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Previously Unaired Christmas is the eighth episode of Glee's fifth season and the ninety-sixth episode overall. It premiered on December 5, 2013. It was the last episode before the mid-season break, with Glee returning on February 25, 2014, after the fall hiatus.

Some edits are made to a never-before-aired Christmas episode that was kept hidden by FOX, which can now be shown. In an alternate universe to Glee, Actually, the Glee Club in Lima celebrates Christmas but also have to prepare for the 50th Annual Christmas Decoration competition, which Becky, Sam, and Tina are all eager to win. The Glee Club (who also have taken the role of The Christmas Club) also have to prepare a living Nativity Scene, and Marley, Tina, and Unique are all eager to play the role of Mary. Despite Kitty secretly wanting the role, she doesn't audition, leaving Marley and the Glee Club to organize the Nativity. In New York, Santana joins Kurt and Rachel for a New York Christmas and Rachel reveals that she's landed them a part-time job as Christmas elves in a Santa Land Mall, which doesn't goes as planned.

The episode was directed by Wendey Stanzler and written by Ross Maxwell.



This year's Glee Christmas episode starts off with an explanation from Jane Lynch as to why this episode was airing now, instead of last year. Long story short - Fox canned it because it was deemed much too controversial. They have only agreed to let it be shown now after copious requests from fans and with some judicious editing.


At McKinley, the school is concerned with two things this Christmas season: the school's "green" Christmas tree contest, and creating a living manger after the one outside of the school was vandalized. Tina desperately wants to win the contest, because first prize is an antique angel believed to have magical properties. Unfortunately, Sue is judging the contest and plans to put the club in last place.


They won't let that happen though, and while singing Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree the Glee Club creates a beautiful tree that is decorated solely with green and environmentally friendly ornaments. Even Sue can't deny the tree is amazing, and sure enough, the Glee Club ends up winning the contest. The runners-up are the Biology Club, the 4/20 Club, and Beiste and the football team - Becky doesn't win, and she's very upset, and sinks into a funk.

TinaSam PUC3.png

Because they feel bad that she lost, Sam and Tina decide to give the angel to Becky, and then also give her the role of Baby Jesus for the living manger scene as well. Casting for the manger scene becomes a heated contest between Marley, Unique and Tina. Kitty, despite being Christian, doesn't appear to want it, though she is extremely offended by the audition song the other girls performed, Mary's Boy Child. When Marley, who gets the role, realizes why Kitty won't take the role, despite wanting it badly, she hatches a plan with the rest of the club to convince Kitty to take the part. For the plan, the girls turn the manger scene into perhaps the most offensive one ever created, as they parade around in Supremes-inspired outfits, sing the Supremes' Love Child, and Unique gives birth to a black Jesus doll. It infuriates Kitty enough that she takes the part after all.

LivingNativity NewDirections.png

The living manger is actually quite nice, and helps close out the episode with the club singing Away in a Manger.

HCS (1).jpg

In New York, Santana is in town just stopping by to see Kurt and Rachel as she tries to get over breaking up with Brittany. The three take jobs as elves at a mall's Santa Land display, but unfortunately for them, they have the worst Santa ever - he shows up very late for work and has a drinking problem. Being the ever-resourceful performers they are, they begin singing Here Comes Santa Claus. Unfortunately, the angry mob of children don't approve and start throwing things at them. Attempt number two sees Santana dressed as a sexy Mrs. Claus, and while the kids initially respond well to her, she is perhaps the worst Mrs. Claus ever, and insults the kids instead of helping them. Enter Cody, also known as "Sexy Claus," who agrees to help them out with their troubles if he can come over for dinner first. So they invite him to the Bushwick apartment for a tree-trimming party.


At the apartment, Cody gets them high on helium and drunk on alcohol and they sing The Chipmunk Song. Afterwards, the high inspires Rachel to invite Santana to move to New York, and Kurt begins making out with the manipulative Santa Claus. The next morning however, Rachel and Santana appear sick and dazed where they fell asleep fully dressed and Santana suggests they'd been roofied. After the girls get up, they find a half-naked Kurt bound and gagged on his bed, and the apartment empty. The rough trade Santa was actually there to rob them. Kurt feels ashamed by what happened, especially when they learn that Cody also robbed Santa Land - and got them all fired. But Rachel has gotten them new jobs. They close out the episode also singing Away in a Manger, this time from their new jobs as singing mannequin-type people in a Manhattan store window display.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Here Comes Santa Claus
(Down Santa Claus Lane)
Gene Autry Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry,
and Santana Lopez
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree Brenda Lee New Directions and Will Schuester
Mary's Little Boy Child Harry Belafonte
(Boney M. version)
Marley Rose, Tina Cohen-Chang,
and Unique Adams
The Chipmunk Song
(Christmas Don't Be Late)
Alvin and the Chipmunks Cody Tolentino, Kurt Hummel,
Rachel Berry, and Santana Lopez
Love Child The Supremes Unique Adams with
Marley Rose and Tina Cohen-Chang
Away in a Manger Traditional Kurt HummelRachel BerrySantana Lopez and New Directions

Unreleased Songs

Background Songs

  • Deck the Halls by John Parry Ddall. Used after Rachel, Cody, Santana, and Kurt sing The Chipmunk Song.

Guest Cast

Guest Stars


  • Ryan Heinke as Brett Bukowski
  • Felix Miguel Avitia as Snotty Kid
  • Adam Chernick as Boy
  • Isabella Rice as Girl
  • Matt McCarthy as Dancing Elf #3



  • The episode received a rating of 1.1/3 with a total of 3.29 million viewers.
  • This is the first of two episodes that takes place in the past, the other being 2009.
  • This is the first and only Christmas episode in which Kurt and Blaine do not sing a duet.
  • During the airing of this episode, using the app Shazam would give you a free song (Away in a Manger) from the Christmas Album. 
  • In the Australian airing of this episode, the part where Santana tells a child that an iPad would be better because he can't watch porn on a laptop, was cut.
  • In the opening, Sue hangs a stocking loaded with coal with the name Merritt Wever written on it, an allusion to the fact that Wever beat Jane Lynch for Supporting Actress in a Comedy at the 2013 Emmy awards.
  • No explanation about Brittany's, Finn's, Sugar's, or Joe's absences are made in this episode. However, Finn's absence can be explained as he was only show choir director whilst Will was in Washington, but as this episode shows that Will didn't go to Washington, then Finn has no reason to hang around the school, and went with Carole and Burt to spend time with his aunt. Additionally, Sugar's absence can also be explained by Artie in Swan Song, saying she left New Directions after losing Sectionals. However, as this episode can be considered to occur in an alternative universe, then these events may not be accurate.
  • This is the first Christmas episode where the title card doesn't change.
  • This episode features the most songs performed in full in a single episode, with three: Rockin' Around the Christmas TreeThe Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) and Away in a Manger.
  • According to Jane Lynch, the episode was initially entitled "Rough Trade Santa".
  • This is the last holiday themed episode of the series.
  • This episode marks the last time Marley sings in the series.


  • Santana says that Brittany dumped her, when it was actually Santana who broke up with her.
  • Even though this episode was supposedly "unaired" from last season, and takes place in Christmas 2012, several characters had their season 5 hairstyles, such as Sam having long hair, and Jordan having bangs.
  • The Choir Room was given to Sue for Cheerios rehearsals after losing Sectionals, however the New Directions were still using it in this episode.
  • During the first Santa Land scene, Santana's hair is seen sitting behind her shoulders. However, in the next shot her hair is in front of her without her moving it. It switches again in the next shot. 
  • During the first scene between Kurt and Santana, when he gives her a glass of eggnog Santana is shown about to drink it or just smelling it. However, in the next shot she doesn't have it anymore.



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