has been acting weird since she fainted at Sectionals. Marley is encouraged by Brittany to empower herself ask Jake out, and (after breaking the fourth wall) performs Tell Him with her and the rest of the New Direction girls. Afterwards, she asks Jake and he accepts. As Marley and Jake dance, Marley tells him that she always assumes the best in people. She expresses concerns that she's get hurt because of this, and he tells her that she can trust him. She tells him that she needs them to be only with each other, and that he needs to respect her decision to go slow. Marley and Unique lead Locked Out of Heaven while the rest of the New Direction girls provide back up. Throughout the performance, Marley locks eyes with Jake. While slow dancing, Jake tells Marley that she’s the most amazing person he’s ever met, and that he doesn't want to be with anyone, but her, affirming their relationship.


When Tina proposes her idea of the “Men of McKinley Calendar”, Marley expresses her approval. Shortly after, Brittany has her on her web show, Fondue for Two. Throughout the episode, Brittany (unknowingly) makes jokes about her bulimia, before making her admit that she’s in love with Jake. She encourages her to make herself vulnerable and let Jake know how she feels. When the boys, sans Artie, perform Centerfold/Hot In Herre, Marley is seen enjoying the performance with the rest of the New Direction girls.

Marley texts Jake to meet her in the auditorium and asks for his help with planning possible songs for Regionals. The two perform A Thousand Years. After the song, the two share their first kiss. Jake tells her that he can feel that she wants to tell him something, and she almost tells him that she loves him, before chickening out and saying that she doesn’t think the song is right for Regionals even though she loves it. After he has a heart-to-heart talk with Ryder where Jake expresses his love for Marley, Jake sings an acoustic version of Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) in the glee club to Marley. Throughout the song, she’s visibly moved to the point of tears. While Marley is waiting in line to get her calendar signed, Jake gives her one her already signed that says "I Love You." She tells him that she loves him back. At the end of the episode, she performs This is the New Year with the rest of New Directions.


After Tina trash talks Unique, Marley calls her out on the attitude she’s been displaying for months, saying that it’s going to end this week. She and the rest of the New Direction girls sans Sugar, along with Blaine, perform Diva to kick off what Finn has declared to be “Diva Week,” thought it turns out that the performance is all in their heads. Marley and the rest of New Directions are seen singing along and thoroughly enjoy Blaine’s performance of Don't Stop Me Now. They all also enjoy Santana’s performance of Nutbush City Limits. She, along with the other members of New Directions, is surprised by Tina’s performance of Hung Up. She celebrates with them when Tina wins the Diva competition.

I Do

Marley makes her first appearance in the choir room where Will announces this week’s assignment: the Glee club being in charge of the entertainment for his and Emma’s wedding. Marley gives Jake his Valentine’s Day gift early, a pair of homemade cufflinks that she made from a typewriter, so he can wear them to Will’s wedding.

During history class, Marley notices Ryder acting weird and asks him what’s wrong. He tells her that nothing is, before Will announces that Jake has the floor. He appears in a red tuxedo and is joined by the New Direction Boys as he sings You’re All I Need to Get By with Marley to express his love for her. While sitting at the wedding, Marley discovers her favorite flowers, and thanks Jake, asking how he knew. Ryder replies that Jake remembered when she mentioned it in the choir room once, implying that he was the one who put the flowers there.

Marley and Mike

Marley briefly dances with Mike, while Jake and Ryder talk. At the reception Marley receives her last gift from Jake, a pendant that was also bought by Ryder. They’re seen dancing together during We've Got Tonite, and each sing a line as they head off to a hotel room. Unlike the other couples, they don’t have sex as Marley realizes she isn't quite ready yet. Marley apologizes to an understanding Jake and the two jovially head back to the reception. Marley thanks Ryder for helping Jake with Valentine’s Day, saying she knew he was behind it all along. Ryder grabs her head and kisses her, before letting go and apologizing, to which Marley quickly walks away. She performs Anything Could Happen with Artie, Jake, and the rest of New Directions.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

Marley is excited when she hears the they will being doing songs from movies. Blaine offers to do one group number together and still have it be Girls vs. Boys, to which Marley offers a song from the movie "Beaches." In the end, they break out into Shout. Later the boys perform a mash-up of Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone. Marley is seen enjoying the performance by laughing. While getting ready for the girls' group number, Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend/Material Girl, Kitty apologizes for being mean to her in the past. Marley then reveals to her that Ryder had kissed her a week prior, but she still likes Jake. Marley accompanies Will with the New Directions to serenade Emma with In Your Eyes. Jake tells Marley to meet them in the art room, where Jake sets up a pottery wheel and plans to sings Marley's favorite song, Unchained Melody, to make up for using Ryder's ideas. During the performance, Marley has an out-of-body experience, watching in anguish as Ryder replaces Jake at the pottery wheel, singing to and kissing her. At the end of the song, as Jake attempts to kiss her, she stops him and confesses that she let Ryder kiss her. Jake quietly storms out of the room, leaving her in tears. During the announcement of who won the Girls vs Boys challenge, both Marley and Jake are extremely upset and no longer speaking. During Footloose, she and Ryder share a laugh as Jake watching on hurt in the distance.


Marley Rose 2.png
At their lockers, Marley clarifies and apologizes to Jake for her role in the kiss with Ryder. The two make up and kiss. Marley informs Jake know that she is going to forgive Ryder and not give him the cold shoulder as Jake suggest they do, explaining that it is Jake that she loves and that he doesn't have anything to worry about as far as Ryder or anybody else is concerned. Seeing Finn packing up his desk, Marley boldly advises him to "grow a pair." She relates to what he's going through, but also knows he's a natural leader and teacher who doesn't need Will's approval to prove it. Finn agrees, but says what he does need is a teaching degree, and Marley suggests that he go out and get one. Later on Ryder proposes a truce between Jake, Marley, and Unique, apologizing to Marley about the kiss and telling her that won't happen again, to which Marley forgives him. At the end, she is seen performing with the New Directions in Closer, where all of them appear to have moved on from the kissing incident

Guilty Pleasures

Marley is present when Blaine and Sam are telling the club about their guilty pleasures assignment. She sings and dances during Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go and then later to Copacabana. Marley finds out that Kitty's guilty pleasure is Spice Girls and is ecstatic about the revelation. As the girls are talk about which Spice Girls they will portray, Tina storms in, informing everyone she just learned that Jake has chosen Chris Brown for the assignment. Marley furiously confronts Jake at his locker, scolding him for his choice. Marley remains angry with Jake even after he explains that he merely likes some of Chris Brown's songs, not him as a person. Later on, she performs Spice Girls' Wannabe with rest of the New Directions Girls dressed up a

Marley Rose 4.png
s Posh Spice. Assuming that Jake is still performing a Chris Brown song, Marley yells out "Team Breezy equals Team Awful." During Jake's performance of My Prerogative he kisses Marley's hand, however she's still mad at him, shocked that he's performing a Bobby Brown song. She gives Unique a look of disbelief during the performance. Later on Jake apologizes to the girls, revealing that he didn't know Bobby's Brown's alleged history with Whitney Houston. Marley accepts the apology, She reveals her guilty pleasure: anything starring Jessica Simpson, but also says that he is another one as well, and the two kiss. Later on, she leads the New Directions' performance of Mamma Mia.

Shooting Star

Marley crying SS.png
Marley is seen at the beginning of the episode and listens to Mr. Schue as he announces their competition for Regionals. When Mr. Schue announces their assignment for the week, "Last Chances," she is seen smiling at Jake. Marley is next seen when Ryder confronts Marley and Jake about being Katie. She convinces him that it wasn't them. Marley then lets him know that she's there if he wants to talk about it. Marley is next seen during the More Than Words performance. When the gunshots sound, Marley hides with Kitty and Jake. Marley then attempts to text her mom, but receives no reply, causing her to worry. Later, Kitty reveals to her that she took in all of Marley's costumes to make her think that she was fat, to which Marley is aghast. When Artie begins to record, she leaves a message stating that she has a fake bottom to her desk drawer, hiding a journal with a bunch of songs she's written that she's really proud of. After the police give the all clear, she joins in with the group hug. She is seen hugging Kitty, showing that she has forgiven her. Marley is last seen singing Say with the rest of New Directions. When Ryder enters, she and Jake comfort him.

Sweet Dreams

In a voiceover, Marley reveals that she has finally taken the bottom off her desk drawer and wants to show people her original songs. She attempts to tell people, but since the shooting, everyone has been acting differently. She stops Unique from taking birth control pills. Marley isn't happy with Mr. Schue's setlist. She then asks if they could do some of her original songs. He shoots her down. Marley is then present at the secret Glee club meeting, where she offers her original songs again. This time, it's Kitty who shoots her down. Marley later calls Sam, Blaine, and Unique to the auditorium. There, she tells them that she has wrote a song, and asks them to sing it with her. The four of them sing her song, You Have More Friends Than You Know. Afterwards, the three of them give her positive reviews. Blaine tells her that they need to tell Mr. Schue about the songs, but unknownst to them, he was watching them as they were singing. At the next Glee meeting, Mr. Schue tells Marley that he'd like it if she'd teach them one of her original songs. Marley happily accepts the offer and she, along with the New Directions, performs Outcast.

Lights Out

Marley is seen at the beginning of the episode entering the choir room with Jake. She can be seen listening to Will as he talks about Frida Romero. After the lights go out, she can be seen disappointed about it. She was then seen avidly listening to Sam singing You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ and smiles to Ryder when he cuts in. She also sings back-up with the rest of the New Directions.

During Ryder's performance of Everybody Hurts, she had a flashback of her and Jake being slushied. She can be seen teary eyed after the performance. When Ryder revealed that a babysitter had molested him and Sam asked why should he be ashamed of it, Marley said that his truth is his truth. She can be seen performing with the glee club in We Will Rock You. After the lights are back on, Marley, along with the New Directions, performs For the Longest Time.


When Marley learns of the assignment for the week, she is seen happily laughing. At a New Directions rehearsal for Regionals, Mercedes informs the group that the reason they lost was that they've all been too scared. Mercedes tells Marley that she has great vocals and puts her through some vocal runs. Marley gets a solo in Superstition, singing high notes and doing runs as Mercedes suggests. Later, Marley performs back-up vocals for Kurt in You Are The Sunshine Of My Life. When Jake sings I Wish, Marley sings a line as back-up and runs up to embrace him following his performance. When the New Directions members each state what they're going to do at Regionals, Marley says "emote." Marley is later seen performing For Once in My Life, with the rest of the New Directions.

All or Nothing

Marley is first seen cheering with the rest of New Directions when Will announces that it’s finally time for Regionals and that the competition will be held at McKinley, as well as his announcement about Rachel’s callback. When Will announces the set list for Regionals, she is delighted to find out that they will be performing her original song All or Nothing, but that delight turns into shock as Brittany reveals her "new" attitude. When Ryder confronts the glee club about the catfishing, saying he will not perform at Regionals unless that person steps forward,

Marley stands up and admits to being his online love. Ryder is stunned, asking her why she would do such a thing, but before Marley can say response, Jake tells Ryder to relax, which leads to him storming out of the choir room. Later, as Marley chases after Ryder to talk, he sarcastically suggest that she just text him. She apologizes to him and asks him to stay in the New Directions because he is taking their problems out on the whole group. Ryder asks her why she pulled the prank, but before she can answer, Unique interrupts the two, revealing to Ryder that she is the true catfisher and that Marley only covered for her. The scene flashes back to Unique confessing that she is Katie to Marley, stating that it started off innocent at first, but got way too deep to stop. Marley leaves the two so that they can talk privately. She is then seen backstage with the rest of the New Directions during The Waffletoots‘ performance. Ryder arrives, telling them that punishing everyone for one person's actions is wrong. She looks upset when he states that he will leave glee club after Regionals. During the show circle before their Regionals performance, Brittany announces that she will leave for MIT after the competition. She calls Jake, Ma
rley, Ryder, and Kitty the foster kids that came to live with the New Directions, when the orphanage closes, who they at first did not trust, but grew to love, making them laugh. The New Directions take the stage for their performance. Marley sings back-up and dances during the performances of Hall of Fame and I Love It, before singing lead on her original song, All or Nothing, alongside Blaine.

As the crowd cheers, she takes a bow along with the other New Directions members. During the announcement of the winner of Regionals, she is seen clapping for the Waffletoots, who get third place. After being announced the winners, Marley, along with the rest of the New Directions, run on the stage cheering and jumping around happily. After the competition, she is seen sitting next to Jake as the New Directions are continue to celebrate their win, when Emma enters the choir room. Marley attends Emma and Will’s surprise wedding with the rest of the glee club, smiling happily.

Melissa Benoist, Marley's actress, was promoted to the main cast in Season Five.

Love Love Love

Marley is seen in the choir room towards the beginning of the episode. She appears very excited about the week's assignment and confesses that she

Marlique LoveLoveLove.jpg
identifies with George Harrison because he was made fun of for his dad's poor paying job much like she is for her mom's job. Later, she is seen enjoying the carnival with the rest of the New Directions. In the choir room, when Blaine announces he's going to propose to Kurt, she seems unsure about the idea, but still helps him gather the other show choirs during Help!. She's also seen again in the choir room when Tina outs Artie and Kitty's relationship and is happy when they officially get together. During I Saw Her Standing There, she is fangirling with the other New Directions Girls over the performance. Afterwards, she accompanies the New Directions with Vocal Adrenaline, Haverbrook School for the Deaf and the Dalton Academy Warblers to sing All You Need Is Love for Blaine's proposal to Kurt.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Marley is first seen in the choir room with the rest of the glee club. She congratulates all the members nominated for prom court, though she's confused as to what a "Brundle Prom" is. As Tina starts to sing Revolution, she dances along in her seat, though she rushes out with Jake and everyone else when the bell rings during the song. At prom, she sings Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band with Unique, Ryder, and

Jake and is seen cheering for Tina when she wins prom queen. After Tina gets Carrie'd and runs out of the prom, Marley joins the rest of the New Directions as the go after to help her. In the choir room, she offers Tina her dress, though Tina decides to go with Kitty's, and helps clean her off. She joins the group as the walk with Tina back to the prom and cheers as she accepts her crown, all of them singing Hey Jude. At the end of the episode, she is seen singing Let It Be with the New Directions in the auditoruim.

The Quarterback

As the episode starts, Marley stand with the rest of the New Directions and the alumni as they sing Seasons of Love in the auditorium. In the choir room, Mr. Schue announces that they will be devoting the week to sing songs to help them cope with Finn's death. Marley sings back up to Mercedes in I'll Stand by You and is also seen holding Jake's hand during the song. She again sings back up in the auditorium during Fire and Rain. She later watches If I Die Young and No Surrender in the choir room, joining the group hug at the end. Later on she joins Jake and Kitty as they lay drumsticks tied with black ribbons at Finn's hallway memorial. She is last seen crying on Jake's shoulder during Make You Feel My Love.

A Katy or A Gaga

She is first shown in the Choir Room with the rest of the Glee Club when Mr. Schue arrives and reads the competition list, revealing that one of the show choirs they'll be competing against in Nationals is Throat Explosion, which is stated to be a big threat due to their strict rehearsal policy and the fact they are outcasts, which has always been the New Directions' image. When asked if they identify themselves as Katys or Gagas, Marley admits she relates more to Katy, so she has to do a Gaga number with the others who made the same choice (Artie, Sam, Blaine, and Ryder).

MarleyRose 00589.gif
At her locker, Jake comes up to her and she tells him what the plan for their upcoming date is. Jake considers her plan boring, so he tells her he loves her, but wants to do new and exciting things on their dates. Marley offers several other suggestions, which all get turned down by Jake, who then says that she is "such a Katy and I don’t know how you’re going to pull off Lady Gaga." He kisses her on the cheek and then leaves saying he is excited to see her Gaga performance. She is next seen with the other Katys in the auditorium, trying to come up with innovative ideas for their number. Marley's "crazy" idea is shot down by Sam who thinks it's boring and safe, and not fresh and edgy enough. Later on, Marley is walking down the hallway with Jake, and she suggests they go see John Mayer live. At first Jake doesn’t like the idea, but eventually says that he is looking forward to it. Bree then walks up to them and asks Jake for some help with the Cheerios' hip hop/ballet choreography. He is hesitant at first because he isn’t a choreographer, but Marley suggests he should do it. Unique warns Marley about Jake and Bree, saying that Jake might be cheating on her even though she thinks he changed. They then see Jake and Bree dancing in the dance studio very closely, which Unique considers proof for her theory, but Marley replies "I'm not gonna get paranoid about Jake. Either he wants to be with the real me or he can go." She participates in Applause but instead of dressing like Gaga, she dresses like Katy. Sam and the other Katys confront her, but she says that she refuses to dress up as a Gaga since that isn't herself and she won't change that for any performance. Will considers this not trying to be a part of the team and suspends her for the rest of the week.
After a whole week of asking Jake on dates he declined because he didn't enjoy them, she agrees to go over to Jake's place, where they have a makeout session, but when Jake tries to go further, she stops him and they have an argument. Jake tells her he feels like she doesn't care at all about his needs and how hard it is for him to help himself from giving into them, and Marley is upset at him because he is not respecting that she wants to take things slowly and she is not yet ready. By the end of the episode, she goes to the auditorium to watch New Directions perform Roar. She waves to Jake and he waves back, and later Bree comes in, mischievously smiling at Jake and then at Marley.

The End of Twerk

Marley is seen laughing at Blaine's twerk video with the rest of the New Directions. After Mr. Schue makes twerking that week's assignment, she seems uncomfortable and says she doesn't know how to twerk. In the next scene we see her in the auditorium where Jake and Kitty teach twerking to others. She is having problems with mastering the dance move. She is in the choir room when the New Directions complain about Sue's decision to ban twerking, and then dances to Blurred Lines. During Unique's performance of If I Were a Boy, Marley looks sad and on the brink of tears. When Mr. Schue explains to the School board why they shouldn't let Sue ban twerking, Marley, with Jake as her dance partner, presents lambada.

Marley is walking to her next class, when she is stopped by Bree who shows her a vine video of her twerking and mocks her. Marley tries not to let Bree provoke her, but when Bree tells her that she slept with Jake, Marley doesn't believe her and calls her trash. Bree turns it around by deeming Marley saying that as bullying, and mentions a mole on Jake's right hip as proof of her being with him. Marley is visibly hurt by that and confronts Jake about the matter. He admits cheating on her, so Marley runs away having tears in her eyes. She comes to the auditorium where she sings Wrecking Ball and has a dream sequence about her performing the song in a similar fashion as Miley Cyrus in her video. She is seen practicing dance moves in the choir room during one of the Glee Club meetings. Marley says she didn't like twerking and mentions that she had an awful week. She performs On Our Way with the rest of the New Directions, but at the end is still very sad.

Movin' Out

She is first seen in the choir room attending a Glee Club meeting. The tension between her and Jake is obvious. She applauds with others when Blaine and Sam talk about their college plans. Marley then enjoys herself when Sam and Blaine start the week off by singing Movin' Out. When she opens her locker, red and white roses fall out of it, but she angrily kickes them with her foot. Jake catches up to her when she starts walking away from her locker, and he apologizes. Marley tells him he shouldn't need to apologize because that's just who he is and she was stupid to believe she could change him. He tries to convince her that he has changed and she should trust him again, but instead it seems she convinced him that he can't change. After, in the choir room while Jake performs My Life, they share angry glances. Marley pours her heart out to her mom while helping her prepare food in the school kitchen. She explains that at first she was angry, hurt and embarrassed, but now his actions are confusing her. She admits she still misses him, but is glad they didn't go all the way. Her mother confesses that she was a bad boy magnet when she was young, so she understands her, but tells her that she needs a good guy this time and that it's not only about feelings, but also trust.

Ryley MO2.png
Ryder comes up to Marley and asks her out. He acts really sweet, but she declines him telling him she doesn't want to date anyone right now and needs a break from men. Ryder sings An Innocent Man, and then asks her out again, and this time she says yes. Next day Ryder comes up to Marley while she's at her locker and tells her to check her instagram. When she does, she sees a picture of two of them with hearts all around, and seems very uncomfortable. Ryder asks her out on another date, but Jake catches up with them asking if they are really a thing. Marley is uncomfortable when Ryder answers that's none of Jake's business, and after Jake leaves them, she tells Ryder that one date doesn't mean they are going out and she still needs more time.

She is last seen dancing to You May Be Right with the rest of New Directions and some other McKinley students.

Puppet Master

Marley is first seen in the choir room goofing off with the rest of the New Directions. She, along with others, is not pleased with Blaine's wish to direct what their performances for Nationals will be like. A Marley puppet is seen in the performance of You're My Best Friend. When Jake insults the dancing abilities of everyone in the Glee Club, Marley calls him "a conceited jerk" and says his dance moves aren't as good as he thinks. She is featured in the performance of Nasty/Rhythm Nation which is a dream sequence by Jake.

Jarley PMpic.png
Marley is stopped by Jake in the hallway, and she agrees to talk to him, although she gives him only 30 seconds to explain what he wants. Jake says how sorry he is and that he misses her, to which she responds that she isn't here to fix him and that it just didn't work out. When Jake asks her if she still has feelings for him, she answers that he's a good friend and teammate, but that she doesn't feel the same as he does anymore. At the end of the episode she is at the Glee Club meeting when Blaine apologizes and gives them all puppets. She is then seen in the performance of The Fox, portraying a bird.

Previously Unaired Christmas

Marley is first seen at the Glee Club meeting, and she is excited about them "going green" with decorations. She seems annoyed by Kitty's snarky comment to Sam. She is next seen at the McKinley High Non-Denominational Christmas Club meeting. After Artie announces that the Christmas Club will be doing a living nativity, Marley expresses her wish to get the role of Virgin Mary. When Kitty shoots her down with a rude comment she replies "Yeah, well... You wear a smaller bra than me." Marley approaches Kitty in the hallway and tells her about the idea of all the New Directions Girls auditioning together for the part of Mary. After Kitty insults the girls and informs her that she doesn't want the part, Marley seems confused. She sings Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree with the rest of New Directions while decorating the Christmas tree. She is seen humming O Christmas Tree in the background when Sue comes to inspect their tree. She auditions along with Tina and Unique for the role of Virgin Mary singing Mary's Little Boy Child. She is in the History class when Sue announces the Glee Club being the winner of the Green themed Christmas tree decorating contest.

OML (3).gif
She is happy when she sees the cast list for the nativity because she gets to play Mary, but when Kitty makes a snarky comment, she offers to talk to Mr Schue and let Kitty get the role if it's important to her. Kitty turns it down saying she doesn't deserve to be Mary because she doesn't have the Virgin Mary spirit in her heart, which prompts Marley to discuss it with other Glee Club members. Together they figure out a way to make Kitty accept the role, in hopes of her being nicer to them after that. When Kitty asks Marley why she isn't dressed as Mary during the rehearsal, Marley answers that there was a change of plans, and she sings in the performance of Love Child, where Unique plays Mary. Marley is the first to go hug Kitty after she announces she'll play the part of Virgin Mary. Marley plays one of the three kings during the performance of Away in a Manger.


We first notice Marley singing backup and dancing during the performance of Whenever I Call You Friend. She is later in the choir room for the Glee Club meeting, and enjoys dancing to My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) with the rest of the New Directions. She is shocked that Tina pushed Artie and, like others, comes closer to check if he's alright. She is seen in the choir room after Blaine declares that he wants to sing at the Graduation. The last time Marley is seen is during the Breakaway performance in the auditorium, as she and the rest of the New Directions sing along with it.


We first see her enjoing herself in the choir room and dancing in the hallway during the performance of Jumpin' Jumpin'. Afterwards she's at the Glee Club meeting, and is obviously excited for Nationals. She's in the auditorium watching the performance of Hold On while laughing with others.

City of Angels

Marley is first seen in the choir room at the last Glee Club meeting before they go to Los Angeles, and then dancing and having fun while sightseeing in LA during the boys' performance of I Love LA. She is then in the lobby of the hotel with the rest of the New Directions when they wait for their rooms, greet Mercedes, and meet their main competition; Throat Explosion.

Marley CoA.png
Ryder visits Marley in her room. He says that he accepts that they will never be a couple, and Marley confirms that by saying she's still single and will stay that way. Ryder however came to talk to her because he noticed she changed her job status on Facebook. She confesses that she entered a few contests with her songs and didn't achieve anything, so she's not sure about her future anymore. She tells him she plans to quit Glee Club after Nationals, and join the Accounting Club, because she doesn't want to let anyone down. She sneaks onto the stage the night before the competition with other members of the New Directions. When Sam mentions that they lost Sectionals in his speech, and adds that it wasn't Marley's fault, she sighs deeply, but looks at him with a smile, but Throat Explosion surprises them and kick them out of the place. She is seen in the bus during Sam's pep talk, and watching the competition choirs perform before the New Directions take the stage. She seems encouraged by Carole's speech just before they perform, and then does her best dancing and singing backup. She makes back-up vocals for More Than A Feeling, America and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
Marley CoA Mercedes.png
After the performance Marley goes out to get some air, and Mercedes joins her telling her that her songs are amazing and she shouldn't give up on her dreams just because of a few rejections. When Marley asks her how she got her songs, Mercedes tells her it was Jake and Ryder, and that they really care about her. Marley hugs her, grateful for the talk. When New Directions place second, she is visibly sad just like the others. Marley and the New Directions travel back to Ohio to wallow in their grief over the fact that glee club is now over for good, but Burt and Carole assure them all that they did Finn proud. Later is revealed that the glee club is canceled.


Marley is first seen at the Glee Club meeting in the choir room at the beginning of the episode. When April comes into the choir room everyone starts clapping, and Tina whispers to Marley that April taught her how to shoplift meat in her vagina, which leaves Marley shocked. She then dances and sings backup during Raise Your Glass. She is later seen watching the performances in the choir room, and when Rachel and Mercedes try their best to convince the Glee Club members to vote for them in the Diva-off. During Puck's performance of Keep Holding On in the auditorium she sings backup and joins others in doing the dance moves from when they first performed it. She enjoys herself during the performance of Happy and even becomes the center of attention while dancing with Jake at one point.

New Directions

Tumblr n022xw96q31r47gzjo3 r1 400 marley1.gif

Marley is seen in the auditorium, and later in the choir room during the performances of I Am Changing, Be Okay and Just Give Me a Reason. She joins the alumni, along with other New Directions' members, for the performance of Don't Stop Beievin'. While cleaning the choir room with Kitty, Jake, Unique and Ryder, she reminisces how much glee club had changed them and proceeds with a group hug before going to the auditorium to watch their friends graduate. This marks her last appearance in Season Five, and on the show.

Melissa Benoist was demoted from her status as a main cast member. She does not return for the series finale, despite being invited due to Melissa's other commitments.

Jagged Little Tapestry

Marley appears briefly in a flashback during Will You Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet, behind Blaine.

The Hurt Locker, Part Two

Marley is mentioned by Rachel when she and Kurt discuss the idea of bringing Kitty back to New Directions. Rachel remembers that Marley is "the one with the fat mom". Kitty also mentions that once the previous members were transferred, including Marley, they stopped talking to her.


From the start of Season Four, Marley is portrayed as a shy, sweet 16-year-old with a good heart. Upon joining the New Directions, Marley attempts to hide her identity to prevent being bullied over her mother's weight.

Marley in the performance of "Applause"

Marley is shown to have a huge passion for singing, saying she wants to sing on the radio rather than go for Broadway. In glee club, she forms friendships with Unique, Ryder, Blaine, Brittany and later a friendship with Kitty, as well as a father-daughter type of relationship with Finn. She is manipulated by Kitty into thinking that she's fat, and eventually develops an eating disorder, which culminates in her passing out at sectionals. Marley's kind personality often causes feuds between Jake and Ryder, especially when they both want her attention to go out with them.

According to Jake and Tina, Marley is a "total Katy Perry" - she loves cats, flowers and Julie Andrews, and refuses to wear a sea shell bikini top during the "Applause" number because it makes her feel uncomfortable.

Marley singing "Wrecking Ball"

Marley has very strong values - she is wary of being in an intimate relationship, and this, at times, has lead to her being upset over her love-life. Marley's talent for songwriting is praised during Season Four, particularly by Blaine and Unique. Marley is often shown to apologize for her mistakes and is usually very forgiving. In Season Five, Marley seems to have gained more confidence and becomes more independent and open about who she is, whether people like it or not.


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They share a few glances in The New Rachel. The two first talk in Britney 2.0, when Jake asks her hang out and she accepts despite the protest of some of the glee club girls. They meet up on the football field's bleachers and perform Crazy/'U Drive Me Crazy. The two almost kiss, before Marley halts, stating that it has gotten cold. Jake gives her his jacket, Marley kept the jacket until Kitty reveals she and Jake are dating to which Marley is heartbroken. He breaks up with Kitty in The Break-Up when Kitty continues to insult Marley and her mom despite Jake's insistence that she back off. Upon seeing Ryder flirt with Marley in The Role You Were Born to Play, Jake gets jealous and decides to audition for the Grease musical to prevent them from getting closer, but his plan backfires as Marley is hurt as she walks in on Jake and Kitty perform Everybody Talks for their audition. During Born to Hand Jive, Kitty tries to attack her, but Jake prevents it, carrying Kitty to the side as the performance concludes. After losing the role of Danny to Ryder, Jake sees Ryder kiss Marley before they go out to perform You're The One That I Want. In Dynamic Duets, Ryder and Jake fight for Marley's affections. Jake asks Marley to go out on a date with him on Friday, but to his dismay, he finds out Ryder has already asked Marley to attend his football game. After Ryder cancels their plans with Marley, Marley takes the opportunity to ask Jake out and they've been dating ever since. Marley opens up to Jake about her fears about letting everybody down at Sectionals in Thanksgiving, and after she faints and people blame her for losing, Jake stays by her side and comforts her. When the Sadie Hawkins dance is announced, empowered by Brittany, Marley performs Tell Him with the New Direction Girls and ask Jake out, who has beeen acting different towards her since the incident at Sectionals Jake accepts, and at the dance, Marley confesses that she really likes Jake, but doesn't want to get hurt. She tells him that if he wants to be with her, then he can only be with her and take things slow. Later, Jake tells her that he's done with other girls and that he wants to be with her and her alone, affirming their relationship. Despite their nervousness, in Naked, the two admit to each other that they are in love.

Since then, their relationship has faced trouble twice. First from I Do to Feud, because after Ryder's creation of Marley's Valentine Week Jake took credit for in I Do, Ryder kissed her and she enjoyed it. Also, she refused to have sex with Jake. In Girls (and Boys) on Film, Marley feels very confused about her kiss with Ryder and tells Jake about it, which led to him getting mad at her until Feud. The second time was during A Katy or A Gaga when Jake yet again tried to have sex with Marley and she backed out. Unlike the other time, they had a fight, and that led Jake to cheat on Marley with Bree, in The End of Twerk Bree confronts Marley and teases her for not being good at twerking and admits to having sex with Jake which Marley doesn't believe at first, but Bree also tells her about a mole on Jake's hip and Marley's emotion on her face changes. Next you see Marley walk up to Jake and demand him to pull his pants down because she doesn't want what Bree said to be true. Jake does not pull his pants down leading him to be guilty of cheating Marley cries as Jake tries to explain him self while pushung him away leading us to not know if they have broken up. Meanwhile Marley runs to the auditorium and sings Wrecking Ball. In Movin' Out, Jake tries to apologize to Marley by singing My Life to her, but she refuses to forgive him. Shortly afterwards, Marley accepts to go out on a date with Ryder, making Jake jealous.

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Ryley City of Angels.jpg
Ryder introduces himself to Marley in The Role You Were Born to Play, after he learns that they had both auditioned forthe school musical. Together they are cast as the lead roles, Danny and Sandy. Before the premiere, Ryder gets Marley to stop vomiting, and they share a kiss. They are revealed to be going out in Dynamic Duets. However, after Ryder has to cancel a date to see a dyslexia specialist, Marley goes out with Jake instead, and they become a couple. Although Ryder frequently helps Jake do the right things in his relationship, Ryder is shown to still have feelings for Marley, which makes
Ryley Kiss I Do.jpg
him give her one more kiss in I Do. Soon after, he finds a new love interest in an online acquaintance, to whom he claims that he is moving on from Marley.

After Jake and Marley break up, Ryder reproaches Jake for hurting Marley. He then asks Marley out himself. Although Marley is relucant at first, Ryder manages to convince her that he'd never hurt her the way Jake did, and she agrees to go on a date with him. after said date, Ryder sees them as a couple, but Marley disagrees, and tells him that she needs more alone-time. After that, Ryder seems to have decided to stop pursuing Marley, and treats her as a friend.


Total - 40

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Four
Song Episode Solos with
Born to Hand Jive The Role You Were Born to Play Jake, Mercedes, and Ryder
You're the One That I Want Glease Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, Ryder, and Santana
Some Nights Dynamic Duets Blaine, Jake, Joe, Kitty, Ryder, Sam, and Tina
Don't Dream It's Over Swan Song Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Sam, and Tina
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Blaine, Brittany, Jake, Kurt, Puck, and Sam
This Is the New Year Naked Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Jake, Ryder, Sam, Tina, and Unique
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Blaine, Jake, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
Anything Could Happen Artie and Jake
Wannabe Guilty Pleasures Brittany, Kitty, Tina and Unique
Mamma Mia Blaine, Kitty, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Unique
Say Shooting Star Blaine, Brittany, Kitty, Ryder, and Sam
You Have More Friends Than You Know Sweet Dreams Blaine, Sam, and Unique
Outcast Jake, Kitty, Ryder, and Unique
Longest Time Lights Out Artie, Jake, Kitty, Ryder, and Sam
Superstition Wonder-ful Blaine and Mercedes
Back-up singing
Season Four
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
Womanizer Britney 2.0 Tina and Unique N/A
I Wish Wonder-ful Jake N/A

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Three
Song Episode Solos with
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Jake, Ryder, and Unique
Applause A Katy or A Gaga Artie, Blaine, Ryder, and Sam
On Our Way The End of Twerk Artie, Blaine, Jake, Kitty, Ryder, Sam, Tina and Unique
Nasty/Rhythm Nation Puppet Master Bree and Jake
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Previously Unaired Christmas Artie, Jake, Kitty, and Will
Mary's Little Boy Child Tina and Unique
Back-up singing
Season Five
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
Love Child Previously Unaired Christmas Unique Tina



  • Marley shares some similarities with Rachel Berry. Both of their surnames are based on a plant, both have brunette hair, and both have written original songs for the glee club. Many fans and characters have also referred to her as "the new Rachel Berry." In contrast, Marley is shy and quiet, and doesn't want to be a Broadway singer. Marley wants to be a singer. Just as Mercedes did, they both dated a Puckerman and have kissed a Puckerman.
  • She also shares similarities with Mercedes Jones. Both of them have never been seen sleeping with their respective boyfriends. Both have dated a Puckerman and a boy with dyslexia. They both have struggled with troubles such as self-image complex and eating disorder/disease. Both of them want to be great artists and either dream of being or end up as radio singer.
  • New New York was the first episode she did not appear since her first appearance in The New Rachel. She appeared in 35 episodes in a row throughout the entire series.
  • She is the only member of New Directions besides Rory Flanagan to not to appear in the series finale, as Finn Hudson appeared in a picture.
  • She is the only bulimic character on the show.
  • It is revealed that John Mayer is her favorite singer ever when she asked Jake if she wanted to see a John Mayer concert with him.
  • Her actress, Melissa Benoist, was married to costar Blake Jenner in 2016 before they divorced, due to domestic violence.



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