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Season Three of Glee aired between September 20, 2011 and May 22, 2012. The third season took place during several New Directions students' senior year at William McKinley High School

The series focuses on a high school Glee Club called the New Directions, set within the fictional William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio.

Season Three follows the Club through the sectional, regional and national show choir competitions, and during nationals they finally take home the winning prize. Season Three also introduced several new characters, such as Sugar Motta, Sebastian Smythe, and the winners of The Glee Project: Damian McGinty (Rory Flanagan), Samuel Larsen (Joe Hart), Alex Newell (Wade "Unique" Adams), and Lindsay Pearce (Harmony). Harry Shum Jr. (Mike Chang) and Darren Criss (Blaine Anderson) were also promoted to the main cast, as their characters were only recurring in Season Two. Jessalyn Gilsig (Terri Del Monico) and Mike O'Malley (Burt Hummel) both reduced their roles to recurring after being main cast on the previous season, with Gilsig's character being written out of the show.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars



Image Title Original Airdate U.S. Viewers
(in millions)
TPPP 1. "The Purple Piano Project" September 20, 2011

Plot: The season premiere opens, revealing that for some members of New Directions, it's their senior year. As New Directions prepare to recruit members after losing Quinn and Lauren, Will thinks of "The Purple Piano Project," in which Al Motta, a rich business man, invests in the arts and gives purple pianos to the Glee Club. With the purple pianos scattered around the school, the New Directions have to sing a song if they spot one. With the seniors questioning their futures beyond high school, Rachel and Kurt attempt to find a college in New York after learning that Juilliard does not offer a musical theater program while Finn is lost and confused about his future plans.

Singles: "We Got the Beat" (New Directions), "Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead" (Rachel and Kurt), "It's Not Unusual" (Blaine with Cheerios except Brittany and Becky), "Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do" (Harmony with Prospective NYADA students), "You Can't Stop the Beat" (New Directions)

IAMUNICORN 2. "I Am Unicorn" September 27, 2011

Plot: West Side Story is this year's school musical at McKinley as revealed in the season premiere. Some New Directions members prep up for their auditions for specific parts of the music, Rachel wanting the role of Maria and Kurt and Blaine wanting Tony. Kurt knows that the directors of the musical will choose Blaine since he is more masculine and Kurt is rather feminine, making Kurt re-think his audition plans. Along with the musical preparations, Brittany attempts to assist Kurt with his class presidency campaign, promoting his pride of being gay but Kurt isn't too sure about the idea. Will creates a weekly Booty Camp with Mike to help various members of Glee Club to practice dancing for future competitions, and Shelby returns to McKinley as a teacher which shakes up a few relationships. .

Singles: "Somewhere" (Rachel and Shelby), "I'm the Greatest Star" (Kurt), "Something's Coming" (Blaine)

303-1 3. "Asian F" October 4, 2011

Plot: The title is a reference to Mike receiving an "Asian F" in this episode. When Mike receives an Asian F, his father tries to drag him out of the New Directions and make him break up with Tina, because of distractions. When Mike reveals that he will audition for the musical, his father is enraged. Auditions for the musical continue. Mercedes begins to get sick of Rachel stealing the spotlight, and how Will continually picks on Mercedes only, causing Mercedes to rethink her commitment with Glee. The directors of the musical conduct a diva-off for Mercedes and Rachel, the class presidency campaign heats up between Brittany and Kurt, Shelby starts an all-female glee club group at McKinley and Emma faces her OCD problems with Will.

Singles: "Spotlight" (Mercedes with Brittany and Tina), "Run the World (Girls)" (Brittany and Santana with WMHS Girls), "Cool" (Mike), "It's All Over" (Mercedes, Will, and Booty Camp), "Out Here on My Own" (Mercedes and Rachel), "Fix You" (Will with Artie and New Directions)

304-1 4. "Pot o' Gold" November 1, 2011
Plot:  Pot o' Gold is the fourth episode of Glee's third season and the forty-eighth episode overall. It premiered on November 1, 2011.

Rory, a foreign exchange student from Ireland, is new to McKinley and is staying at Brittany's home and it is clear he has a crush on her. After Quinn's return to the New Directions, she tells Puck that she wants Beth back from Shelby, and asks for Puck's assistance. However, Puck and Shelby seem to have found a romantic connection together. Finn assists Rory and convinces him to join the Glee Club, while Shelby's all-female Glee Club, The Troubletones, recruits Mercedes and two other members from New Directions, leaving the Glee Club in shock.

The episode was directed by Adam Shankman and written by Allison Adler.


This episode opens with Brittany at her locker when a new student, named Rory, comes up to her. They have a conversation that shows Brittany believes Rory to be a leprechaun. He goes along with it, because she says she will give him her "pot of gold," and promises to grant her first wish: an all marshmallow box of Lucky Charms. Finn eavesdrops on their conversation from across the hall. After Brittany leaves, Rory gets pushed into the lockers by a hockey player who tells him to "go back to Mexico."


Puck and Quinn convince Shelby to let them babysit Beth for a night. Meanwhile, in another episode of Sue's Corner, Sue continues to campaign for "no arts in schools," mainly going after McKinley's musical. Parents agree with Sue and start calling McKinley to complain, which leads Figgins (who was assaulted by an angry parent that is outside the office holding up a sign with "ANGRY" written on it) to cut the musical's budget. Will claims he can get the money himself.

Mercedes approaches Santana asking her how many solos she was given last year. Mercedes uses this to try convince Santana to join Shelby’s all-girl group because they would get all the solos. Her proposal intrigues Santana but she says she could never leave Brittany, and Mercedes tells her to bring Brittany along. Finn is following Mercedes and Santana during their conversation and looks worried.

Back in the choir room, Tina and the other members are distraught that Mercedes has left, because she was one of their strongest singers, as well as an original member who had been with them right from the start. They start arguing and then Rachel comes in late, saying that she was hanging posters for her campaign; this leads Kurt to make a snide comment, showing that their friendship still hasn’t mended. Finn tells them to stop fighting and then attempts to raise their low spirits. Blaine backs him up but Finn is offended by the interjection to his pep talk. Will suggests they sell ads to raise money for the musical.

Finn meets Rory, who explains that he is a foreign exchange student from Ireland who loves America. He wants more friends and to get Brittany's "pot of gold." Finn agrees to be Rory’s friend as long as Rory spies on Brittany and Santana for him.


Quinn and Puck babysit Beth. Quinn plants false evidence to frame Shelby as an unfit mother in Shelby’s apartment so that she can call child services and get custody of Beth.

Kurt tells Burt about the musical's money problem and Burt immediately gets the money (from Lima’s funeral owners) and goes to Figgins - as a result, the musical is back on. Sue and Burt have an argument in the hall about her campaign.

Rory has a bullying problem; the hockey players keep targeting him. He grants Brittany’s first wish and she asks him to grant her a second wish - to make Lord Tubbington poop candy bars. He asks her out on a date but she declines, saying she has plans with a "friend." Rory has his first solo and the first song of the episode when he sings Bein' Green.

Brittany and Santana are then seen on a date at Breadstix. Santana wants to talk about their "status" because she doesn’t know if they’re dating or not, and Brittany replies that she thought they were already dating. They agree that they are now officially dating. Santana says that she wishes that Brittany would join her into going to Shelby’s Glee Club, but Brittany says she doesn’t want to be a quitter. However, she does say that she’ll think about it. Santana asks to hold hands but puts a napkin over their linked hands, revealing that she is still afraid of people judging her because of her sexuality.

Puck’s pool-cleaning business is booming, but Quinn doesn’t think that the job is good enough. They have a moment in which Quinn confesses her true feelings about Beth. Shelby helps Puck with his job.

Will announces the musical is back on. Blaine wants the group to remember what Glee is all about and sings Last Friday Night. Santana gets mad, claiming that New Directions is going to become the "Rachel and Blaine show." Santana confronts Rory about his crush on Brittany, and ultimately scares him into granting her a wish; getting Brittany to join Shelby's show choir. Later, Rory puts candy bars in Lord Tubbington’s litter box and convinces Brittany to join Shelby’s group.

Will visits Burt and asks him to run against Sue, who says that he was already going to do it because the arts saved Kurt’s life.

Puck visits Shelby to thank her and get rid of the evidence Quinn planted earlier. During all of this Beth won’t stop crying, but he puts her to sleep by singing Waiting for a Girl Like You. Puck and Shelby have a moment where Puck lets her know that he will always be there to help her.

Rory reveals the news of Brittany’s defection to Finn. Finn goes to Brittany to try and talk her out of defecting from New Directions. Santana points out Finn's jealousy towards Blaine, which aggravates him. He then snaps and frustratedly tells Brittany that leprechauns aren’t real, and tells her to stop being such an "idiot." However, this proves to be the wrong move, as Brittany is greatly offended by this, pointing out that, as Finn is the group's leader, he has even less of a right than the other guys in the club to say such a thing to her. This ultimately seals her decision to quit New Directions.

Burt states his political views on "Burt’s Corner" as Sue and Will observe.


Brittany and Santana go to Shelby’s choir. Sugar appears happy that there are more people to "sing back up for her," but Santana immediately tells her that all she's talented enough to do is sway in the background and sing "very quietly." The five of them (Brittany, Santana, Mercedes, Sugar, and Shelby) discuss their group name, which they conclude to be The 

Troubletones. They sing Candyman in the auditorium and the impressive performance intimidates Finn and Will. Later Finn apologizes to Brittany and says he understands why they left, even if he doesn’t like it. Rory claims that he has granted Brittany’s last wish and that he is ready for her pot of gold, but Brittany tells him that she now knows leprechauns don’t exist and leaves. Santana tells Rory to disappear.

Burt and Carole talk to Finn and Kurt about his campaign at Breadstix. Kurt expresses his concern for Burt’s health and Burt offers Finn the option of running the tire shop if he gets elected into office. Sue shows up at their table, thanking Burt for making her remember why she decided to run in the first place; not simply to cut arts budgets, but to give more money to special education programs.

Later, back in school, Finn stands up for Rory. New Directions are upset because so many people have left, so Finn convinces Rory to try out for the club where he sings Take Care of Yourself. The episode ends with Shelby and Puck sharing a kiss.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Bein' Green Kermit the Frog Rory Flanagan
Last Friday Night Katy Perry Blaine Anderson with New Directions
Waiting for a Girl Like You Foreigner (Near Unplugged version) Noah Puckerman
Candyman Christina Aguilera The Troubletones
Take Care of Yourself Teddy Thompson Rory Flanagan

Unreleased Songs

Guest Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Stars


  • Rock Anthony as Rick Nelson
  • Claudia Choi as Make-Up Woman
  • Sonya Eddy as Angry Mom
  • Jack Harding as Mr. Baroody
  • Kristopher Logan as Mr. Shor
  • Joe Davis Massigill as Jock #1
  • Suraj Partha as Pony
  • Suzy Sincock as Mrs. Denny-Brown
  • Tava Smiley as Mrs. Figler
  • Peter Spruyt as Mr. Danforth
  • Talula as Beth Corcoran

Absent Cast Member



  • When Mercedes talks to Santana about how many solos she got last year, Santana says only Valerie and Science Fiction Double Feature (as the Rocky Horror lips). Santana doesn't mention Songbird but it seems clear she didn't mention it because she was alone with Brittany in the choir room and it wasn't a solo that was given or sung in front or with the club.



Behind the Glee - Pot o' Gold

Behind the Glee - Pot o' Gold


Kurt: She could have a field day with this whole gay son thing.

Burt: I'm proud of you, Kurt. Don't care who knows it.

Kurt and Burt

I have one final wish, Leprechaun. Would you do this whole school a favor and just disappear?


Finn: It's true?

Brittany: Of course not.

Finn: You're not quitting New Directions?

Brittany: Oh, I thought you meant the Selena Gomez pregnancy rumors.

Brittany and Finn

You cannot call your future president an "idiot." It's mean, it's bullying and I won't accept it.

Brittany to Finn

Beth is perfect. She's my perfect thing.



Singles: "Bein' Green" (Rory), "Last Friday Night" (Blaine with New Directions), "Waiting for a Girl Like You" (Puck), "Candyman" (The Troubletones), "Take Care of Yourself" (Rory)

Absent: Jayma Mays

305-2 5. "The First Time" November 8, 2011

Plot: The episode is focused on McKinley putting on the West Side Story musical and Finn and Rachel's and Blaine and Kurt's first sexual encounters. The Warblers are also re-introduced with a new leader who has an eye for Blaine.

Singles: "Tonight" (Rachel and Blaine), "Uptown Girl" (Dalton Academy Warblers), "A Boy Like That/I Have A Love" (Santana and Rachel), "America" (Santana, Tina, Puck, Rory, and Mike with West Side Story Cast except Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel), "One Hand, One Heart" (Blaine and Rachel)

Absent: Jane Lynch

306-1 6. "Mash Off" November 15, 2011

Plot: The third annual "mash-up competition" takes place in this episode. With Brittany and Santana in The Troubletones with Mercedes, it's big trouble for New Directions. Puck has the hots for Shelby and tells of Quinn's true intentions. Burt and Sue's campaign heats up and when the two Glee Clubs rivalry is taken seriously, Shelby and Will attempts to hold a mash-up competition between the two clubs. But in secret, Finn and Santana plan a Dodgeball competition for the two Glee Clubs.

Singles: "Hot For Teacher" (Puck and Finn with Blaine and Mike), "You and I/You and I" (Shelby and Will), "Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another" (Finn and Santana with New Directions and The Troubletones), "I Can't Go for That/You Make My Dreams" (New Directions), "Rumour Has It/Someone Like You" (The Troubletones)

Brittanaw 7. "I Kissed a Girl" November 29, 2011

Plot: Picking up from the last episode, Santana is to be suspended for slapping Finn but Finn thinks of a better idea. After he outed her, he feels bad and he makes an assignment for both The Troubletones and the New Directions. The assignment is Lady Music Week, and to sing songs to show Santana that they support and love her for who she is. Santana learns to love herself and be proud of her and Brittany's relationship. The McKinley Senior Class Presidential campaign and Congress Campaign heats up as it's time to vote while Puck and Shelby's relationship slowly comes to an end.

Singles: "Perfect" (Kurt and Blaine with New Directions), "I'm The Only One" (Puck), "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" (Finn with Artie and New Directions Boys), "Jolene" (Shannon), "I Kissed a Girl" (Santana and Rachel with New Directions Girls and The Troubletones), "Constant Craving" (Santana, Shelby, and Kurt)

Abchumchang 8. "Hold on to Sixteen" December 6, 2011

Plot: The episode features the return of Sam at McKinley, and the New Directions and The Troubletones participation at Sectionals. Quinn plans to get Shelby fired for sleeping with Puck after learning of their affair. After Rachel is suspended from school, the New Directions need more members, and Mike's father makes a decision about his son's dream of dancing due to Tina's words.

Singles: "Red Solo Cup" (Sam with New Directions), "Buenos Aires" (Harmony with The Unitards), "Survivor/I Will Survive" (The Troubletones), "ABC" (New Directions), "Control" (New Directions), "Man in the Mirror" (New Directions), "We Are Young" (New Directions and Troubletones)

Absent: Jane Lynch

309-2 9. "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" December 13, 2011


This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the song of the same name.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas is the ninth episode of Glee's third season and the fifty-third episode overall. It premiered on December 13, 2011. 

It is the second Christmas episode on Glee, the first being A Very Glee Christmas, the tenth episode of Season Two. After Sectionals, The Troubletones are part of the New Directions again. Meanwhile, Sue attempts to recruit homeless shelter volunteers for Christmas, hoping to get the Glee Club. They happily agree, but when the Glee Club is asked to create a holiday special for the local PBS station with Artie directing, Sue is in dismay when they decline. Rory struggles as it is his first Christmas without his family and Rachel asks Finn for too much.

The episode was directed by Matthew Morrison and written by Marti Noxon.


309glee ep309-sc1 012

Mercedes performing "All I Want for Christmas Is You"

The episode opens with New Directions singing All I Want for Christmas Is You whilst decorating the choir room with Mercedes singing the lead.

Sue recruits the glee club to sing at a homeless shelter where she will be volunteering to distract her from the first Christmas without her sister Jean, who died earlier that year. Rachel gives Finn a long list of Christmas present suggestions. Finn is appalled by how much Rachel wants, although she tells him five items are plenty. When she later hints that an early gift would not be amiss, he surprises her with the donation of a sow in her name to needy Africans. Rachel is unhappy, reminds Finn that she is a vegan, and recommends that he sticks to her list to avoid embarrassment, while pointedly mentioning earrings.


Rory dedicates the song Blue Christmas to his family, whom he misses, as this is his first Christmas without them. Sam offers to take Rory home with him to show him a true American Christmas. Will announces that New Directions has been asked to create a holiday special for the local PBS station, with Artie as the director. The station manager agrees to Artie's concept—a black-and-white homage to both The Star Wars Holiday Special and The Judy Garland Christmas Special, to feature hosts Kurt and Blaine welcoming their friends for suave banter and happy, cheerful songs. Rory will play Itchy the Elf and recite "Frosty the Snowman." Sam points out that Frosty does not have a happy ending, and that a little sadness is also a part of Christmas. But Artie only wants to present the "merry" part and will be rewriting Frosty to fit, so Sam decides not to participate.


Rachel first performs River in order to impress Artie and also, to get a big part on the Christmas Special. Although everyone are impressed, Artie isn't, who believes it's too depressing and unsuitable for the show which needs to have a happier feeling.

Rachel performs Extraordinary Merry Christmas with Blaine, wanting to impress Artie so she can get a big part in the show. When they finish Sue walks in believing that they are rehearsing for the homeless shelter performance, which they have all forgotten about. She feels disappointed in them and can't believe that they are going to walk away from people who have nothing. She asks the group if they all agree that they won't help and then leaves, leaving Quinn unsettled with the rest of the club after they ignored their other choice.

Holiday Spectacular Klaine

The Christmas Special

Kurt and Blaine lead off the Glee Holiday Spectacular by performing Let It Snow, Rachel and Mercedes arrive and sing My Favorite Things with their hosts, Finn and Puck show up as not-quite-real Star Wars characters and perform Santa Claus Is Coming to Town, and Christmas Wrapping is sung by Brittany with back-up by Santana, Tina, Mike, and several other Cheerios. When Rory as Itchy arrives, the others are dismayed when he says that he will not be reading Frosty the Snowman; he instead reads the biblical nativity story from the Gospel according to Luke.

Quinn and Sam are at the homeless shelter with Sue, helping to serve the rapidly disappearing meal, when the New Directions arrive, late, with more food and presents. They sing Do They Know It's Christmas? for them. Back at McKinley, Rachel has a change of heart and names Finn's gift sow "Barbra." Finn does give her the earrings she wanted, but she ultimately returns them and the iPod she gave him: they instead donate them to the Salvation Army kettle manned by Sam and Rory, and stay to help.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
All I Want for Christmas Is You Mariah Carey Mercedes Jones with New Directions
Blue Christmas Elvis Presley Rory Flanagan
River Joni Mitchell Rachel Berry
Extraordinary Merry Christmas Glee Blaine Anderson and Rachel Berry
Santa BabyEartha Kitt featuring Henri René Santana Lopez
Let It Snow Vaughn Monroe Blaine Anderson and Kurt Hummel
My Favorite Things Cast of The Sound of Music Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel,
Mercedes Jones, and Rachel Berry
Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Harry Reser and His Band ft. Tom Stacks (Bruce Springsteen version) Finn Hudson, Noah Puckerman,
and Joe Hart
Christmas Wrapping The Waitresses Brittany Pierce with Tina Cohen-Chang
and the Cheerios
Do They Know It's Christmas? Band Aid New Directions
  • denotes that the song was cut from the episode.

Guest Cast

Guest Stars


  • Marcanthonee Reis as Oscar


  • There's a Christmas hat on top of the font in the title-card.
  • The girl who acted as the younger version of Rachel in the episode The Substitute when Mr. Schuester was sick can be seen during Do They Know It's Christmas?.
  • The Re-Walk Artie had received to help him walk in A Very Glee Christmas is revealed to have broken the following day.
  • This episode marks Matthew Morrison's directing debut.
  • This is the seventh episode to be named after a song featured in it, and the first to be named after an original song.
  • On August 1, 2012, Ryan Murphy uploaded a deleted scene from this episode on YouTube where Blaine gives Kurt a promise ring for Christmas. [1]
  • Lucasfilm Ltd. gave Glee permission to use Chewbacca for a scene, but nothing else. This explains why the music that accompanies his appearance sounds nothing like John Williams' famous theme from the movie.
  • Sugar Motta was absent in this episode because her portrayer - Vanessa Lengies had a vacation with her parents.
  • For some reason, the actor who plays Chewbacca wasn't credited on the Netflix release of the episode, however, the name Chewbacca still appeared, but the actors name was blacked out, or not typed all together.

Cultural References

  • During the black and white holiday special portion of "Extraordinary Merry Christmas," Finn and Puck appear to be dressed as Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, respectively.
  • The episode makes two references to A Charlie Brown Christmas:
    • Rachel quotes Sally Brown, saying, "All I want is what I have coming to me, all I want is my fair share."
    • Rory reads the same verses of the King James Bible (Luke 2:8-14) that Linus recites while explaining the true meaning of Christmas. He also quotes Linus's opening request - "Lights, please."


  • Blaine hands the cameraman the silver platter full of drinks in the next scene the platter is found back on the table void of any drinks. Later when Blaine points Rachel and Mercedes towards the piano the silver plate is once again full of drinks. When everybody gets up to go to the piano, the silver platter is empty once again.
  • When Brittany, Santana, Tina, and the Cheerios come to the bachelor chalet, Brittany closes the door but in the next scene the door is wide open.
  • When Rachel asks Finn for her present, he is seen taking out his backpack, but seconds later he takes out his backpack again.



GLEE - Sneak Peek 2

GLEE - Sneak Peek 2

The Klaine "Box Scene"

The Klaine "Box Scene"


Singles: "All I Want For Christmas is You" (Mercedes with New Directions Girls), "Blue Christmas" (Rory), "River" (Rachel), "Extraordinary Merry Christmas" (Blaine and Rachel with New Directions), "Let It Snow" (Blaine and Kurt), "My Favorite Things" (Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, and Blaine), "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" (Finn, Puck, and Joe (album)), "Christmas Wrapping" (Brittany with Tina, Santana, and Cheerios), "Do They Know It's Christmas?" (New Directions)

310-1 10. "Yes/No" January 17, 2012

Plot: Mercedes and Sam's relationship is explored further after their supposed 'summer fling' at the end of Season Two. Becky decides that she wants a boyfriend, having an eye for ArtieEmma really wants to get married, and to her surprise, Will decides to propose to her but needs help from the New Directions. He sets an assignment up to see what wedding song they can sing during the proposal. Finn is struggling as he wonders what he'll do about his future after the shocking discovery about his father.

Singles: "Summer Nights" (Sam and Mercedes with New Directions except Artie), "Wedding Bell Blues" (Emma with Sue and Shannon), "Moves Like Jagger/Jumpin' Jack Flash" (Artie with Puck, Finn, and Blaine), "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Rachel, Tina, Mercedes, and Santana), "Without You" (Rachel), "We Found Love" (Rachel and Santana with New Directions)

311-2 11. "Michael" January 31, 2012

Plot: In this tribute episode to Michael Jackson, Mercedes, Santana, and Brittany are upset about missing out on doing Michael Jackson with New Directions at Sectionals when they were in The Troubletones, so Will thinks about doing Michael Jackson for Regionals. When Blaine happens to tell Sebastian this, the Glee Club is purely disappointed at how Blaine can betray them, for the Warblers are now planning to do Michael for Regionals. The two clubs fight, but when Blaine is slushied and injured, the rivalry between the two clubs turns serious. Quinn is accepted into Yale and decides to leave her past behind.

Singles: "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" (Blaine with New Directions), "Bad" (New Directions and Dalton Academy Warblers), "Scream" (Artie and Mike), "Never Can Say Goodbye" (Quinn with New Directions Girls), "Human Nature" (Mercedes and Sam), "Ben" (Kurt, Rachel, and Finn), "Smooth Criminal" (Sebastian and Santana), "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" (Finn and Rachel), "Black or White" (New Directions)

Absent: Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays

312-1 12. "The Spanish Teacher" February 7, 2012

Plot: Will and Sue's teaching abilities are questioned after there have been some complaints and is revealed that there is a spot for tenure. A student is questioning Will's ability to teach Spanish, and after Sue's ability to coach the cheerios is questioned, Coach Roz Washington steps in to try and steal her job. Will goes to a Spanish night school lesson and meets David Martinez who speaks fluent Spanish and brings Mr. Martinez to Glee Club. Sam and Mercedes seek Emma's guidance after they kissed, although Mercedes is dating Shane, and Emma advises them not to talk until the end of the week, only to speak through song. Eventually, to settle things, Santana challenges Will and David and encourages them to have a Spanish-off.

Singles: "Sexy and I Know It" (David with Artie and New Directions), "Don't Wanna Lose You" (Mercedes), "Bamboleo/Hero" (Sam with New Directions Boys), "La Isla Bonita" (David and Santana), "A Little Less Conversation" (Will)

Absent: Darren Criss, Jenna Ushkowitz

313-1 13. "Heart" February 14, 2012

Plot: Will declares to the Glee Club that they need money to pay for costumes and hairspray for Regionals to which Sugar offers to pay. She tells them that she rented Breadstix out for Valentine's Day and is making a party for the Glee Club and other people from the school. Artie and Rory vow for Sugar's love and to take her as a date to the night. Hiram and LeRoy Berry, Rachel's dads, find out about Finn and Rachel's engagement, to which they have mixed feelings about. The truth about Mercedes and Sam's love affair is exposed while The God Squad, consisting of Mercedes, Sam, Quinn, and new religious character, Joe, is asked to sings song to other people's Valentines, but when Santana asks them to serenade Brittany, it becomes questionable.

Singles: "L-O-V-E" (Mike and Tina), "Let Me Love You" (Artie with Mike, Sam, Puck, and Kurt), "Stereo Hearts" (The God Squad and Choir), "Home" (Rory), "I Will Always Love You" (Mercedes), "You're the Top" (Leroy, Hiram, and Rachel), "Cherish/Cherish" (The God Squad), "Love Shack" (New Directions)

Absent: Jane Lynch, Jayma Mays

Crash 14. "On My Way" February 21, 2012

Plot: Rachel is blackmailed by Sebastian, threatening her that he'll post a photo of a photoshopped Finn Hudson on the internet unless she drops out of Regionals. Sue seeks Quinn's advice on her pregnancy, Karofsky faces bullying at his school after rumours about him being gay continues to spread, causing him to become suicidal, and Finn and Rachel decide to speed up their dream wedding. When Sebastian hears of Dave Karofsky's experience, he changes his plans and as the Glee Club discusses important topics and life experiences, the New Directions go head to head with the Warblers at Regionals.

Singles: "Cough Syrup" (Blaine), "Stand" (Sebastian with Dalton Academy Warblers), "Glad You Came" (Sebastian with Dalton Academy Warblers), "Fly/I Believe I Can Fly" (New Directions), "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)" (The Troubletones), "Here's to Us" (Rachel with New Directions)

315-2 15. "Big Brother" April 10, 2012

Plot: This episode debuts Matt Bomer's appearance as Blaine's older brother Cooper. In the episode, Quinn's return after her car accident causes the New Directions to be in shock as she comes back in a wheelchair. Artie and Quinn become close friends due to the incident. Sue is told that if she can't win another National Championship, Coach Roz will eventually be the coach of the Cheerios, causing Sue to co-direct the New Directions with Will, training them in Booty Camp. Along the way, Cooper also shows himself in Lima, eventually causing Blaine to be sick and tired of him. Finn and Rachel face problems when Rachel wants Finn to move to New York with her, but he wants to seek a dream in California.

Singles: "I'm Still Standing" (Artie and Quinn), "Hungry Like the Wolf/Rio" (Blaine and Cooper with New Directions), "Fighter" (Blaine), "Up Up Up" (Artie and Quinn), "Somebody That I Used to Know" (Blaine and Cooper)

316-1 16. "Saturday Night Glee-ver" April 17, 2012

Plot: This episode paid tribute to the movie Saturday Night Fever. When Blaine, Brittany, and Mike perform a disco song from Saturday Night Fever, Will asks what brought on the performance to which they respond that the Nationals theme is "vintage." But the New Directions are certain that disco sucks, which motivates Will to convince them otherwise. Sue installs a plexi-glass, shatterproof dance floor, the real one used in Saturday Night Fever and the Glee Club has a dance-off. Will picks FinnMercedes, and Santana as the winners, as they are his main concern as to what their dreams after graduation are. Kurt and Mercedes pretend to assist Unique, the lead singer of Vocal Adrenaline, who Sue wants to manipulate, convincing him to present femininely at their Regionals. Finn, Mercedes, and Santana perform disco songs and reveal their dreams after the school year is complete, Rachel supporting Finn's dream that involves New York.

Singles: "You Should Be Dancing" (Blaine, Mike, and Brittany), "Night Fever" (Will, Joe, and Blaine with New Directions and Sue), "Disco Inferno" (Mercedes with Santana and Brittany), "If I Can't Have You" (Santana with Kurt, Mercedes, and Tina), "How Deep is Your Love" (Rachel with Jazz Band), "Boogie Shoes" (Unique with Vocal Adrenaline), "More Than a Woman" (Finn with Kurt and Santana), "Stayin' Alive" (Finn, Mercedes, and Santana)

317-2 17. "Dance With Somebody" April 24, 2012

Plot: Mercedes, Kurt, Santana, and Rachel pay tribute to Whitney Houston, causing Will to discuss the famous icon with Emma. He decides that Whitney Houston may be a good way to start to say goodbye as New Directions will be losing members soon due to graduation. Blaine accuses Kurt of cheating with another guy he met at the music store who texts him and compliments him daily. Santana and Rachel grow closer after a Whitney duet and as Joe assists Quinn with her therapy, she seems to be making progress.

Singles: "How Will I Know" (Mercedes, Santana, Kurt, and Rachel), "I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)" (Brittany and Santana with Cheerios), "Saving All My Love for You" (Joe and Quinn), "So Emotional" (Santana and Rachel), "It's Not Right But It's Okay" (Blaine with New Directions except Kurt), I Have Nothing" (Kurt), "My Love Is Your Love" (New Directions)

Absent: Jane Lynch

318-1 18. "Choke" May 1, 2012

Plot: Kurt and Rachel prepare for their auditions at NYADA, focused and determined to get in. Kurt decides to take a risk but when Rachel goes with her typical number, something unexpected happens, leaving Rachel's future hanging. Some of the New Directions Girls make fun of Coach Beiste's black eye and domestic violence which Coach Roz and Coach Sue aren't too happy about. When Roz and Sue find out that Coach Beiste was hit by Cooter, they decide it's time for her to move out. New Direction Boys assist Puck as he struggles to pass a history class test, because if he doesn't, he won't be able to graduate.

Singles: "School's Out" (Puck), "Cell Block Tango" (Mercedes, Tina, Sugar, Brittany, and Santana), "Not the Boy Next Door" (Kurt with Tina, Mercedes, and Brittany), "The Rain in Spain" (New Directions Boys), "Shake It Out" (Santana, Tina, and Mercedes), "Cry" (Rachel)

Absent: Dianna Agron, Jayma Mays

Tumblr m3s25sSlzU1qbi5wyo1 500 19. "Prom-asaurus" May 8, 2012

Prom-asaurus is the nineteenth episode of Glee's third season and the sixty-third episode overall. It premiered on May 8, 2012.

After Rachel chokes during her audition for NYADA, she is certain that her Broadway dreams are dead while Finn runs with Quinn for Prom Queen and King, causing Rachel to be even more devastated. Brittany is told that she has accomplished nothing as Senior Class President and is advised to use Prom as her comeback. Once again, the New Directions are asked to perform at Prom while Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, Puck, and Becky decide to have an Anti-Prom Party and ditch Prom instead, but those plans eventually alter. Quinn begins to gain her first steps after ending up in a wheelchair, but after Finn finds out, he is infuriated at the way she uses her disability to buy votes. Quinn and Santana decide to make a difference as they count the Prom Queen and King votes together.

The episode was directed by Eric Stoltz and written by Ryan Murphy.


After her disastrous audition for the New York Academy of Dramatic Arts, Rachel believes that her dream of Broadway stardom is at an end. To cope, she decides to dazzle at prom and focus on what she has going on with Finn. She feels okay with it all until Becky steamrolls over her with her own ambitious plan: to be named prom queen.

Principal Figgins explains to Brittany that during her reign as senior class president she has accomplished nothing: she's made the post so inconsequential that he's considering abolishing it. He also points out that given her failing grades the title is the only thing that might get her into a college. After wasting her year exploiting her "fluid teen sexuality and getting caught up in Lord Tubbington's Ponzi schemes," Brittany vows to make her term relevant by delivering a prom theme to remember.

Brittany meets with the three-member prom committee for the first time, despite the fact that they formed months ago and have been routinely sending her memos. She immediately vetoes their prom theme suggestions, explaining that "Castles in Clouds" won't work because castles are too heavy and dangerous to be held aloft by clouds, while "Stairway to Heaven" is inappropriate because the disabled students wouldn't have escalator access. Declaring that the committee is incompetent - or perhaps a terrorist cell - Brittany fires them all and announces her own prom theme: dinosaurs (which she believes coexisted peacefully with cavemen for millions of years).


Prom Posters

Next, Sue makes a P.A. announcement to reveal the candidates for the senior prom court: nominated for king are Finn, thuggish hockey player Rick Nelson, and, oddly, Brittany. Nominated for prom queen are Santana, Quinn, and Missy Gunderson. Believing that she was robbed of a nomination, Becky immediately throws a hissy fit and trashes Sue's music-cue xylophone.

As Rachel shares with Finn her plans for a perfect prom night with her fiance, Will tells the glee club that Figgins has asked New Directions to perform at prom once again. Then Brittany announces her choice of prom theme, prompting some skepticism from everyone but Santana. Brittany also details her impractical prehistoric menu and announces a ban on hair gel, along with her decree that Quinn and Santana will be tallying the prom court votes to keep each other honest.

When Rachel sees a poster touting the prom candidacies of Finn and Quinn, she angrily confronts him. Finn admits that Quinn asked him to lend her support and he agreed as a friend. Given that Quinn nearly died on her way to their aborted wedding, he didn't suspect that it would upset Rachel. But Rachel is angry at the thought that on her big prom night Finn may be dancing with Quinn - even though Quinn, confined to her wheelchair, may not actually be able to dance. However, Quinn is making progress in her physical therapy with constant help from Joe, and she is able to take a few steps before tumbling to the mat. Joe wants to tell everyone, but Quinn is determined to keep it between them until she's able to walk unassisted into the choir room - or better yet, into prom.

Meanwhile, Becky's high-class inner monologue kicks in as she struggles with her disappointment about not being nominated for prom queen,and it didn't help that her poster said "veto" which means forbid instead "vote". She grows increasingly moody, bitter, and difficult. Sue tries to assure her that Quinn had split any sympathy vote she might have garnered and that Becky's better off being a bitch. Sue says she will take her to prom as deputy in charge of guarding the punch bowl.


Rachel singing "Big Girls Don't Cry"

Onstage, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine sing together on Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry, but Blaine suggests that it's too much of a downer to sing at prom. Rachel admits that she's down herself about Quinn and Finn's potentially shared reign.

Kurt agrees that prom sucks, recalling that the school's write-in vote tradition led to his humiliating stint as prom queen the year before. Meanwhile, Blaine frets over the hair gel ban and being seen in his natural state. Kurt suggests that if they're all going to be miserable maybe they should skip prom.

Rachel ups the ante: she announces to the glee club that she'll be throwing an "anti-prom party" for those feeling uncomfortable with the celebration. Rachel has already secured a hotel room and invited the underclassmen (a bored Becky informs her that "I'll think about it"). Puck agrees to come, frustrated by his continued failure in the classroom and ready to quit the tradition of trying to spike Sue's punch, much to Artie's chagrin.

Santana tries to deter Rachel from her plan by insisting that she face the truth: she's upset and disappointed, but she's also acting petty, potentially ruining one of the last nights they'll all have to spend together before graduation.

As Finn and Quinn hang posters and discuss Rachel's downward spiral, a student tells Quinn how brave she is for running for prom queen. Quinn delivers a very touching - yet also thought-out and practiced - speech designed to effectively evoke voter sympathy. Finn is a little creeped out by the tactic. Quinn asks him if he wants to win or not.


Performance of "Dinosaur"

On prom night, the students are impressed by the results of Brittany's dinosaur theme, while Brittany herself kicks off the party by performing Ke$ha's Dinosaur in a cave girl costume with Cheerios in dinosaur masks. Sue proudly declares her prom punch to be her best batch yet.

Finn searches for Quinn and is stunned to find her standing on her feet in the ladies room. Finn's also shocked that she's been lying to everyone, but she insists that she's still healing and just wanted to take her first steps to claim her prom queen crown. As she tells him how badly she wants to win, Finn realizes that he stood by Quinn when it was Rachel who really needed him. He feels stupid and betrayed, believing that Quinn has learned nothing from all of her setbacks during the year and remains as selfish as ever. Quinn practically begs Finn to stay for the nominees' one mandatory dance.

Rachel, Kurt, Blaine, Puck, and Becky get their anti-prom bash underway. They agree that they're glad they're not at prom. Becky's a little too enthusiastic - not to mention obnoxious - but when Rachel advises her to chill out, Becky dismisses her and vetoes most of the suggestions for a fun time, declaring the party "the worst anti-prom ever."

Santana entertains the prom crowd by singing Selena Gomez's Love You Like a Love Song, with Brittany and Tina as backup while Sam and Mercedes dance. Mercedes shares a friendly wave with her ex, Shane, who dances with a date of his own. In the midst of their obligatory dance, Finn demands that Quinn stand and show the other students that she can really walk.

Joe tries to step in and calm Finn down. They nearly come to blows before Sue breaks it up and reminds Finn that she ejected him from prom the year before, and Finn storms away.

As the anti-prom party grows increasingly lame, Kurt suggests that if Blaine wanted to go to prom he'd be willing to go with him. Blaine, however, doesn't want to give in to Brittany's hair gel ban - and he especially doesn't want Kurt to see him without hair product.

Finn arrives just in time for Rachel to step out of the bathroom to model the prom dress she'd bought. He tells her that he loves her and that "prom sucks without you." In fact, he thinks prom sucks without all of them, and he persuades them to join him back at the prom, although Becky and Puck stay behind - a decision Puck may find himself regretting when Becky again suggests a round of strip poker.

Finn, Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine arrive at the prom, welcomed in by Brittany - but she still insists Blaine can only attend gel-less - while Joe, Sam, Artie, Mike, and Rory perform One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful, working the crowd into a frenzy.

Tumblr m3dgwfUCN21qm15teo1 500

Puck crowning Becky

Meanwhile, Becky's poker skills have left Puck stripped down to his skivvies. When he asks for mercy, she admits that she's having a hard time holding back because she's angry that she didn't get a prom queen nomination. When he realizes how much it means to her, Puck suggests that they haven't crowned a king and queen of the anti-prom, and he cuts a cardboard beer carrier into crowns for them. Seeing herself in the mirror, Becky is finally happy.

Rachel apologizes to Quinn for freaking out about her campaign with Finn. Having not been aware of the drama, Quinn shrugs it off. Rachel realizes that Quinn doesn't understand what exactly she means to Rachel. When they met, Quinn was everything Rachel wanted to be, and Rachel continues to see her that way - she hasn't been seeing the still-beautiful but humbled Quinn. She wants Quinn to know how happy she is that they finally became friends and admits that she voted for her because she thinks Quinn deserves to win. But Rachel's praise leaves Quinn questioning her own methods. 


Becky and Puck make a grand entrance at the prom, the guests applauding their arrival. As Sue is pleased to see her, Becky provides the perfect distraction that allows Puck to at long last spike the punch. When they head to the dance floor, Puck thanks Becky for making his own dream come true.

As Santana and Quinn tally the prom court votes, Santana is surprised at how few votes Brittany scored for king, and Santana admits that she doesn't want to be queen if Brittany isn't king.

Then Quinn reveals the final results for queen: she won by one vote. Quinn realizes that although she got everything she wanted, she doesn't feel any better. She suggests to Santana that they've had dream runs in high school and that they now have a chance to make a difference for someone else. 

Blaine finally enters prom without hair gel, a look that prompts Brittany to immediately lift her ban - but before Blaine can leave to reapply his product, Kurt insists that he stay. He says that he loves Blaine no matter what his hair looks like.

Figgins take the stage to reveal the prom court voting results and invites former prom queen Kurt to help unveil the winners: Finn has been named prom king, and in a surprise twist, write-in candidate Rachel takes the crown, thanks to Quinn and Santana.


Performance of "Take My Breath Away"

As Quinn and Santana sings Berlin's Take My Breath Away, Finn and Rachel share their king-and-queen dance. Rachel worries that her win is a joke and is expecting a hideous follow-up, but Finn reminds her that she's beautiful, sexy, and an inspiration to the other students.

Tina cries on Mike's shoulder, saying that she wishes the whole experience would never end. Then Quinn stuns everyone as, in the midst of the song, she stands and leans on Santana to finish. "It's a prom miracle!" says Sam.

Rachel remains stunned, telling Finn, "Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be named prom queen, but if my friends believe in me this much maybe anything's possible."


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Big Girls Don't Cry Fergie Blaine Anderson, Kurt Hummel,
and Rachel Berry
Dinosaur Kesha Brittany Pierce with the Cheerios
Love You Like a Love Song Selena Gomez & The Scene Santana Lopez with Brittany Pierce
and Tina Cohen-Chang
What Makes You Beautiful One Direction New Directions Boys
Take My Breath Away Berlin Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez

Background Songs

  • Airmale by Yoko Ono/The Plastic Ono Band - Plays while Rachel discovers Quinn and Finn's campaign poster.
  • Walk the Dinosaur by Was (Not Was) - Plays while Puck and Becky spike the punch

Guest Cast

Guest Stars


  • Rock Anthony as Rick Nelson
  • Jimmy Bellnger as Clark Hummings


  • In the first take of Take My Breath Away, Naya cried real tears, nothing scripted. Source
  • This episode also features a scene from Funny Girl where Rachel sits in the auditorium wearing the same outfit Barbra did in the movie's beginning.
  • Airmale also plays when Quinn runs to tear down the Lucy Caboosey poster in Born This Way.
  • Big Girls Don't Cry has different arrangements in the TV and Studio Versions, especially in the chorus where Kurt sings the first part and instead of Blaine having one solo in it and Rachel having the other, they both sang the parts together. However, most songs featured on the show are like this.
  • The whole Santana helping Quinn stand thing was all Naya’s idea. After the first take that she did that, Eric Stoltz said, “Naya I really liked that you held her up. Keep doing that.” Source
  • When the episode aired in the UK, during the scene where Santana and Quinn are counting votes, part of Santana's line ..."being a crip and all" was cut.
  • In the scenes at Figgins' office, Brittany says that she "stopped talking for a while." This may be a reference to the fact that she had little to no lines from Hold on to Sixteen to Heart.
  • In the promo for this episode, Puck says, "Fan-friggin'-tastic." When the episode aired, he simply says, "Fantastic."
  • Becky playing the xylophone for the announcements is a reference to the musical Grease.
  • It is possible that Becky's strong poker playing skills in this episode are inspired by Lauren Potter's life. As a board member of Best Buddies, a non-profit organization, Lauren has attended many charity events including poker tournaments and has been jokingly referred to as a "card shark" on her Twitter.
  • In the episode, both Finn and Blaine are wearing parts of clothing which they wore again in The Break-Up. Blaine wore his black vest, and Finn wore his blue striped shirt.
  • This is the second time Finn wore his blue striped shirt in a Prom Episode, the first time in Prom Queen.
  • Quinn and Puck are the only seniors who don't have their photos taken.

Cultural references

  • Sue Sylvester calls Joe "Jar Jar Binks," which is a reference to Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace.
  • Sue also mentioned Mad Men, an American dramatic television series created and produced by Matthew Weiner.
  • Rachel says, after she has been named Prom Queen, "Is someone gonna throw pigs blood on me next like in Carrie?", referencing the popular Stephen King novel-turned-movie. Ironically, this later happens to Tina when she is named Prom Queen in the episode Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, although with red slushies rather than pigs blood.


  • Blaine and Kurt act as if nobody had ever seen Blaine without hairgel before the prom. However, he has been seen without it on several occasions before, like during I Can't Go For That/You Make My Dreams and during The Rachel Berry House Party Train Wreck Extravaganza, though it is possible that they had been exaggerating, had simply forgotten, or could have been a wig, like Puck's hair.
  • At the Anti-Prom Party, the table that Rachel is standing in front of has nothing on it but the Room Service menus. But, after Becky calls Kurt gay, Puck says "I second that" and a black purse is seen on the table.
  • Brittany didn't let Blaine enter with hairgel, yet many other students in the crowd had gel in their hair, breaking Brittany's rule.
    • In addition, Brittany allowed Blaine in after not recognizing him without hairgel. However, in Blame It On The Alcohol, she sees him without hairgel.
  • In the choir room when Finn and Rachel are about to kiss, you can see Tina and Mike sitting, but when the camera turns to Will they hadn't reached their seats yet.
  • The start of the episode before Will enters the scene is like bloopers; Joe and Rory spinning in chairs, Santana hitting her butt then touching Mercedes's face, Sam standing on a chair in the background.
  • When Becky is narrating about Queens, she looks at Finn and Quinn's poster. When the camera zooms out, their poster is completely different.


Is this some kind of joke or something? I mean, like Kurt last year? Is someone gonna throw pigs blood on me next like in Carrie?


Well, you know it would be boring if we weren't so awesome.


Rachel: What are you doing here?
Finn: Well, I'll keep it simple. I love you. You're beautiful. Prom sucks without you.

Rachel and Finn

What are you looking at, Jar-Jar Binks?

Sue to Joe

I thought going through all that terrible stuff earlier this year made you cooler, but no, you're still the same old Quinn. All that matters is you.

Finn to Quinn



Glee Behind The Scene - 3X19 "Prom-A-Saurus"

Glee Behind The Scene - 3X19 "Prom-A-Saurus"


Singles: "Big Girls Don't Cry" (Rachel, Kurt, and Blaine), "Dinosaur" (Brittany with Cheerios), "Love You Like a Love Song" (Santana with Brittany and Tina), "What Makes You Beautiful" (Joe, Rory, Artie, Mike, and Sam), "Take My Breath Away" (Quinn and Santana)

320-1 20. "Props" May 15, 2012

Plot: This episode is mainly focused on Tina as she is usually un-noticed in Glee Club thinking it's unfair, while they are preparing for Nationals. The storylines from Choke are continued in this episode: Rachel's future at NYADA, and Beiste and Puck's storyline. When Tina is further infuriated, she bumps her head and has a hallucinated dream where the Glee Club members switch identities. The title is a reference to Tina disliking being used as a prop in the club and also Sue wanting to use props for the New Directions' Nationals setlist.

Singles: "I Won't Give Up" (Rachel), "Because You Loved Me" (Tina), "Mean" (Puck and Shannon), "Flashdance... What a Feeling" (Rachel and Tina)

Absent: Jayma Mays

321-1 21. "Nationals" May 15, 2012

Plot: The New Directions are stressed with Nationals approaching and as they all try to come together, things quickly unravel. Mercedes is sick in bed, Quinn's struggling with the dancing, Puck's trying to cram in his studying, Rachel fears her dreams aren't coming true, while Will is doubting the last three years, and even the star of Vocal Adrenaline is on the verge of backing out. If they want to win this, New Directions are going to have to work together.

Singles: "Edge of Glory" (The Troubletones, Quinn, and Tina), "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" (Rachel with Mike, Rory, Blaine, Quinn, Tina, and Sugar), "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" (New Directions), "Starships" (Unique with Vocal Adrenaline), "Pinball Wizard" (Unique with Vocal Adrenaline), "Tongue Tied" (New Directions), "We Are the Champions" (New Directions)

GoodbyeGraduate 22. "Goodbye" May 22, 2012

Plot: As the year comes to an end, the New Directions look back and reflect on the good and the bad memories of the year. For some, it'll be their final days at McKinley, leaving them only a limited amount of time to decide upon their futures and spend time with each other. The seniors begin to review their years here before they graduate, and Will sets up a final assignment titled, "Goodbye." With the final days coming to an end, FinnKurt and Rachel are to face whether they will be accepted into their selective colleges. And will Rachel be saying goodbye to just McKinley?

Singles: "Forever Young" (Will), "I'll Remember" (Kurt), "You Get What You Give" (New Directions Seniors), "In My Life" (Sam and Tina with New Directions Juniors), "Glory Days" (Puck and Finn), "Roots Before Branches" (Rachel and Finn)

Major Events

  • New members of New Directions: Blaine Anderson, Rory Flanagan, Sugar Motta, and Joe Hart.
  • Quinn's transformation after summer break, joining the Skanks and making over herself.
  • Rachel and Kurt trying to get into NYADA.
  • Blaine transferring to McKinley.
  • Quinn trying to get Beth back from Shelby.
  • Mike's father briefly not supporting his dreams of being a dancer.
  • Mercedes, Santana and Brittany quitting New Directions and joining The Troubletones.
  • Puck and Shelby's relationship.
  • Finn's fear of not having plans after graduation.
  • The relationship progression of Kurt and Blaine, Santana and Brittany, Finn and Rachel, and Will and Emma.
  • Santana Lopez and Brittany Pierce become officially a couple
  • Santana's coming out.
  • The Troubletones being integrated into the New Directions.
  • Shannon and Cooter's relationship and the domestic violence by Cooter to Shannon.
  • The wedding proposals: Finn to Rachel and Will to Emma.
  • Sebastian's attempt to steal Blaine from Kurt and destroy New Directions, leading the rivalry between New Directions and Warblers.
  • Sam-Mercedes-Shane love triangle.
  • The rivarly between Sue and Roz.
  • Sue's pregnancy.
  • Dave Karofsky's suicide attempt.
  • Quinn's car accident.
  • Quinn and Joe's relationship.
  • Puck's fear of not graduating and being a "Lima loser."
  • New Directions winning Nationals for the first time.
  • Senior members of New Directions graduated from McKinley: Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Santana, Mercedes, Quinn, Puck, and Mike and their future plans after graduations.



Note: No albums were released for the songs from the episodes Yes/No, Michael, The Spanish Teacher, Heart, On My Way, Big Brother, Saturday Night Glee-ver, Dance With Somebody and Prom-asaurus.



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