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if you notice in the christmas card, you will see that mike is not there too. that's because at that time neither of them (mike and sam) were series regurals. now you will ask: "if that's true, where is emma and terri?". the answer is that during the photoshoots of glee, there are 3 types of group pictures: 1. with all the regulars, 2. with the regulars that are in glee club and sue and 3. with all the regulars and other important characters. in this case we always see the rest members of new directions and sometimes others too, like: burt, becky, figgins.

i think that all the glee group photos are in these 3 categories and i have a lot of examples if you want. the christmas card is in the second category obviously.

as for the card, it was a postcard, so in the back it was nothing special. it was the usual back side of the postcards.Greek-Gleek 03:36, September 26, 2011 (UTC)Mariogreece

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