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Pavarotti (2010-2011) was one of the male canaries that the Dalton Academy Warblers give to new members. He died of a suspected stroke in the episode Original Song. Kurt Hummel was whistling along with Pavarotti when he died.


Season Two

Pavarotti molts and Kurt thinks he is sick.

Special Education

Pavarotti is first introduced in Special Education. He is given to Kurt upon joining The Warblers, as part of tradition of giving the new member "an actual warbler." Later Kurt worriedly texts Blaine, thinking that he died,  but in truth the bird was just molting. Pavarotti seems to serve as a metaphor for Kurt's time at Dalton, showing that while he's safe in a "gilded cage" of sorts from the threat of Dave Karofsky, his individuality and freedom to express himself are constantly being stifled by Dalton's rules and traditions.

Silly Love Songs

In Silly Love Songs, when Blaine announces to the Dalton Academy Warblers that he plans to serenade his crush at the Gap, Pavarotti shows some distress.


In Sexy, Pavarotti can be seen temporarily when Blaine is talking to Kurt in Kurt's room.

Original Song

In Original Song, Pavarotti is first seen under a Burberry-esque canary cover. Kurt tells Blaine it is because canaries don't like the cold, "especially Pavarotti." Pavarotti is later seen in Kurt's room singing with Kurt as Kurt whistles when he suddenly stops and dies. Kurt suspects it was a stroke. He even goes

Kurt and Blaine at Pavarotti's grave.

on to tell the Warblers that Pavarotti "inspired him with his optimism, and his love of song," later even going on to say he was his friend. Kurt then sings Blackbird in Pavarotti's honor, and the Dalton Academy Warblers back him up. Pavarotti is properly buried by Blaine and Kurt in a small bedazzled casket under a tree.


  • His death is the only one on-screen.