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It’s not easy to break out of your comfort zone. People will tear you down; tell you that you shouldn’t have bothered in the first place. But let me tell you something: there’s not much of a difference in a stadium full of cheering fans, and an angry crowd screaming abuse at you. They’re both just making a lot of noise; how you take it, is up to you. Convince yourself that they’re cheering for you. You do that, and someday, they will.

—Sue Sylvester, Preggers

Susan "Sue" Rodham Sylvester, Vice President of United States of America, is a major character on Glee. She is the former coach of the McKinley High school Cheerios cheerleading club and founder of the Muckrakers Club and League of Doom, as well as the Old Maid's Club and the former principal of McKinley High School. Sue was at one point the coach of Aural Intensity, before their loss at Regionals in 2011. She also bullies kids on a daily basis.

Sue wanted to destroy the school's glee club, the New Directions, and their teacher, Will Schuester, attempting to bring it down at any cost. She had a disabled sister named Jean, who she often spent time with. Jean brought out Sue's kinder side, and passed away in Season Two's next-to-last episode, Funeral. As a result, Sue announced she will no longer try to bring down the Glee Club - and instead decides to focus on politics. Her goal if elected is lobby to cut the funding of the arts including New Directions funding. When her campaign as congress fails and later Roz Washington, the coach of the McKinley swimming team, takes over the cheerios because Sue wasn't present for them, she is kicked from being the cheerleading coach, but deals with Principal Figgins, that if she can win a Nationals championship with the glee club, she wants her cheerios back. When the New Directions win, Sue is back on top with her title as winner of two national championships, her cheerios and the glee club.

Sue is the main antagonist of Glee, and is often seen as the villainous teacher who likes to shake them up. On many occasions she, usually inadvertently, inspires Will.

She is highly critical, constantly reprimanding other students, faculty, and her Cheerios - and still manages to be one of the most loved characters of the show.

Sue has a strong disliking for most of the New Directions kids, but seems to have taken a liking for Kurt, protecting him against Karofsky and other bullies, resigning as principal out of protest, when Karofsky is allowed back. And when he told her to stop calling him "Lady," she listened. In Comeback, when Will mentions Kurt and the Warblers, she sadly whispers, "Sweet Porcelain." In Sexy, she seemed to have thought they were allies, until Kurt quickly informed her otherwise.

Sue became pregnant somewhere between The Spanish Teacher and On My Way. In Big Brother, she finds out that her child is female and has a high risk of having Down syndrome, similar to how her sister late Jean and Cheerio of hers, Becky, the two people closest to her, had Down syndrome. Her baby is introduced in The New Rachel and is named Robin. Sue was fired from McKinley in Shooting Star after covering for Becky who accidentally fired a gun causing the school to go into emergency lock-down, but returned in Love, Love, Love when she made Figgins get fired after police found sexual suggestives magazines in his office, and because Becky previously confessed about the gun accident (back in Lights Out).

After having achieved her goal of being Principal, she disbands the glee club after their loss at the 2013 Nationals and transfers every member left (with the exception of Kitty) and instead, the Choir Room becomes a computer room. When Rachel Berry and Kurt Hummel reboot the Glee Club more than one year after those events, Sue begins a new rivalry against them.

Sue's position as principal is later terminated by Lima Public Schools superintendent Bob Harris after all her secrets were discovered. She is later seen as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline, though she later quits off-screen.

Five years later, it is revealed that she has become the first female Vice President of USA with Becky working for her as her secretary.

She is portrayed by actress Jane Lynch.



Due to the Cheerios' increasing budget, the teachers' coffee machine was temporarily taken away. To make up for it, Sue brings Will and Ken lattes. When Will asks if he could have some of her cheerleaders join the Glee Club, Sue tells him that in high school certain people fall into different spots, the Cheerleaders and Athletes are at the top, the smart kids are at the bottom and the Glee Club kids are below them. However, when her and some of her Cheerios see the glee club kids singing Don't Stop Believin' she becomes jealous of them, and tries to get Principal Figgins to cancel Glee club.



Sue thereafter tries to disband the Glee club. Sue informs Will that unless Glee club makes it to Nationals, Principal Figgins will cut them. She later catches Finn and Rachel using her copy machine and wants them kicked out, but her efforts are blocked by Will. After the Glee club does a really offensive version of Push It, Sue is the first to complain, almost getting Glee club shut down. When Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, and Brittany Pierce also join Glee Club, she orders them to become spies for her.


With the Cheerios updating Sue about the Glee club she learns that Will hadn't been showing up for practices and the club's members were considering hiring Dakota Stanley, a cruel yet amazing choreographer that taught Vocal Adrenaline. The Cheerio spies thought that this would convince all of the weaker members of the club to quit. However, Dakota's fee was much too expensive for the club to pay, so Sue allowed her Cheerios to help with a car wash to support the Glee club as part of her ultimate goal to disband it. However they fired Dakota and Will came back, allowing Glee club to continue on as normal. Sue, however, was not happy with her Cheerios for failing to bring down the Glee club.


Later on, Sue obtains her own section of the local news (WOHN News 8), named Sue's Corner. However, she learns that unless her Cheerios make it to nationals, Sue's Corner will be cancelled.

Sue visits Sandy Ryerson and teams up with him to try and get Rachel Berry out of the Glee Club. Sandy, who believes that Will has been running Glee Club into the ground, is happy to help.

The Rhodes Not Taken

Sue in one of her "Sue's Corner" segments.

The two set up a school musical, to get Rachel to audition for. Subsequently, they give the part to her. When Will gives Rachel's solo to Tina Cohen-Chang, Rachel quits the Glee Club. Sue later finds out that Sandy has been yelling at Rachel, and tries to convince her that she is a horrible singer so that he could write himself into the musical, instead of Rachel. Rachel agrees to rejoin Glee club, but after hearing that Quinn is pregnant, she confronts Sue and says that if she wants her to return, there would have to be some changes made. Sue agrees with her completely and gives her control of the musical. However, Rachel ends up rejoining Glee club.

Vitamin D

Sue is seen writing in her journal where she talks about a "recent disaster" where Quinn's leg quivered during a practice. She writes that the quiver would cost her Nationals unless she stops the Glee club, because Quinn's excuse for quivering was that she was tired from Glee Club. She decides to blame Will Schuester for it. She thinks if she fails at ruining Glee Club, she can try to ruin Will. So, she talks to his wife Terri Del Monico about Will's relationship with Emma Pillsbury. Growing suspicious, Terri gets a job as the school nurse despite having no medical experience. She gives all of the Glee club members performance enhancers so Principal Figgins decides that they need a co-director, for which he chooses Sue.


Sue is the New Directions' new Co-Director, causing huge arguments between Will a
Sue 27.jpg
nd herself. She asks her Cheerio spies (Quinn, Brittany, and Santana) what they think the club's biggest flaw is, and Quinn says "The minorities think they are not being heard." She splits up the Glee Club according to minorities, trying to make the kids think Will is racist and sexist, and causes conflict. Sue comes up with a song for the minorities (or Sue's "Elite" Glee Club). They sing Hate on Me, with Mercedes singing the solos. Sue also finds out that her Cheerios are not academically eligible to be cheerleaders, because Will flunked them all to sabotage her. Instead of reporting this to school officials, Sue gives back to Will full control of the Glee Club. Sue also forces Jacob Ben Israel to reveal to her that Quinn is pregnant.


Sue finds a new relationship with Rod Remington, a fellow co-worker at the news station she films "Sue's Corner" at. He wants to take her a "swing" dancing competition, so Sue gets dance lessons from Will, building a friendship. Sue finds out that Rod is cheating on her with Rod's partner news anchor, Andrea Carmichael, ending their "relationship." This break-up puts Sue in a bad mood again, abruptly ending her and Will's friendship, to no surprise. She kicks Quinn off the cheerleading squad for being pregnant, which she was not going to do when Rod had put her in a good mood.


Sue is forced to hold an open audition for the Cheerios, having removed Quinn. Kurt, Mercedes and some other students try out, but she refuses all of them. Except when Becky Jackson, a girl with down-syndrome tries out. Sue accepts her to Will's surprise, ending the auditions. Principal Figgins wants to take money from the school's different budgets to get more handicap ramps, but Sue thinks it is a horrible idea, refusing to give up any money. In the end of the episode, Sue suddenly pays Figgins for three new ramps. Later on, it is revealed that Sue's sister, Jean, has Down syndrome as well, and Sue's visit inspired her more generous side, which lead to her helping the handicapable kids at McKinley.


Sue forces Will to give her the set list, even threatening to come back as Co-Director of the Glee Club. Will gives in, handing over the set list, which she immediately takes to the other directors of the Glee Clubs competing show choirs.


Sue convinces Principal Figgins to not let the Glee Club have a picture in the Thunderclap yearbook. She says that having a picture of the Glee Club in the Thunderclap would give the other students another change to bully the kids in Glee. Will is angry, and has to buy a small ad in the yearbook just so the Glee Club can be shown. Rachel, not satisfied with the small picture in the yearbook, casts the Glee Club in a mattress commercial. Sue sees the advertisement and has Glee Club's amateur status revoked, almost disqualifying New Directions from Sectionals, but Will accepts the free mattresses given to them, disqualifying him from Sectionals and saving Glee Club. Quinn labels Sue a hypocrite in front of her, because Sue has kept the Cheerios amateur performers even thought they had been given large amounts of gifts such as shoes, haircuts, and complimentary tanning. Quinn forces Sue to give up one of the Cheerios' six yearbook pages to the Glee Club. Sue likes her fierceness and accepts Quinn back on the Cheerios for the yearbook photo, but Quinn surprisingly refuses, as she wants to be in a group that wants her there, like Glee Club.


Sue catches Rod cheating on her with Andrea.

Will finds out that Sue leaked the set list to the other teams. The evidence builds up and is given to Principal Figgins by Will, Grace Hitchens the Jane Addams director, and Dalton Rumba, the Haverbrook director. Furious, Figgins decides to suspend Sue from the position of cheerleading coach. Sue decides to take a vacation to her condo in Boca, and come back tanner, muscular, and even more hell-bent on Glee Club's destruction.


Sue recreates Madonna's "Vogue."

Following the suspension from her position at William McKinley High School, as seen in "Sectionals," Sue blackmails Principal Figgins, slipping him a date rape drug and taking an incriminating photograph of them in a compromising position. He allows her to return to work at the school, where she immediately returns to plotting to bring down the glee club. She also has a secret plan to get rid of Rachel by having Santana and Brittany seduce Finn.

The Power of Madonna

Sue s glee.jpg

Sue then blackmails Figgins into playing Madonna's hits over the loud speaker all day long, and tells her Cheerios they have to find younger men like Madonna dated. This inspires Will, and angers Sue, leading the hair insults to start up again. The insults backfire, having Will come back at her short hair. She then reveals to Kurt and Mercedes that she used chemicals in her hair when she was a little girl to bleach her hair like Madonna, as her album "True Blue" was released on Sue's sixth birthday (this reveals that she was born June 30, 1980). This leads Kurt and Mercedes to give her a makeover and recreate Madonna's Vogue video.


Sue owns the auditorium for a week for the Cheerios, because she is going to have an interview. Also instructs Kurt and Mercedes to lose weight, especially Mercedes.

Bad Reputation

Kurt finds a video of Sue Sylvester dancing to Physical. After Finn posts it on the Internet, it circulates around the school quickly. She then complains to Principal Figgins about the situation and presents the "Glist." It is a list based a hotness quotient. In the teacher's lounge, she immediately clashes with new teacher Brenda Castle. Castle even makes a point to laugh at her. Everyone is laughing about her which means no one is afraid of her anymore. Realizing how it is to be laughed at, she apologizes to her sister for not protecting her more. After that, Sue becomes a counselor to Emma and helped her confront Will about cheating. After the endless laughter from everyone, Sue thought it was karma getting back at her for what she did to everyone. Kurt confronts her about posting the video, but Sue thanks him. It turns out she got a call from Olivia Newton-John and they both sing Physical in a video. It makes her become a top 700 recording artist and gets back at the teachers by showing it to them. Sue confronts her sister and tells her she just needed an attitude change and the only person she needed to persuade is her. She gives her cut of the profits to her sister's nursing home.


Sue advises Kurt to get his father. Also tell Mercedes that nobody quits Cheerios, you either die or she will kick you off.

Dream On

Sue had sex with Bryan Ryan. Sue, again try to make impossible Will's life, saying that Bryan got a minor.


Will, tired of Sue, takes revenge on her, seducing her and then dump her on a date. Then Sue depressed, is revived by the same Will.

Brenda Castle making fun of Sue in Bad Reputation


It is revealed that she will be one of the four celebrity judges at the Regionals. This knowledge puts New Directions in a state of despair as Sue is finally in the position to ensure that they do not place at Regionals and therefore, ending Glee Club. At Regionals, Sue makes it seem like she wants to put New Directions in last place. However, after the other judges make harsh remarks about New Directions, she attempts to come to their defense.The other judges then write her off, stating that it's laughable that she's considered a celebrity. After the votes are placed, Sue is the one chosen to read the results revealing Aural Intensity came in second and Vocal Adrenaline placed first, meaning New Directions came in last and, due to Will's deal with Figgins, would be forced to disband. As Will is emptying out the former Glee Club room, Sue approaches him and begins bragging about how she has proven that she can wipe Glee Club off the face of the earth. She then states that while she doesn't like Will, she truly admires the work he has done with his students. It is then revealed that she was actually the sole vote for New Directions at the competition. Then, when they failed to place, she promised Figgins to never mention their "affair" ever again in exchange for giving Glee Club one more year.


Sue seems truly done with trying to end Glee Club. When Principal Figgins informs Sue and Will that they will each be losing ten percent of their budget to the new football coach, Sue immediately decides that she must stop her. In doing so, she teams up with Will and they both begin bullying Coach Beiste in hopes that she will be unable to cope and resign, thus restoring their budgets. Sue goes so far as to get Brittany to accuse Coach Beiste of inappropriate touching and recommends Beiste be fired and placed on the last train to London registration list, however Will convinces Brittany to admit that she had made the story up before any damage is done. Sue then presents Shannon with a "peace offering" of cookies made with dog poop. When Will tells Sue he is no longer going to bully Shannon, Sue immediately contacts Dustin Goolsby, the new director of Vocal Adrenaline, to have him lure potential star, Sunshine Corazon, out of New Directions.

Will sue lmao.gif
Sue and Will laugh at Shannon Beiste.


Sue catches Jacob Ben Israel masturbating to a video of his interview with Rachel while she was wearing an outfit from Baby One More Time and concludes that Britney Spears brings out the animal in people. When New Directions perform Toxic at the homecoming assembly (another Britney Spears song), seeing as the students are enjoying the performance, she declares that the assembly had turned into a "Britney Spears sex riot" and pulls the fire alarm, causing students to run into her. She, of course, blames the injury she got as a result of pulling the alarm on Will and informs him that she will be contacting a lawyer and suing him. No more has been heard of the lawsuit since.

Grilled Cheesus

When New Directions begin singing religious songs, she goes to Principal Figgins citing separation of church and state to try to force them to stop. Surprisingly, Figgins sides with Will believing that students should be allowed to practice whatever faith they choose. She then tries to appeal to the school board, but cannot do anything without an official complaint from a student. She convinces Kurt to be the one to file the complaint. Emma furiously storms into Sue's office and demands to know why she wants to take away what could be his only comfort in his time of need. It is revealed that she doesn't believe in God because when she was younger, she prayed for her sister to get better, but nothing ever changed. She further states that she believes convincing someone to believe in a fantasy, however comforting it may be, is cruel. However, after a conversation with her sister, Sue becomes emotional explaining to her why she doesn't believe in God. Jean then simply states that she believes God makes no mistakes and asks Sue if she would like if she prayed for her, to which Sue says yes. At the end of the episode, she watches the kids sing One of Us. When Will asks if she will report him, she says she won't.


The Rocky Horror Glee Show

Sue doesn't like the fact that the Glee club is doing Rocky Horror, because Halloween is her favorite holiday. But when two studio officers offer her a special engagement for a local Emmy, she is all over doing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. She helps cast Eddie and Frank-n-Furter, and re wrote the script.


Never Been Kissed

Sue does not have that big a role, but upon learning that Coach Beiste quit, she calls Will to the auditorium and shoots off two confetti machines, laughing maniacally.

The Substitute

Sue uses Lauren Zizes' sickness to infect Figgins and becomes acting principal.

Sue getting Lauren to sneeze on Principal Figgins

She takes the chance to totally abuse her power and begins a war on junk food, banning tater tots, which angers Mercedes, who stuffs her LeCar (apparently one of seven existing cars in the world) tailpipe with tots. Sue also began to get along with Holly Holliday, Will's Spanish class and Glee club substitute. By the end of the episode, after Holly admits that she doesn't really know what she's doing, Sue (after firing Will) reinstates him.


Learning that Rod is engaged to Andrea, which he announces on the air, she immediately reports that she will be married - to herself. This wedding brings her Nazi-hunting mother Doris Sylvester (Carol Burnett) to town. Meanwhile, still principal, Sue expels Dave Karofsky after hearing that the latter threatened to kill Kurt. But the school board overrides her decision and she resigns as principal in protest, promising Kurt that she will try her best to protect him. But Kurt is too terrified of Karofsky and transfers to Dalton Academy. With the wedding taking place at home, Sue "uninvites" Doris after Doris frequently remarks that the whole wedding is ridiculous.

A Very Glee Christmas

Sue is arguing with Quinn after the Californa Girls Cheerios performance

Sue rigs the staff Secret Santa—swaps the name draw for one that has only her name—to get more presents. What she's done is uncovered by Will and Beiste, who take back the presents in order to donate them to needy children. Will's last words to her as he walks out, triumphant, are "you're a Grinch, Sue," thus inspiring her next move: dress up as the Grinch (Becky as her rein-dog) and wreak havoc on the choir room. It's done in a manner mimicking the actual Grinch movies. Brittany even comes in and takes the place of the little Who girl the Grinch talks to as Santa. At the end, as the Glee Club sings Fahoo Doray, she feels Christmas spirit herself, and gets the Glee Club kids to come with her decorate Will's house.

The Sue Sylvester Shuffle

Sue forces Santana, Brittany and Quinn to choose between Glee Club and the Cheerios. She also tries to fire Brittany out of a cannon. This ultimately leads to her losing her three star cheerleaders to Glee Club, and leads to her vendetta against Will, and goal to destroy the Glee Club to both grow in intensity.


Sue joins the Glee Club and tries to make Mercedes and Rachel enemies. Her plan ultimately fails. After Will brings her to a hospital and sings with some of the terminally-ill children, she is inspired and she, with the rest of Glee Club, sing Sing by My Chemical Romance. She also becomes the new Coach for Aural Intensity.

Sue at the hospital

Blame It on the Alcohol

After New Directions perform Tik Tok, and watching that the kids are actually drunk, she receives a call from Will (who tried to actually call Emma) and tells her that he loves her (believing she's Emma) and other things. Sue, in revenge, releases Will's message, leaving him awfully embarrassed.


Sue makes a brief appearance at The Lima Bean where she confides to Sweet Porcelain (and Blaine), that the Glee Club is doing "sexy." Kurt denies that they're either allies or friends, which Sue seems to have been assuming (after trying to protect Kurt from Karofsky, expelling the bully then resigning as Principal to protest his return to the school. Kurt hadn't forgotten everything else Sue had done to Glee Club prior, though.) and he doesn't buy into her destroy-the-Glee-Club antics. Interestingly, Blaine does.

Sue's fist

Original Song

Sue tells Will that she has chosen songs that will appeal to each specific judge. The song is later revealed to be Jesus Is My Friend, targeted toward the religious judges. She is then seen at Regionals watching the glee clubs, and after she figures out that Aural Intensity lost, and the New Directions won, she punches Carla Turlington Stevens (the governor's wife), in the face, knocking her out.

A Night of Neglect

Sue recruits Dustin Goolsby from Vocal Adrenaline, Sandy Ryerson and Terri Delmonico in a group called League of Doom. She makes the group in order to destroy New Directions and Will Schuester. After Dustin and Sandy fails their missions, she orders Terri to take actions.


Sue tells Terri that she has resuscitated McKinley High's newspaper (the Muckracker) and the publication will ignore the facts. This proves true - the next issue runs a load of gossip primarily about the glee kids. Later, the we find out that the questions Brittany interviews Will with were written by Sue, who asks Will why exactly he's helping April (who had come back to recruit Will to Broadway with her.

Prom Queen

We learn in Prom Queen that Sue is the prom coordinator. When Figgins informs her that New Directions will be performing at prom, Sue is initially against it, but agrees as long as the club will not perform the worst numbers they've ever done. Later, Sue is seen guarding the punch bowl in case anyone should try to spike it. When Artie does try (per Puck's orders), she drags him to his office and threatens to pull out some of his teeth if he does not tell her who told him to spike it. Artie is narrowly saved from having his teeth pulled out when Becky informs Sue that Finn and Jesse have started fighting in the gym. Sue then throws them both out, despite Quinn's protests.


Finn and Kurt are in the nursing home with Sue, sorting through her sister Jean's belongings. Kurt discovers a copy of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory which Sue says Jean would watch at least three times a week. Sue takes only one stuffed animal, saying that she doesn't need any more mementos of Jean and that she only asked the Glee Club to plan the funeral to make sure the service would be full, since Jean didn't know a lot of people. As Sue arrives at the funeral home with Will, she discovers the club has decorated the casket with props from Jean's favorite movie. As she tries to eulogize her sister Sue breaks down and is unable to continue. Mr Schuester takes over and gives the speech- which is shown to move the kids to tears:

Jean's Funeral

"I miss my sister. Every night at 10 or so, she used to call me on the phone, and when I asked her why, she'd tell me that her body told her... she wanted to hear my voice. I miss my sister. The smell of her shampoo. The way she could always convince me to read her another book. When you love someone like I loved her, they're a part of you; it's like you're attached by this invisible tether and no matter how far away you are, you can always feel them. And now every time I reach for that tether I know there's no one on the other end and I feel like I'm falling into nothingness. Then I remember Jean. I remember a life led with no enemies, no resentments, no regrets and I'm inspired to get up out of bed and go on. I miss my sister so much it feels like piece of me has been ripped off. Just one more time I want to hold her. Ten more seconds— is that too much to ask? For ten more seconds to hold her? But I can't and I won't and the only thing keeping me from being swallowed whole by sadness is that Jean would kill me if I did. So for now I'm just going to miss her. I love you Jeanny. Rest in peace."
After the funeral, Sue thanks Will for all that he's done, and apologies to him for being a bully and not the kind of friend that they both deserved. She tell him how Jean, despite not knowing Will, always defended him to Sue and feels that Jean would want her to move past her petty vendetta against him. She then informs Will that she would be running for political office in order do something about the insane levels of health care costs that unfortunately burdened Jean during most of her life.

The Purple Piano Project

Sue runs for congress on a platform of cutting the arts in schools. Becky tells her the news that she is in 9th place with 6% of the votes, which leads her to the decision that she needs to appeal to people by fighting against something. Her annoyance at the purple pianos leads her to base her campaign on cutting the arts in schools. She records a new Sue's Corner in which she states her new vendetta against the arts in public schools. She directs new cheerleading co-captains, Santana and Becky to sabotage the pianos being used for the glee club recruitment drive. At the cheerleading tryouts, Will glitterbombs Sue, with Emma videoing, saying that cutting the arts from schools will make things worse for students.

I Am Unicorn

Sue features Quinn in an anti-arts commercial for her congressional campaign.

Asian F

Sue only watches Run the World (Girls).

Pot o' Gold

Sue's run for congress picks up steam. She was able to persuade Principal Figgins to stop funding for the school's production of West Side Story. She is furious when she discovers that Burt is running against her, and promises to beat him.

Mash Off

Sue starts a smear campaign to ruin the candidacy of Burt Hummel, her biggest rival. She, along with Will and Burt, tell Santana about Reggie Salazar's campaign ad that will out her as a lesbian. Sue apologizes to Santana saying that she was responsible for the tone of the campaign and that she failed to consider the consequences.

I Kissed a Girl

Sue's black book

Sue realizes that her sexuality is now under scrutiny, thanks to Salazar's campaign ad. She goes through her little black book of booty calls to find herself a man to bolster her campaign image. She chooses Cooter Menkins. When Shannon Beiste sees Sue and Cooter at Breadstix, she asks them if they are dating. Cooter confirms it while Sue smiles. Burt Hummel wins the election while Sue came in third. Cooter asks what this means for him and Sue, and Shannon says that she wants to know the same thing. Sue says that having Cooter as a boyfriend is the best thing that has happened to her since she met Becky Jackson. Shannon claims that she won't give up Cooter without a fight.

Extraordinary Merry Christmas

Sue asks Artie, Kurt, and Blaine to come with her to the homeless shelter and sing for the homeless, because this is her first Christmas without Jean, and she wants to keep her mind occupied. Later, Sue verifies with New Directions that they can come on Friday, but Artie points out that their Christmas special is on that day, so they can't make it. On Friday, Sue is at the homeless shelter with Quinn and Sam and points out that they won't have enough food. New Directions shows up with a turkey and asks to sing a song, Sue says they can as long as it's not Jingle Bells, because that's the only song the janitor has been playing all night, she enjoys New Directions performance of Do They Know It's Christmas?.


Sue gives Becky advice on how to get Artie, but says that she could do better. She is shocked and disappointed when she finds out that Shannon and Cooter eloped, and when Emma complains that she wants to marry Will, Sue tells her to just ask him. She then sings backup for Wedding Bell Blues with Bieste. Artie confronts sue when Becky sexts him, and she tells him that if he doesn't want to go out with Becky, he should treat her like a normal person and tell her, so she can move on. Sue gives Emma a flower during We Found Love along with Beiste and other people. Sue helps comfort Becky when Artie dumps her by eating ice cream and watching TV, since they both lost someone.

The Spanish Teacher

Sue tells the boys of New Directions, excluding Kurt and Artie, that they should be sperm donors. She tells Will she is wants to have a child, but was dismayed by the options she saw at the sperm bank. She tells Will that she had her eggs frozen in the late 1970s, despite the fact that the technology didn't exist at the time, by doing it herself and storing them at Kroger. She tells Will she is a shoo-in to get the tenure position due to her seniority and her proven ability as a champion. She then gives Will a cup to make a donation and ensure her child is born with a full head of hair.

Figgins informs Sue that there is a student complaint about her. Roz Washington is also in the room to provide some constructive criticism about her Cheerios. The Cheerios perform a routine with Roz's updated moves as Sue looks on with annoyance. She confronts Roz with her theory that she is waiting for Sue to go on maternity leave to take her job. Roz is shocked by the idea and tells her to "wake up and smell the menopause," along with a string of insults. Roz says she doesn't need to steal Sue's job because she is convinced Figgins is going to give it to her. Emma hands Sue a pamphlet titled "Please Don't Hog My Fiancee's Nog," and tells her how inappropriate her request was. Emma asks why she asked Will. Sue admits it is because of her own mean streak compared with Will's ability to always be good and optimistic in the face of her insults. Sue confronts Santana, assuming she lodged the complaint against her because of her decision to make Becky the co-captain. Santana also expresses shock at Sue's comment that she's planning to have a baby. Sue tells Will she's found a better donor than him. Becky gives Sue an injection for her fertility treatments and then confesses to making the complaint against Sue. Becky is worried that Sue isn't as focused on the Cheerios as she used to be. Sue thanks her for the feedback, and Becky tells her she's going to be a great mom. Sue smiles as Becky leaves.

On My Way

Sue brings Quinn into her office and tells her that she is pregnant. She asks her what helps against morning sickness and she replies that eating saltines, drinking herbal tea, and sucking on lollipops helps. Sue thanks her for the useless advice and Quinn asks her if she can rejoin the Cheerios. Sue says that it would be unfair to the kids practicing all year and kicks her out of her office, because she has to puke after smelling hot dog water.

In a faculty meeting to discuss Karofsky's attempted suicide, Sue begins to cry. She initially blames it on hormones, but she then admits she is disappointed in herself. She points out that she was the principal dealing with Kurt and Karofsky's situation and she knew something was off about Karofsky. Later, Sue calls Quinn back into her office and tells her that she admires her and gives her a Cheerios uniform. Sue later meets Will at the wedding and congratulates him for winning Regionals. She says she wants to help will win Nationals.

Big Brother

Figgins tells Sue the he is making Roz Washington the co-coach of the Cheerios. Roz proceeds to insult Sue at length. She questions Figgins' decision, but he declares that with the pregnancy, she hasn't been able to keep up with her duties to ensure a National Championship for the Cheerios. She guarantees him a National Championship, but instead of the Cheerios, her promise is for the New Directions. She takes over Booty Camp, and in typical fashion is mean to all of them, including throwing Mercedes' phone into the seats causing it to shatter because she was texting. She describes them as "nothing, but a coven of tardy; narcissistic bloated bags of cellulite who will stab each other in the back at the first glimpse of a solo in a competition hosted by a late night horror movie host." Will suggests that they should be trying to inspire the kids, not crush them. She mentions to Will and Emma that she will be going to her doctor's appointment to find out the sex of the baby. They offer to go with her because they feel no one should be alone for such an important milestone. The amniocentesis results show that the baby is a girl, however there are some irregularities. Later, Becky shows up in Sue's office. When Becky says that she heard about Sue's baby, she assumes that Becky is aware of the "irregularities." Becky indicates that she only heard that the baby is a girl. Sue confirms that it is a girl, "just like you," likely indicating that the irregularities in the amnio show that the baby could have Down Syndrome. Becky gives Sue a parenting tip. "Try to work on your patience." Sue resumes leading Booty Camp, refusing to answer the unasked question of which celebrity is the father of her baby. She says that she behaved badly, but she is hoping that some of the glee club's optimism and decency will rub off on her unborn child.

Saturday Night Glee-ver


Sue convinces Will to make New Directions perform songs from the album of Saturday Night Fever and offer the winners a prize. She then participates in the performance of Night Fever with the rest of New Directions. Later on, she tries to convince Kurt and Mercedes to give Wade high heels and tell him to dress as a woman at Regionals so that Vocal Adrenaline will lose. Then she helps Santana plan for a scholarship at Louisville with the help of Brittany. She performs with New Directions at the end of the episode with Stayin' Alive.


Roz tells Sue about the Glee girls joking about domestic violence when they see Coach Beiste's black eye. They are joined by Shannon and Will. Sue says that "John Goodman (Shannon), Black Sue (Roz), and Original Recipe Sue (Sue) are going to take care of it." The three of them speak to the Glee girls about domestic violence. They give them an assignment to sing songs about empowerment, encouraging them to get out of a bad situation. She is
upset when the girls choose to perform Cell Block Tango, saying it provides the wrong message. She and Roz confront Shannon about leaving during the performance. Shannon admits that Cooter did give her the black eye. Roz asks why she didn't fight him back, but Shannon says she's not a violent person. Sue tells her she has to get out of the house. Shannon admits she's afraid to leave him because she doesn't think anybody else will ever love her. Sue tells her that she can stay with her that night. Sue confronts Shannon that she didn't stay at her house. Shannon says she spent the night moving in with her sister, though it is later revealed that she eventually went back to give Cooter another chance.


Sue does morning PA announcements at the school and give a back-handed thanks to

Sue at prom

whoever left her maternity gifts while admitting her "trash can will find them delicious." She then announces the nominees for Prom King and Queen. When she doesn't announce Becky as a nominee, Becky takes out her frustration on the xylophone. Sue says it's an antique. Sue later confronts Becky saying she had declared war on xylophones and ransacked the cafeteria line. Becky says she wanted to be Prom Queen like she saw in a commercial. Sue mentions that advertisements are realistic. She says that Becky just didn't have the votes. Her campaign posters actually said "Veto for Becky Jackson" and says that Becky is a bitch with a bad attitude.

At the prom, Sue offers to bring her to prom and make her deputy in charge of protecting the punch bowl. Sue encourages the students to try her special "Prombrosia" punch, saying she believes it's her best batch ever. One of the ingredients is Visine. Sue breaks up a near-fight between Finn and Joe, asking if she's going to have to eject Finn from yet another prom. When Tina gets punch, Sue accuses her of trying to spike the punch. She is pleased to see Becky proudly walk in with the makeshift crown on that Puck made for her. Becky distracts her as Puck finally manages to fulfill his dream of spiking the punch.


Sue has Kurt and Mercedes in her office confronting them about the success of Unique and blaming them for it, claiming she doesn't remember encouraging them to do what they did. She then pulls out a dress and says Kurt

Sue letting the New Directions practice with "props."

needs to wear it as their only chance of winning at Nationals, but Kurt refuses. She continues to act as though Kurt will comply when she and Will announce the setlist, including Kurt leading The Troubletones as "Porcelina." She also claims to have been Jennifer Beals' body double in Flashdance as she introduces welding props for Flashdance... What A Feeling. Sue switches with Will during Tina's Dream. After the dream, Sue screams out choreography direction for Flashdance and admonishes them as an unmitigated disaster. Sue shows secret footage Kurt obtained of Vocal Adrenaline and Unique. She continues to insist that one of the boys must dress in drag for the competition. Because Kurt won't "be a team player," she tells the group that she has ordered eighteen little people to use in the performance. Puck walks in dressed in a dress and blonde wig. Sue respects his commitment, but says he's the ugliest woman she's ever seen, saying she thought Puck was Beiste's sister. Shannon walks into Sue's office with a suitcase saying she wants to be a chaperone for Nationals. When Sue questions that she already packed a bag, she admits she left Cooter. Sue gets up to hug her.


When Will and some girls are helping Mercedes while the latter is sick in Nationals, Sue is present, and she promises to help Mercedes get back on her feet, which she succeeds at: Mercedes is able to perform at the competition. Sue sits in the audience to watch this competition later on. After the New Directions win Nationals, she is told by Figgins that she can stay head of the Cheerios, because she helped them to win. In a hallway scene, she tells Emma and Will that she knows she became teacher of the year again because Becky read the results, which is a lie, however, because the award goes to Will. Sue smiles and congratulates for Will's win, genuinely happy for him, she mouths the words to We Are The Champions.



Sue is first seen in her office cleaning her Nationals trophy for Cheerios with Coach Roz Washington as she congratulates Sue. After that Quinn comes to give her uniform back. Sue gives it back, telling her she is retiring the uniform. Sue shares that she thought Quinn reminded her of herself, but knows how different she is. Knowing that she will go far and can't
wait to be able to say she knew her back in the day. Quinn hugs Sue as her way of saying goodbye, both crying. Sue can be seen at Graduation along with Will and Coach Beiste to watch the Glee kids graduate. Sue hugs Will with her happy expressions.

The New Rachel

Sue and Baby

Sue informs Will that with Glee Club's new popularity he must be ruthless about accepting new students. Later she introduces Kurt to her baby, Robin and also to her "new head bitch," Kitty, who insults Kurt. She tells him not to listen to her even though it is what the whole school thinks and congratulates Kurt on defeating the social stereotype that only jocks wonder around school after they graduate.

Britney 2.0

Glee.S04E02.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 041.jpg

Sue kicks Brittany off the Cheerios after her performance of Hold It Against Me because she has a low GPA. She is later seen watching in horror, the Glee Club’s performance of Gimme More. Brittany later visits her and informs her that she as president orders Sue to reinstate her as a cheerleader. Sue informs her that her plans is terrible, but reveals she is impressed that Brittany actually possesses some logic. She agrees to reinstate her if she improves her grades and can graduate. Brittany reveals to her that she is being tutored by Will and Emma and achieved a C- grade on her exam. Sue then lets Brittany back in the cheerios.


Sue interrupts Will as he tries to come up with themes for the setlist at Sectionals. She declares his ideas terrible. She then tells him he never had any good ideas, but instead only was chasing his childhood dream of a National Championship which is now over. She then attempts to crush his optimism and says he'll be an alcoholic, morbidly obese, or both in a few years. She then encourages him to quit and go for a new career, suggesting moving on to careers in motivational hot air balloon posters and pedophile birthday clown.

Glee.403.hdtv-lol 317.jpg
Sue moderates the presidential debates in front of a small crowd indicating Figgins is out due to "religious fever." She mentions two wrinkles to this year's contest, mentioning that the candidates are all Glee Club members and that there is a meaningless addition of vice presidential candidates. She is frustrated by Artie's extensive response to her question, "Who in God's name gives a hot, wet, steamy dump about student government?" She announces the winner of the presidential election. She asks Becky to give a xylophone flourish, but she just stares at her.

As Sue exercises in her office, Will interrupts her to say he is taking some of her advice and has mailed in an application to join an arts education panel. He says he needs a colleague recommendation letter. Sue interrupts him to say she already wrote it. He reads the letter full of untrue praise. She says she wants him out of the school, and she thinks she even means it in a good way for a change.

The Role You Were Born to Play

Glee.S04E05.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 149.jpg
Sue first appears when Wade and Marley are discussing the musical roles. She informs them that at first she thought they were two girls talking, but then realized that Wade was in the bathroom. She nicknames them Tina "Stomach" Turner and Urethra Franklin. She tries to give Marley a mean nickname, but fails to think of one and leaves.
Glee.S04E05.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 345.jpg
Later she is seen in Figgins' office arguing with Finn about his casting of Wade/Unique as Rizzo in Grease. Finn counters this by calling her a bigot to which she states that she has had gay cheerios, both boy (Kurt) and girl (Santana and Brittany). She asks Will that he stop Finn from casting Unique however as Finn is director, Will can't. Finn then crosses a line when listing reasons why Sue should accept this referring to her baby Robin as a retard. Sue walks up to Finn and leaves.


Glee.406.hdtv-lol 022.jpg
Sue stomps into the club and demands that Will and Finn go to Figgins' office. She is still upset that Finn is acting coach, and doesn't think that he has the maturity or credentials since he just barely graduated. However, Figgins and Will still stand by his decision since he is just a volunteer, but that doesn't sit well with her. She threatens to go back to her glee-hating ways, and leaves the office in anger, and goes on a huge destructive rampage.

Sue is later seen in the staff room when Finn walks in. She immediately refuses this, but Finn insists that he's just trying to apologize for his remark about her baby. Sue doesn't accept his apology and believes that Finn is full of hate. Just when he's about to leave for rehearsal, Sue tells him that since he is not a staff member, he can't reserve the auditorium. So she booked the room for her Cheerios, forcing Finn to find a new rehearsal space. Her next step in foiling the musical is by bringing in Wade's parents. She called them, informing them of his role, and his parents were unaware of it. They support him, but believe that Unique should appear time-to-time, and are afraid of his safety. Therefore, they were forced to pull him out of the show, leaving Finn with no Rizzo.


Sue is seen in the audience for Sectionals with Robin and has plans that when Robin wakes up it will be during New Directions performance and her wailing will distract everyone from their performance. When Will arrives Sue makes a sarcastic comment towards him and Emma.

Sueandfinn swansong.jpg

Swan Song

Finn is seen for the first time when she comes into the choir room after Sectionals to inform the New Directions they have been disqualified due to leaving the stage.
Some time after she is seen taking all the furniture out of the choir room to Finn's surprise. She informs him that Principal Figgins has left her the choir room for her French Canadian inspired circus "Cirque De Sue." She then tries to take the New Direction's nationals trophy away and run it over with her LaCar, although she isn't successful because Finn clings to it. The principal later confirms to Finn that Sue is using the choir room rightful.

Glee, Actually

Sue is first seen writing in her journal. She writes: "Dear Journal, it's Christmas again...that time of year when parents aren't arrested for forcing their children to sit on an old man's weirdly hot lap. That magical season when five seemingly separate storylines are cleverly sandwiched between commercial breaks,and then tied together at the end like a beautiful bow. Like that movie, 'Love, Actually'. Which I don't think anyone really cares for, and yet it is constantly on cable."

Glee.S04E10.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 0015.jpg

Sue pulls Millie Rose as her secret Santa, of whom she is not sure at first who she even is. Sue is not impressed of having to gift her at first, because, as she tells Becky Jackson, she has no idea what to give to her. After she overhears a conversation with Millie Rose and her daughter, Sue decides to sell an ancient tree she cut down to hang ornament on, of which she thinks it is fruitless, in order to give the money to Millie and Marley Rose. She places a lot ofpresents and a Christmas tree decorated with a stocking filled with 800 dollar bills in the Roses house on Christmas Eve, and watches them being surprised over it through the window with Becky.

She is confronted some time after by Mrs. Rose, w
Glee.S04E10.HDTV.x264-LOL.-VTV- 1489.jpg
ho had gotten the truth about the present out of Becky Jackson and now wants to thank Sue for it. Although Mrs. Rose thinks the money was generous of Sue, she also initially does not want to accept it. Sue insists that the single mother Millie accepts the money from another single mother, however, in order to make sure that Marley solves her eating disorder. Millie accepts, and as she is about to leave Sue's office, she asks Sue to come into the auditorium. Sue immediately assumes that the New Directions are attempting to do a cheesy Christmas performance there for her, and is proven right. Marley explains that she wanted to thank Sue, and had thus brought her friends together to sing Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas for her.

She is also shown to have trouble finding a Christmas gift for Becky Jackson, because the latter already has most potential presents of Sue.


Sue accuses Finn of peddling smut and vows to stop the calendar, but Finn calls her a hypocrite and suggests that he might investigate the long-standing rumor about a McKinley coach who posed nude for a Penthouse centerfold. Sue half-denies it, but then implies it to be true and insists he'll never find proof she did it because she purchased every last one on E-Bay. Finn enlists Artie to do the job of finding whether Sue posed nude for the Penthouse centerfold.  Finn confronts Sue with an envelope containing the infamous issue of Penthouse, and she says she's surprised he's succeeded, as she thought she'd purchased every existing copy on eBay. She admits aloud that she did the spread and can't resist taking a look at herself again, but discovers the envelope only holds an issue of Highlights magazine - however, Finn was recording their conversation and tricked her into confessing the truth on tape. This eventually leaves Sue in a state of shock. When the Glee Club begins to sell and raise money for Regionals, Sue tells Finn she is impressed by the calendar's success and she considers him a worthy adversary.


Sue sits in her office with Santana and tells her that she is aware that she dropped out of college over a month ago. Sue is surprised that alumni like Santana keep visiting and don't have jobs or schools to attend. Santana begs Sue not to tell her mom, but Sue says she can't speak Spanish. She then offers Santana a job as coach of the Cheerios when Sue herself retires.  Sue is later seen walking down the hallway, smiling at Santana, during the performance of Girl on Fire.

I Do

Sue is first seen in the church with Emma wearing the identical dress as Emma, saying she is getting revenge on Will for hiring Finn as his glee club replacement. She then watches Emma sing Getting Married Today and witnesses her escaping the venue.

Sue then walks down the aisle in front of the wedding guests and informs a horrified Will that "Emma has left the building." She is next seen at the wedding reception on the stage with Emma's bouquet that she left behind. She throws it into the audience for Rachel to catch. Sue is last seen during the performance of We've Got Tonite being asked to dance by a male wedding guest, which she accepts.

Girls (and Boys) on Film

She is briefly seen in this episode. When Finn and Artie decide to find Emma, they ask Sue if she knows something about it. She replies that Emma used all her vacation days and if she knew where she is, she wouldn't tell them. This is the reason why Finn and Artie then decide to call Emma's parents.


In this episode, Sue tries to get Blaine back to the Cheerios, since he signed a contract when he joined in Swan Song. She shows no interest to get Tina back, and instead tells her that she should get a new boyfriend. Sue starts to make Blaine ridiculous, wh
en she puts some cement in a hair gel bottle given as a present by Becky, and then pays an airman to pass a message throughout the sky that says: "Blaine is at the bottom," making Blaine angry. That's when Sue and Blaine have a feud, based on Mariah Carey/Nicki Minaj's feud on American Idol. Sue, inspired by Becky, starts to act like Minaj.She and Blaine sing I Still Believe/Super Bass, where New Directions must choose who is the winner. Sue wins as she said to him earlier. Blaine, then, has to re-join the Cheerios. Later, she names both Blaine and Becky the new co-captains of the Cheerios.

Shooting Star

Sue is first seen going through the security checkpoint to the school carrying donuts which are inspected. She takes the donuts and gives them to Coach Beiste remarking at how serious the school is taking the event and speculating that it may not have even been a gun to which Coach Beiste says that growing up on a farm has taught her what a gun sounds like. Upon hearing that every student is to be interviewed, Sue claims that she was the one responsible for the gun shots and leaves.

Sue confesses to Principal Figgins and says that it was an accident when she was clea
18 Shooting Star.mp4 snapshot 38.42 -2013.04.12 14.02.18-.jpg
ning "Uma Thurman" (the name she gave the gun). A flashback is shown of Sue taking the gun out of the vault. Figgins has to fire Sue, but suspects that Sue isn't being completely honest. Will too has suspicions and visits Sue to try to help her. A flashback is shown of what has really happened and it is revealed that Sue is covering for a frightened Becky, who brought the gun to school to protect herself. Sue attempted to take the gun and Becky accidentally fired it and dropped it in fear, causing a second bullet to be fired. Sue hugs a frightened Becky and says it's going to be alright. Once Sue has finished packing, she tells Will to keep an eye on Becky.

She then runs into Ryder in the hall and she tells him she doesn't work at McKinley any more.

Sweet Dreams

Sue is briefly mentioned in this episode. Coach Roz Washington accuses Blaine of putting a hex on Sue, causing her to do the shooting which got her fired.

Lights Out

Sue has found a new career as a personal trainer. She spots Blaine in one of her training sessions. She tells him that if she had not mistaken Blaine for a butch Israeli girl, she wouldn't have let him in. However, since Blaine survived "Sue 90X," he is allowed to speak.

Sue's dream sequence

Blaine tells her his worries about Coach Roz running the Cheerios and urges Sue to set the records straight about the shooting incident.

She is then seen at McKinley talking to Becky on the bleachers. Becky Jackson asks Sue to come back as she can no longer stand how Roz treats her. Sue tells Becky that leaving McKinley was the best thing to happen to her because as a trainer, people respect her. She insists she's moved on and is through devoting her life to the self-centered Cheerios imagining a scenario of turning on them set to Little Girls from the musical "Annie." She says she doesn't miss the girls at all.

All or Nothing

Sue fondue for two.png
Sue returns to McKinley to collect her baby's placenta from the fridge. She then joins Will in an attempt to remedy Brittany's behaviour after she returns from MIT. Brittany forces both Sue and Will onto Fondue For Two where she unveils who Robin's celebrity father is, Michael Bolton. Sue explains that since she saved him from choking, he owed her a favor and that they had a very interesting sex life.

Love, Love, Love

"Call me, Principal Sylvester"

After framing Figgins to get him fired, Sue returns to McKinley High as principal. In her new office, she talks to Roz and Will who believe they are getting fired out of spite. However, Sue tells them that in order for her plan to become permanent principal to work, the must win in their respective competitions. If they don't, then she will fire them. Later on, she approaches Figgins as he is polishing the floors. In addition on planning to replace his secretary with Becky when she returns, she also dumps a bucket of grade D meat on the newly cleaned floor. This ignites a feud between them.

Tina in the Sky with Diamonds

Sue 5x02 Prom.jpg

As Will starts explaining his lesson plan to the glee kids, Sue interrupts him over the intercom and announces this year's prom court. She then later interrupts Will again in his conversation with Sam, telling him that she's instituting vaccinations (some for diseases that have been entirely eradicated) and is starting the glee club. When Sam is talking to Penny in the Nurse's Office, she tells him that Sue fired her for incompetence. Sam runs to Sue's office, begging her not to fire Penny because she managed to give him his shots (which he was terrified of). Though distracted by is large mouth, Sue takes notice of Sam's crush and agrees not to fire her. During the prom, Sue announces the winners of prom king and queen. The next school day, Roz drags Bree into Sue's office, demanding punishment for the prom fiasco she caused. Sue, however, sees a bit of herself in Bree and decides to instead promote her to captain of the Cheerios and buy her a La Car. She then assigns Bree with the mission of taking down the glee club, believing they do their best when they have a strong enemy.

The Quarterback

In the teacher's lounge Sue continues to make her usual snide jokes, much to Will, Emma, and Shannon's surprise. When Shannon calls her out on it, Sue claims it's her defense mechanism, even though it's how she normally acts. She then tells them that the best thing they can do is help the kids move on and not focus so much on the sadness of the event, saying Finn wouldn't have wanted that. Later on she speaks to Kurt in her office, telling him that the memorial tree she planted for Finn has been taken and that she needs him to pay for a new one, seeing
Tumblr muhgln5Jdi1swlefro1 250.gif
as he paid for the first one. In the hallway, Bree tells Santana that Sue has ordered them to take down Finn's locker memorial. Furious, Santana barges into Sue's office, claiming that she never liked Finn and that Finn probably hated her just as much. The two get into a very heated argument, with Sue threatening to call the police if Santana doesn't leave. The altercation ends with Santana shoving Sue into a shelving unit before finally storming out. However, when Santana comes back to apologize, Sue tells her that she was absolutely right about everything. She confesses her deep regret of never telling Finn how much of a great person he was or how much potential he had as a person and teacher.

A Katy or A Gaga

Sue calls Bree to her office asking her to explain her Lady Gaga outfit. Bree tells her all about the this week's Glee Club assignment and they both agree it is the most annoying thing the Glee Club has ever done. Sue ends the conversation with a rant about always having to choose between female pop archetypes, which completely confuses Bree.

Sue reads the morning announcements warning the students it is again flee and tick season, s
Glee - Will and Sue 1.JPG
o they should expect their "overly hormonal acne riddled" bodies. Becky interrupts her announcement with an announcement of her own.

She interrupts Will's Glee Club meeting and suspends all of the members because of the outfits they wore that week. Will stands up to her and she declares that "the war" is on again. The New Directions start singing Roar, and she suspends the band as well, although she doesn't know their names. She then leaves the choir room annoyed by the performance, but the students follow her.

The End of Twerk

In “Sue's Corner“ Sue slams down twerking, calling it inappropriate and the new record down for America. She asks that in addition to twerking being banned at McKinley that it be outlawed in schools around the country. The glee club doesn't want to accept the ban and break into a very twerky performance of Blurred Lines. Sue becomes immediately outraged by this performance and fires Will consequently. Will, however, announces that he won't put up with it. In order to discuss Sue's ban on twerking Will invites a meeting of the school board to McKinley. He gives the board a historic overview of dance techniques, such as waltz, rock'n'roll and dirty dancing, claiming that they all had something in common: They all were considered inappropriate when they were new, but that nobody became upset about them anymore 20 years later. Sue soon invites Will into her office once more, where she reveals to have organised a Dixie toilet for Unique, which has to remain in the choir room permanently. When Sue finds out about Will giving Unique the permission to use the teacher's restroom she orders him into her office again. There Sue offers him a deal: She'd grand Unique full-time access to the teacher's restroom if the glee club stops the twerking assignment. Will refuses, though, saying that he won't have the glee club be suppressed. True to Sue's ideal he demages the secretary's office on his way out. At the end of the episode Will announces that the twerking assignment has been canncelled. When the students question his decision, Unique stands up and takes the blame, saying that Will ended up accepting Sue's offer for her well-being.

Movin' Out

The episode starts with Will walking down the hallways McKinley High where several students are gathering around tables where there are jobs presented to them. Will asks Sue what this is all about. Sue informs him that this is the first annual William McKinley High Career Fair. When Will points out that most of these jobs are terrible and that there are no jobs in the arts department, Sue makes clear that there are no other options for high school drop-outs and that there is no such thing as a career in the arts. But that if Will wants he can tell them about his path, how he tried being on Broadway, failed and ended as a teacher, who’s leading a glee club, because that is all the arts have to offer to these students and therefore, Sue is not willing to inform them about them in her Career Fair. In the hall Artie is confronting Becky about her future plans, telling her that he would be happy to help her find the right college for her. Sue interrupts them and leaves with Artie. She asks him what he is doing. When he tells her that he wanted Becky to help with her future plans, Sue makes clear that he should leave Becky alone as she already has a job as her Beckretary in a safe environment and that she will stay here at McKinley. Sue calls Artie to her office and when he is there, she goes to her cupboards and takes out a hammer and an ear douche. She tells Artie once again that he should leave Becky alone and puts the ear douche into his ear, because she assumes that he didn’t hear her properly the last time. Artie, however, tells Sue that he is not giving up on Becky and tells her that Becky and he are visiting a college, which is a two hour drive away from Lima and therefore easy to visit. Sue tells him that even though Becky wants to go to college, she is not ready yet. Artie replies that it’s her who isn’t ready to let Becky go, since he realizes that she loves Becky like a daughter. He wheels out of her office, but Sue tells him that he should ask some hard questions, like if there is Wi-Fi and if the food makes the students gain weight. Artie agrees and leaves. Sue asks Becky to sit with her in her office, because she wants to talk about her going to college, telling her that she could see the dream bubbles above her head all day long. Becky tells her that the college she chose was great and Sue asks her if she is sure she’s ready. Becky says that she has outgrown those high school bitches and that she is ready, but she doesn’t want Sue to be sad about it. Sue says she will be since Becky is the best secretary anyone could have, but she is more proud of her than she is sad. Sue then offers to help Becky write her application essay. In the hallway Becky and Sue are seen decorating a new table for the Career Fair: The Arts. Will comes along and asks what has caused this change of mind. Sue tells him that everyone deserves to have a shot at their dreams even though no one will become a star. Tina and a few other members of the New Directions approach them and Tina tells Sue that they will make their dreams come true. Sue disagrees, but drops the subject as Blaine and Sam are back from New York. Sam spills the news about Blaine having an awesome NYADA audition and that he won’t go to college, like Billy Joel, who was never in college, a fact Will forgot to mention. Becky calls them all crazy and Will replies that she may be right and they are crazy. Sue senses yet another Billy Joel song and asks them to stop, because this would only lead to angst and worse things. Will starts to perform You May Be Right with New Directions.

Puppet Master

Sue runs into Figgins as he is cleaning the floor, telling him that the floors aren’t clean enough. When Figgins replies that he’s doing the best he can, Sue claims that the floor cleaning is a metaphor for him being principal. He did his best, but it just wasn’t good enough. Under her “reign” the students have become better in almost every category and that she is the way better principle. Sue then calls her into her office, where to advisers wait for Sue. They ask her why she wants to be principle. Sue answers that she was born to be in charge and that the school will be the best in the state if she’d stay principle. She points out all the improvements she has achieved and the two men are impressed. They guarantee her their vote and the first one leaves. The second one, however, asks Sue out on a date, but he thinks that Sue is a man. Sue is shocked, but doesn’t tell him that she’s a woman.

In her office Sue tells Becky that it bumps her out that that the man thought she was a man. Sue then reveals the story of how she got to wear her iconic tracksuit: When she was a new teacher at McKinley High she only wore dresses and had long hair, however, no one respected her. Principle Figgins gave her the advice to “try some pants”. She goes into the restroom changes into her red tracksuit and cuts her hair. It has the desired effect of every student respecting and fearing her, but some also think that she’s a man. Becky tells Sue that it wouldn’t hurt to girl up a bit. Sue is seen considering it. Blaine walks down the hall talking to his Kurt puppet as Sue is seen stumbling down the hall in heels. When she falls Blaine helps her get up. Sue is compelled by his puppet and asks Blaine if he just touched her with this puppet. Blaine tells her that he made it in craft class. Sue yanks it out of Blaine’s hand and tells him that puppets are no longer allowed. Blaine tells her that she can’t ban puppets. Sue thinks that Blaine is less afraid of her because of the heels and that threatens him that if she sees him with his hand up at anything that isn’t human he will be in world trouble, cause she will be evaluated in a few days and that if schizophrenic students are walking down the halls talking to their puppets it will make an bad impression. She then struts away with Blaine’s Kurt puppet.

Will and Sue performing "Cheek to Cheek" during Sue's hallucination.

Sue walks to the choir room where Will asks her to let him work for an hour before she comes in insulting him without any reason. Sue tells him about the handsome Harris who was flirting with her, but thought that she was a man. Will tells her a story about Fred Astaire’s female dance partner Ginger who was leading the dance while dancing backwards in high heels. He offers her to teach her to do that in exchange for her giving the glee club $600 for costumes. Sue rejects vehemently and Will walks out the room. Sue sits in the back of the choir room as the gas slowly begins to operate. Sue is seen on a fancy mansion’s balcony in a white gown, Will comes and together they perform Cheek to Cheek. After it a bewildered Sue is woken up by Becky.

As Blaine tries to steal his puppet Sue claps twice to turn on the lights. She tells him to kindly remove his fist from his Kurt puppet and that she had suspected him to come under the cloak of night to get his “buttet” back. She gives him one week detention and doesn't care that he will miss Kurt’s first gig. She tells him to leave her office and “go feel shame”. She then thinks that she saw the Kurt puppet move. Unique and Sue sit in her office where Sue admits that she hasn't been very nice to Unique and that she doesn't get what is going on with her. She asks God’s most fabulous mistake to help her look more like a lady since Kurt is currently in New York. Unique pulls out her make-up kit and helps Sue. Sue is seen showing the school board around, winking to Unique. As she enters the choir room Figgins accuses Sue of being a bad principle because she has endangered the students as there is a gas leak in the choir room. Sue correct him that there was a gas leak, but that she fixed it even though it was Figgins job. The school board announces that they want to make her permanent principle for she is everything that the school needs. She asks the man who was flirting with her earlier if he wanted to go out on a date with her, but he refuses her.

Previously Unaired Christmas

The episode starts with Jane Lynch explaining the story behind the Christmas episode which is about to air: In October 2012 the cast and crew of Glee filmed a very controversial episode named Rough Trade Santa. However the Fox executives were coiled in horror, locked the episode away for an entire year and so instead another Christmas episode was filmed. After a year of pleas from fans all over the world the episode now aired with several edits, gone is a whole subplot involving Blaine’s Yule log obsession and the explanation of why Will abandoned his Washington dreams. In the hallway Sam and Tina encounter Becky who tells them that she has special needs. Tina points out that Becky could get away with murder at this school because Sue made it clear that the rules don’t apply to her. Sue comes along telling Becky to go to the nurse and gives Becky her keys for her LeCar. She admits that she treated Becky different than all the others when she should have treated her just the same. She then announces that she will be the one to name the winner of this year’s decorating contest, a long tradition, although there was no such contest in the last three years. She tells them that she can’t wait to give them their well earned last place for their Christmas tree as it will be decorated with condoms and other horrible stuff. She dances down the hallway, making fun of Sam and Tina and their dream to win the competition. New Directions get in line to present Sue their Christmas tree while humming Oh Christmas Tree. Sue inspects it and asks some questions which Tina and Sam answer to her satisfaction. She then admits that they will probably win as Becky, who she thought would win, didn’t get the concept of the Green is Good theme as she only uses green things, but none of them were even the slightest bit nature. She is a little irritated by the still humming glee club, she tells them that she will announce the winner the next morning, but she admits that for once the glee club hasn’t totally messed up and wishes them happy holidays. Will teaches his history class as an announcement of Sue directed to the McKinley idiots starts. She then names all the runners-up for the Politically Correct Green Themed Christmas Tree Decorating Competition. The glee club is announced to be winner which upsets Becky. Will throws his fist in the air for he is happy about their win. Becky then trashed the xylophone and as the crashing sound immediately stops all celebration Sue tells them that everything is fine, shooting a dirty look in Becky’s direction.


Becky calls Artie and Tina into Sue’s office. There Sue informs them that they are both tied for senior class valedictorian as number one, since they have identical GPA’s, extra-curricular and a perfect attendance. When Tina says that they can’t be both valedictorian, Sue suggests a friendly competition. They have to give their speeches in front of “some idiots” of Sue’s choice, which will crown the winner valedictorian. Tina and Artie are very unhappy with it and voice their concerns
about it being not fair. Becky silences them by saying that life isn’t fair. Before they leave, Sue warns them that if they sing during their speeches because the emotions they feel are overwhelming and they think that they only can be expressed in song that she will make sure that every single drink they’ll have in their life will have a little of her pee in it, which of course disgusts Tina and Artie.

In the auditorium Artie and Tina get ready to give their speeches in front of the idiots of Sue’s choice: Will, Figgins and Beiste. Tina starts giving her speech, but this turns from her valedictorian speech into one about Artie being the right person for the valedictorian. Artie does the same thing, which moves everyone except Sue. She is voicing her anger about it having been a waste of time and that she hates them both. She tells them that the judges will make their decision while she will be trying to find a waste-basket to try-heave mouthfuls of yellow bile into. In Sue’s office, Tina and Artie sit holding hands while Sue tells them that they split the vote and it is now a tie, which gives her no other choice than to give it to the next person on the list: Blaine. Tina's really upset about it and exclaims: “What!”.


In Sue’s office a disgusted Sue confronts Will and Emma about their intercourse claiming that Becky, who caught them, will be scarred for life. Will apologizes and assures Sue that it won’t happen again. Emma then explains that she is trying to conceive a child and they want it to happen fast since the risk of complications and diseases increases with the age of 35. When Emma mentions Down Syndrome Sue and Becky ask what is wrong with it. Embarrassed Emma and Will answer “nothing”. When Emma goes more into detail about their conceiving act, Sue is obviously nauseated and asks them to leave her office immediately. When the wave of nausea passes, she exclaims: “didn’t even know that” a couple of times.

In the teachers room Emma walks up to Will and tells him that her pregnancy test came out negative. Will hug her and tells her that it is ok and that it takes some couples years to finally have a child. He also informs her that he made an appointment at a fertil
ity doctor, Emma is not happy about it and excuses herself. Beiste tells Will that she is sorry for him. Sue gives Will an advice on how to become pregnant which first sounds really ambiguous: When Michael Bolton impregnated her, he called a friend who then played saxophone for them and Michael Bolton used his whole vocal range, so she was very relaxed. Beiste agrees and tells Will that he has to take the pressure away from both of them and Will is thinking about it.

Tina walks down the hall, while Sue announces that the first annual senior lock-in has been approved by the high council. However, she is now canceling this event due to budget cuts, safety concerns and Obama Care.

City of Angels

In the hotel lobby, Will is having trouble checking in because someone named officer Sue from the FBI had told the hotel staff that they should immediately contact the FBI if a 50 year-old man with 12 teenagers should try to check in. Will is taken aback, but is allowed to check in eventually.

Roz Washington shows Sue the Cheerios' Nationals Trophy before she calls Will into her office to tell him that the glee club is officially over since she as the principal has to think of the best for McKinley as a whole and cannot privilege some because she likes them. She tells Will she only makes fun of him because she likes him.
Glee5x11 1737.jpg
She also tells him that she considered the situation more than he can think of, but that in the words of ex-principal Mr. Figgins: "My hands are tied." Will asks her what he can do, suggesting to give a speech about the art and how much the glee club means for him personally, but Sue tells him that it wouldn't make a difference. The choir room will be turned into two class rooms and since they won't need the band's equipment anymore the money from its sale will be used to buy new computers. Will is obviously very upset and Sue seems to be too, even though she has tried countless time to take the glee club down. Surprisingly, she reminds Will of his accomplishments through the past four years and even says that even though he lost the Nationals Championship and the club, he didn't lose. Kurt later reports the club's cancellation to Rachel and Santana.


In Sue’s office, April and Will explain to Sue that as long as April pays for the auditorium, she can decide on who gets to perform there. A victorious Will announces that the glee
club will move to the auditorium full-time and that it’s not over for them. Will and April leave the office and Sue, who is very suspicious about April’s claim, tells Becky to investigate the “fishy” business.

Once again in Sue’s office Sue presents the results of her online research. She has found out that April wasn’t allowed to leave the state New York and that now that she did all her bank accounts are frozen. Will is shocked and asks April if this is true. April answers that it sounds true to her. Sue calls the glee club officially over and Will storms out with April running after him.

New Directions

Sue walks into the teachers lounge, where April and Holly are talking. April tells Sue that Holly and she are playing the kill-marry-bone game. Sue tells her that the only thing that is keeping her from physically removing April from the school is that she hangs out with Holly, meaning she is willing to make an exception. She greets Holly as an old friend. April is surprised that Holly and Sue know is other, and Sue and Holly inform her that they are best friends and auditioning for the Amazing Race together as Team Gorgeous. Despite Sue's resistance when she brings up the subject of the glee club, Holly suggests there are a lot of other clubs at this school where they can work some music in - since the glee club’s ending doesn’t mean that music is over at the school as well. Holly asks for one week to put her plan into action, which Sue grudgingly agrees to, thinking that it will soften the blow of the glee club’s ending. She leaves a happy April and Holly. After the failure of Holly's plan, Sue her and Will into her office. She presents an enormous amound of letters from angry students, politicians, lawyers, and parents, and tells them that this is the end of "their little musical project." Holly tries to protest, but Will cuts her off. Promising Sue that it won’t happen again, he runs out of the office, followed by Holly. In the glee club's goodbye video to Will, Sue and Holly tell his not yet born child what kind of person their father is. Sue says that Will will love her or him unconditionally no matter what - and that this is the best thing about him. In the auditorium, graduation takes place, with Sue announcing the names. She hugs Becky. Finally she announces the last graduate, Brittany S. Pierce, to which everyone cheers loudly. Will walks in the choir room, where Sue is already waiting for him with her last two wine coolers from the eighties. She tells him that she wanted to save them for something special, Will replying that the funeral of the glee club is as special as it could get for her. Will tells her that he won’t miss all their fights, but Sue says that she definitely will, since "no one ever walked the distance with Sue Sylvester" like he did. All her life she has been searching for a worthy adversary, and she’s sad that the fights are now over. She tells him that he did change the lives of many kids for the better - and even changed her. She says that he’s a horrible History teacher, and an even worse Spanish teacher, but that she has managed to get a job interview at Carmel High for him as the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline, because coaching a glee club is the only way how he could be of any use. Will is stunned, and Sue tells him that he should imagine what would be possible with a real budget and no one like her to try to bring them down. Will is reluctant, since Vocal Adrenaline are "their mortal enemies," but Sue tells him that it’s really over and that it is just a job interview, which he could always blow. She leaves him alone in the choir room, pondering.

Opening Night

Sue appears in Rachel's nightmare, telling her with a contorted voice to go on stage. When Rachel performs Lovefool, Sue is obviously bored and falls asleep, then she leaves the auditorium.

Will and Sue singing NYC

In the hallway, Sue runs after Will asking him how he's doing. However, when he starts to answer she tells him that she doesn't care, but that she heard that he had an extra ticket to New York left. Will explains that he has since Emma is too pregnant to fly and Beiste needs to seats so she can't come with him. Sue declares that she will take the ticket, because she needs to see New York and tries to leave. Will stops her asking her why she wants to go there since she seems to hate the city. On a Sue's Corner episode Sue gave her opinion on New York that made clear that she thinks that New York is an over-rated stinking rat hole. A lot of people were outraged by it and when the cable did some research they found out that Sue has never been to New York. Sue then explains that she has been lying a lot in her broadcast and that she now has to visit that place. Will agrees, but tells her that she has to pay him back for it and that she has to come to Rachel's opening night. Sue tells him that he drives a hard bargain, but that she'll do it. Will leaves her office telling her that he is actually looking forward to it. The performance of NYC starts with Sue and Will standing inside a snow globe, then they are on a stage while people with cart box props walk around and dance next to them. Then the scenery changes and Sue and Will are in New York City. Sue exclaims that it smells like barf and Will asks her to follow him.

Sue enters the apartment greeting them with "hello losers." She tells them that she is here to see Rachel choke on her opening night, while Rachel yells that she can hear her. Kurt asks her to stop since Rachel is already freaking out about it. Sue says that she should be, only upsetting Rachel more. She then tells them that she is staying with them since Will has been trying to sleep with her this whole time. Kurt says that she cannot stay with them since he won't let her get anywhere near Rachel. Sue says it's fine because she is staying at his place, exclaiming how grateful she is that there are no sex toys lying around. When Santana returns Sue explains what she'd do when she was about to choke before hundreds of people and then leaves the apartment.

517Glee Ep517-Sc36 0160.jpg
At the theatre, Sue is trying to sell her ticket and when Will confronts her about it, she says that she cannot stand the thought of Rachel ruining the show. Will tells her that she promised to see the Sue, but Sue says she has no memory of that, Will leaves her standing there. Sue sees a man who's also trying to sell his ticket, instantly love struck. When the man winks at her she fends off a guy who's trying to buy her ticket and enters the theatre. Rachel performs I'm the Greatest Star and Sue is obviously thinking it is terrible. She asks the New York Times reporter if this performance is supposed to be good and excuses herself a few moments later stating that she is going to have to kill herself now. She leaves followed by the man who winked at her outside of the theatre. She meets the man outside while she is trying to call a taxi. He immediately notices that she must have been never to New York before. He tells her that this was his first Broadway show and that he didn't expect it would make him want to barf so much. Sue can only agree and he asks her out for dinner. The man called Mario takes her to one of his restaurants and cooks for her. Sue points out that she didn't think that this would happen and that she knew Funny Girl would turn out to be disaster, Mario tells her that the show would have been much better had she stared in it. Who Are You Now? starts and Sue is slow dancing with Mario and in a dream sequence she is on stage performing the song instead of Rachel while he watches her.

Rachel, Tina, Kurt, Blaine, Mercedes, Sam and Santana return to the apartment and Rachel makes coffee when a guy dressed in Kurt's robe comes out of Kurt's space and tells her that he takes his coffee black. Everybody stares in shock at the man. Rachel recognizes him as the man who walked out on her show. Sue walks up to the man and kisses him. Everyone is disgusted as Sue tells them that they had sex all over the apartment. Santana tries to speak, but Rachel tells her that she got this and tells Sue what an awful person she are and that she only can find happiness in other people's misery. She says that she only wanted them to feel bad about themselves so they wouldn't realize what Sue knew all along that no one would be able to love Sue. Sue says that she and Mario will leave now since she suddenly doesn't feel very welcomed anymore.

Sue tells Mario goodbye because she cannot stay with him and he cannot come with her. Before the taxi drives away he tells her that the girl wasn't right about what he said about her since she is loveable. On another episode of Sue's Corner Sue says that she's been to New York and that she is not going to take back what she said about it before, but that she was wrong about one thing: she doesn't hate New York, she loves it. And if you are anything like her you can find love in the city or at least have sex in many places in your former students' apartment.

Loser Like Me

At William McKinley High School, Sue talks (in a voiceover). She states how her appointment of being principal, has brought up test scores, with body mass indexes decreasing. She changed the school's food system, shaming obese people by making them stand in a separate area from everyone else and unleashing hounds in the hallway, to create terror and order. Sue says that she transferred the glee club members and persuaded Will to Carmel High School, to teach Vocal Adrenaline. Her biggest achievement she says, is that she changed the choir room to a computer room, being proud that the students in the school will not learn about Humanities and the Arts.

Rachel goes to Sue, seeking to reinstate the glee club, after Sam advise to see her. Sue reveals that her secretary, is a convicted person. She continues, insulting Rachel's show, saying how she was surprised it was worser than she expected. When Rachel asks her to reinstate the club, saying how it is needed, Sue refuses. She states that Rachel was the face of it, and after her graduation, and moreover, her failed TV show, she believes its not needed anymore. She kicks her out, before saying that the secretary in making a weapon.

When Sue hears that Rachel went behind her back, she watches from the entrance of the choir room, asking both Rachel and Kurt. Rachel says that she got permission to reinstate the club. Sue retorts that they gave an efficient computer lab for a glee club, where Kurt reveals they may have not said that point, continuing that they'll both run the club. Sue states how she’s surprised how two of the most promising graduates have come back to Lima. She mentions how she came to New York for Rachel's opening night, to walk out of it, and have sex all around her apartment, where she says she was unrightfully humiliated, thinking she was being nice. Sue expresses that the battle between her and Will was nothing, further insulting them. She messes up the room, as she walks out.

Sue is later seen in the staff room, drinking coffee, at night, in a snow-type machine, when Rachel sings Let It Go.


At McKinley, Sue talks to the students through the intercom, in her office, explaining that the awaited Homecoming is arriving, insulting past alumni that will be back, also explaining that the Homecoming dance is cancelled. As Sue talks about this, Rachel roams the hallway, announcing that glee club is back.

When the Alumni perform Take On Me, through a stencil and reality mirror, she draws herself in Artie’s storyboard, horrified at the performance. She chases them, pushing them back to reality, and trying to stop the performance. Near the end, she throws Artie's storyboard in the bin, stopping the stencil and reality mirror.

It is revealed that after the fall of the glee club, immoral clubs are now the most popular in the club. It is also revealed that Sue kept Kitty, because she knew that she had potential.

In Sue's office, she writes in her journal, explaining that she got an ulcer, after the glee club got reinstated. She writes that she needs to try and find someone to destroy the club from the inside. At the end of the entry, she realises, who to choose. It is revealed that it is Spencer, a post-modern gay person, talking to him the following day. He repeats what she said to him, about destroying the club. She starts to bribe him, with a custom-made Tom Brady flashlight, to which he awkwardly refuses. She continues, saying she'll drug Coach Beiste, so he'll be quarterback. He refuses all this, saying he's not for sale, and to get better things if she wants to overthrow the club. After he walks out, she says “Touché, postmodern gay.”

WillSue Homecoming.png
When the alumni and the New Directions sing Home, Sue is seen standing, as the McKinley Titans run out. She says that having sex with Michael Bolton, and not falling in love is hard, everyone looking uncomfortable. As the song ends, it is shown, that Sue watches the fireworks, with Will.

Jagged Little Tapestry

Sue sits with Becky, flickering through photoshopped photos of her being a member in the school clubs, about how her boyfriend, Darrell, will be impressed. Becky feels bad for lying, to which Sue reassures that relationships are based on lies, referring to how her relationship didn't work out, because she vowed to be honest., which is why she divorced herself. Becky gets a text from Darell, saying that he’s in McKinley. Sue happily says she can’t wait to meet him. In her office, Sue appears unhappy, asking Darrell what his plans with her is, that day, thinking he's only trying to have sex with her. His face appears, looking attractive and to which Sue believed that he had Down Syndrome. He states that there having lunch, to which he looks at his watch and sees that there getting late. He goes to get the car, as Becky exclaims how dreamy he is. She leaves, Sue giving her a fake smile.

Sue talks to Spencer, believing he wants her to fire Coach Beiste. Spencer says he doesn't want her to get fired. He continues, saying he’s worried, as she’s been acting different. Spencer answers with reasons, saying he’s noticed that Sam has been running practices a lot and she's been yelling for silly reasons. Sue says she can’t fire her for yelling, as she'd look like a hypocrite, when she, herself yells. He gives another reason, saying that the night before, he spied on her. It cuts a flashback scene, where he hid inside a basket full of dirty clothes, explaining how she was wearing clothes too small, and having lots of pills. Sue comments on his skills calling him Batman, but gay. Realizing what she said, she rephrases it to just Batman. He summarizes, saying he doesn't want Coach Beiste to be fired, just that Sam Evans has good ideas. He leaves, leaving a wondering Sue in the office.

In Sue’s office; Coach Roz, Sue, Tina and Quinn (Quinn and Tina went to Sue, after having the same suspicions. Roz interrogates him, believing he's dating Sue's daughter, Robin. After Sue explains that its Becky, and not her daughter, Roz is astonished, that her late sister, her daughter, and her best friend have Down Syndrome. Moving away from the subject, Quinn asks Darrell, where he and Becky met and how they hang out. He explains all this. He asks them what they really want to know. Sue replies, asking if he's been having sex with Becky. He replies no, explaining there relationship, to which they look in disbelief. He states how there's nothing wrong with it, and counter-questions them, stating is it wrong for them to have sex, and questions their metohod of protecting Becky, when they're not letting Becky live her life. He continues, saying he asked the exact same question to The National Association for Down Syndrome (Sue commenting on the abbreviation-NADS). He leaves, as Sue says she didn't expect that.

In the boys locker room, Sue confronts Coach Beiste, saying she wants to talk to her, and that she doesn't want Beiste to throw her. Beiste asks what she wants. Sue explains that she’s been approached by many students about her behaviour, and as her right, she searched through her desks. She states that she found prescription medications, one being used for treatments. She askes her if she has cancer. Bieste replies she does, apologizing for the trouble she caused. Sue interrupts, saying that they may have not gotten along on a few things, but she'll help her with this, against Beiste's protests.

In the choir room, Sue watches Quinn and Tina perform So Far Away with Becky. When Becky runs out mid-performance, she states that they shouldn't blame her, as they were both pitchy. She glares at Darrell, him looking uncomfortable.

In Sue's office, Sam walks in to Sue and Coach Beiste waiting for him. He asks whats going on, Beiste replying that she wants to see him. After Beiste explains how they must have noticed her strange behaviour, Sue interrupts, telling Sam she has cancer. Sam is surprised by this. When Beiste reveals she doesn't have cancer, Sue states that you dont just lie about cancer, unless you're hiding about something. When Sue reads a letter that Beiste gives her, explaining about how she has gender dysphoria, she understands straight away what Beiste is trying to say, unlike Sam. After Beiste explains she's transitioning from a woman to a man, and how she doesn't regret being a woman, Sam and Beiste begin to cry. Sue says that if Bieste ever wants her job back, it will be waiting, stating how their both with her. Bieste, Sam and Sue hug, as Beiste says how much she loves them.

The Hurt Locker, Part One

In the staff room, Will explains how his life has changed since the disbanded, about them being friends, while Sue voiceovers about how she’s achieved her goal of power. She reveals that she invited Will, to bury their feud once and for all, as their no longer mortal enemies. He reiterates how he parked in his old spot. As Will shows pictures of Daniel, saying he bought a piano for him, and also sings Don’t Stop Believing to him, Sue continues, saying how his voice irritates her, criticising how he has an emotional depth of a 12 year old girl, a reason why he doesn’t have any adult friends, which she feel sorry for. He looks at his watch, exclaiming that he has to go, packing his things away, thanking her. Sue closes her eyes for a moment, before opening them again, where she see’s a disposable fork in front of her, believing that he left that on purpose for her to throw it away, outraged by this tiny act and says that he’s crossed her for the last time.

In front of garages, Sue telling Becky that she’s thinking of retiring, as they get out Sue’s LeCar. Becky is surprised, but Sue reassures her that she’s not leaving yet, as she has to tie up loose ends. She opens up a garage, as Becky asks what is that place. Sue answers that she stores her hatred, to showcase her final act of revenge, calling it her "hurt locker". The hurt locker is shown, containing dolls of ex/present members of ND, as well as Rachel hung up, with a knife above her and Will and Emma’s paper-machéd faces. She walks in, towards a board, containing pictures and information of the people she stalks, among them being Karofsky, Coach Bieste, Artie, Will and Rachel and Klaine. A picture of the original New Directions is also shown, from their win in their first sectionals, a note over Matt’s head, stating “MISSING.” She places the fork on Will’s part of the board, and Rachels hair extensions in her part. As she does this, she talks about how most people who do this, would find it exhausting, but she finds it energising. She vows that she’ll annihilate Will, as well as break Rachel’s heart. She asks Becky to wait in the LeCar, Becky running out. She then plays a note on a piano, which opens up another entrance, behind the original one. It shows a picture of Kurt and Blaine kissing (from Original Song) adorned by a heart, with other smaller hearts around the red room, a table in the middle. Sue reveals that she’s been shipping them since they first met. She states how, by being single, their whiny, but by being together, their perfect, being devastated by their break-up. She vows to get them together, so she can be flower-girl at their wedding. She tells picture- Kurt (calling him Porcelain) that help is one the way, as she finger-kisses their kiss.

In Sue’s office, she refers Kurt once again to Porcelain, and says she wants to help him get Blaine back. Kurt looks dumbfounded as Sue insults Karofsky. He asks her when she cared about him and Blaine, to which she replies, matter-of-fact, since forever. She metaphorically compares Blaine and himself to blouses, saying that it is a term for her favourite type of gays. Kurt thanks her awkwardly, but states that he doesn’t want to get back with Blaine. Unhappy by this response, she states that's not the Porcelain she knows, as Kurt looks exasperated. Sue looks at her watch, saying that the teams have arrived for the three-day-event Invitationals. Kurt surprised by this, asks “what Invitationals?” Sue replies that she set it up to destroy the glee club. At Kurt’s astonished face, she realizes that she said that out loud, when she was supposed to say it in voiceover.

Sue watches with her flying camera, when Rachel aks Will to go easy with New Directions at the invitationals and Will states that he’ll think about it, but will do anything for her. He states how she doesn’t know how much pressure he is under, as they want VA to be the best. He asks how they’ll go to sectionals with only four members, to which she states she needs more time. She begs him to help her, telling him that the place has helped him so much, so he should repay the deed. He goes back to VA, looking at Finn’s and Lillian Adler’s plagues, deciding to throw the competition. He talks to VA, saying to come up with newer songs. They all complain, but Will assures that they’ll improve their improvisation skills and learn to work as a team better. He walks away, as the hovering camera watches, flying to the hallway, terrifying the students. It goes to Sue’s office, and lands on Sue’s desk, as she praises it.

In the boys locker room, Sue walks up to Sam, and questions him to what extend do suggestions affect him. Sam, confused, says he doesn’t know, asking Sue what he thinks, to which Sue says he is. Sam agrees. Sue then asks if he’s familiar to a movie, which he questions her if she thinks he is. Sue, happy, says never mind, and starts to hypnotise him, to which Sam stars at the clock, as it moves side to side. As he stares, a spiral spins behind her, and Sue states that she’ll say a series of words: “Piano,” “Flat-bed truck” and “Let’s do a song.” She states that the next time he’ll hear these words, he’ll be filled with love for Rachel, and will kiss her. Once he has kissed her, he will not remember anything. She snaps her fingers, and Sam awakens. He says hi to her, believing she just arrived. Sue, astonished by this, walks away, smiling, as Sam continues his routine.

The next day, in Sue’s office, Kurt confronts Sue about the bear. She states how she thought Karofsky was attracted to bears. Kurt states the other meaning, saying its insane to put a real bear. Sue states how since she became principal, its expanded her horizon of what is and isn’t insane. She refers to Will proposing to Emma, on a platform in water, as insane. Kurt asks her to stop with her plan, saying he’s moved on and has met someone online, called Walter. Sue tsks at this, saying he’ll not come out of it alive, because he’ll be the to be first to eaten. Kurt, thunderstruck, states he's leaving. Sue starts to over exaggerate, about his and Blaine's future wedding, screaming louder as he leaves.

In the auditorium, Blaine gives Sam and Rachel piano lessons, when Sue comes down from above, from a construction lifter. Sue states how she fell asleep when Blaine talked. She stops, as Becky presses a button. Rachel states how she has no business there. Sue says how she thought the exact same thing, when Rachel came back. Blaine decides to reschedule, but Rachel protests. Sue agrees with Blaine, asking Sam’s opinion, to which he agrees, hypnotised. Becky states how Sue is one badass, crazy, super-bitch. Sue agrees, and begins to sing Bitch. She walks out of the auditorium, to the hallway, with a fire extinguisher, spraying people with it. She appears in Rachel’s drawer, in Jane’s locker, moving things around in Emma’s office, smashing the astronomy things and licking Rachel’s food. She walks to her office, Becky and a jail recruit singing back-up. She sits down, a name-plate saying “BITCH.”

That evening, Blaine and Karofsky sit in Breadstix, Blaine stating how so much has changed. Karofsky restates his high-school, moving on. Blaine states how he admires him for that. A man walks up to Karofsky, recognising him. Another one comes in, and suddenly all of Breadstix is buzzing of people who know he is. Blaine questions whats happening. Sue goes up to them, and answers that she took the liberty to invite Karofsky’s ex-dates. She continues about how she ran a DNA test, revealing that their both cousins. They are surprised, to which Sue concludes that they’ll be now having sex as family members, before walking away.

In Carmel High School, Sue waits to be seen by the principal. She goes in, and talks to Principal Gunderson. Her back is towards Sue, when she says this, but it revealed the Principal Gunderson looks like Principal Figgins, as Sue believes that it is him. Principal Abigial Figgins Gunderson reveals that Principal Figgins is her brother, revealing how they both wanted jobs in high school administration, and that Principal Figgins first name is Principal. Sue is startled by this. Principal Gunderson goes on, telling her she has a problem with Will, to which Sue says there is. She shows the footage she recorded to Principal Gunderson, explaining his plan. Principal Gunderson says it shocked her, to which Sue advises her to talk to Will.

In Sue’s office, Will storms in, stating how his job is on the line, believing they were friends. She states how she thought that too, before making her clean up after her, to which Will doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Will looks thunderstruck as Sue explains how he left the fork, and wants to be honest with him. Will, exhausted, says ok. Sue then talks about how she messed with his cake, by putting plague in it, Will looking disgusted. She continues, by saying how the liquid he’s been rubbing in his hair, was her pee. He looks further disgusted. She stands up, asks rhetorically asks why she did all this, and answers herself is because she hates him. She insults him further, saying his ruined the definition of being a teacher, by the awards he’s been given, even though he doesn’t do anything that is considered for that award. She states how he favours kids, but neglects others, referring to Joe, Rory and Matt. She then tells him that she neglected the most important piece of the group: the band. She states how they always knew what song to play, when the members asked them to play them, but still treats them badly. He starts to smirk, as Sue insults him off getting Finn from the showers, believing its from his childhood and also his vests hide him from lactating when he starts to do a pep talk. Sue tells him to get out, stating how he should release the fart he’s been holding in, and ruin another Journey song. Will tells her how he knows that she’s making retirement plans. Sue correctly states how it must have been Becky who tweeted it, which she tried to hide. He continues saying that he’ll make the glee club a permanent place in McKinley, and leaves, leaving Sue outraged.

In the boys locker room, Sue once again hypnotises Sam, telling him he’s done well, and that phase two will start, by tormenting Will, as well as Rachel. She states that he’ll steal the mail from his house, to which Sam says “Awesome.”

At the invitationals, Sue talks to the show choirs from the front of the stage stating their be bloodshed, and refers to The Hunger Games, saying "May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour". She walks off stage, as VA begin to perform Rock Lobster. The hovering camera appears again, Sue and Becky (in a Lobster costume and dancing) watching the performance.

The Hurt Locker, Part Two

As Vocal Adrenaline walk offstage, Sue comes on and comments on their performance, the New Directions looking exasperated. She informs them that she’ll be the judge for the Invitationals, the theme is “old-school” and that they’ll be performing over the course of 3-days. She continues, that she’s giving ND time to recruit 12 members, being the only rule that they seem to remember. Kurt speaks up, saying they should boycott it, but Sue notifies him that it will go on, foreshadowing Kurt, by saying even if one of them gets kidnapped against their will. Kurt looks terrified, as Sue walks off.

That night, in Breadstix, Walter talk to Kurt about how he saw someone give birth on the table across from them. Kurt, in voiceover, says how he’s funny, smart and good looking, being in a dilemma of if Walter doesn’t know if their on a date or as friends. He asks him if its a date (after briefly stating how he must not say that) and tells him that they are on a date. Sue comes up to them, wearing the Breadstix uniform, wearing a picture of Blaine and Kurt hugging, from when he was Prom Queen. Kurt, frustrated tries to ignore her, as she lies about how she needs to help Kurt with his grandfather, referring to Walter. Walter interrupts, stating how he can hear her. Sue sticks a badge, with the word “KLAINE,” to his jacket, giving menus to them. Kurt apologises to him, but Walter states how she’s hilarious, saying nothing bothers him. He asks Sue how old she is, to which she replies bitterly 34, and walks away, stating she’s getting a pillow for him, Kurt looking happy. Back in Sue’s hurt locker, Sue shows Becky videos of Blaine and Kurt over the years, by spying on them. She talks about they have love that is unimaginable. Becky questions where she got all the footage, one of them being a dream sequence. Sue tells her to shut up, but Becky insists that they don’t like each other anymore. Sue, oblivious, says she has much more to learn, to which Becky retorts that she has a hot boyfriend. Sue tells her to look at how they are so good together, insulting David. She plans to put them in a confined area, so they become together again.

In the boy’s locker room, Sue walks in to Sam working, as he looks frightened at first. He stares the locker watch once again, being hypnotised again. Sue states how Operation Break Rachel’s Heart and Sabotage The Glee Club is in motion, Sam asking her if she’s thought of a shorter name. She gives him an assignment to make them perform the song that she gives him, stating how they’ll be the worst, being “Ascension Millennium,” “Dear Mr. Jesus,” and “Justified and Ancient.” He says he will, Sue being impressed by how he’s still under her control.

That night, in the elevator, Blaine bangs on the door, Kurt asking him to stop. Blaine asks him to call someone, but Kurt states that his phone is dead. Kurt states to say they need to find a way out, as a compartment in the elevator lifts up, as a doll on a bike comes out. The doll, "JigSue" begins to explain how if they do not kiss, they will stay in the elevator, unless they find another way out. Blaine begins to say how ridiculous it is, and they both fake kiss. JigSue says they need to really kiss, and states that how the area will heat up, forcing them to remove their clothes later on. A heart shaped trolley comes out, explaining about their romance. She wheels away, declaring they must not fight their feelings. They try to open the compartment and fail. They then open the heart-shaped box, scared of what it contains, but it is revealed to be food.

In the fake elevator, Kurt and Blaine play charades, as they both are happy at what they’re doing. Blaine mentions Karofsky, which ruins Kurt’s mood. JigSue comes in, saying because they’re refusing to kiss, she’s drugging them, to get sexual with each other. If they resist, they’ll die. Blaine states how he wants to get out, Kurt pondering whether they should kiss.

In the auditorium, Sue introduces ND, Sam clapping the loudest. She walks away looking at Kitty. Spencer and Kitty lead It Must Have Been Love, Sue frozen by the song. In the elevator, Kurt and Blaine decide to kiss. Rachel sees Sue’s astonished face. Back in the fake elevator, the tell each other that Sue’s forcing them to kiss, which they do, as ND continue to sing in the background. JigSue lets them go, where the both run to the auditorium. The song finishes as Sue see’s them, knowing they kissed. Kurt talks to Rachel, as realising the setlist changed and Rachel explains that Kitty and Spencer are in the club as Roderick performs Father Figure. Blaine sits with the Warbler’s. Sue realises that they’re performing her favourite songs, having flashbacks of moments that associated with them, the elections being associated to the song. Clint sees Will moving with the song. Mason, Madison and Jane then perform All Out of Love, Sue taking her seat, beginning to cry, singing along and remembering how she tried out for different roles, but failing to get them. Rachel looks at Sam, as he dances to the song, smiling. Kurt and Blaine also look at each other. Clint watches Will smile at the club.

Later, Sue announces the placings, with the Warbler’s coming in 3rd, Vocal Adrenaline coming in 2nd and New Directions coming 1st. Kitty goes to receive the trophy as everyone hugs

The next day, Sue sees Kurt and Blaine in her office, calling them ‘Klaine.” Kurt explains their experience the day before, to which Sue says she doesn’t know what their talking about. Blaine then explains that they’re better as friends, after sharing the time together. Sue says that they should thank her, Blaine doing so, but Kurt saying that he actually shouldn’t. Sue states how she needs to find a new hobby, to get them together. In the hurt locker once again, Becky and Sue walk in, Sue stating how that its not important to her anymore. Becky states how her plan didn’t work out, but Sue states how she has them where she wants them to be, and tells that she’s planning more.


Sue and Sam walk up to Sheldon, Sue commenting on his new appearance happily, and Sam stating how they have so much “guy talk” to catch up with. Sue begins to tell Sheldon that she’s been trying to eliminate all the cis-normality and transphobia in the school, since finding about what they meant, that morning. Sam asks him what pronouns he needs to use, and Sue states that she’s there for him, not tolerating bullying. Sheldon, happy about this, states how he suspected there would be haters, but Sue tells him that it's now a gender-fluid school. Sue and Sam walk away, as Sheldon looks happy at how accepting they are.

The following day in Sue’s office, Will sits down to Sheldon as Sue explains about the event that occurred the day before, his car being vandalized. Sheldon states how he knew that something like that would happen anyway. Will asks what it has to do with him. Sheldon explains that it was Vocal Adrenaline who did it as Will looks angry, saying that no one gets away when it has something to do with his friends. Sue interjects, saying she always has.

In the control booth at the top of the auditorium, Sue informs Vocal Adrenaline, that she’s giving them 6 minutes to leave the campus, before she unleashes her hounds. She also states that she’s slashed their bus tires, so they have to walk back, telling them to think of how awful they really are. The hounds begin to bark as Vocal Adrenaline runs out of the auditorium.

A Wedding

In Sue’s office, Sue polishes her trophies as Santana walks in, asking why she was called. Sue states that she’s hurt by not being invited to the wedding. Continuing, she says that they should but their differences aside for that day. Santana bluntly says she wants to be surrounded by people she loves, and who love her, stating that Sue can only love herself. Sue says that she knows nothing about her. Santana walks up to her, telling her how selfish and self-centred she is, restating the event when Sue dressed up in a wedding gown for Will and Emma’s wedding, and also married herself. She continues, saying that she is incapable of a selfless act, and if she shows up, she’ll be dragged out by the security guards. Santana walks out, as Sue looks disappointed.

In the main part of the barn, Kurt and Blaine comment about how nice it looks, as Sue walks up to them, calling them by their ship name, Klaine, stating that there is an emergency. They both don’t believe her, but Sue states that its a real one, involving Brittany and Santana, using their ship name, Brittana. They follow her to the room where Brittany and Santana were. Blaine opens the door, and they walk in, seeing wedding suits, with their faces stuck to it. Kurt asks what’s going on. Brittany states that when she was planning for the wedding, she couldn’t stop thinking of them, saying she looked up to them in high school, saying that when they broke up, it broke her heart, and know wants her dream back. Kurt realises that she wants them to get married with her. Sue tells Blaine that she wants them to get married. Brittany asks what they think. Kurt tells her that they think she’s crazy, as they just got back together, and that Santana would never let them crash the wedding. Santana comes out, saying that she’s already agreed with them. Blaine tells them that they don’t have rings. Sue states that she already has rings, referring to the ones that she wore, when she married herself. Kurt tells them that its romantic, but they can’t, to which he tries to get Blaine agree with him. Blaine says that he doesn’t know what to make of it. He continues, saying what Burt and Carole were saying earlier, and loves him, saying its crazy, and he doesn’t know, saying “but”. Kurt surprised, asks “but what?”

At the wedding, Artie and Mercedes sing At Last, everyone looking happy, as Sue comes to sit with them.

In the auditorium, Blaine, Kurt, Brittany and Santana are gathered, knowing that Sue brought them there. Sue walks out, on stage, combining their last names together. Blaine states they appreciate what she did for them. Santana asks what they’re doing there. Sue states that she wanted to give them one more gift. Sue states that she realises that they see her as a driven, bi-polar role model, but states they can’t help, but sees them as her kids. She tells them that she’s cancelled their honeymoons, and arranged one for them. Blaine reads out that they have a weekend trip to Provincestown. Santana and Brittany open theirs, reading out that they’re going on a expense paid, month long trip to Paradise Island in the Bahamas. They exclaim and hug Sue, as Blaine and Kurt look hurt. Sue states she needs to come up with more ship names, giving examples of Puckcedes, and Faberry. She walks out.

Child Star

Sue stands on the bleachers, shouting “Sloopy babies!” to the boys of McKinley, through her megaphone, as she the boys do their fitness test. She calls out, saying how she expects them to pass the test. Spencer and Roderick are shown doing sit-ups, Roderick barely doing them. Spencer sits in front of a boy, helping him, as he does his sit-up, while Roderick continues to struggle. She tells them that how consuming her own twin in her mother’s uterus was hard. As the boys get ready to climb the rope, she tells them that she’ll not leave the room unless at least 3 of them pass out, or vomit. Spencer successfully reaches the top, the boy watching him, as Sue continues, saying all of them will reach the top, or else that person will not graduate. As Roderick begins to climb the rope, Sue tells all of them to gather and watch. He tries to climb, yet fails, and lands on the ground, as everyone (but Spencer, Sheldon and Sue) laugh. Sue tells him that he’s a disgrace, but Sheldon tells her that he should rest. Sue replies sarcastically that they should reward him for his failure, comparing to how China is colonising Mars, while America has type 2 diabetes. She tells him to do it again.

Superintendent Harris walks in the halls of McKinley, as Sue informs him about how, since she became principal, the test scores have gone up, introducing her drone to him, as it flies by. Superintendent tells her that she keeps surprising him, to which she talks him. She then asks him a favour of getting a “Principal Award,” telling him that it will make her job resumé better. He then asks her if she’s leaving, to which Sue says to never believe what Becky tweets. She gives him a letter of recommendation for him to sign, but he states he’ll need to read it first, to which Sue looks slightly disappointed. He tells her that he also has a favour, where she puts a fake face of happiness on.

In the auditorium, Sue stands with a child next to her, with the glee club (and Rachel and Will) gathered. She introduces the child as the Superintendent’s nephew, Myron. She continues, saying that he’s going to celebrate his Bar Mitzvah (Rachel looking happy), explaining what it is. Myron states he’s performing for them, and tells him its just a rehearsal. He begins to perform Lose My Breath, wearing a suit of white and gold underneath, as female dancers in gold dance around him, with perfect sync. Everyone watching are surprised at what he’s doing, Sue looking horrifiedly surprised; Kitty, Spencer and Roderick laughing slightly and dancing along, Will clapping his hands. At the end of the song, everyone applauds for him, Rachel saying it was amazing. He thanks her, saying he’s a fan of hers. He then states he needs it to be perfect, asking him how he can improve. Kitty suggests his dancers could smile a bit more, everyone else agreeing. He states that he’s already told them that, firing them, sending them off stage, asking to speak with the adults. Sue then whispers to Rachel, saying she should do anything he says. Myron states how he wants to perform in the auditorium (saying this to Rachel, Will and Sue). Sue agrees. Myron states he wants the glee club to help, willing to pay for them to perform. Will states that its against the rules. Myron then states they’ll get performing experience. He sees one of the dancers still there, sending her away rudely. Rachel begins to tell him that they can’t, but Sue interrupts, saying that they accept.

The following day, in the staff room, Sheldon eats with a big appetite, as Rachel, Sam and Will are engrossed by this. Sheldon stating that the best thing about being a dude, is that it isn’t lunch, but when she licks her lips, she can taste it all day. Everyone looks mildly disgusted. Sue stands, near the coffee machine, pouring coffee to the floor. Will asks if she’s doing okay, to which she replies that she hasn’t slept for 3 days. She tries to put her coffee cup down on the table, yet it falls and breaks. Sam asks whats going on, to which Sue replies that she’s become a slave to Myron. In flashbacks, she tries to give ideas for his bar mitzvah. Myron states angrily that he wants it to be fresh, not unoriginal, and wants it to be about him, asking Janet (the jail secretary) to get him his espresso. Every night, Sue reads to him, so he can read his bit for his bar mitzvah, so he doesn’t have to memorise it himself. Will tells her it has to stop. She states it will, once they all perform with her. Surprised, they ask they want them. Sue states that he blew his budget on getting new dancers. Sheldon states that he understands that they want everyone else, but he wonders why he’s chosen. Sue states that since she’s doing it, Sheldon also has to do it, so she doesn’t look like a fool. Sam states he’s in.

In the dance room, Will choreographs Rachel, Sam, Sheldon and Sue. Sue tries to leave, but Will tells her that she’s almost got it. Sue tells him to stop talking, and tells him she doesn’t care about what he’s doing, questioning on why he’s still at the school. Will states that she asked him to help, Rachel telling her that she asked them all to help. Sue tells her to shut up, and then asks Will why the others think highly of him, when he’s done nothing for them, except make it worse. She continues, saying she secured a good job for him at Carmel, but he destroyed it in minutes, coming back with his ‘reach for the stars’ attitude. Will then calls him Susie Q, explaining that its Superintendents Harris’ fault, and that she should go after him, but she’s not, because she still has a crush on him. He tells her that she’s losing her mind. Sam and Sheldon try to lead her away, and when he begins to start to choreograph again, Sue jumps on him, both of them fighting. Superintendent Harris walks in, asking if there’s anything wrong. Sue and Will state its part of their rehearsal. Reassured, he tells them its showtime.

On stage, Sam calls everyone to their place, as Will and Sue talk, Sue stating that her plan is about to commence. Will states that it will starts when he trips her up, on stage, in front of 13 year olds. Sue tells him that he wouldn’t dare, but he replies that he would. Rachel then begins to sing Break Free (with the word ‘MYRON’ in the background), everyone else joining her on stage, and singing. Myron comes on stage with his stage-pod, everyone in the audience screaming happily. As the song ends, ribbons fall all around the place, Spencer and Mason lifting Myron on their shoulders.

In the choir room office, Will and Rachel are discussing something, as Myron and Sue walks in. Rachel asks if they were here to thank them for his bar mitzvah, but Sue states that Myron is now a new student at McKinley, who wants to join the club. Myron screams that Sue’s not her mother, saying he can say it himself, and asks her for his inhaler, kicking her. He runs into the choir room, Rachel screaming to him to not touch the piano. Will asks how its possible, saying he’s 13 years old. Sue states that she told Superintendent Harris, but he ignored her and made his old middle school get a petition, to state the Myron is extremely talented, that he needs to go to high school. Will then states that they got a new member, and he’s also part of the Superintendent’s family, to which Sue looks annoyed. Sue states that this is just the first battle to end all wars, saying she does not retreat, but reload. Will then asks if she’ll jump on him again, to which she states she may or may not. She leaves, pushing students around. In voiceover mode, she says she became principal to become the best in the state, become one of the greatest principals, and ride off on of the most endangered rhinos on the planet. Instead, she’s back to the start, to destroy the glee club again. At night, she goes to her hurt locker, stating to herself that she’ll spend the last few weeks with her working life doing that, and it may kill her, but she’ll be the last one standing. If they bury her, everyone in the glee club will be buried with her.

The Rise and Fall of Sue Sylvester

Sue walks in, also clapping, and stats that the smell of the Warblers' uniforms went into her office, and she now knows why, stating that the club is hosting the Lima gay men’s chorus, to which the Warblers respond angrily. Blaine explains that they’re now part of the New Directions. Sue states they will be not, and tells them to get out of the school. Will tells her that he’s already cleared it with Superintendent Harris. Sue, consumed with rage, states that she’ll get it uncleared with someone she knows, who just gave her an iWatch, to which everyone tries to get a glimpse at. Sue tells them to go away, but Will says to them to stay once again. Sue promises Will that she’ll pluck all the Warblers away, declaring that doomsday has arrived. Will calls her “Susie Q”, Sue telling him to stop it, everyone around looking at them weirdly.

In Sue’s office, Darrell sits reading a magazine, as Becky screams at Sue about how she won’t let the Warblers join the club. Sue informs Becky that she can’t understand what she’s saying, to which Darrell translates for her. Becky tells her that the Superintendent said it was okay. Sue says that he may have said it was okay, but the President Pro Tempore of the United States Senate said it wasn’t. Becky tells her that she should "save her drama for her mama". Sue lists that the Utah Republican agrees with her, about how the glee club is stupid, and that the formation of the 2 glee clubs is inconvenient. Becky states that she won’t let Sue get away with it. Sue, becoming serious, informs Becky that she shouldn’t be in her way. Becky states that she’s been loyal to her (Darrell translating when he sees Sue’s confusion). Sue asks what she’s done. Becky lists things, including that she shoplifted and lied in court for her. Becky tells her that she’s evil and no longer her friend. She runs out, Sue shouting that if she leaves, she’ll be no longer welcome. Sue goes to Darrell, blaming him for it. Darrell tells her that Becky turned on her, by herself. He walks out as Sue looks disgruntled.

The following day, in the Superintendent’s reception office, the receptionist informs Sue (who is trying to look nice for the occasion) that she can go in, to which she does (wearing a medal). Seeing Will with the Superintendent, she asks what he’s doing there, saying its a surprise. Will says he’s surprised too. The Superintendent informs them that she should take the meeting seriously, having Will as witness. He continues, stating that he saw her hurt locker (where flashbacks are shown) seeing all the things she has put around the place. He goes on, saying that when he saw Myron’s face on a doll, he also saw her secret lair of her obsession with Klaine. He states that he’s all for young love, but what she did was insane. He states that he could have overlooked all of that, but what he saw next, was her pornographic picture in a copy of Penthouse magazine. Sue states that she doesn’t see how her body has affected her job, and is proud of what she’s done to the school, saying that anyone will agree with her. Harris states that he doesn’t deny it, but after he saw the things she has, he can not allow her near any young people, to which he fires her. She looks devastated.

On TV, Geraldo Rivera, a Fox News reporter states that he interviewed Sue Sylvester, once American treasure, who lived a life of winning. It goes to the interview, where he tells Sue that she’s become a loser some of the time. Sue states confidently, that she’s recently lost her job, her financial security, and her legacy has been tarnished, and wants to set the record straight. Rivera then begins to tell her that some of the things she has said have been too good to be true. He continues, saying they investigated her claims, and have found out that most of them were fake, listing claims that she’s believes she did. She tries stops him, but he continues to list more things. Sue once again tries to stop him again, saying she wants to respond to these, but he ignores her, going on about how she states that she has romantic interests with different people. Sue states that she dated them. Rivera states that she may just be compulsive liar, also referring to how the father of her child was Michael Bolton. She states that its true, but he shows her a video of Bolton stating that he didn’t know who she was, until she made those claims. Sue then tells Rivera that she can not prove it. He shows her another video of Rod Remington and Andrea Carmichael, each stating how she is out of line most of time, Andrea stating that Sue kidnapped her once. Rivera asks if she’s okay and if she has a history of having a mental illness. Sue states that she has a history of devoting her life to McKinley. She states that when she graduated, she was recruited by the top Wall Street investment banks. She continues that she could have wealth and power, but chose to nurture and stay for the children, being her number one priority. Rivera tells her they sound like lies, and that he visited the glee club. In the choir room; Artie, Mercedes, Kurt, Blaine, Rachel and Joe Hart (without dreadlocks as Sue cut them) mention things that Sue has done to them. Rivera, (in the flashback), as if they know why she hates to glee club. Artie answers that she’s had it for them from the very beginning since they showed up, as they took away the Cheerios' popularity. Sue, enraged, states that they’re all lies perpetrated by Will. Rivera informs her that it wasn’t Will, but Becky, where he shows her a video that she made. Becky, in the video, is with Darrell, where they both state the things that she’s done, Sue looking sad at what Becky’s done to her. Rivera then goes to break.

Back in the interview, Rivera apologizes to Sue, about how things are not going her way. She asks if they’re rolling, to which he states that they’re not. She tells him that she’s always wanted to inspire others, and to be a champion, which is why she chose a career in cheerleading, so they could be tougher than the world. Sue states that she should have interviewed Quinn, Brittany or Santana, as they’re doing well. He states that they declined to come. Sue realizes that the cameras are rolling, Rivera states that he lied to her. Sue states that it's character assassination, unworthy to be on Fox News. She states that she had agreed to sit with him, because she didn’t expect this. She continues, saying that she turned McKinley into a no-bully zone. Rivera states that someone had agreed with her, showing an interview with a person, who is not revealed at first. It is later shown, that it was Coach Beiste, who states that after his transition, Sue supported him. Sue looking happy, states that she refuses to apologize to anyone, and that states that he should know that her parents were Nazi Hunters. Rivera then goes to an interview, where he walks with Sue’s mother, Doris, who reveals that they were not Nazi hunters. They lied to her, because they didn’t want to be around her, as she was biter. Doris continues, stating that since she laid eyes on Sue, she knew that she was the daughter she couldn’t love, Sue looking heartbroken. Rivera repeats what Doris said. Sue gets up, and punches Rivera, where she walks out. Rivera, gets back up, and asks the people if who she really is. He states that they have an interview with Will, as their final news report. Will, in the interview, states that Sue has always pushed him down, but it's because she’s a fighter, and has helped the school to work harder and better. He continues, that she may not be a nice person, but is an outstanding teacher, a born leader, and McKinley is worse without her, telling the Superintendent that she deserves a second chance. He laughs, and states that he’ll support Sue.

In the auditorium, a couple of days later, Sue sits lays against the piano, as the band play a sad tune. Sue’s mother, Doris walks on from behind, watching the sight. Sue stops them. She turns, and sees her mother. Doris thanks her for meeting her, even though it must be difficult for her. Sue states that difficult doesn’t cover up all the lies. Doris asks if it really matters about their jobs. Sue states that she meant the lie of loving her. Doris begins to explain that wasn’t a lie, as she never did say she loved Sue. Sue informs her mother that she would be angry at her, but attended Oprah’s event, where she learned that relationships are a two-way street. She realized that she wasn’t the easiest kid, and apologizes to her. Doris then tells Sue that she and her husband did love her, but had a different way of showing it, as they never got the hang of parenting. Doris continues, saying that she wanted Sue to do things that she loved, giving an example of how Sue never liked the musicals that Doris would want to watch; biting, screaming and trying to set her on fire. Sue explains that she doesn’t understand how anyone can just burst into song, and know the lyrics. Doris then apologizes to Sue about how she never was the mother she should have been, lying to her, and not being in her life. She continues, saying that she’s going to be angry, but hopes that one day they can get together again, as friends, if not mother-and-daughter. Doris tries to leave, but Sue asks her a if she really loved dad. Doris states that they fell in love with him, on a trolley. Sue asks her if she wants to sing about it, to which Sue’s mother replies she does. Sue tells her she’ll sing with her, because she likes the sound of her voice. She instructs the band to play The Trolley Song, with both Doris and Sue singing and dancing together. When they finish singing, Doris hugs and thanks Sue. Sue states that nothing like this should happen again, to which Doris agrees. They both walk away.

In VA’s auditorium, the members sit as Clint speaks to Sue about how she’s come to Carmel to coach them, even though she hates show choir. Sue corrects them, saying that she still has yet to decide if they are worthy of being coached, promising them that they will get a National win. A VA member asks how they need to prove themselves to her, to which Sue explains that they need to do the Barftron 200, which is single consecutive workout for five hours, to get maximum nausea. She lists of the exercise that they need to do, each of them being 200, one of them being to sing Far From Over. Clint sings lead of the song, as everyone dances along, and also doing the exercises, Sue using her megaphone, pushing them harder and harder, and insulting them. In flash-forwards, Sue is emptying out her hurt locker, burning things that she doesn’t need, but keeps the ones she values. At the end of the song, most of the members have fallen, Sue telling them to have a break, and then to do it again. Clint, the only remaining one, goes up to Sue, and states that they’ll be honored to have her as their coach. They shake hands, Sue glaring at him.

Sam walks with Will in the halls of McKinley, telling him about his and Rachel’s feud over NYADA, wanting her to go to college, as its a mistake to not go there. Will comments on how he’s not in college, to which he states that he doesn’t want her to make the same mistake. Will states that she’ll be fine, and tries to tell him something, but is interrupted by Sue playing on the organ in the auditorium. Will and Sam walk in. Once seeing Sue, Sam goes out, saying its serious. Will goes up to her, as she tells him that she’s making a statement, about how he’s crossed her for the last time. Will states that she’s said that many times, Sue saying it still feels good. She continues, saying that he betrayed her, and has taken upon her to destroy the glee club and him, knowing she’s said that before too. Will states that he supported her, but she interrupts, bringing Brad to play on the organ. He begins to play The Final Countdown, to which both Sue and Will begins to sing, imagining themselves in front of an audience, in costumes for the 80’s, both fighting with each other on stage. Outside their dream-like performance, Sam has gathered the New Directions the Warblers, Blaine, Kurt and Rachel to the audience, Rachel stating that they’ve gone crazy. As the song ends, Sue walks off stage. Will then realizes that everyone have just been watching them, Kurt shaking his head sideways, while Rachel shaking her head up and down.

We Built This Glee Club

Sam drinks from a water fountain as Will passes him. He goes inside the choir room, where boxes are piled around the room. Rachel states that they were got a special delivery, Kurt assuming they got it from the trans-choir. Madison exclaims tha they should open it up together, to which they all agree. Will hearing a ticking sound, cries “NO!” out loud, as he pushes the box from Rachel’s hand to the floor. It bursts open, with glitter exploding out. The other boxes open up with glitter, Mason the only one looking happy, while the others scream with horror. He tells to them to be quiet, as another ticking sound is heard. He screams for them to take cover, as the final box opens up, breaking the piano. Kurt asks who would do such a thing. Will reads the note “It’s Not Fun To Be Glitter Bombed, Is It?” on a box, realizing that Sue did it. He runs out, Kurt asking Blaine if the piano was insured, but Blaine replies that it isn’t. Will walks out, as Sam pukes on him. Will states that he’ll go get the school nurse. He runs to the staff room, where he witnesses the staff also vomiting. In the corner, Sue giggles behind a plant. He goes to her as she walks out, stating that she’s the one who put the glitter bombs, and the eye-drops in the coffee. Sue corrects him, saying she put it not just in the coffee, but in the water system around the school. She says it's revenge. He asks whats wrong with her, to which she replies that she’s doing it till he quits. The school nurse cries out that a car is on fire. Sue giggles again, walking out, as Will realizes it's his car on fire. He runs out, and witnesses his car exploding.

In a hairdresser’s shop, Sue walks in, talking to her hairdresser about how her plan is almost complete. She asks her to do her a specific style, so she can lead Vocal Adrenaline to a win at Sectionals. It is revealed to be Will (in a costume), where he straps her in the chair, and shaves her head.

In the boys' locker room, Sue (with her now bald head) talks to the sitting members of Vocal Adrenaline about a video she’s showing them of WWII. Sheldon walks in, and asks what's happened to her hair. Sue greets him. Beiste asks how she got in the room, after not being able to be on the McKinley property anymore. Sue states that the school’s easy to break into. Sheldon then states that he and Will stood up for her, and she’s repaying her back by breaking into the locker room, with the show choir that trashed her car, watching Nazi videos. He tells Sue that the Nazis would have shipped him away, but Sue interrupts, saying that either it would be that or be the centerpiece of a zoo. Sheldon sends VA away. Sue then tells him that he’ll see her at Sectionals, and will be surprised at what she’s managed to accomplish. Sue walks out.

After a couple of days, in the auditorium full of people for Sectionals, the host introduces the judges: Donna Landries, Rod Remington (who have both previously judged competitions) and Butch Melman, with her dog Trixie. The host then introduces The Falconers, who sing Broken Wings, with falcons on their arms. Sue goes up to Will, saying that it's not too late to quit. He comments on her wig, to which she states that it's made specifically by her Malaysian hair slaves. Rachel states that she doesn’t scare them. Sue suggests that New Directions say their prayers as their end is here, and walks away, as The Falconers finish. The host then introduces Vocal Adrenaline. Clint leads We Built This City, with all the members dancing in sync, and with props to help them. Will and Rachel look stunned and shocked by their performance, Donna looks disgusted. Sue claps, as VA begin to sing Mickey, changing from their silver clothing, to blue. Everyone in the audience (but the competitors) clap for them, as they dance extremely well. Rachel looks shocked, and she glances at Sue, who looks at her, with the same, but fake, expression. Roderick looks at Spencer, who looks at first stunned, but nods to himself. Someone jumps around with feet springs, as cannons are brought out, and people waving flags. At the end of the performance, people are shot from the cannons, to which the audience react horrified, but after seeing the members are fine, they all clap enthusiastically, while ND look shocked.

As the New Directions are introduced, Roderick walks out on stage and gets into position. When the curtains opens, Roderick begins to sing Take Me To Church, with the other members dancing and singing in the background. He dances smoothly, as Will, Kurt, Rachel and Blaine look proud. As Kitty walks out and sings with him, Myron changes with a wig in front of him. Kitty walks to the rest to the ND, where the transparent curtains opens up behind them, Jane belting out the song with Roderick. The song ends, Roderick looking happy. Madison leads Chandelier, Kitty joining in later. Myron runs out in a nude unitard with the wig, as the song continues to be sung. Everyone applauds Myron and the members of ND, while Donna looks horrified by this, especially when Myron dances behind her. When Myron runs out, Spencer comes in, swinging from a Chandelier at the top, Jane joining in, with members of the Warbers doing backflips in the background and Madison finishing the song. They all gather together (Spencer and Myron back with the group), while Sue looks worried, as Mason begins to sing Come Sail Away. He walks out to the center of the stage singing, with Madison joining him later. As the song progresses, Kitty and Spencer also sing solo lines, and the members dancing in sync. When the song ends, they all gather in a straight line, everyone applauds them, apart from Donna, Sue and VA. When the curtains close, the members cheer.

In the auditorium, the teams are gathered, with the trophies and judges on the side. The host brings out the sponsor, Wayne’s Waffles (Kitty saying to herself “I love Waffles”). The 3rd place goes to The Falconers, where Donna hands them the trophy. Everyone else looks restless, waiting to know who wins: Will glaring at Sue, Sam and Beiste sitting, Skylar putting his hand on Jane, Rachel with her eyes closed. It is revealed that New Directions win (Myron jumping on Kitty), Rod handing them the trophy, as they all jump and down and confetti falling, as VA look at them in disgust. Sue walks away, smiling slightly.

After the competition that night, Will walks in the hallways. Sue walks out behind him, greeting him. Will states that she lost. She tells him that in a way she did, but she states that threw the competition, guaranteeing them a win. Will, in disbelief, states that she’s been trying to destroy them since day one, and suddenly has a change of heart, to which he should believe. Sue states he should, insulting his intelligence. Sue explains that she has tried to destroy the club, but when Geraldo Rivera insulted her, she tells him that only Beiste and he stood up for her. She continues, saying that tried to repay him, by taking out VA from the inside. Will tells her that it's insane, as she did try to win, by doing the insane dance moves. Sue smiles, stating that she did that specifically for the three judges: Donna being reminded of a bad circus show, Rod remembering how he was in a group marriage, and that Butch was just an idiot. Will asks why she put eyedrops, wasting a day. She explains that she did, to make them lose weight. The glitter bombs were used to enhance a hormone, which would make them confident the moment they walked on stage. Will asks why she blew up his car, Sue stating that she did it for fun. Will and Sue state that their feud is over, where an awkward silence follows. Sue states that he’s not going to thank her, to which she looks angry when he agrees. She states that she’s going to take a break, and think of new ways to destroy him.


The following day, in Principal Figgins' office, Principal Figgins hands Sue a check, saying that the Cheerios are the number one priority right now. Sue thanks him, saying that she couldn’t have won five consecutive championships without him. He shrugs, smiling. She gets up, saying that she actually could have. She asks him whats happening with the glee club. Figgins states that its nothing. She tells him that the star performers of the school are her Cheerios. Figgins reassures her, saying that she shouldn’t worry. He tells her that it won’t last, as not many people are interested in show choir as there are other things. Sue tells him that she has a bad feeling about the club.

In the gym, Sue and Will play basketball against each other. The Cheerios root for Sue, when she scores, while no one does when he scores. At the end of the match, they high five, Sue saying that she wants to talk to him about something because they are best friends. They walk to get water. Will asks how they’re best friends when they only play once a week with each other. She says thats the exact reason, as Will gives a cup to her. She asks what are his intentions with the club. He states that he wants to show the kids the joy of music. She tells him thats what the iPod is for. He tells her that the club was the best thing that happened to him. She bluntly points out that he’s now a Spanish teacher. She explains the kids will not become famous, they’ll just have regular jobs and its not nice of him to tell the kids that they have a chance. Allowing unrealistic dreams will just make their life’s harder. She scrunches up her cup, throwing it on the ground as Will says that he disagrees, telling her that the arts are important than cheerleading, Sue looking offended. He continues, not noticing, that with a bit more hard work, the club will be good, stating he got Finn Hudson, the football captain, to sign up. Sue interrupts, saying that he needs to drop the club, or they will no longer be friends. Will asks if she’s serious, to which she says that he doesn’t want to make her an enemy. He walks away, dribbling the basketball. Before he leaves, he turns, passes the ball to her, and tells her that he’s not going to drop it. Sue is angered by this.

While Will walks down the hallway. Sue comes up to him, congratulating him. Assuming it's about the pregnancy, he begins to explain about how he and Terri are happy, but Sue interrupts, saying that she meant about him leaving. She tells him that teaching is for losers, and that accounting is for him. She hands him an abacus, and gives him a file containing his first client’s files, saying that the client is way behind on her taxes, and bikini wax all around it, inside. She walks away. Will heads to walk out, but stops at the auditorium, after hearing music inside.

In the auditorium, the New Directions, (with Finn), perform Don’t Stop Believing. Will walks in, watching from a distance, beginning to cry again, as they all perform in sync, and seeing how good they are. Unseen, Sue watches from afar, with Quinn and Santana, from above. Puck also watches from the other end of the auditorium, walking out before they finishes. When they finish, they bow their heads.

Dreams Come True

In the Principal’s new office, officially now Will’s, Sue snoops around the room as Blaine and Kurt walk in. She greets them, and states that she came to see the room one last time, and peed all around the room. Kurt, ignoring this, asks her to have a seat, so they can talk to her. He informs her that she probably already knows that they are leaving for New York in a few days and want to thank her for bringing them back together, or else they would still be miserable. Sue, pleased, tells Kurt that she didn’t know what she was looking at when she first met him, referring to the things he would wear and do. She continues, saying that once she started to know him, she watched him go through the pain in his life, especially when Karosfky bullied him (adding on that Blaine had later dated him) and brought out the better side of her, by expanding her mind, to which she thanks him for. Kurt surprised by her honesty, smiles, saying thank you to her. Blaine smiles when Sue begins to speak to him. She states that she still doesn’t get him, but she says that he’s being himself and it's swell by her. Blaine thanks her, saying he feels the same about her. She excuses herself, saying she needs to see someone.

Sue walks out to the hallways. She stops and looks on her left, as Becky comes to a stop on the other side. Seeing each other, they both state that they came to see each other. They run, pushing people away as they do so, and hug. Becky apologises to Sue about the things she said, but Sue tells her that she should be sorry for treating her like an unpaid intern, when she should have been treating her like a paid intern. Sue tells her that she still has to see one more person, kissing Becky’s head before she walks away.

Will walks onto the auditorium stage. Seeing Sue, Will states that she wanted to see him. She puts up her hand, to tell him to stop talking, and begins to sing The Winner Takes It All to him, as Brad plays on the piano. Will, surprised, realises that she’s accepting her defeat, and that she’s declaring him the winner. He begins to sing with her, both trying to show what they’re thinking through the song. At the end of the song, they lock hands. Will tries to speak to her, but Sue puts her finger on his mouth. She walks off stage, kicking the stool on which Brad is sitting on, as she goes out. Will goes to see if Brad is okay.

Five years later, in 2020 at the Fox News room, Becky, a bodyguard now, talks to her team, saying that “Pocahontas has landed" Geraldo Rivera, talks to the viewers about how President Bush will win the battleground state of Ohio. He introduces the Vice-President, which is revealed to be Sue. He thanks her for coming, to which she thanks him for inviting her. He asks her if she’ll be running for President in 2024, Sue declaring she will. They cut to commercial break.

In Fall of 2020, Vice-President Sue walks onstage, curtains closed behind her, where Burt, Carole, Emma, Figgins and Sheldon are gathered, all wearing red and white (including Sue). Sue calls out to Becky, who is frisking Sam, to see if he’s clean. She tells them that when Lilian Adler told the club about how glee was opening yourself up to joy, she thought that it was all not true. As she says this, Terri (also in red) walks in, and sits beside Sheldon. Sue continues, saying that it was for cowardly losers, deluding themselves that the world cared about their hopes and dreams, not knowing that the real world contains heartbreak, disappointment and failure. She tells them that she was right about it all, but states that she was wrong about how they were cowards. Sue explains that she realised that it takes a lot of bravery to see the world as it should be, than as it is, where unlikely things happen. She states that glee is about imagining a world where it all happens, to open up your heart, and sing about it. She tells them that she thought that it was silly, but now thinks its one of the most bravest things that people can do and informs them that she’s honoured to rename The Auditorium as the “Finn Hudson Auditorium.” She tells Will, that with his hard work and Finn’s memory, that the high school has become a success, a model for public schools that have arts, and that are being duplicated all around the country. She congratulates him about accomplishing something remarkable. Sue introduces the New Directions. They all clap.

Will runs on stage as the curtains open, where Artie, Tina, Quinn and Sam stand. Will joins them singing I Lived. Sam and Artie join in, with Rachel, Mercedes, Jessie, Kurt and Blaine coming on stage, hugging Will. In the chorus, Roderick, Alistair, Madison, Jane, Spencer, Mason and Sugar come on. Mike and Matt Rutherford dance on, joining the line, where the put their hands up. Brittany, Santana, Puck, Kitty, Lauren, Jake and Karofsky come in from the 4 entrances of the auditorium, forming a line in the middle behind the front seats. Rachel belts out, with Jesse beside her, as they line of people come onstage, high-fiving the two lines that have been formed onstage. Joe, Unique and Ryder come from behind, walking down the steps to the middle of the stage, and walk to the sides, as the older adults come on, joining them. Terri hugs Will, to which Emma looks shocked. They all move to the back of the stage, Sue and Becky joining them, where they bow their heads, once the song finishes. Cheering and laughing of all them can be heard, when the camera zooms out of the plaque of their performance, where they all look happy in the picture. Finn’s and Lilian’s plaques are beside it, as the camera focuses on it. The cheering stops, and the screen goes black, ending both the episode and the series.


Sue is the ultimate alpha-personality in all the episodes. Seen, always, as sassy, calculating, determind, ruthless, devious, sneaky, egotistical, pompous, sarcastic, arrogant, vindictive, sadistic, scheming, manipulative, ungrateful, immoral, sociopathic, cruel, spiteful, bitter, dishonest, greedy, treacherous, dirty, sly, brutal, diabolical, sinister, pure evil, vain, vicious, ambitious, savage, rotten, nasty and unscrupulous. She is without a moral compass and possesses no scruples and conscience. She is also an extremist who shows no compassion, love or concern to anyone, but herself, Becky, and her sister. She will often do anything and everything in her power to get what she wants and she usually doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. With a sense of great entitlement, she will ignore all rules and regulations that work against her, but have no issue using those same rules against others. Sue's height also leads her to speak down to people, and to name drop and speak of herself as something beyond everyone else.

Sue doesn't handle emotional pain well. If for whatever reason she gets hurt, she will take it out on everyone around her, normally by destroying anything around her and insulting people. These scenes are a scary kind of comical, dramatic music in the background and Sue throwing things around viciously, but at the same time it makes Sue look powerless for all her strength.

She's very good at holding grudges to unhealthy, almost super-villain levels, particularly her desire to destroy the Glee Club for getting money that had once been promised to her Cheerios. Sometimes she ignores these grudges in the short term, when external events reach the softer side she keeps locked deep inside herself.

Sue makes it a point to make fun of Will's hair, often commenting about his curls and his perm,even saying he looks like a sheep and she can't help, but picture "small birds laying sulfurous eggs" in his hair and it revolts her. However, in The Power of Madonna, it's revealed that this hate actually stems from jealousy due to her own awful hair.

Sue also holds no man or woman to her loyalty to anyone save herself, Becky, and her sister. For example, despite both being members of the school staff, Sue is more than willing to betray Will at the drop of a hat. The same held true for Quinn, who for a long time was a loyal member of her cheerleading squad, and who Sue kicked out for being pregnant.

We see, however, that Sue's aggression and unreliability stem largely from a difficult childhood. Her mannerisms are very much in parallel with her mother's, a woman who left Sue to take care of herself and her handicapable sister at a young age. This explains why she has such a thick emotional shell surrounding her more vulnerable qualities.This softer self isn't gone, just very well hidden from the world, and when it does leak out she's sure to push it back in before too long.

Sue is very loving towards her sister Jean, who suffers from Down's Syndrome and who Sue visits as often as she can.This love for her sister caused Sue to donate money to the school to help disabled kids and to allow a student with Down's syndrome (Becky) to join the Cheerios. After Jean's passing, the memories Sue relived lead her to apologize to Will for being a bully as opposed a supportive friend, and she called off her vendetta against Glee, an act that is likely to be overlooked for comic effect by the writers for the first act of Season Three, Episode One.

Also, when Sue had thought she had found love, she became noticeably kinder and more understanding towards others, even Will and the Glee Club. However, when she found out she'd been cheated on, she returned to her old cruel and vicious nature.

This kind/cruel dichotomy has happened many times. Her fluctuating personality can change from episode to episode depending on the circumstances, showing perhaps how unstable and lonely, her character is. An alternative theory is Sue's absolute lack of concrete character as highlighted her absolute ability to have coherent, predictable allegiances and stance is actually the result of a complete authorial disregard for continuity.

Sue's age has been somewhat a mystery throughout the series thus far. In The Power Of Madonna, we get the first news of her age when in self monologue she admits she's about to turn thirty despite the fact that she looks like someone in her forties/fifties. As well as that, in Furt, we can clearly see on her dating profile that it says her age is "27." And in Funeral, it's revealed her sister made it well past fifty, and it was said in previous episodes she and Sue went to school together. In a deleted scene from Mash Off, it is revealed that she is in fact fifty-two years old.

Her sharp wit and quick tongue leave funny, clever, and often insane proclamations in their wake, and while they're mostly ill-intended, and usually directed at Will Schuester, are some of the best lines of the show.


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In Mash-Up, Sue falls for Rod. He takes her on a date and invites her to a Swingers contest. The relationship fails when Sue finds him cheating on her with Andrea Carmichael.

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Although they have not had an actual relationship, after being suspended, Sue took Figgins out to dinner, with Figgins assuring her he wasn't going to back down about her suspension. Sue proceeds to slip Figgins a date rape drug, after which he wakes up in bed naked, next to Sue, who then threatens Figgins to tell his wife about their night. Whether she actually had sex with him, is unknown. Sue has since relinquished the blackmail in exchange for giving New Directions another year. 

In Shooting Star, Figgins is told by Sue about the gun shots being her, he is a little bit sympathic with her, but still says he will have to turn her over. Sue is then seen packing her office so we can assume Figgins told the police and fired Sue.

Neil Patrick Harris as Bryan Ryan.

When a former rival of Will and member of the school board arrives to cut costs, he initially intends to shut down Glee due to his resentment following his failed music career. When Will rekindles Bryan's love of Glee, he turns his attention to cutting the Cheerio's budget. His derisive and sneering behavior seems to strike a familiar chord with Sue when they confront each other about the cuts leading to a witty encounter, despite their lack of wit.

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Initially Will and Sue had an amicable working relationship. When Will's glee club began taking funds from the Cheerios, Sue became horribly vindictive and began doing everything possible to destroy the group. In the hopes of teaching her a lesson,Will tried to convince her he had romantic feelings for her by seducing her with a song and asking her out to dinner. She waited all night for him before being bluntly told, "Your date's not coming. You got stood
Sue y Will.jpg
up." Indignant and furious, Sue confronted Will who informed her that what he did to her is exactly what she does to their students. Hurt and humiliated, Sue fell in a deep depression and withdrew from coaching the Cheerios before Nationals.Realizing how important Sue was to her Cheerios and their futures, Will made amends and Sue returned to normal with a bit more respect for Will than before. Sue would later admit to her respect for him when she realized how much he affects the lives of the glee kids and proceeded to help them get another year. She and Will temporarily became "friends" of sorts in their mutual vendetta against Beiste, which ended when Will realized how unfair it was to Beiste and called if off. For the rest of the school year, Sue attempted to destroy the Glee Club and Will in particular, forming a League of Doom and coming up with plans that were slowly becoming more vicious. However after her sister Jean passed away, Sue called off the vendetta against Will after he and the Glee Club helped with Jean's funeral.

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Sue begins dating Cooter to halt rumors about her sexuality. This relationship was probably called off after Sue's loss in the election. Sue later finds out Cooter has married Shannon Beiste.

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Throughout the first three seasons, Sue seems to take a liking to Kurt above the other members of the New Directions. She takes special care to protect him from harassment and bullying, particularly at the hands of David Karofsky. This may, in part, be due to her experience of the difficulties of being a social outcast, a consequence of having a sister with Downs syndrome, Jean.


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  • Sue is the first main character to appear in the show.
  • Along with Artie, Kurt, Rachel, and Will, she has been main cast every season of the series.
    • She is the only one of them who never appeared in every episode in a season.
  • Sue rarely calls people by their real names, out of humor, affection, spite, or lack of interest in learning their names. She usually creates a nickname, or in Emma's case, always call her by a different name.
  • Cartoon Network's MAD Funny does a parody segment of Glee, in which during one performance, one of the singers claims, "Not sure if that's a guy!", which is a pokes fun at Jane Lynch's acting.
  • The character Jo from the animated series Total Drama is based on Sue Sylvester.
  • She claims to be of Trinidadian and Native American heritage.
  • In Love, Love, Love, she changed her name to Susan Rodham Sylvester.
  • In The Hurt Locker, Part One, she reveals herself to be a secretly obsessive Klaine-fan.
  • According to flashback scenes in The Hurt Locker, Part Two, she is a Republican Party supporter.
  • As a newborn, she already had a complete dentition and used to bite her mother.
  • She said both the first and last spoken lines in the series.
  • She is the first female Vice President of the US in the Glee storyline.
  • She has a tattoo that reads "Sue Syvlester" on her back.



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