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Pony is Puck's assistant pool cleaner. He made his one-episode appearance in Pot o' Gold, the fourth episode of Season Three.

He is portrayed by Suraj Partha.


Season Three

Pot o' Gold

In Pot o' Gold, Pony is swimming around in an unclean pool while Puck is cleaning it. While in the pool he finds a couple of pennys and a dead raccoon and shows them to Puck, who tells him that he can keep the raccoon. Mrs. Figler soon walks outside wanting Puck to 'clean some pipes' but changes her mind when he shows her a picture of Beth. She then asks Puck to send Pony in instead.


  • Pony was originally thought to be Sugar Motta's brother, and it was said that Al Motta would hire Puck to teach him how to properly swim. However, these rumours were proven false when the episode aired.


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