The Mercedes-Sam Relationship, most commonly known as Samcedes, is the relationship between Mercedes Jones and Sam Evans.

They went to prom together, along with Rachel and Jesse, and were revealed to have been dating since in New York, though they kept their relationship a secret for unknown reasons. Since Sam moved away at the beginning of Season Three, Mercedes had started dating Shane instead. After Sam comes back to McKinley High School in Hold on to Sixteen, he swears to do everything he can in order to win her back.

Although Mercedes breaks up with Shane in Heart, she refuses to resume her relationship with Sam for a moment, and saying that although she loves him, she needs to find out who she is when it comes to love. Sam uploads a video of her singing on YouTube to give her the confidence to pursue her dream of being a singer, and when he shows Mercedes what he has done for her, the two share a kiss. They are seen dancing together in Prom-asaurus.

In Season Four, they are no longer together as Mercedes is pursuing her career in LA while Sam is a senior at McKinley. However, Mercedes would return to Lima and McKinley to help Finn along with Mike. Though in the episode New New York, feelings between the two of them still seem to be present as they are,along with Blaine, move into an apartment together. However, in the episode Bash, Mercedes and Sam re-kindle about their relationship, and finally start a committed relationship.

At the end of Season Five, Sam is hired by a modeling company, which means his dream has come true, so Sam decides to go back home for a while. Since Mercedes is going on tour and Sam leaving New York, adding the fact that Mercedes isn't ready to have sex with Sam yet, they decides to break up. They are on good terms now.


Sam, unfortunately, does not have a date for the prom in Prom Queen, so Rachel and Mercedes, who are also without dates, come together and they aall agree go together on a prom budget (alongside Jesse St. James, who joins later). During Rachel's rendition of Christina Perri's Jar of Hearts at the prom, Sam tells Mercedes she is beautiful and asks her to dance.
Samcedes Prom Picture


After coming home from New York, having come in 12th at Nationals, Mercedes and Sam happen to bump into Kurt and Blaine at The Lima Bean, making small talk with one another. The two say they just met in the parking lot, but when they stand in line at the counter, they wonder whether or not Kurt and Blaine caught onto them. When they decide that there is no way they know, the camera pans down to see them holding hands, implying that they are secretly dating.

Samcedes Handholding

Incognito handholding

They break up when Sam transfers, as said by Mercedes in The Purple Piano Project. When Sam returns in Hold on to Sixteen, Mercedes tells him that their relationship was just a "summer fling," but Sam calls out to her in the hallway after she walks away that he is going to fight for her, no matter what, which makes her smile.


In Yes/No, Mercedes admitted that their "summer fling" was more than that and she still has feelings for him. In the following episodes, Sam continues to pursue Mercedes, even sharing a kiss with her in Michael, but Mercedes knows what she is doing is wrong and tells Shane about them, breaking up with him in Heart. However, she tells Sam that she wants to be single for a while, declining a relationship with him. Later on in Saturday Night Glee-ver, Sam uploads a video of Mercedes performing Disco Inferno to YouTube and tells her she is capable of doing anything & the two share their second on-screen kiss. In Prom-asaurus, the two attend the prom together, confirming they are back together.

By The New Rachel, it is revealed they have broken up, presumably due to Mercedes leaving to live in Los Angeles, however it has been shown that two are still close friends despite their split.


In this episode, Mercedes is seen whispering about Sam's sexuality. Kurt claims no one would have their hair like Sam's unless they were gay and Mercedes replies, 'You're crazy, circa 2010.'(Duets)

For the Rocky Horror Show, Mercedes is given the part of Frank N' Furter, whilst Sam is given the part of Rocky. (The Rocky Horror Glee Show)

They are seen dancing together towards the end of Singing in the Rain/Umbrella. (The Substitute)

They are seen dancing together in the first part of Santana's solo, Valerie. (Special Education)

When Brittany takes some of the New Directions to the mall to grant Christmas wishes to Santa Claus, Mercedes rolls her eyes and goes up first, where Sam can be briefly seen giving a smile as she walks up. (A Very Glee Christmas)

When Santana and Sam do some public display of affection in the choir room, Mercedes asks with disgust "when'd that happened." (Comeback)

During Mercedes' performance of her original song Hell to the No, Sam holds up a notebook with 'Hell No' written in it. Later during Loser Like Me, Sam is seen with his arm around Mercedes. (Original Song)

Sam introduces Mercedes proudly with "And now, Ms. Mercedes Jones!" during her performance of Ain't No Way - he gives her a standing ovation afterwards. (A Night of Neglect)

Sam Mercedes Rachel at Prom

Mercedes, Sam and Rachel at prom

The group finds out that they are the entertainment at prom, an idea Mercedes doesn't like because she has nobody to go with. Rachel, who is also single, decides to help her. Together they find Sam and ask if he would go to prom with both of them, as a group. Jesse comes back and joins this group, but he really sticks to Rachel's side, leaving it to be that Sam and Mercedes are a pair. During Rachel's ballad Jar of Hearts, Sam tells Mercedes she looks beautiful and asks her to dance. He then holds Mercedes' hand. They are later seen dancing the robot together during I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You. (Prom Queen)

Samcedes 00001
Once they finished their performance of Light up the World, Mercedes and Sam are seen hugging each other tightly. After Nationals, Sam and Mercedes are seen walking into The Lima Bean, where Kurt and Blaine spot them. Sam and Mercedes say that they just happened to meet each other in the parking lot, and after a quick chat, leave to wait in line away from the couple. While in line, Mercedes asks, "Do you think they know?" to which Sam replies, "I don't think anyone knows." This reveals that Sam and Mercedes are, indeed, a couple, since they hold hands after Sam's comment. It is unknown when that relationship started, presumably from prom, or for how long it has been going on. It is also unknown why Sam and Mercedes have opted to keep their relationship a secret from the glee club. (New York)

It is revealed that Sam moved away and that Mercedes has a new boyfriend, Shane. (The Purple Piano Project)

Tumblr lw0vuefBmm1qij0tco1 500

As Mercedes is walking down the hall, Sam suddenly grabs her hand and keeps walking. When Mercedes questions his actions, Sam says that he is holding her hand like it's the most obvious thing in the world. Mercedes takes her hand back and tries to say something but Sam interrupts her about knowledge about her boyfriend. Mercedes warns him that Shane is built like a bulldozer. Mercedes and Sam stop their walk and Mercedes tells Sam that what they had was a summer fling. Sam states that their relationship was more than that, to which Mercedes replies that she will always have a special place in her heart for him, but she's moved on and he needs to do the same. As Mercedes is walking away, Sam yells in a hallway full of students that he was going to fight to get her back, despite how big her boyfriend is. Mercedes is then shown walking away with a smile on her face. During Survivor/I Will Survive, Sam is watching Mercedes with a smile enjoying her performance. During ABC, while Sam is doing a solo dance in front of New Directions as part of the number, Mercedes is seen watching Sam, laughing with a soft smile, embarrassed. (Hold on to Sixteen)

Tumblr lw89otko4I1r1t92wo2 1280

Merry Christmas Sammy

When Mercedes is singing All I Want for Christmas Is You, we see Mercedes dancing around the room, around each member and when she reaches Sam; she walks around him giving him a smile while Sam twists his back at an awkward angle in order to keep his eyes on Mercedes. As Mercedes is dancing with a tinsel with the rest of the New Directions Girls, she wraps some tinsel around Sam's neck and pulls him closer to her, both smiling flirtatiously before she moves off to sing next to Artie. Also, at the end of the number when Mercedes holds a mistletoe above Finn and Rachel, Sam can be seen in the background watching her from behind. In Do They Know It's Christmas?, Sam is seen winking and smiling at Mercedes while she's singing. (Extraordinary Merry Christmas)

Samcedes summer nights

The episode starts off with Mercedes and the rest of the ND girls (and Kurt) walking outside during lunch where Tina brings up Mercedes' and Sam's relationship, saying that they have been seen stealing glances at each other in the choir room. Mercedes then tells them that she and Sam had a summer fling but also brought up a moment they had at a lake over the summer. The scene switches and Sam is seen describing their summer as incredible to the New Directions Boys where both Sam and Mercedes explain how they spent their summer together singing Summer Nights with the rest of the New Directions replicating the Grease montage. After a quick Glee Club meeting where Mr. Schuester announces he's going to propose to Ms. Pillsbury, Sam follows Mercedes out of the choir room asking about her intentions on marriage, bringing up a guy who is great at impressions and is totally into her (himself). Mercedes tells Sam that she is with Shane and Sam brings up the reason as to why they aren't back together again yet, all the while reminding Mercedes of the time they had when dating that involved a Tilt-a-Twirl ride at a carnival. Mercedes describes their time as fun, and that's what Sam thought but that it doesn't change the fact that she is dating Shane. Sam then watches as Mercedes walks away with Shane. Sam approaches Coach Beiste, desperately asking about school sports teams he could join in order to get a letterman jacket in the hopes of impressing Mercedes. The only team available for Sam was the synchronized swimming team.

Sam later talks to Finn about him joining the synchronized swimming team, saying that it's sexy to which Finn disagrees with and walks away. Sam then spots Mercedes at her locker and states that he is "not worried" but is then slushied by the hockey team.
Tumblr lxrdct2Egq1qhh5fko2 1280

Mercedes turns around in shock at seeing Sam slushied, and asks if he is okay, then proceeds to clean off some of the slushie from his face. It is at this moment that Shane appears, asking Mercedes what she was doing and her replying, "Just helping out a friend". Shane claims that Sam will pull through and offers to walk her to class. Mercedes, reluctantly leaves with Shane, and Sam watches them walk away again, except this time Mercedes is seen looking back at Sam. Mercedes, Santana, Tina, and Rachel try to give Mr. Schuester some advice on his proposal to Ms. Pillsbury, singing The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face where they each picture the person they have strong feelings for and a deep connection to and Mercedes pictures Sam instead of Shane. After the song is over, Mercedes runs off the stage, in tears, into the girls bathroom where Tina, Santana and Rachel follow her. When asked what's wrong, Mercedes admits that she still has feelings for Sam even though she thought she was over him. Rachel advises her to take her time, saying, "Maybe the spark with Sam is still there". During Rachel's song Without You, Sam and Mercedes share glances with each other. (Yes/No)

Sam sends Mercedes a text-message, asking her to meet him at the auditorium. Mercedes is seen to be confused by this but goes to meet him anyway. After a heartfelt speech from Sam, he proceeds to put Mercedes' name in lights, something Mercedes is touched by. It is at this time that Sam admits that he is crazy about her.

Sam then brings forward the argument that they haven't sang a duet yet and asks her to sing Human Nature with him. He says that he won't stop her from going back to Shane if she wasn't touched by the song. Mercedes declines at first and attempts to leave, but as soon as the music begins to play, she turns around and sings with Sam. During the song, Mercedes gets onto the stage where they romantically and playfully sing together. As soon as the song is finished, they get closer to each other and share a kiss. The immediate aftermath of this isn't revealed, they can, however, be seen sitting peacefully next to each other during practice on one of the following days. (Michael)

Since Sam and Mercedes are still struggling with the kiss they had, they have a non-couple counseling session with Emma Pillsbury to discuss their problem. When Mercedes expresses her worries, how she is unsure about her feelings and doesn't want to hurt anyone, Emma recommends that they don't speak with each other for a full week, to help Mercedes become aware of what she really wants. It is at this time that Sam tweets that Mercedes smells good and states that he won't stop until it's trending. Mercedes also discusses her problem with Kurt and Rachel during their sleepover, comparing herself to Bella from Twilight during the process. Since they are now unable to talk, they each devote a song to the other. Mercedes sings Don't Wanna Lose You and during the song, Sam tries to avoid eye contact with Mercedes but ultimately gives in and watches her performance with a smile on his face. Sam sings a mash-up of Bamboleo/Hero, dedicating the lyrics of Hero to Mercedes.

At the end of the week, they both impatiently wait, watching a clock, until the time they are prohibited to speak
to each other is over. When finally the last minute of the week has ended, Sam confronts Mercedes in the hallway, awaiting her decision. Before anything is said, Shane appears and takes Mercedes with him, and Sam is left with a heartbroken expression as the two walk away. Mercedes, with a similar expression, looks back at Sam as he walks in the other direction. (The Spanish Teacher)

They can be seen exchanging looks throughout the episode, either during glee-club practice or when The God Squad meets. They both become involved with The God Squad because they are Christians and are both seen performing Stereo Hearts and Cherish/Cherish with the group. During one of their meetings, Sam makes reproaches to Mercedes because she is still dating Shane, although she has feelings for him. During Artie's song, Let Me Love You, Sam and Mercedes gives each other looks.

Later on, Sam asks Mercedes to be his valentine. It's then that Mercedes tells Sam she loves him and breaks into tears, telling him that she admitted to Shane what had been going on between them. When Sam wants to know if they can be an item now, Mercedes refuses, because she hurt Shane, and she didn't recognize the person she became. She tells Sam that she has to be on her own for awhile, and hence declines resuming their

Mercedes then performs I Will Always Love You, in the choir room and directs it to Sam. Sam then rushes out of the room in tears, leaving Mercedes there crying. Nothing else is specified between the two in the episode, though Sam is seen glancing at Mercedes during Cherish/Cherish. (Heart)

During a meeting with The God Squad where they talk about the Karofsky situation, as well as making plans to visit him in the hospital, Sam and Mercedes are seen glancing at each other from time to time, both looking concerned. Also, during Regionals when New Directions are pronounced the winners, Sam and Mercedes are seen hugging in the background. (On My Way)

During Booty Camp, Sue points out the sexual tension between Mercedes and Sam which the two do not deny. (Big Brother)

Mr. Schuester announces the finalists for the miniature disco competition after the song Night Fever, and when Mercedes'sname is said, Sam claps enthusiastically. Mercedes performs Disco Inferno with Santana and Brittany as back-up and during her performance, Sam is seen to be recording Mercedes on his cellphone. Afterwards, when Mercedes worriedly talks about her future, Sam looks down at the video of Mercedes singing and dancing and gets an idea. During Santana's performance of If I Can't Have You, Sam is seen watching Mercedes.

Sam later approaches Mercedes in the hallway and leads her to an empty classroom where he proceeds to show
her a video on YouTube of her Disco Inferno performance. Mercedes gets a little upset that Sam posted a video of her without her permission but Sam tells her she is amazing and looks stunning. Mercedes quickly worries about the feedback of the video. She is surprised to learn that all but one of the comments is positive, the one non-positive comment being because someone had mistaken the video for something else. Mercedes is extremely touched by the responses and asks Sam why he would do this for her. Sam then tells Mercedes he believes in her and that with her talent, and all that she is, Mercedes would be able to achieve anything. He endearingly calls her "Baby" and they kiss on-screen for the second time. (Saturday Night Glee-ver)

When Mr. Schue states that the assignment for the week would be a Whitney Houston tribute, despite Mercedes questioning Sam, Sam says that he thinks it's a bad idea considering her past problems. Emma also mentions Samcedes during Kurt and Blaine's couple counseling, where Blaine mentions that they broke up. (Dance with Somebody)

Tumblr m3qyzarDjV1qduh46o1 250

In this episode, when Brittany announced the theme for senior prom, Sam and Mercedes are seen sitting next to each other and later attend senior prom together. They are also seen standing next to each other while Brittany performs Dinosaur. During What Makes You Beautiful, Mercedes stands front and center, watching and dancing to Sam and some of the other New Directions Boys performance and at one point it seems as though Sam is pointing at her. Sam and Mercedes dance together throughout prom and during Love You Like a Love Song, Sam talks to Mercedes about how they were at last year's prom and states that Mercedes never thought that they would be back together again. It is also during this song that they both look over to see Shane enjoying the senior prom with his own date. They smile and wave to Shane receiving a wave and smile back in return. As Quinn and Santana are singing Take My Breath Away, Mercedes and Sam are shocked and Mercedes says "Praise." Sam proceeds to calling it a "prom miracle" when Quinn gets out of her wheelchair and stands up. While prom pictures are being taken, Sam and Mercedes are seen humorously posing for the picture. (Prom-asaurus)

Mercedes and Sam can be seen sitting next to each other throughout most the Glee Club meetings and on the bus to Nationals in Chicago. Near the end, while Sam is doing some impressions, Mercedes, along with Kurt, Artie, and Brittany are laughing around him. (Props)

Sam and Mercedes are dance partners during some of Paradise by the Dashboard Light. (Nationals)

During a lot of the songs in the episode, Sam and Mercedes are seen sharing looks and they are seen sitting next to each other in the beginning of the episode. At Merc
edes' locker, Sam and Mercedes are hugging and celebrating Mercedes getting a recording contract thanks to the Disco Inferno video Sam had posted online. They are very excited for this, and Mercedes lovingly states that she could have not done it without Sam. During You Get What You Give, they are seen having fun and dancing together. While saying goodbye to Rachel, Sam and Mercedes are standing next to each other. (Goodbye)

Finn says that someone is needed to dance lead together with Brittany in Gangnam Style. Sam immediately feels he should dance lead, steps up and shows his dancing skills. Mercedes can then be heard giggling "No" to him over and over again. (Thanksgiving)

Mercedes is featured in a montage video for Sam. She explains that Sam gave her the courage to follow her dreams of becoming a singer and to move to Los Angeles for that. (Naked)

Foronceinmylife samcedes

Sam gives Mercedes a compliment on making a record, as it is revealed when Mercedes triumphantly returns to McKinley to be New Directions' vocal coach. Later on, Sam is seen dancing and cheering on Mercedes as she performs Higher Groundand the two are also seen singing at a microphone with Unique as New Directions perform For Once in My Life with Artie. (Wonder-ful)

When Sam mentions to Arwyyd Johnson that she is black, he asks her if she knows who Mercedes Jones is. (Movin' Out)

When Mercedes was talking about the fuwawa, Sam seems interested. Mercedes goes to support New Directions in the competition. After hearing from Jake and Ryder that Marley was upset because her songs were rejected in some online contests and was planning to leave the Glee Club, Mercedes gives her a pep talk about rejection and not giving up, and tells her that she has dumped Sam Evans twice. (City of Angels)

When the New Directions decided who was "The true star of the Glee Club" after Mercedes and Rachel's Diva Off, Sam votes on either Mercedes or Rachel, however, in the end the results are a tie. (100)

Samcedes New Apartment

When Mercedes unexpectedly arrives at New York, the gang helps her move into her new apartment. During the process, Sam and Mercedes are left inside alone. Mercedes admits having felt lonely in L.A. and says she missed him, and everyone else. She then offers her extra room to him and Blaine, leading them to hug. Sam asks what are they going to do with the sexual tension between them, to which Mercedes replies that they won't do anything. He then tries to kiss her but is rejected. However, they seem to be bonding later, during People. (New New York)

At the apartment, Mercedes is woken out of her sleep while Sam is watching The Facts of Life in the living room, to which he sleeps in. Mercedes decides to watch it with him, but as soon as they get comfortable together on the couch, Sam tells Mercedes that she never mentioned why they broke up. Mercedes reveals that she wasn't ready to be in a relationship, especially since Sam has dated many girls before and after her.
Tumblr n3sgarMtAZ1r87l9mo2 500
Even though Mercedes tries to deny her feelings for Sam as they try to remain friends, Mercedes makes the move and kisses Sam. Later on, while everyone at the Bushwick apartment has dinner, Mercedes and Sam play with their feet under the table, to which Mercedes tries to hide their romantic interactions. The next day, Sam is concerned that Mercedes is still hiding their feelings for each other to everyone, and Sam tries to prove to her that they are made for each other. However, Mercedes is still uncertain about how she feels, she lets Sam go on as she sings You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman at a carousel. 

Meanwhile, Mercedes has dinner with her back-up singers, and they are interrupted by Sam, who takes over the night and is shown to do impressions and he tries to impress the girls, but he mostly embarrasses Mercedes. After the dinner is over, the back-up girls tell Mercedes that they like Sam and his impressions of The Cosbys, but believes that they aren't a couple because of their different races. Since Mercedes is black, and Sam is white, Mercedes fears that her career may go downhill because she's dating Sam. Mercedes then decides to not become a couple with Sam, who thought that the girls may not have liked him. Sam seems disappointed about it because Glee Club was diverse. Mercedes tells Sam that they aren't in high school anymore and they are in the real world. Therefore, she breaks it off with him and tells Sam to move out of her apartment. 

Tumblr n3qtxyaEqz1twymv3o2 500
Later, Mercedes and Sam meet up again in the studio, and Mercedes agrees that Sam had great points in their previous conversation, as well as she did. She feels remorseful for believing that they both couldn't become a true couple because of their different races. Instead of not knowing what to say to Sam about how she feels, she sings for him by performing ColorblindSam goes into the room where she performed to give her a hug.

Back at the Bushwick Apartment, Mercedes and Sam arrive for a Monday Night potlock, to where they announce that they are officially dating again. Although everyone felt odd about it knowing that their relationship wasn't exactly a relationship. To prove they have chemistry, Sam kisses Mercedes. In the final scene, as Kurt is performing I'm Still Here, Mercedes and Sam hold hands and gaze at each other lovingly. (Bash)

In the apartment, Mercedes and Sam are seen making out while Sam attempts to get intimate. Mercedes pushes away for a break while Sam tries to request that he and Mercedes should have sex since Blaine isn't there. However, Mercedes denies this request based on the fact that she is a virgin, and she is very uncertain of how ready she is to experience her first time. Sam isn't a virgin, but he tries to respect Mercedes by saying that they can take things slower just for her.

Meanwhile, Mercedes decides to take Sam to church with her, and Sam seems nervous at first because he doesn't know if he'll fit in with the church. Sam then brings up that he has a clean bill of health as a way to
Samcedes IWTKWLI
tell Mercedes that he is able to have sex with Mercedes without any issues. Mercedes thanks Sam for it, but feels like he's focusing on a lot of the things that are outside from church, including having sex with each other. Mercedes is still unsure about how ready she is to have her first time with Sam, and she wants to turn to God for answers of what decision she should make when it comes to this situation. As they go into church, Mercedes goes up to the front to perform I Want to Know What Love Is for Sam, she goes to him and he stands up and she sings to him. Mercedes gets outside advice from Rachel about what her first time was like, and still believes that she isn't ready to give herself to Sam, and worries that she won't be good at it at all. Later on, Mercedes and Sam go 
Samcedes Date SLD
to the diner, and Sam tries to by expensive things for Mercedes even though he doesn't have money. Mercedes assumes that because they are on a date and they are having a great night, Sam wants to have sex with her afterwards. But Sam denies that, stating that he is trying to be a good boyfriend to her. Sam expresses his true love and honesty to Mercedes afterwards. Outside, Mercedes sings Let's Wait Awhile to Sam, which intertwines with Artie and his date, Julia.

Mercedes later goes back to church to pray for answers. Back at the apartment, Mercedes and Sam are making out on the floor when Mercedes stops to give Sam her answer. Mercedes tells Sam that she finally made her decision: that she is not ready to have sex and won't be until she is married. This disappoints Sam because he feels like he can't wait until marriage to have sex. Although Mercedes would want to do this for him, she's still not ready. Therefore, Sam leaves to have time to think about this.

Samcedes Candlelit
Finally, Mercedes walks back to her apartment and Sam calls her on the phone. Mercedes believes that Sam will break up with her, but as soon as she walks inside, the apartment is lit with candles. She goes into the living room to see Sam inside. Sam admits that he prayed and he understands and respects Mercedes' decision to wait for sex. He tells Mercedes that he can live without sex, but he can't live without her. After that, they both share a romantic kiss. (Tested)

Sam and Mercedes support Rachel when she freaks out before the opening night of her show Funny Girl. Both attend the show which ends up being very successful. Afterward, Sam and Mercedes go out to celebrate with Rachel and the rest of their friends and dance the night away. In the morning, Sam and Mercedes and the rest of the gang go to the newsstand to see if reviews have come out for Rachel's show. Much to everyone's happiness, the review is a very positive one. (Opening Night)

Sam and Mercedes, alongside Rachel and Artie, appear at an animal shelter where dogs are, and when Sam and Mercedes are seen adoring the dogs, Sam wants to have a dog, but Mercedes disapproves. While she loves animals, she feels like Sam is more work to deal with than with a dog. The two both perform I Melt with You with Rachel. Meanwhile, Mercedes is distraught when she comes home when Sam adopts a dog named McConaughey, even when he doesn't pay attention to the dog when he plays video games with Artie. When Sam begs her to give him a chance to have responsibility with the dog, she agrees. However, the negative outcomes of McConaughey destroying most of her personal things causes Mercedes to become infuriated.

Mercedes tries to lecture Sam about his responsibility with the dog, not believing that he can manage taking care of a dog, especially when Mercedes is going on tour and Sam is focusing on modeling.
Sam confronts Mercedes, worried about the distance the two will have when Mercedes goes on tour. He mentions how he was able to take care of his family and provide for them, and while Mercedes understands that, she doesn't want McConaughey to get involved with their main conflict: how their relationship will work out. Mercedes requests that Sam should find a home for McConaughey. Sam, however, refuses to give him away. At the diner, they talk about finding the dog a home, and both agreeing not to take the dog to the shelter, the two finally find someone to have a dog, they give each other a hug after performing Take Me Home Tonight. (Old Dog, New Tricks)

The whole group is having Monday night dinner at the Bushwick Apartment, when Mercedes wants to give Sam a snack. He refuses, saying he has a huge modeling audition this week, and they're going all out: billboards, print, and bus ads. He then reveals his dream of being almost naked on a public bus to Mercedes, who tells him she's gonna spraypaint "mine" over all the ads, making sure everybody knows he has a girlfriend.

Sam is present at Mercedes opening night of her mall tour, where she performs Shakin' My Head. Later that week, he has the audition of a huge modeling job. Due to Mercedes and him staying celibate til marriage, Sam is a little sexually frustrated and has put a rubber band around his arm to snap it and distract him. Later, both Sam and Mercedes are separately questioned about their relationship. Mercedes by Rachel, Kurt, and Brittany, and Sam by Blaine and Artie. They both tell them they love each other and want to stay together. However, at Sam's photoshoot, his photographer Charlie Darling comes onto him and they kiss.


When Mercedes returns to her apartment with food, she notices that something is wrong with Sam. When she asks him, he admits that he has cheated on her. He tells her about the kiss, but Mercedes doesn't think he cheated on her. She tells him that she loves him greatly, but can't tell him to wait until he's thirty to have sex with her. Mercedes tearfully explains that she doesn't want him to resent her for what she's asking him to do. Sam tells her that no matter who he's with, or what he's doing, he'd rather be doing it with her. She nods, and they hug, both upset. Mercedes suggests a deal - if she decides to change her mind and not wait, she'll give him a call. Smiling, Sam agrees.

They both attend Blaine's showcase at NYADA, watching him sing No Time at All with June Dolloway, and American Boy with Kurt. They read the second version of Rachel's pilot script with the rest of the group, and they all love it. At the end of the episode, they all perform Pompeii together, showing Mercedes and Brittany leaving for their tour, and Sam going back to Lima. (The Untitled Rachel Berry Project)

Rachel calls Mercedes and their other friends back to McKinley in order to help reboot the revived New Directions. During everyone's reunion, Sam gets Mercedes's attention and asks her if she is still a virgin. She simply rolls her eyes and turns their attention back to the others. (Homecoming)

Mercedes is informed by Kurt that something romantic has bloomed between Sam and Rachel, but both are afraid to further their feelings due to fear of hurting Mercedes. She, however, despite feeling a tiny hint of jealousy, encourages them to give it a try, even have heart-to-heart with them respectively. (What the World Needs Now)

Sam and Kurt gather Mercedes, Kitty and Artie in an empty classroom at McKinley to ask them for help to make Rachel feel better. (Transitioning)

Sam and Mercedes take a selfie along with Kitty and Tina before the wedding. (A Wedding)

Mercedes and Sam are seen in choir room, where Will sings Teach Your Children. They all seem to be moved by this performance. Later, Mercedes gathers Sam, Kurt, Blaine, Artie, Tina, and Rachel in the Auditorium. She says, that she's going on tour with Beyonce and says goodbye to them by singing Someday We'll Be Together. 5 years later, just before Tony Awards, Blaine says that Sam has a new girlfriend. Mercedes is surprised because she says that Sam still texts her. At the end of the episode, both of them are part of I Lived. (Dreams Come True)


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Sam: Mercedes?
Mercedes: Yes?
Sam: I just wanted to say that you look beautiful. Would you like to dance?
Mercedes: I'd love to.
(Mercedes takes Sam's hand)

Prom Queen

Mercedes: Do you think they know?
Sam: I don't think anybody knows.
(They hold hands)

New York

(Sam grabs Mercedes' hand)
Mercedes: What are you doing?
Sam: Holding your hand.
Mercedes: Don't. Sam look I-
Sam: Hey, I heard about your boyfriend.
Mercedes: Then you heard he's built like a bulldozer...We had a summer fling.
Sam: It was more than that.
Mercedes: I'll always have a special place in my heart for you but I've moved on, and you need to do the same.
Sam: I don't care how big or bad your boyfriend is. I'm gonna fight to get you back.
(Mercedes walks away smiling)

Hold on to Sixteen

Sam: Hey. Pretty romantic huh? Think you're gonna get married someday?
Mercedes: After I win my first Grammy.
Sam: Do you have any idea who the guy is gonna be, because I know this awesome dude who has great impressions and is totally into you.
Mercedes: Sam, stop. I'm with Shane.
Sam: It's because I'm white right?
Mercedes: (Smiling) Are you insane?
Sam: Okay then, it's because he's such a stud athlete? The Letterman jacket makes all the girls go wild, I know.
Mercedes: It was a summer fling Sam.
Sam: You tell me, thinking about that Tilt-a-whirl at the carnival doesn't make you smile.
Mercedes: Okay that was fun.
Sam: That's what I thought.


Tina: Hey, what's wrong?
Mercedes: That song was so-so beautiful and moving. The first person I thought of wasn't Shane. It was Sam. I don't know. I thought it was in the past.
Rachel: Hey I think you just need to take it slow okay? And listen to your heart. Maybe the spark with Sam is still there.


Mercedes: Sam just tweeted that I smell good.
Sam: I won’t stop until it’s trending.

The Spanish Teacher

Sue: I said absolutely nothing about the implausible sexual tension between Mercedes and the Kentucky Fried Stripper.

Big Brother

(Sam shows Mercedes a video of her singing Disco Inferno on the computer)
Mercedes: That's me...
Sam: Yeah.
Mercedes: Wait. Did you post this to YouTube without asking?
Sam: Can you hear yourself? You're amazing! And you look stunning.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Sam: You ain't no skim milk, baby. You're the cream rising to the top.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Sam: Are you sure that's appropriate?.
Mercedes: You did not just ask that!

Dance With Somebody

Sam: First time we danced like this was at last year's prom.
Mercedes: I remember.
Sam: Yeah, remember how I told you we're gonna get back together and you told me I was crazy - krayzee!
Mercedes: (laughing) That’s 'cause you are.
Sam: Yeah well you kinda love it.


Mercedes: Sam gave me the courage to follow my dreams and become a singer. And without him I probably would've moved to L.A.


Mercedes: I ain't ashamed to say it. It got a little lonely out there. I missed you. Well I missed everyone.

New New York

Mercedes: So here I am, two bedrooms and a refrigerator.
Sam: That's cool.
Mercedes: It's crazy.
Sam: So uh, what are you going to do with the other room?
Mercedes: Oh well, you know I was thinking of storing my hair for my weaves in there. But then I got to thinking, maybe I should rent it out to a couple of nerds I knew back in high school.
Sam: Yeah, but Blaine and I need a place so you could just rent it to us.
(Mercedes gives Sam a look)
Sam: ...Oh you were talking about us.
Mercedes: Yes I was. (laughs)

New New York

(Sam digging through his pockets)
Mercedes: Um, what are you doing?
Sam: I’m gonna make a wish.
Mercedes: Are you about to throw a coin in the East River?
Sam: No…I'm gonna to make a bunch of wishes and they’re all going towards that same wish-oh, there’s a screw, that you, Mercedes Jones, will open your eyes and realize the we are perfect for each other.
Mercedes: (laughs) Sam.
(Sam chucks a bunch of coins into the river)


Sam: Listen up everybody, Mercedes and I have an announcement, drum roll please.
Mercedes: Sam and I…
Sam: We are officially dating again.


Sam: Fact, sex is awesome. It's like one of the greatest things that god ever invented. But what's better than sex? Um, horseback riding. Um, Skydiving probably. And hearing you sing. I-I don't need to think about this anymore. I know I've said this before, but this time I really mean it. I can live without sex, but I can't live without you.


Rachel: Well Sam definitely loves you because I don't know any other nineteen year old boy who would say it's okay to wait if he wasn't like, totally in love with you and obsessed with you.


Sam: Are you still a virgin?



  • They are the second couple to start dating over the summer, the first being Tike.
  • It has not been revealed as to why Sam and Mercedes decided to keep their relationship hidden when they first started dating.
  • They are the second couple that has their own theme song (the first is Klaine). Their theme is a piano melody of Summer Nights.
  • Most of their major scenes seem to happen in the school hallway.
  • Mercedes is the first girl Sam has knowingly cried over.
  • Sam is the only guy Mercedes admitted to being in love with. (Heart)
  • Sam is the only guy Mercedes has cheated with.
  • Mercedes has called Sam "crazy" twice. (In Michael and Prom-asaurus)
  • One of their scenes in Heart was cut in which Sam gives Mercedes an ultimatum.
  • Sam's locker in season 3 contains a great amount of pictures of Mercedes.
  • They have both been referenced to chocolate, Mercedes as Chocolate Thunder and Sam as White Chocolate.
  • Sue says that she can feel sexual tension between them. (Big Brother)
  • Mercedes is Sam's only girlfriend that hasn't publicly humiliated him.
  • They attended prom together two years in a row.
  • They have both been in The God Squad with Quinn and Joe in Season Three. They have been the only two members sometime prior to Heart, being that Joe had first joined at the same time Quinn had rejoined.
  • Emma Pilsbury found them to be a great couple. (Dance With Somebody)
  • There was no official ending or break-up to the relationship. When Season Four aired, their relationship was not mentioned and Sam began pursuing Brittany.
    • Although Mercedes tells Marley in City of Angels that she dumped Sam.
  • Both have pursued a relationship with each other the most out of their other relationship.
  • They are the first straight couple of former New Directions members to live together.
    • They are the first straight couple to share a bedroom as well.
  • Sam has stated on multiple occasions that they have chemistry and are perfect for each other.
  • Tested is the first time Sam has outright said "I love you" to Mercedes.
  • Sam declared that Mercedes's voice is better than sex.
  • Rachel believes that Sam and Mercedes are soulmates.
  • Their kiss in Tested was included on Glee's Top 5 On-screen kisses countdown.
  • They were included on Glee's Top 3 Unsinkable Ships countdown.



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