McConaughey is a dog who is adopted by Sam Evans in Old Dog, New Tricks.


Season Five

Old Dog, New Tricks

McConaughey is adopted from the pound by Sam. At Sam and Mercedes' apartment, McConaughey gets mischievous and tears up the place. This includes the the furniture and Mercedes' shoes. Mercedes comes home to see the mess and tells Sam that they cannot keep the dog. Sam, with the help of Artie, take McConaughey to a dog training course and teaches him how to behave. He hopes that the new McConaughey will impress Mercedes enough to let him stay, but Mercedes still refuses. She says that with her and Sam's busy schedule, they wouldn't have time to take care of the dog. By the end of the episode, McConaughey is re-adopted by an elderly couple during Rachel's "Broadway Bitches" dog adoption charity.


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