Russell Pillsbury, commonly known as Rusty, is the husband of Rose Pillsbury and father of Emma Pillsbury. He first appears in Asian F. He is a ginger supremist, thinking that gingers are the best, thus liking the company of them more than the company of people with other hair colors.

He is portrayed by Don Most.


Season Three

Asian F

Rusty first appears in Asian F, when Will invites him and his wife Rose to dinner, much to Emma's dismay. He, along with his wife, is a ginger supremist, who prefers the company of other gingers. He holds a very prejudiced view of all other people. He dislikes his former son-in-law Carl for this reason.


Rusty's second appearance is in Yes/No when Will yet again invites him and his wife Rose over to discuss the possibility of Will getting married to their daughter Emma. Rusty does not give Will his blessing to marry his daughter, and asks Will if wants to be with someone who has such a problem with mess, and asks if he is alright with it.

Season Four

I Do

Although not making an appearance, it is revealed that Rusty and his wife paid for the whole event and insists the after party goes on although Emma is not present. Santana says Rusty and his wife looked pleased that Emma ran away. 

Girls (and Boys) on Film

He reappears in this episode, along with his wife, when they are called by Finn and Artie, wearing ginger wigs, attempting to fool them into making them tell the two where Emma is located. Finn and Artie tell him and his wife that Emma is lost, and they're sad because she's not leading the apparent ginger-related club at school anymore, which is obviously false. Later, the two give in and Rusty tells Finn the location of Will's fiancé.

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