Season One of Glee first aired on September 21, 2009, four months after the Pilot was broadcasted on May 19, 2009. The season officially concluded on June 8, 2010.

The series focuses on a high school Glee Club called the New Directions, set within the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio.

Major themes of Season One included the characters' desires to escape the confines of small-town Ohio life and make an impact on the world rather than remaining a "Lima Loser." Many of the story arcs, most notably Quinn's pregnancy and the New Directions' rivalry with Carmel High's Glee Club Vocal Adrenaline, are related to this concept. The other major motif of season one was the characters concealing and revealing their true selves. This includes major events like the blossoming romance between Finn and Rachel, Quinn's lies about her child's father, Kurt's coming out, and Terri's fake pregnancy.

Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray), Chris Colfer (Kurt Hummel), Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri Del Monico), Jane Lynch (Sue Sylvester), Jayma Mays (Emma Pillsbury), Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams), Lea Michele (Rachel Berry), Cory Monteith (Finn Hudson), Matthew Morrison (Will Schuester), Amber Riley (Mercedes Jones), Mark Salling (Noah Puckerman), and Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina Cohen-Chang) were introduced as the main casts in this season. It made them the original main cast of Glee.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Stars

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Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
Gatuzou 1. "Pilot" May 19, 2009 9.62

Plot: Optimistic high school teacher Will Schuester tries to refuel his own passion for the performing arts while reinventing McKinley High School's Glee Club and challenging a group of outcasts to realize their star potential. Going up against McKinley's cruel high school caste system and facing harsh criticism from everyone around him, Will is determined to prove them all wrong. This episode introduces major plot lines such as: Will's motivation to build the New Directions, Rachel and Finn's relationship, choosing between Football/Cheerios and Glee Club, Sue's motivation to tear the Glee Club apart, and Quinn desperately trying to get Finn back.

Singles: "On My Own" (Rachel), "Can't Fight This Feeling" (Finn), "Rehab" (Vocal Adrenaline), "Leaving on a Jet Plane" (Will), "Don't Stop Believin'" (Rachel and Finn with New Directions)

Salpfys1 2. "Showmance" September 9, 2009 7.50

Plot: The Glee Club performs in front of the school for the first time and surprises everyone in the audience. When Rachel realizes her feelings for FinnQuinn goes to great lengths to keep her man at the time. Meanwhile, Will's wife, Terri, reveals some surprising news, leaving Will to figure out a new way to make ends meet. The title is a pun on the words show, referring to New Directions performing in front of the school, and romance, alluding to the different love triangles.

Singles: "Gold Digger" (Will, Mercedes, and Artie with New Directions), "Push It" (New Directions), "I Say a Little Prayer" (Quinn with Santana and Brittany), "Take a Bow" (Rachel with Mercedes and Tina)

103-1 3. "Acafellas" September 16, 2009 6.69

Plot: The episode sees the Glee Club director Will Schuester form an all-male a cappella group, the Acafellas, spending more time building his own confidence while neglecting the club. Will tells his parents that Terri is pregnant, and Rachel hires Dakota Stanley, due to Quinn and Santana's advice and "concern" on their choreography, to help coach them to Nationals. Will is slowly being pulled away from Glee Club as he works with the Acafellas. Meanwhile, Mercedes is bitten by the love bug, but her feelings aren't reciprocated.

Singles: "Mercy" (Vocal Adrenaline), "This Is How We Do It" (Acafellas), "Bust Your Windows" (Mercedes with Cheerios), "I Wanna Sex You Up" (Acafellas)

104-1 4. "Preggers" September 23, 2009 6.63

Preggers is the fourth episode of Glee's first season, and the fourth episode overall. It premiered on September 23, 2009.

Kurt takes center stage when he tries out for the football team in order to impress his dad. Sandy and Sue join forces to carry out their plans for destroying the Glee Club by luring away a disillusioned Rachel, who quits when Will refuses to take back the solo from Tina. Meanwhile, Finn and Quinn's relationship is tested when they receive some life-changing news.

The episode was written and directed by Brad Falchuk.



Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)

The episode begins with Kurt recording a video of him dancing to Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) with Brittany and Tina, complete with a black unitard. The music is turned off halfway through the performance by Kurt's father, Burt. Burt questions a stunned Kurt about what he's doing and Kurt lies by saying that he is doing a new kind of exercise. Tina backs him up by saying that it's for football, and Brittany tells Burt that Kurt's on the football team as the kicker, much to Kurt's dismay. A suspicious Burt buys the story and asks Brittany and Tina if either of them are Kurt's girlfriend, to which Kurt tells Burt that he and Tina are "non-exclusive," having not told Burt that he is actually gay. Accepting the story, Burt allows them to continue with their "exercise," but not before he tells Kurt to get him a ticket to his first game, leaving Kurt with a problem.


Terri reveals her fake pregnancy to her sister Kendra

Terri is practicing Lamaze breathing with Will and her sister, Kendra. Kendra offers to show Will how to rub gas bubbles off Terri's stomach, but Terri tells them he can't because she's afraid he'll bruise the baby. When Will leaves to make Kendra and Terri BLT sandwiches, Terri reveals to Kendra that she is actually not pregnant. An emotional Terri reveals she lied because she thought the baby was the only thing keeping Will in their marriage and says she is going to tell Will the truth. Conniving Kendra stops her and tells her that dishonesty is what keeps the marriage secure and manipulates Terri to have her keep lying. When Terri asks her what they're going to do about the baby situation, Kendra assures her that they're going to have to find Terri a baby.


Will and Ken having lunch

Will walks into the teacher's lounge for lunch and spots Emma and Ken, but doesn't want to disturb them so he opts to find another spot. Since the place is packed, he gives in and joins them. Emma mentions that she was watching the local news the other day and says she saw Sue on the news channel with her very own segment, Sue's Corner. Will is in disbelief and questions why they'd give Sue her own segment only to be answered by Sue herself. Sue takes this time to brag about how great the ratings are, to which Will, Emma and Ken are not impressed.


Finn talks to Kurt

At rehearsals, Will is passing out sheet music for a song from the musical West Side Story. Rachel then notices that it's not in her key and Will explains that Tina will be singing the solo. Rachel does not take kindly to this and tells Will that she had made it clear that she's to claim all songs from West Side Story because she has a deep, personal connection with the lead character, Maria. She accuses Will of punishing her for all the trouble she's caused, but Will tells her that is not the case and says that she's being irrational. Rachel tells him that he's being unfair. Will then tells her that she's being unfair to Tina, but Rachel still does not listen and tells Will that Tina knows Rachel respects her and would agree that she's not ready to sing the role of Maria. Frustrated, Rachel storms out.

Kurt asks Finn for a favor. On the football field, Finn gives Kurt advice on how to try-out for kicker. Kurt wants to warm-up with his dance music, but Finn warns him that it's not a good idea. Puck comes along and tells Finn that Kurt doesn't belong there. Ken calls in the football team for a huddle and ultimately fires their current kicker, giving Kurt the opportunity to "audition for the role of kicker." Despite the cynicism and laughs from the football team and Ken, Kurt manages to kick the ball perfectly between the goal post and Ken excitedly puts him on the team.


Ken allows Kurt to try out for football

Sue is visited by Mr. McClung, the station manager for WOHN-TV, who has fan mail for her. He tells Sue that he's concerned about her future because his daughter, who is a student at McKinley, has been telling him that a lot of the Cheerios have been defecting to the New Directions. He questions how Sue can win a National championship when she's losing all that talent.


Finn and Quinn kissing in the hot tub

Finn meets up with Quinn, who is visibly upset, at her locker and asks her why she's giving him the silent treatment. Quinn then sobbingly reveals that she is pregnant with his child. Finn is confused as they had never had sex before, but Quinn reminds him of the time he prematurely ejaculated while they were making out in a hot tub and he accepts the story. Finn starts freaking out as Quinn cries into his shoulder.

Sue visits Sandy at his house where he tells Sue that he's completely happy with his unemployment life. Sue, however, sees through this and Sandy sobs that he's miserable. Sue then offers Sandy the school's arts administrator and full control over the arts programs. Sandy thinks it's impossible because Figgins wouldn't allow it, but Sue has already blackmailed him with an embarrassing, flight safety video. Sue then plots with Sandy about taking down glee club by stealing Rachel away. Sue then suggests having her audition for the school musical.


Taking Chances

Rachel excitedly auditions for Cabaret with Taking Chances and Sandy tells her she has gotten the role of Sally Bowles. Will is furious about this and believes that Sue is behind this, but Sue deflects the accusation that she is trying to show that everyone is a star. Sandy tells Will that he tried to play nice, but if Will wants to be enemies, then he'll have no choice but to oblige. Rachel informs Will that she is taking the opportunity to showcase her talents and accuses Will of not liking her. She then tells Will that she is hurt that she is being judged for her faults and not her talent. She says she's not quitting glee, but is just looking for a reason to say. She believes that everyone but her is getting something out of the experience.



Tina is rehearsing Tonight in the auditorium with Will, but is sharp in the last key. Will tells her she was great, but she doesn't think she can pull it off. Will points out the more confident she is, the less she stutters. Tina tells Will that he has to give this song to Rachel because she's better than her and that she'll take one for the team. She leaves as Finn walks in, who then cries into Will's shoulder.


Will hugs Finn

Finn explains to Will at a restaurant that Quinn is pregnant and seeks advice. Finn says that he doesn't want to be one of the guys that's caged in Lima and wants to go to college, but he doesn't have any money. He says he needs a football scholarship, but the team needs to start winning. Finn asks Will to teach the team how to dance, as he believes that the team needs to loosen up more. Will is hesitant, but Finn tells him that if he can talk the guys into it, more guys would be interested in joining. Later that night, Will tells Terri about Finn and Quinn's situation and this gives Terri an idea.


Kurt and the football team learning the Single Ladies dance

Puck and the football team are displeased to hear the idea of learning the Single Ladies dance in order to better their focus. Will and Kurt try to motivate the team to go through with it and gets the support of Ken, who orders the boys to the choir room where Will and Kurt teach them the dance. Puck is the only one during rehearsal who is not interested in taking part. Seeing how ridiculous all of this looks, Ken ends practice early and tells the boys to hit the showers.

Puck notices that there's something on Finn's mind and questions him about it. Although hesitant at first, Finn reveals that Quinn is pregnant and is keeping the baby, leaving Puck shocked. Quinn is later confronted by Puck, who calls her a MILF. Quinn angrily tells him to leave, but Puck continues to harrass her with questions on who the father was, revealing that he and Quinn had sex. He tells her that he knows Finn isn't the father because Finn would've told Puck when he had sex. Puck tells her that he's not a deadbeat like his father and wants to help, but Quinn rebuffs him, calling him a "Lima loser." Quinn runs to her car in the rain, sobbing about her entire situation. She is then greeted by Terri, who gives her advice on handling her pregnancy in exchange for Quinn's baby.


Quinn tells Puck about the pregnancy

On the night of the big game, in which Will and Emma are seen attending, Finn brings the team into a huddle for a pep talk, but gets a negative reception by Puck about how their teams has turned into a team of "dancing gays." As the game begins, the opposing team starts to heckle the Titans and successfully tackles Finn on the first down. Eventually, the opposing team lead the game six to zero. Burt takes his seat in the audience and Kurt excitedly waves at him, leaving Burt slightly embarrassed.

The Titans still try to take control of the game, but are still unsuccessful and the opposing team still leads by the last few seconds of the fourth quarter. At the last second, Finn calls a time-out and tells the team that they have to do the dance practiced. Puck warns him that they'll be jokes for the rest of their lives, but Finn tells him that they're already jokes. One of the players from the opposing team continues to heckle and Puck strikes back by telling him he had sex with his mother, and finally agrees.


Burt attends the football game

Finn calls the play and the team does the Single Ladies dance in front of the entire crowd, confusing the opposing team. By the time they finish the dance, the team hikes and Finn throws the ball to Puck who manages to score a touchdown in the end zone, tying up the game. The crowd roars with cheers with Emma and Will having a moment by hugging each other.


The Single Ladies dance on the football field

Ken tells Kurt that if he makes the winning goal, he'll die a legend. Kurt runs into the field and prepares himself with the Single Ladies warm-up he's been practicing and manages to score the goal, winning the game. From the audience, Burt is seen screaming with the crowd, expressing how proud he is of Kurt as the team picks Kurt up in victory. Puck's happiness over their victory is short-lived when he sees Quinn and Finn sharing a kiss.

Burt comes down to Kurt's room while he's applying his skin care products to tell him that he's proud of him and wishes his mother had been there. As Burt begins to leave, Kurt stops him to tell him that he has something to say. Shakily, Kurt finally reveals to Burt that he is gay and Burt tells him that he already knew. He then tells Kurt that he loves him and accepts his sexuality and the two share a hug. Burt asks Kurt if he's sure, to which Kurt answers he is.


Burt hugs Kurt

Finn comes by Quinn's locker to give her an old blanket he used to have as a baby to give to their baby. He tells Quinn that he wants to be a good father, making Quinn smile. As the two share a hug, Puck interrupts them and begins to insult Quinn, leading to Finn coming to her defense. Puck apologizes and says he was out of line and walks off, leaving Finn confused but Quinn knows exactly why Puck is acting the way he is.


Sue's news section on TV

Sue begins her segment on the local news and talks about the secret to her success. Will reveals to the glee club that Puck, Matt Rutherford and Mike Chang have agreed to join the New Directions, following their football victory. He then tells the club that they are going to start rehearsals with Tonight. Rachel smiles at Will, thinking that he has agreed to give her the solo, but Will instead tells Tina to take the lead, much to Rachel's chargin. Rachel quits the glee club and tells Sandy that she is his exclusively and begins to start rehearsing. The episode ends with Quinn by her locker, looking extremely upset, more than likely over her current situation.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Taking Chances Celine Dion Rachel Berry

Unreleased Songs

Background Songs

  • Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It): by Beyoncé. Danced to by Brittany, Kurt, and Tina. And later used at the football game.
  • Moonlight Sonata by The Swingle Singers. Background music as Puck confronts Quinn.
  • Music Box Dancer by Romantic Strings & Orchestra. Background music during the scene at Sandy's house.
  • The Star-Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key. Played during the football game.
  • Looking Back by Kerry Muzzey. Background music before Finn calls timeout.

Guest Cast

Guest Stars



  • This episode was watched by 6.623 million viewers.
  • This episode has the least amount of released songs with one, Taking Chances. This is also the episode to feature the fewest amount of singers with only two: Rachel and Tina.
  • This is the first episode to feature no duets or group numbers.
  • This is the first time we see Sue's Corner.
  • Heather Morris, who was a back-up dancer for Beyoncé during her I Am... Tour, was originally brought in to teach Chris Colfer and Jenna Ushkowitz the Single Ladies dance. She was then hired to play Brittany after the writers were impressed with her talent.
  • At one point in the episode, Puck makes a comment that he could wear a dress to school and still be popular. Ironically, he dresses up in drag in Season Three and ends up getting into a fight over it.
  • The outfit Kurt wears during the Single Ladies dance with Brittany and Tina was Chris Colfer's idea. Chris also stated that they had originally wanted him to wear high heels and a copy of Beyoncé's outfit during the scene.
  • The scene where the referee signals that Kurt's extra point was good was reused in The Sue Sylvester Shuffle at the end of the championship game.
  • The Single Ladies scene is revisited in the Season Three episode, Goodbye when Burt asks Brittany and Tina to dance to the song as a graduation present for Kurt. Some clips of the original dance with Kurt were shown.
    • During the dance in Goodbye, Brittany and Tina are in the opposite positions than they were in the original scene.
  • Rachel states that she has claimed all songs in West Side Story sung by the character Maria. This holds true in later seasons when all songs from West Side Story featuring Maria have involved Rachel.


  • If I Were a Boy on Kurt's iPod was incorrectly titled as If I Was a Boy.
  • During the scene where Quinn tells Finn about her pregnancy, right after she says, "I really thought I had a shot of getting out of here," and begins to cry, her facial expression in the next shot is not crying.
  • At the beginning of the football scene, the crowd is seen cheering and Will and Emma can be seen standing next to each other, but in the next few shot Will is walking up to Emma and asks if he can sit next to her.
  • In the football scene, if it were a real game then the team would be flagged for false start because once players are set in position they are not allowed to move before the ball is hiked. Therefore, the team would not be allowed to perform the single ladies dance.


Kendra: Giving birth is not like how it is in the movies. It is bloody and bestial. And you get poop all over your cowboy boots.


Kendra: Dishonesty is food to a marriage. It will die without it.


Terri: Kendra, if I told you something, would you promise not to tell anybody? Not even Phil.
Kendra: Oh, my God. Is the baby black?

Terri and Kendra

Artie: The more time she storms out of rehearsals, the less impact it has.

Artie about Rachel

Puck: I'm a stud, dude. I can wear a dress to school and people'll think it's cool.


Kurt: My body is like a rum chocolate soufflé. If it's not warmed up properly, it doesn't rise.


Kurt: Hi, I'm Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditioning for the role of kicker.


Sandy: I'm living in a cocoon of horror!


Puck: Well, call the Vatican. We got ourselves another immaculate conception!


Ken: You make this, and you die a legend.
Kurt: Can I pee first?

Ken to Kurt



Behind The Glee Preggers

Behind The Glee Preggers


Singles: "Taking Chances" (Rachel)

105-1 5. "The Rhodes Not Taken" September 30, 2009 7.40

Plot: Will thinks the New Directions desperately need more of an edge, as Rachel thinks about defecting to the school musical, so he brings in his former high school crush, April Rhodes (guest star Kristin Chenoweth) to spice things up. Will's plan seems to be going smoothly until he realizes he may be losing a key member of the club. Meanwhile, Finn flirts with Rachel in an attempt to convince her to return, and although Rachel is angry when she discovers Quinn is pregnant, she ultimately rejoins the club.

Singles: "Maybe This Time" (April and Rachel), "Alone" (April and Will), "Last Name" (April with New Directions), "Somebody to Love" (New Directions)

106-1 6. "Vitamin D" October 7, 2009 7.28

Plot: Will challenges the kids to a healthy dose of competition with boys against girls in a mash-up showdown. Meanwhile, Terri takes a job as the school nurse to keep an eye on Will, despite having no medical experience, and hands out drugs to the New Directions, which causes a serious boost of energy, but comes with a consequence.

Singles: "It's My Life/Confessions Part II" (Finn, Artie, and Puck with New Directions Boys), "Halo/Walking on Sunshine" (Rachel and Mercedes with New Directions Girls)

Edit-07 7. "Throwdown" October 14, 2009 7.65

Plot: To cause dissent amongst the glee club, new co-director Sue Sylvester forces the students to compete against each other, but the real showdown happens when she and Will get called into Principal Figgins' office. Meanwhile, the kids rally to support Quinn after some shocking news is revealed, and Terri must deal with Will's desire to see their unborn baby, as she is not really pregnant.

Singles: "Hate on Me" (Mercedes with Tina and Sue's group), "No Air" (Rachel and Finn with Will's group), "You Keep Me Hangin' On" (Quinn with Cheerios), "Keep Holding On" (Rachel and Finn with New Directions) "Ride wit Me" (New Directions)

AbsentJayma Mays

108-1 8. "Mash-Up" October 21, 2009 7.15

Plot: Will is approached by Emma and Ken to mash-up two songs together for their wedding and to teach Emma how to dance. However, Ken begins to have trust issues with Will around Emma and subsequently forces the guys on the football team to choose between Glee Club or football. Meanwhile, Finn and Quinn's popularity suffers after getting dethrowned by David Karofsky, and struggle to get it back while Puck and Rachel begin an unexpected relationship that quickly hits a speedbump.

Singles: "Bust a Move" (Will with New Directions), "Thong Song" (Will), "Sweet Caroline" (Puck), "I Could Have Danced All Night" (Emma)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

109-1 9. "Wheels" November 11, 2009 7.53

Plot: After the glee club is denied a special, handicapable bus for Artie to go to Sectionals, Will challenges the kids to experience life from a different point of view. Quinn and Finn struggles with financial problems when their doctors' bills begin to pile up, so Puck steps in to try to help. At the same time Sue accepts a student with Down Syndrome onto the Cheerios leading Will to question her motives. Meanwhile, the glee club hosts its first "Diva-Off" between Kurt and Rachel as they compete for a solo performance at Sectionals.

Singles: "Dancing with Myself" (Artie), "Defying Gravity" (Rachel and Kurt), "Proud Mary" (New Directions)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig, Jayma Mays

110-1 10. "Ballad" November 18, 2009 7.36

Plot: Mr. Schuester splits the Glee Club into pairs to sing their favorite ballad, but when Matt gets sick, Mr. Schue is forced to step in and winds up in a sticky situation as Rachel develops a crush on him. Meanwhile, Finn and Quinn have to face the music when dinner with her parents goes awry. Quinn's parents learn that their daughter is pregnant, and she moves in with Finn and his mother when her own parents throw her out. Puck reveals to Mercedes that he is the father of Quinn's baby, not Finn.

Singles: "Endless Love" (Will and Rachel), "I'll Stand by You" (Finn) "Don't Stand So Close to Me/Young Girl" (Will), "Crush" (Rachel), "(You're) Having My Baby" (Finn), "Lean on Me" (Mercedes and Artie with Tina and New Directions)

Absent: Jane Lynch

111-1 11. "Hairography" November 25, 2009 6.17

Plot: Concerned that Sue is up to no good, Will pays a visit to an instructor (guest star Eve) of a competing Glee Club, Jane Addams Academy, to see what information she might be leaking. This in turn leads to the club getting a look at their hair-rising competition between both schools, as well as a competition between the New Directions and the Haverbrook School for the Deaf. Meanwhile, Kurt gives Rachel a makeover to impress Finn, but he may have ulterior motives. Quinn reconsiders having her baby adopted, and letting Puck be a part of her life, but ultimately recommits to the idea. The episode ends with Sue giving the New Directions' set-list for Sectionals to the competing clubs in order to damage New Directions' chances of progressing to Regionals.

Singles: "Bootylicious" (Jane Addams Girls Choir), "Don't Make Me Over" (Mercedes), "Papa Don't Preach" (Quinn), "Hair/Crazy in Love" (Mercedes and Artie with New Directions), "Imagine" (New Directions), "True Colors" (Tina with New Directions)

Edit-12 12. "Mattress" December 2, 2009 8.15

Plot: When the Glee Club is left out of the yearbook because of budget cuts, everyone seems to be relieved that they won't have to suffer the ridicule of years past. Everyone except Rachel, who wants her legacy cemented in print. Meanwhile, Quinn makes it her mission to be in the Cheerios yearbook photo despite her pregnancy, and Terri and Will's relationship is shaken to its core.

Singles: "Smile" (Rachel and Finn), "Jump" (New Directions), "Smile" (New Directions)

113-1 13. "Sectionals" December 9, 2009 8.13

Plot: Sectionals is finally here for the Glee Club, but when Quinn's secret unravels, the club may not be able to recover in time to compete. Since Will has been disqualified from the competition, Emma steps up and tells him that she will take the kids to Sectionals as the club's faculty adviser even though her wedding is on the same day, and Will makes a potentially life-changing decision. Meanwhile, Sue's scheming hits an all-time high as Jane Addams Academy and Haverbrook School for the Deaf perform the New Directions setlist.

Singles: "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" (Mercedes), "Don't Rain on My Parade" (Rachel), "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (New Directions), "My Life Would Suck Without You" (Rachel, Finn, and Tina with New Directions)

114-1 14. "Hell-O" April 13, 2010 13.66

Hell-O is the fourteenth episode of Glee's first season and the fourteenth episode overall. It premiered on April 13, 2010, after a four-month hiatus.

Fresh off their monumental win at Sectionals, New Directions is on top of the world. With an extra spring in their step, they get to work on new numbers for Regionals. But when Rachel and Finn's budding romance hits a bump in the road after she becomes involved with a competitor, Jesse St. James (special guest star Jonathon Groff), it threatens to derail the entire club. Mr. Schuester pays a visit to Shelby Corcoran (guest star Idina Menzel), coach of Vocal Adrenaline, to confirm Jesse's motives. Meanwhile, Will is newly single, but is he ready to take his relationship with Emma to the next level? And to top it all off, Sue Sylvester returns from her condo in Boca with a renewed focus on destroying Will and disbanding the glee club.

The episode was directed by Brad Falchuk and written by Ian Brennan.



Following the suspension from her position at William McKinley High School, as seen in Sectionals, Sue blackmails Principal Figgins, slipping him a date rape drug and taking an incriminating photograph of them in a compromising position. He allows her to return to work at McKinley, where she immediately returns to plotting to bring down the glee club. Will helps Finn with his Hello-assignment by singing Hello, I Love You. Finn and Rachel are now dating, although Finn is still not over his ex-girlfriend, Quinn, who is now with the father of her child, Puck. Sue enlists cheerleaders Santana and Brittany to seduce Finn. He breaks up with Rachel and goes on a date with both Brittany and Santana but comes to the realization that he does want to be with Rachel. When Rachel found out that Finn was dating Brittany and Santana she sang a rendition of Gives You Hell.


In the interim, Rachel meets Jesse St. James, the lead singer of New Directions' rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, at a local music library. The two perform an impromptu duet of Lionel Richie's Hello, and Rachel becomes enamored with him. Eventually, the New Directions members learn about the blossoming relationship and conclude that Jesse is using Rachel, and they threaten to expel her from the club unless she breaks up with him. Rachel asks Jesse to keep their relationship a secret and turns Finn down when he asks her to get back together with him.

Will and Emma begin dating. Emma suffers from mysophobia and is uncomfortable kissing Will. She admits that she is still a virgin, and requests that they take their relationship slowly. While dancing, Will sings Neil Diamond's Hello Again to her. When Emma is preparing dinner for Will several nights later, Terri arrives at the apartment and tells Emma that she and Will danced to Hello Again at their prom in 1993. This distresses Emma and makes her OCD act up a little.

Will & Shelby making out

Will & Shelby making out

On a visit to Carmel High,Will walked in on Vocal adrenaline performing Highway to Hell. Will meets Shelby Corcoran, the coach of Vocal Adrenaline She and Will end up at his apartment making out, but Will is unable to continue and tells her about his relationship problems. Shelby suggests that as Will had been with Terri since he was 15 and has immediately moved on to a new relationship, he ought to take some time out for himself. When Emma later confronts Will with a copy of his high school yearbook, confirming that Hello Again was his and Terri's song, he is apologetic. He and Emma decide to put their relationship on hold in order to deal with their separate issues. The episode ends with New Directions performing Hello, Goodbye by The Beatles, with Emma watching, and a depressed Rachel leaves after the performance.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Hello, I Love You The Doors Finn Hudson
Gives You Hell  The All-American Rejects Rachel Berry with New Directions
Hello Lionel Richie Jesse St. James and Rachel Berry
Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, Hello LoveCast of A Chorus Line
Highway to Hell AC/DC Jesse St. James
with Vocal Adrenaline
Hello, Goodbye The Beatles New Directions
  • denotes that the song was cut from the episode entirely

Unreleased Songs

Background Songs

  • Don't Rain on My Parade from Funny Girl. Background music when Rachel is walking confidently down the school's hallway before being slushied.

Guest Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars



  • This episode marks the first official appearance of Jesse St. James. This is a plot-hole, because Vocal Adrenaline had first appeared in Pilot and he is said to have been its top performer for several years.
  • Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff had worked together before on Spring Awakening prior to Glee.
  • The pinky holding that Brittany and Santana do was actually taken from Naya Rivera and Heather Morris who added it in themselves. Ryan liked it, so he kept it in.
  • Heather Morris said at Paleyfest 2010 that one of her favorite lines was, "There was a mouse in mine," because it was so unexpected.
  • As of this episode, the recap section starts saying "here's what you missed on Glee" instead of "here's what happened last week".
  • This episode contains one of Brittany's most famous lines: "Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?"
  • This episode marks the last time until The Purple Piano Project (31 episodes later) that all credited cast members appear.
  • It is never explained how Emma got her job back after resigning in the previous episode.
  • All the songs sung in this episode have the syllable hell in their titles.
  • On August 3, 2012 Ryan Murphy released the 'Hello 12 scene' that got cut on his twitter.
  • In the library, just before Rachel picks up "Hello" by Lionel Ritchie, she looks over the sheet music for "Hello Again" from "The Jazz Singer," which is featured later in the episode.
  • Before the performance of Hello, I Love You, Will tells Finn that he is like Jagger (Mick) and Morrison (Jim). Will's actual last name happens to be Morrison, and you can actually see the actor smirking real fast when he says the name.
  • Emma mentions Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, both of whom would appear on the series later.
  • When Rachel goes to the library to find a song, you can hear someone playing Tiny Towers in the background.


  • Lauren Zizes tells Rachel that in freshman year she fell for a boy on the opposing wrestling team. However, in an earlier episode, Burt Hummel already stated that a girl had just joined the team. This may just be a clerical error, as Lauren is also presumed to be a senior by Season 4, but because of her dialogue, suggests she should have already graduated.
  • During Finn's voice-over, he looks over at Quinn, who is leaning against the wall with her hands by her sides. The next shot is a close up of Quinn who now has her hand rested on the wall and is leaning away from the wall. She couldn't have moved in the seconds between the shots.
  • When Terri sees Emma's DVD of The Jazz Singer, Emma comments that she got it because she and Will made "Hello" their song, and Terri retorts that she and Will made it their song way back at their prom. "Hello" is actually the song by Lionel Richie sung by Rachel and Jesse at school; the Neil Diamond song from The Jazz Singer that Will and Emma danced to is "Hello Again."
  • When Finn is playing basketball and Rachel is cheering him on in her "Team Finn" shirt, the game countdown keeps going down to 25 and then back up to 30 in an instant. This is impossible.


Rachel: Get used to it guys, we're stars now, up to par with all the jocks and popular kids. Oh, it's the dawn of a new era here at McKinley and we are going to rule this school! (Gets slushied in the face by two boys.)
Boys: Ooh, welcome to loser town - population you!


They give their dancers human growth hormones.

Tina Cohen-Chang (about Vocal Adrenaline)

Will: (While drawing a stick figure on the board.) Hello. (Turns around to face the students.) Hello?
New Directions Members: (Scattered and in different tones.) Hello.
Will: What do you guys say when you answer the phone?
Mercedes: What up?
Artie: Who 'dis be?
Kurt: No, she's dead; this is her son.

Will, Mercedes, Artie, and Kurt

Brittany: Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?
Santana looks at Brittany curiously.
Brittany: Yeah...

Brittany to Santana

Santana: This food was NOT satisfactory.
Brittany: There was a mouse in mine.

Brittany and Santana to a waitress, Hell-O

Brittany: Did you see what Rachel was wearing today?
Santana: Yeah, I know. She looked like Pippi Longstocking but like, Israeli.
Brittany: Those sweaters make her look home-schooled.
Finn: Hey guys, c'mon, dont make fun of Rachel. She's kinda cool.
Brittany: Finn, that's mean.

Brittany, Santana, and Finn about Rachel

I want us to be together, a real couple. I even circled some dates on your crazy calendar.

Finn to Rachel



The "Hello 12 Scene"

The "Hello 12 Scene"

Hello 12, Hello 13

Behind the scenes of Gives You Hell

Behind the scenes of Gives You Hell

Behind the scenes of Gives You Hell

Glee Behind the scenes 1x14 "Hell-O" HQ

Glee Behind the scenes 1x14 "Hell-O" HQ


Singles: "Hello, I Love You" (Finn), "Gives You Hell" (Rachel with New Directions except Finn), "Hello" (Jesse and Rachel), "Highway to Hell" (Jesse with Vocal Adrenaline), "Hello, Goodbye" (Rachel and Finn with Mercedes and New Directions)

Power-of-madonna 240 15. "The Power of Madonna" April 20, 2010 12.98

Plot: It is a tribute episode to the artist Madonna, only featuring songs by her. After Sue uses her love and inspiration for Madonna, she begins to train and ask her Cheerios to emulate her. Mr. Schuester is concerned that the girls in the glee club are being disrespected and bullied by the guys. Looking at Madonna and her musical message of equality as inspiration, he challenged the entire team to choose Madonna songs as their assignment in the hopes that the girls embrace her strength, independence, and confidence and that the guys will see the error of their misogynistic ways. The Glee Club takes the assignment to heart as they perform some of Madonna's greatest hits.

Singles: "Express Yourself" (New Directions Girls), "Borderline/Open Your Heart" (Rachel and Finn), "Vogue" (Sue with Mercedes and Kurt), "Like a Virgin" (Rachel, Jesse, Santana, Finn, Emma, and Will), "4 Minutes" (Mercedes and Kurt), "What It Feels Like for a Girl" (New Directions Boys and Will), "Like a Prayer" (New Directions and Church Choir)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

116-1 16. "Home" April 27, 2010 12.18

Plot: When Kurt sets his dad, Burt, up with an unexpected partner in order to have a real family, his plan for an average family backfires. Sue demands that Mercedes go on a diet and lose ten pounds in preparation for a big interview with Splits Magazine. Mercedes and Quinn discuss body issues while Kristin Chenoweth returns as April Rhodes to help Will save the Glee Club.

Singles: "Fire" (April and Will), "A House Is Not a Home" (Kurt and Finn), "One Less Bell to Answer/A House Is Not a Home" (April and Will), "Beautiful" (Mercedes with WMHS), "Home" (April with New Directions)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig, Jayma Mays

117-1 17. "Bad Reputation" May 4, 2010 11.62

Plot: Mr. Schuester starts an investigation when a salacious list about members of the Glee Club circulates the halls of McKinley High. Meanwhile, Sue is mortified when a video of her performing the Olivia Newton-John classic, Physical surfaces thanks to Kurt who steals a video from Sue's computer. Sue is embarrassed as the Glee Club and the student body jokes with her, and she retaliates with a "Glist" ranking glee club members on their sexual quotient. This causes drama and Will tries to find the creator of the Glist. Some of the students who are ranked low or aren't even on the Glist try to boost up their bad reputation. Will also has the students find songs with bad reputations and to attempt to make them better.

Singles: "Ice Ice Baby" (Will with New Directions), "U Can't Touch This" (Artie with Kurt, Mercedes, Tina, and Brittany), "Physical" (Olivia Newton-John and Sue), "Run Joey Run" (Rachel, Puck, Jesse, and Finn with Santana and Brittany), "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Finn, Rachel, Puck, and Jesse)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

118-1 18. "Laryngitis" May 11, 2010 11.57

Plot: When a sore throat affects Rachel's singing voice, she goes into panic mode and Finn takes her to the doctor in order to find out what's wrong with her, not without trying to show Rachel how much he still really likes her. Meanwhile, Kurt tries to change his personality to impress his father, and Puck makes a strategic move to elevate his social status by dating Mercedes after his Mohawk is cut off.

Singles: "Jessie's Girl" (Finn), "Lady is a Tramp" (Puck and Mercedes), "The Boy is Mine" (Mercedes and Santana), "Rose's Turn" (Kurt), "One" (Rachel, Finn, and Sean with Mercedes and New Directions)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig, Jayma Mays

119-1 19. "Dream On" May 18, 2010 11.47

Plot: Will's former high school nemesis, Bryan Ryan (guest star Neil Patrick Harris), causes trouble for the Glee Club by trying to figure out which programs to cut out of the school's arts department and has his eyes set on the glee club. Meanwhile, Artie makes the decision he will never achieve his dream to dance, for his incapability to walk despite Tina's attempts to give him hope that he will regain functionality of his legs one day. With Jesse St. James' help, Rachel undergoes further attempts to find out who her biological mother is.

Singles: "Dream On" (Will and Bryan), "The Safety Dance" (Artie), "I Dreamed a Dream" (Shelby and Rachel), "Dream a Little Dream" (Artie)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

120-1 20. "Theatricality" May 25, 2010 11.37

Plot: Tina struggles when Figgins tells her to not dress in her gothic fashion anymore, as he believes that she's a vampire. Rachel reveals to the New Directions that Vocal Adrenaline is planning to do Lady Gaga for Regionals and Will encourages them to express themselves using the music of Lady Gaga, which would also act as a way for Tina to find a new style. Meanwhile, Rachel has a life-changing encounter when she finds out that the coach of Vocal Adrenaline, is her mother. The boys, sans Kurt, decide to do KISS instead of Lady Gaga, while Finn and Kurt face new challenges after Burt and Carole decide to move in together.

Singles: "Funny Girl" (Shelby), "Bad Romance" (Kurt and New Directions Girls), "Shout It Out Loud" (New Directions Boys except Kurt), "Beth" (Puck and Finn with New Directions Boys except Kurt), "Poker Face" (Rachel and Shelby)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig, Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays

121-1 21. "Funk" June 1, 2010 9.02

Plot: The New Directions get some news that's sure to rattle a few nerves as Jesse St. James returns to Vocal Adrenaline, which shakes Rachel. Vocal Adrenaline intimidates New Directions by 'decorating' their choir room with toilet papers, leaving them in a "funkification." Will motivates the Glee Club to perform funk numbers as that is Vocal Adrenaline's main weakness. Meanwhile, Quinn connects with her "funky" side with a little help from Mercedes, and Sue begins to have a crush on someone she always calls an enemy. Jesse and Rachel's relationship goes even further down in the dumps and Will and Terri finalize their divorce.

Singles: "Another One Bites the Dust" (Jesse with Vocal Adrenaline), "Tell Me Something Good" (Will), "Loser" (Finn and Puck with Sheets-N'-Things workers), "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" (Quinn), "Good Vibrations" (Puck, Finn, and Mercedes), "Give up the Funk" (New Directions)

Absent: Jayma Mays

122-2 22. "Journey" June 8, 2010 11.07

Plot: The moment the New Directions have been waiting for has finally arrived: it's time for Regionals. When Sue pulls a fast one on Will and the Glee Clubbers, becoming one of the judges, their chances at the title could be compromised. Meanwhile, Quinn's life changes forever and Finn and Rachel begin to rebuild their relationship.

Singles: "Faithfully" (Finn and Rachel), "Any Way You Want It/Lovin' Touchin' Squeezin'" (New Directions), "Don't Stop Believin'" (New Directions), "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Jesse with Vocal Adrenaline), "To Sir, with Love " (New Directions), "Over the Rainbow" (Will with Puck)

Absent: Jessalyn Gilsig

Major Events

  • Finn and Quinn relationship, Finn and Rachel relationship, and Quinn and Puck relationship, and thus arising the Finn/Quinn/Rachel love triangle and Finn/Puck/Quinn love triangle.
  • Quinn's teen pregnancy. She insists that Finn is the father, but it's actually Puck. 
  • Rachel's feelings for Finn.
  • Rachel meeting her biological mother, Shelby. 
  • Rachel and Jesse relationship and Finn/Jesse/Rachel love triangle. Jesse joining New Directions, then abruptly quitting.
  • Will bringing in members and keeping the team together in the first half.
  • Terri's fake pregnancy leading to Will and Terri's divorce.
  • Will and Emma relationship.
  • Ken and Emma's failed wedding plan.
  • Kurt coming to terms with his sexuality.
  • Kurt and his relationship with his father, Burt, about his sexuality.
  • Kurt's feelings for Finn.
  • Kurt arranges Burt and Carole relationship to make him closer to Finn.
  • The relationship of Tina and Artie.
  • The friendship of Kurt and Mercedes.
  • Kurt and Mercedes join the Cheerios, leading Mercedes to not being herself. Puck takes advantage of Mercedes' new popularity after he shaves his mohawk, creating Puck and Mercedes relationship.
  • Will and Sue's rivalry.
  • New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline rivalry.
  • New Directions lose Regionals, but are given another year thanks to Sue.




Glee Season One Relationships - Recap

Glee Season One Relationships - Recap

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Glee Promo-1

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