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Sexy is the fifteenth episode of Glee's second season and the thirty-seventh episode overall. It premiered on March 8, 2011.

With Holly's return to McKinley she discovers that Will's Glee Club students are absolutely clueless about sex education and may make the wrong decisions. Will allows Holly to teach the students sex ed through the form of music. Hearing that New Directions may be prepping up a sexual routine for Regionals from Sue, Kurt and Blaine and the Warblers decide to do a sexy number, resulting in Kurt feeling insecure about his sexy side. Emma, upset about Will's decision with Holly and sex ed with New Directions, prepares a musical number with her Celibacy Club. As everyone's sexy sides are beginning to heat up, the adults and students begin to deal with their romances and endless love triangles. 

The episode was directed by Ryan Murphy and written by Brad Falchuk.



Holly Holliday is back giving sex education lessons at McKinley High. Will Schuester asks her to educate the group through song, prompting Holly to perform Joan Jett's version of Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah). Will later rehearses a rendition of Prince's Kiss with her, resulting in a kiss. Holly turns down his advances, explaining that she would end up hurting him.

Kurt Hummel hears that the club is planning a sexually provocative routine for the upcoming 2011 Regionals Competition from Sue Sylvester. Blaine Anderson responds by having the Warblers give a sexual performance of Animal by Neon Trees sung to the all-girls school of Crawford Country Day. During the show Blaine notices that Kurt's sexy face looks like he is in pain. They go to Kurt's bedroom and try to practice but each "sexy" face looks the same. Kurt explains that he knows little about sex. He says he has tried to watch "those" movies but he gets upset thinking about the fact that they were all kids once. Blaine says he will tell him what he knows but Kurt blushes says he does't want to know the details and tells Blaine to leave.

Burt is talinkg to kurt.png

Blaine is worried about Kurt's lack of sexual knowledge and so he visits Burt Hummel. He admits he is over stepping but explains that he cares for Kurt who is one of the kindest person he has ever met. Burt is embrassed by thinking about having this type of talk with his son and tells Blaine Kurt will come to him when he is ready. Blaine paints a grim picture of shy, bashful Kurt going into a bar one day with no information and maybe being hurt.This prompts him to give Kurt "the talk" about sex. After showing him pamphlets he picked up at a free clinic he tells Kurt that he needs to wait until sex matters because Kurt matters. Kurt is uncomfortable but starts asking questons and agrees to read the information. Burt tells him this talk will make them better men.


At McKinley, Noah Puckerman and Lauren Zizes plan to make a sex tape until Holly informs them that it would be considered child pornography since they are both under eighteen. Puck and Lauren join the celibacy club as a result. Annoyed by Holly's lessons, Emma has the celibacy club perform Afternoon Delight for New Directions, thinking the song is about a dessert, unaware that it is actually about sex. Carl Howell approaches Holly about counseling, revealing that Emma is still a virgin and has qualms about physical intimacy past hugging. Emma confesses that she is confused about her feelings for Will after being asked by Holly, and Carl tells her he will be moving into a hotel until she is certain of her feelings.

Holly also counsels Santana and Brittany when they express confusion about their sexuality. She joins them for a performance of Landslide by Fleetwood Mac (Dixie Chicks version), after which Santana confesses that she is in love with Brittany and wants to be with her, but is afraid of being ostracized by the student body for being in a same-sex relationship. She does not want to go through what Kurt had. Brittany reciprocates her love, but explains that she also loves Artie and will not break up with him because she doesn't want to hurt him, to Santana's distress.


Lauren is annoyed with Puck for joining the Celibacy Club, but when he explains that he is trying to take responsibility for his actions, she kisses him and agrees to join too "as long as they get to play footsies" while they're there.

Puck asks Quinn where she got her hickey, but Quinn lies and says she burnt herself with a curling iron. It is revealed in a flashback that Quinn and Finn have started seeing each other.

Holly is dismissed from her teaching position due to parental complaints about her classes. She tells Will that she wants to learn about romance; he offers to teach her, and they violently make out.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) Gary Glitter
(Joan Jett version)
Holly Holliday with New Directions
Animal  Neon Trees Dalton Academy Warblers
Kiss Prince and The Revolution Holly Holliday and Will Schuester
Landslide Fleetwood Mac Holly Holliday with Brittany Pierce
and Santana Lopez
Afternoon Delight Starland Vocal Band Carl Howell and The Celibacy Club

Background Songs

  • Tempted by Squeeze. Background music.


Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars



  • While the filming of Landslide was taking place, Stevie Nicks dropped by the set and was watching Heather, Naya, and Gwyneth as they sang it. They said they just had to not dwell on it, because it was so nerve wracking.
  • Gwyneth learned to play Landslide on the guitar in a short amount of time in her trailer after Ryan Murphy asked if she could play it.
  • This is the first episode to show a "viewer discretion advised" content rating message right before the airing of the episode, the second being The First Time.
  • The scene where Burt and Kurt are having "the talk" was included in Glee's Top 6 Touching Moments countdown.
  • This is the first episode that heavily hints towards Santana's sexuality.


  • In this episode, Brittany seems to believe that she is pregnant because she saw a stork at her house. However, in The Power of Madonna, she seems to understand that Quinn got pregnant because she slept with Puck, apologizing to a pregnant Quinn after asking what was the worst thing that could happen from putting out.


Whoever thought that being fluid meant you could be so stuck?

—Santana Lopez

It's not about who you are attracted to; ultimately, it’s all about whom you fall in love with.

Ms. Holiday

Brittany: I really like it when we make out and stuff.
Santana: Which isn't cheating because...?
Brittany: The plumbing's different.

Holly: [in a classroom] Demonstration: [holds a condom] this is a condom. Which can help prevent the spread of HIV, which can lead to AIDS. And it also prevents pregnancy. [holds a cucumber]
Finn: [shocked] Wait, cucumbers can give you AIDS?
Mercedes: Seriously? 'Cause I just had them in my salad!

Will: [writes "Sexy" on the board] Sexy.
Santana: I really hope that's not one of the requirements for Regionals because with Berry in those tights, we don't stand a chance.

Kurt: So, you're saying I shouldn't have sex.
Burt: I think on your thirtieth birthday, it is a great gift to yourself.

Santana: Look, let's be clear here. I'm not interested in any labels, unless it's on something I shoplift.
Brittany: I don't know. Santana, I think we should talk to somebody, like an adult. This relationship is really confusing for me.
Santana: Breakfast is confusing for you.
Brittany: Well, sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's salty. Like, what if I have eggs for dinner? Then what is it?

Holly: Hola, clase.
Mercedes: Oh no, it's the salad lady.
Holly: Okay. So sex... It's just like hugging, only wetter.
Artie: Yeah, it is.
Holly: Okay, so let's start with the basics. [to Finn] Finn, is it true that you thought you got your girlfriend pregnant via hot tub?
Finn: I have always been dubious.
Mr. Schuester: [strikes the piano keys]
Holly: [to Brittany] And Brittany, you think that storks bring babies?
Brittany: I get my information from Woody Woodpecker cartoons.
Mr. Schuester: [strikes the piano again]

Kurt: [to Blaine] How are we gonna win Regionals if I have the sexual appeal of a baby penguin?

Kurt: This is pointless, Blaine. I don't know how to be sexy, because I don't know the first thing about sex.

Blaine: Kurt, you're blushing.

Kurt: I've tried watching those movies, but I just get horribly depressed and think about how they were all kids once and they all have mothers and, God, what would their mothers think, and why would you get that tattoo there?!

Holly: So, I hear you guys are having problems.

Emma: We're not having problem-

Carl: Yes, we are. We're having problems.

Holly: Okay. When is the last time you guys-

Carl: Never.

Holly: I beg your pardon?

Carl: We've never...

Holly: Girlfriend, what is up with that?!? He's hot! You're 30.

Emma: I know, but we watch the Housewives dramas, which are so so racy.

Carl: I tried. I make her dinner. I give her roses and everytime I do this-*tickles Emma* that happens.

Holly: Okay, I'm not a doctor. I don't even like watching doctor shows. Except the ones where they strap bombs around their chests. I love those! So I'm going to ask you a question, and be honest. Are you still in love with Will Schuester?

Carl: I was thinking the same thing, but I was afraid to ask.

Emma: I'm very confused of my feelings right now.

Carl: Well, your feelings can stay at the condo and mine are going to the hotel. Thanks, doctor. *leaves*

Holly: Not a doctor.

Emma: Please don't tell Will.

Holly: No, of course not. My lips are sealed. Just like your legs. Wow, gosh, sorry, how rude. Why did I say that? You know, a real doctor would have never said that.

Holly: So just remember: whenever you have sex with someone, you’re having sex with everyone they've ever had sex with. And everybody’s got a random.




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