The Quinn-Santana Relationship, more commonly known as Quinntana, is the friendship between Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez. They seem to have a competitive on-off friendship at times, and a solid friendship at others. They slept together at least twice in I Do.


In the beginning of Season One, Quinn and Santana are  both on the Cheerios with Brittany. They seem to be very close, but when everybody finds out Quinn is pregnant, they appear to be distant, not as close as they were before the news came out. In the beginning of Season Two, they compete for the spot of head cheerleader and even have a physical fight in the hallway related to it. Quinn ultimately gets the spot because Santana got a boob job. They are friends again while on

Quinn and Santana in the school halls

the Cheerios, but then quit in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle. Quinn is dating Sam and Santana seems jealous of all relationships, because of her lack of a relationship. Santana tells Sam that Quinn cheated on him with Finn (which is true). Sam breaks up with Quinn, and then he begins to date Santana. Quinn is seen looking at them jealously during Rachel's house party. Santana and Sam ultimately break up because Santana uses Karofsky as her beard because she's in love with Brittany. Quinn and Santana run against each other for Prom Queen, and neither wins. In New York, Quinn and Santana are seen talking and being friendly.

They talk in the hotel room with Brittany because Quinn feels like everyone else has love except for them. She is very down at that point, so Brittany and Santana comfort her and suggest she gets a hair cut. Quinn also mentions that she's "not into that." She thought Santana was talking about having sex with each other, as she knows that Santana and Brittany have before. In Season Three Santana is back on the Cheerios, while Quinn quit the Glee Club and joined The Skanks. Santana and Brittany try to convince Quinn to rejoin the Cheerios, they say 'We joined Cheerios together, Glee Club together, we all slept with Puckerman the same year. We're like besties for life.' She says that she won't come back. Quinn rejoins Glee Club and the Cheerios later in the year. Santana is forced out of the closet, and Quinn seems very supportive of her. In Season Four, they meet again in Thanksgiving, and have a conversation in the choir room, which culminates in them slapping each other, before Brittany intervenes. In the episode I Do, Quinn begins flirting with Santana and eventually sleep together twice because they were drunk. Quinn states it is only a one-time thing and Santana agrees by saying they could make a two time thing out of it. 



Quinn and Santana are both seen laughing at and commenting meanly on Rachel's video singing On My Own on MySpace with their accounts SkySplits (Quinn) & HiHoCheerio (Santana). Afterwards Santana joins Quinn as she confronts Finn about talking with Rachel and watches her from the side.  Also, in a deleted scene of Pilot, they are seen in the bathroom making fun of Rachel, with Santana saying "Getting ready for the tranny prom, Rachel?"



Quinn, Santana and Brittany performing "Say A Little Prayer"

Santana and Quinn can be seen walking down the hallways together in the beginning of the episode. In the celibacy club, Santana twirls in her skirt and Quinn says "God bless the pervert that invented these skirts." In the Assembly they sit together and when Will says Glee is making a comeback, they smile at each other. Also Santana along with Brittany does background vocals for their audition of I Say a Little Prayer.


Quinn and Santana try to convince Rachel to hire a professional dance coach, Dakota Stanley (Vocal Adrenaline coach dancer). They also try to encourage Mercedes to go out with Kurt, even though they know Kurt is gay. At the Cheerios car wash fundraiser, Quinn and Santana are seen goofing around together and laughing while washing the same car in Cheerio's bikini tops. After the New Directions fire Dakota Stanley, Quinn and Santana are seen in a private meeting with Sue as Sue tells them that they have failed.


Santana is seen half-hugging and fooling around with Quinn during the New Direction's Lean on Me.


While Puck and Quinn are baby-sitting Kendra Giardi's children, Puck has a sex chat with Santana over his phone. Santana approaches Quinn the next day and tells Quinn about it out of malicious joy, which shocks Quinn.


Kurt mentions that Quinn has "beef" (a rivalry) with Santana and Brittany. Quinn is also seen watching Santana and Brittany vandalize old thunderclaps, she appears to be staring at them both longingly, missing her old life.

The Power of Madonna

When Santana performs 4 Minutes with the Cheerios, Quinn is seen watching happily.


When the New Directions go roller skating, Quinn and Santana are seen fooling around in the background and holding hands.


At the beginning of the episode, as Jacob is interviewing them about their summer, they can be seen standing together along with Brittany. When Jacob focuses the camera on Santana's boobs, Quinn tries to push it back up. Quinn steals Santana's head cheerio status by telling Sue about Santana's boob job that she got over the summer.

Quinn and Santana in Empire State Of Mind

This causes Santana to attack her and ends up with them having a fight in the school hallway, only to be stopped by Will. When Will asked what happened to New Directions being a family, Santana insults Quinn saying that she already has a family. Quinn responds in anger, and then tells Santana to fix her hair up before heading to class.

Quinn looks sorry for Santana later in the episode when she is at the bottom of the cheerleading pyramid, seemingly regretting her decision to tell on her.


Quinn mentions Santana to Sam, saying "I need to find a way to get Santana off my heels!," implying that Santana is still plotting against her. Quinn does appear to enjoy Santana and Mercedes' duet of River Deep, Mountain High shimmying along, laughing and staring at Santana's backside. However, Santana seems very much disheartened by Quinn's duet with Sam, and even more so when they win.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Santana and Quinn are double cast for the role of Magenta in Rocky Horror.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

They are forced by Sue to decide between Glee Club and the New Directions. They discuss what they're going to do in the bathroom together with Brittany. Suddenly, Sue appears and tries to convince them that their life would be miserable out of the cheerios. Eventually they quit Glee Club together. When Brittany is tricked into agreeing to be shot out of a cannon, Quinn and Santana are convinced by Finn to quit the Cheerios to protect her and rejoin the New Directions.

Silly Love Songs

When the glee club gangs up against Santana, Quinn joins them and mentions how Santana recently said that she's sad Quinn didn't give birth to a lizard baby. Santana later notices the sparks between Finn and Quinn, and has an idea how she could get revenge. She kisses Wes Fahey, who was infected with mono, and kisses Finn almost immediately after that. When Quinn and Finn share a kiss later, Quinn gets infected with mono too. Santana shafts them the next day over it.


Santana is in the hallway with Quinn, by Quinn's locker. She says although they've "had their differences," acknowledging their recent rivalry, Quinn looks good in the outfit. Santa
na was wearing it too, because everyone was stealing clothing tips from Brittany, which were actually from Rachel. Rachel approaches them and says she has paid Brittany to copy her clothing. Santana and Quinn both agree how sad this is from Rachel to try stealing Brittany's success.  

Santana asks Sam about his relationship about Quinn. She explains to Sam that he knows Quinn kissed Finn but that he was willing to believe her story to stay with her, and that he has an opportunity to show everyone that he is not a pushover. Santana then asks Sam out.

Blame It on the Alcohol

Seeing Santana making out with Sam at Rachel's Party, keeps Quinn from enjoying it (among others). When Santana is drunk, she accuses Sam of liking Quinn more than her and talks about how pretty and clever Quinn is.

Prom Queen

Both Quinn and Santana are running for Junior Prom Queen (Quinn with Finn and Santana with Karofsky). When Santana sings Dancing Queen with Mercedes, Quinn dances while she is walking to Santana, who smiles back at her.

New York

Santana, along with Brittany, bangs on the bathroom door, waiting for Quinn to get out with Santana complaining that she needs to re-pencil her eyebrows.
Santana and quinn67
Santana notices the deject look that Quinn has on her face as she comes out of the bathroom, and reassures her that winning Nationals will make them feel better after giving up their cheerios positions. Quinn sobs and is comforted by Santana and Brittany, Santana rests her head on Quinn's shoulder and puts her arm around the sobbing Quinn. Santana says that she knows how to make her feel better, Quinn initially thinks she is talking about something sexual, but a shocked Santana tells her that getting a haircut would help. They also dance together in Light Up The World. When the winner of the competition is being announced they are holding hands in the background. Quinn also holds back Santana when she's accusing Rachel of their loss.

The Purple Piano Project

Santana and Quinn are seen in It's Not Unusual when Santana, Quinn, and the Cheerios burn another Purple Piano. Santana later asks Quinn to join the Cheerios and Glee Club with Brittany, saying "It's not the same without you," which Quinn declines by saying she has found new friends now, who like her for who she is.

Asian F

They both dance and support Brittany in her Run the World (Girls) flash mob. During Spotlight, Quinn and Santana can be seen talking to each other.

I Kissed a Girl


After Josh Coleman (sophomore rugby captain) calls Santana out to "make her normal," Quinn comes to her defense by saying that being gay isn't a choice. Quinn then sings back-up for Santana (and Rachel) during I Kissed a Girl. As soon as the performance is finished, Santana hugs Quinn to thank her for her support, to which Quinn happily obliges. Both vote for Brittany for class president during the elections.

Hold on to Sixteen

After Sectionals, Quinn approaches The Troubletones, which Santana is part of, to ask them to rejoin New Directions. Santana doesn't even want to let Quinn speak, but Quinn still tries to win them back. Santana laughs at Quinn when she confesses, "I know I've gone a little crazy this year." When Santana says that she doesn't think Mr. Schuester would allow them to come back, Quinn contradicts, and says that he already has and that he agreed to let them sing a song at every competition. This is what finally convinces her to go back to the New Directions.


Santana makes a proposition to The God Squad, which Quinn is part of, to deliver a love song to Brittany. When the members of the squad afterwards discuss doing it, Quinn is clearly on Santana's side. She later sings Cherish/Cherish to Brittany for Santana together with her God Squad friends. She smiles at Santana during the performance.

On My Way

When the Warblers perform Glad You Came Santana is holding Quinn's hand and clapping along to the music with her. She also tells Rachel, while she's waiting for Quinn to attend her wedding, to face Quinn's not coming.

Big Brother

Santana is the first one to get up after Quinn and Artie's duet of I'm Still Standing, to give Quinn a hug. Santana and the rest of Glee Club stand supportive of Quinn's condition.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Quinn is seen dancing by waving her hand to the disco song, If I Can't Have You, sung by Santana.


Quinn and Santana have both been nominated for prom queen. In the choir room, Santana calls Quinn her home girl. They were both ordered the task to count the votes together so no sabotaging occurs and to make it fairer. Quinn admits she doesn't trust Santana "and she definitely doesn't trust me."
After meeting in the Spanish room, both Santana and Quinn ended up with the same results to which Quinn wins by one vote. Quinn tells Santana that she doesn't feel right winning this title. Santana then says she deserves it "With you being a cripp and all." Quinn talks about how lucky and how successful both their high school careers were, to which Santana counters "Well, it would be boring if we weren't so awesome." Together, they both sabotage the votes, so Rachel wins. Quinn and Santana sing Take My Breath Away as a duet for the first king and queen dance. During the song, Quinn stands with the support of Santana, starting to cry and putting her arm around her as they smile at each other.


They have a special moment together before performing at Nationals and speak about how they started together and that they will end this together, Santana holds her hand. Quinn is seen laughing and hugging Santana after the announcement of the winners of Nationals 2012.


Santana smiles at Quinn while Will is singing Forever Young and they hold hands. When Quinn is passing by in the hallway Santana nods to her and Quinn smiles. Santana hugs Quinn when they're both waving goodbye to Rachel and they are seen laughing together.


Thanksgiving quinntana

Quinn's return to Lima for the holidays reunites the seniors (except Kurt and Rachel). Santana and Quinn sing Homeward Bound/Home with Finn, Mercedes, Puck and Mike. Later, the six of them go to BreadstiX together and Finn asks them to help mentor the newbies in New Directions. When Quinn tells about her secret society, Santana looks unimpressed and forces a smile. When Kitty and Quinn start bonding, Santana walks in the choir room and confronts Quinn, saying that Kitty is evil and gave Marley laxatives. Santana, knowing Kitty did it, due to her psychic Mexican third eye. Quinn tells Santana to "give it up" and to stop being jealous of her. Quinn goes on to reveal her relationship with a 35-year old married Yale professor who will soon divorce his wife to start dating Quinn, which Santana isn't too happy about. They mock each other until the mocking goes too far, leading up to the two slapping each other, right before Brittany walks in and stops them.


Quinn and Santana come to New York together to help Rachel after getting a call from Kurt, stating he needed their help and also because they wanted do some New York shopping.
Gorgeous babygirlsakaquinntana
They surprise Rachel and then went straight to business. Next, they were sitting opposite to Rachel when Quinn explains that she is also here so that Santana can apologize to her for slapping her face very hard. Santana replies "In theory. We'll just see if that happens." Together they try to persuade Rachel from going topless in a student film.

Later they are on the stage in one of NYADA's auditorium talking and laughing when Rachel entered. They begin singing Love Song. During the trio's performance, Santana rolls her hand giving the spotlight to Quinn when she starts "Promise Me....." Santana also dances to Quinn's solo in the song by moving her shoulders. They seemed to be really enjoying themselves while they sang and dance. At the end, Rachel invites the both of them to dinner.

I Do

Quinntana makeupj
Quinn and Santana enter the wedding together and sit by each other at the church. They have a conversation in which they discuss what they hate at that moment. Santana says that she hates Valentine's Day and weddings, and Quinn says she hates men except for some, comparing them all to pigs. Quinn also passes the make-up mirror to Santana. Then, as the wedding is over and the Reception starts, Quinn is dancing with Santana along with Mike. Brittany and Sam dancing together distracts them. To ignore the fact that they both are single, Quinn and Santana walk up to the bar and get a drink with the help of fake IDs. They discuss where their friendship lies and the fact they are flawless. Quinn also tells Santana that she is "killing it in that dress" in a flirty way. Santana is surprised by Quinn's move. Later, during the duet Just Can't Get Enough of Blaine and Kurt, they dance together. Santana puts her necklace around Quinn's neck and they laugh together when Sue is about to throw the bouquet. Similarly, when Finn and Rachel are singing We've Got Tonight, they slow dance and Quinn tells Santana that she has never slow danced with a girl before and that she likes it. After that, they are seen running towards the hotel room
Screencaptumblr quinntana
together flirting and giggling.

The next scene shows them lying naked in a bed together, discussing the prior events. Quinn admits that she always wondered how it would be like to be with a woman, but it was a one-time thing for her. Santana tells her not to worry and suggests they make it a two-time thing. Quinn is seen smiling at her and leaning forward, which implies they are going to have sex again.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Santana was referring to Quinn when she told Rachel about being with college girls who wanted to experiment.


Santana mentions Quinn when she talks about The Unholy Trinity, when they hated Rachel.


While feuding with Rachel, Santana mentions that after being in New York, she thought that her only girl friend was Rachel, and comparing her to Quinn and Brittany. Santana hints that she and Quinn are not that close anymore, considering they don't speak anymore even though Quinn lives an hour away.


The unholy trinity 100th episode toxic

Both Quinn and Santana come back to Lima for Mr. Schue's special Glee club assignment. Trying to cheer up Brittany, Santana convinces her to perform Toxic with Quinn. The following day, while giving a speech about Rachel's ruthless behaviour in front of everyone, Santana finally reveals to her that Quinn and her rigged the Senior Year Prom Queen election and decided to give the title to Rachel.

New Directions

Quinn watches Santana and Rachel's performance. She looks happy that those two made up. Later, Quinn makes an announcement that she and Puck are together. Santana says that this is "wanky," but also admits that she likes this pairing. Later, they both, along with the rest of Glee Club and Alumni, perform Don't Stop Believin' for Mr Schuester. They both provide back-up.


As Puck, Quinn, Mercedes, Tina, and Sam stumble upon the Tea Party Patriot Club to join the New Directions. After offensive comments are made about how the country has changed badly because of allowing different ethnicities, and homosexuals, they tell them not to join, with Sam ending, saying that Quinn had sex with a Latina lesbian, referring about their past, ending with "learn that in glee club!" as Quinn and Sam walk out, laughing, while the appalled members of the TPPC go into chaos. They also perform Problem, with Brittany and Artie; Take On Me, to recruit new members and Home both having solo lines in the songs.

Jagged Little Tapestry

Quinn and Santana, along with Tina, Puck, and Brittany decide to stay for another week to help Rachel and Kurt with Glee Club. During Santana and Brittany's proposal, Quinn seems to be really supportive. Later, during Kurt and Santana's fight, Santana mentions, that Kurt is more feminine than Quinn. Both of them, along with Brittany and Tina, support Becky. At the end of the episode, both of them, along with New Directions and Alumni perform You Learn/You've Got a Friend .


Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Express Yourself The Power of Madonna Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
Bad Romance Theatricality Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

We Are Young Hold on to Sixteen Finn, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam
Edge of Glory Nationals Mercedes and Tina
We Are the Champions Finn, Kurt, Puck, and Rachel
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Homeward Bound/Home Thanksgiving Finn, Mercedes, Mike, and Puck
Love Song Naked Rachel
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Blaine, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, and Rachel
Related Songs

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Toxic 100 Brittany

Sang Together (In a Group Number)
Song Episode

Solos with

Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Tina
Problem Artie and Brittany
Home Artie, Brittany, Jane, Kurt, Madison, Mason, Puck, Rachel, Roderick, Spencer, and Tina
You Learn/You've Got a Friend Jagged Little Tapestry Brittany, Kurt, Rachel, and Tina


  • They are both part of the Unholy Trinity (along with Brittany).
    • They were the first two of the Unholy Trinity to appear, with Brittany being introduced an episode later.
    • Since the role of Brittany wasn't created until after the Pilot aired, only Quinn and Santana were originally going to be the antagonistic members of New Directions.
    • At first, Santana was Quinn's sidekick (along with Brittany).
  • They were considered the prettiest and most popular girls at William McKinley High School until they graduated, though their popularity wavered at times.
    • In Bad Reputation, Quinn ranked her and Santana as the two hottest members of the New Directions on the Glist; she was #1 and Santana was #2.
  • They both ran for prom queen the same times (Prom Queen and Prom-asaurus).
  • Both have been smokers at some point, though it is implied that Quinn has stopped after leaving The Skanks (Santana mentioned she smoked in Funeral, and Quinn was seen smoking in The Purple Piano Project and I Am Unicorn).
  • They are Sue's favorite students (along with Becky and Brittany).
  • They both joined the Cheerios and the Glee Club together (along with Brittany).
    • They have both been captain of the Cheerios. (also, along with Brittany)
  • They both have had relations with the same guys.
    • They both have dated, slept with and dumped Puck in Season One.
    • They both dated Sam in Season Two.
    • Quinn dated Finn twice, and Santana slept with Finn.
  • Quinn seems to have known that Santana was lesbian before she came out of the closet. (New York)
  • They both initially hate Rachel when the show starts, but now are both good friends of hers, even travelling to New York to convince her not to do a topless scene (Naked).
  • They both played the same character in The Rocky Horror Glee Show.
  • They have both slapped each other; first in Audition and again in Thanksgiving.
  • At first, Quinn and Santana seem to be best friends, but later in the show Brittany and Santana are shown as being closer (due to their relationship).
  • While filming Thanksgiving, Ryan Murphy tweeted saying that their relationship was his "new favorite thing."
  • Santana considers Quinn her homegirl (Prom-asaurus and the two of them as two ends of the same bitch/goddess-spectrum and implies that's why they love and slap each other so much (I Do)
  • Santana is the first girl with whom Quinn has ever slow danced. (I Do)
  • Both have been disapproved of by a family member (Quinn by her father due to her pregnancy in Ballad and Santana by her "abuela" due to her sexuality in I Kissed a Girl).
  • Both are supportive of the other's relationships: Quinn is shown to be happy for Santana when she comes out with Brittany (I Kissed A Girl) and Santana admits she likes the Quinn and Puck pairing in New Directions.
  • Sam seems to know about Santana and Quinn sleeping together as he refers to that in Homecoming.



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