The McKinley High Non-Denominational Christmas Club is a club at McKinley that is seen in the Previously Unaired Christmas. Coach Beiste is the staff supervisor for the club, and Artie is the vice president of it. All the Glee Club members are members of the club.


Season Five

Previously Unaired Christmas

Coach Beiste opens the meeting of The Christmas Club and hands it over to Artie, who is the vice president. Artie informs the club that the school's outdoors has been defaced, so Principal Figgins has asked The Christmas Club to step in and do a living nativity. Coach Beiste and Artie decide that Jake will play Joseph, but as a lot of girls want the role of Virgin Mary, the club holds auditions in the auditorium. Mr Schue is called to help out by being one of the judges.

MarleyTina, and Unique audition for the role of Virgin Mary together, singing Mary's Little Boy Child. Mr Schue and Coach Beiste put up the cast list for the nativity. We see a part of the list that shows that Artie is playing Melchior, Unique is Balthasar, Blaine is the angel Gabriel, Tina is Caspar, and Sam and Ryder are shepherds. Marley is cast as Mary, but at the next meeting The Christmas Club decides to make Kitty accept the role of Mary.

At rehearsals, they perform Love Child, with Unique playing Mary, so as to would provoke Kitty to demand the role of Mary. Their plan works, and at the end of the episode we see them as the living nativity. There have been some changes - now Artie, Tina and Marley are playing the Three Kings; Sam, Ryder and Blaine are the shepherds; Unique is the angel; Jake and Kitty are Joseph and Mary, and Becky is playing the baby Jesus. They perform Away in a Manger.

Known members


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