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  • Lol.

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  • You'll get your chance soon. I need to focus on not being just safe, hunty. It means you're mediocre, at best.

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    • ok thanks hunting

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    • Fileff
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  • Congratulations, Joe. You have showed me the potential it takes to become the next Glee Wiki Princess.

    However, the challenge has only just begun

    Our first challenge will be based on one of the 8 characteristics; Believability.

    This week, you must study up on a provided era with your chosen partner, and the two of you must answer a series of multiple choice questions that would fit in the era you were given to study (Basically, "What Would Ali Do?").

    Your chosen era and partner are as follows:

    You will be judged on the amount you have studied and how believable/accurate your answers will be based on the given Era.

    You are allowed to look for outside sources, including but not limited to, Trae, Andy, and Sis for answers. I also advise you look through blog posts, message walls, and comments.

    You have until the Saturday, August 8th to complete your assignment, so I advise you and your partner come up with a plan as soon as possible. A blog post will also be written giving you more information, including the questions you must answer so stay tuned.

    Good Luck, and don't f*ck it up.

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    • Questions are as follows. For the group that ends up in the bottom 2, there will be a bonus round to see who will move on in the competition and who will be sent home.:
      • If you were to take revenge on someone, would you:
      1. Create a burn book
      2. Enlist an army of bitches to attack
      3. Impersonate a gay
      4. Write a goodbye blog and threaten to commit

      • When your Glee Wiki Crush turns out to be gay would you:
      1. Let it go
      2. Expose him out of spite
      3. Admit you're gay as well
      4. MAKE him straight

      • If you had an obsessive, identity-stealing stan, she would most likely be named:
      1. Jackie
      2. Isha
      3. Troy Bowman
      4. Meghan

      • If you had any, who would most likely be your GW best friend:
      1. Trae
      2. Sis
      3. Tae
      4. None

      • If you had to pick an alias to go by unnoticed (if even possible), it would be:
      1. Lynettefan2626
      2. The Bitch Of Glee Wiki
      3. LittleMonster
      4. ILuvUJadeGag

      • Which former Admin do you most aspire to be like :
      1. Gleekobsessed
      2. DocMD
      3. Poolaalaa
      4. TinaForever

      • Choose a hair color:
      1. Blonde
      2. Red
      3. Green
      4. Brown

      • What movie are you most likely to be a part of:
      1. The Sound of Music
      2. Barbershop
      3. Mean Girls 2
      4. The Bling Ring

      • Which male would you most like to spend a night with?:
      1. Darren Criss
      2. Chord Overstreet
      3. Billy Lewis
      4. Kevin McHale

      • Which cheerio would be your BFF:
      1. Brittany
      2. Santana
      3. Kitty
      4. Neckbrace
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  • You're back :3

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  • Hi Joe,

    I read your recent post on the Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' page and I just wanted to say after all this time I can say you were RIGHT!!!! I listened very closely and that second part where I thought it was Quinn/Dianna saying "love" is just Rachel/Lea finishing off saying "lover". It became clear that Dianna actually isn't in the song at all. That part was very hard to tell because I kept mistaking Lea's legato as Amber and thus Dianna as what I thought the second voice was. Also I realized they overlapped parts of Lea's parts. She doesn't finsih saying "Lover" before her next line which explains why the camera didn't focus on her in that part of the episode as there would be no way for her to be finishing and starting the lines at the same time.

    Just wanted to say you were right.

    Other Joe :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Joe,

    You know the rules and once again you have been breaking them, insulting people and being rude right and left. After discussion amongst the admin team you're getting an official warning. If you continue this behaviour, especially the things you are saying and doing towards Felix, you will face a ban.



    PS: I strongly recommend you to not be insulting and rude towards me in your reply.

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  • alright, but the hollywood celebrities with "actual talent" who aren't just attractive expressionless faces  is about 15% of them, and most aren't in the A list. So who of them would actually want to meet, Joe?

    And seriously, punching him in the face? Don't be a c*nt dude, there's nothing he's done that would warrant that. Do you hate him because his fans managed to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the trevor project at his behest? Do you hate him for caring about his fans a hell of a lot more than any of those idiot celebrities? Or do you hate him because I said I liked him?

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    • honestly if i saw a random celeb i wouldn't want to meet them, only my favs and i stan for talent soooooooooo

      Tyler is a twat. He's misogynistic, racist, transphobic etc. I have my reasons. Don't try and put words in my mouth by giving me some basic ass reasons when he's a crusty ass stereotypical white gay who is embarrassing af.

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  • Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 10.24.42 AM
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  • hello, could say me, why you quit the trivia that i put?

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