This article is about Artie's mother. You may be looking for Nancy Bletheim, McKinley High's Geometry teacher.

Nancy Abrams is Artie's mother. She and her son were in a car accident, causing Artie to be in a wheelchair. She seems to be very supportive, as she tells her son to pursue his dreams of being a film director.

She made her first appearance in Wonder-ful, the twenty-first episode of Season Four.

She is portrayed by Katey Sagal.


Season Four


She first appears when Kitty visits her and Artie finds them talking. Kitty then proceeds to leave after saying that his mother now knows why Artie has been so reluctant to tell anyone that he has been accepted into a film college. Artie reveals he doesn't want to go to New York, because that would mean he would leave his mother alone, after she took care of him after the accident. She tells him she wants him to follow his dreams.


  • Second character to have the first name Nancy, the first being Nancy Bletheim.
  • She is so far the only relative of Artie to appear onscreen.
  • She was mentioned in Glee, Actually, where it's also said she was unharmed by the accident.


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