aka Jer

  • I live in Buenos Aires
  • I was born on June 18
  • My occupation is Student -Future Star-
  • I am Male
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  • just like every night has its daaaawn

    just like every Maya sings her sad sad song

    every rooooose has its thorn 

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  • Hello my name is Maya and I'll be auditioning for the role of sspamming your message wall.

    lmao I'm kidding but its been a while since I've done this so I decided to bring it back.

    Sorry that I'm not sorry.

    Love you long time


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  • JER JER JER!!!! We gotta talk!

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  • Look who finally returned. How's life as a graduate?

    btw, this is Kyle, Home Skillet.
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    Chu kiss blaine kurt klaine
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    Jer ★

    Have an amazing day!

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  • If you ever feel like pulling a Troubletones and leaving #BroadslayBitchez, I will be welcoming you with open arms. You're a part of my dream team, and I'd love to team up with you and slay all the other clubs. Just hit me up if you change your mind. *flirtatious wink*

    Santana wink
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  • Hey Jer, remember to make enough edits for this month, I saw that you missed them last month, so I thought I'd leave a reminder.

    Take care (:

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    • Thanks Happy :)

      I see what I can do... and yeah I know what not making enough edits for two months in a row means, but I'm focusing on other things right now. I'll try tho :p

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  • I wanna love ya
    I want you
    And even though I can't forgive ya
    I really want to
    I want you
    Tell me, tell me baby
    Why did you leave me
    Cause even though I shouldn't want it
    I gotta have it
    I want you

    Head in the clouds
    Got no weight on my shoulders
    I should be wiser
    And realize that I've got
    One less problem without ya

    Kidding, don't leave me. Love ya. Have an awesome day.

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  • Hello! Welcome to the Virtual UK Big Brother 1 Auditions!

    (Auditions/All main details at this blog here)

    Hello. My name is Alietta, as many of you will know. After the big success of Katrina's amazing Virtual US Big Brother on Wikia, I have decided (with the permission from Katrina) to do one based around the UK version. If you're wondering why I would be doing this, it's because the UK version is a lot different to how the US version is. If you're worried about playing in both at the same time, don't worry, none of ours will air at the same time. This season will start as soon as Katrina's one is currently over. Once you have auditioned, you will automatically enter the house.

    As I mentioned before, some of you might not know how the UK version works since it is a lot different. Here is the main gameplay. There will obviously be twists.

    Gameplay -

    • Diary Room - The Diary Room is probably the best known feature of the Big Brother House. It is a small room containing a seat for housemates to sit on while they talk confidentially to Big Brother.
    • Ejection - This is one of the ways in which houseguests can leave the Big Brother House. When a housemate is ejected, they are removed from the House solely by Big Brother, usually for severe or continual breaking of the rules and behaviour which is deemed unacceptable by Big Brother. Big Brother occasionally takes time to deliberate about whether to remove a housemate from the House or not if their breaking of the rules is severe enough. The departure of the housemate is normally revealed to the other housemates later in the day in the case of a housemate leaving without the rest of the housemates knowing. There are many ways in which this can happens, including bullying or rude behaviors towards the host.
    • Eviction - This is another way in which houseguests can leave the Big Brother House. An eviction is a process by which a housemate is removed from the Big Brother House, decided by a majority or minority of the public vote. Any ammount of houseguests can be up each week. Users from any wiki, me and houseguests will all be voting in a poll for who we want to be evicted. If you're nominated you're allowed to ask other players to save you.
    • Live Final - At the beginning of the Live Final, a small number of houseguests remained in the House (anywhere from 3 to 7) after surviving numerous evictions. The public were asked to vote for their favourite surviving housemate to win a cash prize and be crowned the winner of Big Brother. Voting freezes occur periodically during the show, with the housemates finishing lower than second place being evicted and interviewed. The winner is announced and the first runner-up then leaves the house and is interviewed, followed by the winner, who is treated to a cheering crowd and a fireworks display before their interview.
    • Launch - As soon as you have auditioned to be part of it, you have entered, no matter what. You will enter and can once start making alliances before we get eighteen houseguests.
    • Tasks - Each week will be given a numerous ammount of tasks. These tasks can earn people prizes such as being immune, choosing who goes up for eviction, a suprise ticket to the finale, anything. Houseguests can earn these each week.
    • Nominations - Each week (unless the host says otherwise), every houseguest, in either private or public will nominate two people each for who they want to leave the house. Each nomination will have to have a reason. The houseguests with the highest ammount of votes will be put up for eviction.
    • Walking - The final way in which houseguests can leave the Big Brother House. If you're going to be inactive and want to remove yourself for it or any other reason, you may do so.

    I'd love to see you try out!

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