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Phil Giardi is Kendra's husband. He appears in Showmance and Hairography, the second and eleventh episode of Season One, respectively.

Phil Giardi is portrayed by Michael Loffelholtz.


Phil has fathered triplets, named Kyle, Max, and Joshua. All three have ADHD, and he appears tired and haggard in his appearances. He seems under the strict control of Kendra. 

Season One


He takes part in a brunch. During the brunch, he asks permission to both go to the bathroom and eat, implying that his wife controls him.


He talks to Will about the restoration of Will's new car. He asks what Will plans to do with it once Terri's 'baby' has been born, as there isn't room in the car for three. Will is left thoughtful.


Kendra Giardi

As husband and wife, their relationship does not appear to be very loving, but isn't exactly hostile. Kendra encourages dishonesty in marriage, and would get Phil a car as a distraction, if only it wouldn't make him happy. It's possible that after Will found out about Kendra helping Terri fake her pregnancy, he told Phil who may have left Kendra or Kicked her out.

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