Martin Fong is a democratic City Councilman (representing the new North Side and the West Loop corridor, fifty-first Ward Alderman of Chicago) that serves as a judge for the 2012 National Show Choir Championship.

He is portrayed by Rex Lee.


Season Three


He is introduced as one of the judges, together with Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. He watches the three show choirs compete. As soon as the performances are over, he admits to his fellow judges in the deliberation room that he's a show-choir junkie and that he prefers it over other things, like sports. Later on, he defends Lindsay Lohan then from Perez Hilton who undermines her celebrity status. He then tries to draw the judges attention back to the contest several times. He does make clear that he liked the other performances, but says he liked the New Directions the most, due to their incredible amount of energy (with a small reminder of their appearance at the previous year's competition in New York), and is backed up by Lindsay but completely dismissed by Perez (who preferred Vocal Adrenaline because of Unique). Later, while the winner is announced, he is the one to hand over the prizes to the show choirs, enthusiastically handing New Directions the first-place trophy.

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