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Sadie Hawkins is the eleventh episode of Glee's fourth season and the seventy-seventh episode overall. It premiered on January 24, 2013 and was the first episode to premiere in 2013 following the winter hiatus. 

Tina comes up with the idea of Sadie Hawkins during the William McKinley High School Council meeting. So with the idea of Sadie Hawkins, Coach Beiste also encourages Finn to let the Glee Club have fun and perform at the event. As the girls attempt to ask boys out at the dance, the boys seem nervous, as well as the girls who are afraid of being rejected. Meanwhile back in New York, Rachel encourages Kurt to seek someone else, Kurt taking interest in a glee club leader named Adam at NYADA.

The episode was directed by Bradley Buecker and written by Ross Maxwell



Sam is determined to prove that the Dalton Academy Warblers cheated to win Sectionals, but it's not his theorizing that makes Blaine uncomfortable. At the student council board meeting, Tina proposes a Sadie Hawkins Day dance in which the girls are empowered to ask the guys to be their dates - a plot hatched by the Too Young To Be Bitter club, whose members includes Tina, Sugar, Lauren Zizes, Dottie, Jordan, and Becky.

Kurt realizes NYADA resembles high school with its cliques and pecking order. While Rachel's time is increasingly occupied by Brody, he seeks out to try and find new friends through extracurricular activities, particularly intrigued by NYADA's showchoir, Adam's Apples.


Wondering if anyone will ask them to the dance and feeling vulnerable, the glee guys get a taste of what things are like for the girls. Coach Beiste commiserates with Finn, who is struggling to find lessons to keep the glee club motivated in the absence of competitions. She suggests building an assignment around the Sadie Hawkins dance - when she was a student, it gave her confidence and inspired her to try talk and talk to rachel and football. Finn announces a "Ladies' Choice" lesson, with each glee girl inviting the guy she likes to the dance in song, and Kitty's excitement worries Marley, who fears she's going after Jake again.


Rachel's giddy after allowing Brody to spend the night but get mortified when Kurt expresses interest in Adam's Apples, the NYADA glee club.She warns her that joining show choir results in social and career suicide at NYADA, dooming him to a fate "as a dancing teapot at Disneyland." Still intrigued by the show choir, Kurt encounters Adam, the group's Brit-accented founder who tries to charm Kurt into joining with a group performance: a soft rock interpretation of Sir Mix-A-Lot's, Baby Got Back.

Tina extends her singing invite (via, I Don't Know How to Love Him, from Jesus Christ Superstar), shocking everyone by targeting Blaine. He gently declines, but it still crushes her. Noticing Marley's fixation on Jake, Brittany helps empower her to ask him to the dance through dueting on The Exciters', Tell Him. Together, they win "yes" responses from Jake and Sam. But Kitty suggests to Jake that Marley might be too good of a girl to satisfy his sexual needs, while she is prepared to put her Christian beliefs aside and offer herself up.


Tina apologizes to Blaine and hopes for the same from him - out of many humiliating glee club moments, his rejection was her worst. She thinks he refused because he was once bullied at a Sadie Hawkins dance, but he admits the real reason: he's crushing on Sam, although he doesn't intend to act on it. Tina empathizes and suggests they go to the dance together as friends.


When Jake is tempted by Kitty's offer, Puck surprisingly counsels him to resist her advances if he wants any hope of starting something real with Marley - advice that Puck has learned the hard way. Puck promises to make Kitty "go away" and confronts her, warning her off while also admitting how hard it is to resist a Puckerman male. Kitty reveals that she doesn't actually like Jake: "I'm a mean, hot bitch that likes to get what she wants," she explains, pointing out that to leave Jake alone, she'll need a muscular distraction as her date to the dance, in the form of Puck himself.

Kurt begins to develop a fascination with Adam, admitting to Rachel he's flattered by his attentions. She encourages him to put himself out there and ask Adam on a date.


At the dance, Artie and the glee guys pay tribute to the "powerful women of McKinley" in song with TLC's, No Scrubs. Marley tells Jake that if he's faithful and willing to take things slow, they can be great together going forward - but if not, then it won't work out. Coach Beiste rallies the single-girl wallflowers: "Life's not about waiting to be asked - and neither is this dance," the coach reminds them, inspiring Lauren and Sugar to make their moves on Joe and Artie, successfully. Meanwhile, Kurt asks Adam out and is also rewarded with a yes. Blaine finds himself having a good time at the dance with Tina, but she's still clearly feeling romantic toward him and is hurt when Sam summons Blaine away for a secret mission. While the glee girls take the stage to perform Bruno Mars', Locked Out of Heaven, Kitty and Puck exchange insults but actually grow closer - she admits she read and liked his screenplay, and the two dash out for a rendez-vous in the parking lot.


With Blaine's support, Sam lays out his conspiracy case for Finn in the locker room: he's assembled circumstantial evidence - including cell video of a Warbler 'roid-raging at a coffee shop - that the Warblers were using performance-enhancing drugs to bulk up unnaturally. Finn thinks the charges are far too serious - and the Warblers' reputations too sterling - to pursue without real evidence, so Blaine and Sam introduce him to Trent, a Warbler who refused to participate in Hunter and Sebastian's use of shots. But, feeling like he's betraying the once-honorable group, Trent worries about destroying the Warblers' reputations forever.

When Brody is late for the dinner she prepared, Rachel stands up for herself and is ready to walk away from their relationship, but he smoothes things over by professing the depth of his feelings for her. When he offers to look for an apartment nearby, she suggests that he should just move in.


Back at the dance, Ryder sings The Flamingos', I Only Have Eyes for You, as Jake tells Marley how thrilled he is that she's into him, and Blaine returns for a final slow dance with Tina. Later, at a meeting of the Too Young To Be Bitter Club, the members sing Tina's praises after successfully pursuing their guys, prompting them to disband - but Tina may be laboring under a major delusion, believing she's found the love of her life in Blaine.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
I Don't Know How to Love Him Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar Tina Cohen-Chang
Baby Got Back Sir Mix-a-Lot
(Jonathan Coulton version)
Adam's Apples
Tell Him Bert Berns
(The Exciters version)
New Directions Girls
No Scrubs TLC New Directions Boys
Locked Out of Heaven Bruno Mars New Directions Girls
I Only Have Eyes for You The Flamingos Ryder Lynn with Artie Abrams,
Joe Hart, and Unique Adams

Background Songs

  • Changing Colours by Paper Crows
  • Girl I Got a Thing by Ian Axel
  • Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds
  • The 305 (HOP version) by Rae


Guest Stars



  • Joey Richter, who played Ron Weasley in A Very Potter Musical has a cameo as a member of Adam’s Apples.
  • Joey is the third StarKid member to appear on Glee, the first two being Darren Criss and Curt Mega who both played Warblers.
  • This is the second episode that doesn't involve a scene in the choir room, the first being The First Time.
  • This episode got a 2.6 rating with a total of 6.79 million viewers. Source
  • This is the first time Lauren Zizes has appeared since Season Three, Asian F.
  • In Dance with Somebody, Kurt tells Rachel that Blaine and him are like a "fabulous old married couple, like Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward." Adam says in this episode that he thinks Kurt looks like a young Paul Newman.

Cultural References

  • Sam's reply to Brittany's offer to attend the dance with her is an impression of Yoda, a character from Star Wars.
  • In the locker room scene with Blaine, Sam and Finn, Trent mentions Brutus and Cassius, which is a reference to the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare.


  • Lauren tells the "Too Young to Be Bitter" club that the dance empowered her to apply for a wrestling scholarship at Harvard. Ivy League schools have yet to offer athletic scholarships.
  • Even though Lauren is in the "Too Young To Be Bitter" club, she ran for junior prom queen back in season 2, implying that she never graduated.
  • During the intro to 'No Scrubs', Blaine is seen thanking Tina for inviting him to the dance, but in the next shot he is seen on the stage with the other New Directions Boys performing the song.



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