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  • I was born on May 7
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  • I have been given a concern about your edits on song pages - you have been removing song videos from episodes off of these pages. It would really mean a lot if you wouldn't do that. Thanks, much appreciation.

    - Trae

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    • Am I not supposed to get rid of videos that Fox put up that have now expired? 

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    • If that's so, then it's understandable and it's no problem. :D It's no worries, someone just told me that you removed those videos, but it's okay. :D

      Thanks for your effort. :3

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    • I think what the problem is that your video may be expired in your country, some other countries have videos still available for Glee. :3

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    • So, one or two of them worked for me, so I thought that was the case with all of them, but I understand now. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

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