The best thing about Glee Club is it's not about labels. If you can sing and you can dance, you belong.

—Sam Evans, The New Rachel

Samuel "Sam" Evans is a major character on Glee. He is an alumnus of William McKinley High School. He makes his first appearance as a new sophomore in Audition, the first episode of Season 2, and soon joins the New Directions. After unsuccessful relationships with Quinn and Santana, he ultimately begins dating Mercedes. They break up after Sam moves out of state following Season Two, but after returning to Lima in Hold on to Sixteen, he begins working on trying to rekindle things with her. However, Mercedes ultimately decides against it, due to the guilt of having cheated on her new boyfriend Shane.

In Season Four, Sam starts dating Brittany, which leads to severe tension between him and Brittany's ex-girlfriend Santana. Brittany ultimately breaks up with him as she is about to leave high school. Around the same time, Sam befriends Blaine, who develops a temporary crush on him, and Tina, with whom he shares a single kiss in Trio.

After graduating in New Directions, Sam moves to New York to pursue a career in modelling. At the Big Apple he gets back together with Mercedes for a third time. However, even this relationship fails when Sam struggles to cope with Mercedes' celibacy vows. He moves back to Lima after a successful photo session in The Untitled Rachel Berry Project. As of Loser Like Me, he is now Coach Beiste's assistant football coach at WMHS. During the last season of the show, he helps Kurt and Rachel find new members for the glee club, he is also present at Brittany's, Santana's, Kurt's and Blaine's double wedding and he also becomes Rachel's boyfriend, though it's later seen that they have broken-up. In Dreams Come True, he becomes New Directions' new coach after Will is named Principal and the school becomes Arts-orientated. Five years later, it is revealed that he has a new girlfriend but is still texting Mercedes.

He is a regular recurring character during the second and third season before promoted to main character in Season Four and remaining in that position for the rest of the series. Sam is portrayed by actor and musician Chord Overstreet.




Sam shows some interest in the Glee club when they are singing Empire State of Mind in the courtyard by tapping his foot along with Sunshine who is also enjoying the performance. Finn is later seen hanging up posters to recruit new New Directions members in the boy's locker room and he hears Sam singing Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison in the shower and Finn explains that Sam had an amazing singing voice.


Sam singing Billionaire.

Later, when Finn and Artie start talking about Artie joining the football team to get Tina back, Finn agrees to help Artie if he helps recruit Sam to audition for Glee Club because Sam will be a good addition to New Directions. Sam agrees because Finn is the popular quarterback. Sam introduces himself to Puck, Finn, Artie, and Mike, informing them about what he likes, and tells them that he has dyslexia and has difficulty in math class. He chooses Billionaire as his audition song. After Finn is kicked off the football by the new coach, Shannon, for trying to get Artie on the team, Sam doesn't come to the glee club audition. When questioned about this by Finn, Sam says that he wanted to come, but didn't want to risk being alienated the way Finn has been, since as the new guy at McKinley he already feels like an outsider. As he exits, Sam reveals that he is the new quarterback, news that greatly disheartened Finn.

Grilled Cheesus
After Finn asks Jesus to let him be the quarterback again, Finn gives Sam directions instead of listening to Coach Beiste. Sam goes along with Finn's directions, but after doing this, Sam dislocates his shoulder. Finn then returns to the position of quarterback, but feels guilty and sorry for Sam.



Sam getting slushied.

Will Schuester manages to convince Sam to reconsider joining the glee club, particularly since he can't play much football following his shoulder injury. Sam's attractiveness is immediately noted by the girls in the group, and also by Kurt Hummel, who thinks he plays on "team gay" because of his hair, and asks Sam to sing with him as his duet partner. Sam is a bit taken aback by Kurt's upfront nature, and the fact that Kurt accuses him of dying his hair, but still agrees to sing the duet. Finn, however, remembering how Kurt behaved towards him during Kurt's crush on Finn the previous year, worries that Sam will be bullied for singing with another man, and attempts to get Kurt and Sam to back-out of the duet, because he is afraid that Sam will leave glee club after being bullied. Sam refuses, stating that he gave his word to Kurt and wasn't going to back out. Kurt meanwhile is infuriated by what he deems to be Finn's homophobia, but after talking to his father, realizes that it might not be fair to Sam. The next day he approaches Sam in the showers and ends the partnership, much to Sam's confusion. As he leaves, Kurt again in a flirtatious manner accuses Sam of dying his hair, which Sam halfheartedly denies once more. Sam experiences the downside of being in glee when Azimio and Karofsky throw a slushie in his face. This is witnessed by Quinn, who, remembering how she felt the year prior, helps him clean up in the girl's washroom and there is an instant chemistry between the pair. Sam compliments Quinn's eyes in the Na'vi language from the movie Avatar. Later on, Sam asks Quinn to be his partner for the duet competition, but as they talk he tries to kiss her. Initially, she rejects him, citing her need to get her life back to normal after the events of the previous year (pregnancy). Still, eventually she agrees to be his partner (after being manipulated by Finn and Rachel) and together they sing Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. With Finn and Rachel's vote, they win a free dinner at Breadstix together. Quinn is initially put off by Sam clumsy attempts at talking to her, and awkwardly the conversation turns towards Quinn's past pregnancy and keeping secrets. Sam admits to having one himself, and Quinn immediately jumps on this, asking if he is gay as many of them suspect. Sam denies this casually, and claims his true secret is that he dyes his hair with lemon juice. He reveals that he previously attended an all-boys boarding school, which he claims explains why he is so awkward in talking to girls. The two bond and Quinn pockets the gift certificate they won, stating that Sam should pay for dinner, as this is their first official date.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Sam in gold shorts

Sam is cast in the role of Rocky in the Rocky Horror Show. Later in the weight room, Sam and Finn discuss their insecurities with their bodies. Though Sam adheres to a strict and healthy diet, throughout the episode he displays signs of having an eating disorder or body dysmorphic disorder, stating that if he eats a hot dog or misses a workout, he hates himself for a few days. During a dress rehearsal, Sam walks onto the stage wearing a pair of very short gold shorts. Sam asks Emma Pillsbury if he can wear "board shorts" but his request is denied. Sam is later pulled out of the musical and replaced by Will. Sam initially believes that the reason he was pulled out was because of his complaints about his costume, but Mr. Schuester assures him that it has nothing to do with Sam's body or his complaints. Sam falls into a funk and confides in Finn that he feels fat, despite Finn's protests that Sam's body is fine. Sam advises Finn to be confident with his own body, but Finn seems to take Sam's words the wrong way, as he is nearly suspended after walking around the school in his underwear. After the musical is canceled, Mr. Schuester apologizes to Sam and Finn for making them feel uncomfortable and insecure. Sam later performs The Time Warp with the rest of the New Directions.

Never Been Kissed

Ep 6 free your mind - stop in the name of love 4

Sam and Finn are in cold tubs in the locker room and both discuss how they control their sexual urges while being with their girlfriends who abstain from sex. Finn tells Sam that he visualizes something that turns him off, encouraging Sam to use images of Coach Beiste in compromising positions to cool off during make-out sessions with Quinn. Upon telling Finn, it starts to circulate throughout the glee club. When Will tells Beiste about it, she takes it very personally and quits. Will invites her to see the boys' mash-up, Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind, and she accepts their apology and decides to stay at McKinley.

The Substitute
Sam performs background vocals in Forget You and Singing In the Rain/Umbrella. He appears to be closer to Santana as they sit together in the auditorium while Holly and Rachel perform the Chicago number. He also reveals that Mr. Schuester taught him how to tie his shoes, when the children are asked about him.



When Finn tells Sam that he might be getting replaced, Sam says that he is on the verge of being super popular. Finn thought he didn't care about that stuff, and he admits that he does. He says that he will get Quinn to be his girlfriend, and Finn and Sam fist bump. As he walks away, Finn gives Sam a dirty look. After hearing that Burt and Carole are getting married, he asks Quinn for some alone time. He says that he wants to be like the stars with Quinn, and says he thinks he loves Quinn. Then, he bends down on one knee, and shows Quinn a ring. Quinn says to get up, she's not ready to be married. Sam says that he wants to be married some day, and says that it is a promise ring. A promise ring that he will be true and never pressure her to do anything, but kiss. He says that he will promise to make her feel proud, and do much more. He says that he cares about Quinn, and wants them to be together. When she closes the ring box, she says that it is a maybe. In an all glee girls meeting, Quinn says that Sam and her are not officially dating. In the boys locker room, all the glee guys, except Finn, are telling Karofsky to back off Kurt. After he knocks down Mike and Artie, Sam launches into Dave, starting a fight. Karofsky, who is bigger than Sam, ends up knocking him to the ground and punching him in the eye, but the fight is then ended by Coach Beiste. Back in Glee Club, Quinn puts an ice pack on Sam's eye. Quinn calls Sam's black eye hot. Kurt thanks Sam for what he did. Because Finn wasn't there, they all call Sam the new leader.


At the wedding, Santana tells Finn that Sam is the new glee hotshot. Sam performs in Marry You. When Will is performing Sway, Sam is seen hugging Quinn. He performs in Just the Way You Are. Back at McKinley, Quinn says she's proud of Sam for doing what he did for Kurt. She said that what Finn did at the wedding was because of him. Lastly, she said that they had been talking for this amount of time, and he didn't notice she's wearing his ring. After Quinn leaves, Sam jumps happily. At the end of the episode, both Sam and Quinn are concerned about Kurt leaving.

Special Education

I've Had The Time Of My Life

Sam and Quinn performing (I've Had) The Time of My Life.

After Emma convinces Will to let new people have solos, he lets the winners of the Duets competition, Sam and Quinn, take the ballad. Rachel is furious about them doing the ballad, and refers the couple to Ken and Barbie, respectively. During Hey, Soul Sister, they are seen smiling at each other. After being pepped up by Will in the green room, Sam and Quinn take the spotlight, after Sam tells Quinn, that she's beautiful. They sing (I've Had) The Time of My Life by themselves. They also perform back-up in Valerie. At the end, Sam is seen performing backup in Dog Days Are Over, next to Brittany and Rachel.

A Very Glee Christmas

The most wonderful day of the year

Sam performs a solo in The Most Wonderful Day of the Year. During Merry Christmas Darling he and Quinn are seen kissing each other against the lockers under the mistletoe. He also tells the mall Santa Claus, while sitting on his lap, that he wants tons of ChapStick for Christmas. Sam also performs Welcome Christmas with the rest of the glee club.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle
Sam gets into a fight with Finn after he hears Finn shouting at his then-girlfriend, Quinn, about quitting glee club for the Cheerios. Will has to break up the fight before it got too violent. Sam also performs Thriller/Heads Will Roll with the rest of the glee club and football team. At the end of the episode, Quinn kisses Finn.

Silly Love Songs

Glee.S02E11.HDTV.XviD-LOL 0669

Sam sees Quinn and Finn while he is at the kissing booth that Finn set up. He then confronts Quinn about the mater and she then decides that she will kiss Finn after glee practice. He then watches them kiss and is satisfied then Quinn lies saying that she is getting her purse, but actually is organizing to meet Finn. Sam becomes jealous of Finn and Quinn's relationship and starts feeling threatened because Finn and Quinn both get mono. He then smiles at Santana at BreadstiX after she waves at him.



Sam in his underwear.

Sam forms a band called The Justin Bieber Experience and performs Baby and Somebody to Love to get Quinn back, after Quinn makes up an excuse. He is also seen in his underwear during Lauren's presentation to make her less nervous. While for a moment everything seemed perfect, at the end Santana makes him realize that Quinn has cheated on him with Finn and that she will be there for him if he wants to. He ends his relationship with Quinn and starts dating Santana, which comes as a huge surprise to the rest of the Glee Club.

Blame It on the Alcohol
At Rachel's party, Sam is seen making out with Santana on the sofa. After Puck breaks into the liquor cabinets, Sam gets drunk and during spin the bottle, he gets to make out with Brittany. Santana gets jealous and screams at him, but quickly starts kissing him. During Blame It (On the Alcohol) and Tik Tok, he performs along with New Directions under the influence of alcohol.

Sam is a part of the Brittany-Santana love triangle, along with Artie. After Brittany and Santana's performance of Landslide, he tells Artie "I wish we were that close," not knowing of their lesbian interaction.

Original Song

Trouty mouth 88

Sam holds up 'Hell No' sign when Santana offers to sing Trouty Mouth.

Sam backs up the idea that New Directions should write original songs. He also volunteers to write one himself. Santana sings Trouty Mouth to him, much to his distaste. He even stops her halfway through the song and gets angry at her out of embarrassment. Mercedes also sings an original song, titled 'Hell to the No' and Sam holds up a sign reading Hell No while she sings. He also performs with New Directions at Regionals, singing Loser Like Me with them. Finally, when it is announced that they won he celebrates with his teammates and hugs Lauren.

A Night of Neglect
Sam questions the decathlon team why they didn't tell their friends they were going to be on television. He also is the announcer for the Night of Neglect concert in the auditorium.

Born This Way


It is shown that he and Santana are no longer together, as she starts fake-dating Karofsky to hide that she is a lesbian. He might not be over Santana because before Born This Way is performed when Will asks about Santana's whereabouts, Sam jealously said that she's probably making out with Karofsky, then says that "he can have her."

Sam is asked out by Rachel, but turns her down, claiming that she is "not his type." Later, due to Sue's gossip paper, Sam is suspected by everyone in school to be having a secret affair with Quinn and Kurt who were both seen visiting him at an old motel. In the end, it is revealed that his dad has lost his job after the economy failed, his family has been living in a motel for quite some time. It's revealed that Kurt was bringing him some of his old clothes after seeing him at Dalton Academy delivering pizza as his part-time job. Quinn meanwhile discovered the truth due to them attending the same church, and offered to help him babysit his brother and sister Stacey and Stevie. When the rest of the glee kids discover this, they all pitch in to buy back Sam's guitar which he was forced to sell, and together they all sing Don't Stop to his siblings.

Prom Queen


Rachel and Mercedes invite Sam to go to prom with them on a friendly three-way date, seeing as they are all single. At his return, Jesse St. James also accompanies them to prom, but ends up spending most of his time with Rachel. Later,  Sam and the New Directions Boys sing backup whilst Artie serenades Brittany by singing Isn't She Lovely. At the prom, Sam performs Friday with Artie and Puck. During the number Jar of Hearts, Sam goes up to Mercedes, telling her she looks beautiful and asking her to dance. Mercedes accepts and the two are seen dancing together for the remainder of the night.

Sam attends the funeral of Jean Sylvester and performs Pure Imagination with the New Directions.

New York

Samcedes Handholding

Sam is seen along with the rest of New Directions enjoying being in New York city. He is later seen as part of the street performers serenading Finn and Rachel in a dream-like sequence, having solo lines in Bella Notte. Sam is seen performing back-up vocals during New Directions Nationals performance and looks devastated when the club only achieves 12th place. It is revealed that Sam and Mercedes are officially dating. It is also revealed that they are attempting to keep their relationship a secret from the glee club, although it is unknown why.

Hold on to Sixteen

Red solo cup

Sam is back in season 3.

In the premiere, it is revealed that Sam and his family have moved out of state during the summer. At some point, he and Mercedes broke up, allowing her to start dating Shane Tinsley. The New Directions are disheartened as they have three band members filling the number requirement for Sectionals and they are hopeless. Finn says that they need Sam back, so he and Rachel travel to Kentucky where the Evans family now live. They go to a bar that Sam is supposedly working at, thinking that he is in another singing group, and are shocked to discover he is stripping. Sam is shocked when he sees them, and Rachel asks him to come back to McKinley. Sam wants to, but isn't sure if his parents will let him go. However, they agree and Sam returns to McKinley, where he is welcomed back by New Directions and sings Red Solo Cup.

After the Glee meeting, Sam is approached by Quinn. Quinn tries to proposition Sam into raising Beth with her, but he promptly refuses, telling Quinn that she needs to stop trying to grow up so quickly. He tells her that his favorite line in the song Jack and Diane is "Hold on to sixteen as long as you can." Later when New Directions are practicing ways they could win Sectionals, Sam and Blaine instantly disagree on whether they should be 'cute' or 'sexy', leading to Blaine making a hurtful comment to Sam and resulting in the two boys attacking one another.
Sam later walks with Mercedes in the hallway, where she tells him that their relationship was a "summer fling" and that although he is still special to her, she is with Shane now. Sam doesn't believe that, and as Mercedes walks away, he announces that he doesn't care if Shane is "built like a bulldozer," he will still fight for her.

Sam smiling at Mercedes performance

He is later seen smiling at Mercedes singing at Sectionals. During ABC he performs background vocals, and the same goes for Control. He gets a solo in Man in the Mirror, and finally when New Directions are celebrating their victory, he has a small solo in We Are Young.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas
After Glee Club, Sam helps Rory pick up some text books that had fallen out of his locker and they then jump into a conversation about being away from their families. After learning that Rory doesn't have any plans for the holidays, Sam invites Rory to spend the holidays with him and his family. He also offers to be Rory's Christmas sponsor, saying that he will show Rory how the holidays are celebrated in the USA.

Later after watching Rachel's performance of River, Artie goes on a spiel of the ideas he has for a Christmas special, the New Directions are scheduled to help with, nixing any sad stories. Sam argues with Artie, saying that Christmas is not all about being happy. That there are some sad moments that go along with the holiday as well. Artie rebukes what Sam says and Sam pulls himself out of the show, not wanting to be a part of something that he finds unrealistic. As he is getting ready to walk out of the auditorium, stating that he is going to rings one of those bells to help with the Salvation Army, he calls to Rory to help him. Rory, declines Sam, choosing instead to stay in the show. Sam is, sad and upset, storms out.

While most of New Directions are filming parts of the Christmas special, Sam is at the homeless shelter with Quinn, helping to give food to the homeless. Sam and Quinn have a conversation of how Quinn has changed for the good, stating that she deserves good things. As they are running out of food to give out, the rest of New Directions appear, with food, claiming that Rory helped them see what truly mattered and Sam both surprised that they showed up and happy they came around. Sam joins in with the New Directions as they sing Do They Know It's Christmas? (Feed The World) at the shelter.

Near the end, Sam and Rory are seen ringing bells for the Salvation Army
and Rory asks Sam to be his Valentine's Day sponsor as well to which Sam accepts, but under the condition of Rory helping him perfect his Sean Connery impression.They are then joined by Rachel and Finn who sold their gifts meant for each other in order to donate the proceedings. Finn and Rachel stay to help ring the bells with Sam and Rory.

Sam and Mercedes start the episode singing Summer Nights with the New Directions, recounting the summer they spent together. After a Glee Club meeting where Mr. Schuester tells them that he plans to propose to Ms. Pillsbury, Sam walks with Mercedes down the hallway, questioning her about her future plans of marriage, wanting to be a part of those plans. Mercedes turns Sam down, and Sam brings up an memory of their summer that Mercedes had to admit was fun. But in the end, Mercedes states that she is dating Shane and what she and him had was a summer fling. Sam watches as Shane approaches Mercedes and walks away with their arms around her. Sam later desperately pleads with Coach Beiste for a spot on a sports team in order to get a letterman jacket in the hopes to woo Mercedes. Coach Beiste tells Sam of the only open sport, which turns out to be the synchronized swimming team, coached by Roz Washington. Upon seeing Sam, Coach Roz Washington points out how big Sam's mouth is among other things. She then tells Sam of her struggle to get where she was and threatens Sam not to ever pee in her pool.

Sam meets Finn in the hallway and talks about how he joined the synchronized
swimming team to which Finn tells him to be quiet about, saying that it is "some kind of weird death wish" to be on that team and in Glee Club. Sam tells Finn that it's sexy, but Finn disagrees and walks away.

Sam then sees Mercedes at her locker and states that he is "not worried" and smiles, but is then slushied by the hockey team. Mercedes approaches Sam asking if he was okay and proceeds to clean the slushie from his face. Shane comes in and questions Mercedes' actions and states that Sam will be okay, offering to walk her to class. Sam once again watches as Mercedes walks away with Shane. During Rachel's song Without You, Sam glances at Mercedes. Later as Mr. Schuester is giving up hope of proposing to Ms. Pillsbury, Sam brings up an idea that he has to help. Sam is then seen taking part in Mr. Schuester's proposal performance of We Found Love.


Human nature

Sam is seen with the rest of New Directions taking part in Bad during their face-off with the Warblers. Sam is also seen during Quinn's tribute to all her ex-boyfriends, Never Can Say Goodbye, and after her song, congratulates her on her acceptance to Yale. Sam sends a text to Mercedes, asking her to meet him in the auditorium where he puts her name in lights. He then asks Mercedes to sing a duet, Human Nature with him to which Mercedes tries to refuse, but eventually gives in. At the end of Human Nature, Sam and Mercedes share a kiss. Sam later helps New Directions with the song Black or White as a way to make peace with the Warblers.

The Spanish Teacher
Sam is first seen with Mercedes in Ms. Pillsbury's office where Sam and Mercedes talk about their relationship after their kiss and Ms. Pillsbury suggests that Sam and Mercedes don't talk for a week.

Later in glee club Sam tries to avoid eye contact with Mercedes while she sings Don't Wanna Lose You, but couldn't help, but watch her as she sings smiling. As a counter to this, Sam sings Bamboleo/Hero with the ND boys where he dedicates the lyrics to Hero to Mercedes.

Near the end of the episode, Sam is watching as the clock ticks down, ending the week that he and Mercedes couldn't talk. He meets her in the hallway and just as they are about to say something, Shane approaches them and after a short conversation on his part, Shane and Mercedes walk away and Sam is seen with a heartbroken look on his face as Mercedes walks away with Shane for the third time.


Sam joins The God Squad in an effort to earn money for glee-club. As part of the group he performs Stereo Hearts to Rachel, having been paid for doing so by Finn, and Cherish/Cherish to Brittany in the name of
Santana. When the members have an argument about if they should perform to a gay couple, Sam states that he is fine with doing so. His relationship with Mercedes is also followed up. He asks Mercedes to be his date for Sugar Motta's party and gives her a small statue of one of the Three Wise Men, that he painted to look like St. Valentine as a gift. Mercedes then reveals that she has told Shane about what had been going on between herself and Sam, and that she has gone on distance. When Sam asks if they now can be truly together, Mercedes declines.

She confesses her love to Sam, but explains that she is feeling remorse because she made Shane very sad by cheating on him, and she is having issues about being a bad person. She says that she has to be alone for the time being to solve those issues, thus declining Sam's present and his offers to be his date and his girlfriend. Sam walks off feeling rejected and subsequently, Mercedes sings I Will Always Love You, addressing it to Shane as well as to him. Sam becomes so sad while watching her sing, that he has to leave the room bursting into tears.

On My Way
Sam is seen performing at Regionals with the rest of New Directions.  Earlier in the episode, at a Glee Club meeting in the auditorium, he states that he wants to be able to buy his family a house in the future.

Big Brother
Sam is excited when Blaine's big brother Cooper is giving the New Directions lessons in show business. He is also referred to as "Kentucky Fried Stripper" by Sue when she points out the sexual tension between him and Mercedes.

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Sam records Mercedes' performance Disco Inferno and later posts the video on YouTube. He grabs Mercedes in the hallway as Kurt leaves them for them to be alone together. He shows

Sam kissing Mercedes in Saturday Night Glee-ver.

Mercedes how talented she is with all the views and comments. He also proceeds to tell Mercedes that she will achieve big things and they kiss for a second time on screen. It is from this moment that Sam and Mercedes begin dating again. Sam later performs backing vocals in Stayin' Alive with the rest of glee club while wearing the white John Travolta suit.

Dance with Somebody
When Mr. Schue tells the Glee Club that the week's assignment is to sing Whitney Houston songs, Sam questions whether or not that is appropriate because of her bad past. He is later approached by Joe Hart in the weight room where Joe asks Sam advice on sex, more specifically on Quinn. Sam reveals that he lost his virginity during his time working at a strip club, something Joe states is against the Christian religion. Sam tells Joe that even though he is religious, there are some things you cannot help. He tells Joe that he has to make a choice between his religion and Quinn. Later in the episode, Sam, Puck, Finn, Blaine, and Mike share a bromance moment where Puck proceeds to give them each a gift (shot glasses) and tells them that he will miss them and that he loves them and they all make a toast together. Sam is also later seen with the rest of the Glee Club singing My Love Is Your Love as one big family.


Sam and rest of the New Directions boys, except Kurt, are approached by Finn in the McKinley High weight room where Finn voices his worries regarding Puck's graduation. They later meet in the choir room and go over a plan to help Puck, but Puck comes in and after telling them that he doesn't want to be like his father, Puck asks them to help him pass an important test. Sam and the ND boys stay at the school over night helping Puck study where they bust out singing The Rain in Spain after Puck managed to get one of the questions asked correct. They wait outside the classroom where Puck is taking a test, and after the test Puck thanks them for their help.
Tumblr m3d2k3Kl2O1qdg4ydo1 500

Near the beginning of the episode, Sam can be seen staring out the window of the choir room which seems to be a favorite pastime for a lot of New Directions members. He later attends prom with Mercedes where he talks to Mercedes about last year's prom and the fact that Mercedes thought that they wouldn't get together again. When Mercedes waves to Shane, Sam gives Shane a friendly nod and the gesture is returned. He later performs What Makes You Beautiful with some of the other ND Boys and takes a prom picture with Mercedes.

Sue explains to the New Directions the use of props for Nationals and Sam puts on a welding mask and pretends to be Darth Vader, something that confuses Joe. When Tina hits hear head after falling into a fountain and comes out to everyone being switched, Sam is Rory. Near the end of the episode, while Rachel and Finn are talking about the members of glee club, Sam is seen doing impressions with Mercedes, Brittany, Kurt, and Artie laughing around him.

Sam gets into a fight with Puck who is studying while the rest of the Glee Club is trying to practice which annoys him. Puck makes fun of his dancing and Sam is held back when he tries to charge at Puck again. He performs at Nationals in Paradise by the Dashboard Light which helps the New Directions to win. He is later seen giving Mr. Schue a hug during We Are the Champions.


Glee.S03E22.HDTV.x264-LOL 126
Santana runs into Sam and Mercedes at Mercedes' locker where Sam and Mercedes are celebrating Mercedes getting a recording contract thanks to the video he posted of her singing Disco Inferno. Sam is seen enjoying the song the graduating seniors sing, You Get What You Give, to him and the others who are not graduating and is sad with the fact that they are leaving. Sam and the rest of the non-graduating class sing In My Life in return. Sam is later seen with the rest of the current glee members cheering on the graduating glee kids at the graduation ceremony. During Roots Before Branches, Sam is seen saying goodbye to Rachel with the rest of New Directions.

In Season Four, Chord Overstreet, who portrays Sam Evans, has been promoted to a series regular.

The New Rachel

The New Rachel - Sam

While Jacob Ben Israel reports on the new found fame of the New Directions, Sam expresses his joy in becoming a celebrity, performing a Taylor Lautner impression. Sam is present in the choir room when Will Schuester introduced Wade Adams as the newest member of the New Directions. Unlike several of his peers, he does not express interest in becoming "the new Rachel," and remains silent throughout the meeting. During lunch however, he expresses his concerns for Wade wearing makeup at the table, claiming the school environment was like "Game of Thrones," referring to some students' brutality. Blaine suggests Unique only be present on stage, and so Wade leaves to "take off [his] face." Sam is in the auditorium to view the auditions for New Directions. When Sugar notes that one of the male hopefuls, Jake, is sexy, Sam says he isn't. Wade agreed with Sugar's affirmation.

Sammarley sarley

Later, along with the other members of the New Directions, Sam welcomes Marley Rose to glee club. The next day, some members of the New Directions as well as Kitty make fun of an obese lunch lady. Marley reveals the lunch lady is her mom, and upset, she leaves the table. Sam later approaches her to apologize, revealing that like Marley's, his mom too sewed designer labels into Walmart clothes. The rest of the New Directions also apologize, and after being slushied by Kitty's crew, both Marley and Unique are "officially" welcomed to the glee club. Sam later rehearses Chasing Pavements with the rest of the glee club.

Britney 2.0
For Britney 2.0 week, Sam joins Tina and Joe to perform 3 while he plays an acoustic guitar in the choir room. When New Directions attempts to intervene in Brittany's downward spiral, Sam asks what size coffee she's drinking, indicating her enormous Lima Bean cup containing 70 ounces of espresso.

Glee.S04E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 397

When Brittany eventually resigns from Glee Club, Sam appears to have an idea. Brittany follows a map to the auditorium. She finds Sam there. He tells her he knows what she's up to. He knows she's intentionally hitting rock bottom. Brittany confirms that it's so she can make a glorious comeback. Sam tells her it's the last stop. She says she's ready, but is sad everyone is mad at her. Sam suggests they think the same, and they decide it is because they're both blonde. They discuss how much she misses Santana. He says he's a new friend for her.


Blam 2

When Brittany announces that she has chosen Artie for her running mate, Sam appears hurt. After class, he confronts her about why she didn't choose him. She tells him she didn't want to ruin their friendship. She says she does think he'd be a great vice president and instead tells Blaine to take Sam on as his running mate. Sam talks him into it saying his family being on food stamps will get him the sympathy vote, that he'll also help with the "not gay" vote, and suggests his impressions will help, while doing a George Bush impression. Blaine confesses his concern that choosing Sam as a running mate will seem like a desperate grab for the "straight vote" if he isn't a serious candidate. Sam becomes nervous and does a John Wayne impression. Blaine attempts to prep Sam for the debate as Sam and Brittany perform Celebrity Skin.


At the debate, when Artie gives a half hour long answer to a question, Sam responds by saying, "Whatever Artie said, I agree with that." Blaine expresses exasperation from the wings. Sue reads a question asking if he's ashamed of his past as a stripper. He says he is not and proceeds to strip off his jacket, tie, and shirt and dance. Sam and Blaine celebrate that the "Blam" ticket won the election. Shortly thereafter, Blaine vents to Sam that he is feeling really alone without Kurt. Sam chastises him for killing his buzz and then tries to encourage Blaine with their friendship. He calls them Wolverine and Cyclops, but they each declare themselves to be Wolverine. Brittany congratulates Sam. Sam tells her he voted for her. He then encourages her by mentioning Al Gore lost an election then won an Oscar. She hugs him and thanks him for always knowing the right thing to say.

The Break-Up
Sam is first shown to have attended Kitty's Left Behind Club. He is shown seated next to Marley and has come there with other Glee Club members, Joe, Marley, Jake, Brittany together with Santana. He was also there when Kitty pulled off the prank on Dottie and was shown to have been devastated by the prank as well. Back in Mckinley, Sam finds Finn and Blaine talking in the choir room. Sam, surprised, welcomes Finn back, hugs him, and introduces him to the new glee club members. The club then decided to perform Grease, as suggested by Finn.

The Role You Were Born to Play

Glee.S04E05.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 030

Sam and Blaine are seen signing up for the auditions of WMHS' production of Grease. Sam says that as President and Vice-President, that they can decree on the roles they want to have. Blaine, uninterested with the musical tells Sam what happened and how terrible he feels about his recent break-up with Kurt. Sam agrees that it must be pretty serious when Blaine mentions that he does not want to gel on weekends anymore. He consoles him and tells him that everyone has been there and that he'll get through it.


While looking for candidates to play Danny Zuko, Sam declines, showing an interest in playing Kenickie instead. He said that Greased Lightning is his ringtone and that he has been knocked down by a car door in the past and he wants to relieve that on stage. During Sandy and Danny Zucko's callback, Sam is seated in the auditorium between Joe and Brittany, at the start of the performance of Born to Hand Jive. He is seen on stage a few minutes after, joining to the performance along with some of his classmates. After deliberations, Finn posted the results of the auditions. Sam is shown to be very thrilled when he bagged the role of Kenickie.


Glee.406.hdtv-lol 153

Everyone was amazed when Will makes the big announcement of being part of the Blue Ribbon Panel and that they will re-write the Arts Curriculum nationwide. However, Will's announcement of temporarily leaving Glee Club made Sam and the other Glee Club members upset. Due to Sue reserving the auditorium left Finn no choice, but to go on a full on-method rehearsal in the tire shop. Sam is at Hummel Tires & Lube with the guys. As Kenickie, he performs a duet with Ryder on Greased Lightning with backup from the guys. He also appears as back-up for You're the One That I Want. In the choir room, Artie reads all the great reviews they had and Will makes his last pep talk before he temporarily leaves.

Dynamic Duets

Glee.407.hdtv-lol 012

Sam is in the meeting of The Secret Society of Superheroes Club as Blonde Chameleon, his superhero alter ego. His alter ego's power is impersonation. During the meeting, they discuss the induction of new members until Dottie comes to ask them to go to the choir room. Somebody stole their trophy and left a laptop, with a video telling them that the Warblers have their trophy. During the duets of Marley and Kitty, Jake and Ryder, he is shown seated in the choir room still dressed up as Blonde Chameleon.

Glee.407.hdtv-lol 368

When the New Directions knew that Blaine is transferring back to Dalton, Sam has a talk with Blaine while he is cleaning up his locker. He asks what really happened between Eli and him that made Kurt and Blaine break-up. Blaine tells him that he felt left behind by Kurt and maybe they weren't meant to be together, but after what he did he realized his mistake. Sam tells him that he needs to let know Kurt that. Blaine tells him that he tried, Kurt didn't want to listen. Sam tries to make Blaine forgive himself and tells him to stop beating himself up. He also tells him that cheating on him wasn't cool, but exiling himself to Dalton isn't going to make what Blaine did any better, and that he has to try and make things right. Blaine wants to stop feeling like a bad person, and Sam assured him that he isn't. Sam tells Blaine to give him a day, find the hero in him, and then decide where he belongs.

Glee.407.hdtv-lol 426

After that, they perform Heroes, showing the duo’s friendship grows as they run a food and clothes drive, and clean up graffiti with the Glee Club. When they are done, they share a bromance push, and Sam asks what his decision is. Blaine then tells him that they need to do one last mission. Wearing their costumes, they go back to Dalton and steal back their Nationals trophy (with "Blam" and "Slaine" written in cartoon letterings). They then share tell the rest of the crew about their adventure, and Blaine gives the club an apology for doubting them as a family.

Sam first appears in this episode in the choir room. During the Glee Club meeting, Finn suggests a male should be a dance lead along with Brittany, Sam stands up and begins to do some of his 'White Chocolate' dance moves. Sam doesn't win the male dance lead, losing out to Ryder. He participates in the show circle. Just before the New Directions perform, Sam peers from behind the curtains and informs the others that Mr Schue is there. During Gangnam Style, Sam performs the first dance solo, and is seen with New Directions doing back-up singing and dancing.

Swan Song

Trouty swansong

Sam can be first seen carrying Marley off stage at Sectionals after she fainted. Sam is also unable to get himself motivated for any future activity with the glee-club, since they have nothing to compete for anymore, and he will graduate at the end of the season. He also shows up to another meeting of the glee club, and although he hasn't joined another club unlike the others, he is no longer interested.


Later, he makes a line of Cheerios (the cereal), that lures Brittany into a classroom to be alone with him. He did it knowing that she would follow it, since she told him that she forgets breakfast on Tuesdays because the first few days of a week confuse her. He then admits that he likes Brittany, because she is the only person that truly understands him. Brittany also admits that she thinks Sam is a genius, an awesome guy, and that he makes amazing impressions. Sam then reveals that he regrets having never sung a love song with her, and proposed to Brittany to catch up on that. Then they sing Something Stupid. At the end of the performance, Sam attempts to kiss her, but Brittany blocks him off. She tells him that, herself and Santana had many lesbian friends all over the country and that she is worried that they would attack Sam if she started a relationship with him (this is a reference to the real-life shippers of the Brittany-Santana Relationship). Although Sam assures her that he doesn't mind and tries to kiss her again, Brittany blocks him off again and escapes of the room.


He is later approached by Brittany again, who tells him that she has got a reservation for the VIP booth at Breadstix and wants Sam to go there with her. Sam asks if she is taking him on a date, to which Brittany says that he is the only person that can make her smile ever since Santana left. She doesn't want to waste any more time being with Sam, and attempts to kiss him. When Sam wonders what her lesbian fans will say, Brittany assures that it is alright and that they will want Brittany to be happy. They share a kiss. Sam shows up together with Brittany during the final performance of Don't Dream It's Over.

Glee, Actually
Sam first appears in the episode as a part of Artie's dream. In the dream, he is a part of the McKinley Titans and can be seen bullying Kurt Hummel. He later appears during Artie’s performance of Feliz Navidad in the choir room.

Glee.S04E10.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0900

Later, when Brittany is seen giving expensive presents to members of the glee club, Sam approaches Brittany to ask her a question, but he is cut off when Brittany tells him to stop if he is going to tell her that the Mayan apocalypse doesn't exist. Sam corrects her to tell her that he believes in it too.

Wtaf trouty

Sam and Brittany then have a discussion about the Mayan Apocalypse and later form a club to discuss the topic with some glee members, including Tina, Marley, Joe, Ryder, and Jake. Then, they try to tell them how they feel about them, but after Brittany says that Tina should give up acting, and Joe is unnoticeable, the Glee members leave, stating that they didn't come to hear offensive things about themselves. Sam later sings Jingle Bell Rock to Brittany with the Cheerios. After his performance, he proposes to Brittany saying that they only have three days to live so they should live it together.


After Sam’s proposal to Brittany, he and Brittany are seen together in the boys’ locker room getting married by Coach Beiste. Sam asks her if she is certified to do this and she says that she was certified by a Mayan website. After 4 days, a confused Sam wakes up in Brittany’s bedroom and looks at the day realizing the apocalypse didn’t actually occur and he is still married to Brittany. At Breadstix, Sam approaches Coach Beiste for help and she tells them, to their relief that she is actually not certified to perform marriage ceremonies. Sam is later seen singing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas with Brittany, Jake, and Puck in Breadstix.

Sadie Hawkins


Sam is determined to prove that the Dalton Academy Warblers cheated to win Sectionals to Blaine. When he’s done talking about the Warblers, he asks Blaine if he can use his lip chap because they are now “bros”, to which Blaine appears to show discomfort. Tina interrupts them and tells them to come to the student council meeting because they are late. Sam later appears during the performance of Tell Him, where Brittany asks him out to the dance and he agrees. She is also seen dancing right in front of him. At the dance, Sam sings No Scrubs with Artie, Blaine, Joe and Ryder. After the performance, he proceeds to dance with Brittany. When the slow dances start, he interrupts Tina and Blaine as they are about to kiss, and tells Blaine to go to the locker room to Finn and present the Warblers’ cheating conspiracy case.

Blam !

In the locker room, Sam presents his evidence to Finn – including a video that Artie and Joe Hart took of Hunter roid-raging at a coffee shop - the Warblers were using performance-enhancing drugs to bulk up unnaturally. Finn thinks the charges are far too serious - and the Warblers' reputations too sterling - to pursue without real evidence, so Blaine and Sam introduce him to Trent, a Warbler who refused to participate in Hunter and Sebastian's use of shots. He says that the Warblers’ reputation was ruined and it is acceptable for Trent to “betray” them by being evidence that they cheated.

Sam is first seen in Principal Figgins’ office with Brittany as they discover they've earned the highest and lowest SAT scores ever to be recorded at McKinley. Sam seems psyched because he believes he has received the high score, but he is surprised to learn that it is Brittany, who has earned that score, meaning that he has earned the lowest score. Brittany consoles Sam by assuring him his great body will earn him a good future, to which he expresses utter disappointment.


When Sam comes to school wearing only swimming trunks, Blaine suggests he's overcompensating for his disastrous SAT score. Sam rudely turns Blaine down and later conducts a "seminar" in which he offers tips and techniques for posing for the sexy calendar. The New Directions boys warm up with "bro-ga" - "yoga for bros" – and buff themselves up as Sam sings lead in a mash-up of Centerfold/Hot in Herre.

412 naked-2 262

The glee guys shoot their calendar photos, but as everyone continues talking and discussing as Sam is posing, he starts stressing about maintaining his pumped-up look and runs back to the locker room saying he needs to buff up some more. Blaine follows him, and Sam tells Blaine that he believes his physical qualities are what hook people in to him because it is the only quality that makes him special and loved. Blaine urges him to lighten up on himself and relax about his body because everyone loves him for who he is, not just his looks. Sam is called into Emma's office after Blaine enlists her help to find schools that accept and provide scholarships to students regardless of their SAT scores. Emma tells Sam that all he has to do is write an essay about his experiences and accomplishments, and how he has affected or improved the lives of others. Despite Emma’s efforts, Sam still doesn't know how he will furnish his personal essay. In a few moments, Blaine comes into the classroom and shows Sam a video in which his friends reveal the many things he's accomplished and what he's brought to their lives. Moved to tears by his friends' words, Sam embraces Blaine, thanking him for his help.

Sam tells Artie that there are still a few empty calendar pages, and he'd love it if Artie considered filling them up by posing for them. Artie admits that he is concerned about being the only one that poses with a shirt on, but Sam assures him he won't; which is why Sam retakes his calendar photo with a shirt on. Sam and Artie are excited for the new year and Sam participates in This Is the New Year


When Santana comes back and sings Nutbush City Limits, Sam seems to be uneasy and watches her performance with slight discomfort. Later, Santana and Sam meet in the auditorium, where Sam tells Santana that her relationship with Brittany doesn't work because long distance relationships will not satisfy either Brittany or Santana. Santana claims she's not going down without a fight and they sing Make No Mistake (She's Mine) to try to win Brittany. Brittany, while she's talking to Santana, says that she likes Sam and she won't break up with him.

I Do


Sam sits with Brittany in the church. He dances with her at the reception and later during Anything Could Happen with New Directions.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

DangerZone GaBoF

He is seen talking with a few New Directions members about the mash up competition. Sam participates in the mash up competition by leading the New Directions Boys in the performance of Old Time Rock & Roll/Danger Zone with Blaine. Sam also sings in Footloose.

Sam seems to enjoy Ryder and Unique's The Bitch Is Back/Dress You Up and performs on Finn's side during Bye Bye Bye/I Want It That Way. He is seen joining New Directions during Closer.

Guilty Pleasures


Sam receives $50 from Blaine at the beginning of the episode because he’s been taking pasta from the lunch room. He then proceeds to tell Blaine that it's not because he’s hungry, but rather because he likes working on macaroni art. He also reveals to Blaine that he’s made a portrait of Kurt too. When Tina shows up during his discussion with Blaine, Sam jokingly asks Tina if she will rub medicine on Mr. Schue's chest as he is sick to which she ignores. Blaine and Sam decide to take in charge of the glee club this week as both Mr. Schuester and Finn are out and they set the bar by singing Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.

Gle 417 performance copacabana tagged 640x360 22886467802 (1)

Later in the gym room, Sam urges to tell Blaine his true guilty pleasure, which is Barry Manilow. The boys in the locker room all hear this and give Sam looks. Back at the glee club, Sam admits his passion for Barry Manilow and sings Copacabana with the New Directions joining him as the song progresses.


Later, Sam finds Blaine in the library and asks about his true guilty pleasure because he suspects it is not actually Wham! Blaine takes this and performs Against All Odds to the New Directions, constantly looking at Sam. Back at the choir room, Sam and Blaine introduce the New Directions Girls as they sing Wannabe. Next, Sam walks in on Blaine as he is preparing another Phil Collins song, but Sam talks to him about knowing that his guilty pleasure has been Sam all along. Sam admits that's he's actually quite flattered and they then hug it out. Sam performs Mamma Mia with the New Directions at the end of the episode.

Shooting Star


At home, Brittany is trying to make amends with Lord Tubbington, but claims that he doesn't believe she's sorry. Sam tells her that she could sing his favorite song to him, but Brittany says that she stopped singing to him since he joined the "KKKK" (Ku-Klux Klan for Kats), so Sam suggests that the New Directions could serenade him. Brittany tells Sam that, despite his outlandishly low SAT score, he’s a genius. Later, Brittany, Sam and the New Directions sing More Than Words to Lord Tubbington. Sitting quietly in the dark choir room, Will tells them to start texting and tweeting so that outside people know what’s going on and can send help. Sam tries to get out of the choir room to get Brittany, who’s stuck in the girl’s bathroom, but Will and Artie stop him. Sam tries to go get Brittany a second time, but is again held back by Will, Shannon, and Artie. Soon, Artie starts to record everyone with his phone camera until Sam stops him, slapping the camera out of his hand.

Shooting Star Bram Kiss

Sam and Brittany meet in the hallway and Sam tells her that, during the shooting, he couldn't stop thinking about her, and Brittany says that feel the same. He apologizes for being rude to Lord Tubbington and says that, in order to get on his good side again and to get closer to Brittany, they need to start a family, and as a result, he brings out a female cat, Lady Tubbington. Happy, Brittany and Sam say 'I love you' to each other. He is seen with the rest of New Directions during Say.

Sweet Dreams

You have more friends than you know

Sam is first seen greeting Marley as a different person, his "smarter twin brother" named Evan Evans. He is using his phone pretending that he is talking to himself, he does this for half of the episode to switch back to himself. Marley believes that he has separation anxiety, causing him to create a twin. Later on, he is seen performing a song that Marley wrote, You Have More Friends Than You Knowwith Marley, Blaine, and Unique, at first, jokingly playing as Marley asks to sing with them, he says "no," then says that he's kidding. At the end of the episode, he is seen cheering when Finn returns to help with Glee Club for Regionals, and roots with Marley when Mr. Schuester agrees to let Marley use her original songs for Regionals. He is then seen performing Marley's song, Outcastwith New Directions.

Lights Out

Artieandsam lightsout sartie
When the lights go out, Sam tells the New Directions that it's a zombie apocalypse, clearly worried. Sam later performs You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' with Ryder, during the blackout to demonstrate an unplugged song to the club. When Artie fails to carry out his performance, due to the lack of synths, Sam gets up and he tells Artie that the power went out a lot a while back, and he had to entertain his brother and sister with just his guitar and voice. Later when Ryder tells the club that he had been molested as an eleven year old, Sam thinks that Ryder should be proud. He participates and sings with New Directions during We Will Rock You, and later during Longest Time.

He is seen excited about Stevie Wonder week. At another Glee club meeting, Sam introduces Mercedes to the group. When Mike says that they should celebrate a wonderful talent, Sam stands up, but soon realizes that Mike is talking about Jake, not him, and sits back down. Sam is last seen singing in For Once in My Life, with New Directions.

All or Nothing


Blaine reveals to Sam that he is proposing to Kurt and wants him to be his best man. When Brittany returns from MIT, she breaks up with Sam via text when he attempts to calm her down from slamming the New Directions. Sam comes up to Blaine while he is shopping for wedding rings with Tina, letting him know that he loves him and he supports his decision. Later, Sam calls Santana and asks for her help, knowing that Brittany has been acting different lately. Brittany eventually shows up at Regionals, much to Sam's delight.

Bram AON 88

Brittany reveals to the New Directions that she was given early admission into MIT. She mentions Sam during her goodbye speech in which the two embrace, both saying how much they love and will miss each other. Sam is seen performing at Regionals, having a solo in Hall of Fame. After the New Directions win Regionals, Sam, along with the others, attend Will and Emma's private wedding in the Choir Room.

Love, Love, Love

Sam is first seen in the choir room, after Mr. Schue announces that they are going to do the Beatles, he and Ryder get up and do a little dance to show their excitement. He is later seen at the carnival with all the other members of the New Directions. Sam is then seen in the Choir room supporting Blaine after he reveals to the New Directions that he is back with Kurt and he going to ask him to marry him. While some didn't seem to have a positive reaction to it, Sam seemed to be really excited, saying that he is his best friend, indicating that he supports his plan.

Help Blam NewDirections

Sam and Blaine sing Help! as they, and the rest of the New Directions, got to different past show choirs they have defeated in competition in the past to help him propose to Kurt. Sam is later asked by Blaine, along with Ryder and Jake, to help him with a performance for Tina because Blaine was concerned about Tina's behavior after her break-ups. Sam is later shown, with Blaine, Ryder, and Jake, performing I Saw Her Standing There for Tina. After the performance, Sam is chosen by Tina to be her prom date. In the end of the episode, Sam can be seen during Blaine's surprise proposal to Kurt, handing Blaine the ring box after he and the others perform background vocals for All You Need Is Love, and cheers when Kurt says "yes."

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds


The episode starts with Sam talking to Blaine about gay marriage. Sam asks Blaine about who's the one who gets the last name of the other in a gay marriage, but Blaine tells him that he doesn't care about it. After that Will shows up in the Glee Club and he tells to New Directions that they need to keep doing The Beatles songs, but he gets interrupted by Sue announcing the Prom King and Queen nominees. Blaine, Artie, Kitty, and Tina got nominated, and Sam is really surprised about it because he didn't get a nomination. Regardless, he is happy because he will go with Tina; however, she dumped him as a prom date because he didn't get a nomination, and she really wants to win.

Will finds Sam in the choir room and he is really upset for what Tina did to him, suddenly Sue shows up in the choir room and she informs that all the students must be vaccinated, Sam realizes that she is talking about shots, which he is really afraid of. Sam meets the new nurse Penny when he goes to the nursery and he sees her injecting a sausage, but after that Sam gets scared and he decided to go, but he knocks objects over, which makes Penny notice him, because of that, Sam decided to get the shot, but when Penny is about to do it, Sam backs out and he leaves  while Penny is shouting out her name, after that Sam returns and he tells his name. Blaine and Artie find Sam in the hallways and Blaine asks him if he will go with them to pick the tux, but Sam tells them to go without him because he got a snake bite and he needs to go to the nursery.

Blaine and Artie confront Sam to finally ask Penny to dance, in that moment Sam sees her in the hallway and he starts to sing Something while he is walking towards her, after that Sam is singing in a Class Room where Penny is teaching about Choking. While he is singing, Sam dreams about him and Penny dancing in the Auditorium and then she leaves when the song ends.


Sam goes to the nurses station to see Penny, but she is packing her stuff, Sam asks her why she is doing that and Penny tells him that Sue fired her, Sam tells her that he doesn't want her to go because even when they just hang out one time he really have a good time with her, so Sam decided to get the shot and Penny won't be fired. After that Sam goes to Sue's Office and he tells her that thanks to Penny he got his shot even when he is afraid of them, finally Sue decides to keep her.

At the prom Sam is talking with Penny and she tells him that Sue didn't fired her because one person talked with her, Sam tells her that maybe that person really likes her, Penny asks Sam if he was pretending to be sick all week and he tells her that he even bit himself once. When Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ends Sam asks Penny to dance. When Sue announces that Tina and Brett won, Sam and Penny are applauding them, but when Tina gets slushied everyone is really shocked and surprised and the Glee Club follows her to the choir room and Blaine, Kitty, Sam and Tina starts to sing Hey Jude while she is getting clean, finally everyone returns to the dance. At the end of the episode Sam is performing Let It Be with New Directions in the auditorium.

The Quarterback

Sam is first seen singing Seasons of Love with the rest of the glee club in the Auditorium.

640px-Fireandrain sartie

Sam is seen again in the choir room when Mercedes sings I'll Stand by You in front of the club. He is later shown in the Auditorium once again singing Fire and Rain with Artie and the rest of the New Directions before Santana gets up and walks off the stage. He is in the choir room again when Santana sings If I Die Young.

Tumblr muhglgh4dC1rqzrgqo2 500

Sam and the rest of the Glee Club walk to Finn's memorial left on Finn's locker when they run into Rachel. She sings Make You Feel My Love and he can be seen crying in Santana's arms while she is holding him for comfort.

A Katy or A Gaga
Sam is first seen in the choir room when Mr. Schue walks in and reveals the other choirs that will compete at Nationals, including "Throat Explosion," an incredible show choir consisting of "Mini Lady Gagas." When Mr. Schue asks them if they are a "Katy" or a "Gaga," he identifies himself as a "Katy," along with Blaine, Ryder, Artie, and Marley. Because Mr. Schue decides to have each group sing a song by the opposite artist, Sam and the other "Katys" have to perform a Lady Gaga song.


Sam is at his locker when Penny arrives, she tells him that she went to the Skrillex concert and he tells her that he never thought that she would like that music, after Sam opens his locker he tells her how much he likes True Jackson, Penny tells him that she never thought that he would be the guy who likes that, after that he asks her if she would like to go out with him, but she tells him that her ex-boyfriend will take her to the Nine Inch Nails concert. Later Sam and Blaine are talking in the hallway, Sam tells him that Penny seems like a Katy, but she’s secretly a Gaga so Blaine tells him to take Penny to watch their performance.

At the auditorium Sam tells the rest of the "Katys" that they need to learn Applause by Lady Gaga and he reveals that they will perform in front of the entire school, he leaves the auditorium saying that he will go to guarantee a sold-out show doing what Lady Gaga would do, recruiting some Little Monsters. Later Sam is talking with Becky in the hallway and he asks her for help, so Becky tells to everyone to open their laptops and watch a video that Sam made, Penny sees the video and Sam asks her if she will come, but she tells him that she’s getting a new piercing and she can't, so Sam tells her that he is planning to get a piercing and they can do it together, Penny agrees.


Sam performs Applause at the auditorium with the rest of the "Katys," while the "Gagas" watch the performance, when the song ends Sam asks Marley what the hell happen with the seashell bikini and she tells him she wasn't comfortable using it, Blaine, Artie and Ryder back Sam up and they tell Marley that even when they feel uncomfortable they did the assignment, after that Mr. Schue tells Marley that she is suspended for the rest of the week.

Sam finds Penny at the nursery and she reveals that she doesn’t like Lady Gaga, she tells him that she likes Carrie Underwood, Bruno Mars and Katy Perry, Sam excited confesses that he likes Katy Perry too, Penny says that still likes Jonas Brothers and Sam says that he still likes Justin Bieber, Penny tells Sam that Katy Perry’s going on tour the next year and asks him if he would like to go to the concert with her if Katy comes to Ohio, Sam says yes, but he tells Penny that they don't need to wait a year because some of NewDirection are doing a Katy song and they kiss, later they go to the auditorium to see the rest of New Directions singing Wide Awake.

At the end of the episode Sam is in the choir room with New Directions when Sue comes and informs they are suspended for a week, Mr. Schue says to Sue that they can't lose a week because Nationals are in 4 weeks, but Sue doesn't care about it and Will tells her that she's gonna hear them roar and New Direction performs Roar.

The End of Twerk

Sam is first seen in the choir room while he is amused watching Blaine's twerking video and after Will says that is nothing to be embarrassed about, Sam affirms that it is. While Kitty and Jake are teaching New Directions how to twerk, Sam proves to be skilled at "twerking" since he combines it with his stripping moves that he's still familiar with.


After an episode of "Sue's Corner," New Directions is really upset because Sue banned twerking at McKinley High, so after Will says that they are not gonna accept it, they perform Blurred Lines, and Sam is seen again while 2 cheerios dance to him on a table.

After Unique’s rendition of If I Were a Boy he offers himself along with Jake and Ryder to confront her bullies. Unique, however, gratefully turns down the offer. Later he helps Will to convince the school board that twerking is not something inappropriate that has to be outlawed. Together with Tina he dances waltz in front of them, a dance that had been considered inappropriate at the time it emerged, but right now isn't anything frowned upon. At the end of the episode Sam is the choir room when Will informs that they will stop doing twerk and he decides to make a song that’s old school Glee, and New Direction performs On Our Way.

Movin' Out

Sam is in the choir room when Will arrives and informs that Sue didn’t organize any stands for a performing arts career in the first career fair held at McKinley High School, because she thinks that is a risky career to pursue, Will says that she’s right, but he tells to New Directions to pursue their dreams, so Will announces that they are gonna do a Billy Joel week, because he struggled for years to become a singer and yet eventually he did, and right now he is an inspiration for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the arts like Blaine and Sam.

MO 12

Sam reveals that he is going to New York with Blaine because he has an interview with the theater department at Hunter College and he’s up for the scholarship “The Channing Tatum Former Male Stripper Grant”, but before they leave they perform Movin' Out (Anthony's Song), when the song ends Blaine and Sam arrives to New York and they reunite with surprised Kurt, Rachel and Santana. Later at the Spotlight Dinner Kurt talks to Sam and Blaine about their stay in New York, Blaine reveals that they had been visiting campuses instead of exploring the city, because he wants to have more options if he doesn’t get into NYADA, Kurt encourages Blaine to perform a song, Sam agrees with him and Blaine performs Piano Man while he is playing the piano and Sam is playing the harmonic.

When Sam has the interview at the Hunter College, he messes up the interview he had for the scholarship by giving nonsense reasons as to why he wants to go there and he offends the caretaker. At the apartment Rachel encourages Sam to keep looking for scholarships, but he confesses he doesn't want to go to college. He also tells Rachel that he had wanted to become a male model ever since he was a kid and he has a concrete vision of what he wants to achieve, he is in Hollywood, sitting on a bench, when a bus stops and it has a picture of him in underwear and his junk is as big as a car, and he likes that. Rachel tells him that they’re gonna do a photo shoot at the apartment, so he can have some photos he can show to some agencies.

MO 94

Rachel introduces him to Barbara Brownfield the photographer of Funny Girl, she takes many pictures of Sam wearing various costumes and a few in his underwear. Later Sam has an appointment at the modelling agency House Of Bichette, there the owner Bichette tells him that she likes his look, his vacant stare and the trouty mouth are something unique that she doesn't have in her "roster," then she explains to him that his pictures are good, but he needs something better, she says that male modelling isn't something glamorous, he is one of 10000 beautiful boys in New York City and the word he will probably hear the most in his brief career will be "no," Sam says that dreams aren´t easy, but he can deal with that, after he leaves Sam says that he will take another pictures, but Bichette says to him that he need to wait because he needs to lose 10 pounds, leaving Sam shocked. At the apartment Sam declines to eat the food that Rachel offers because he need to lose 10 pounds, they try to convince him that he doesn't need to starving himself to become a model, but he refuses to listen because House Of Bichette is one of the best modelling agencies in the city, finally Blaine suggests to sing a song to convince him and they perform Just The Way You Are.

At the end of the episode Sam and Blaine returns to Lima, he reveals that Blaine crushed his NYADA audition and he would try hard to be a male model no matter what Bichette or anyone says, finally Will and New Directions perform You May Be Right.

Puppet Master


Sam, along with the rest of New Directions, is jamming in the Choir Room and, upon Blaine's announcement of his game plan for Nationals, seems displeased with his controlling ways. After Blaine's hallucination of You're My Best Friend, he seems surprised that Blaine kept quiet the entire practice lesson and didn't even sing. Later that week the New Directions decide to cut Blaine some slack and he, along with the rest of the club, accepts Blaine's apology and joins in their performance of The Fox, portraying a dog.

Previously Unaired Christmas

PUC 01

During Christmas time of 2012 Sam, along with Tina, is in charge of the Glee club's Decoration Committee, trying to win the New Directions the prize of a handblown glass angel by creating the best decorated Christmas tree for the 50th Annual McKinley Classroom Decorating Contest.

Sam's proposal of cutting down all their own Christmas tree decoration doesn't sit well with Tina. They're interrupted by Becky who's demanding for both of them to kiss her, which they refuse, calling her out for her behavior under Sue's favoritism. Sue steps in, sends Becky away and admits that she does treat her differently and will try not to do so in the future. She also tells them that she will be the judge for the Decoration Contest, leaving both Sam and Tina in shock.

While decorating their Christmas tree Sam and the New Directions perform Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree. When Sue comes into the Choir Room to look at their Tree, they all start humming O Christmas Tree. Sam and Tina explain to Sue some of the details of their decoration and when Sue asks them what they did with the squirrel that used to live in the tree, Sam surprises her by showing her he is taking care of it. Impressed, Sue announces the Glee club's tree as the winner of the 50th Annual McKinley Classroom Decorating Contest the following day.

PUC 13

Sam is cast as Shepherd for the Living Nativity Scene the Glee club is arranging. Later that day, Becky apologizes to him and Tina about her behavior and they both realize Becky is in a dark place right now and try to cheer her up by telling her the count of votes for the Decoration Contest was messed up and, upon recounting, Becky has actually won the contest, giving her the hand-blown glass angel. Sam, along with the rest of New Directions, also offers Becky the role of Little Baby Jesus, which she gladly accepts. He also performs Love Child with the rest of New Directions to passive aggressively make Kitty take the part of Virgin Mary. Kitty does and the New Directions, along with Becky, later perform Away In A Manger for the Living Nativity Scene.


We first see Sam singing backup and dancing to Whenever I Call You Friend. We see him again in the choir room, along with the rest of the New Directions. They enjoy Tina and Artie's performance of My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It), and sing backup to it. He is shocked when Artie is pushed out of his wheelchair by Tina, as he quickly runs to him and is the first one to help him. He picks up Artie to put him back in his chair and looks irritated at Tina. Later, we see Sam in the choir room again, playing around with Ryder, when Blaine tells them he wants to sing a song with Artie and Tina at graduation. He supports this plan and gives Artie a pat on his back. The last time we see him is in the auditorium, singing along to Breakaway with the rest of the Glee Club.



Together with Blaine and Tina, Sam performs Jumpin' Jumpin' during Glee Club practice, in the Choir Room. It's the first time the three of them do a number together, even though they are all good friends. After the performance, Tina breaks down crying because she doesn't wants to leave high school yet. Blaine and Sam comfort her, but Sam pushes Artie away when he wants to join the group hug. He is the one Glee Club senior that is visually being left out.


We see Sam again later that day when he is trying on his graduation robe, together with Blaine. Tina walks in on them and starts crying again. When Tina tells them she's afraid she'll never hear from them again, he promises her to send a Vine of him doing an impression every week. Blaine says they should do something to remember their senior year by, Sam suggests sneaking a cow into school. They later agree on organizing an overnight lock-in, though.

At night, Sam, Blaine, and Tina climb through the Choir Room window to get into school. As soon as they're all inside, they start singing Don't You (Forget About Me). During the performance, they do lots of crazy stuff, like rollerskating around the halls, dancing with each other and messing around in various school offices. They get caught by Becky, she is eager to play Twister and drink energy shots with them. Sam, along with Blaine and Tina, doesn't seem to be too excited for this plan.


Later on, Sam and Tina apparently left Blaine and Becky. Blaine ultimately finds them in a classroom, where they are making out. They are both startled by him, and abruptly break their kiss. Tina says it happened because of the 11-hour energies, and Sam adds it was cheap, sordid nostalgia as well. When Blaine blames them for ruining the night, Sam replies by saying that it was actually ruined by Becky and her Twister.

The next day, Sam and Tina run after Blaine, trying to apologize to him. Sam tells him that they just tried making out, and that it was hot, but they both decided they don't want to be a couple. However, Blaine doesn't accept their apology and suggests they just hang out by themselves that night, and fondle each other's boobs. After he walks away, they are left confused.

Sam and Tina are waiting for Glee Club rehearsal in the Choir Room next day, when Blaine enters. They come up to him and are shown to be regretful. Blaine tells them he's sorry about freaking out, and he now realizes that they will be friends forever. They all agree to that and hug each other. When Artie comes in the room, he's still angry at the three of them for leaving him out.
Sam invites him into their senior moment, but he sarcastically tells them he doesn't want to interrupt their power trio. During Glee Club, Blaine wants to do a final number with the seniors, and Sam invites Artie to be a part of it. The four of them perform Hold On in the auditorium.

City of Angels

Sam CoA

The episode opens with a conversation between Sam and Will. Sam tells him that even though he won't be going to college, he's still very committed to the Glee Club. He even recruited three Cheerios to join them for Nationals, as they need twelve members to compete. Will tells him that he doesn't have to prove himself. When Finn recruited Sam, he wasn't just looking for another voice, but for a new leader after he'd graduate as well. Sam replies to this by saying he is not Finn. But Will says he believes Sam is a real leader, which Sam takes very seriously.

Sam CoA2

In the Choir Room, Sam is sitting amongst the other Glee kids, hearing Burt and Carole out. He's also sitting with them on the tour bus in Los Angeles, where Nationals takes place. He sings I Love L.A., together with the other New Directions Boys. Later on, Sam is in the lobby of their hotel with the rest of the Glee Clubbers, when Mercedes arrives. When the leader of Throat Explosion, Jean Baptiste, comes up to Sam and Blaine, Sam welcomes him by saying he's the leader of the New Directions. At night, Sam takes the rest of the New Directions to the Nationals stage. He tells about how Finn would've promised to be there, and shows them the Finn plaque he brought so that he would still be there with them. In the morning, Sam and Tina are both in Burt and Carole's room.

When they are headed to the competition, Sam discovers Finn's plaque is gone. He starts panicking and runs towards Throat Explosion to tell him to give it back, but without success. Blaine then tells Sam to let it go, get their game faces on and win the thing. They both get back on the bus, where Sam gives a little pep talk. He says that even though the plaque is gone, Finn is still with them. He sits next to Blaine in the audience, both looking nervous when seeing their competition. During the competition, Sam sings back-up to More Than a Feeling. He has solo lines in America, along with Artie, Kitty and Unique. He ends their set with singing I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For with the other seniors. At the end of the song, he holds drumsticks in the air, to honor Finn. He looks very disappointed when it is announced that they've won second place.

Back in Lima, Sam hangs Finn's plaque back on the wall, explaining to Blaine that Throat Explosion sent it back to him. Mr. Schue, Carole, Burt and the Glee Clubbers then come in. Sam hugs Carole, saying he's sorry he let Finn down, but Carole is confused by that. She says that Finn definitely would have been as disappointed as they are, but he would also have been proud that they ended so high.

We first see Sam in the Choir Room, with the rest of the present and alumni New Directions, talking to Rachel about her Broadway debut. He is excited when April enters the room, and dances around to Raise Your Glass with the rest of the group. Later that day, he watches the Unholy Trinity perform Toxic.

The next day, he watches the diva-off between Rachel and Mercedes take place, with them singing Defying Gravity with Kurt. Rachel takes a few New Direction members apart afterwards, trying to convince them to vote for her. Randomly, Sam asks her why it's called Broadway when most of the theatres aren't even on Broadway. When Brittany and Santana perform Valerie later that day, Sam dances to the song with the rest of the group. He also joins Puck's performance of Keep Holding On to Quinn in the auditorium immediately after. Later that week, he is glad to see Holly Holiday back, and sings back-up to Happy as he dances to it.

New Directions
We first see Sam cleaning up the Choir Room, together with Artie and Rachel. When Blaine and Kurt come in, with 'some huge news', he guesses they got married and adopted Russian twin babies. He is shown to be happy when they tell them Blaine got into NYADA. When he turns around, he hits Tina with the trophy he was holding. This leads to Tina having another dream. During the New York skit, Sam comes in twice wearing nothing, but underwear, as he forgot his clothes.


He's in the auditorium, with the rest of the old and present New Directions, listening to I Am Changing. Later on, he is hanging out with Artie and Blaine in the Choir Room, when Tina comes in to tell them she didn't got in Mitzvah University. They try to convince her that she doesn't need a university to go to New York, by singing an acoustic version of Loser Like Me together. Later that day, Sam is in the Choir Room again, watching Rachel and Santana perform Be Okay, and Puck and Quinn perform Just Give Me a Reason. He is sad when Mr. Schue tells them Glee Club is officially over. Later that week, he performs Don't Stop Believin' with the rest of the alumni and present New Directions, for Mr. Schue. At the end of the episode, Sam graduates together with the rest of the seniors and Brittany.

New New York


Sam is walking through New York with Artie, while singing Downtown. During the song, they meet up with Blaine, Kurt, and Rachel who arrives in her towncar. To celebrate her success, she wants to take them out for lunch. Artie can't get in the car, and Sam is forced to walk with him.


Later on, we learn that Sam is couch surfing at the Bushwick Apartment and has only been playing video games for months. Kurt wants Blaine to get Sam to move out, and Sam quickly realizes that. He is a little down because he isn't getting any modeling auditions, or even talk to his agent, and he doesn't even like the city. His agent's assistant told him maybe he should cut his hair, because he looks like a dirty hippie, but he likes it and doesn't want to change for others. Blaine then takes him out to discover the city and cheer him up. They sing Best Day of My Life together while dancing in Times Square. Later that day, Sam decides to get a haircut. Afterwards he feels much more confident.

When Sam gets back to the Bushwick Apartment, Blaine compliments his hair. Sam tells him he booked his first modeling job and Blaine is excited to hear that. Sam also tells him he's moving out, since he got a room in an apartment with a bunch of other models.


The next time we see him, Sam is moving into his new apartment. His new roommate, a girl also called Sam, is fun at first, but turns out to be a bit weird. She offers him various kinds of pills to look thinner, or sleep better. Sam then decides this isn't for him and moves out again. Later, Sam and the rest of the group are in the Bushwick Apartment again. When Blaine tells them he's moving out and wants to live with Sam, he reveals he doesn't live in the modeling apartment anymore. Mercedes then enters the room, telling them she's moving to New York.

While helping her move into her new apartment, Mercedes offers Sam and Blaine her spare room. Sam accepts the offer, but also asks her what they're gonna do about their sexual chemistry. Mercedes however tells him she isn't interested in that, and stops him when he tries to kiss her. They both agree they'll just be friends, but are shown to be a bit doubtful.



The episode starts with a vigil for Russ, who was the victim of gay-bashing. Sam attends the vigil, while Blaine, Kurt, and Rachel are singing No One Is Alone. The next time we see Sam, he's on the couch in their apartment. He's watching a new TV-show, which wakes Mercedes up. When she sits next to him on the couch, watching with him, he asks why she broke up with him. After they briefly discuss their dating history, Sam tells her he doesn't know what to do with their chemistry, Mercedes responds by saying she already told him it's not gonna happen. However, the minute they stop talking, they start making out.

On Monday, Sam joins their friends in the Bushwick Apartment for their weekly dinner. During dinner, he plays footsie with Mercedes. The next day, he is walking through New York with Mercedes, asking her why they are keeping it a secret. Mercedes however, tells him there's nothing going on, so they aren't keeping anything a secret. Sam responds by telling her she knows he always liked her and she clearly has feelings for him too. He tries to convince her, but Mercedes tells him she needs time to think. When Mercedes asks him, he agrees to take it slow and to stay on the couch. Sam then leaves Mercedes, while she starts singing You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman.

That night, Sam joins Mercedes and her friends and backup singers for dinner in the city. He tries to be kind and make jokes, but he's constantly saying the wrong thing. Later, he's alone in the apartment when Mercedes comes home. She tells her she can't be with him, and Sam asks her if it's because he's white. When she tells him it is, he is visibly hurt. He tries to convince her again, but she isn't changing her mind. Instead, she tells her she thinks he should move out.


Sam is sitting with Blaine in the Bushwick apartment, telling him what happened. Blaine is sorry for him, but tries to cheer him up. He then gets a call from the hospital, telling him Kurt has been attacked. They rush to the hospital, where Sam tells Kurt they are there and he can wake up. He states he wants to kill whoever did this to Kurt, but Mercedes tells him he doesn't mean that.

Later that week, Sam meets up with Mercedes in the recording studio. She apologizes to him, and sings Colorblind to him. During their next Monday night dinner, they announce they're officially dating again. When Kurt tells them no one ever really saw any chemistry between them in the past, Sam kisses Mercedes to prove their chemistry. They all agree on coming to Kurt's mid-winter critique performance, where he sings I'm Still Here. During the performance, Sam sits with Mercedes and Rachel, and holds Mercedes' hand.

We first see Sam during the STD public service announcement, together with Artie, Blaine, and Kurt. Later, he is making out with Mercedes. When he tries to take things further, she stops him and tells him she's still a virgin. Sam then tells her they can go as slow or as fast as she wants. That evening, he's out with the other guys. Sam tells them he needs to find a free clinic, to get tested. This way, he hopes to ease Mercedes' mind. They agree to all get tested together. When Artie later reveals that he has chlamydia, Sam is beyond shocked, telling him he's slut shaming him.


Mercedes takes Sam to church with her. Before entering, he shows her he's completely healthy. She tells him that's really sweet, but she's still not sure and wants to turn to God first. Sam watches her singing I Wanna Know What Love Is with the church choir. Later that week, he takes her out to the Spotlight Diner. He wants to pay for everything, and is treating her right. Mercedes tells him she hopes he realizes this doesn't mean they will have sex, but Sam tells her that was not his intention at all. He tells her it means so much to him that she's even considering it, and that his love for her is very real. They then sing Let's Wait Awhile about it.

At home, Sam and Mercedes are making out when she reminds him of taking things slow. They have another conversation about it, when Mercedes tells him she wants to wait til marriage. When she says she can't expose herself fully to 'just anyone', Sam is offended by that, saying he's not just anyone. She then explains she needs to know that the man she's with is gonna be there forever, so for now they need to find a way to be close without being physical. Sam tells her he loves her, but he's also a 19-year old. He then leaves, taking some time to think about it.


Later that week, Sam is calling Mercedes, while she is entering her apartment. She tells him if he's gonna break up, he should just do it already. When she enters the apartment, the whole place is lit by candles. Sam is standing in the middle of the living room, surrounded by dozens of candles. He tells Mercedes he can live without sex, but not without her. They then share a kiss.

At the end of the episode, the guys are once again going out for diner. When Artie tells them he's gonna stay celebate for a while, Sam proposes an all-guys New York City Abstinence Club. However, Blaine and Kurt aren't really in for this.

Opening Night
He is first seen in Rachel's nightmare watching her performance and dancing. Next we see him in the apartment when Tina comes to visit, and after Blaine fails to stop Tina from talking about the negative comments about Funny Girl that bother Rachel, he bluntly tells her to shut up. Next day he comes to the apartment along with Blaine, Mercedes and Tina, and tries playing the guitar to make Rachel feel better so she could go on stage that night.

Tumblr n4hn8bDQtd1qgkj12o1 500

After they all fail at cheering her up, he talks to others so they would figure out what to do next, and blames Twitter comments for her situation. He is shocked when Sue comes into the apartment and takes Kurt's room without even asking for permission. When Santana manages to cheer up Rachel, he participates in the group hug.

Tumblr n4j1lzUcKF1qgkj12o1 500

He watches Rachel's opening night and enjoys her performance. After the show Sam and the others congratulate Rachel on her Broadway debut. Mercedes tells Rachel that she was so touched during the performance of Who Are You Now that she blew her nose on Sam's sleeve, to which he replies saying his jacket is suede. He looks disappointed when Rachel says she doesn't want to go to the cast party, but ends up having fun with his friends in the club in Greenwich Village. The group comes back to the apartment early in the morning, and Sam instantly collapses on the couch. When the group gets to the newspaper stand to buy The New York Times, he is the one to pay for it as others are far too nervous and excited to hear what the critic thought of the show. He carefully listens to them reading it, visibly happy that it's good news. When Mr Schue calls Rachel, he's glad to hear everything is fine and that Mr Schue now has a baby boy.

Old Dog, New Tricks
Sam accompanies Rachel, Mercedes, and Artie to a shelter for rescue dogs. Rachel wants to host a benefit for the animals in order to restore her image. Meanwhile Sam falls in love with one of the dogs, and wants to take him home. Mercedes however doesn't want a pet. When the dogs start barking Sam sings I Melt with You with Mercedes and Rachel, to calm them down.


Later it is revealed that Sam got the dog anyway, even though he knows Mercedes doesn't want it. The dog, McConaughey, turns out to be a little wild, but even though the dog ruins their stuff, Sam is still very happy with it. He talks with Artie about how Mercedes is gonna react, and when Artie tells him she's gonna freak he doesn't believe him. Mercedes then comes home and does freak out about it, especially when McConaughey has ruined her hair. She wants him to take the dog back.

Sam and Artie take the dog to a training course. They sing Werewolves of London together while Sam trains the dog. Back in the apartment, they bath and groom the dog together. Sam is lying on the couch with McConaughey when Mercedes gets home. She thinks it great he took such an effort in training and bathing the dog, but they still can't have a dog. Their lives are just too busy right now to take care of it, but Sam doesn't want to hear that at first. He tells her they could do it together or find a dogsitter. Sam then tells her he has been thinking about Mercedes' upcoming tour, and how it would leave him behind. 


He reveals that he just wanted some company, but it also bothered him that Mercedes' didn't think he could take care of the dog. Even though he took care of his family for a while. He feels like Mercedes' sometimes thinks he's a joke, but she immediately replies by saying she never said that. He then tells her that eventually, he wants to marry her and have kids and a life together, but that can only happen when she takes him seriously. By taking care of the dog, Sam could prove to her that he's capable of doing that. Mercedes tells him he did prove it, but they still can't keep the dog. Because of their busy schedules, they can't enjoy it and it would not be fair towards McConaughey. They agree to finding a good home for him, and getting a dog someday.

At the Broadway Bitches event, Sam sits together with Artie and Mercedes. He later goes to Kurt's show, and performs Take Me Home Tonight at Rachel's event, together with the rest of the group and Maggie. During the song, they give McConaughey away to a family wanting to adopt a pet.

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project
The whole group is having Monday night dinner at the Bushwick Apartment, when Mercedes wants to give Sam a snack. He refuses, saying he has a huge modeling audition this week, and they're going all out: billboards, print, and bus ads. He then reveals his dream of being almost naked on a public bus to Mercedes, who tells him she's gonna spraypaint "mine" over all the ads, making sure everybody knows he has a girlfriend. When Brittany arrives, he's excited to see her.

Sam is present at Mercedes opening night of her mall tour, where she performs Shakin' My Head. Later that week, he has the audition of a huge modeling job. Due to Mercedes and him staying celibate til marriage, Sam is a little sexually frustrated and has put a rubber band around his arm to snap it and distract him.
When explaining the audition, the head of the modeling agency, Charlie Darling, tells them they are gonna do it fast and dirty: she wants to be turned on by it. While auditioning, Sam sings Girls on Film. During the song Charlie starts dancing with him, ending on top of him. She then tells him he's buzzing with sex and he's hired.

When playing videogames with Blaine and Artie, Blaine tells him he thinks he needs to break up with Mercedes. At first, Sam tells them he loves her. But he also admits that he's having a hard time with waiting until marriage. Even though that's the case, he does tell them that he thinks she is the one and he is not going to screw it up. In the first script for Rachel's pilot, it is revealed that his character is called Jam. He is present at Rachel's birthday rave party, jumping around with a laser. Sam then says the script doesn't make sense at all.


At his first shoot for his new modeling gig, Charlie is a little disappointed. She then sends the assistant away, doing the shoot in private. She's taking pictures of him while asking him random questions and having a conversation with him. She keeps on walking closer towards him, coming onto him, telling him they can do whatever they want without anybody knowing. She then kisses him.


When Sam gets home to Mercedes that night, he feels very guilty and immediately comes clean. When he explains about the kiss, Mercedes asks what happened next, and he tells her he started crying while the photographer kept taking pictures. Mercedes then tells him he didn't cheat on her and kisses him. But she also tells him she doesn't think it's fair to ask him to wait. Sam then replies by telling her he feels like they are meant to be together. However, they do agree to break up for now.

He attends Blaine's showcase at NYADA, watching him sing No Time at All with June Dolloway, and American Boy with Kurt. Later that week, he reads the second version of Rachel's pilot script with the rest of the group, and they all love it. He performs Pompeii with the rest of the group. During the song, he goes back to Lima and is seen looking into the former chior room.

Loser Like Me

Sam is the new assistant football coach, and is providing water for the team. When a member asks for water, another player comes and insults him, calling him a “homo”. Rachel, appalled, tells him that she has tried hard to not let people like him call people that. Sam assures her that it's alright, as Spencer is gay. Spencer, drinking the water, reveals honestly that he’s a postmodern gay and states that the positive representations in the media made it possible for him to be who he really is, which is an arrogant jerk. He then says that her show sucked, throwing the cup at Sam. Rachel, stunned, asks Sam about that but Sam insists he is totally okay with it. Rachel comments on how good the players are and Sam reveals that Sue transferred talented players from different states, providing homes for them and their families. Rachel states that it's unfair for people who don’t play sports. Sam agrees with her and tells her she should talk to Sue about it. Later on, he is with Blaine, LeRoy, Mr. Schue, and Rachel watching "That's So Rachel" in Mr. Schue's apartment. He states the show is indeed terrible.


Sam is first seen in Mr. Schue's apartment having dinner with him, Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine. Later he is in the hallway when Rachel asks if he heard a singing voice. He misunderstands her and starts talking about the voice he hears in his head. He is wheeling Artie to the auditorium when the alumni reunite, and asks Mercedes if she's still a virgin, a question she rebuffs. He participates in Take On Me performance and tries to recruit the Tea Party Patriot Club with Quinn, Tina, Puck, and Mercedes, but stops when they make offensive comments. As they're leaving the room, Sam tells them that Quinn once had sex with a Latina lesbian, and bumps into Quinn causing her to laugh. When Roderick is about to audition, he asks him to take off his headphones, but is interuppted by Rachel. He is last seen playing the guitar for Home, and at the courtyard for the Homecoming bonfire with everyone.

Jagged Little Tapestry

Sam is ironing clothes and underwear at the boys' locker room when Coach Beiste enters the room. When he asks her why she's been absent too much, she says it's because of her knees issues. Sam then says he's worried about her, to which she responds by yelling. Spencer then enters the room and asks Beiste to make him the quarterback. Beiste declines and ends the conversation. Sam comforts Spencer, telling him he thinks he is like a majestic knight riding a horse and if it was up to him he would give Spencer the position. Later, Sam is seen in Sue's office to discuss Beiste's problem. Sue breaks the news that Beiste has cancer, which shocks Sam. However, Beiste then denies it, making both Sam and Sue even more shocked and confused. Beiste tells the truth, that she is diagnosed with gender dysphoria and is going to transition to a male. Sam is confused and asks her if she likes women. She explains to him it has nothing to do with who she wants to go to bed with, but who she wants to go to bed as. She tells Sam to take over the football team while she is away, and Sue assures her that her job will be waiting for her when and if she decides to come back to work. The three of them share a hug, and Beiste tells them she loves them.

The Hurt Locker, Part One

Sam is a part of Sue’s plan to break Rachel’s heart, so she could have her revenge. Sue meets Sam in the boys’ locker room and after realizing how easy to manipulate he is, she starts to hypnotize him with a clock. She tells him a series of words that will make him fall in love with Rachel, upon hearing them. Sam is later seen on a date with Rachel at Breadstix, talking about her adjusting to Lima. During the dinner, he also reveals that blowing glass is his favourite hobby. He, then, gets hypnotized again by the word ‘piano’ after learning that one of Rachel’s dreams is to learn how to play it. Sam tells her that he wants to do it as well, so he promises her that he’s going to ask Blaine for help. Later, Sam, Rachel and Blaine are seen in the auditorium, ready to start with the piano lessons. However, Sue comes in and hypnotizes Sam once again, without Rachel and Blaine knowing what’s going on. She makes Sam drive Blaine and Rachel out of the auditorium. Sam and Rachel are later seen in the choir room. Rachel wants to quit learning how to play the piano, but Sam encourages her not to. He tells her to close her eyes and puts his hands below hers, telling her different piano notes. He also tells her that she’s good at it. Rachel thanks him and says that he’s amazing, which makes Sam smile. After awhile, Sam is seen again with Rachel in the choir room. Rachel thanks him again and Sam tells her that there’s nothing that she can’t do. Soon, they start performing Thousand Miles and after the performance, they kiss. On the next day, Sam is with the football team, telling jokes, when Rachel comes to him and starts talking about the kiss. However Sam doesn’t remember it, because of Sue’s hypnosis. Rachel still has no idea about Sue’s plan, so she asks Sam out on a date. He, however, rejects, saying that he’s still in love with Mercedes. Later on, Sue hypnotizes Sam again into stealing Mr. Schue's mail and blaming Rachel for it. However, when Sam attempts to do that, he is caught by Mr. Schuester. Sam says everything Sue told him to, leaving Mr. Schue shocked and betrayed.

The Hurt Locker, Part Two

Sam is first seen in the auditorium with Rachel. He asks her if she knows where Kurt is, but Rachel has no idea. After that, during the Warblers’ performance, Sam is seen singing along with them. He is later in the locker room, when Sue approaches him and hypnotizes him once again. She gives him a list of songs and wants him to convince the glee club to perform them at the Invitational. Then, Sam goes to the choir room where Rachel is and gives her the song sheets, Sue gave him earlier. However, Rachel doesn’t know any of the songs. Sam, then, tries to kiss her, but Rachel rejects him, saying that she’s confused, because he told her he still loves Mercedes. However, Sam denies that and tries to kiss her one more time. Rachel, then, snaps her fingers, which dehypnotizes Sam. He doesn’t know what’s going on and neither does Rachel. He apologizes and tells her that he has gaps in his memory. He also offers his help, so Rachel asks him to recruit more members for the glee club. She also gives him the song sheets back, but Sam clearly doesn’t recognize them. He is later seen in the locker room with Spencer, trying to talk him into joining the glee club. At first, Spencer doesn’t want to, but Sam manages to convince him after telling him about Finn. Sam's also in the audience during the New Directions’ performance and is last seen cheering for them when they win the Invitational.

What the World Needs Now

Sam is first seen with Rachel in McKinley High School’s hallway. They agree on meeting at Breadstix after school. Then, the I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’s performance starts. It shows them both walking through different locations of McKinley, before finally meeting in the schoolyard. After that, they look at each other, but leave quickly afterwards, without saying a word. Later, they meet once again and they both apologize to each other for blowing off their date. Sam confesses that he has feelings for Rachel, but a part of him still loves Mercedes. However, soon Sam realizes that he has to go and says goodbye. Before he leaves, he tells Rachel he loves and Rachel accidentally says it back, clearly feeling awkward about it. Sam is also seen in Brittany’s dream sequence, performing Wishin' And Hoping. He is later in the choir room when Mercedes comes in and asks him and all of the boys to help her make Rachel realize that she belongs to New York. This leads to the performance of Arthur's Theme, which is NYC themed. Later on, Sam is seen performing They Long to Be Close to You in the locker room and in the hallway. However, soon is revealed that he actually sings it to Mercedes. After the song, they talk about moving on and Sam reveals that he hasn’t dated anyone since their break-up. Mercedes confesses that she’s been seeing another guy, which makes Sam a little jealous. She also tells him that it’s okay if he has feelings for Rachel. Sam is next seen in the teacher’s lounge with Mercedes and Rachel, who talks about her audition in New York. After Mercedes leaves, he tells her that she’s going to go back to New York eventually and that nothing can’t stop her. Rachel tells him he’s sweet and, then, they reschedule their date. Sam is last seen during the performance of What the World Needs Now and at Will Schuester’s dinner party.


Sam is seen in the hallway with Sue, ready to welcome Coach Sheldon Beiste back to McKinley. He is excited and wants to catch up with him. Sam also reveals that he doesn’t know which pronouns he should use, when referring to him, but Coach tells him that ‘he’ and ‘him’ are the right ones. After that, Sam heads to the teaher’s lounge where he talks to Rachel. He learns that her father has sold her house, even though she’s been trying to sabotage the sale. Sam wants to convince her to let the house go. He even uses the fact that he was once homeless. After Rachel refuses to do it, Sam calls a meeting with their friends and tells them his plan. Sam is later seen in the choir room where he reveals his plan. He wants to throw a farewell party in Rachel’s house, where everyone will sing a duet. The duet partners would be chosen by Artie’s wheel of musical fortune. However, Sam tells Artie that he has already decided that he wants Rachel as his partner. Later, when Sam finds out about the vandalizing of Shelson’s car, he and Spencer want to know the bullies’ names. However, Coach Beiste says that hurting them won’t fix anything and that he finally feels good about himself. Sam apologizes and says that he didn’t want to disappoint him, but Sheldon replies he’s not disappointed and in fact is really proud of them. Sam is later seen at the party in Rachel’s basement, working as a bartender with Blaine. During the performance of All About That Bass, Rachel takes him to her room, where she shows him her wall of pictures from high school. One of the pictures shows Sam in tight gold shorts. He notices that everything but the pictures is packed and realizes Rachel’s not ready to say goodbye. He tells her that the wall won’t go away, it will just get bigger. He also says that she’s going to get the part on Broadway and go back to New York. They kiss and start making out soon after that. Sam and Rachel, then, go back to the basement to perform Time After Time. Everyone, including Sam, is also seen helping Rachel move the pictures to a photo album. Later, the two are seen going on a double date with Kurt and Walter and again during the I Know Where I've Been performance.

A Wedding

Sam is first seen with Kurt, Tina and The New Directions, helping Brittany with the decorating of the barn, where she and Santana will get married. He’s later taking selfies with Tina, Kitty and Mercedes outside the barn, shortly before the ceremony. During the ceremony, Sam is standing with the other groomsmen, Will, Mike and Puck and is shocked to find out that Kurt and Blaine are also getting married. During Hey Ya, he’s sitting at a table next to Rachel and is, then, seen dancing with everyone on the dancefloor. He also slow dances with her and then with Carole during Our Day Will Come.

Child Star

Sam is in the teacher's lounge with Sheldon, Rachel and Will when Sue approaches them, seemingly tired. When Sam asks her what is going on, she tells them that the reason for her exhaustion is Myron with his non-stop claims and complaints. Sue also announces that Myron wants all of them as his backup dancers for his Bar Mitzvah. While Coach Beiste is not willing to do it, Sam is okay with it. He is later seen at rehearsals for the show where he messes up the choreography by turning the wrong way. He also tries to convince Sue not to hurt Mr. Schuester when the two of them get into a fight. Sam later performs Break Free with everyone at the Bar Mitzvah.

The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

Sam’s first seen in the teacher’s lounge with Blaine, Rachel and Mercedes. Rachel talks about her meeting with Carmen Tibideaux. She is sure that there’s still a chance for her to get back into NYADA. However, the others think that she might be wrong and that Carmen probably won’t take her back. Sam even shares that he always thought that NYADA is a school for witches. Rachel, then, gets a phone call from New York that turns out to be from the producer of the musical she auditioned for. She tells the group that she has gotten the role and has to be in New York in a few weeks. Sam doesn’t look happy about it, because he wants her to go back to school. He later meets her in the choir room, where she asks him to try on one of The Warblers’ jackets. He tries to convince her to choose NYADA over the musical, but Rachel thinks that Mercedes was right and that it'll be pathetic to go back. She gets another phone call, this time from Carmen Tibideaux, who informs her that she’s back in NYADA if she wants to. Sam’s excited, but Rachel tells him that she’s not going back. She also wants him to be happy for her. However, he thinks she’s making a mistake. Sam’s later seen in the hallway with Mr. Schuester talking about Rachel and her decision. Suddenly, they hear music, coming from the auditorium. It turns out to be Sue, playing the organ. Sam goes out and later returns with Kurt, Blaine, Rachel and The New Directions. They all watch Will and Sue perform The Final Countdown, acting like crazy.

We Built This Glee Club

Sam meets with Rachel in the auditorium. He gives her a list of performers who finished their college degrees before they started their careers. He wants to convince Rachel not to give up on her education. However, she has a list of people who dropped out or never went to college, but made it big anyway. Sam, then, takes out another list, this time with people who dropped out, but their success didn’t last long. Rachel tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about that anymore without his support. He tells her to think about the future and the mistake she made when she dropped out of NYADA . Sam’s later seen in the locker room with Coach Beiste, Will, Roderick and Spencer, whose ankle is sprained. They all try to convince him not to perform at Sectionals with an injury like that. However, Spencer tells them he can handle it, because he’s an athlete and a team player. Later, Sam accidentally vomits on Mr. Shuester, due to Sue’s scheme to poison the school staff, in order to make Will quit. Sam’s also seen in the audience at Sectionals and then in the choir room, where The New Directions are celebrating their victory. They put their new trophy in the case, along with the old ones. Sam is shown in flashbacks, showing New Directions’ previous winnings.

Dreams Come True

Sam is first seen in the choir room, cheering for Mr. Schuester after he’s officially the new princiapal of William McKinley High School. Sam also accompanies him with a guitar during the performance of Teach Your Children. Later on, Sam is deflating fotballs in the boys’ locker room when Blaine comes in and asks him what he’s doing. Sam tells him that he needs to do a little inventory before selling all of the stuff that belonged to the football team. Blaine asks him if he’s planning to move back to New York, but Sam says that New York is not for him and that he’s happy in Lima. Blaine says that he doesn’t want him to waste his talent. However, Sam tells him that he’s going to use his talent for his new job, which is revealed to be New Directions’ new teacher. In the choir room, he announces to the glee club their new week assignment, which is country music. He also explains why country’s so inspirational. Then, he asks them for some sugestions for country songs they could perform. Sam is later seen with Artie, Tina, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine in the auditorium, where Mercedes announces that she’s going on tour and that she’s going to be away for some time. She performs Someday We'll Be Together as a way to say gooidbye to Sam and the others, who seem very emotional. Five years into the future, it’s revealed that Sam has been dating girls, but is still texting Mercedes. He is seen in Will and Emma’s apartment, playing with their kids. The three of them and Sue have gathered to watch the Tonys on TV, because Rachel is nominated in one of the categories. A few months later, Sam visits the auditorium where Sue, now a vice president of the United States is giving a speech. Becky, Sue’s bodyguard tries to frisk Sam, but Sue tells her he’s clean. After Sue’s speech, Sam and other former members of New Directions perform I Lived, the final song of the series.


Sam appears to be a nice and self-possessed guy, and sometimes a bit of a dork, with a quirky awkwardness when he speaks, at first never being sure what to say. As the new kid, he tries to find his way within the social networks of his new school, and seems content to make friends. When Finn offers him the chance to join the Glee Club, Sam seems genuinely excited at the idea, and by how welcoming the people he met are. However, like all kids, Sam fears social alienation, embarrassment, and temporarily backed out of joining for fear of being bullied. But even at the risk of being alienated, Sam has shown signs of being very honorable, as he refused to back out of a duet with Kurt, even though Finn warns him that performing a duet with another boy might cause him to be bullied. Sam states that he gave his word to Kurt and that was too important to go back on.

Tumblr mb37fecFmu1r0zod6o1 500

Sam's Physique.

Despite being a nice guy, Sam is rather socially awkward and naive, and is generally oblivious to how much the girls find him attractive. He claims this is because of limited interaction with girls, due to previously attending an all-boys school. This appears to cause him to move a bit more quickly than most would in terms of interacting with girls, such as trying to kiss Quinn. He also appears to be very easygoing and likeable, as Santana declared him as the "new Glee favorite" in Furt. He is very determined to get what he wants, such as popularity or being Quinn Fabray's boyfriend, which has also been shown to have taken a toll on his self-confidence. Despite this, he is shown to care about Quinn and stays committed to her.

Sam loves to play football and to sing, and he is apparently a bit of a nerd when it comes to things like the movie "Avatar." He often does impressions of various celebrities. He was only recently taught how to tie his shoes by Mr. Schuester, which was mentioned in the episode, The Substitute. He struggles with his dyslexia throughout the series, making it hard for him to take tests.

Sam seems to become embarrassed easily by the attention he's given at times. He becomes increasingly self-conscious about his body, particularly when Mr. Schuester replaces him in the role of Rocky in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Although Will did it for other reasons, Sam assumed it was because he asked to not wear such tight-fitting shorts, and that stated he also felt grotesquely fat, despite Finn assuring him he was in perfect shape. This is also a regular feature in other episodes. 

When he returns in the episode Hold on to Sixteen, he seems to have gained a lot of confidence, perhaps due to his increased seniority and experience within the school.


Main article: Kurt-Sam Relationship (Kum/Hevans)

Kurt feels attracted to Sam right when the latter joins the New Directions, and believes him to be gay, due to his lips and his dyed hair. Kurt initially persuades Sam to sing a duet with him, in an effort to get closer to Sam, but is talked out of it by Finn and Burt. They help each other out later in the season: Sam when he helps defend Kurt against David, and Kurt when he gives some of his clothes to Sam while the latter is homeless.

Main article: Quinn-Sam Relationship (Quam/Fabrevans)
Quinn helps Sam when the latter gets picked on from bullies as a result of having joined glee club. They then enter and win the duet competition together. But as they are about to cash the
voucher they won, Quinn makes Sam pay the bill instead, since she wants to declare the meal their first date officially. he gives her a promise ring in Furt, towards which Quinn acts relucant at first, but ultimately decides to accept. Quinn cheats on with her ex-boyfriend Finn in Silly Love Songs, which is exposed due to a scheme of Santana's. Encouraged by Santana, Sam then leaves Quinn in favour of her.

When Sam returns to William McKinley High School in Hold on to Sixteen, Quinn tries to win Sam back, since she attempts to raise her daughter with him. He, however, rejects her, since he thinks that Quinn should enjoy the rest of her time at school rather than raising a little child.

Main article: Sam-Santana Relationship (Samtana)


Santana persuades Sam to date her in Comeback, but it becomes evident soon that Santana only wanted to date him to get back at Quinn, and to cover up her feelings for Brittany. When Santana enters a (fake) relationship with David Karofsky in Born This Way, Sam is shown to be indifferent towards it, indicating they had ended things between them off-screen.

Much to Santana's dismay, Sam begins a relationship with her ex-girlfriend Brittany in Season Four. Santana then returns to her former high school to get Sam and Brittany to break up, but Brittany is eventually able to make Santana accept their relationship. Sam eventually gets Santana to help Brittany in All or Nothing, when he himself is unable to do so.

They are shown to be on good terms in Season Five.

Main article: Mercedes-Sam Relationship (Samcedes)
Mercedes and Rachel take Sam and Jesse St. James on a quadruple date to junior-prom in Prom Queen. While Rachel is occupied, Sam asks Mercedes to dance with him. It is revealed that they
Sam and mercedes
started dating following this in New York. They break up after Sam moves to Kentucky following Season Two, and Mercedes subsequently begins dating Shane Tinsley. However, when Sam returns to William McKinley High School in Hold on to Sixteen, he vows to make Mercedes come back to him. After unsuccesful attempts to do so in Yes/No, he gets her to sing Human Nature with him in Michael, after which they share a kiss. After distancing herself from Sam in The Spanish Teacher, she ultimatively admits her feelings for him. However, due to the guilt of having cheated on her boyfriend Shane, she ultimatively decides to not get back together with him. Even Sam encouragement that she moves to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a singer can't change that.

Sam moves into Mercedes' apartment in New New York, causing old feelings between them to return. After slight hesitation from Mercedes' side, they begin a relationship in Bash. Sam is even prepared to respect Mercedes' wishes of remaining celibate. However, when the pressure is shown to be too much for Sam, they agree to break up again in The Untitled Rachel Berry Project.

Main Article: Brittany-Sam Relationship (Bram)

They become close in Britney 2.0, when Sam helps Brittany to get over a personal crisis. In order to not jeopadize this new friendship, they even agree to run for vice-president against each other
Something stupid like i love you

Bram S2

in Makeover. They ultimatively admit their feelings for each other in Swan Song, and enter after slight hesitation from Brittany's side. They are wed in Glee, Actually, thinking the Mayan apocalypse is near, only to wake up the day after and realizing everyone is alive. Luckily, Coach Beiste didn't actually wed them so they were not married. Sam proves how serious his feelings for Brittany are when he protects his relationship from Santana when she tries to break them apart in Diva, and attempts to endanger his life to save her in Shooting Star. Brittany cruely breaks up with Sam in All or Nothing when her early admission to MIT makes her lose her footing.

Main article: Blaine-Sam Relationship (Blam/Slaine)

Sam and Blaine become friends when they are persuaded to run for Senior Class President together. Following that, Sam helps Blaine deal with the latter's failing relationship with Kurt. It is thanks to Sam that Blaine manages to overcome his guilt regarding Kurt in Dynamic Duets.

83 - Guilty Pleasures
In the weeks that follow, Blaine starts feeling for Sam as more than simply a friend. Blaine even helps Sam deal with his worries regarding the future in Naked. After spending a week coaching the glee club together in Guilty Pleasures, Blaine comes clean about his feelings for Sam. The latter is shown to be accepting of them, and promises that it won't jeopadize their friendship.

As a proof of their friendship, Blaine even asks Sam to become his best man as he is about to propose Kurt, and although Sam is originally against the engagement, he ultimatively helps Blaine set up the proposal in Love, Love, Love.

Together they move in with Kurt and Rachel following their graduation in New Directions, and move to Mercedes' apartment together in New New York. It is due to Blaine's encouragement, that in this episode Sam gathers the courage to work on his dreams of becoming a model.

Main article: Penny-Sam Relationship (Pam/Senny) 

Sam meets Penny when he is forced to get a vaccination by Sue Sylvester in Tina in the Sky with Diamonds. His natural fear of injections is made worse when he realizes that Penny is merely doing an internship, and is not a professional nurse. He doesn't agree to get the injection until a few days later, when he wants to save Penny from getting fired by Sue. They share their first kiss after discussing their musical taste in A Katy or A Gaga. It seems as if things never got serious between them after that, since Blaine remarks Sam about not feeling guilty for kissing Tina a few weeks later.

Main article: Rachel-Sam Relationship (Samchel/Evanberry)
Tumblr inline ninu8g12b81qimfsb

Sam and Rachel first meet when Sam comes as a new student in McKinley. In Rumours, Rachel buys chapsticks for Sam and she asks him to go out with her to prom but he rejects her. She later finds out it's because he cannot pay for it; so, she pays for her own ticket but ends up bailing for Jesse. After Jesse and Finn are kicked out of the prom, Sam and Rachel dance together during Dancing Queen. During Hold on to Sixteen, Rachel and Finn go to Kentucky to bring him back to Mckinley but both of them are really surprised when they see him working as a stripper, Rachel gets a dollar from Finn to get Sam’s attention and he finally recognizes her. Later Rachel, along with Finn, talks with his parents to let Sam returns to Lima. In Movin' Out, Rachel finds out Sam wants to be a model so she helps him by introducing him the photographer from Funny Girl for a photoshoot, later during Just the Way You Are, both of them share several glances and dance together. In The Hurt Locker, Part One, Sam is hypnotized by Sue in an attempt to mess with Rachel's head and destroy the Glee Club, making him to believe he's love with her to finally kiss her, later Rachel asks him out but Sam rejects her saying he is still in love with Mercedes. In What the World Needs Now, It was revealed that Sam and Rachel have feeling for each other but Rachel has to think about the New Directions more and Sam is still confused about his relationship with Mercedes. But when Mercedes tells Sam she's dating someone, Sam moves on and begins to get stronger feelings for Rachel. Mercedes gave Rachel her blessing that she should go out with Sam. At the end of the episode they are seen talking at Will's house in a Flirty way. In Transitioning Rachel was talking to Sam in a corner at her Good-Bye house party, they later went in her room. Sam was talking with Rachel about letting go and start new memories. Sam kisses Rachel for a second, then Rachel stares at Sam and Starts making out with him. Later in the episode they are seen holding hands confirming they are officially a couple.


Total - 85

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Billionaire Audition Artie and Puck
Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind Never Been Kissed Artie, Finn, and Puck
Marry You Furt Artie, Brittany, Finn, Mike, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year A Very Glee Christmas Artie, Brittany, Kurt (album), Quinn (episode), and Tina
Don't Stop Rumours Finn, Quinn, and Rachel
Friday Prom Queen Artie and Puck
Bella Notte New York
Back-up singing
Season Two
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
She's Not There The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Finn Artie
Unreleased songs
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Poison (Audition)

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Three
Song Episode Solos with
Red Solo Cup Hold on to Sixteen Finn, Mike, Puck, Quinn, and Tina
Man in the Mirror Artie, Blaine, Finn, Mike, and Puck
We Are Young Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, and Santana
Summer Nights Yes/No Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rory, Santana, Sugar, and Tina
Stereo Hearts Heart Joe, Mercedes, and Quinn
Cherish/Cherish Joe, Mercedes, and Quinn
What Makes You Beautiful Prom-asaurus Artie, Joe, Mike, and Rory
You Get What You Give Glee: The Music, The Graduation Album Finn, Mercedes, and Rachel

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Four
Song Episode Solos with
3 Britney 2.0 Joe and Tina
Some Nights Dynamic Duets Blaine, Jake, Joe, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, and Tina
Don't Dream It's Over Swan Song Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Marley, and Tina
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Glee, Actually Blaine, Brittany, Jake, Kurt, Marley (episode), and Puck
No Scrubs Sadie Hawkins Artie, Blaine, Joe, and Ryder
Centerfold/Hot in Herre Naked Jake and Ryder
This Is the New Year Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Jake, Marley, Ryder, Tina, and Unique
Footloose Girls (and Boys) on Film Artie and Joe
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Blaine, Kitty, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, Santana, and Unique
Say Shooting Star Blaine, Brittany, Kitty, Marley, and Ryder
You Have More Friends Than You Know Sweet Dreams Blaine, Marley, and Unique
Longest Time Lights Out Artie, Jake, Kitty, Marley, and Ryder
Hall of Fame All or Nothing Artie, Jake, Joe, and Ryder
Back-up singing
Season Four
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Greased Lightning Glease Ryder N/A

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Five
Song Episode Solos with
I Saw Her Standing There Love, Love, Love Blaine, Jake, and Ryder
Hey Jude Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Blaine, Kitty, and Tina
Applause A Katy or A Gaga Artie, Blaine, Marley, and Ryder
Roar Dani, Elliott, Kitty, Rachel, Santana, Tina, and Unique
On Our Way The End of Twerk Artie, Blaine, Jake, Kitty, Marley, Ryder, Tina, and Unique
Just the Way You Are Movin' Out Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, and Santana
Jumpin' Jumpin' Trio Blaine and Tina
Don't You (Forget About Me)
Hold On Artie, Blaine, Dani, Elliott, Kurt, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
I Love LA City of Angels Artie, Blaine, Jake, and Will
America Artie, Kitty and Unique
I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For Artie, Blaine and Tina
Loser Like Me New Directions
Downtown New New York Artie, Blaine, Kurt, and Rachel
Not While I'm Around Bash Blaine, Mercedes and Rachel
I Melt with You Old Dog, New Tricks Mercedes and Rachel
Take Me Home Tonight Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Maggie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Santana
Pompeii The Untitled Rachel Berry Project Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel
Back-up singing
Season Five
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Let's Wait Awhile Tested Artie and Mercedes Julie

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Six
Song Episode Solos with
Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Santana, and Tina
Wishin' And Hoping What the World Needs Now Artie, Blaine, and Brittany
What the World Needs Now Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Will
Break Free Child Star Rachel, Myron, Sheldon, Will, and Sue
I Lived Dreams Come True Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, Roderick, and Will