Mr. Shor is a minor character who appeared in Pot o' Gold. He is the owner of one of Lima's three funeral parlors, who donated money to fund the school's production of West Side Story along with Mr. Baroody and Mr. Danforth.

He is portrayed by Kristopher Logan.


Season Three

Pot o' Gold

Mr Shor is seen in Figgins' office alongside WillBurtMr. Baroody, and Mr. Danforth. He donates the money to fund West Side Story. The money they donated payed for full page ads in the programme. He is then seen outside the office shaking hands with Will and Burt, as they thank him.


  • His funeral parlor also functions as a crematorium, and pizzeria.
  • He appears to be friends with Burt Hummel.
  • He is a member of the Lima Rotary Club.
  • According to IMDB, his name is Mr. Sher. Source
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