Rinky Dinks is the name of Lima's local roller skating arena, owned by strip mall tycoon Buddy Leibowitz. A hole in the wall of sorts, Rinky Dinks was first and only seen in the episode Home, during Will's hunt for a temporary rehearsal space for the New Directions.


Season One


Will goes to the school's auditorium to find it padlocked. Sue has booked the auditorium for the entire week, resulting in the New Directions losing their rehearsal space for the time being. Will goes on a hunt to find a temporary performing space and visits Rinky Dinks, hoping to convince the owner to let him rent out the facility for the week. While there, Will runs into former Glee Club member April Rhodes. The two share a duet, after which, April agrees to let Will borrow the rink for the week. The New Directions are later seen roller skating and having a great time.

Songs Performed

Season One
Song Episode Sung by
Fire Home Will and April


  • Since Buddy Leibowitz's death, it is unknown what became of Rinky Dinks. It is likely that it closed, as April noted that the business lost an estimated $8,000 a night, due to the declining popularity of roller rinks.


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