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  • I live in Slovakia
  • I was born on October 18
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  • Hello! I don't really know you, but I saw you using Tangled gifs around the ep pages and I officially adore you <3 It completely made my day xD 

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    • I think that would be sweet :) People keep saying it will be either Unique or Marley. But I don't really think it's either of them. I thought it could be Marley for a while, but now I don't think so. Well, we'll see this week :))

      I'm super excited for that episode. It can't come soon enough xDD I think Blaincedes duet could be for Kurt or Burt, that would be sweet <3 I'm hoping someone will sing I Just Called To Say I Love You :) I love that song <3 I don't want the summer hiatus to come either :D They could make something like Glee: Summer Holiday LOL

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  • So I've decided to come to your message wall so we don't spam the whole comment section LOL.

    So do you speak german too?


    I heard that a lot of people in the western parts of Slovakia do understand or even speak german. But this has not necessarily to be true.

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    • That moment is just hilarious :DD But from the spoilers we've got it looks like she'll go to MIT :( But I guess I can understand it, the writers probably couldn't figure out what to do with Heather's pregnancy. But I'll still miss her :(

      Yeah those moments are the best xD When we were on a school trip the boys from our class would come to my and my friend's room every night and we played parlour games :DD The funny thing was that our room was right next to the teacher's room xDD LOL my friends would probably do something like that too :DD But I think they would bring something stronger xDD

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    • I can't tell you how much I loved this episode. It was so much better than any of the previous ones. Britt was absolutely amazing in this ep. She was funny and emotional. It was much better for Brittana than I had ever expected. All their scenes were perfect. They didn't have the meaningful words but it has been made very clear that there is some deep and underlying understanding between these two that they don't have with other characters.

      I'm surprised about the lack of Klaine in this episode. This ep was basically promoted with Klaine. I must say I feel for Klainers .As a Brittana shipper I know how you get you r hopes up because of spoilers and then you just get crushed by the episode.

      I also liked the Ryder stuff. Unique being the catfisher wasn't really a surprise here. I just wonder where they go with that storyline from now on.

      LOL One friend who is always with us has pratents who make wine. So we have always tons of wine with us. We used the wine and rum to make the Glühwein. After some time we ran out of rum so we just cooked the wine at some point. It was just batshit crazy. Tbh I'm not a friend of the stronger drinks. I drink more like beer and wine. I'm not really a Schnaps fan.

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  • Welcome to the

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