The McKinley High Senior Prom 2012 was held for the Class of 2012's graduates. Class president Brittany decided that the theme would be "dinosaurs." The New Directions were in charge of providing entertainment.


The Prom Committee originally had only three members. President Brittany Pierce was asked by Principal Figgins to join, as she did nothing all year as president. The committee originally decided on choosing between "Castles in Clouds" and "Stairway to Heaven" as themes, but Brittany kicked the three members out and decided the theme would be Dinosaurs. She also banned hair gel from the event, greatly upsetting Blaine. Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez were chosen to count the votes for Prom Court.


During the prom, Quinn decided she would stay in her wheelchair, even though she is almost capable of walking, so people would vote for her. Finn wants is looking for Quinn, as her sees her standing on her own in the bathroom. He is shocked and asks for an explanation. She begs him to stay with her, therefore she'd win prom-queen, and he agrees. While dancing, Finn angrily demands Quinn to stand up and Joe comes in to stop him, starting a fight. Sue breaks it up and Finn storms out. He comes back with Rachel from her Anti-Prom later on. Blaine and Kurt join them. Blaine is still hesitant about going to Prom without hair gel and doesn't want Kurt to see him.

Becky is upset about not being nominated for Prom Queen. Puck tells Becky that she's still a queen, regardless of votes and makes her a crown out of a beer box. Puck and Becky leave the Anti-Prom and join them soon after. Rachel apologizes to Quinn for being upset that Finn chose to go to prom with Quinn and tells her she voted for her. Quinn begins to question her plan.

While counting the votes, Santana sees that Brittany didn't win Prom King, so she drops out of the race because she doesn't want to be Queen without Brittany. Quinn wins by one vote, but realizes that she doesn't feel any different and wants to give it to someone else.

Blaine arrives at Prom without any hair gel, causing Brittany to lift her ban. Kurt insists Blaine keep his hair how he is because he loves Blaine no matter how he looks. Finn wins Prom King and surprisingly, Rachel wins Prom Queen, thanks to Quinn and Santana. The king and queen dance while Santana and Quinn sing Take My Breath Away.

Prom Court

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