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    Jordan ★

    Have an amazing day!

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  • "Some b*tch is really interested in taking over and if you don't mind them managing it you'll still get credit for creating it when the page is made yadayadayada." - TaeInTheSky

    So basically, my friend Tiago (GooGoo) really wants to make an Anderberry team (he wants to drag me into it too). I just noticed that your team has been inactive for a little while so I was wondering if I could ask you if he's allowed to "take over" the team and get the signatures necessary for a page. You will get credit when the team is made it and you'll still be able to manage it. So, can he take over? Your call :)

    Thank you <3

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    • That sounds great. I am so sorry for the late reply, I have been extremely busy and haven't been on the wiki much.

      I would love that. Of course, when the page is created (IF it is, of course), when there are people who run and manage the people, I would like to be one of those people. Thank you. 

      I think the fact that the blog is quite old is the reason it became inactive. But anyway, yes, Tiago can make an Anderberry team if he wishes. :) 

      Thank you. xx

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I am interested in starting a fan-fiction, and since you have a really good one, I was wondering if I could get pointers?

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    • Hey Kandice, I'll reply now.

      Yes, me too. I was also especially annoyed how they introduced Matt Rutherford, gave him nothing to say, sing or do, and then for the next season, make him disappear. At the beginning of my fic, I introduced a few characters originating from Glee, but now I kind of regret that, because sometimes it interferes with the real story if they reappear on Glee. That's why Sugar Motta will eventually be leaving my fic next season. And yes, I love it when fics interact too. This season I've got one other user's fan-fic appearing on The Unitards. Their name is Fusion and they'll be versing The Unitards at Nationals. The user of the other fic also used my glee club in theirs too.

      Me too, I would say six is a good number of songs as a maximum, maybe slightly over every now and then if need be.

      Keeping characters consistent and in-character is very difficult to do. I've had trouble with that, especially at the start of the season. They've all got their own little personalities and traits and it's difficult to remember everything. Another quick tip is to check back at the original character auditions when you're writing, if there's ever something you need to know about a character but you're unsure, check back at the audition.

      First question - I would love for our fan-fics to interact! :) Whenever your season starts up and continues a bit more, we could begin to arrange a time when they could be featured. Of course, my only question is whether it'd be completely interweaved, so that both fics are put into one episode, and that one episode is included in both of our fan-fics with equal screentime for both clubs, or whether it'd be that they have cameos in our own fics, for example, your glee club might make an appearance in my fic, or my glee club might appear in yours. I'm not really sure if I made any sense then, but it's something we could discuss later on, if you wanted.

      Second question - yes, that Percy "Spider" Reed character is included in practically almost every existing fan-fiction. He's even in mine, if you could believe it! :P There are quite a few characters that users continously reaudition on each new fan-fic. Personally, I like new characters as well, that haven't been used in others, as that way it makes your story more unique and your own. I personally think it would be okay if you mentioned that you only want original characters in your fic, on the auditions post. I mean, this probably won't stop some people from still re-auditioning old characters, but I think it'd be good if you wrote that. :)

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    • Okay! All of that definitely sounds good. I do understand what you meant with my first question- Interweaved would have our groups splitting one document, with half of the time devoted to each group, and the storylines interacting with each other- sort of like Troubletones vs. New Directions. The episode they are interweaved in, would be the same in both fanfics. Cameos would be like the Unitards and new Directions on the actual show, or any Glee Club that has been on Glee for one episode only.

      A third option would something LIKE the Warblers, but less often, where the groups interact long term, but with less consequences to individual plot lines. It would be something like season one, where the Deaf school and the school for the girls were both present before the competition, but they didn't do much in the way of affecting individual stories.

      And a FOURTH option would be like Vocal Adrenaline, where they show up now and then and interact, with less long term effects. Sort of like how every time VA appeared, it just kind of left this mist of awe over the Glee club. Not the same effect, but just the "showing up now and then with less long term effects" idea.

      Sorry, I just kind of went crazy with these ideas :P Let me know if these make sense!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I almost wrote Hey Jordz lololol

    BRAM IS IN THE BOTTOM NOW :( *cries in corner....



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  • Hey Jordan!!!

    You like Bram???

    Make sure to save them on the OTP battle! Click here and then click Bram and submit to keep them safe and in the game to win the OTP of the Glee Wiki!

    xoxo Jordz


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  • Cool username! Thanks just add the templates when they are made! im sure they will be amazing. i would make some...if i knew how to xD

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