The Puck-Beiste Relationship, most commonly known as Peiste, or Buck,is the relationship between Noah Puckerman and his former teacher/football coach, Shannon Beiste. They have shared some major scenes with each other on the show.


Shannon catches Puck threatening Rick Nelson with a rubber-knife, and promptly stops him and takes it from him. She then confronts him to know what he was thinking, warning him that he might get expelled. Puck then has a breakdown and claims to not care, since his life isn't worth anything in his opinion. He soon apologizes, though. This conversation gives Shannon the strength to confront her abusive husband Cooter, and to break up with him. Afterwards, she meets Puck again in the auditorium, where they sing Mean. Shannon then reveals that she has persuaded Puck's geography teacher to let him retake the exam he needs in order to graduate. (Props)

Shannon is seen trying to tutor Puck before he retakes his geography test, and can be then seen cheering for him at graduation. (Goodbye)

Puck has a heart-to-heart conversation with Coach Beiste, where he mentions that he feels he's lost his way now, because Finn used to point it out for him, so Shannon reminds him that all they have now is Finn's voice in their hearts, and they have to learn to point out their way on their own. They have another heart to heart conversation after he has re-planted the memorial tree about how in many years time, nobody will know who the tree is for. Puck tells Beiste he is joining the Air Force and laments over no longer having Finn to tell him what to do. Beiste tells him to make the most of his life and he departs on his motorcycle. She then smiles, seeing that Puck had carved "Quarterback" into the tree. (The Quarterback)




  • They are both considered bad-asses. (Props)
  • They are both usually called by their surnames.



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