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This article is about Sandy (Waitress). You may be looking for Sandy Ryerson.

Sandy is a waitress at ‎Breadstix. She's also known as Madame ‎Breadstix. She was first introduced in Season One during the episode Hell-O.

She is portrayed by Jeanine Anderson.


Season One


She is first seen at ‎Breadstix when Santana, Brittany and Finn go on a date. Santana demands more food and Sandy replies, "But you ate all of it." Santana then tells her that she is supposed to do what they say, so she takes their plates and leaves, presumably to get more food.


She informs Sue that she has been stood up while Sue waits for Will to arrive.

Season Two

Never Been Kissed

This is her first appearance in Glee's second season. She is the waitress at Breadstix, when Santana, Brittany, Puck and Artie go on a double date. Artie tries to make Brittany jealous by saying the waitress is totally into him. Puck decides to Dine-N-Dash but Artie feels bad and decides to pay the bill, and Sandy happily asks if he wants change. Later Artie suggests to Puck that she probably has kids which is why he couldn't go through with it.

Silly Love Songs

She is seen in the background whilst the Warblers perform Silly Love Songs. When Michelle is making out with Puck, Sandy covers Michelle's section for 15 minutes. Later, Sandy tells Michelle that her break is over, and her husband called.

Season Three

Asian F

She appears in a flashback when young Emma and her parents eat at ‎Breadstix as their waitress but another waitress takes over. This flashback scene indicates that she has been working at ‎Breadstix for more than 20 years.


She appears before the start of the Sugar Shack. When Kurt says "seems like my special date isn't coming," she reassures him saying, "I wouldn't be too sure about that." Kurt looks over to see a gorilla, revealing himself to be Karofsky.

Big Brother

She serves Blaine and Cooper at Breadstix.

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