Rose Pillsbury is the wife of Rusty Pillsbury and mother of Emma Pillsbury.

She is portrayed by Valerie Mahaffey.



She is mentioned when Ken says that Emma won't tell her about their engagement.

Asian F

She went to dinner at Will's apartment with Rusty, and made it clear she likes gingers better than any one else, to the point of being racist.


Her next appearance is in Yes/No, in which she goes to Will's yet again with her husband Rusty, they are invited so Will can discuss the possibility of him marrying their daughter. Rose doesn't have much to say on this, but does ask Will if he is ready to be with a woman who would have such a problem with messy children (if they had any). It is also shown that even after Will got angry at them, she still calls Emma "Freak Deeky."

I Do

Although not making an appearance, it is revealed that Rose and her husband paid for the whole event and insists the after party goes on although Emma is not present. Santana says Rose and her husband looked pleased that Emma ran away. 

Girls (and Boys) on Film

She reappears in this episode, along with her husband, when they are called by Finn and Artie (wearing ginger wigs). They tell them that Emma is lost. She and her husband say that they're sad because Emma isn't leading a ginger-related club in the school (which is false) and she thinks that Finn and Artie aren't gingers because of the smell.


  • It is implied that Rose is embarrassed by Emma's OCD, as she frequently calls her "Freaky Deeky." (Asian F)
  • She shoves her faces in some lose change and inhales really deeply when Rusty is away on a business trip and she really misses him. (Girls (and Boys) on Film)
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