Mrs. Puckerman is the mother of Noah and his little sister. She is a devoted Jew and used to be married, but had a divorce while Noah was very young.

Mrs. Puckerman is portrayed by Gina Hecht.



She makes her first appearance in this episode. She is seen watching TV together with her children. Meanwhile she is reproaching Puck, because as she is such a devoted Jew, she is disappointed in him not having a Jewish girlfriend. This is what makes Puck lay an eye on Rachel.


She is mentioned again in Laryngitis, when Puck tells his classmates how his mother discovered a mole while washing his hair and subsequently forced him to shave off his mohawk. Quinn also complains about her, because she won't let her eat bacon.


Quinn says to Mercedes "I hate all the looks at school, don't even get me started on Puck's mom," implying again that she doesn't get on very well with her.


It is said that Puck broke her car and was sent to juvie.

Silly Love Songs

Puck mentions her in his voice-over in the beginning. He explains his crush on Lauren Zizes due to the fact that Lauren insults him often, similar to how his mother does.


She is mentioned when Puck is putting himself down whilst talking to Shannon Beiste. He says that he is a loser, proven by the fact his mother has never come to see a football game that he has played in or attended a concert he's performed in.


She has her second appearance on the show in this episode and is seen standing beside Judy Fabray. She is seen cheering with the others in the auditorium when Finn and her son sing Glory Days at the graduation ceremony.

Glee, Actually

She is brought to a dinner at Breadstix organized by Noah Puckerman, at which he, Jake, and his mother are invited. At first, she exchanges insults with Jake's mother, because Mr. Puckerman cheated on her with Tanisha. However, Jake then steps in, and reminds them that their ex-husband and his and Puck's father never truly loved either of them, and that he isn't worth to be fought over. Mrs. Puckerman then exchanges friendly conversation with Tanisha for the rest of the episode. She and Tanisha are later seen happily watching Noah, Jake, Brittany, and Sam perform Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.



  • She influenced Puck decision in dating three of his girlfriends.
  • She is said to insult Puck all the time. (Silly Love Songs)
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