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The only thing that can keep you from freezing to death is to have good friends around you to keep you warm.

—Santana Lopez, The Back-Up Plan

Santana Diabla Lopez is a major character on Glee, and is alumna of William McKinley High School as of Goodbye. She served as the co-captain of the Cheerios, as a member of the school's Glee Club, the New Directions and was previously a member of the all-girls second Glee Club, The Troubletones.

Santana was outed as a lesbian in season three. Before that, she had been struggling with accepting her sexuality.

In Season Four, she started school as a student at The University of Louisville where she had been given a full scholarship in cheerleading. However, in Diva, it is revealed that she dropped out prior because she didn't enjoy what she was doing there. In the same episode, she moves to New York and becomes roommates with Kurt Hummel, Rachel Berry, and Brody Weston, who is living there with Rachel and Kurt at the time. She gets kicked out in Feud, but moves back in at the end of Guilty Pleasures.

As of Lights Out, Santana attends a NYADA extension class for dance, something she says she has enjoyed doing ever since she was a child. She has many side jobs, such as being a waitress at the Spotlight Diner, and being an actress; starring in a commercial for Yeast I Stat which she does a second commercial for later on. In Frenemies, she is cast as Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl, starting a feud between them that gets both Rachel and Santana kicked out of Kurt's band, previously named Pamela Lansbury, now called One Three Hill. In New Directions, she resigned as the understudy of Rachel in Funny Girl.

In The Back-Up Plan, Mercedes tries to help get Santana in her recording deal. As of Old Dog, New Tricks, she becomes Rachel's publicist. She was on tour with Mercedes and Brittany. She proposed to Brittany in Jagged Little Tapestry. They got married in A Wedding. She was initially a major recurring character and the teen antagonist (along with Quinn) in Season One, but was promoted to a main character in Season Two until she got demoted again for Season Six, due to Naya's own request.

She was portrayed by the late Naya Rivera.


Santana is introduced as an antagonist alongside Quinn. Together with Brittany, they are The Unholy Trinity, the three most popular cheerleaders at school. She is seen as a bitchy cheerleader who takes pride in her cruel attitude.


She has a very minor appearance in this episode. She is seen with Quinn and several other Cheerios smirking and laughing at Rachel's On My Own video on leaving offensive comments about the song and her. She approaches Finn and Rachel in the hallway with Quinn and watches her asking Finn what he's doing talking to Rachel. Later she is seen, along with Sue and Quinn, watching the New Directions' performance of Don't Stop Believin'.



Towards the beginning of the episode, while Will and Emma are having a friendly conversation Santana and Quinn walk past with Santana then saying "get a room" and Quinn saying to Will that Coach Sylvester wants to see him in her office.

Santana is then later seen in the Celibacy Club with the rest of the Cheerios including Quinn and Brittany with Rachel sitting by herself on the opposite side. Puck then comments to the boys of the Celibacy Club that the Cheerios' skirts are "crunchy toast" and that he can "see her ovaries" referring to Santana when she bends over. Then it goes back to the girls and Santana is seen twirling with her skirt flying around with the rest of the girls saying "It's all about the teasing and not about the pleasing." Then with them all playfully dancing. At the meeting where the boys meet up with the girls, Santana pairs up with Puck for the "balloon exercise," and is disgusted when he jokes around with the balloon. Later on in the episode, Santana and the rest of the Cheerios watch the Glee Club singing Push It in the school pep assembly. Later she auditions for the New Directions with Quinn and Brittany, performing background vocals for I Say a Little Prayer. This audition is part of Sue's plan to infiltrate the club with spies. When Santana, Quinn, and Brittany are told by Sue about her plan, Santana looks pleased and high-fives Brittany.



Santana and Puck

Santana is first seen in the episode with the rest of the New Directions in the choir room rehearsing. Then she is seen walking beside Rachel with Quinn trying to persuade Rachel to tell Will that his choreographing is terrible and that they need to hire someone else, but really they are trying to sabotage the Glee Club. While Mercedes is looking down because she doesn't have a boyfriend, Santana is seen making out with Puck and this reveals that the two are dating. She is then seen again in Sue's office along with Quinn telling Sue about their plan. After that Santana is seen confronting Puck over his bad credit score and says that she needs someone who can support her financially, breaking up with Puck in the process. This then leads to Puck being interested in older women because he thinks that "young girls shoot you down and make you feel terrible." Santana along with Quinn and Brittany, encourages Mercedes to go out with Kurt in order to destroy the New Directions. The three spies then convince the Glee Club to hire professional choreographer Dakota Stanley. Santana goes to Carmel High School with the club to ask him to choreograph for New Directions.


She is seen at the glee rehearsals, sitting next to Brittany and Quinn. She is seen cheering on the football team.

The Rhodes Not Taken

Santana sings background vocals in Last Name, and Somebody to Love with the Glee Club members. She looks shocked when Puck reveals Quinn's pregnancy.

Vitamin D

Santana is given pseudo-ephedrine by Terri and sings background vocals in the Halo/Walking on Sunshine mash-up with the New Directions Girls and at the end of the episode they are found out by Mr. Schue that they were cheating by taking pseudo-ephedrine.


Santana reports details on New Directions to Sue, along with Quinn and Brittany. When Sue becomes co-director of the club, she picks Santana for her "elite glee club." In her group, she performs background vocals in Hate on Me. She then sings Ride wit Me, and Keep Holding On with the entire Glee Club. Mr. Schuester notes that she is Latina near the end of the episode.


Santana gets jealous when Puck sings Sweet Caroline to Rachel. She, along with the other Glee Club members, waits to see if the boys would choose Glee or the Football Team and is happy when she sees Matt and Mike entering the music room. She is seen hugging Matt and saying 'I Love You'. She performs background vocals in Bust a Move with all the other members. She then slushies Mr. Schuester at the end of the episode with the other members because he said that he had never been slushied before when he went to school.



Santana is forced to spend three hours a day in a wheelchair, which she didn't enjoy. She disapproves of the idea of a bake sale, saying that they are kind of bougie, but after some convincing, she helps with the sale along with Finn, Puck, and Quinn, but ends up eating most of the drug-filled cupcakes. She is seen performing background vocals in Proud Mary with the rest of the Glee Club.


Santana picks Brittany as her ballad partner. She performs background vocals in Lean on Me. Santana and Brittany's duet is not shown in the episode.


Santana is seen watching the performance of Jane Addams Academy and learning "hairography" from Brittany. She confronts Quinn angrily, warning her to stay away from "her man," Puck. She tells her that they were sexting while he and Quinn were babysitting - and that nobody can erase her super hot sexts. She also remarks that asking someone to babysit is "so nineties." She performs background vocals in Hair/Crazy in Love, Imagine, and True Colors with the Glee Club.


Santana is briefly seen with Brittany, drawing on Rachel's picture in a school yearbook. She performs background vocals in Jump and Smile.


She is included in a five-party phone call in which Brittany reveals they have slept together. When she and Brittany are accused of giving Sue the set-list she defends herself, but Brittany admits she was the one to do it although her actions were unintentional. When Quinn reveals that Sue orders the Cheerios to spy on Glee Club, she admits that no one is forcing her to stay in the club - she likes Glee and it's "the best part of her day." However, she said if anyone in the club told anyone that she said that, she would deny it because she likes being popular and not being a Lima loser. She performs background vocals in You Can't Always Get What You Want and My Life Would Suck Without You, and is also seen listening in on the judges at sectionals' comments.


Sue assigns Santana and Brittany to go after Finn in order to humiliate Rachel and get her to quit Glee Club. They ask him on a date with both of them. He accepts, but their "date" proves to be horrible, as the two girls spend all the date abusing the waitress staff, bad mouthing their 'friends' (Finn included), and demanding that he pay for them, despite keeping him out of the conversation. However, they do offer to make out in front of him. She performs background vocals in Gives You Hell and Hello, Goodbye.

The Power of Madonna

Like A V

After Sue asks the Cheerios to date younger men like Madonna, Brittany advises Santana to try to date Finn, and that the best way to have Finn is to take his virginity. Santana then gives Finn the chance to lose his virginity with her, which he accepts after learning that Rachel is still dating Jesse St. James. In a fantasy sequence, she, along with Finn, sings Like a Virgin, which later becomes reality as at the end, they have sex. She behaves blasé about the event, while Finn feels empty because it meant nothing. She is the one that says she knows Jesse is a spy. She is seen dancing with the Cheerios in Ray of Light and 4 Minutes and performs background vocals in Like a Prayer.



Britt and Santana

Santana is seen during Kurt's performance of A House Is Not a Home she is seen with her head on Brittany's shoulder while their pinkies are linked. She is then seen giving her opinion to Mercedes on Sue's vomit-inducing drink, saying that she would rather drink it than being kicked off the Cheerios. She performs background vocals in Beautiful and Home.

Bad Reputation

Santana instantly blames Puck for starting the Glist because Quinn is first. However, she isn't personally bothered because she is second. She performs background vocals in Ice Ice Baby as well as in Run Joey Run.


Santana becomes extremely jealous when Puck starts singing with Mercedes in Glee Club. When they start dating, she confronts Mercedes by singing her first solo in the duet, The Boy Is Mine. Santana sings background vocals in One.

Dream On

Santana plays a minor role as she is seen during Glee Club meetings. She sings background vocals in Dream a Little Dream.



Santana in Lady Gaga costume

Santana sings main vocals with the girls' and Kurt's performance of Bad Romance. For the performance, Santana wears her rendition of a giant black bow hat and a black lacy body suit, similar to one worn by Lady Gaga. She is then seen watching the boys performance of Shout It out Loud and Beth. Santana goes with the rest of New Directions to protect Kurt and Finn from Azimio and Karofsky and is seen laughing at the end of the episode because Mercedes says they looks weird.


Santana and the rest of the Cheerios fall into a depression when cheerleading coach Sue refuses to get out of bed. She is seen crying with her hair down and loose and watches Finn, Puck, and Mercedes singing Good Vibrations. She is stunned when Jesse St. James transfers back to Vocal Adrenaline. Sue finally gets out of bed and they go on to win Nationals which restores the Cheerios to their normal selves. Sue takes her Nationals trophy to Will's house, with help from Santana and Brittany, to gloat about her victory. She performs backup vocals and the "Naya dance" in Give up the Funk. She joins New Directions in making Vocal Adrenaline jealous.



"I hated everyone in this club"

Santana discusses Sue's placement as a judge at Regionals with the rest of the club and admits that Sue told her and Brittany she is planning to "crush the club." At Regionals, she is told by Mr. Schue to keep focused when she says "we know we can't win." She performs a solo in Don't Stop Believin' , along with Puck and background vocals in Any Way You Want It/Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'. She later accompanies Quinn to the hospital and hears the results of Regionals with the rest of Glee Club. Back at school, believing the club to be over, Santana admits that before Glee she "hated everyone in the club." She is seen crying and singing in To Sir, with Love, in which she has a solo. When the continuation of the club is announced, she is seen linking pinkies with Brittany and smiling during Over the Rainbow.

In Season Two, Naya Rivera, who plays Santana Lopez, was upgraded to a series regular.


It is revealed that over the summer holiday, Santana got breast implants in order to get more attention and increase her popularity. This shows that Santana isn't as confident as she appears to be. This proves to be extremely effective as nearly all the guys that come across Santana become immediately hypnotized by her increased breast size. Santana seems pleased with the attention, except when those who are unattractive and unpopular are ogling her. Santana is demoted from Head Cheerio to the "bottom of the pyramid" after Quinn informs Coach Sylvester that Santana got a boob job. Sue then promotes Quinn back to head cheerleader, as she intends to use Quinn's past pregnancy as a sympathy factor to get money out of various church groups. Furious at her demotion from head cheerleader to the bottom of the pyramid, Santana angrily attacks Quinn and accuses her of being a slut because of her past pregnancy.




Santana defends Brittany when she says she doesn't want to do a Britney Spears' number. Later at the dentist's office, she accompanies Brittany and says her dad is a real doctor so she can pay for the anesthesia. She somehow enters the same dream fantasy as Brittany performing their duet of Me Against the Music. Next in the auditorium, she performs vocals during the club's performance of Toxic.

Grilled Cheesus

Santana supports Kurt, whose father just suffered a heart attack. At the end sings with New Directions, One of Us.



Santana gives Brittany a hickey in Duets.

She is seen lying on a bed with Brittany and nuzzling her neck. When Brittany proposes singing a duet together, Santana harshly rejects the idea by saying that she doesn't love her, and only needed someone to make out with while Puck was in juvie. She then proposes a duet with Mercedes, stating that she believes they are the two best singers in the club and in teaming up, they will be, "the undisputed top bitches at this school." She and Mercedes then sing River Deep, Mountain High. When she learns that Artie and Brittany are dating, Santana tells Artie she believes Brittany is only using him for his voice and that Brittany doesn't care about sex as much as he does, showing that she's jealous of Artie. When Sam and Quinn are singing their duet, she is disgusted at the sappiness, sarcastically saying to Mercedes, "So freakin' charming!." When she and Mercedes lose to Sam and Quinn, she is visibly upset and tries to attack them and attempts to take the free dinner coupons to Breadstix meant for the winners, but Mercedes grabs her and pulls her back.

The Rocky Horror Glee Show


Santana as Magenta

She portrays Magenta, alongside Quinn. She sings her first solo with the opening song, Science Fiction/Double Feature. Santana seems primarily interested in seeing Finn and Sam walking around in their underwear, and makes loud sexual comments regarding it, making Finn feel self-conscious. She spies on Mr. Schuester and Emma Pillsbury alongside Brittany when they sing Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me, where she has a solo. She and Brittany make fun of Emma for being a virgin.

Never Been Kissed

Santana, along with the other girls in New Directions, participates in the boys vs. girls challenge. She and Brittany go on a double date with Puck and Artie. She sings in the mash-up Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer.

The Substitute

When Will is sick, he imagines Santana as a five year old in her Cheerios uniform where she compliments younger Puck. When Rachel tries to have all the focus in Glee Club on her, Santana attempts to attack her, but is held back by most of New Directions. As a joke, she introduces herself as Rachel Berry to Holly Holliday, Saying she's Finns loud, loud girlfriend. However, Holly knew they'd swapped names. She sings backup vocals during Singing in the Rain/Umbrella.


Santana becomes furious with Rachel, Quinn, Tina, and Brittany because they hold a girls' meeting about the fact that Kurt is being bullied by Dave Karofsky and she was not invited. Rachel dismisses her by stating that they have boyfriends on the football team who can help defend Kurt, while she is only having sex with Puck, and that Puck cannot help protect Kurt without risking being sent to juvie again. Angered by this, she seems intent on getting back at Rachel, and threatens Finn with the fact that she has taken his virginity. Despite this, she attends the wedding for Carole Hudson and Burt Hummel, as part of the wedding band/choir, where she sings backup vocals in Marry You along with the rest of New Directions. She sings backup vocals in Just the Way You Are along with the members of New Directions. She seems surprised back in the choir room when Kurt says he is leaving for Dalton Academy, she gives Rachel a disgusted look when she says that Kurt will be competing against them.

Special Education

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Santana sings "Valerie" while at Sectionals.

Rachel protests for not having her solo at Sectionals, resulting in the Santana and Finn hook up being revealed. During the competition, she sings backup vocals in (I've Had) The Time of My Life along with the members of New Directions, followed by her solo in Valerie while Mike and Brittany dance. Valerie is her first solo in a competition. She sings backup vocals again in Dog Days Are Over.

A Very Glee Christmas


At the beginning, New Directions, including Santana, is seen decorating a Christmas tree in the choir room while singing The Most Wonderful Day of the Year. Santana sings back-up vocals in We Need a Little Christmas, only to be scared out along with the rest of the club. She accompanies Quinn, Sam, Tina, Mike, Mercedes, Lauren, Artie, and Brittany to the mall so they can re-enforce Brittany's belief in Santa Claus. Santana asks Santa for bling. Later in the episode, she is seen ready to cut her hair off - which is revealed to be mostly extensions - for charity. She sings back-up vocals in Welcome Christmas and is present with the club at Mr. Schue's house to decorate his tree.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Santana can be seen practicing the routine with her fellow cheerleaders, and then she eventually talks and sticks up for Brittany when Sue wants to shoot Brittany out of her "Sueclear Weapon." Later, she chooses Cheerios over Glee, but then quits when Finn comes to talk them into staying, particularly Quinn. She joins the Glee Club and football team as they perform Thriller/Heads Will Roll, which she helps sing lead vocals on.

Silly Love Songs

Tumblr lgbw86aJP31qctfyqo1 500

Santana Lopez in her Sexy Nurse's outfit.

Santana wears normal clothes since she isn't a cheerleader anymore. Rachel insults her, after the club begins to call her out, saying the only job she'll have "will be working on a pole" along with Lauren calling her a bitch. Santana gets offended and walks out of practice. Brittany comforts her as she vents about trying to be honest, but people suck. When Puck performs Fat Bottomed Girls, she is clearly annoyed that he's singing to Lauren, then she and Lauren have a fight in the hallway because she was talking about Lauren to Puck without knowing that she was behind her. Santana suspects that Quinn and Finn may be having an affair because of the looks they exchange and the "gassy infant look" on Finn's face. She decides to do what she does best, revenge. As revenge and to further prove her point, she gives them mono by kissing a sick boy then kissing Finn at his booth, effectively spreading the germs.



Santana talks to Sam about his relationship with Quinn. She explains that she knows that Finn and Quinn are going behind his back and the only reason that he is still with Quinn is because he's in denial. In order to show that he isn't a pushover, Santana proposes that they start dating because of what Quinn and Finn having been doing. She is wears Rachel's outfit along with Tina and Quinn. Santana is seen in her underwear during Lauren's solo and then she hugs her with the rest of the club.

Blame It on the Alcohol

Santana attends The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza with the rest of the club, proceeding to get drunk with the rest of the members. She is seen making out with Sam a lot in Rachel's basement. Finn describes Santana as the "weepy hysterical drunk," as she is crying and yelling at Sam, accusing him of liking Quinn more. She gets jealous when Sam and Brittany kiss in Spin the Bottle. They all come to school hungover, and perform Blame It (On the Alcohol), where Santana has a solo. When New Directions performs Tik Tok at the WMHS alcohol awareness assembly, Santana and Brittany throw up in the middle of the performance and in the performance Santana vomits in her hand. After they recover from their hangover, Santana thanks Mr. Schuester for being there for them when they need him.




Santana's relationship with Brittany-Santana Relationship is explored on a much deeper level. At the beginning of the episode she walks up to Brittany and asks her if she wants to come over to her house and watch Sweet Valley High and "get their cuddle on, hinting that Brittany has still been hooking up with Santana even though she's dating Artie. While at Santana's house, Brittany wants to talk about their feelings for each other because their relationship confuses her, but Santana refuses to talk or be given a label. However, she does decide to sit down with Brittany and Holly Holliday to discuss the nature of their relationship. Still unable to fully open up, Holly suggest them to sing a song and Santana has the perfect one already figured out. The trio sing Landslide and throughout the song Santana becomes extremely emotional and even cries.

Brittany && Santana Hug

Brittany and Santana hug after "Landslide"

After the song is over, she hugs Brittany and when she asks her is that how she feels, Santana replies "Yes." However, she snaps at Rachel's comment on their performance about expressing their feeling through the song stating "Just because I sang a song to Brittany, doesn't mean you can label me. Clear?" Later, Santana approaches Brittany at her locker and finally opens up. She says that the only reason she is a bitch is because she is angry that she can't show all the feelings she is holding in for Brittany. She is afraid of what will happen to her if she does, using Kurt as an example. She states that she only wants to be with Brittany and that she loves her and only her. Brittany tells her she loves her back, but also loves Artie and won't break up with him because it wouldn't be right and it would hurt him. Santana leaves, angry and heartbroken. Later in Celibacy Club, Santana appears even more cynical after the incident and stares sadly at Brittany sitting next to Artie. She finally discovers that she is a lesbian.

Original Song

280px-Troutymouth1 santana

Santana's relationship with Brittany is explored a bit more, showing that due to the events in Sexy, she is hurt by the fact that Brittany rejected her for "Stubbles McCripple Pants" (Artie). After deciding that New Directions will perform original songs, Santana says that everyone should have a chance to write an original song for a Regionals contender. Later, she sings a song for Sam, called Trouty Mouth, with an almost sarcastic tone, where she ends up embarrassing him and his large mouth, which causes him to stop her in the middle of the song. He also holds up a 'HELL NO' sign when she proposes singing it again At Regionals Santana sang backup when singing Loser Like Me. After the New Directions had won at Regionals, the whole team elected a MVP; Rachel. It is found that even Santana voted for Rachel, despite finding her annoying.

A Night of Neglect


Santana getting slushied

Santana mentions that even though they won Regionals she still got slushied. She then refers to this slushie later on when she stands up to Karofsky for Kurt and Blaine right before the benefit concert, mentioning she keeps razor blades in her hair. After defending Kurt and Blaine, she receives word that Sunshine Corazon is not coming to the benefit and neither are her Twitter followers. After Mercedes comes back, she, along with the rest of the club, go and watch her sing Ain't No Way.

Born This Way

Santana tells everyone that they can't lie by saying there is nothing they would change about themselves. She says that "If you see something you don't like, you should change it," perhaps defending her own breast enhancements. Later she is seen in the corridor looking longingly at Brittany, musing that if she were to become Prom Queen, she might be able to trick Brittany into being with her by making it "law." She hatches a plot to win Prom Queen by having a "popular" guy on her arm, but as Sam walks down the hallway and does an impression of Sean Connery she explains in a voiceover that she doesn't consider Sam popular enough yet. She then notices Karofsky checking out Sam's butt and decides his partnership will win her the crown.

Dave and santana - btw

Santana and Dave

Later, at the coffee shop (she is once again staring at Brittany), Santana listens to Blaine and Kurt's conversation, mentioning Dave. Blaine says that he would be perfectly fine if Kurt were to come back to McKinley, just as long as he was safe. This is when she thinks up her plan then gets up and leaves saying "I gotta gay... GO! Go. I have to go." She decides that the key to winning Prom Queen would be to get Kurt back so she confronts Dave and tells him that she knows he's gay and that she plays on the same team. She decides that she and Dave will be "beards" (using each other as cover to appear heterosexual). She says that this will mean they will "Win Prom King and Queen and rule the school." When he asks "What if I say no?" she blackmails him, saying if he doesn't go along with it, she will tell everyone he's gay. Convinced, Dave tells the New Directions (obviously scripted by Santana) how sorry he is, saying that he's really ashamed of himself and that she made him see what consequences his bullying can have. Santana joins him in front of the rest of the New Directions telling them that she took it upon


Santana's "Lebanese" t-shirt

herself to change Dave and announces that they fell in love in the process, much to everyone's disgust. Santana and her new "beard" then form a new club known as the "Bully Whips," which, as the name says, fights bullying. She later reveals her shirt for the Born This Way number, which says "Bitch." Brittany gives her another shirt saying "Lebanese," but what she really meant was "Lesbian." Santana refuses to wear it, scared of other people's reaction and decides not to perform. Instead she watches from the seats alongside Dave, but wearing the "Lebanese" shirt instead of the one she made.


Brittany calls out Santana in her internet talk-show "Fondue for Two," stating that she plays for "the other team," indicating that she's a lesbian. The next day, "The Muckraker" writes about "a prom queen candidate who spends most of her time in the closet," whom everyone recognizes as Santana. She confronts Brittany, who says that what she meant is that she used to be on the Cheerios and that now she was in Glee Club, to which Santana retorts that she could of put it differently. Meanwhile, Artie begins to have doubts about the nature of Brittany's relationship with Santana and demands the truth from his girlfriend. After Brittany explains why it isn't cheating (since "she is a girl"), Artie tells her that Santana is manipulating her, which Brittany denies, resulting in him to tell her that she's stupid. This hurts Brittany, and she goes crying to Santana for comfort.

Songbird Rumours
She takes her to the music room "to express her feelings for her (Brittany) in private," referring to Brad as "furniture," and following the week's assignment, sings Songbird, being very emotional throughout the whole song. Brittany then asks Santana would it make it easier for her if she "came out" first and invites her to be her guest in "Fondue For Two," where Brittany would ask her to the prom and support her campaign for the prom queen. Santana accepts, but an hour before the show she texts Brittany simply saying "I can't." Later, Jacob asks Santana about the vicious rumor left on their website about her and Karofsky having sex in the back seat of a car parked at the cemetery. After happily refusing to comment, Jacob asks if she would like to make a comment on the fact that he looked up the IP address of the person who posted that rumor, which turned out to be her. Santana states that her computer was stolen, and that her and Dave are going strong and are very excited about the prom king and queen campaign. Jacob finally asks is she in love with Dave, and are they "soulmates," so to speak, which she agrees to. Even though she sounded very certain professing her feelings for Dave, Santana was looking at Brittany (who seemed very disappointed) while answering Jacob's last two (and the most important) questions. As he walks away, the two glance at each other.

Prom Queen

Dancingqueen4 mercedessantana

Santana decides she will be "the law-and-order prom queen candidate" by loudly and ostentatiously protecting Kurt from anti-gay bullying. She is seen trying on dresses with Kurt, Tina, Brittany and Lauren. At the prom, Santana and the other candidates wait on stage and hope to be crowned Prom Queen. Dave Karofsky wins Prom King, but Santana and the other contestants are shocked when Kurt is elected Queen. Upset over the loss and feeling like an outsider, she tells Brittany that after Nationals, she is going to ditch McKinley High and go live in "a lesbian colony. Or Tribeca." However, she returns to the gym to sing Dancing Queen with Mercedes for Kurt's victory dance.


Santana auditions for a solo at Nationals, singing Back to Black. Jesse comments that she did not have emotion in her singing and Santana replies by shouting back verbal threats, she also said she will go all Lima Heights on him. She argues with Mercedes, Kurt, and Rachel about who will win the solo. She sings backup at Jean's memorial. When the results of the auditions are revealed, Santana does not win the solo, nor does anyone else – instead, Will decides to repeat their winning formula from Regionals and have the group sing original songs. She comments that she sings with a raspy voice because of her cigar smoking.

New York

Santana travels to New York to Join New Directions for Nationals. Santana and the others sing I Love New York/New York, New York while traveling around New York Central Park and Towns Square where, in the song, she attempts to get the attention of a guard. Santana and Brittany stop Quinn's plan to tell Mr. Schue about Kurt and Rachel sneaking out, and calm her down while offering her to get her a haircut. At Nationals, Santana and the rest of New Directions perform Light Up the World. New Directions don't make it to the second round because of Rachel and Finn kissing after performing Pretending.

Out of anger, Santana yells at Rachel in Spanish, while trying to physically attack her, but was held back by Quinn, Mike, and Sam. Back at their final days of school, Santana and Brittany talks about the future of New Directions. Before ending their conversation Brittany tells Santana that she loves her more than anyone in the world and Santana tells Brittany that she is her best friend. Upon finishing their conversation, Santana and Brittany pinky-link once again and go to the last Glee Club meeting of their junior year while hoping for next year to be the best.

The Purple Piano Project

In this episode, Santana rejoins the Cheerios and, much to her dismay, Sue appoints both her and Becky Jackson as co-captains. She is recruited by Sue in her quest to once again bring down New Directions; however, it is indicated that Santana only went along with this because she is afraid that Sue will tell people that she is a lesbian. She is later kicked out of New Directions by Mr. Schuester, who blames her for setting a purple piano on fire during Blaine's performance of It's Not Unusual (the Cheerios poured lighter fluid on it and it caught on fire when Quinn flicked her cigarette onto it; according to Santana it was an act of political protest) and criticizes her loyalties to the club, telling her to come back when she can be as loyal as the rest of the club. She responds by cooly walking out, saying that maybe she should "take a break."

I Am Unicorn

She is seen helping to hang up Kurt's campaign posters, which were designed by Brittany. When he complains about them, she says that originally, the unicorn was riding him. Kurt walks away and Brittany is sad, thinking she failed her 'unicorn' (a.k.a Kurt). Santana says that the campaign was brilliant and that if Kurt can't see that, then he doesn't deserve to have her as his campaign manager. She then says that there is no one like her, that she's a genius and that she is the unicorn. Santana walks away leaving both of them smiling. It is apparent that they both still have feelings for each other.

Asian F

She is back in New Directions after swearing her (private) allegiance. At booty camp she and Mercedes butt heads and she appears in Mercedes' Dreamgirls fantasy and has a solo in It's All Over. In It's All Over she calls Mercedes out for being a slacker and defends Brittany when Mercedes disses her. Later in the episode Santana, with Brittany, confront Kurt and Rachel in the hallway about Kurt running against Brittany. She watches on with Kurt as Brittany sings and dances to Run the World (Girls) and later joins in with vocals. During Fix You, it is seen that she got the part of Anita in McKinley's production of West Side Story. She is last seen smiling with Brittany about the win.

Pot o' Gold

She is seen standing at her locker when Mercedes defecting to Shelby's choir with the argument of her lack of solos. Santana however says she will not leave Brittany and will only go if she goes. Later on Santana and Brittany are seen at Breadstix. Confused about whether they are dating or not she brings it up to Brittany, who says she thought they already were dating. Then when Brittany expresses her beliefs in Rory being a leprechaun she says there is something she's wish for. She tells Brittany about wanting to leave New Directions to join Shelby's choir, but will only leave if she follows, Brittany says she'll think about it. Then she reveals another wish would be Brittany holding her hand, so she does. Santana hides it under a napkin. During Last Friday Night, Blaine starts dancing with Brittany and Santana pulls her away. When everybody else joins in she sits there frowning. After the performance she expresses how it's all about Rachel and Blaine.

Candyman 4

Santana performing "Candyman" with Mercedes and Brittany.

Afterwards, Santana approaches Rory about staying away from Brittany and how he's poser so now he get's to grant her a wish. While Rory talks to Brittany he reveals Santana's wish for Brittany to leave New Directions and join Shelby's choir. When Finn approaches Brittany about leaving Santana goes off on him and accuses him of being jealous of Blaine. When she goes to Shelby's choir rehearsal she tells off Sugar and suggest their name be the "Hot Bitches or Hot Messes, but Shelby picks The Troubletones. She is in the performance of Candyman with Mercedes, Brittany, and Sugar. At the end she is by Brittany as she talks to Finn and Rory. When Brittany walks away from Rory she tells him "Do the whole school a favor and just disappear."

The First Time


She is seen with the rest of the New Directions girls and advises her to wait, accusing Finn of being terrible in bed. She is later seen being a part of the performance A Boy Like That/I Have A Love, she is present in the auditorium with the cast of their production of West Side Story to thank Artie for being a great director. When Rachel arranges a private chat with the girls about wanting to lose her virginity with Finn, Santana is also present at this point. She is later seen, playing one of the lead roles in America.

Mash Off

She and Finn decide to compete in a game of dodgeball, which comes down to being one-on-one with Finn and Santana. The Troubletones win and all (except for Brittany and Mercedes) take cheap shots at Rory, causing his nose to bleed. Later, Santana apologizes for calling Finn names, but it ends up being backhanded.
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Finn, after having enough, loses it in the hallway and calls Santana a coward, telling her that she is too afraid to come out of the closet and also afraid of being herself. Santana is called into Sue's office, with Sue explaining that someone overheard her conversation with Finn, and Santana's lesbianism is being used in an attack ad against Sue from another congressional candidate. Santana runs out the office in tears saying that she hadn't even come out to her parents yet. After The Troubletones' performance of Rumour Has It/Someone Like You, Finn whispers something to Rachel, causing Santana to jump down from the stage wanting to know what he had just said. He praises The Troubletones' performance. Santana does not believe Finn. She blames Finn for outing her to "everyone" and slaps him in the face, leaving everyone in shock from what she did.

I Kissed a Girl

Santana, Finn, Shelby and Will are in Principal Figgins' office as Figgins is prepared to suspend Santana for slapping Finn. Finn defends her, however, saying that it was just a "stage slap" and therefore Santana is not suspended. Santana is confused on why Finn is forcing her to embrace herself, in which Finn replies that Santana was his first, and she means a lot to him, stating that if something were to ever happened to her and he didn't do everything he could to prevent it, he could never live with himself. Finn, then sings a slow rendition of Girls Just Want to Have Fun. After the

Constant craving-1-

performance the two hug, Finn stating that he loves her.

In the hallway, Santana is confronted by Josh Coleman, the sophomore rugby team captain who wanted to "make her normal." The New Direction Girls and The Troubletones then approach the situation, telling Josh to back off. All then break into I Kissed a Girl with Santana and Rachel on lead. After the song, Santana tells the groups that she came out to her parents, who were accepting, yet she still had to tell her grandmother, before she sees the commercial. At Santana's abuela's home, Santana tells her that she had something important to tell her, and that her grandmother is one of the most influential people in the world to her. Her grandmother asks if she's pregnant, Santana laughing it off, continuing to tell her that she "loves girls the way she's supposed to feel about boys" and that when she's with Brittany she finally understands what love is. Santana's abuela tells her to leave and to never return, and that secrets are called secrets for a reason. She says that the sin is not in the act, but in the scandal of talking about it, and that Santana had no right to make her feel uncomfortable. Santana is crushed by her abuela's rejection and bursts into tears. Later, in glee club, Santana is to close this week's assignment and she says she has chosen a song that "gives her strength and gets her through." She sings Constant Craving, with Shelby and Kurt and Rachel joining in as all four characters deal with their struggles.

Hold on to Sixteen

After hearing that Sam has returned to McKinley, Santana walks into the choir room, revealing her book of insults, in which she has written down some insults for Sam. Later, at sectionals, she performs Survivor/I Will Survive along with The Troubletones, earning second place, New Directions earning first. After sectionals, Quinn tells Santana, Brittany and Mercedes that The Troubletones can compete in at least one competition if they come back, Santana and Brittany are holding hands while she is saying this. She later joins in for the New Direction's victory song, We Are Young.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Santana is seen dancing around while Blaine and Rachel sing Extraordinary Merry Christmas. She is also seen dancing around while Brittany sings Christmas Wrapping. Santana has a solo in New Directions performance of Do They Know It's Christmas?.


Santana is seen with the rest of the New Directions girls singing Summer Nights. She is later seen singing The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and remembers the first time she met Brittany. During Without You she and Brittany and seen holding hands and following the song she makes a remark about the assignment "Not being about Rachel Berry." Towards the end of the episode she is seen singing lead with Rachel in We Found Love.


Bad Blaine and Santana

Santana and Blaine during Bad.

Santana is with Brittany and Mercedes discussing how the only reason the New Directions won Sectionals is because Tickles The Clown was high. She is also seen in the performance of Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'. Later, at the Lima Bean, Santana, along with Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, and Artie are all discussing Michael Jackson memories when Sebastian turns up and informs them the Warblers are doing Michael at Regionals. Santana begins to get angry, but is quickly struck down by Sebastian. Later, she performs Bad with the New Direction and Warblers. Afterwards, Santana is walking past a classroom when she spots Kurt and enter that room. He tells her he agrees with Artie that he refuses to take torment from Sebastian. Santana decides to confront the Warblers and find out what Sebastian put in the slushie. This leads to the performance of Smooth Criminal. Sebastian tells her he put rock salt in the slushy, then he slushies her and she had everything recorded with a recorder attached to under her boob. She tells her friends the when she returns to McKinley and they dismiss her evidence, which she complained about. However, she got over it and in the auditorium, she perform Black or White with the other for the Warblers.

The Spanish Teacher

La Isla Bonita

Santana is first seen gazing vacantly along with all the rest of Mr. Schue's Spanish class at the performance of La Cucaracha. Also, Santana asks David Martinez to show off his singing skills to which he sings Sexy and I Know It. Later in the episode, Sue is seen accusing Santana of complaining to Figgins about her teaching skills. The following day, Santana is seen with David performing La Isla Bonita. She then watched Will's performance of A Little Less Conversation and hates it. Will then realizes that Santana complained to Figgins about his teaching and asks her why. It is revealed that Will only became a Spanish teacher because it was the only available teaching position at the time. Santana says that he doesn't have passion for Spanish like he does for glee club.


Santana is with Brittany most of the episode. At the beginning you can see her hugging/dancing with Brittany in the choir room while Sugar tells them about her party. Later on, while standing at her locker she is surprised by Brittany, who is eager to give her her Valentine's Day present. At first Santana looks confused because she thinks her girlfriend is about to give her her laptop, but she then explains to her that she made her a playlist with all the songs she hears in her head when she's with her or thinking about her. Santana looks really happy and thanks her, and just when they're about to kiss, Principal Figgins calls them "teen lesbians" and makes them go to his office to tell them that they can't express PDA because someone complained for religious reasons.

Santana leaves the room furious and is later seen again in the choir room with the rest on the ND members before listening to Artie sing Let Me Love You. She seemed to enjoy the song.
Next, she is with Rachel telling her that she supports her decision of marrying Finn and being unhappy with him for the rest of her life, and after listening to The God Squad singing Stereo Hearts she asks them to sing a song to Brittany.

At Breadstix, Santana is sitting with Brittany feeding her chocolates when Sugar announces that The God Squad is about to sing. Joe tells her that after praying and thinking about it, they will perform Cherish/Cherish for Brittany and assures Santana that 'love is love." Santana is really happy to see Brittany enjoying the performance and in the end they share a sweet kiss. At the end of the episode she enjoys the performance of Love Shack dancing with her friends.

On My Way

She appears along with Kurt, Blaine and Brittany when they confront Sebastian at the Lima Bean about his foul play. She also appears in the auditorium, the glee club are asked by Will about things that they look forward to in the future. Santana says she is looking forward to the day when her grandmother loves her again. Later, she has solos in the performances of Fly/I Believe I Can Fly which she raps for the first time and What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) at Regionals, she performs with Sugar, Mercedes, Brittany and the rest of the members of the former Glee Club, The Troubletones. This is their first number singing with the members of the Troubletones, but as the New Directions since Will and Rachel promised that the Troubletones could have one performance at every upcoming competition. In their performance, Santana opens with a solo and is given much applause from Sebastian and the Warblers, she then continues to sing with Mercedes and then dances with her girls, The Troubletones. She is last seen with Rachel and the rest of the bridesmaids as they wait for Quinn's arrival to the wedding, Santana tells Rachel to face the fact that Quinn isn't coming.

Big Brother

Santana is the first one to get up and hug Quinn when she gets back. Santana walks hand in hand with Brittany into the library for the senior ditch day meeting. She also takes notes thoroughly with Cooper's acting advice to which she seems to be intrigued with. At senior ditch day, she is seen holding hands and being close with Brittany throughout the whole journey.

Saturday Night Glee-ver


Brittana talk in the Library.

Santana performs If I Can't Have You to Brittany. Will is pleased with the performance and thinks he is able to see where she is going, more than a love song to Brittany. He continues saying how she is wanting to support marriage equality and wants to go to law school. She turns that down, though she supports marriage equality and she will always love Britt, it was about how she also can't live without Fame. In the library, Brittany talks with Santana about how she is now trying to get her on to a reality show. Suggesting different TV shows, with different ways to do it. Santana and Brittany dance each other while Finn sings More Than a Woman Santana and Kurt sings backup. Santana and Brittany sit in Sue's office. Sue tells Santana how disappointed she is in her, not for the sex tape, revealing she her self made one with Oliver North, but because she doesn't care what it will take to be famous. She tells her that she agrees, and wants to go to college. Sue hands her an acceptance letter from the University of Louisville, and has a full scholarship in Cheerleading. She thanks the two of them, Sue revealing it was Brittany's idea. They tell each other that they love another and hug.

Dance with Somebody

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I Wanna Dance With Somebody

Santana joins Mercedes, Rachel, and Kurt to open the episode with How Will I Know. Mr. Schuester says that their focus on Whitney is more about them dealing with their impending graduation, but Santana says it's only because Whitney was incredible and they love her. She accuses Mr. Schue of misplacing his own baggage on them. Santana looks on excitedly as Brittany begins singing I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me). After pulling several other members up to dance, Brittany pulls Santana up as she begins to sing more of the song. Brittany and Santana perform in a sequence with the Cheerios dancing. Later, Santana and Rachel sing a fun rendition of So Emotional.

Rachel shows up at Santana's locker which confuses Santana. Rachel tells Santana that they wasted three years as enemies when they could have been singing together. Santana says they hated each other, but then admits that their duet was awesome. Santana says there's plenty of time for another one, but Rachel points out they only have 42 days until Graduation. Santana is annoyed when she realizes she's going to miss Rachel. Rachel says that even though Santana went out of her way to make her miserable, Santana still respected her talent and ambition. Santana agrees. Rachel asks Santana to put a picture of Rachel in her locker and then gives her a quick hug. Santana puts the photo up. She and Brittany arrive in the auditorium to join the rest of the group in singing My Love Is Your Love.



Santana, Brittany, Tina, Sugar and Mercedes were at their lockers talking when they saw Beiste, with a bruised eye. Santana then makes a comment referencing Domestic Violence, which was meant to be taken as a joke. Coach Roz overheard what Santana said and took it seriously. She confronted the girls and gave them a small lecture about how serious the topic of Domestic Violence is. In the auditorium Santana and the girls performed Cell Block Tango with Sue, Coach Roz and Coach Beiste as the audience. At the end of the performance she gave Tina a high five, thinking that they were awesome. However, Sue and Coach Roz were displeased with the performance and told them how offensive and inappropriate it was. Santana seemed shocked at their response along with the other girls. Then in the choir room Santana and the girls apologize to Coach Beiste about the comments she made. Afterwards they began to sing Shake it Out to Coach Beiste and at the end Santana and the girls give Coach Beiste a group hug.


Santana entered the choir room smiling, being happy, smacked her butt at Artie and went to sit beside Mercedes. Santana, showing her goofy side, playfully put her finger on Mercedes upper lip, which Mercedes pulled off and then pushed Santana a little. She laughed pleasantly at that while trying to protect herself from Mercedes. A few minutes later, when Sue announced the nominees for prom queen, Santana found out she was nominated along with Quinn and Missy Gunderson. Then Brittany entered the choir room and began telling them about her plans for prom, Santana said "Sheer genius" to show her support. Again, in the choir room when Rachel told everyone that she is planning an anti-prom, Santana tries to deter Rachel from her plan by insisting that she face the truth: she's upset and disappointed, but she's also acting petty, potentially ruining one of the last nights they'll all have to spend together before graduation.

Santana at prom

At Prom, Santana entertains the prom crowd by singing Selena Gomez's Love You Like a Love Song, with Brittany and Tina as backup. During What Makes You Beautiful performance Santana pulled Brittany by her hand to come dance with her. You can see her and Brittany dancing together and enjoying themselves during the performance. Later, Santana while she was walking towards the Spanish class room, with a box containing the prom court votes, she saw Quinn and Rachel talking. She called out and said "Fabray stop making out with Berry." In the Spanish room, as Santana and Quinn tally the prom court votes, Santana is surprised at how few votes Brittany scored for king, and Santana admits that she doesn't want to be queen if Brittany isn't king. Both Quinn and Santana didn't want to be prom queen anymore so they decided to make Rachel win. This was after they discussed that they've had dream runs in high school: Being popular, doing what they want and who they want, which Santana chuckled at. They now have a chance to make a difference for someone else and so they agreed to make Rachel win prom queen.


After it was revealed that Rachel was prom queen, everyone stood shock while Santana was just smiling. Then Quinn and Santana sings Berlin's Take My Breath Away and everyone was dancing with their prom dates including the prom king and queen, Finn and Rachel. During the Take My Breath Away Quinn begins to stand, Santana looks surprised and quickly slides over to Quinn and holds her side to give her support. Santana smiled at Quinn and then they continued the performance.



Santana as Artie

Santana is seen sitting beside Brittany while Tina was ranting about being neglected. After Tina hits her head, Santana is switched with Artie in her dream. After Tina's dream, Santana, Brittany, and Mercedes invade the teachers' lounge to confront Coach Beiste as she eats lunch. They've noticed that she still wears her wedding ring and have seen her around town with her husband, Cooter, after he struck her and she claimed to have left him. During Flashdance... What A Feeling, Santana gestures at Rachel and Tina to come on to the bus, through the bus window.


Santana is in the hotel room with Sue, Will and the rest of the girls excluding Rachel. She is taking care of a sick Mercedes. When the New Directions were fighting and saying that they're not going to win because Mercedes can't perform with them, Santana got angry and went off on them. She says if they don't give their all, she would go all Lima Heights on them, pointing at all of them, especially Artie.

At Nationals before her performance, Santana had a small conversation with Quinn and Brittany about them starting together and ending together. She performed Edge of Glory with The Troubletones
and Paradise by the Dashboard Light with the New Directions. When Vocal Adrenaline did the dance move, Human centipede during Starships, Santana seemed shocked.

After the New Directions won Nationals and returned to McKinley High, Santana was celebrating their victory with the rest of the school during Tongue Tied in the hallway. She kissed Brittany and even gave two thumbs up to Becky, her former enemy. She and Will hugged during We Are the Champions, after he won teacher of the year award.


Santana is in the choir room, seated next to Brittany and Quinn. She holds hand with Quinn and glances at Brittany several times during Will's Forever Young performance. While walking through the hallway, she bumps into a balloon and that's when she sees Mercedes and Sam celebrating. They told her that Mercedes got a recording contract as a backup singer in L.A. and she is going to move there. Santana seemed genuinely happy for her and congratulates Mercedes. Sam asks her if she heard about Mike, so she goes to him and Tina. They told her about Mike going to a Dance school in Chicago so she smiled and congratulated Mike, but then began to doubt herself, wondering to herself why she hasn't been offered a recording contract like Mercedes since she thinks she is just as talented as the other glee club members with bright futures. At Breadstix, she, Brittany, and her mom have dinner together. During the dinner, her mom jokes about her dressing up as Uncle Jesse from Full House, at Halloween when she was 8 years old and then the topic change to the future. She tells her mother she is not interest in College and only wants to be famous. Her mother was not pleased with the news and insisted that she must go to the University of Louisville, which she got a full scholarship to. At the same Brittany shocked both of them with the news that she wasn't graduating and Santana decides to stay in Lima for Brittany. Back in the choir room, She and rest of the seniors performed You Get What You Give to the underclassmen and Brittany. She went over to Brittany and hugged her. Later, Santana is seen doing weird dance moves while Kurt, Mercedes, and Mike watched and laughed, when Quinn was walking through the hallway. They all smiled and waved at Quinn.

At graduation, she came out to collect her diploma in Santana style, by shaking her boobs and smiling. She hugged Brittany and then went to collected her diploma from Emma with a bright smile on her face. After graduation, while she was cleaning out her locker, her mother approached her and gave her a present, a check, tells her she support whatever she wants to do and then they hug. During Rachel's departures for New York, at the train station, Santana waves goodbye to her.

The New Rachel

Santana does not appear in this episode, but Brittany mentions Santana while she is at the Lima Bean talking to Blaine. Brittany says that Santana is very busy with cheerleading, and that it's hard to make out on Skype or scissor over a webcam.

Britney 2.0


Santana appears for a few seconds, Skyping with Brittany. Santana says that she misses Brittany, and that she is sorry that Sue kicked her off the Cheerios. Santana then ends the conversation abruptly, saying that if she doesn't sign off, she'll be late for cheerleading practice. In Lima, Brittany makes several comments about Santana. During Marley's performance of Everytime, Brittany is seen lying on her bed, staring at her Skype contact list; Santana is offline.

The Break-Up

Santana is home from college, doing laundry with Brittany in her bedroom. She begins ranting about Kurt’s internship in New York and how it doesn’t make sense that he got it. When she finishes, Brittany mentions that Santana could follow her dream too, but Santana however says that she likes being in college and closer to her. They talk more about laundry and kiss. Brittany starts yawning and Santana asks if she is okay. Brittany says she was up late reading reading ‘Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne (Left Behind No. 9)’. Santana mentions how intense those books are and asks what teacher is making her read it. Brittany replies that it is a club, not a class and asks Santana to come with her tomorrow. The next day, Santana attends the Rapture-based Left Behind club which is run by Kitty at Breadstix with Brittany. At the meeting Santana questions Kitty. The club tricks Dottie into thinking she has been left behind and when she comes back, it looks like everyone is gone. She and Brittany entered the room. She asked Brittany if they can go home and then said that she that she doesn’t think this club is good for Brittany. However, Brittany refuses and tell Santana how she really feels about her leaving; like Dottie, who is hyperventilating and freaking out.

Next, Santana is sitting in the back of in the choir room as Brittany enters. Santana starts to talk as Brittany walks up to where she is sitting. She tells Brittany that in her sophomore year she would sit in the back row and count how many times Brittany smiled at her, and she would die on days that she didn’t. She also says that she misses it there and it’s where they fell in love and where she could say things with music. Brittany then sits down a chair away from Santana. Santana then proceeds to sing a slow version of Mine to Brittany. At the end of it they are both in tears. After, Santana says she hasn't been a good girlfriend and even though she will never cheat she did have an "energy exchange,." There is a flashback of said 'Energy Exchange'. After, Both are crying when Santana tells Brittany they should take a break. At the end of the episode she is seen singing The Scientist with Finn, Rachel, Blaine, Kurt, Will, Emma, and Brittany. During a flashback in the song, which is from the episode Heart, you can see Santana and Brittany staring and smiling at each other.


Tumblr mdkeiaA10x1qclilyo2 250

Santana returns to McKinley after Unique's parents learn about his Rizzo casting and worry about his safety. Tina takes a crash course in the Rizzo role, but is irritated to discover that Finn has recruited Santana to take on the part she was "born to play." Meanwhile, at the backstage, Brittany and Santana discuss their break-up and how much they miss each other and after the conversation, Santana goes to portray Rizzo in the school production of Grease. She stands under the spotlight as she begins to sing There Are Worse Things I Could Do towards the audience. Will watches intently with the audience. Wade who was meant to portray Rizzo takes a seat in the auditorium with an upset face. Rachel is then seen watching Santana's performance, satisfied. Backstage, Brittany watches with crossed arms. Wade then joins in the song as he sits upset in the audience. Santana sings with teary eyes, looking at Brittany. The audience applauds Santana, particularly Rachel. Later, during the performance of You're the One That I Want, Rachel fantasizes a scene as Finn comes out as Danny, singing, with Rachel as Sandy behind him, Brittany and Santana being part of the performance.


Santana returns to McKinley meets up with her former classmates in the auditorium and they sing a mash-up of Simon & Garfunkle's and Phillips Phillips, Homeward Bound/Home. She goes with them to Breadstix to have something to drink and to update each other what´s going on in their lives. While they were having dinner, Santana listens with a sad expression on her face as Quinn talks about how amazing Yale is.

She helps the New Directions prepare for Sectionals. And when Finn reveals his song choice for sectional, she makes snarky comments. She also notices something off with Marley, who she is to mentor and asks her if she was okay. After that, she along with Brittany and Quinn talk to the New Directions members. They boast about their successful reign at McKinley High. To prove themselves, her, Quinn, and Brittany offer an improvised example of their uncanny dance synchronicity for the newbies to The Supremes' Come See About Me.

Tumblr meamucjEI61qkxuj7o2 1280

Next, a furious Santana walks in to the choir room while was Kitty leaving. She goes to Quinn and say "That bitch is pure evil." When Quinn defends Kitty, Santana informs her that Kitty gave Marley Laxatives. She found all this out by searching through Marley's bag without permission. Quinn accuses Santana of being jealous of her and Santana looks at her in disbelief. Quinn explains that she is dating one of her Yale professors. Santana laughs at her sadistically, saying how Quinn is so excited for another man defiling her life. Quinn then makes a comment about Santana's insecurity. Santana retaliates by making a comment about Quinn and her biological daughter. This results them slapping each other. Luckily Brittany comes in and stopped it before it escalated. Finally, at Sectionals, Santana gives the New Direction a small pep talk and wishing them the best. Then she leaves and joins the audience to watch the show choir competition. Santana watches the performance of Gangnam Style and notice Marley's unexpected collapse and tells it to Puck by pointing it. Swan Song

Santana is seen in the choir room with New Directions after Marley's unexpected onstage collapse. Everyone is worried, and Kitty acts as if she's worried by telling Marley to drink the juice. Santana starts to rat Kitty out for giving Marley laxatives, and eventually calls Kitty "a crazy, evil bitch."



Santana and Quinn visit Rachel

In this episode, Santana pays a surprise visit to Rachel in New York with Quinn, basically standing outside Rachel's apartment door with Quinn by her side. After the surprise reunion, she and the other two girls are seated down, Rachel asking why they're here. Santana explains to talk to her about her topless scene in the student film and shopping. Though Quinn added that they are also there for Santana to apologise to her for hitting her very hard in the face, which Santana replied to by saying "In theory. Let's wait to see if that happens." She and Quinn spent the rest of their time trying to persuade Rachel from doing the topless scene. She explain to Rachel that those stuff will follow you around like her sex tape with Brittany did, making Rachel realize that she will regret going topless later in life. Santana later says that she and Quinn cares about Rachel and are actually putting her in mind first. After Rachel decides not to do the topless scene, the three sing, Love Song, in one of the NYADA auditorium. They group hug afterwards and Rachel asks them to stay longer as she wants to buy them dinner. While they are leaving, Santana says she likes New York and may decide on staying. Later, she is seen when Blaine shows a video to Sam of all the McKinley people pointing out the good things of Sam. Santana says he helped her to be inspired to write an original song, and starts to sing a line of Trouty Mouth.


Elaine santana ewwww tbh diva

Santana returns to McKinley as a surprise guest performer for diva week, performing Nutbush City Limits with the Cardinals cheerleading squad. She confronts Brittany about hiding her relationship with Sam. Then she introduces Elaine as her new "girlfriend" and gives her a peck on the lips. Santana later confronts Sam in the auditorium, dueling him in singing Make No Mistake (She's Mine). Afterwards, in Sue's office, Santana confesses to Sue that she hated College because everyone was mistaking her brutal honesty for Bitchiness and begs Sue not to tell her mother she had dropped out. Sue offers her a job to be the coach of the Cheerios.

Later Santana finds Brittany in the auditorium and expresses her disappointment for her being with Sam, as she thinks she can do better. Brittany says she won't break up with Sam and she know that her relationship with Elaines is fake and she left UoL. Santana admits that she is scared of the real world because according to her, once you're there, no one gives a crap about you. Brittany gives courage to follow her dreams and to find a real girlfriend. After that, they share a hug and Santana tells Brittany that she is really a genius and that she's her best friend.
She starts to sing Girl on Fire, over the course of the song, She exits through the doors and re-emerges in New York, in a scene mirroring.

As the song ends, she arrives at Kurt and Rachel's apartment in New York. Kurt opens the door and Rachel realizes of Santana's presence, both of them looking at her really surprised by her unexpected arrival. Kurt asks her what is she doing there, Santana enters into the apartment and informs them that she's moving in.

I Do

I'mhavingquinntanafeels sorry quinntana

In this episode, she comes along with Quinn to Will's wedding. Multiple times, after seeing Brittany and Sam together she mentions that she hates Valentine's Day. Throughout the reception they have fun, sharing flirtatious jokes while drinking alcohol at the bar with her Fake I.D. Quinn later advances the flirting, which Santana liked. She is later seen dancing with Quinn. She sings in We've Got Tonite and ends up with Quinn in a hotel room, where they had sex, after Quinn's curiosity about doing it with a girl. After that, she suggests to Quinn they should do it again.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

At the beginning of the episode, Santana is bitter because she is snow bound with a bunch of 'musical theater queens.' She asks Adam where he's from and he says he's from Essex in England. Santana says that she's never heard of Essex. Rachel then comes out of the bathroom and tells Santana that she's going to have to move out because the apartment is hers and Kurt's sanctuary, and she makes her feel uncomfortable. However, Kurt calms them both down and suggests they sit down and watch a movie together. Santana says that she's been through their DVD collection. All the DVDs are baby themed and Rachel says she doesn't want to watch any of them, so Kurt suggests that they watch Moulin Rouge, which Santana doesn't want to do.


When watching Moulin Rouge, Santana tells everyone that Come What May is Kurt and Blains wedding song when Kurt's starts crying.The subject changes when She tells Rachel, Kurt and Adam that she doesn't trust Brody. She had previously searched the whole apartment and found $1200 in cash and a pager belonging to Brody. She says that the only person who carries a pager and that much money is a drug dealer, so she is under the impression that Brody is a drug dealer. Later, She bring up the drug Dealer Brody topic again, but Rachel protests that he's not a drug dealer, and to prove it, she calls him to ask where he is. When Rachel is calling Brody to ask where he is, Santana imitates somebody who snorts cocaine. After Rachel hangs up the phone, Kurt quietly whispers to Santana that he's 'with her,'.

It'sgonnabeokay pezberry

At the end of the episode she walks into the apartment and sits down next to Rachel. She seems happy and says that she finally feels that she's somewhere she belongs. She then goes and insults Brody again, which annoys Rachel profusely. Rachel seems sad, and since they're alone, Santana decides to take advantage of the opportunity to ask Rachel about the pregnancy test that she had previously found when snooping around in the bathroom trash bin. At first, Rachel says that she doesn't know what Santana is talking about, but Santana keeps pushing for answers. Rachel then break down in tears and Santana immediately goes and pulls Rachel into her arms to comfort and reassure her that everything will be okay.



The episode begins with Santana and Rachel at a hospital. Santana is there to support Rachel while she waits for her pregnancy test result from the doctor, which turns out to be a false alarm. When Rachel brushes off the ordeal as nothing, Santana gives Rachel a small lecture about how she should think about the decisions she is making in her life. The next day, Santana returns to the apartment and notices Brody's clothes. She begins to have mini rant about Brody which leads to her and Rachel having an argument. She uses this time to take to Rachel about much she has change for the worst since high school. Rachel tells Santana she is wrong about Brody and Santana responded that her 'Mexican Third Eye' is never wrong. After their fight, Santana enters the bathroom while Brody was in the shower, searches through Brody's stuff and retrieves a pager. Next, Santana confronts Brody at NYADA, thus interrupting his dance class. They get into an fight, during which Santana calls Rachel and Kurt her family and threatens Brody. Then she performs Cold Hearted for him with the NYADA female students as back up dancers. Santana returns home happy and ready to celebrate because she had just got a bartending job at Coyote Ugly, only to be stopped by Rachel and Kurt. They tell her they need to have a family talk, which they do. They talk about her incident with Brody earlier. This lead to an argument about Brody and her being a bad roommate, resulting in her being kicked out of the apartment.

Santana Feud

Santana left, claiming she is going to stay with Emmy winner, Lena Dunham. Later, Santana pretends to be one of Brody's clients and when Brody enters to the hotel room she surprises him. He pleads with her not to tell Rachel, she dismisses him and tells him he should be speaking to someone else. Then Finn enters from the room, revealing himself to Brody and Santana leaves them to talk.

Guilty Pleasures

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Santana is doing Kurt's guilty pleasure montage sitting on the couch in their apartment. Santana is bickering with Rachel and Kurt, this time in the bathroom, because she doesn't have any shelf room for her products. Kurt wants Santana to wait on telling Rachel about Brody until after her big audition as it will distract her from her goal, which Santana agrees upon only if Kurt gives her extra room. Santana then offers to cheer Rachel up by playing an innocent little prank on Kurt, but when the two girls go in to put his hand in a pot of warm water, they see his little secret. Santana is really shocked. Kurt reluctantly introduces the girls to Bruce and makes it clear that they cannot borrow him. Kurt gives Santana and Rachel their own special pillows and Santana proceeds to tell Rachel that Brody is a gigolo. Santana and Kurt bond over a The Facts of Life marathon while cuddling with their boyfriend/girlfriend pillows when Rachel comes home. She thanks Santana and her third Mexican eye and states that she is ready for her new permanent roommate. Santana smiles at that. Later Santana joins in on Mamma Mia.

Lights Out

Santana entered into the apartment in New York with and old furniture she has found and she says "With a little TLC and three clicks from Kurt's ruby slippers, this bad boy would be salvageable." Rachel interrupts her and then asks her to take a seat and talk to her. Rachel and Kurt explain to her that being a Go-Go girl is beneath her. Santana says that she is just trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Afterwards, Santana along with Rachel helps Kurt and Isabelle with the New York City Ballet Gala.

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At the New York City Ballet Gala, Santana reveals that her grandmother had made her take ballet lessons because he was a Tomboy. They started singing At the Ballet. During the performance, they all reminisced how they loved ballet as a child. In NYADA, Santana is late for class and is scold by the dance instructor. The instructor asks her why she is even there. She answered saying that she is there to do some reintroducing with dance. The instructor told the class to start with some Pliés and when Santana is doing them, she imagined her little self doing pliés. The little Santana says "Don't forget me again, okay?" and Santana says "I won't, I promise" and they hugged each other, then Santana said "I've got you now."

All or Nothing

FF2 brittana

Santana receives a phone call by Sam. She is seen changing her clothes and wearing a sport bra. Sam asks her for help because Brittany was acting weird. Afterwards we see Santana back in Ohio, on Fondue For Two with Brittany and Lord Tubbington. Brittany introduces her and Santana gives a small smile to the camera. Santana tells Brittany she came back to speak with her not do a show. Brittany tries to change the topic with games and gossips, but Santana is defiant and tell Brittany cares for her and her behavior is making her sad. Brittany proceed to tell her everything. Santana can be seen later in the audience as Emma joins Will, Santana commenting on Emma's shirt and the color of white that she chose, which isn't very lucky apparently, to which Will hints something about their love.

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-10 om 12.32.15
Before the New Directions' Regionals performance, Santana is crying when Brittany starts saying goodbye and she hugs Brittany. During the New Direction performance, Santana wipes her eyes with a tissue, handing it to Kurt, who also does the same. The New Direction's win and Santana, Kurt and Emma applaud the group. After Regionals, Santana wakes up to Brittany who is alone on stage and they wake out together. They entire the choir room just in time for Emma and Will surprise wedding.

Love, Love, Love

Santana is first seen in her uniform on a bus with Rachel on her way to Spotlight Diner where they both work. Her boss calls her out on being late, but she doesn't seem to care as she introduces him to Rachel. After hearing Rachel mope about her failed Funny Girl audition, she tells her that in order to be on Broadway, she needs to pay her dues. Once Rachel agrees, Santana hands her a stack of dirty dishes and calls them both 'working actresses'. She then leaves Rachel standing in the middle of the diner by herself.

RachelSantana HardDaysNight

Santana approaches Rachel after hearing that Rachel got a text from Blaine. She points to a table that the director from Rachel's Funny Girl audition just happen to be sitting at. She leaves to let Rachel deal with the two customers while she serves a customer at another table. Santana catches Rachel's eye across the diner and puts money into the juke box that she was standing next to. She joins Rachel as she dances around the diner with the other workers and sings A Hard Day's Night. The performance ends with the customers cheering and Rachel telling Santana that they have to go home because there is something special they have to do. Santana, confused, follows after her. Santana is later seen back in Ohio at Dalton helping out Blaine with his proposal to Kurt during All You Need Is Love.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Santana is pouring salt into shakers and glancing at Dani when Rachel walks up to her complaining about her audition
Glee5x02 0189

again. She reassures her by saying that her dreams aren't over. When Rachel states that she wants to make it in the business, Santana tells her about the embarrassing Yeast-I-Stat commercial that she got booked in. She pulls out her phone to show Rachel the rough cut. In the commercial, Santana is rolling dough in a kitchen and then holds up a Yeast-I-Stat box to the camera. She then runs through the backyard of a house and looks very joyful as she is swinging on a swing. In the next shot, she is with friends holding a basket of bagels. She talks to the camera again. It continues to flick through shots of her in the backyard. In the end she takes a bite of a bagel and the Yeast-I-Stat logo appears on screen. Santana looks very proud of herself when the commercial ends. Oblivious to Rachel's obvious jealousy, she thanks her for her support and gives her a hug. The next time we see Santana, she is still at the Spotlight Diner. She is sitting at a table across from Dani pumping ketchup into a bottle. Santana tells her that she likes her name saying that her parents knew before hand that she would later turn out to be a lesbian. Dani says she isn't a lesbian and Santana, not knowing that it's a joke, starts to freak out. Dani reassures her and they start a conversation about their parents. Santana tells Dani about Brittany and explains that she still loves her, but they will never get back together. Dani tells her it's for the best and she needs a "100% sapphic goddess." Santana, clearly surprised and a little shaken by the comment, makes an excuse to leave the table to go talk to Rachel. Santana begs Rachel to help her. After a quick glance towards Dani, Santana explains that she is getting stinky-panic sweat under her boobs. Rachel suggests that Santana ask her out because they looked good together. Santana goes on to say that she never dated an actual lesbian; only bisexuals and college girls trying to experiment. It's then that Rachel calls her out on being scared and says that its so cute. Santana, not even trying to deny it, tells Rachel not to tell anyone. She says that she thinks she might like her and its terrifying. Rachel says that Dani is smart and wouldn't miss an opportunity to be with someone as great as her. At that, Rachel leaves Santana standing by herself. With one last look at Dani, Santana walks away in the opposite direction.

Glee5x02 1279

Later on in the diner when Santana asks Rachel what she's doing, Rachel explains that she is auditioning for every Broadway role that seems right for her. When she goes to leave, Santana stops her by saying that she still has work to do. Rachel replies saying that she thought Santana and Dani could do it alone. Santana objects as Rachel leaves the diner. Santana spots Dani in a corner by herself asking her if she is leaving. Dani says no and states how she likes to stay a little later to watch the sun rise. Dani invites Santana to watch it with her and with a shy smile, Santana sits next to her. Dani begins to play Here Comes The Sun on her guitar and singing with Santana joining in after. The song ends with the two girls standing outside of Dani's apartment. They share a brief kiss before they both part ways. Santana walks into the diner complaining about her lifetime supply of Yeast-I-Stat. She sees Kurt walk in and is surprised to find out that he works at the diner now. After listening to Rachel and Kurt go back to back about the Funny Girl audition, she makes a comment about how life is so much easier when you don't care about anything. After this she reveals that her and Dani are officially together. Santana, Kurt and Rachel all happily pinky swear to live in New York for at least 2 years. Gunther then comes over to get Rachel, but Santana is confused as to why he takes her box of Yeast-I-Stat when he leaves. As Santana and Kurt listen in on the conversation between Rachel and the director, she overhears Rachel saying that she got the part of Fanny Brice. Both shocked and happy, she begins to cheer with the rest of the costumers and gives Rachel a very enthusiastic hug. Back at the Bushwick apartment, Santana, Dani, Kurt, and Rachel are all celebrating by singing Let It Be and drinking champagne. They are all seen laying on the floor together with Santana and Dani flirting throughout the rest of the song.

The Quarterback

Santana is one of the alumni to come back to Lima for Mr. Schue's special memorial for Finn, who passed away. She sings Seasons of Love for Finn Hudson with some old and new New Directions members. Seemingly cold and untouched during the first few days, she storms out during Sam and Artie's performance of Fire and Rain, explaining to Dottie, who's also standing at Finn's memorial at his old locker, that she felt like her head was gonna explode if she had stayed with the others any longer. When Bree, instructed by Principal Sylvester, starts to take down the candles, Santana rushes into Sue's office, calls her a self-centered, cold-hearted bitch, finally confronts her about Sue's repulsive behavior towards the Glee club and Finn in particular and, in a rush of anger, assaults her by shoving her into a cabinet. Shocked at what she did, she runs out of Sue's office.

IfIDieYoung Santana

Standing in front of the Glee club and alumni, Santana talks about dedicating a song to Finn, insulting him along the way, and starts singing If I Die Young. Halfway through the performance, though, she starts sobbing uncontrollably and when Will and Mike try to comfort her, she starts screaming and runs away.


After, Kurt finds her sitting alone in the auditorium. She tells him that she had originally planned to be nice and say kind things about Finn, some of which she had even written down, but couldn't follow through in the end. Kurt asks her to read them to him and when Santana says that she's embarrassed about it, Kurt tells her that shame is a wasted emotion, convincing her. Santana starts reading, saying that when she had sex with Finn that one time, he never stopped asking her if she was OK the whole time they did it. She then goes on, recounting the time she had sit on a piece of Becky Jackson's chocolate birthday cake, making her look like she pooped her pants, and that Finn offered to walk behind her the rest of the day so as to keep other people from seeing the cake stain and laughing at Santana for her supposed accident. Kurt agrees when Santana tells him that Finn was a much better person, but also tells her that Finn really cared about her and knew she was a decent person. She then asks him to leave. Kurt does, but puts Finn's letterman jacket around her shoulders before walking away. The next day, Santana confronts Puck about stealing Finn's letterman jacket from her while she took a nap in the nurse's office. They start fighting, only to be stopped by Will. Santana leaves, convinced that Puck stole the jacket, and walks into Sue's office, apologizing for her recent behavior. Sue tells her that she was right about her, though, and they have a reconciling heart-to-heart.

Samtana 5x03

During Rachel's performance of Make You Feel My Love, Santana finally lets down her guard as she is seen comforting Sam. Later that day, Will sees her hanging up flyers for Finn's missing letterman jacket. She tells him that she wants to have that jacket back before she goes home to New York, saying that she doesn't intend to come back soon, if ever, explaining that while she used to love coming back to Lima before, it now only reminds her of all the things she has lost. Will tells her that seeing her grow up and leave Lima, even out of anger and hurt, is definitely better than having to cope with what happened to Finn. As they both look over at Finn's locker, where the entire memorial is still in its place, they share a tearful hug.

A Katy or A Gaga

We see Santana at the Spotlight Diner watching Kurt talk to Rachel about starting a new band. Dani says she wants to join and then turns to Santana asking her if she wants to join as well. Looking a little reluctant at first, she agrees to join only if she can help pick the setlist and help decide who gets to join. Kurt agrees and Dani and Santana look at each other happily.

Santana mtn

Santana is next seen sitting at a table next to Kurt in a near empty room at NYADA. Kurt says he feels embarrassed because nobody showed up to audition. Santana quickly responds by saying nobody will audition for a band that doesn't even have a name. She tells Kurt that she came up with an amazing name for the band called the 'Apcalypsticks'. Annoyed, Kurt quickly shoots down that idea. Santana explains that while he is 'manifesting' the right name for the band, no one shows up. Starchild walks in then and begins to perform Marry the Night for his audition. Throughout the entire performance, Santana watches amazed and begins to record him on her phone. When its over, she stands and gives him amazing feedback clearly not agreeing with Kurt's opinion that his audition was bad. The next time we see Santana is in the diner when she tells Kurt that his intermission is over. Not realizing who he is talking to, she tells him to stop flirting because he has a fiancé and he needs to get back to work. Kurt completely ignores her comment and tells her that he is talking to Starchild. She seems really impressed and happy to see him without any extravagant costumes.

Ppamela lansbury roar
Santana is sitting on the couch in the apartment helping the band come up with names. Eventually she gets annoyed because Kurt keeps shooting down ideas, but he isn't pitching in to help them. Rachel walks in and Santana tells her that they are trying to come up with a name that pleases Kurt. Rachel suggests naming them Pamela Lansbury. Because she named the band, Kurt talks her into joining. When she agrees, Santana gets up and begins to cheer. At the end, Santana sings Roar with the rest of the band.

Movin' Out

When Sam and Blaine arrive at the apartment at the end of Movin' Out, you see Santana in a towel and bath robe looking really excited to see them. We see Santana at the Spotlight Diner serving customers. When she sees Rachel, she asks her why she is still working there because she should be rehearsing 24/7. When Kurt starts to introduce Blaine to everyone in the diner, Santana gives an annoyed look telling him that he needs to be stopped. Despite what she said, she dances along to Piano Man with the rest of the workers.

Sam and Santana MovinOut(1)

Santana is complaining about the new piano in the apartment when Sam and Rachel start to argue about him having to lose 10 pounds. Blaine tries to stop the argument by saying they should sing a song. Santana is quick to object because she thinks that is whats going to happen whenever they have an argument or whenever they eat a meal. She feels that its bad enough she has to be a singing waiter and she needs peace in her home. She walks out of the room when Kurt starts to sing Just the Way You Are. In the middle of the song, she comes back and starts to sing into a hairbrush. She gives Sam and Rachel a surprised look when the song ends.

Puppet Master


Santana is sitting in the apartment when Kurt walks in to tell the band that he booked their first gig at Callbacks. Santana is quick to disagree with the location of the gig because it's instant career suicide. When everybody agrees with her, Kurt says its a good idea and shares his 'vision' with them. In his vision, he sees the band performing Into the Groove in a very packed Callbacks. The fantasy ends with everyone cheering for them. At Callbacks, Santana, Elliott, and Dani are standing by a table looking disappointed at the number of people that showed up. When Kurt arrives from the back room, he gets upset when he finds that there is only one person there. Santana tells him 'I told you so' and walks away with Dani and Elliott right behind her. Santana is back at the apartment with Elliott and Rachel gathering for an emergency meeting. She doesn't say anything when the two of them talk about what Kurt might do about the band. When Kurt walks in to let them know that the Williamsburg Musical will be their next gig, she looks really impressed. She notes that it is one of the hottest venues in Brooklyn. She congratulates Kurt on his good work and calls him a fearless leader. When a package arrives for Kurt from Blaine, Santana gathers around it to see whats inside. When she sees the puppets, she comments that they are 'creepy as hell'. All four of them sit at a table with their puppets while singing The Fox.

Previously Unaired Christmas

Glee5x08 0357

Santana is sitting with Kurt in the Bushwick Apartment, Kurt is opening a box, and is delighted to see his new “Pretty Princess Deluxe All Jazzed Up Styling Head,” which is a gift from Santana. She grins to him as he tells her that he had one of them when he was ten and was obsessed with it, he also told her that he gave it smoky eyes everyday. Santana then tells him that there’s more, and gives him an all expense paid trip to “Dildo Island” and tells him it’s a real place, and she got him the Bachelor Package. He then gives her another round of his “World Famous Eggnog” and Santana is pleased. He tells her that it’s Giada’s new recipe, but then tells her to tell him if he put too much all-spice. Santana tells him that he’s become more of a “Grandma Moses” ever since he went to New York, and that he should be living it up. Kurt replies to her saying that she “breezed here unannounced with Christmas decorations and presents” and she chuckles. He asks if everything is for him, and she replies saying that one of the gifts are for Rachel, and the rest are for herself. She then talks about her break up with Brittany, and how these gifts will help her recover from it. She then tells him that she booked herself a hotel in the city, and Kurt tells her “Do you know how expensive that is?” She tells him to calm down, and tells him she used her college fund, but Kurt begs that she didn’t use it on that. She tells him she didn’t, only half of it. Rachel then comes into the apartment, and asks what Santana what is doing in the apartment, and Kurt says that she is the first holiday guest. As Santana says she wanted to do something different for the holidays, and Rachel said that she booked them their first gig, and Kurt is interested in the news. The gig is that they will be Christmas Elves at Santa Land at the Midtown Mall.

Glee5x08 0586

At the mall, kids are standing behind a barrier as Rachel, Santana and Kurt, dressed in Christmas elf tights, watch on as the kids protest demanding Santa. Kurt wonders when Santa will arrive and Rachel later points him out as he arrives in a small “Red Caboose Express.” Rachel, Santana and Kurt are looking a bit shocked as he arrives in front of them. Santa addresses them as Lady Elves as Kurt greets him. He pulls down his beard to howl at Kurt as Santana and Rachel watch on in fear. Santa tells the three of them to take care of the crowd as he walks away without adjusting his beard as kids look at Santa with sad expressions. Santana notes that the crowd is about to get “fugly” and asks Rachel if there is a plan. Rachel says there is always a plan as she tells Kurt to hit it as he goes to a small piano and asks Santana to grab a candy cane as Here Comes Santa Claus begins. As they song advances, the three get up to dance and sing for the children. Little elves surround them with hoola-hoops, candy canes and they also throw fake snow. Despite Santana's satisfaction, the kids aren't satisfied at all at the end of the performance and start throwing items and food at them. Santana is next seen taking a bath during which she receives a call from Kurt and Rachel asking her where she is. Santana tells them that she is taking a much needed break. A frantic Kurt commands Santana to come back because Santa passed out in his own vomit, and probably pooped in his pants. Kurt tells her that they need her to come back to play Mrs. Claus whilst the mall is looking for a replacement for Santa. She then mockingly replies that he was born to play Mrs. Claus. He then tells Rachel that the mob is getting restless, and with that, Rachel begs to come back Santana as well.

Glee5x08 1141

Santana comes back to play Mrs. Claus, letting each child sit on her lap. However, to Rachel and Kurt’s disapproval, Santana criticizes their wishes and makes lousy comments about some of the children. One of the children reminds Santana of Brittany and she starts inappropriately talking to the girl about their relationship before Rachel grabs the child off Santana. When Santana mentions needing a break, both Rachel and Kurt seem very displeased. Later, a scared Rachel tells Kurt and Santana about another mob who have appeared in the mall, this time full of angry parents. Kurt is worried until they are approached by Cody Tolentino, also known as "Sexy Claus," who offers to help them out. Santana rejects Cody's offer even though she admits that her "girl loving vagina's feeling a little jingle bell" from him, but Rachel and Kurt stop Cody from leaving. He agrees to help them out with their troubles as long as he can come over for dinner first so Kurt invites him over for dinner.

Glee5x08 1949

Later in the apartment Rachel, Kurt and Santana are setting up for their tree trimming party. Kurt asks Santana if they are all set, and she says yes. As she is lighting candles, Kurt asks Santana to taste his eggnog, but Santana doesn't like it and suggests that it needs some kick, she adds that Julia Child who she claims is a gay icon spiked everything she cooked. A knock is heard at the door and when Rachel opens it the trio are greeted by a bare chested Cody with a “Ho, ho, ho”. Kurt and Santana distractingly greet him with “Merry Christmas”. As Cody is checking out their apartment Kurt and Santana whisper behind his back about his looks. Santana asks Cody about the bag he bought with him, Cody then pulls out a helium bottle and they sing The Chipmunk Song. As the song begins Kurt, Rachel and Santana use balloons and helium to make their voices higher like chipmunks. They sing and dance around Cody to try and get his approval, acting as his elves. At the end of the performance, Rachel, Kurt and Santana fall onto the couch all laughing together, they appear drowsy as Cody looks around, satisfied. As a drunk Rachel and Santana are talking to each other about the possibility of Santana living with them, they hear stuff crashing so they get up and look for Kurt. They find Kurt in the kitchen making out with Cody. As Rachel is happy, Santana is confused. A drunk Kurt asks Santana if she is jealous, to which Santana simply says she is disgusted, but impressed, not believing that "the Queen of England could be so trashy." Kurt then quotes Santana as she said that he needed to “live it up” and they have a toast. The next morning, Rachel and Santana wakeup feeling hung-over and Santana suggests they'd been roofied. After the girls get up, they realize that their apartment is empty. When Santana recalls her last memory they look for Kurt, they find him half-naked, bound and gagged on his bed. After the girls free him Kurt explains that the rough trade Santa was actually there to rob them.

Later that day, Kurt appears to be very sad and tells Santana that he feels like such a fool and that he just wanted to get out of himself. Kurt says that he's never felt so ashamed and Santana explains that this is the reason why she can't live with them in Bushwick, it's worse than Lima Heights. Kurt then makes Santana promise never to tell anyone about what happened, especially Blaine. Rachel comes back to the apartment from the mall and tells them that Cody even stole from Santa Land, and the money from the Salvation Army bucket which resulted in the three of them getting fired.
Glee5x08 2711

Rachel then tells them about a new job she found for them, but Santana relents, saying that they barely survived the first one. Rachel reassures her, explaining that they will be behind bulletproof glass. As the week concludes the Rachel, Kurt and Santana are standing in a shop window, performing Away in a Manger, which Santana has a solo in, as people walk past and watch them.


The episode opens at the Spotlight Diner, where Santana is having a rough day. She complains to Rachel about how she thought people would see how awesome she was once she made it to New York. Rachel reminds her of the Yeast-I-Stat commercial she did, but she reveals it has made her undesirably infamous. Looking to cheer her up, Rachel offers Santana a spot as a background model on the cover of New York magazine, which is going to showcase Rachel. Santana accepts it, saying she feels guilty about being friends with Rachel after how awful she was to her in high school. Rachel tells her that it's in the past, and now it's just the two of them and Kurt in New York. She reassures Santana, telling her that at some point, she'll be at the top.


At the New York magazine photoshoot, Rachel is excited and nervous. Santana calms her down and tells her to own it, since she is where she's supposed to be. Santana begins daydreaming, imagining herself in a luxurious dress like Rachel, performing Brave with her as a duet during the shoot. As the performance ends, Rachel tells Santana to get dressed, and Santana snaps out of her revery. Back in the Bushwick apartment, Kurt is impatient for the band rehearsals that night. Rachel says that she'll have to miss Pamela Lansbury rehearsal so that she can go to the casting for her understudy, which she believes she doesn't need. Santana also declines to attend the rehearsal, and Kurt is left unhappy.


At the auditions, Santana makes a surprise appearance, auditioning for the understudy role. Much to Rachel's chagrin, she sings Don't Rain on My Parade, Rachel's signature piece. Rupert is amazed by her and, once he finds out they went to high school together, he's even more thrilled, anticipating the good publicity it will bring to the performance. Back in the flat, Rachel complains to Kurt about Santana's audition and, when she arrives home, demands an explanation for why she auditioned for the understudy without telling her first. Santana, angered, accuses Rachel of elitism, telling her that all her time in New York as been spent getting back at her for the bullying she received from Santana in high school. Rachel believes Santana is the one who can't take the fact that she's a star. Santana unleashes a barrage of abuse, telling Rachel that she should realize that Santana is just as good as her - without having had all the support Rachel's been given. She tells Rachel that she is "short and awful, and that is never going to change." Rachel, snapping, slaps her. In the stunned silence that follows, she tells Santana that she thinks she should move out. Santana agrees, and, receiving a call, confirms that she has been chosen as Rachel's understudy in Funny Girl. At rehearsals for Funny Girl, Rachel and Santana grate over make-up, and start to argue again. Rupert interrupts them, telling them that whatever happened between Rachel and Santana in the past doesn't matter. In order to maximize media attention, he needs to sell the story of two high school friends making it big in his show - so they have to stick together until it's over. Rachel and Santana sing Every Breath You Take as they rehearse. Rachel and Santana have one final fight, both asking Kurt to side with them. Kurt remains neutral, and so an upset and frustrated Rachel decides to leave the flat for her own sake. In Lima Tina, Artie and Blaine sing Breakaway with New Directions as the scene alters between the choir room and Rachel packing, and takes a picture of her and Santana on graduation day, tearing into pieces in Santana's face, before walking out.


Scnet glee5x10 0695

The first time we see Santana, she is in the apartment trying to put weave in her hair, but failing. She hears the door open, and thinking its Kurt, she asks for his help. Its not Kurt, but Elliott that shows up. He makes a comment about her hair proceeding Santana to reveal her master plan to get rid of Rachel so that she can play Fanny Brice. Elliott bluntly tells her that her plan is "so high school" but she doesn't seem to care as she goes on a rant insulting Rachel. She walks away from him and he tells her that the real reason he is there is to pick up sheet music for Rachel. He lets it slip that Rachel moved into his apartment and Santana isn't happy with that at all. She calls him a traitor and Elliott kindly points out that he hardly knows her. He also says that Rachel needed a place to stay and he needed the money. After taking a moment to think, she says that "Auntie Snixx" can help him with that. The next time we see Santana talking and is quick to confront them. Santana says he paid Elliott to read lines with her. They begin arguing again and continue to throw insults at each other. Ronny comes over to their table and tells them that a customer requested them to sing Gloria for her birthday. Santana steps up immediately and offers to take the lead even though she is off duty because she claims that Rachel cant handle it. Santana grabs Elliott's hand and she asks him to back her up on the song. Throughout the whole song, there is lots of pushing and dirty looks going on between the 2 of them. When they are done, Santana storms up to Elliott with Rachel hot on her heels and asks him who he thought was better. He tells them that he refuses to pick sides and because of their constant fighting, he is done with the band. He tells Santana that she can find a new singing partner and that he is no longer Rachel's "best gay." After snapping at Kurt, he leaves the diner agitated.

Scnet glee5x10 1394

Back at the apartment, it appears that Kurt brought the 2 girls together to give them 1 last chance to make up. Santana makes it clear that she isn't willing to keep the peace, but she does offer to settle it "Lima heights style." Kurt brings up the band and how they almost scared off Elliott. Rachel makes a point by saying that it has nothing to do with the band and she and Santana are professionals. Santana is quick to agree. Kurt, meanwhile, is fed up and promptly kicks them out of the band. Santana's confused by this decision because she doesn't believe that her own girlfriend would agree to kick her out. He tells her that Dani wants to sing and have fun, but that's not possible with her still in the band. He leaves a flyer with their first gig on the table with hopes that Rachel and Santana will get over themselves long enough to watch them perform. Santana tells Rachel to make sure she is on the other side of the club. Santana sees Rachel when she walks in the club. Rachel gives her 2 options; 1 being they can have a catfight in the middle of the floor or 2, they can pretend to be friends just for the night. With a bored expression, Santana agrees to the 2nd option. They sit together and watch as Kurt, Dani, and Elliott sing The Happening.


Santana sees Rachel digging through her panty drawer when she walks into the apartment. She asks her why and Rachel said that it used to be a scented candle drawer. They begin to have a brief conversation about how much they meant to each other mostly because of the fact that they are each others only girl friend in New York. Santana says that Brittany doesn't count and her and Quinn aren't really that close. Rachel finally ask her why she auditioned for her part. Santana responds by saying that there was an opportunity and Rachel would have don't the same thing. Kurt, Dani, and Elliott walk in surprised to see the girls in the same room and not fighting. Elliott says he wants to sing with them, but Rachel says she doesn't see that happening. With that, she leaves to go to rehearsals. Santana kisses Dani goodbye and leaves to go to work. Santana sits on a bench next to a random guy singing Hold On with the seniors, Rachel and One Three Hill.

City of Angels

Santana appears in one scene before the episode ends. She is working in the diner with Rachel and Kurt. When Kurt suddenly says he has news, Santana assumes it's about the band and Rachel asks her if she is trying to "steal his dream too," in regards to Kurt and One Three Hill. But Kurt tells them that Glee Club has been disbanded and is over, leaving Santana looking perplexed.


Santana is first seen in the choir room where she hints that she is not a fan of Will's rapping, and then participates with the rest of the group when April Rhodes appears and performs Raise Your Glass.

Scnet glee5x12 0488

She later walks in on Brittany completing a math equation and asks her who is forcing to do it, and tries to get her out of her funk by reuniting a little "threesome" called the The Unholy Trinity, as the pair of them, plus Quinn perform a very sexy, burlesque version of Toxic. Later, she arrives at Breadstix with Artie, Puck, and Mike where they encounter Quinn and her new boyfriend Biff McIntosh, and he invites them all to join them, and Santana reveals that although she is a lesbian she is "totally into" guys with money. Then she drops the bombshell that Quinn used to be a "skank" and got a Ryan Seacrest tattoo back in senior year, and Quinn tells her that she is lying to Biff to present herself in a certain way. Back at McKinley, Santana doesn't seem pleased that Kurt, Rachel, and Mercedes will be performing Defying Gravity again, and doesn't want to have to listen to Kurt blow the last note again, even though he reiterates that he did it on purpose.

Scnet glee5x12 0991

Out in the courtyard, she spots Brittany playing a game of human chess and tells her that what she's doing isn't her, that she is freaking her out and she's the best dancer that she knows, and invites her to perform a number together, but Brittany declines. Then she interrupts Will during glee and tell him she wants to do a dance number with Brittany, and the two of them sing and dance to Valerie with Mike and Jake. When Puck later performs Keep Holding On she dances to the same choreography the glee club did in the original performance. Back in glee, before the club vote on which girl won the "Diva-Off" she says she has a few words about her "good friend Rachel Berry," then goes on a tirade of abuse about Rachel, saying she shaves her face, she doesn't know the names of the "new" New Directions, namely Ryder, and then admits to her she never actually won Prom Queen. After she's finished and Rachel storms off crying, Santana says she feels much better.

Scnet glee5x12 2093

Holly Holliday soon returns and Santana dances along to Happy, before she meets with Brittany and tells her she needs to start living her life properly and go out into the world start dating. Brittany then kisses her, but Santana tells her it isn't a good idea. She says she worked her "ass off" to get over her, and Brittany tells her what she has with her girlfriend will never be like what they have together. Brittany tell states that it's Santana's choice. Her last scene of the episode is when Will takes her, Rachel, Quinn, Puck, Brittany, Tina, Kurt, Artie, Mike, and Mercedes to auditorium to show them the final resting place for Lillian Adler and Finn Hudson's plaques. She, along with her friends look visibly upset to be saying goodbye to the glee club, and they all share a group hug.

New Directions


Santana is first seen during Tina's dream Chums and makes a joke to Artie about there being an elevator in the apartment when has been struggling with the stairs. Later she is seen working at the Spotlight Diner diner before Tina comes back to reality. In the auditorium, Kurt and Mercedes plan to sing I Am Changing to her and Rachel to attempt to mend their friendship. While she looks pleased with the performance, she gives Rachel a very sly look. Rachel walks into the bathroom where Santana is applying makeup and tries to make peace by offering her 10 shows on Broadway. Santana rejects her and tells her she has no heart, and is going to steal the lead of Funny Girl from her. When asked why she is doing it, she shrugs and leaves. Later she meets with Brittany in the choir room which has been filled with lilies, "the lesbian of flowers," and is given two one-way tickets to Lesbos. After a serious discussion with her, she tells Brittany she loves her, but running away is not the answer. But Brittany argues that Santana does not want to be on Broadway and walking away from a dream she doesn't care about is a win. After this, Santana sees things much more clearly.

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In the auditorium, she sees Rachel rehearsing and tells her that she has resigned as her understudy and that she's only mean to her because she herself, is not a very nice person. But she makes it clear to Rachel she only quit for herself, and not for anybody else. Rachel accepts this and they sing Be Okay in the choir room together, their friendship seemingly repaired. After watching Puck and Quinn sing Just Give Me a Reason she says her trademark "wanky" and admits to the pair of them that she likes this "pairing." She later takes part in a video for Mr. Schuester's baby to tell it all the wonderful things its father has done for her, and along with New Directions and her fellow alumni, they perform the iconic Don't Stop Believin' together.

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Her final appearance of the episode is at senior graduation, where she states she pulled a few strings and has managed to get Brittany to graduate along with her former classmates. Then in the school bathroom, she tells Brittany she will go on a trip with her, but it'll be a return ticket and they get to spend a few weeks in Hawaii before coming home. When Brittany questions where she will go then, Santana invites her to come to New York. Brittany accepts and they kiss.

New New York

At the beginning of the episode Sidney talks to Rachel about how the premiere "Funny Girl" was delayed for several reasons, including Santana quitting the understudy part. Also Sam named her about how she used to live in New York without a plan.


While talking with Sam, Mercedes mentions Santana along with all of Sam's other girlfriends.


Rachel is talking to Mercedes about how good it is that she is in NY with her as Rachel says that she misses a good girlfriend and how Santana used to be, but she was just a tad unpredictable.

Opening Night

Scnet glee5x17 1041

Santana is first seen in Rachel's nightmare dressed in her Cheerios outfit. She is seen dancing to Rachel's performance of Lovefool, although she later joins the rest of the small crowd in booing her at the end of the song. Santana returns to New York after Kurt tells her that Rachel refuses to leave her bed, as she is nervous about her upcoming Funny Girl debut after reading negative comments from trolls online. Santana successfully convinces Rachel to get out of bed after reading her negative feedback which Barbra Streisand received from her original performance, telling Rachel that if she drags herself onto the stage she couldn't possibly fail. Santana is then seen at the Funny Girl performance, sitting next to Mercedes in the audience. Santana along with the rest of the gang then celebrates Rachel's opening night at a gay club.


She dances and contributes backing vocals to Pumpin Blood. Back at the apartment she is exhausted from dancing in the club, stating she hasn't danced that hard since Nationals. When Sue starts insulting Rachel she wants to speak against her, but Rachel cuts her off and handles Sue on her own. She is the first to applaud Rachel after she blasts Sue and kicks her and Mario out of the apartment. When the gang goes outside to get the New York Time to read the review of the show, she volunteers to read it. As the play was a success they end with a group hug. She is also seen joyous over the birth of Will's son, Daniel.

The Back-Up Plan

Scnet glee5x18 0272

Mercedes arrives home at her apartment. Santana meets her, and asks her why she's so early - she should have been at the recording studio all day. Mercedes tells her that her producer has announced that he "didn't hear a single" on the final cut of her album, and is now worried that the label won't release it. Santana tells her that Mercedes is still doing better than her - she's still working at the Spotlight Diner, with no direction in life. Remembering the greatness of their duets in high school, Mercedes invites Santana to help her find some again. In the studio, Mercedes and Santana try to warm up, but have trouble getting into the groove. Santana suggests that they get out of the recording studio to try and get a more New York vibe. Leaving the studio, they go through the basement of the building, singing Doo Wop (That Thing). The sound is great, and the producer tells Mercedes that she has herself an album. Ecstatic, Mercedes and Santana hug.

Scnet glee5x18 1570

Back in the recording studio, Mercedes asks her producer if she can record her last song as a duet with Santana. DeShawn is skeptical, but Mercedes insists, telling him that it's the take she wants. When the producer asks how she expects the single to sell well with an unheard of duet partner on the album, Santana agrees. She tells Mercedes that it's her big chance and should be all about her. She leaves, leaving Mercedes exasperated.

Fanny santana

At the Spotlight Diner, Mercedes presents Santana with a contract. She tells her that she has managed to wrangle her a deal, saying that she makes her better. Santana protests, telling Mercedes that she's far from the worlds best friend, but Mercedes says that she is worth the wait, and slides the contract over to her. Just as Santana is about to sign, Kurt bursts in. He informs them of the Rachel situation, and suggests some of his idea for organizing a distraction. Telling him that his ideas are horrible, Santana suggests an alternative. At the theatre, Sidney angrily storms into the dressing room to find Santana ready to go on as Fanny Brice. He has major reservations, but Santana reassures him that she's got it. The next day, Rachel cooks Santana a meal as a thank-you for stepping in at the last moment. She reveals that she's been instructed to attend a mandatory meeting with Sidney tomorrow, and has her suspicious that she'll be fired. Santana tells her not to worry, and says that she actually really enjoyed playing Fanny. She asks why she's been invited, and Rachel tells her that she was wondering what she wanted in return. Santana is at first offended, but soon realizes how she may have come off that way. Rachel comments on her new approach to life, and Santana says that she has resolved to use her bitch powers to protect the people she cares about. Touched, Rachel tells her that she was really good as Fanny. Beginning to cry, Rachel expresses her disbelief at her own stupidity, saying that she has screwed it all up for nothing. Santana tells her that she is the kind of person who can't be held down - no matter how awful she is, people will always want to work with her. Smiling, they begin to eat.

Old Dog, New Tricks

Santana is having lunch with Kurt, Rachel, and Blaine, and tells Kurt she has to be in the recording studio all day when he wants to go see a show with them. When Rachel tells them her latest Funny Girl incident is on one of the Broadway blogs, Santana proposes to help her by becoming her publicist.


Later, Santana and Rachel are preparing the 'Broadway Bitches' event in the Bushwick Apartment. Santana has a designer dress for her, which she can wear while taking a few dogs out. She also arranged the paparazzi to be there, so that Rachel can announce her event. When he comes in, they tell Kurt about the event. He asks to perform as well, but Rachel wants to keep it with the girls. Santana tells him it's not personal, but about Rachel and her image. She tells him he would be so good that he would just be pulling the focus from her. When they follow their plan, and let Rachel take the dogs out, everything seems to go according to plan. However, when she is talking to the paparazzi, the dogs run away and drag Rachel along. Santana is shocked, but also has to laugh about it. Afterwards, when they are back at the apartment, Santana says even though it didn't go as well as they'd hoped, it's still a good plan. Over half of the e-vites they sent out got confirmed, and everybody is talking about Rachel's activism. She also arranged a reporter to do a piece on it. Kurt then comes in, telling them he got the role of Peter Pan in the retirement home rendition of the musical, and wants them to come see the show. Santana thinks it's a joke and says she can't make it, since Rachel's event is that night.


The event seems to be a success that Monday, and Santana got a three-legged dog for Rachel to take a press photo with. Rachel then tells her she's really good at this and asks her if she ever thought about doing this professionally. Santana reveals she has, every time she watches Scandal. There is a little incident later, with someone wanting to adopt the three-legged dog before Rachel got to take a photo with it. Rachel gets into a little fight, and Santana makes sure they keep the dog. The woman then gets mad and tells Rachel she's a fraud who's just doing all of this for herself. Santana tells Rachel to not listen to her. Santana is not present at Kurt's show, but does sing Take Me Home Tonight with the rest of the group and Maggie later that night. At the end of the night, the event has turned out to be a big success and Rachel does her interview with Santana and Kurt by her side. She calls Santana her amazing publicist in front of the camera, and Santana introduces herself by telling them her motto: "If I can make Berry work, I can do anything." The three of them then share a hug together.

The Untitled Rachel Berry Project

Santana is mentioned by Mercedes when Brittany asks where she is. Mercedes says that she was shooting a commercial for Yeast-I-Stat in Iowa for the whole week.

Later, right before the performance of Shakin' My Head, Mercedes mentions that Santana is waiting for her and Brittany in Reno to go with them on Mercedes's tour. At the end of the episode, Brittany and Mercedes enter a cab on their way to meet Santana.

In Season Six, Naya Rivera was demoted to recurring cast, by her request.


Santana first appears alongside Brittany and Mercedes with the rest of the alumni soon entering the auditorium. Later in the Choir Room she takes part in the recruitment performance of Take On Me. Later she performs Problem with Artie, Brittany, Quinn, and the cheerios as another recruitment attempt. After the performance when Kitty confronts Artie she tries to sway her back to the glee club by telling her she can be a star but she declines, when Kitty tells them that they're pathetically stuffed into their cheerios uniform again Santana appears to take offense but is interrupted by Madison and Mason who ask to try out together to which she tells them yes. In the choir room they again hear Roderick singing and Santana follows the rest of the group to find him in the library. Later at Roderick's audition of Mustang Sally in the auditorium she along with Brittany and Quinn join him on stage and sing backing vocals for him, after the performance she applauds and cheers for him with the rest of the alumni. When in the choir room introducing Jane and Roderick, Tina announces that two members isn't enough to which Santana enters the room telling her to shut up, along with her she brings Madison and Mason. After hearing the twins' speech about wanting to join she objects and says she thinks she's made a mistake. Finally when Home starts she joyfully joins in singing and dancing with Brittany and the others and cheering during Madison and Mason's audition.

Jagged Little Tapestry

In the choir room Santana makes a joke about Rachel's hair extensions when the assignment is revealed, she then looks uncomfortable as Rachel and Kurt being acting passive aggressive towards each other. After the two stop arguing she informs them that she and Brittany will perform first whilst Rachel and Kurt sort their issues out.

Later she and Brittany are seen cuddling in Brittany's bedroom while talking about the song they're going to perform. Santana proposes the idea of Hand in My Pocket/I Feel the Earth Move whilst Brittany suggests You Oughta Know. Santana explains that a song from each album is required and a mash up is the best way to inspire the new glee club, they share a kiss and Santana shares the idea of the two moving to New York together and going back to college. They say "I love you" and lie on the bed together. Brittany tells Santana that she will love her "until infinity", to which Santana replies with the same words.

The next day in the choir room the two perform their mash up. After the performance she asks Brittany to take a seat, Santana gushes about her feelings to Brittany and telling her that "she's her favorite person". She then gets down on one knee and proposes, to which Brittany says yes. Kurt objects but Santana ignores him and instead thanks Tina for her support. The scene ends with Santana staring at Kurt whilst the rest of the group rally around the happy couple. Later in the hallway she walks up to Kurt and Rachel and barrages Kurt with insults because of his reaction, she then walks away, proud of her victory.

She then watches the performance of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/Head Over Feet Love M sung by Jane and Mason in the auditorium. During So Far Away Becky runs out so Santana, Brittany, Quinn, and Tina give chase and follow her into a classroom. Santana tells them that a lie she told at a beginning of her relationships was that "she was straight", she then offers some helpful relationship advice to Becky, which she then follows up with another set of insults because Sue told her to treat Becky like a normal person.

At the end of the week she participates in You Learn/You've Got a Friend with the rest of the New Directions and Alumni.

The Hurt Locker, Part Two

Santana is briefly mentioned, when Rachel talks to Kitty about how Santana was the top-bitch in the choir room, and she wants her to join.

What the World Needs Now

Whilst Brittany is talking to her parents about the engagement Santana is called "Yeasty" by Brittany's mother and her step-father asks who she is. She first appears in a performance of Baby It's You alongside Brittany, Mercedes, and Rachel, singing back up for Mercedes. She again is mentioned by Brittany when she refers to being with Santana "is like heaven".

Later in Brittany's bedroom she and Brittany are talking about their wedding guests, Santana explains that she and her Abuela were very close and that they would always "play wedding", Santana then further explains that she's always wanted her in the front row crying but she can't. She then states that having her Abuela at her wedding means not marrying Brittany and that she chooses Brittany, Brittany says she chooses Santana and the two kiss.

Santana is next seen the McKinley hallways as she watches Brittany sign autographs for people, she walks up to her confused and asks what she's doing, she then questions Brittany on being friends with her Abuela, acting hurt and angry but she soon changes her attitude once Brittany explains her motives. Before leaving Santana asks for Brittany's autograph and she tells her she loves her and kisses her again.

Further on in the week Brittany brings Alma to the auditorium to watch Santana perform Alfie with the returning Alumni and New Directions, during the performance Santana smiles at Brittany as she joins her on stage. After the performance Brittany, Santana, and Alma meet on stage and Brittany explains that Santana is her fiancée. Santana tells her Abuela that when she was younger she told Santana to be bigger than the world and that she has done that. Alma tells Santana that she loves her but doesn't love her 'sin', to which Santana reacts upset to. Santana watches as Brittany tells Alma what she thinks of her, supporting her fiancée every step of the way and tells Alma to "take a look" at what real love looks like. Santana further explains that she'd rather have Brittany in her family than Alma and the latter walks away.

Towards the end of the week Brittany and Santana meet in the hallway heading towards the auditorium, Santana tells Brittany that she isn't mad at Alma but that she just feels sad for her, she further tells Brittany how proud she is of her and that she wanted to believe her Abuela could change but she's happy with the amount of love in her life already. In the auditorium the New Directions are there to escort Brittany and Santana to their seats, the Alumni then appear on stage and tell Santana and Brittany how much they love them, they then begin performing What the World Needs Now, during the performance Mercedes brings them on stage and the scene cuts to Mr. Schuester's apartment, she enjoys the party going on and is shown cooing over Daniel with Mr. Schuester, the scene then cuts back to the auditorium as the song ends and Santana and Brittany are stood in the middle as the Alumni, New Directions, and Will embrace them.


Santana is seen in some pictures that Rachel has on the wall of her bedroom.

A Wedding

Brittany’s mother (Whitney) opens up a door of a barn, in Indiana. Artie, Santana, Brittany and Maribel (Santana’s mother) walk in, where Artie questions why they are there. Santana replies that since gay marriage is not fully legalized in Ohio, to which Artie states that he meant why they’re in a barn, Maribel nodding. Whitney declares that she wants Brittany and Santana to get married in the barn that Brittany was born in, where everyone looks surprised. Whitney retells how they were shopping for electric fires, before she had a horrible ingestion from having apple butter, telling Pierce (Brittany’s father) to pull the car over, and ran into the barn. She continues, demonstrating how Brittany was born, by squatting down. She states how lucky there was a cow at the time, to lick her clean, and took her back to the car, to which her father was surprised. Maribel comments on how insane that story was. Santana interrupts, saying that she’s happy that their moms and friends, holding Brittany’s hands, stating its the perfect place for them to get married, where Whitney smiles, pleased. Mariel tells them that she can work with it. Whitney replies that she must, to which Maribel looks annoyed by the response. Artie states, that as their wedding planner, he’ll make the wedding work, saying the barn has potential.

In a wedding shop, Santana talks to Rachel, Tina and Mercedes about how she and Brittany will try out wedding dresses, for the wedding, Brittany stating that there should be no peaking at each other’s dresses. They walk out in different dresses, to which the 3 girls judge their dresses. Brittany walks out, where all of them agree that the dress she is wearing, is the right one. Santana walks from behind, talking to Brittany about how beautiful she looks, to which Brittany and the others react superstitiously about how she’s seeing her in her, dress, all of them ushering Santana to go back in change.

The following day, in the choir room, Brittany walks in holding a chicken, to make the bad luck go away. Rachel exclaims that she won’t sacrifice it, Santana making Brittany take the chicken outside. Santana then tells her, that if she wants her to distract her minds, she should help with the seating plan. Brittany states they Dewey decimal system, moving Kurt’s chair next to Rachel, because they’re both annoying. Mercedes comments on why Rachel is not next to Sam. Rachel states that Burt and Carole will be there, and that she hasn’t been talking with them recently, and doesn’t want to hurt them.. Mercedes reassure her that they’ll want her to move on, just like they did with their first spouses’ death. Rachel moves Sam’s chair next to hers. Santana see’s that Sue’s on the list, asking why she’s on the list. Brittany states how that she’s been a big part of their lives, putting them on the cheerios. Mercedes states that there’s an 80% chance that she will ruin it. Rachel then follows on, saying that if she’s not invited, there will be a 99% chance that she will ruin it. Santana storms out, saying that if she’s there, than she’ll not be.

In Sue’s office, Sue polishes her trophies as Santana walks in, asking why she was called. Sue states that she’s hurt by not being invited to the wedding. Continuing, she says that they should but their differences aside for that day. Santana bluntly says she wants to be surrounded by people she loves, and who love her, stating that Sue can only love herself. Sue says that she knows nothing about her. Santana walks up to her, telling her how selfish and self-centered she is, restating the event when Sue dressed up in a wedding gown for Will and Emma’s wedding, and also married herself. She continues, saying that she is incapable of a selfless act, and if she shows up, she’ll be dragged out by the security guards. Santana walks out, as Sue looks disappointed.

At the wedding day, Mercedes, Tina and Rachel are gathered with Brittany (Brittany in her dress, while the other three, in bridesmaids dresses. Brittany paces, saying to find things (lizards and spiders) for her good luck. They walk out. Santana comes from behind, saying that when she pictured her wedding, she taught she’d be the most beautiful bride, but states that Brittany is. Brittany tries to cover her dress, trying to push Santana away, complaining about how she’s trying to sabotage the wedding. Santana comes back in, saying that at first, it was adorable, but now it isn’t. She explains about how the superstition of not seeing the bride before the wedding came to light, stating that it had to do with arranged marriages, where they believed they would bail out, if they saw their faces. She continues that its not them, and tells her she’s sorry that she can’t spend an hour without her, because she would then miss her, to which Brittany smiles. Santana states that rules don’t apply to them, and tells her that its good luck to kiss, before the wedding. They kiss passionately. Brittany then tells her if that means she can take off the blue underwear that she got from Tina, to which they both look disgusted. As they talk, Sue walks in, to which Santana asks why she’s there. Santana then says that Brittany might be right about them having bad luck. Sue tells her that she has a gift, Santana saying that she can’t give a gift that she wants. Sue, unfazed, tells her that she’ll change her tune, and brings out Santana’s abuela, Alma. Sue explains how she stopped by her house the night before, as they both were not attending the wedding, intending for reverse phycology It cuts to a flashback of Sue knocking on Alma’s door, asking her if she wants to help her ruin the day, referring to things that people do to homosexuals. Back in the barn, Alma states that she may not agree with what Santana’s doing, but she was wrong, that family is the most important thing in the world. She states that she doesn’t want to be the person that causes her pain, and doesn’t want to miss the important days. Santana says that she doesn’t believe in things that abuela says either, but has missed her. Alma says she’s missed her too. They hug, Brittany joining in as Santana says thank you to Sue. Sue walks out.

In the main part of the barn, Sue walks up to Kurt and Blaine and states there is an emergency, involving Brittany and Santana, using their ship name, Brittana. They follow her to the room where Brittany and Santana were. Blaine opens the door, and they walk in, seeing wedding suits, with their faces stuck to it. Kurt asks what’s going on. Brittany states that when she was planning for the wedding, she couldn’t stop thinking of them, saying she looked up to them in high school, saying that when they broke up, it broke her heart, and know wants her dream back. Kurt realizes that she wants them to get married with her. Sue tells Blaine that she wants them to get married. Brittany asks what they think. Kurt tells her that they think she’s crazy, as they just got back together, and that Santana would never let them crash the wedding. Santana comes out, saying that she’s already agreed with them. Blaine tells them that they don’t have rings. Sue states that she already has rings, referring to the ones that she wore, when she married herself. Kurt tells them that its romantic, but they can’t, to which he tries to get Blaine agree with him. Blaine says that he doesn’t know what to make of it. He continues, saying what Burt and Carole were saying earlier, and loves him, saying its crazy, and he doesn’t know, saying “but”. Kurt surprised, asks “but what?”.

At the wedding, Artie and Mercedes sing At Last, everyone looking happy, as Sue comes to sit with them. Kurt and Brittany come out first, going through the aisle to the stage. Blaine and Santana come next, to which everyone then realizes happily, that there is going to be a double wedding. After the Song, Burt walks up and addresses the audience, saying that he’s been lucky enough to marry the loves of his life, and now is even luckier to officiate the wedding for the both of them. Burt thanks the four of them, saying that they’re brave to stand up and get married, as Maribel and Alma glance at each other, looking happy. He continues, saying that love and marriage is a ride, wanting to do it together. Burt then asks for the vows, Whitney once again commenting on how Pierce is still not back. Kurt, Brittany, Santana and Blaine then do the vows with each other, saying how it seemed they wouldn’t be themselves, but since they met each other, they’ve become better. They all say that they’re a work in progress, and say I Do to each other, putting the rings on each other’s fingers. Burt then says that they are now married, and that God supports them, as everyone claps when they kiss, doves flying out behind them.

After Pierce´ speech at the reception, Santana stands up, saying they have a gift for them. She tells them that “OTP” stands for “One True Pairing", stating that she was lucky to find hers, along with Kurt and Blaine, wanting them to join them on the dance floor, to get the party started. Artie then goes on the dance floor, singing Hey Ya!, with Madison and Jane as back-up, where everyone is dancing.

Later the mothers of the 4 newly weds says they have something special for them, introducing the reunion of The Troubletones, to which they all sing I'm So Excited.

Afterwards, Blaine, Brittany, Kurt and Santana talk to the audience, thanking them about how real love is waiting for them and sing together Our Day Will Come, to which everyone dance.

In the auditorium, Blaine, Kurt, Brittany and Santana are gathered, knowing that Sue brought them there. Sue walks out, on stage, combining their last names together. Blaine states they appreciate what she did for them. Santana asks what they’re doing there. Sue states that she wanted to give them one more gift and realizes that they see her as a driven, bi-polar role model, but states they can’t help, but sees them as her kids. She tells them that she’s cancelled their honeymoons, and arranged one for them. Blaine reads out that they have a weekend trip to Provincetown. Santana and Brittany open theirs, reading out that they’re going on a expense paid, month long trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. They exclaim and hug Sue. Brittany and Santana say she’s the best and after Sue left, the two couples walk together, saying how they can’t believe that what they did. Brittany states how they now have the same anniversary date. The three others look shocked, as Brittany states how they’re in this together, and celebrate their anniversaries together. Kurt suggests they should celebrate it every 5 years. They keep planning, as they walk out of the auditorium.

The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

Santana is mentioned by Sue Sylvester when she says that Quinn, Brittany, and Santana Lopez are one of her most successful Cheerios during an interview with Geraldo Rivera. "I wished your interviewed some of my more successful Cheerios. Like Quinn Fabray, currently enrolled at Yale, Brittany S. Pierce, math prodigy M.I.T., Santana Lopez was a Broadway understudy and now could have a very promising career as a high class prostitute". Geraldo then tells her that they did reach out to all three of them and they declined to comment, leaving Sue seemingly speechless.

We Built This Glee Club

Santana is seen via flashback during the delivery of different championships trophies.


She is seen during Don't Stop Believin' watching the performance with Sue and Quinn.

Dreams Come True

Santana comes to the auditorium with Brittany at the end of the episode, they perform backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the Glee Cast.



Santana, like Quinn, has been primarily shown to be something of a cheerleading stereotype. Quick to pass judgment, and insult and even bully other people. She views her bitchy behavior as honesty and sees nothing wrong with it. She is proud of being the top bitch. Santana seems to find no issue flaunting her spot on the social ladder that is High School or being promiscuous to remain on top. At the beginning of the series, she acts more like a sidekick to Quinn, following her orders and usually letting her do all the talking. This changes when Quinn is kicked off the Cheerios by Sue due to being pregnant, thus making Santana the head cheerleader.

Santana also demonstrates occasional signs of kindness, usually with the Glee Club after a good performance or in her interactions with Brittany. Deep down Santana is less conceited than she appears to be. She has admitted that she loves being in Glee Club, and that it is the best part of her day. She follows up this confession with instructions that if anyone asks, they are to say that she hates it, showing that she cares a lot about her image. Santana has grown to be a better person through Glee, she actively admits to hating the people in the club before joining, but now views them as her equals, closest friends, and even considers them her family (whom she is highly protective of). Now she is more caring and compassionate toward others, for instance, comforting Rachel, her former enemy when Rachel had her pregnancy scare. Still, she can be seen as an antagonist because of her mean streak which is mainly displayed in the show.

She is extremely emotional at certain times for ridiculous reasons (losing tanning privileges or missing out on the Breadstix passes), and is often comforted by Brittany. Santana gets jealous quite easily, especially when it concerns her sexual partners. She has displayed hostility towards Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes, Lauren, Artie, Rory and Sam when they are seen to be in a relationship with Puck or Brittany. It is very possible that she does this because she is simply lonely, which is why she wants to show off her image and reputation.


Santana is also known to be manipulative and persuasive. For example, when Brittany chose Artie over her she lied to Brittany about cheating so she and Brittany could continue to intimate. Santana tries to get what she wants through scheming, always making plans that would have results in her favor, but most times it backfires. For example, In Born This Way, she made a plan to get more votes for Prom Queen that includes: Using Karofsky's sexuality to blackmail him to being her 'Beard' and to stop being a bully so she could get Kurt to enroll be in McKinley. However, Kurt ended up winning the crown.

Santana can be considered the most perceptive character on the show. she is always finding out others secrets just by observing. For instance, when she found out Quinn was cheating on Sam with Finn just by noticing the changes, small changes in Quinn and Finn's behavior. or when she finds out Kitty was making Marley feel like she was fat. She uses this ability to her advantage. When it comes to friendships and romantic relationships she takes them very seriously. Whenever someone tries to hurt those she cares for she becomes very defensive, examples including confronting Sebastian and the Warblers, alone, when he slushied Blaine resulting in Blaine having eye surgery.

Santana acts confident, but it has been proven on few occasions she's actually insecure, like when she got a boob job over the summer so people would notice her more. She gets incredibly hostile when her weaknesses are exposed, examples including attacking Quinn in the hall for telling Sue about her "summer surgery" and having Santana knocked down to the bottom of the pyramid. It's also been shown that while she has no problem insulting and putting down others, she can "dish it out, but can't take it," and gets upset when the glee club members turn on her, showing she cares a lot about what people think of her.


Santana describes herself as a "closeted lesbian" in Born This Way. She is seen to be something of a nymphet in the first two seasons. She has dated and slept with many guys although she didn't have any deep feeling for them; most of the time she was involved with them only in exchange for popularity/status, and has also had sex with Brittany on what is implied to have been multiple occasions, as shown in the episode Duets: she mentioned to Brittany that making out was a "nice break from all that scissoring." It seems, however, that she is either afraid or embarrassed by her same-sex attractions, when she tells Brittany that she isn't making out with her because she is in love with her, even though Brittany said nothing of the sort. It would make sense in the context, though, because Brittany had proposed a duet by famous out singer Melissa Etheridge.

In addition to her relationship with Brittany, Santana's sexuality is addressed in the fifteenth episode of season Two, Sexy, after Holly Holliday returns to McKinley as a Sex Ed teacher. She says she "doesn't know" when she is asked if she thinks she might be a lesbian, but admits having been attracted to both men and women in the past. Santana, after asking Holly Holliday help to express her feelings through a song (Landslide), finally admits to being in love with Brittany, and though Brittany admits to loving her back, she can't bring herself to break up with Artie - who she also loves - to be with Santana. After the song, and deeply considering her feelings for Brittany, she explicitly compared her situation with Kurt's, tells Brittany "I don't want to be with Sam, or Finn, or any of those other guys; I just want you!," refers to Artie as "just a stupid boy," and makes a disparaging remark about Brittany's evident sexual fluidity, leading some fans and commentators to believe she is a lesbian which was later confirmed at Paley Fest 2011.

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S5 Santana

Brad Falchuk was quoted as saying in upcoming episodes regarding Brittana, they want "Santana to come to grips with being a lesbian and how she deals with it." They will "explore Brittana as individuals, but it will definitely come back to Brittana." Falchuk added. "We want to make sure everybody is included. Santana is a lesbian. She might not be ready to come out yet, but she is." In Born This Way during a voiceover Santana admits that she is a closeted lesbian, and later tells Dave Karofsky that they "play on the same team". When Brittany gave her a shirt she made her for the Born This Way number that said "Lebanese"(supposed to say lesbian), Santana tells Brittany that she can't tell anyone about it and doesn't perform in the number. But, she is later seen in the audience wearing the "Lebanese" shirt. The "lesbian" storyline continues into the third season, and leads to Santana being pushed out of the closet by Finn. She fully admits to it and later tells her parents that she is a lesbian.


Main article: Brittany-Santana Relationship (Brittana, Santittany)
Tumblr lht47vUAxK1qdyr3fo1 500

Brittany and Santana after performing Landslide to the Glee Club.

Santana and Brittany are both members of the Cheerios and best friends. They are considered just friends until Sectionals, when it is revealed that they have slept together. This was confirmed during a promo on the Fox website, "Glee-Wind: Season One Relationships," where they are labeled as best friends with benefits. There are many hints in episodes that give the indication that they are more than friends and in Duets, it contains the first scene of them as a couple, in which they make out on Brittany's bed. It is obvious that they have been together before as in response to Brittany saying that she loves 'sweet lady kisses', Santana says 'it's a nice break from all that scissoring'. Santana also remarks that she is only with Brittany just because Puck is in juvy, and that she is like a lizard and needs something warm beneath her or she can't digest her food, and that she doesn't love her. Brittany then starts a relationship with Artie to make Santana jealous and bans Santana from having sex with her.

In Sexy, Santana admits to Brittany that she loves her and wants to be with her. Brittany says that she loves her too, but has feelings for Artie too. Santana leaves, angry and upset. In Original Song, Brittany approaches Santana outside her locker asking if she did anything wrong. Santana still upset from being rejected by her, is hostile and says "I don't know, did you? All I know is you blew me off…to be with Stubbles McCripple Pants. It's fine. It's your loss…cause now I get the chance to write an awesome heterosexual song about Sam, that we're gonna sing at Regionals." In Born This Way, Santana hatches a plan to win Brittany back which involves getting Kurt to come back to McKinley. Brittany also tries to help Santana come to terms with her being a lesbian and makes her a misspelled shirt saying 'Lebanese' instead of lesbian for their Glee Club task. Brittany storms off saying "I do love you. Clearly, you don't love you as much as I do or you'd put the shirt on and you would dance with me." Santana doesn't join in the dance but is seen sitting in the auditorium seats wearing her Lebanese shirt. In Rumours, Brittany, on her internet talk show, says that Santana plays for another team meaning that she now plays for New Direction and not the Cheerios. Mad, Santana approaches Brittany arguing that she could've phrased it differently. After Brittany breaks up with Artie, Santana brings Brittany to the choir room and sings Songbird to her to cheer her up. Brittany wants her to come on Fondue for Two, so she can tell Santana how she feels, and then ask her to prom. Santana agrees. However, Santana doesn't show up for the Fondue for Two segment. Afterward, Jacob grills Santana about her relationship with David Karofsky, while Brittany sadly watches. Santana assures him their relationship is going strong.

In Season Three, they officially start dating in Pot o' Gold over dinner at Breadstix. Santana asks if they can 'talk about the thing that they never talk about'. Asking whether they are dating or not, Brittany says that she thought they were on a date, just like last week when they were sharing a bath together. She also stated that last year she said 'If I'm single and you're single, we'd mingle'. In Mash Off, Santana finally makes her relationship with Brittany public after being outed by Finn, and reveals to her family that she is a lesbian. Their relationship continues for the rest of the season.

In Season Four, Santana ends their relationship in The Break-Up, stating that their long distance relationship isn't working and that she'll always love her the most. By that time Santana is attending the University of Louisville and Brittany is repeating her senior year. In Diva, she makes an attempt to win Brittany back after hearing about Brittany dating Sam, but eventually gives up.

In Season Five, They share a kiss in 100, but Santana backs away saying that it isn't a good idea. In New Directions they get back together, planning to take a holiday to Lesbos Island so they can spend time with each other, and then move in together. Finding out that Lesbos Island wasn't full of lesbians, Santana buys them plane tickets to New York and asks Brittany to come with her to NY, to which she agrees.

In the Season Six episode Jagged Little Tapestry Santana asks Brittany to marry her and she says yes, making them engaged. In A Wedding they got married.

Main article: Puck-Santana Relationship (Pucktana)
They date in early episodes, but Santana breaks up with him because of his bad credit score and says that she needs someone who can support her. However, she still has some sort of attachment to him and becomes extremely jealous when Rachel, Quinn, Mercedes and Lauren show interest in Puck. They have slept together in the past and have often sexted, and in never ben kissed they go on a double date with Artie and Brittany. However, they were never an official couple. Even though they haven't showed many signs of love they have sung as partners in many group number performances. When Santana came out of the closet, Puck dedicates the song I'm The Only One to her.

Main article: Finn-Santana Relationship (Finntana)

Santana and Finn in bed

Finn and Santana had a frenemy type of relationship. It starts with Sue ordering Santana and Brittany to go after Finn and take him from Rachel, so that she will quit the Glee Club. Sue later wants the Cheerios to date younger men, Santana has her mind set on taking Finn's virginity (since Brittany pointed out Finn was a few days younger than Santana) and she succeeds. After they were never romantic with each other and had many arguments. In Season Four, it seems that they are good friends and help each other out when they need it, Finn asks Santana for help with the musical and Santana calls him when she finds out about Brody's job.

Main article: Sam-Santana Relationship (Samtana)
Samtana- Comeback


In The Rocky Horror Glee Show, Santana is shown to be interested in Sam's abs. However, things get more serious when in Silly Love Songs, as the Warblers put on a performance at Breadstix, Santana is seen to turn around to look at Sam and wave at him, while he smiles back. In Comeback, Santana convinces Sam that Quinn cheated on him with Finn, which thus ended Quinn and Sam's relationship and they started dating. However, in Sexy, she told Brittany she didn't want to be with Sam nor any other guy, she just wants to be with her. but in original song she writes a song for him. singing trouty mouth stating in the song she likes to kiss him. They officially broke up in Born This Way, Santana got with Karofsky because she didn't think Sam was popular enough to help her win Prom Queen.

Main article: Santana-Dave Relationship (Santofsky)
In A Night of Neglect, Santana finds out there's a secret between Kurt and Karofsky. In Born This Way, Santana makes a deal with Dave; they know that they're both gay, so they pretend to have a relationship, calling each other their "beards," so that no one will find out their true sexualities. They enter the contest at prom for Prom King and Queen, so Santana will make Brittany fall in love with her, however in Prom Queen, Dave wins Prom King, but Santana loses to Kurt for Prom Queen. They ended their relationship.

Main article: Quinn-Santana Relationship (Quinntana)
Screencaptumblr quinntana
Santana was presented as more or less a side-kick to Quinn in Pilot. Since then, they've maintained a frenemy-relationship. In Season Two, Santana is mad at Quinn for stealing the head-cheerio spot, but in Season Three, they seem to be quite close again. In I Do, they ended up sleeping with each other at Will and Emma's failed wedding after getting drunk.

Main article: Dani-Santana Relationship (Dantana)
They met in the second episode of Season Five, Tina in the Sky with Diamonds , while they were refilling ketchup bottles at the Spotlight Diner. Both are seen to be interested in the other and later in the episode they share a small kiss. Later on, Santana mentions to Rachel and Kurt that the two are officially girlfriends. Later in A Katy or A Gaga, they both join Kurt's Band. They break-up prior to New Directions.


Total - 117

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Express Yourself The Power of Madonna Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina
Like a Virgin Emma, Finn, Jesse, Rachel, and Will
Bad Romance Theatricality Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, and Tina
Don't Stop Believin' Journey Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, and Rachel
To Sir, with Love Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
Back-up singing
Season One
Song Episode Sung by Backup with
Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin' Journey Artie, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, and Rachel Quinn

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Empire State of Mind Audition Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Puck, and Rachel
Toxic Britney/Brittany Brittany, Rachel, Tina, and Will
Time Warp Glee: The Music, The Rocky Horror Glee Show Artie, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Quinn, and Tina
Start Me Up/Livin' on a Prayer Never Been Kissed Brittany, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
Forget You The Substitute Artie, Holly, and Mercedes
Deck the Rooftop Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album Artie, Finn, Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina
Thriller/Heads Will Roll The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Artie, Finn, and Rachel
Blame It (On the Alcohol) Blame It on the Alcohol Artie, Mercedes, and Puck
Loser Like Me Original Song Brittany, Finn, Mercedes, and Rachel
I Love New York/New York, New York New York Artie, Brittany, Finn, Mercedes, and Rachel
Light Up the World Artie, Brittany, Finn, Rachel, and Tina
Back-up singing
Season Two
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
Sweet Transvestite The Rocky Horror Glee Show Mercedes Brittany
Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me Emma Brittany, Carl, Finn, Kurt, and Will
(I've Had) The Time of My Life Special Education Quinn and Sam Mercedes
Landslide Sexy Holly Brittany

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Three
Song Episode Solos with
We Got the Beat The Purple Piano Project Brittany and Rachel
It's All Over Asian F Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Will
Candyman Pot o' Gold Brittany, Mercedes, and Sugar
America The First Time Mike, Puck, Rory, and Tina
Rumour Has It/Someone Like You Mash Off Brittany and Mercedes
Constant Craving I Kissed a Girl Kurt and Shelby
Survivor/I Will Survive Hold on to Sixteen Brittany, Mercedes, and Sugar
We Are Young Finn, Mercedes, Quinn, Rachel, and Sam
Do They Know It's Christmas? Extraordinary Merry Christmas Artie, Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rachel, and Tina
Summer Nights Yes/No Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Rory, Sam, Sugar, and Tina
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face Mercedes, Rachel, and Tina
Bad Michael Artie, Blaine, and Sebastian
Black or White Artie, Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel
Fly/I Believe I Can Fly On My Way Artie, Blaine, Finn, Mercedes, and Rachel
What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger) Brittany and Mercedes
Stayin' Alive Saturday Night Glee-ver Finn and Mercedes
How Will I Know Dance with Somebody Kurt, Mercedes, and Rachel
Cell Block Tango Choke Brittany, Mercedes, Sugar, and Tina
Shake It Out Mercedes and Tina
Edge of Glory Nationals Mercedes, Quinn, and Tina
Paradise by the Dashboard Light Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Rachel
Tongue Tied Artie, Finn, and Rachel
We Are the Champions Finn, Kurt, Puck, Quinn, and Rachel
Back-up singing
Season Three
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
Run the World (Girls) Asian F Brittany N/A
Disco Inferno Saturday Night Glee-ver Mercedes Brittany
More Than a Woman Finn Kurt
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Four
Song Episode Solos with
The Scientist The Break-Up Blaine, Brittany, Emma, Finn, Kurt, Rachel, and Will
There Are Worse Things I Could Do Glease Cassandra and Unique
You're the One That I Want Blaine, Brittany, Finn, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, and Ryder
Homeward Bound/Home Thanksgiving Finn, Mercedes, Mike, Puck, and Quinn
Love Song Naked Quinn and Rachel
We've Got Tonite I Do Artie, Betty, Blaine, Finn, Jake, Kurt, Marley, Quinn, and Rachel
Mamma Mia Guilty Pleasures Blaine, Kitty, Kurt, Marley, Rachel, Sam, and Unique
At the Ballet Lights Out Isabelle, Kurt, and Rachel
Back-up singing
Season Four
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
Come See About Me Thanksgiving Quinn Brittany
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Five
Song Episode Solos with
Let It Be Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Artie, Kitty, Kurt, Rachel, and Tina
Seasons of Love The Quarterback Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, and Tina
Roar A Katy or A Gaga Dani, Elliott, Kitty, Rachel, Sam, Tina, and Unique
Just the Way You Are Movin' Out Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, and Sam
The Fox Puppet Master Artie, Blaine, Elliott, Jake, Kitty, Rachel, and Tina
Here Comes Santa Claus (Down Santa Claus Lane) Previously Unaired Christmas Kurt and Rachel
The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late) Cody, Kurt, and Rachel
Away in a Manger Kitty, Kurt, and Rachel
Gloria Trio Elliott and Rachel
Hold On Artie, Blaine, Dani, Elliott, Kurt, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
Toxic 100 Brittany and Quinn
Take Me Home Tonight Old Dog, New Tricks Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Maggie, Mercedes, Rachel, and Sam
Back-up singing
Season Five
Song Episode Sung by Back-up with
Lovefool Opening Night Rachel Tina
Pumpin Blood Rachel Blaine, Kurt, and Mercedes

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Six
Song Episode Solos with
Take On Me Homecoming Artie, Brittany, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Sam, and Tina
Problem Artie, Brittany, and Quinn
Home Artie, Brittany, Jane, Kurt, Madison, Mason, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Roderick, Spencer, and Tina
You Learn/You've Got a Friend Jagged Little Tapestry Brittany, Kurt, Quinn, Rachel, and Tina
I'm So Excited A Wedding Brittany, Maribel, Mercedes, and Whitney
Our Day Will Come Blaine, Brittany, and Kurt



  • Santana is the first openly lesbian character on the show.
  • Santana is the only Latin main character on the show.
  • Her middle name is "Diabla" as referred by Ryan on a tweet. Source
  • She, along with Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Will, Sue, Mike, Quinn, Becky, and Brittany, are the only characters to have their middle name revealed.
  • In I Kissed a Girl, Santana mentions she has an alter-ego named "Snixx." This is a reference to one of Naya Rivera's nicknames.
  • She, Rachel and Tina, are the only characters to ever have a solo in a competition.
  • Her favorite song is You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette.
  • She is left handed.
  • She, Blaine and Marley are the only characters to sing more songs than Rachel in a season, singing two more than her in Season Three.
  • In every setlist that Will picks out she was included while she was present in New Directions.
  • She doesn't like the color pink.
  • Though she was named Rachel's publicist in Old Dog, New Tricks, it is seen that before Loser Like Me, she either resigned or couldn't keep the job as she went on tour with Mercedes and Brittany.
  • Starting from Season Two she has had at least one solo per season.
  • She's sung at least one duet every season.
    • She's the only student, who isn't one of the original six to achieve this. The others are Artie, Kurt, Rachel, and Will.
  • She, along with Mercedes, Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Artie and Blaine are the only characters who sang more than 100 songs.
    • She and Blaine are the only students who aren't one of the original six to achieve this.
  • She has cried on screen more times than any other character, her total being sixteen times.
  • She has been slapped the most on the show. She has been slapped by Rachel, Quinn, and Lauren.
  • While only being credited for 99 episodes, Santana has appeared in 100 episodes if one were to count her Pilot footage in 2009.
  • She, along with Artie, Carole, Emma, Figgins, Kurt, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Rachel, Sue, Terri, Tina, and Will are the only characters to appear in the first and last episode.
  • She is the third student to be featured in every song of a New Directions setlist (2010 Sectionals) after Rachel Berry (2009 Sectionals, 2010 Regionals, 2011 Regionals and 2011 Nationals), Finn Hudson (2010 Regionals and 2011 Nationals) and followed by Kitty Wilde (2015 Sectionals).
  • Her first line would've been in the Pilot episode, but, the scene she talked in was cut out during editing. Showmance would include her first ever line on the series.