Pamela Lansbury was Kurt Hummel's cover band formed in the fourth episode of Season Five, A Katy or A Gaga. Later, in Trio, Kurt disbands the band.


Season Five

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Kurt first stated his intention to create the band as his reason for beginning work at the Spotlight Diner. Originally, the band was supposed to be a Madonna cover band, but then Kurt decided to make it to be something more organic than that.

A Katy or A Gaga

Kurt recruits Santana and her new girlfriend Dani to be members of the band. They then hold auditions for another member and, apart from Kurt, are all amazed by Elliott Gilbert, who auditions with Lady Gaga's Marry the Night. Kurt is unsure whether to allow Elliott to join the band in fear that he is too
eccentric and would affect the band's popularity and potential to make a profit. After a talk with Rachel, Kurt decides Elliott is perfect for the band, and when he turns up at the Diner looking for Kurt, he is offered a place.

Later they, attempt to come up with a band name. Several names were suggested, including: The Apocolipsticks, The Nipslips, and Areola 51, but all are shot down by Kurt. Rachel suggests Pamela Lansbury as a joke but all members like it. Rachel then joins the band after earlier declining. They celebrate by singing for the first time all together - Roar by Katy Perry.

Puppet Master

Kurt announces to the band that he has booked them there first gig at Callbacks, the NYADA piano bar.
Into the groove
Only Rachel is enthusiastic about it as Elliott, Dani and Santana all express disdain at launching the band at a broadway hangout. Kurt tries to convince them with his vision of them playing Into the Groove to a sold out audience. On the night of the performance only one audience member is there and he thought he was coming to see Angela Lansbury do a reading, upsetting the band.

Elliott, Santana and Rachel are later seen discussing the future of the band when Kurt arrives with a box of donuts. He informs them that they are token from the booking agency of the Williamsburg Music Hall, where he has booked them the next gig. The group are excited and Kurt explains that the one audience member who was there for Angela Lansbury has a nephew who works for the Williamsburg Musical Hall and he made a bootleg and passed it along to him. The meeting is interrupted by a delivery of Blaine's puppets. The group perform The Fox.


Kurt disbands Pamela Lansbury because of Rachel and Santana's feud and forms One Three Hill with Elliott and Dani.


Former Members

Band Performances

Season Five



Band Soloists

Roar A Katy or A Gaga Dani, Rachel, Santana, and Elliott
Into the Groove Puppet Master Kurt, Elliott, and Rachel
The Fox Elliott, Rachel, and Santana


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