Never Been Kissed is the sixth episode of Glee's second season and the twenty-eighth episode overall. It premiered on November 9, 2010.

With Sectionals near, it is revealed to New Directions that Dalton Academy and The Hipsters are their competition. Will announces the Glee Club's second annual mash-up Boys vs. Girls competition. Will changes the competition with a twist for Kurt so boys perform songs originally written for female artists and the girls to sing songs traditionally sung by male artists. When Kurt tries to prep up the boys, they send him to investigate at Dalton Academy, where he meets Blaine and begins to fall in love. At the same time, Kurt struggles with bullying at school and Coach Beiste is picked after Finn and Sam find an unconventional way of controlling their urges, a few Glee Club members pick up on the strategy and start using it too. But when Coach Beiste gets wind of what they are up to, the Glee Club has some explaining to do.

This episode is the second of four "mash-up contest" episodes, with the first being Vitamin D, the third being Mash Off, and the fourth being Girls (and Boys) on Film.

The episode was directed by Bradley Buecker and written by Brad Falchuk.



Sam and Finn in the Ice Baths in the boys locker room

The episode starts off with Finn and Sam taking baths in the locker room. Finn is taking a steaming hot one while Sam is taking an ice bath. Finn asks Sam how he can stand the cold and Sam replies that he gets a lot of it with Quinn, resulting in a flashback that reveals Quinn making out with Sam and refusing to go any further when Sam puts his hand on her thigh, knowing what would happen if they did. Finn and Sam start talking about more kissing and Finn reveals his story about hitting the mailman being his "cool down" during make out sessions. Sam states that he wishes he had a "mailman" and suddenly finds it in Coach Beiste.

We then cut to Sam and Quinn who are making out and Sam needs a "cool down." To cope, he imagines Coach Beiste in suggestive situations. When Quinn asks Sam to say her name, he instead accidentally mutters "Beiste," which results in Quinn going to talk to Sue Sylvester, who immediately comes up with a new plan to get Shannon fired, based completely off of assumptions. Mike and Tina meanwhile are talking in the hallway and Mike reveals Sam's "cool down" secret. Tina suggests they try it out and begin making out in an empty classroom, which results in Tina imagining the coach and muttering "Beiste." The scene then cuts to Sam and Quinn fighting in the hallway, Quinn demanding to know why Sam said Coach's name while they were making out. Sam requests that they speak later, but Quinn refuses to back down and, on Sue's requests, makes a scene. At that moment, Coach Beiste comes up, causing Quinn to panic and flee. Mike walks by and demands that Coach Beiste stay away from "his woman." Coach Beiste, confused, eventually goes to Will Schuester, who reveals the "cool down" method that he had recently talked the club out of.

Sue's happiness

This ultimately leads to Coach feeling horrible and depressed. It leads to her actually wanting to quit. We find this out through Sue, who calls Will into the auditorium and reveals that Coach Beiste quit, firing her confetti canons. Will catches Beiste cleaning out her office and tries to convince her to stay, telling that the New Direction kids will apologize and make it up to her. Beiste refuses and starts to leave before Will demands that she stay and talk. They have a heart-to-heart, in which Beiste reveals that she's never been kissed, and that she feels lonely and ugly. Will states that she's beautiful, inside and out, and gives her an innocent kiss. He also invites her to come over to the Glee Club tomorrow at four.

Courage start me up

As Sectionals draws closer the schools that New Directions are competing against are revealed. New Directions is having another "Guys vs. Girls," in which they have to sing songs directed towards the other gender, with girls doing more rock-and-roll and boys performing numbers originally intended for women, after a suggestion from Kurt to Will. Kurt tries to take action for the boys' team, but after being jokingly rejected and insulted by Puck and the others, Kurt decides to "spy" on the Dalton Academy glee club, where he meets Blaine Anderson, an openly gay student. He sees them singing Teenage Dream. The guys from Dalton Academy quickly figure out that Kurt is a spy, but state they won't beat him up since he was such a lousy spy they thought it was kind of endearing. Which leads Blaine to suspect there might be an ulterior motive for Kurt to come to Dalton Academy. Kurt states he's the only open gay kid at his school, which leads to bullying, and Blaine can relate to this, having left his old school for the same reason. He then encourages Kurt to stand up against Karofsky who has been bullying him now worse than ever. After receiving a text from Blaine saying "Courage," Kurt finally stands up to Karofsky in the empty locker room, saying "You can't punch the gay out of me any more than I can punch the ignoramus out of you," as which results in Karofsky kissing Kurt passionately on the lips, stunning Kurt and showing that Karofsky has been channeling his confusion about his sexual orientation through bullying Kurt. Where after Kurt and Blaine attempt to talk to Karofsky about his orientation, but he reacts angrily and pushes Blaine away. Blaine tells Kurt that Dave isn't going to come out anytime soon, but this does not cheer Kurt up. When asked what's wrong Kurt admits to that being his first kiss that really mattered. After this confession, there is a short silence and Blaine offers to buy Kurt lunch.

Kurtofsky kiss

Karofsky kisses Kurt

Puck gets out of juvie early, sporting earrings and a mohawk again, promising to do community service. He uses Artie as his community service, albeit in the misguided way of showing him how to make money. They sing One Love (People Get Ready) in the backyard of the school. Then, Puck teaches Artie how to attract girls by being rude to them. At one point Puck and Artie have a double date with Santana and Brittany at Breadstix, but when the bill comes, Puck tells everyone to make a dine-n-dash, but Artie follows his conscience and stays to pay for the bill. This upsets Puck, resulting in him leaving Artie at Breadstix to take the short bus home. Music for the mash-up of Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer and during the performance Becky walked in to give Mr. Schue a note from Sue Sylvester. He then tells Artie that he is getting a little sucky sucky. Puck is eventually confronted by a woman from juvie, who thought that he would be reaching out to gang members.

Tn-500 screen shot 2010-10-20 at 1.00.39 pm

She tells him that hanging out with Artie is not an acceptable community service. This leads him to have a meltdown, shouting that nobody is really interested in helping him and he storms out. Later, Artie finds him and Puck tells Artie that he is planning to run away, confessing that he doesn't want to pick up trash on the highway, but he doesn't want to go back to juvie because it was a terrifying experience. Artie convinces him to pick up the trash for his community service, promising him that if he does, he will tutor him in geometry and make sure that he passes their next exam, or at least buy him a lifetimes worth of waffles.

The guys from Glee Club wants to apologize to Coach Beiste and decide to dedicate their mash-up to her, stating they really feel sorry for their actions. They sing a mash up of Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind in a form of apology. After their song Coach Beiste admits that it was pretty good and she accepts their apology, ending in them hugging it out.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
One Love (People Get Ready) Bob Marley & The Wailers Artie Abrams and Noah Puckerman
Teenage Dream Katy Perry Blaine Anderson with
the Dalton Academy Warblers
Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer   The Rolling Stones/Bon Jovi New Directions Girls
Stop! In the Name of Love/
Free Your Mind
The Supremes/En Vogue New Directions Boys


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  • When Rachel yells "spies" to Puck and Artie, she points with her left hand. On the next shot, she has her right hand pointing.


Blaine: I take it you're having trouble with school.
Kurt: I'm the only person out of the closet at my school.

Kurt and Blaine

I think I just found my mailman.

Sam to Finn

Puck: You're my boy now.
Artie: I'm your community service.

Puck and Artie

Well, he's not coming out anytime soon.

Blaine about David Karofsky

Okay, I have mashup ideas in my emergency mashup list

Rachel to New Directions Girls



Glee - 2

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