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You think you're a badass. I'm the original bad-ass. I had my first threesome at seven, and once I beat up a police horse.

—Noah Puckerman, Britney 2.0

Noah "Puck" Puckerman is a major character on Glee. Puck is an alumnus of William McKinley High School as of Goodbye. He is now a former member of both the Glee Club and the Football Team. He is currently enlisted in the Air Force.

As a self-proclaimed "badass," Puck is well known around the school for constantly tossing students into dumpsters and also for initially being a primary culprit for throwing slushies in everyones faces. At first, Puck is very much opposed to the Glee Club, deeming it "gay" and a group for "losers." Shortly after Quinn Fabray joins the club, Puck discovers that she has become pregnant with his baby, and joins the glee club as a way of being closer to her. As Season One progresses, Puck begins to enjoy glee club and find his passion for singing. 

Quinn eventually gives birth to their biological daughter in Journey. They named her Beth, and she is adopted by Shelby Corcoran, the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. In Season Two, Puck dates Lauren Zizes. In Season Three, it's revealed that Puck and Lauren broke up, as Puck says, "She was the one that got away, really slowly." In I Am Unicorn, he sees his one-year-old daughter, Beth for the first time since she was adopted. In Season Four, Puck returns to help out and mentor his half-brother, Jake Puckerman. Their relationship continues to grow and flourish, especially when Jake needs help with Marley. Puck dates Kitty Wilde after Sadie Hawkins, but they break up offscreen before Sweet Dreams. In Season Five, at the end of The Quarterback, Puck decides to enlist in the Air Force to honor his late friend, Finn Hudson. In 100, Puck officially begins a relationship with Quinn. In Season Six, he returns a few times to Lima, specifically helping Rachel and Kurt find new members for the glee club and Santana's and Brittany's (and then, Kurt's and Blaine's) wedding. In Dreams Come True, he comes back to McKinley in 2020 to a re-dedication of the auditorium to his late best friend Finn, also reuniting with everyone, living happily the way he planned.

He was a main character from the beginning until he was demoted to recurring starting from Season Five. He is portrayed by actor and singer-songwriter, Mark Salling




Puck throwing Kurt into a dumpster

Puck is first seen in the episode as one of the jocks who threw Kurt Hummel into a dumpster. He is also shown throwing a cherry slushie in the face of Rachel Berry after she has signed up for Glee Club. Puck listens quietly when Will Schuester comes to football practice to try to convince the football team to join knowing that a few popular kids in Glee could be very beneficial. However, Puck reminds Mr. Schuester of Glee's place in the social hierarchy when he tells Mr. Schuester he can sing, but instead passes gas loudly in front of the team, mocking Mr. Schuester. When he sees his best friend Finn Hudson, arguing with Coach Tanaka about having to miss a football practice to go with the Glee Club to scout Vocal Adrenaline, Puck asks him why he needs to miss practice. Knowing what Puck's reaction would be if he tells him he is doing something for Glee, Finn lies and says that his mom needs to have surgery to have her "engorged" prostate removed. Puck looks this up and discover that "chicks don't have prostates." To remind Finn about the damage Glee could do to his rep, Puck and several other football members attack Finn with paintball guns as he returns from the Glee Club field trip. After finding out that Will Schuester is going to resign as Glee club teacher, Finn immediately quits and returns to football. As a welcome back present, the football team traps Artie Abrams in a porta-potty and plans on flipping it, saving Finn the first roll. Puck gets angry, when Finn refuses wanting to know if he is joining "Homo Explosion" and quitting football. Finn, to the annoyance of Puck, tells them that he is staying in both.


Puck is shown to be one of the male members of the Celibacy Club with Finn and Quinn Fabray, even though he doesn't take it seriously, considering he seduces older women and as he put it, he's a "dude, [who has] needs." He spends much of the meeting making lewd jokes and gestures. He's also shown sticking to the football team's daily before school ritual of dumping Kurt in the dumpster, although Finn no longer participates. He watches, along with the rest of the school as Finn and the Glee Club perform Push It at the school assembly, with a look on his face that starts out embarrassed for Finn.


Puck reveals his love of older woman, where he explains that he uses his pool cleaning business to seduce lonely housewives and moms. Despite mocking Glee previously, Puck is willing to join Coach Tanaka and Will Schuester's singing group, Acafellas. He saw how the girls responded to Finn's performance of Push It at the school assembly, and has hopes of getting attractive older women when Acafellas performs for the School Board and PTA.


PuckMikeMattFinn Preggers

Puck, Mike and Matt join New Directions

Quinn reveals to Finn that she is pregnant, claiming that he is the father, despite them never having sex, convincing him he got her pregnant via hot tub. In reality, Quinn is pregnant with Puck's child after he got Quinn drunk on wine coolers one night, also she felt fat that day and the two had a one-night stand. Puck, upon realizing that Quinn is pregnant, makes it clear that he wants to be with her and raise the baby. Quinn feels he is not worthy, insulting him by calling him a "Lima Loser" and saying that she chooses Finn. This causes Puck to become angry and spiteful towards Quinn, although he continues with the hope that Quinn will choose him.

Meanwhile, Puck decides to join the Glee Club after the football team wins their first game of the season, with the help of Kurt, who not only trained the team in dancing to help loosen them up in the field, but also scored the winning kick of the game. Since Quinn had previously joined Glee in order to keep an eye on Finn, this works to Puck's advantage, because he can spend time with her and convince her he's not a Lima Loser.

The Rhodes Not Taken

Quinn begins behaving more emotionally unstable, particularly towards Finn. The rest of the Glee Kids begin to take note of Quinn's behavior. Puck reveals to them that Quinn "has a bun in the oven." Around the same time Puck manages to score with the much older April Rhodes, who was brought into the Glee Club as a ringer, when Rachel Berry temporarily quits.

Vitamin D

It is Puck who suggests that Finn go to the nurse's office for help with his exhaustion, which inadvertently leads to the entire Glee Club taking pseudoephedrine. Puck apparently has not attended a math class in two years, revealing to Finn, Kurt, and Artie that he tells the nurse he has a headache everyday and sleeps in the nurse's office when he should be in math class. Taking Puck's advice, Finn goes to the nurse, only to find that the nurse has been replaced with Terri Del Monico. She provides Finn and the boys with pseudoephedrine, making their performance of It's My Life/Confessions Part II for the competition against the girls, spectacular. Puck later watches in fascination with the rest of the guys as the girls due their mash-up of Halo/Walking on Sunshine.


He is one of the kids to remain in Will's group, though he and Brittany later transfer, trough the influence of Quinn, to Sue's Kids.


Lovin hot hot

Puck shirtless

Puck briefly drops his fixation on Quinn and the baby, and instead he starts to focus on Rachel.

After watching Schindler's List with his mother and sister, Puck's mom guilts him with the question of why he can't find a nice Jewish girl. That night, he has a dream of Rachel coming into his window. The realization that they are both hot Jews, leads Puck to attempt his hand at wooing Rachel. Puck and Rachel are placed together in the song mash-up, and during their practice, Puck suggests they make-out. Rachel agrees. When Rachel starts picturing Finn during their make-out session, she tells Puck the reason she won't go any further is that she needs a man brave enough to perform a solo. The next day at school, he buys Rachel a grape slushie because he knows it's her favorite after seeing her lick her lips the last time he threw a slushie at her. He later performs a solo of Sweet Caroline, causing every girl to swoon and earn him glares from Finn and Santana when they realize he is singing to Rachel. Unfortunately, dating Rachel is social suicide for Puck, who is targeted by his friends on the Football team.


Puck making-out with Rachel.

However, when Coach Ken Tanaka makes the boys choose between the football team and the glee club, Puck decides to return to choose Glee for Rachel in an effort to prove himself to her. However their relationship does not last long because Rachel is still deluded with her school girl crush and Puck likes Quinn.

Puck figures out that the reason is Finn for Rachel, she, in turn, figures out that Puck has feelings for Quinn and calls him out on it. Puck is then physically frustrated at not being able to admit to Rachel that his feelings are for his baby and not just the cheerleader herself. Puck angrily rejects Rachel's offer of friendship.


Puck overhears Quinn yelling at Finn for not having a job and therefore, not having the money to take care of doctor's bills that she keeps intercepting so her parents don't find out she's having "his" child. While Quinn is making cupcakes for their bake sale, Puck approaches her and gives her money. He only gives her about eighteen dollars, which she tries to dismiss him for since it isn't near enough to pay for the bills; he asks how much Finn has given her, she cannot answer him because Finn hasn't given her anything.


Puck and Quinn, selling cupcakes

Despite that, Quinn still refuses the money and gives it back, saying she will go to her grave swearing it is Finn's baby, even if it comes out with a mohawk, which Puck says "it would be pretty cool," while running his hand down her arm, gently; showing his softer side. The two proceed to have a playful food fight that leads to them almost kissing. Finn however walks in and interrupts them.

Finn puck fight wheels

Finn and Puck fighting in Wheels

Later, Finn is complaining about Quinn pressuring him while they have a conversation as they make their way down the hall in their wheelchairs. Puck gets fed up with hearing him whine about it, when, as Puck says, Quinn has it much worse. Finn thanks him sarcastically asking, "what happen to bros before hoes?" Puck loses it at this comment and tells Finn he's "a punk who doesn't deserve to have Quinn as his girlfriend," they proceed to fight in the hallway. In order to prove himself to Quinn and make money for his family, since Finn hasn't done anything, Puck puts marijuana (which he got from Sandy Ryerson, using a sob-story) in the cupcakes. This causes the students to have a major case of the munchies and eagerly buy the cupcakes from the Glee Club's bake sale.

Puck and Quinn food fight♥

Quinn and Puck having a food fight

Puck steals money from the bake sale to give to Quinn for the baby, while explaining that he's not a screw-up and would be a good father. Although, she is touched by how he is trying to be a good to her and their child she refuses to take the money meant for Artie, but apologizes for calling him a loser earlier, realizing he is "special and romantic." Finn comes up and tells Quinn he's finally found a job. Quinn rides away in Finn's lap and they leave Puck standing there jilted. Afterwards Puck gives the money to Mr.Schue, smiling at Quinn, who appears to be proud of his actions, as he does so.


He gets paired with Mercedes for the Ballad assignment the glee-club is given that episode. He grows more and more disgusted from seeing Finn and Quinn together. When Mercedes then informs him about the glee-club wanting to dedicate a song for Finn and Quinn, he gets frustrated and reveals to Mercedes that he is the father of Quinn's child and not Finn. Mercedes reacts with disbelief at first, but then makes him aware that it doesn't matter since Quinn has already made the decision to raise her child with Finn. He exchanges looks with Quinn during Lean on Me at the end of the episode.


Quick HairographyXx

Quinn talking to Puck

Quinn continues to pretend the father of her unborn baby is Finn. However, Puck, the real dad, is acting quite supportive of the baby, causing Quinn to question whether or not she was being unfair to Puck. Quinn, who originally was thinking of giving up her baby to Terri Del Monico makes the decision to keep the baby.


Quinn and Puck singing Papa Don't Preach

Terri's sister Kendra Giardi however decides to show Quinn the horrors of motherhood, by having her baby-sit her three sons. Quinn decides to use this as an opportunity to test out Puck as a potential father. Quinn and Puck babysit the rowdy, awful children and they are only quieted when Puck and Quinn perform an acoustic version of Papa Don't Preach. Of course, Kendra and Terri are shocked to find the boys so well behaved, sleeping all at the same time, and that Quinn got them to take baths. Quinn is sufficiently satisfied with Puck, until she discovers that during the entire night Puck was "sexting" (phone sex, using text messages) with Santana while they were babysitting. He admits to the deed saying, "You haven't given it up to me since the night I knocked you up. Baby, I'm a dude, I have needs." Trough his words she changes her plans and decides to give the baby to Terri, claiming it would need a good father.


This episode causes Puck to question his reputation. It's yearbook photo time at McKinley, and while this is good for the Cheerios and the football team, it's a nightmare for Glee. Knowing the Glee Club photo in the Thunderclap is traditionally defaced (often by the football team and Cheerios), Puck and the rest of Glee, with the exception of Rachel, do not want their photo taken. Like the rest of the club, Puck is still embarrassed at being in Glee, and willingly votes for Rachel to represent them in the yearbook. After Rachel gets Glee a gig in a Mattress commercial, the club begins to change their mind about how they're going to be viewed now that they have done a commercial, thinking it'll make them local celebrities. The commercial has disastrous effects, as Mr. Schuester is suspended rather than have Glee be disqualified from Sectionals for appearing in a commercial. Puck recognizes that Mr. Schuester willingly sacrificed himself for the club, and comes to the conclusion that they should not be embarrassed about being in Glee. The entire Glee Club poses proudly for the yearbook photo, although it is still defaced by Karofsky, Azimio and the rest of the football team. Puck's name is incorrectly listed as "Nathan Puckerman" under the photo.


The truth about the pregnancy finally comes to light. Mercedes has revealed the truth about the pregnancy to everyone in Glee with the exception of Finn, Rachel, and Mr. Schuester, despite telling Puck not to say anything. However, Rachel becomes to grow suspicious on her own about whether Puck is the true father, after he rushes to her side when she falls in Glee Club. After several tests to confirm her theory; she confronts Finn with the truth. Upset, Finn attacks Puck and demands the truth from him and Quinn. Without any other option, they admit the truth, causing Finn to cry out that he was not only done with them, but with Glee as well. Puck then goes to a heartbroken Quinn, offering his support as the true and official father. Quinn thanks him, but says no, and that she would rather take care of her pregnancy on her own. The Glee Club, with Ms. Pillsbury as temporary adviser, goes to Sectionals, having been forced to bring Jacob Ben Israel to take Finn's place. Puck, along with the rest of Glee is incredibly angry to find out that their set list has been leaked to the other clubs. Since New Directions is going last, this is a disaster. Puck, Quinn and Rachel begin to formulate a plan to create a new set list with less than an hour to prepare. Finn shows up during their meeting, having been sent by Mr. Schuester with a song to sing, and takes over the meeting. Puck attempts to make peace with Finn, asking if they are cool now and offering his hand, but Finn refuses his attempts, making it clear that he does not forgive Puck or Quinn just yet.


594px-Hello (1)

Puck and Quinn during Gives You Hell

Puck plays a minor role although he is seen often in the choir room. It appears in this episode that he and Quinn have begun a tentative relationship, as he is often seen sitting beside her in the choir-room and goofing around with her during Hell-O. When Finn sings Hello, I Love You, Puck flirts with a cheerleader, from whom Quinn drags him away. He is seen complaining about Quinn's weight as well by saying "I don't dig on fat chicks."

In addition, basketball season has begun, and he is seen on the court with Finn. When Rachel breaks up with Finn, he joins her in singing Gives You Hell, dancing alongside Quinn. He is also seen at the end of the episode performing Hello, Goodbye with the New Directions.

The Power of Madonna

Puck is less than impressed that the club will be performing Madonna songs, although he does admit that she is a "Hall of Fame MILF." Like the rest of the boys (with the exception of Kurt), he fails to understand Madonna's message, and seems less than interested when the girls perform Express Yourself. Mr. Schuester makes the boys of New Directions perform What It Feels Like For a Girl as a message to the boys. Puck gets the message, but still refuses to sing "What It Feels Like for a Girl" in public, fearing that it would look like he was intimidated. Ultimately he comes around, performing Like a Prayer with the rest of the New Directions.


Puck is seen performing Home with the rest of the New Directions and April Rhodes. Puck questions Finn's sexuality after Kurt serenades Finn with A House Is Not a Home. Quinn, having moved out of Finn's house after he found out the truth about the baby, is now living (unhappily) with Puck's family.

Bad Reputation

IMG 2114-1-

Puck "helping" with Rachel's "Bad reputation" project

Puck is blamed for creating the "Glist," a ranking of the Glee members in order of sexual promiscuity. Rachel, annoyed at being so low on the Glist, asks Puck to help her with her video project of a rendition of the video Run Joey Run. While they work on the video, he tries to convince her to make out with him, but she refuses since she's already dating Jesse St. James. He chooses to confide in Rachel because he knows she'll be honest and he does trust her, asking her if she believes he made the Glist. When she says it looks like something he'd do, he gets upset, explaining that he tries to be good, but then something happens and he can't control himself.


Puck and Rachel Hanging out

The video is a disaster, since Rachel cast Finn and Jesse in the same role as Puck. While watching the video Puck is at first impressed with himself, to the annoyance of Quinn, until he realizes he was triple cast. Like Finn and Jesse, he is angry at being lied to, and upset that Rachel used him.



Puck hitting on Mercedes

Puck loses his popularity when his mohawk is shaved off at the start of the episode. Jacob Ben Israel and the rest of the McKinley dorks take advantage of Puck's fall from popularity to toss him in the dumpster. Realizing that he needs to do something to become cool again, he strikes up a relationship with Mercedes. Puck also serenades Mercedes by singing The Lady Is a Tramp. As soon as he becomes popular again, Mercedes quits the cheerios and therefore ends their "relationship." It's also mentioned by Quinn "He (Puck)'s an idiot and his mother won't let me eat bacon."

Dream On

Puck is seen throughout the episode. When Bryan Ryan asks the Glee Club about their biggest dreams, Puck is seen having written "Threesome" onto his sheet. He later performs Dream a Little Dream with Artie and the rest of the New Directions.


Puck suggests to Quinn that they name their baby Jack Daniels, Quinn stands up for her unborn daughter saying that it's not a name for a girl. Inspired by the boy's KISS assignment, and realizing what he has done wrong, he becomes serious about naming his daughter as he asks the other males of New Directions to sing the KISS song Beth with him to Quinn. Quinn is moved by his performance and they share intense glances. After the song he then asks Quinn if he can be there at Beth's birth, which she says yes to.


After Jesse with Vocal Adrenaline put the club in a "funk" and TP'd their choir room, he and Finn have revisited their friendship to get revenge on their rival club. The day after the two "friends" are caught on their prank, Shelby Corcoran, director of Vocal Adrenaline, asked them to pay for the tires they slashed. They ended up working in Sheets-N-Things to earn money, while working the two ended up performing Loser along with the rest of the staff of Sheets-N-Things. While at work Puck and Finn tries to find a funk song for their glee assignment. With the help of Terri, they find the song Good Vibrations, they performed the song with Mercedes in the choir room. After the performance Mr. Schue informed them that even though the song was sang by a group with 'Funk' in its name, it's not a Funk song. Later when Rachel revealed that she was egged by Jesse and the VA, Puck is visibly the angriest and immediately asks the guys to "mess up that Jesse kids face." Before they even exited the choir room Mr. Schue stopped the boys and told them he have his own way to get revenge. In order to put their rivals in the same funk they where put, the New Directions performed the funk number Give up the Funk with VA watching them. The number was a success and had the wanted result.


Puck over the rainbow

Puck and Will

The New Directions finds out that Sue Sylvester has been named a judge at Regionals. Puck, like the rest of the club, is upset, knowing that Sue's presence will destroy any hopes New Directions had of placing. At the Song Selection Party, Puck admits Mercedes has a point when she says that Puck and Santana won't
Puck journey
acknowledge her presence once Glee is over. Mr. Schuester manages to rally the club, announcing that they will be performing a Journey medley. Puck is given semi-solos at Regionals, performing a line in Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' and sharing Don't Stop Believin' with Santana, Finn, and Rachel. During the performance, Quinn is seen holding her stomach, and goes into labor immediately after. Puck is in the room, as well as Mercedes and Quinn's mom, when Quinn has her baby. He looks on helplessly, watching Quinn struggle to give birth, as she often yells at him that he sucks when she is in labor. Afterward when Puck and Quinn are looking at the baby Quinn asks if he loves her; he replies yes, especially now. Shelby Corcoran walks up and asks if the baby has a name. Quinn denies the baby has a name, but Puck tells her it's Beth. Back at school, Glee performs To Sir, With Love for Mr. Schuester, with each member telling him how Glee has changed them. Puck shamefully admits that at the beginning of the year, he was throwing kids in dumpsters. Like the rest of the club, Puck seems to be on the verge of tears, knowing that this will be the last time they perform together. Unbeknownst to any of them, Sue has managed to convince the Principal to give Glee another year. After Mr. Schuester makes the announcement in Glee, Puck happily accompanies Mr. Schuester on guitar and joining on the chorus, as the teacher sings Over the Rainbow. He shares a look with Quinn during the song. It is revealed that Shelby adopts the baby and through Puck's wishes calls the baby Beth.


While being interviewed by Jacob Ben Israel for his blog, Puck gets angry and punches the camera after Jacob questions him about being in a crippling depression after Quinn 'dumped' him, indicating that they are not together. He does admit to Jacob that he used his summer pool cleaning money to get a vasectomy over the summer saying it was the only responsible thing to do. After performing in Empire State of Mind with the rest of the Glee Club, he helps Finn and Artie audition Sam. Puck is fascinated
by the size of Sam's mouth, asking him how many tennis balls he can fit in his mouth. Puck seems taken aback by Sam's quick response of "I've never had any balls in my mouth, have you?" which causes Artie, Finn, and Mike be even more impressed by Sam. Puck (on guitar) helps Sam audition, performing Billionaire, and telling Sam that chicks dig singers. He seems impressed with Sam's performance.

He's doing double duty between Glee and football again this year, where he again befriends Sam, joking around with him. He's the only player to notice when Coach Beiste is upset, and confronts her about it. He watches quietly while Finn gets kicked off the team.


Puck is seen performing Toxic with New Directions and shares a look with Quinn as Rachel sings The Only Exception.

Grilled Cheesus

Puck performs a solo of Billy Joel's Only The Good Die Young, keeping his streak of only performing songs by Jewish artists alive. He also sings One of Us with the rest of the Glee club. Finn's foray into spirituality leads Puck to examine hi
s own life. He doesn't like being told how to be spiritual, and resents that people are using "J-Money to cramp everyone else's style." He tells Glee that believes that true spirituality is making the most out of the life you've been given, and says that he thanks God every time he makes out with a new girl. Finn's new spiritual side, combined with Burt's heart attack and its effect on Kurt, spurs Puck into going to Temple with his Nana and he starts to pray for Kurt, seeing how hard life is for him right now while telling Finn that, making him feel guilty about praying for himself while the other glee club members pray for Kurt. Knowing what it is like to have lost a father, he prays for Kurt to be able to keep his father, showing his serious side.

Never Been Kissed


When Puck returns he begins acting like a jerk again and tells people about how he loved juvie. It was assumed that he would be very angry towards the blossoming romance between Sam and Quinn, but he appears to be disinterested. He then strikes up a friendship with Artie for his "community service," and the two sing One Love (People Get Ready) together. But later he tells Artie that he lied and that he hated juvie and it was terrifying because he got beaten up and wasn't as badass as he initially thought. The two come to an agreement that while Puck picks up trash on the highway for his community service, Artie would tutor him in geometry. He also sent Kurt to Dalton after he presents his ideas for the Guys v. Girls competition.

The Substitute

Puck is shown buttering the floor in the choir room in attempt to make the substitute teacher slip and fall. However, much the shock of the glee kids, Puck's plan backfires as Holly steps right over the trap. Instead Rachel falls for the trap. He sings along with New Directions and Holly Forget You. When Holly is telling Rachel she sucks, Puck agrees with her and Holly hands him the answers to the Pop quiz for Spanish, resulting in a high five and fist bump.


Santana mentioned she and Puck were dating, to which Quinn mentioned they were 'getting naked' together. Due to being on probation, Puck reluctantly had to watch the beat down between Sam and Karofsky. Despite not being able to fight and feeling helpless about it, he was still praised for being in the locker room. At Burt and Carole's wedding ceremony and reception, he is paired with Santana. He sings in Marry You and Just the Way You Are. He also tells Kurt that he and the other guys can create a 'Secret Service' type protective wall.

Special Education

Puck is asked by Will to find a new glee club member to replace Kurt. But takes it the wrong way at first (as he was called into Wills office) and said 'I didn't steal that soda machine, and if I did I wasn't alone' also calling him self the clubs ambadassator While asking the football team, he is assaulted and put into a porta potty, rescued by Lauren Zizes, convincing her to join as the twelfth member. He then vows to God to be
nicer to those of Jewish descent. He and an emotionally unstable Rachel almost sleep together after she learns of Finn's and Santana's affair. Not wanting to ruin another one of Finn's relationships, he leaves but still inadvertently ends their relationship anyway.

A Very Glee Christmas

Puck helps Brittany with his Glee friend, because she still believes in Santa Claus. He performs Welcome Christmas with New Directions.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

The football team and glee club are forced to join up for a week to come up with a number to perform at the half time show. Puck seems the most upset about this decision of the whole glee club. Puck sings Need You Now with Rachel to show the football team just what they do in glee. Later, Puck tells Finn that he wants them to be friends again and he apologizes for kissing Rachel, and that it didn't mean anything when they sang the duet. Puck and Rachel show a bit of a friendship in this episode as well. He performs Thriller/Heads Will Roll with the rest of the glee club and football team.

Silly Love Songs

Puck is working to get Lauren to love him, though she seems to be playing hard to get. He tells her at first that he's interested in her because of her curves, and sings Fat Bottomed Girls as a love song to her. Lauren however says that it made her feel like crap. Puck later reveals that the reason he likes her is because she's a bigger badass than him. Lauren agrees to go on a date with him as friends (for now

Puck performing in the Justin Bieber Experience



Puck is still working to get Lauren to go out with him. In order to gain some points with her, he joins up in Sam's band, The Justin Bieber Experience, wearing a wig. This impresses Lauren slightly but not enough because of how Justin Bieber apparently looks like a twelve-year old. However, she still seems to be interested in him.

Blame It on the Alcohol

Puck confronts Rachel about her being alone for the weekend in her house. He tells her that they should have a party for the glee kids with alcohol. Rachel automatically declines, but is later convinced by Finn saying that she needs to live a little, so she ultimately decides to have the party. Rachel lets Puck crack open her dad's liquor cabinet when the party is going slowly, and everyone has fun at the party. He sings lead in Blame It (On the Alcohol) and is seen dancing with Tina. Puck also seems very touched by Mr. Schue's message of drinking and that he will help any one of them if they need it.


Glee sexy

Puck and Lauren want to make a sex tape to become famous. But Holly Holliday tells them that since they are under the age of eighteen, they could be arrested for child pornography. He is later seen in Celibacy Club to "set [himself] straight." He has a solo in Afternoon Delight which he performed with Emma, Carl, Rachel, and Quinn. He also points out a hickey on Quinn's neck and says he's a professional at making those.

Original Song

Puck writes and sings Big Ass Heart to Lauren. H
e is present during Trouty Mouth and Hell to the No. He sings background vocals in Loser Like Me. He was happy when New Directions won Regionals.

A Night of Neglect

Puck is seen in the background during the benefit concert and the episode.

Born This Way

Puck disagrees with Rachel's decision to get a nose job, saying girls with nose jobs aren't hot. He helps Kurt set up a flash mob to dance to Barbra Streisand. He sings background vocals in Born This Way. His shirt said "I'M WITH STUPID (downwards arrow)."


Puck plays guitar during Never Going Back Again (with Sam and Finn) and Go Your Own Way. He's present during April Rhodes' Dreams and got mad when he read that Mr. Schue was leaving McKinley to be on Broadway. He sings background vocals and plays guitar in Don't Stop.

Prom Queen

After being interviewed by Jacob, the nerd asks Puck "Where does Lauren keep your balls?" and says that Lauren wears "the pants in this relationship." Puck feels that his badass-ness has gone down so asks Artie to spike the punch with gin. Artie says no, but after he fails to win Brittan
Friday spuck
y back, he accepts. While Puck is waiting for the prom King and Queen results (quite oblivious to Artie's disappearance) he seems cocky. He's very upset when Karofsky wins, and not him. He is later seen dancing with Lauren and having their picture taken.


Puck attends Jean's funeral and performs with the Glee Club Pure Imagination. He also feels a little uncomfortable with the arrival of Jesse St. James.

New York

Puck and Lauren tried to order a Manhattan (cocktail) at the hotel's bar. After listening to Brittany and Artie's song My Cup he agrees with Quinn that the New Directions muse is not working in the hotel and go off to explore the city. He later tells Finn to go after Rachel (hinting he regrets falling out with Quinn after giving up Beth) and goes with the guys singing Bella Notte during Finn and Rachel's date. He looks on when Santana tries to go after Rachel after losing Nationals due to Rachel and Finn's kiss at the end of their duet. He's last seen in the choir room with Quinn and Lauren.

The Purple Piano Project

When Mr. Shue informed them that they need to recruit new members because they lost three members. Santana blamed Puck for not being able to make Lauren stay. At that time, a flashback occurs where Lauren breaks up with Puck and quits Glee Club because the club is overshadowing his reputation, though she says she will always have "Subway." Puck performs We Got the Beat and You Can't Stop the Beat. He is also present during Blaine's performance of It's Not Unusual.

I Am Unicorn

Beth and puck photo-1-

Quinn looking at a picture of Puck and Beth

Puck was selected to be part of Booty Camp to improve his dancing skills. Puck talks with Quinn about her new looks and Beth in the toilet. He persuades her to talk with Shelby about Beth by saying "She's perfect. She looks just like you." He then goes to Shelby's house he tells her he hasn't taking drugs or drank since he talked to her and sees Beth, he draws her a picture of a pig/clown. He then spends time with Beth and Shelby agrees for him visiting Beth. Afterwards he tells Quinn about Beth. At the end of the episode, when Quinn rejoined the New Directions, he mentioned he's proud of her and Quinn tells him that they will get full custody over Beth, leaving him shocked.

Asian F

He is shown having dance lessons along with the rest of the members of the Booty Camp. In Mercedes dream he sang a solo in It's All Over. Later he is shown watching the Maria-Off between Mercedes and Rachel with Quinn, and called it 'clash of the titans'. He was shown giving a standing ovation after Rachel's performance. At the last scene he is shown giving back-up vocals in Fix You.

Pot o' Gold

Quinn and Puck pressure Shelby together into letting them babysit Beth. Quinn tells him about her plans of getting Beth back and places items in Shelby's flat, which will make her looks like an unfit mother. Puck removed them afterwards. Puck is seen to have affections for Shelby as well as Beth when he sides with Shelby instead of Quinn on the custody fight, he then tells Shelby that if she ever needs any help that he would be there. At the end of the episode Puck and Shelby shared a kiss showing that Shelby might have some feelings for Puck.

The First Time

Puck is seen when Finn asks about good condom brands. After a quick discussion, Puck tells Finn that he doesn't know what condoms to buy, as he never used them and 99% of the time that has worked. Puck later performs as Bernardo in the school's play of West Side Story. He sings in America during the play's production.

Mash Off

Puck tells Shelby that he is in love with her. Her response was "Oh God." Puck thinks they should be together because one: she's hot, two: he's hot, and three: Beth needs a dad, and why shouldn't it be her real dad? Shelby rejects Puck, claiming he has a crush on her that will go away. Puck pushes further describing his dream of taking pictures for their Hanukkah cards or renting an RV to head out as a family to Coachella. Puck says "you know this is going to happen," and winks at Shelby before leaving the classroom. He also dedicates his solo, Hot for Teacher, to Shelby.

I Kissed a Girl


After performing I'm the Only One Quinn asks her to come over at hers and have sex with her, he declines the offer though. Shelby calls Puck to go to the emergency room during school claiming that she had no one else to call. The doctor informs the parents that Beth will need stitches after her fall which caused her to bite through her skin. Puck demands that his daughter sees a plastic surgeon instead. Shelby is finally unable to resist Puck after his fatherly actions in the hospital and they sleep together. Afterwards, Shelby has trouble coming to grips with what she has just done and makes Puck leave. Puck and Quinn are seen making out in her bed and when Puck finds out about her plans of making another baby, he first angrily gets up, however, after he calmed down, he assures her that she doesn't need a baby or dude to make her special. They lie down together on the bed and he takes her in his arms. Still angry about the previous events with Shelby, Puck confides the details of his affair with Quinn, after an emotional conversation with her about her future.

Hold on to Sixteen

After finding out about Puck and Shelby sleeping together, Quinn plans on getting Shelby fired. Eventually she's persuaded to not do it though, for the sake of their daughter. He is seen in the background during Red Solo Cup. Puck has solo lines in Man in the Mirror during Sectionals, and performs backing vocals in ABC and Control. After their win, Quinn comes and hugs him happily. He is pleased when New Directions win. Puck also performs in We Are Young.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

While Finn is discussing with the boys what to give Rachel as a Christmas present, Puck claims that the reason he doesn't have a girlfriend is because it means he doesn't have to go trough the trouble of choosing presents for her. He also has a part in the holiday special later in the episode. Together with Finn he walks into the room, dressed as Han Solo (this is done because Artie had the condition that the special would be a homage to The Star Wars Holiday Special, though they claim it is merely a coincidence). When the attendees explain, that they don't think that, due to climate change, Santa Claus will not come this year, Finn and Puck say that they've heard differently, and matching that, they sing Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. After the show is over, he goes to the homeless shelter together with the other, and together they sing Do They Know It's Christmas?.


Becky shows dislike of his mohawk and thus discards him from her list of potential boyfriends. He is furthermore seen in the group performances Summer Nights and We Found Love.


Puck takes part in the performances of Black or White and Bad.

S3E11 Bad

Puck in Bad

When the Warblers reveal that they have "stolen" New Directions idea to perform Michael Jackson's songs at Regionals, he imputes working together with the Warblers to Blaine, since it was him who let their intention slip.

He also has a role in the performance of Never Can Say Goodbye, as he is one of the ex-boyfriends Quinn is saying "goodbye" to. Puck can be seen dancing, exchanging eye-contact with her and spinning her around.

The Spanish Teacher

Puck can be seen performing as a torero in the beginning during class, and also whilst the performances of Sexy and I Know It and Bamboleo/Hero. He is present when Sue Sylvester is encouraging the guys to be sperm donors. When Will asks his class where they imagine themselves by '2030', he answers that he'll be in prison and/or dead.


Puck is seen engaging himself in a conversation with his fellow glee-clubbers, who are discussing Sugar's "Sugar Shack." Puck remarks how needless he finds Valentine's Day. He says that he's happy as a single-person and that he could have as many girls as he wants, whenever he wants. He exhibits that by attending the "Sugar Shack" with several sorority girls.

On My Way

He can be seen with the New Directions while they are discussing Sebastian's black mailing, while they are performing at Regionals. He's there when the group discusses David Karofsky's suicide attempt, and asks Will why for him being caught cheating during exams is a reason to consider suicide, since Puck gets caught cheating all the time, but doesn't get in much trouble for it. When the New Directions then discuss what they are looking forward to in their life, he says, that although he is embarrassed to admit it, he wants to graduate from high school.

Big Brother

He plays a role in Finn's plans for the future. At first he can be seen discussing with the other senior how they are going to spend senior-ditch day. He remarks how long he has been waiting for it and how excited he is, and declines Kurt and Mercedes' idea. He only agrees with Quinn's idea, which is to go to the six flags amusement park. After the discussion, he pulls Finn aside. He tells Finn that he's planning to take his pool-cleaning business to Los Angeles after graduation, and is planning to make Finn his business partner. When Finn declines, Puck tricks him into coming to a client with him. There he shows him that coming to L.A. with him would be a golden opportunity for him, and that Rachel could become a movie actress while Finn works as a pool cleaner. He later goes to Six Flags park together with the other New Directions members, save Quinn and Artie. Quinn also remarks, how texting and driving at the same time was the second worst mistake she has ever made, aside from sleeping with Puck.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Puck still wants Finn to come to Los Angeles with him. He approaches Finn and wants to get organized with him, but Finn blocks him off and says that he doesn't want to go. Puck then admits that he wants Finn to go with him because he's scared of going alone, for which he gets teased and encouraged by Finn. When Finn confesses that he doesn't know what he wants to become, Puck says that whatever he does as a profession, he owes it to both of them to do it well. He is, like many other members of the New Directions, completely uninterested in the subject of the week and the dancing contest, but since Will Schuester says that everyone has to participate, even him, he dances to Night Fever. Despite this, he performs in Stayin' Alive together with the others wearing a John Travolta suit at the end of the episode.

Dance with Somebody

Puck goes to his gym locker and hands out gift bags for the glee club guys containing shot glasses along with various other gifts. He reveals that he stole them from different houses he cleaned for his swimming business. The reasons for these gifts were due to the fact that he was going to miss them and with the very little time they have left, he wants to make the most of and wants them to make sure of all the memories that they shared. They shared a toast to conclude Pucks announcement.



Puck meets with his father, who he has not seen for 5 years, at a pool.

He can be seen during Rachel's voice-over in the beginning, having a bunch of girls gathered around him. Finn overhears him telling one of the girls that he doesn't care anymore if he graduates or not, since he has his pool cleaning business and won't need it in his future. He is thus approached by Finn the next day, who wants his friends to still graduate, just in case he might need it someday. It has the result that Noah wants to take and pass the geography that he'd need to graduate. Instead of learning for the test, he decides to seduce his teacher instead, though. He approaches her and offers her presents. She sees through this, however, and tells him that he won't be able to buy her. Puck then reveals that he's doing this to get a passing grade in his test. His teacher then tells him that he's going to have to study when he wants to pass, like everyone else. When Puck then claims that he is too stupid for that, she contradicts him and says that he's only too lazy. Puck, however, doesn't want to hear anything about it and performs School's Out, dropping out of school in that process He can next be seen cleaning a pool of a client. The client, a middle-aged woman, offers to have sex with Puck, but he declines, saying that this is his last day. He explains to her, that he isn't graduating because he doesn't need to, and is thus leaving to the West Coast the following day. He then gets approached by his father, who asks Puck for money to pay his rent. Puck gives it to him, because he hopes that he will never have to see his dad again that way. He then returns to school and runs into his friends who are forging a plan to kidnap Puck and bring him back to school. He explains to them that the encounter with his dad made him want to graduate after all, because his father never graduated from High School and Puck fears he will end like that, having to ask Beth for money. In order to graduate, he will have to pass the geography test, so he asks his fellow New Directions Boys to help him study for it. Finn, speaking for all the others, agrees to help him. They can then be seen in a later scene studying for the test at 3 AM in the choir room. The others try to study with Puck, but the latter doesn't show even the smallest effort. Finn then makes another attempt and tells him something about the geography in Spain. He doesn't show interest in that either at first, and when Finn asks him which region gets the most rain, he replies multiple times that he doesn't know it. When Finn digs deeper, he manages to give the right answer, however. The New Directions Boys then burst into a performance and sing The Rain in Spain. Artie then pulls him towards his studies again. During the next day, Puck can be seen taking the exam, however, he's drawing a dinosaur with a guitar instead of answering questions. He only turns towards the questions in the last couple of minutes, and thus only answers a few. It is made clear then that Puck is going to fail the test, but when Finn and the others approach him afterwards, he claims that he thinks he might have passed. He then says "Thank you" to the New Directions Boys, explaining to them that it's difficult to grow up without a father and thus without a positive role model, but that the other became something like substitute dads to him. Rachel's final performance of Cry is intercut by a scene, in which Puck gets his test back. The grade he received is an "F," meaning that he won't be able to graduate.


Puck becomes part of the bunch that holds an anti-prom and spends the evening with Kurt, Blaine, Rachel, and Becky in a hotel room. When Finn comes and his fellow Glee Club members decide to attend the prom after all, Puck stays behind with Becky and plays strip poker with her. Becky tells him how disappointed she is, since she wanted to become Prom Queen, but didn't even get enough votes to be nominated. Puck then has an idea. He cuts two crowns out of cardboard and crowns himself and Becky to "anti prom" -king and -queen, which makes Becky's dream come true. They then visit the prom together and make a plan to spike the punch. Becky approaches Sue, who is guarding the liquid, and distracts her from it, while Puck pours a bottle of alcohol into the bowl. As Quinn stands up during Take My Breath Away, he claps.


Puck is first shown in the choir room during Tina's furious outburst over being held in the background for over three years. He takes the appearance of Blaine in Tina's Dream and can be seen watching Tina's performance. Later on, after absorbing what Sue said about it being essential that they have a guy perform in a dress to rival Unique Adams, he comes to school in a blue dress, a blonde wig and the stage name "Lola," causing Will to explode over Sue's erratic plans for Nationals. When he stands by his locker later during the day, he is surrounded by Rick Nelson and his hockey toadies, who taunt him about his dress and how "the mighty have fallen." In the end, Rick challenges him to a brawl outside at the dumpster Puck used to throw the nerds into.

Puck gets out his switch blade

In the afternoon, the two finally face off each other at the dumpster with a bunch of students there to watch them. Puck and Rick swipe at each other several times until Rick manages to subdue Puck with his friends and they then throw him into the dumpster before starting up an embarrassing chant of "Loser! Loser!" Puck flies into a rage and jumps out with a switchblade, causing Rick to back off nervously. Coach Beiste intervenes and breaks up the fight before angrily carting off Puck. In the locker room, Puck flies into a rage, in a bitter depression about his parents and his grades, over how he's failed at school and life. Although angry at first, Beiste relents as Puck bursts into tears and they hold each other and cry, Beiste commenting softly over how everyone thinks that, since they are badasses, nothing hurts them, but things do.


Puck and Shannon singing "Mean" in Props.

Afterwards, he sings Mean alone in the auditorium as a song try-out for nationals until Beiste joins him and they finish together. It is then that Coach Beiste reveals that she convinced the geography teacher to allow him to retake the final European Geography Exam. By coming to school in a dress, he proved for the first time that he cared much more about something that wasn't him. The coach promises to help him and, when Puck asks her why she's helping him, she tells him it's because he's helped her in ways he doesn't know of so much. "You are loved, pumpkin," she says, "You're not alone." At the end of the episode, he is seen on the bus riding on his way to Nationals in Chicago with the rest of the New Directions, Will, Beiste and Sue.


Puck starts a fight with Sam because he prefers studying geography for the test he can re-take rather than practicing the choreography for the competition. This makes the entire glee-club fight and it takes the combined effort of Will and Santana to bring peace back to the group. He later goes onto stage as part of New Directions and has a solo in Paradise by the Dashboard Light where he also dances. When it is announced that the New Directions have won Nationals, he can be seen cheering and is still doing so when the club returns to McKinley High. He is at Finn's side when the latter claims money from Rick Nelson. He finally performs and sings a solo in We Are the Champions, which is dedicated to Will.


Quick Goodbye

Quinn hugging Puck after he finds out that he passed his test.

While the other seniors are preparing for their impending graduation, Puck is studying with Coach Beiste who is aiding him in his studies for his retest in his European Geography class so he can pass his class, and ultimately graduate with the rest. Soon Quinn takes over for Coach Beiste and brings Puck to her house where she tries to teach him what he will need for the test. Puck claims that he is hopeless and that he intends to leave because he doesn't believe that he can pass the test, but Quinn stops him, telling him that she loves him and that she has faith in him. He tells her that he doesn't deserve her affections because he's just a loser, but she disagrees with him, telling him why she loves him, and how much he's accomplished.

The two share a kiss. Puck describes said kiss as "magical" and says that it helped him focus, and gave him the will to study, and so Puck enters his exam confidently and writes his test. Later Puck and the other seniors are waiting to find out if Puck passed his test. Finally his teacher hands him his test and he happily tells the others he passed with a C-. He hugs Quinn, who says "I'm proud of you." Puck sings Glory Days during the graduation ceremony with Finn, and then later shows up at the train station with the rest of New Directions to say goodbye to Rachel as she heads out to New York to look at the NYADA campus.

Britney 2.0

Puck returns to McKinley High in the Britney 2.0 to meet his brother Jake. Puck tells Jake how he remembers hearing their dad and his mom fighting about him getting a waitress pregnant when he was younger. Puck tells Jake that even though being in the glee club may be lame, it still helped him. Puck also tells Jake that being in glee club made him a man and if Jake joins, it will do the same to him. Puck leaves to go back to L.A. and on the way out the door tells Jake that whether he joins glee club or not, they are brothers, possibly starting a new bond.

Dynamic Duets

Puck is dressed up as a superhero (The Pucker-Man) on the "Hollywood Walk of Fame" and taking pictures with tourists whom he called "suckers" for paying for a photo, when he is called by his younger half-brother Jake. Jake needs advice, because of his conflicting feelings for Marley and his newfound friendship with Ryder Lynn, whom he would have to steal Marley from. Puck asks Jake if Marley is hot and Jake says she is. Then Puck recommends that Jake should not steal Marley away from Ryder, but also that he shouldn't give up on her, but wait for his chance.



Puck starts the episode singing Homeward Bound/Home with Quinn, Mike, Santana, Mercedes, and Finn. When the song ends, Finn starts a sentence with: oh, you guys - where Puck interrupts saying, "Dude, if you cry, I'll kick your ass." He is seen at Breadstix together with the others and jokes around. Also when Quinn tells about her accomplishments in Yale, he says "You go, girl." Puck is seen later in the episode mentoring Jake as well as standing by Jake when Quinn tells him to "back away" from Marley in order to win Sectionals. Puck turns to Jake and describes this Frown, pursed lips and hands-on-hips side of Quinn as loopy Quinn. He tells Quinn to stop and she's being out of line. At the end of the episode, Puck is seen sitting with Santana watching the New Directions perform at Sectionals.

Swan Song

Puck is only in this episode for a short time at the start of the episode. He is seen with Santana helping Marley after she fainted on stage. Rachel mentions him, talking about the frienship between him and Artie, and how they used to sing together.

Glee, Actually

Puck's first scene is in Artie's dream sequence. He is seen bullying Kurt with Finn, Ryder and Sam. Later in the dream sequence, he is seen sewing with the rest of the Glee Club that Artie is trying to get back together. He also catches Rachel in the dream sequence when Artie is trying to grab her.

Further on in the episode, Puck is seen breaking up a fight between Jake, Bobby Surette and Phil Lipoff. He then gives Jake a talk about how he is going in LA. He speaks of wanting to be a screenwriter
. He then drives in his motorbike with Jake in the sidecar all the way from Lima to Paramount Pictures in LA.

After passing through the entry gates, Puck and Jake sing Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah and try to get people walking past to join in so that the Puckerman's can get a bit more popular. They then get a Jewish Star tattoo on their left shoulders together. When the song finishes, the next scene is at a house where Noah tells Jake that it is his home but Jake doesn't believe him. A lady then walks through the door and busts them and tells them that they have five minutes to leave. Puck comes clean and explains to Jake that it is not his home and that he didn't want Jake to be disappointed in him because he has a small apartment up in the valleys. The brothers agree to celebrate Hanukkah together with their mothers at Breadstix. At ‎Breadstix, their mothers start to argue about Mr. Puckerman and what he did. Puck interjects and says that even though his father was an "ass" he was an ass that brought their family together. Towards the end of the episode, Puck and Jake sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas together along with Brittany and Sam at ‎Breadstix.

Sadie Hawkins

Puck and Jake are seen at the Lima Bean together, discussing about Jake's girl troubles. Jake explains his case that he likes Marley, but Kitty is offering more and going all over him. Puck understands that Jake likes Marley and so insists he goes with Marley and Puck will talk Kitty out of it.

At McKinley, Puck confronts Kitty near her locker and tells her to leave Jake alone because it'll be uncomfortable for him and her too, because she'll have to face the humiliation. Kitty also asks why Puck is sticking around in McKinley and he explains he's working on a screenplay. She insists that he can't spell, but he says that he can, leading to him saying, "Leave my brother, A-L-O-N," making Kitty shake her head. Kitty walks away from her locker into a
Puck y kitty sadie hawkins-copia
classroom and Puck follows, trying to argue her out of it. She then says, that she'll keep bugging Jake, unless Puck goes with her. Kitty walks up to Puck and touches him in a seductive way. But he thinks she is underage, but she explains about her fake IDs. He says that he's a professional, and she's an amateur, but she sees no difference. Puck forces her to pay for the food due to it being a Sadie Hawkins dance, and she says she'll pick him up.

At the dance, they dance together, and seem to be loosening up to each other. Puck sent her his screenplay three days ago and she says she read it, correcting all the spelling errors, but overall it was great. She laughs because Puck is dancing like an idiot. Puck then insists they take it to the car, implying that they leave to fool around.

I Do


Noah and Jake talking

When Ryder asks Jake about his Valentines gift ideas for Marley, Jake mentions that he has been brainstorming with Puck. There is then a short flashback, which involves Puck suggesting that Jake takes Marley out to dinner since she has an eating disorder. Puck also mentions that it will save him a bunch of bucks to buy a ton of different lingerie too. He mentions to Jake that with the lingerie, Jake could put on a fashion show because "chicks dig fashion." Later at the Wedding Reception, he is seen dancing with Artie and Betty while Kurt and Blaine sing Just Can't Get Enough. After that, he is seen talking with Rachel and Finn before Sue throws the bouquet.

Sweet Dreams

While Finn dancing the Harlem Shake in his college dorm room, he sees a sleeping bag closed on the ground with a person in it. When he opens it, Puck comes out! They have a conversation about the dorms and colleges and the classes. Puck states that he loves college and Finn agrees.

Later on in the episode, Puck is seen getting ready to go on a Slip 'n' slide in the college hall. Mr Schue suddenly arrives and Puck runs up to him to give him a hug. They talk about not being enrolled in the college and then Puck goes for another turn on the Slip 'n' slide. Puck got Finn and himself into the Delta Cappa Kai frat party. They high five each other an
Pinn Jumping - Sweet Dreams
d then Puck gives Mr Schuester a goodbye hug, tells him 'Good to see you Mr Schue" and then runs off to shave his pubes for the party.

At the frat party that night Puck and Finn are performing as the musical act. Finn plays the drums and Puck plays the guitar, as they sing a duet of Fight For Your Right (To Party). As soon as the song finished Puck and Finn walk out the back door and high-five while Finn says "Dude that was awesome!" They high five. Two guys from the college come out and invite Puck and Finn to pledge. They thank Finn and Puck for saving the house by being the entertainment as the stereo broke.

The next morning Puck goes into his and Finn's dorm room and wakes up Finn. He then has a conversation
with Finn about missing a class. He tells Finn that if he wants to do well and become a teacher that he has to take college seriously. Also stating that it's not high school anymore and although college is awesome, Finn and himself are worth something and must work hard. Puck tells Finn that the occasional college party is okay, but partying very hard and skipping tests is bad and that Puck might enroll into the college and write his screen-play. He wants to help Finn to become the best teacher he can be. They high five and Puck leaves the dorm to go and make some Grilled Cheesus.

Starting in Season Five, Puck is a recurring character because Mark Salling was demoted to guest star status.

The Quarterback


At the beginning of the episode he has a few lines in Seasons of Love with the members of the New Directions and alumni. In the choir room Puck is silent most of the time, but from his facial expressions you can tell he's more than upset. In one line he angrily mentions "Singing isn't going to bring him back." During a flashback, while Sue is talking about the tree Kurt has planted, it's shown Puck stole the tree and brought it to his hotel room. Later on Puck approaches Kurt by the dumpsters and they think back to the old times. Puck tries to claim the football jacket Kurt is wearing. However, Kurt doesn't let him and he's left desperatly wanting the jacket.

Tumblr muhkl8ayd11sd5847o3 250

He walks into the gym locker room of the school where he meets Coach Beiste. Beiste immediately sees he's drunk and confronts him about it. After a short-lived argument Puck admits his problem is once he starts crying, he can't stop. Coach Beiste tells him to sit down and they talk about Finn. Eventually Puck starts crying and claiming Finn always guided him through his life and he doesn't know how to keep this up without him. Shannon say he will have to learn to see himself the way Finn saw him, and be his own quarterback, as Finn’s voice in their heads is all they have of him now. After comforting him she tells him to bring back the tree, since she knows he has stolen it. In the next scene he dedicates No Surrender to Finn. All glee club members stand up to hug and comfort him, with tears in their eyes, but before they are able to do so, Santana comes into the choir room and accuses him of having stolen Finn's football jacket. He denies it and is frustrated nobody believes him. He also is present in the choir room to hear Rachel and hear her sings Make You Feel My Love. At the end of the episode he plants the tree again, where it's seen he has carved "Quarterback" into the trunk. His now-former coach, Beiste, is proud of him and they talk about his future. It's revealed he's planning on joining the Air Force in honor of Finn.


Puck is first seen in the choir room when Mr. Schuester announces this weeks lesson. He asks if he can have Finn's plaque after they clear out the room. He dances along with the others during Raise Your Glass.

Quinn Puck Biff 100

Puck is seen walking down the hall calling himself "the saw" in a voiceover and saying that now he has a purpose in life being in the Air Force and that he doesn't look back on the past. Then Quinn walks by and he says except maybe one thing. Quinn and Puck then start talking about what Puck is going to sing and Biff McIntosh comes up and they meet each other and Quinn says that her and Biff have been dating for 3 months. Puck doesn't look happy about it. During Toxic, Puck sees that Biff keeps texting and not watching the performance and he looks annoyed and angry about this. Later, Puck, along with Santana, Mike, and Artie come and join Quinn and Biff at Breadsticks. Quinn tells Puck and the others that she is trying to keep a certain image with Biff and will tell him everything about her past when she is ready. Puck watches Defying Gravity in the choir room and claps after the performance.

KHO Puck

Later on, Mr. Schue announces that Puck wants to do a number, he stands up and starts to suggest moving for his performance and then is interrupted by Santana. He watches Valerie and is seen clapping in the back of the room. After Valerie, Puck suggests that the club move to the auditorium and he sings Keep Holding On to an emotional Quinn while playing his guitar as the rest of the New Directions/alumni dance. After the song he says, "I guess I can still saw your heart." Quinn says that she is crying because she forgot about that song and moment. He says "people love you for who you are," and she says that she's in love with Biff. Puck looks sad about this. Puck later encounters Quinn and Biff arguing about Quinn hiding her past and she admits to Biff that Puck is the father of Beth. After Biff insults Quinn, Puck gets mad and hits Biff leading to a fist fight and Puck pushing him into the dumpster. He says to her "Quinn you can help him out of the trash or come be with your real friends in the choir room." Puck watches Happy and is seen dancing with the others.

Quinn Puck Jersey 100

Puck is looking at Finn's jersey in the locker room when Quinn approaches him and he asks if Finn forgave them and then asks if Biff is her soul mate. He tells her he thinks he's going to leave lima unless there is a reason to stay. He says he loves her and that she should ask him to stay. He then walks away from her, leaving the locker room and is seenwalking down the hall as she runs up to him and they kiss, she tells him to stay. Puck is last seen in the auditorium with all of the older New Directions and Will looking at the Lillian Adler and Finn plaques, then they all share a hug.

New Directions

Puck is first seen in Tina's New York fantasy. He pops out from behind the counter at the diner when Mike says he brought some chums with him. Later, he is seen sitting with Quinn laying her head on his shoulder in the auditorium. Mercedes comments on their new rekindled relationship during her and Kurt's speech on how upsetting it is to see friends fighting. She says that they can expect another accidental pregnancy between them. This causes Puck to roll his eyes and Quinn to wave her finger. He watches Kurt and Mercedes sing I Am Changing while sitting happily with Quinn. Puck dances during Party All the Time, and watches Santana and Rachel sing Be Okay while dancing with Quinn.


Puck and Quinn perform Just Give Me a Reason in the choir room. Throughout the song both are seen happy and smiling while singing to each other. After the song they share a kiss, and Quinn announces that Puck asked her to be his girlfriend and she decided to say yes. When she says that he was the only guy who is ok with her being herself, he replies that once you see a girl have a baby everything else is easily acceptable. Then he gives her another kiss to the cheers of everyone in the room. In the video to Mr. Schue's child, Puck says that he used to not be a very nice person, and that Mr. Schue helped him to become a nice person "a relatively large part of the time." He says that Mr. Schue is the most kind man he has ever met. The video leads into Don't Stop Believin', in which Puck comes forward and does his saw dance move and dances on the stage with all of the other former and current New Directions members. He is briefly seen sat next to Jake at graduation.

At the end of the episode when Mr. Schue is in the empty choir room reminiscing, Puck says, "I was tossing kids into dumpsters."


Puck is first seen walking in to the auditorium with Quinn, Sam and Artie and is one of the first of the returning group to try get Tina to come over to them all. When everyone is back in the choir room, Puck sits beside Quinn. Puck also takes part in the recruitment performance of Take On Me with the rest of the Alumni. He is next seen just as Roderick Meeks is leaving the choir room, before telling Rachel "Nice going Berry you scared him off." Later on, some of the former Glee club members interrupt the Tea Party Patriot Club, Puck walking in first, telling the members they can call him Sir. He tells them to join the New Directions, with some insulting language. A girl tells him that she respect older people, but ask him to not call them losers. Later on he tells Rachel that their recruitment plan isn't working and then huddles together with everyone to try hear Roderick sing. He is present when Mustang Sally is sung and is shown to have enjoyed it. Towards the end of the episode he also has a few lines in Home.

Jagged Little Tapestry

Puck is seen in the choir room anytime; when Rachel and Kurt announce the assignment, and when Santana and Brittany performs Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move and eventual engagement. During Brittana's performance, Puck is seen singing along while holding Quinn's hand in both kidding and loving way. He last appears when the alumni performs You Learn/You've Got a Friend to the New Directions in the auditorium, He showed up with Quinn in the middle of the song.

A Wedding

Puck is seen in the auditorium along with Blaine, Artie and Tina as she discusses her plans on proposing to Mike. He is shown to be overall supportive of the idea. He is then shown later at the wedding, shaking presents. He is then in the barn talking to Mike about how the air force is a 'breeze', he then compliments Tina. Puck is one of the best men along with Mike, Will and Sam, they are all shown enjoying At Last. He then dances to Hey Ya!. He is finally seen dancing with Pam Anderson during Our Day Will Come


This episode takes place before the Pilot. Puck is first seen in this episode when he walks together with David Karofsky in the hallway of McKinley. When Dave punches Kurt to the lockers and Kurt decision to stand up for himself, asks Puck if he is confident of his case. Kurt says sorry, because he knows they would beat him up. Dave beats his books out of his hands which Puck kicks them away. Puck is later seen in the Cafeteria with Dave and some other football players. As Kurt want to sit at an empty table, he see that Puck wants to sit at that table so he give the table to Puck and Dave and walks scared away. He's later seen when Tina makes her tribute in the episode. If Puck walks next to her, he makes, together with Dave, fun of Tina's stutter and says that it's not nice. He is last seen during the performance of Don't Stop Believin' when he walks in to the Auditorium and see Finn singing and dancing with Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, Artie and Tina

Dreams Come True

Puck makes his tribute in the episode in the future (2020), when Sue announces the New Directions performing in the auditorium. He is seen in the middle of the performance of I Lived when he comes in the The April Rhodes Civic Pavilion with David Karofsky, Brittany, Santana, Lauren Zizes, Kitty and his half brother Jake to join the Alumni and the New Directions. He's seen dancing and singing along everyone else and seems happy and proud. It's unclear if Puck and Quinn have marry each other, or if Puck is still in the air force, but they both may be possible. This marks his last appearance in the final episode of the series.


Revenge? Fear? The merciless infliction of pain? These are my kingdoms.

Noah "Puck" Puckerman is, at first glance, the stereotypical bullying jock. Arrogant, rude, and judgmental, Puck is under the unwavering belief that because he is a good at sports, he is better than everyone else. He is also a bit "gangster," as he abuses many "dweebs" and has even been sent to juvie due to his delinquent behavior. He even states that by second period he's causing trouble, like holding a fire extinguisher in his hand and spraying an unpopular person with it. And because of his supposed superiority, he believes that allows him to mistreat anyone else who he feels is different from him (such as Kurt for being gay and Artie for being handicapped). Puck also has a very easily provoked temper, and will attack friends and enemies at the drop of a hat if pushed.

Puck's arrogant behavior has made it to where he often doesn't consider the consequences of his actions and behavior, and how it might affect others. Puck's arrogance not only relates to school politics, but also in regards to girls. Although crude, Puck is nonetheless handsome, and knows it. As such, he feels any and all women are fair game for his sexual prowess. He's shown himself to be particularly fond of older women MILFs (Mom I'd like to F*ck). In truth however, Puck is willing to have sex with any woman who is available, even his best friend's girl. He also seems to revel in the chase and the conquest, as can be seen with his pursuing of Lauren in Season Two. Because he has a lot of sex, he thinks he is a sex master, as stated in Prom-asaurus.

God, I'm so tired of people judging me for a few mistakes I've made. I’ve tried to be a good guy, I go to school and I say “be cool Puck, be nice” but by second period I’ve got a fire extinguisher in my hand and I'm spraying some dweeb with it and I don't know how I got there.

—Puck to Rachel, Bad Reputation

However, although Puck rarely shows it, he does have several surprising good qualities. He is sensitive about being liked and popular, and finds the idea of being an outsider or bullied unnerving and has been shown to feel guilty for behaving that way towards others so much so that he seems to have stopped his bullying streak since joining the glee club, at least his bullying towards glee members. He knows that his actions are wrong and owns up to that; he doesn't lie about it. Puck also seems to find family very important, as he has a regular family event in which his mother, sister and himself will watch Schindler's List. In addition, Puck is seen trying to be a good father and influence around his daughter, Beth, showing another time how much family means to him. When his mother asks him to date a nice Jewish girl, he does so and asks Rachel out in order to honor his mother's request. Furthermore, when Puck discovers that Quinn is carrying his baby, he does as much as he can to show himself as a good father, although he uses some illegal methods. He shows how much he cares for Quinn when he gets into a physical fight with Finn, after he stated that Finn was often thinking about himself, ignoring how much pain Quinn was in, and even going as far as saying that he doesn't deserve her.

Don't push me Karofsky. You pushed my boy Kurt out of here. Juvie or no, you're already number one on my list to go all Death Star on.

Puck has also proved loyal on occasion, as his friendships with the Glee Club have progressed, such as removing the Glist from Rachel's locker when "someone" (Quinn) put it there and his willingness to get into fights to defend Glee even if it will send him back to Juvie. He is also able to take care of Kendra's children alongside Quinn, something Kendra herself can't do, thus implying that he can be a good parent. Puck also seems to be changing his promiscuous ways, refusing to make out with Rachel because he felt guilty cheating with his best friend's girlfriend a second time. Most notably Puck seems to have genuinely fallen for Lauren Zizes, an overweight girl with a lot of attitude, clearly showing he is able to love someone for who they are despite popularity status or physical appearance and is not afraid to show it.

He has also mentioned buying dip on several occasions and seems to be a very devout Jew.

In Season Two he values his friendship with Finn, feeling bad about sleeping with Quinn, judging by his situation with Rachel. He eventually manages to win back his friendship, and seems to be a much helpful friend later.

As of Season Three, it appears as if Puck's juvenile behavior has lessened, and he appears to be on better terms with Artie or Kurt, and in the First Time, he tries to give Finn advice about him and Rachel. He's also trying to be a good father towards Beth, who has been adopted by Shelby, and persuades Quinn to get back to normal, therefore they can participate in Beth's life. In Props, he experiences an emotional breakdown, crying in tears deeming himself as the school's failure. He then cites how his mother never shows up to any of his performances or games the entire time, and how for the first ten years of his life his father did nothing, but call him "garbage." This shows how insecure Puck has felt and how he may have seen himself.

It appears, that on a few occasions he is shown to not make a certain mistake another time. When Rachel got close to Puck to make Finn jealous, he did not sleep with her, apparently remembering that he already hurt Finn once with Quinn and does not wish to do it again.


Main article: Quinn-Puck Relationship (Quick)
Puck has a one-night-stand with his best friend's girlfriend Quinn, from which she gets pregnant. Quinn initially attempts to raise her child with Finn, but when both, Quinn and Puck, realize, that Finn lacks the maturity to raise a kid, Puck steps up to raise money and spend time with her. Quinn, however, still doesn't think she can trust Puck, and stays in a relationship with Finn, until it is exposed in Sectionals that she cheated on him. Although Quinn and Puck are still relucant to commit to each other, they support each other through the remainer of Quinn's pregnancy, until Beth is born in Journey. Afterwards, they admit their feelings for each other, and choose to name their daughter Beth, a name Puck had come up with in Theatricality.

After Quinn gives birth, they do not talk much until the third season. Together they plot against Shelby, the adoptive mother of Beth, because they wish to have their daughter back. However, Puck soon develops feelings for Shelby, and reveals their plan to Shelby. After Quinn learns that teacher Shelby has slept with student Puck, she tries to blackmail her with it. in Goodbye, Quinn visits Puck to encourage him for a crucial exam, and they share a kiss.

Saw your heart
They only interact in one episode of Season Four, in which they are set up by Kitty to fight about Puck's half-brother Jake and his love-interest Marley. In Season Five, the glee club alumni are back at McKinley to reminisce their time together before the glee club is shut down due to their loss at Nationals. Quinn is now dating a new man called Biff, who remains in the dark about Quinn's past. When Biff mistreats Quinn after learning what happened to her during high school, she is protected by Puck, and ends up leaving her boyfriend. Quinn and Puck begin dating immediately after.

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Pinn Hug - Sweet Dreamsfriends

Finn discovering Puck is his roommate.

Finn and Puck were always best friends even though they past through a lot during Season One. In the third season Puck wants Finn to join him after graduation, but Finn desists. Instead, he helps him to finish the year with a good mark and so he can graduate. In Season Four both discover that now are roommates. In Season Five, with Finn's sad and sudden death, Puck becomes depressed, and sings to him No Surrender. Also, to honor him, he decides to join the Air Force. 

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Puck and Lauren during "seven minutes in heaven"

In Special Education, after trying to get the football team to join Glee, Puck finds himself locked in a port-a-potty for twenty-four straight hours. He is finally rescued by Lauren, who he then asks to join Glee as no one else will. Lauren agrees to join, under the requirements that Puck finds her Cadbury Eggs and also plays "7 Minutes in Heaven" with her. When they both arrive in Glee, Puck, in a state of shock admits that Lauren "rocked his world." Later at Sectionals, Puck tells Lauren not to worry about going on stage, as he has her back. She however retorts that she's not nervous because "show choir is stupid." Puck is left taken aback by this comment, but proceeds to dance and sing with her during Dog Days Are Over. During the next couple of episodes Puck desperately courts Lauren while she coyly refuses his advances, which only intrigues Puck more. They also share some smiles. However, it is implied that they soon begin an informal relationship. Eventually, she breaks up with him at the start of Season Three.

Main article: Puck-Rachel Relationship  (Puckleberry)

Rachel and Puck.

"Puckleberry," as Rachel Berry reveals in Bad Reputation and Rumours, and as Finn mentioned in Furt, is the name the high school gave to the pairing during their short relationship. They no longer appear to have feelings for each other, but are now good friends, despite the fact that Puck used to bully Rachel.

In Mash Up, Puck tries to win Rachel's heart when his mother expresses her desire for him to date a Jewish girl, and this prompts him to have a dream in which Rachel appears. They then enter a relationship, but break up the very same episode, since Rachel admits to still having feelings for Finn.

In order to get back at Finn for lying about still being a virgin, Rachel kisses Puck in Special Education, although Puck pulls back midway when he realizes that Finn's girlfriend is cheatign with him for the second time. This results in the end temporary end of Finn and Rachel's second relationship.

Main article: Puck-Shelby Relationship (Shuck)

Puck and Shelby get more to do with each other when Shelby returns to LIma in Season Three, and tries to involve Beth's biological parents in her adopted daughter's life. After she shares with him how much she misses a significant other with whom she could share her experiences with Beth, Puck and Shelby share a kiss. Puck then begins to develop feeligns for Shelby, and even exposes Quinn's plan of taking Beth from her, but Shelby is not interested in dating a student. Despite this, they sleep with each other in I Kissed a Girl, although Shelby immediately expresses regret for doing so and ends things with Puck completely.

Quinn later uses their fling in an attempt to blackmail Shelby in Hold on to Sixteen.


Santana and Puck

Main article: Puck-Santana Relationship (Pucktana)
Puck and Santana are an on and off couple in the first two seasons, and are often sexting or sleeping together. After Santana comes out, Puck says that he knows he was just a phase, and is all right with that.

Main article: Mercedes-Puck Relationship (Puckcedes)
In the episode Laryngitis, Puck gets thrown into a dum

Puck tries flirting with Mercedes

pster because he shaves his mohawk off. While he was inside the Dumpster, he thought that if he dated a Cheerio he would regain his social status. He decides to go after Mercedes, thinking that because they are both in Glee Club, she will be attracted to him. Puck sings 'The Lady is a Tramp' with Mercedes and Santana becomes jealous and anxious. She and Mercedes perform the duet The Boy Is Mine, which turns out to be surprisingly aggressive. Mercedes later dumps Puck for throwing "dweebs" in the dumpster, saying that's not who she is, and she doesn't think it's who he is either.

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Puck y kitty sadie hawkins-copia

Puck and Kitty at the Sadie Hawkins Prom

Because Jake is well aware that Kitty is attempting to sabotage his relationship with Marley, Puck persuades her to go to the "Sadie Hawkins"-dance with him, in an attempt to get her to leave Jake and Marley alone. Kitty agrees, and at the dance, they get along well, and leave early to have sex in Kitty's car. From then on, it is mentioned regularly that they are in a relationship, until Lights Out, when Kitty reveals to Ryder that they have broken up.

Main article: Jake-Puck Relationship (Puckermen/Puckerbros)
Puck lives with his mother and sister. His father was not around to see Puck grow up. In Season Four, it was revealed that Puck has a half brother, now former Glee Club member Jake.


Total = 57

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
I Wanna Sex You Up Acafellas Finn, Sandy and Will
It's My Life/Confessions Part II Vitamin D Artie and Finn
What It Feels Like for a Girl The Power of Madonna Artie, Finn and Kurt
Run Joey Run Bad Reputation Finn, Jesse and Rachel
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Shout It out Loud Theatricality Artie and Finn
Good Vibrations Funk Finn and Mercedes
Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel
Don't Stop Believin' Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel and Santana
Back-up singing
Season One
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Over the Rainbow Journey Will N/A
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Three
Song Episode Solos with
It's All Over Asian F Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Santana and Will
America The First Time Mike, Rory, Santana and Tina
Red Solo Cup Hold on to Sixteen Finn, Mike, Quinn, Sam, and Tina
Man in the Mirror Artie, Blaine, Finn, Mike and Sam
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Volume 2 Finn and Joe
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, Santana and Tina
Summer Nights Yes/No Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Rory, Sam, Santana, Sugar and Tina
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Nationals Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Rachel and Santana
We Are the Champions Finn, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel and Santana
You Get What You Give Goodbye Finn, Mercedes, and Rachel
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Four
Song Episode Solos with
Seasons of Love The Quarterback Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Santana and Tina

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Six
Song Episode Solos with
Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, Santana, and Tina
Home Artie, Brittany, Jane, Kurt, Madison, Mason, Quinn, Rachel, Roderick, Santana, Spencer, and Tina

Instrument Playing

In a Solo

Season One
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
What a Girl Wants Mash-Up Acoustic Guitar Rachel
Sweet Caroline Puck
Papa Don't Preach Hairography Quinn
Over the Rainbow Journey Will with Puck
Season Two
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
Only the Good Die Young Grilled Cheesus Acoustic Guitar Puck
Fat Bottomed Girls Silly Love Songs Electric Guitar
I Know What Boys Like Comeback Lauren
Big Ass Heart Original Song Acoustic Guitar Puck
Never Going Back Again Rumours Artie
Go Your Own Way Electric Guitar Rachel
Isn't She Lovely Prom Queen Acoustic Guitar Artie
Season Three
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
Waiting for a Girl Like You Pot o' Gold Acoustic Guitar Puck
Hot for Teacher Mash Off Electric Guitar
I'm the Only One I Kissed a Girl Acoustic Guitar
School’s Out Choke Electric Guitar
Season Five
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
No Surrender The Quarterback Acoustic Guitar Puck
Keep Holding On 100 Acoustic Guitar

In a Duet

Season Two
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
One Love (People Get Ready) Never Been Kissed Acoustic Guitar Puck and Artie
Need You Now The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Puck and Rachel
My Cup New York Artie and Brittany
Season Three
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
You and I/You and I Mash Off Piano Will and Shelby
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Extraordinary Merry Christmas Electric Guitar Finn and Puck
The Rain in Spain Choke
Mean Props Acoustic Guitar Puck and Shannon
Glory Days Goodbye Electric Guitar Puck and Finn
Season Four
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah Glee, Actually Acoustic Guitar Puck and Jake

In a Group Number

Season One
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
Ride wit Me Mash-Up Acoustic Guitar New Directions
Shout It Out Loud Theatricality Electric Guitar New Directions Boys
Loser Funk Acoustic Guitar Sheets-N-Things
Season Two
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
Billionaire Audition Acoustic Guitar New Directions Boys
Afternoon Delight Sexy Celibacy Club
Don't Stop Rumours New Directions
Bella Notte New York Accordion New Directions Boys
Friday (Acoustic Version) 2011 Live Tour Acoustic Guitar
Season Three
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
You Can't Stop the Beat The Purple Piano Project Electric Guitar New Directions
La Cucaracha The Spanish Teacher Acoustic Guitar Artie, Finn, Will, and Puck
Season Four
Song Episode Instrument Sung by
Homeward Bound/Home Thanksgiving Acoustic Guitar Quinn, Puck, Mike, Santana, Mercedes, and Finn


  • It was Mark Salling's idea to give Puck a Mohawk.
  • All of the bullying that Puck had done to Kurt, Rachel, and Artie was done to him: like Rachel, he was slushied in Mash-Up; like Kurt, he was thrown into a dumpster in Laryngitis and Props; and like Artie, he was locked in a portable bathroom in Special Education.
  • When Puck visited his daughter, Beth, for the first time since her adoption, he is wearing the same shirt that he wore when he sung Beth.
  • In Audition, he claimed to have gotten a vasectomy. However, in I Kissed a Girl, he is worried that he would get Quinn pregnant, despite not being able to conceive children. This is probably just a continuity error. 
  • Puck has played his guitar in every solo he has sung.
  • In Original Song, Puck stated that his favorite song of all time is "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye.
  • From 100 onwards, Puck was never seen wearing another clothes out from his US Air Force Uniform.
    • Except when he performed Take on Me alongside the Alumni and the I Lived performance.
  • Puck's relationship with Quinn is his longest, as is hers.
  • Season Three is the only season where he has a Mohawk for the entire season.
  • He appeared in a total of 80 episodes and sang in a total of 57 songs throughout his time in the series.




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