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Sean Fretthold is a disabled ex-football player who made his one-episode appearance in the Laryngitis, the eighteenth episode of Season One. The creators of Glee named his character after a real, non-disabled person.

He is portrayed by Zack Weinstein.


Season One


Sean Fretthold is introduced as a football player who was paralyzed below the upper chest after injuring his spinal cord at the C4 vertebrae in a football accident. He is good friends with Finn Hudson, who brings Rachel Berry to meet him. Sean appears to have somewhat of a crush on Rachel, calling her a "hottie," and asking her if she had a boyfriend. Sean has a conversation with Rachel about losing something that means everything to you, because she is afraid her tonsil surgery will take her voice. Sean shows her the wheelchair he uses and talks about his new-found love for singing and math. Sean tells the story of when he first used his wheelchair, himself, and his family where very thrilled about the chair but once Sean was left alone he drove it into the swimming pool where his mother had to pull him back out.

After Rachel is cured, she returns to explain that she didn't need surgery after all. She says that Sean inspired her, and offers to give him singing lessons, since he had previously revealed he loved to sing. The show closes with a duet by Sean and Rachel on One, which transitions into New Directions' performance of the song in the McKinley auditorium.

His singing lessons with Rachel are never mentioned again.


  • Finn said he met Sean a few years ago at football camp, shortly afterwards, he had the accident. However, in the picture of a non-paralyzed Sean, he appeared to look the same age as the current one.
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