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Renee Stobb was a student at William McKinley High School in 1976.

She is portrayed by B.K. Cannon.


Season Three

Mash Off

Renee is seen in the audience at the school production of Oklahoma!, where Sue Sylvester is playing Laurie Williams. As the audience applauds, Renee takes notes, clearly unimpressed with the performance. The following day, she confronts Sue with the latest edition of The Muckraker, headlined "Oh, What a Horrible Mornin'! Sue Sylvester Sinks Show." Renee describes the performance as "Oklahopeless" and that it "ruined the entire show," stating that people were making fun of Sue during intermission. Sue, upset, believes that she was good, but Renee says that if she believes she was, she would take criticism.

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