A slush or a slushie, is a generic term for a flavored frozen drink. There are many different flavors of slushies. The cup that they come in is called the "Big Quench".

It is speculated that the Big Quench is a knock-off of the 7/11 Slurpee. This beverage has been thrown at many New Directions members. AprilBrittanyJesseJoeKittyLaurenMattRoryRyder and Sugar seem to be the only members whom have never been slushied on-screen.

Big Quench

The action of getting hit by a slushie is often referred to by the characters as getting a "slushie facial". Sometimes the victims expect to be slushied, so they prepare by wearing rain jackets. The slushie is also a Glee icon, as it has been used in a multitude of advertisements, such as the Season Two promotional pictures, and on the covers of the music on iTunes.

It is also used in New Directions regionals performance in Season Two when they throw fake slushies at the audience. They were slushie cups filled with red confetti.

In the episode A Very Glee Christmas, various members of New Directions are seen being slushied with green and red slushies. However, slushies are not sold in the green color. Mike suggests that they colored slush from the parking lot green.

Sue is also known to have thrown slushies, or be seen holding one.

Rachel is the first one seen in the show slushied, from Puck. Kurt was the first to be seen getting slushied in Season Two, (Audition) by AzimioFinn was the first to be seen getting slushied in Season Three (The Purple Piano Project) by the hockey team. Unique and Marley were the firsts to be seen getting slushied in Season Four (The New Rachel) by Phil Lipoff and Bobby Surette.

According to Principal Figgins, slushies are not recognized by the school board to be implements of bullying (I Kissed a Girl); this is why no one has ever been punished for throwing slushies at Glee Club members. The only time a slushie has seriously and physically hurt someone, to the extend of them requiring surgery, was in Michael, when Blaine took a slushie for Kurt, which contained rock salt, thrown by Sebastian.

In Nationals, after winning the 2012 Nationals Competition, the New Directions walk into McKinley High School, with Artie carrying the massive trophy they won. Rick and another hockey player approach the group, and present them with what appears to be two slushies. However, when thrown, glitter comes out of the notorious quench cups. This act leads into the song Tongue Tied.

In Tina in the Sky with Diamonds, Tina had a bucket of red slushie (a reference to pigs blood from the movie "Carrie") dropped on her by Dottie Kazatori, as planned by Bree, to get at her for winning Prom Queen over Kitty.

Self-Slushie facial

Self Slushie

A self-slushie facial is the act on one person giving their self a facial slushie. Only one person has done it. Kurt in Mash-Up when he "took one for the team" when the football team threatened to beat Finn up if he didn't do it. Kurt took the slushie from Finn and slushied himself. After, he demands someone take him to a day spa as soon as possible.

List of people Slushied


  • During Born This Way, when Karofsky apologizes to the New Directions and states that he thinks he has slushied each and every member, showing flashbacks to various times and episodes, but Quinn, Brittany, and Lauren are not shown getting slushied by him.
  • Real slushies were actually used in the earlier episodes of Season One. Chris Colfer once said that it felt like "getting bitch-slapped by an iceberg."
  • Brittany and Kitty are the only girls on the Cheerios and New Directions didn't get a slushie facial on the show.
  • Rachel is the first and last character to have been slushied onscreen.
  • The second season's promotional photos included the cast members throwing slushies and the album covers were also slushies.




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