Sunshine Corazon is a recurring character in the second season of Glee. She is a foreign exchange student from the Philippines. Rachel invites her to join the New Directions but feels threatened by Sunshine's singing prowess and tricks her into going to a crack house instead of the auditions. Sue Sylvester contacts Dustin Goolsby, the new director of rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline, who secures permanent U.S. residency and a condominium unit for Sunshine and her parents provided that she joins his club. Sunshine confesses that she would have loved to be in New Directions, but she felt that Rachel would have made her stay a "living hell."

In A Night of Neglect, Sunshine appears as a member of Carmel High School's academic decathlon team that loses in the semi-finals to the William McKinley High School team. Sunshine hears of New Direction's fundraising benefit for the McKinley team's finals expenses and volunteers to perform, promising to get her Twitter followers to attend. They accept her offer after she sings All By Myself, but Dustin Goolsby pulls her out of the fundraiser and her fans do not come. Sunshine reappears in the season two finale New York for the National show choir competition. Sunshine tells Rachel that she has come to hate being in Vocal Adrenaline, and desperately wants to leave on the day of competition. Rachel encourages her to perform and apologizes for what she did to her at the beginning of the year. Sunshine sings the original song As Long as You're There, and the group places in the top ten, it is later revealed that they came in second.

She is portrayed by Charice Pempengco.



Sunshine is first seen watching the Glee club perform Empire State of Mind in the courtyard; she was silently singing the lyrics of the song and Rachel notices her. Later, she encounters Rachel in the bathroom, and after mistakenly assuming that Sunshine doesn't speak English, attempts to talk her into auditioning. Sunshine begins to sing Telephone in the bathroom while Rachel is putting up sign-up sheets for glee and it is shown that she has a beautiful voice, good enough to make Rachel nervous. Rachel becomes jealous and attempts to annoy Sunshine by joining in. They get interrupted by Sue who yells at them to "Shut up!" Later, Rachel (afraid that Sunshine will steal her place in the spotlight) gives Sunshine a fake address and time for Glee club auditions, which is revealed to be a crack house (though Rachel claimed it was an inactive one). The residents steal Sunshine's sheet music and use it as toilet paper. She is later seen walking McKinley's halls looking very upset. Rachel quickly apologizes and offers to pay for new sheet music if Sunshine will come to an actual audition.

Diva Off

Sunshine and Rachel's impromptu duet

For her audition, Sunshine sings the song Listen from the movie Dreamgirls. Rachel is seen smiling, though with obvious hesitation. Eventually, as revenge on Will Schuester for turning against her plan to eliminate the new football coach, Sue calls and informs the new coach of Vocal Adrenaline, Dustin Goolsby (portrayed by Cheyenne Jackson), about Sunshine.

"Listen" Sunshine Corazon

Dustin bribed Sunshine and her mom to transfer her to Carmel High with a condo and a green card. She tells Mr. Schue she would have stayed at McKinley High School, but the crack house situation with Rachel repelled her from McKinley and the Glee club. (Audition)

She is later with Carmel High's Academic Decathlon team competing against the Braniacs, which she initially did well, until Brittany took charge and even the score board between the two competitors, much to Sunshine's shock. Finn reports to the Glee club that Sunshine has returned to McKinley. She convinces the New Directions that she can help them out by joining the benefit event that they are setting in order to fund their trip to Nationals. Rachel is suspicious, and with good reason: Could Sunshine just be out for revenge? They meet her in the auditorium. Rachel tells her that she is "a terrible spy." Artie also doubts her sudden appearance at McKinley, thinking that she might be staying in air ducts for days. Quinn doubts Sunshine's motives as well, questioning how can she be trusted when she is a member of Vocal Adrenaline. Sunshine answers that she has nothing against any of the New Directions and asked them to allow her to show what she can do by singing All By Myself (Celine Dion version). She also promises that she can get her 600 Twitter followers to attend their benefit if she performs at the event. Everyone is tempted by her offer since they have only sold four tickets.


Sunshine competing for Carmel's academic decathlon team.

Rachel continues to protest, but Puck interrupts her, saying that they will allow her to sing since Rachel owes her for sending her to a crack house. Sunshine belts out the song, leaving the New Directions on their feet cheering for her. Everyone agrees that she can perform for their benefit event, except Rachel who is not pleased with the situation. Rachel tells Mercedes that Sunshine will be the one to close the show because of the 600 attendees she had promised. On the benefit night, Santana receives a Twitter update on her phone that Sunshine and her 600 followers will no longer attend the event. Rachel again takes the opportunity to tell everyone she's right and they're wrong for trusting Sunshine, calling Sunshine "evil." It is revealed later that Sunshine had to pull out from the event because of Dustin's orders. Whether it was a plot maneuvered by Dustin alone or her being an accomplice is still unknown. However, it was revealed that Sunshine was volunteering herself for the New Directions benefit concert without Dustin's knowledge and approval as revealed when Holly thanked Dustin for lending Sunshine for the event. Dustin was clueless. This could mean that she really did want to do it in order to help the New Directions. (A Night of Neglect)

She once again meets Rachel in the girls' bathroom (reminiscent of their first meeting at McKinley). She is throwing up because she is feeling nervous about performing in front of a huge crowd. At first, Rachel thinks that it is just Sunshine playing mind games with her, until Sunshine asks why Rachel hated her so much when she had no idea what she had even done. Rachel confesses that she felt threatened by Sunshine's talent and apologizes sincerely for sending her to a crack house.


Rachel and Sunshine in New York, just before Nationals.

Sunshine mentions that she will be heading to the Philippines Embassy to ask for her green card, which was Dustin's bribe, to be revoked. She intends to return home since it is the only way she can leave Vocal Adrenaline. However, Rachel talks her out of it and convinces her to perform.

When it is time for Vocal Adrenaline to perform, Sunshine is still feeling nervous, but regains her confidence when she sees Rachel cheering for her. She and Vocal Adrenaline perform an original song entitled As Long as You're There. Vocal Adrenaline moves to the next round, being in the Top 10 at Nationals. Sunshine is seen being lifted on the shoulders of some Vocal adrenaline members. She smiles at Rachel and the New Directions as they pass by. She does not appear on Glee again after this episode. (New York)


In Audition, Sunshine appears to love music and enjoys musical performances (e.g. Empire State of Mind). She's also a very talented singer, and while she was singing Listen, she seemed very confident and comfortable onstage.

Her fashion sense also hints that she is very confident in her individuality and likes to stand out and be noticed. This streak is further reinforced in A Night of Neglect when she says simply that she is "such a better singer than everyone else," so it becomes obvious she is well aware of her talent, and is desperate to perform and be in the spotlight. This goes as far as her auditioning for an enemy show-choir's concert, simply to get the chance to perform.

In New York, it was revealed that she is nervous at the thought of performing in front of a huge crowd. It is possible that psychological damage from her coach, Dustin Goolsby, upped the stress she puts on herself. She also reveals that she doesn't want to be in Vocal Adrenaline.




  • Everytime Sunshine appeared in an episode, she sang a solo.



Rachel: Oh, you don't speak English. You-like-me-sing. You-like-me-sing-very-much.
Sunshine: Uhmm, I totally speak English.

Rachel (to Sunshine), Audition

Rachel: I even did a little research on you, you're a foreign exchange student named Sunshine Corazon because you're from the Philippines where it's sunny everyday.
Sunshine: ...except for the monsoons.

Rachel (to Sunshine), Audition

Rachel: I'm sorry for sending you to that crackhouse.
Sunshine: They stole my sheet music and used it for toilet paper.

Rachel (to Sunshine), Audition

Sunshine: Hi, I'm Sunshine Corazon and I'll be singing Listen from the movie Dreamgirls.
Rachel: Broadway show first.
All: Sshh!
Puck: Shut up...

—Sunshine (to New Directions), Audition

Sunshine: Oh, they gave me and my mom a condo and a green card...I actually would've stayed here but I think Rachel would've made my life a living hell. I just didn't trust her after she sent me to a crackhouse, not was nice to meet you.

—Sunshine (to Will), Audition

Rachel: You are a terrible spy!
Artie: Seriously, with your size, you easily could have stayed in the air ducts for days.
Sunshine: I'm not a spy. I heard about your benefit concert on Facebook and I wanted to perform.

Rachel & Artie to Sunshine, A Night of Neglect

Quinn: Yeah, But you're in Vocal Adrenaline, how do we know we can trust you?
Sunshine: Because I have nothing against any of you. I have 600 Twitter followers, I can get all of them to come.

Quinn to Sunshine, A Night of Neglect

I'm such a better singer than everyone else so I know how it feels. I'm all alone at the top. Also, I'm really short, so even when I'm in a group of people I feel like I'm wandering alone in a forest.

—Sunshine, A Night of Neglect

Rachel: Santana? Oh! Shoving your fingers down your throat like the rest of your brainwashed Vocal Adrenaline brothers & sisters?
Sunshine: I'm not throwing up on purpose.

Rachel to Sunshine, New York

Sunshine: I used to love singing. It was the only thing that relaxed me. Now I hate it.
Rachel: Do you think I'm an idiot?
Sunshine: No! I think you're kinda mean but I don't think you're stupid.
Rachel: I know what you're trying to do. You're trying to get me feel bad for you so that I don't try as hard to crush you on the stage.
Sunshine: What did I ever do to you to make you hate me so much? When I came to your school, I heard that the Glee club was where kids went when no one else would take them, a safe place, for some reasons, you made me the only one who wasn't safe there.
Rachel: Where are you going?
Sunshine: To the Philippine Embassy. I'm going to beg them to revoke my visa and deport me back home. That's the only way I'm gonna be able to escape Vocal Adrenaline.
Rachel: Jus... wai...wait. It's because you're good. That's why I hated you, that's why I've sent you to that crack house. I'm sorry. But you have to go out there and sing. You have a gift! Something that Dustin Goolsby would kill for.
Sunshine: I can't. I'm gonna barf all over the stage.
Rachel: If you feel like you're gonna throw up, just look at me and I'll help you through it.
Sunshine: Why? Don't you wanna win?
Rachel: Guys like us have to stick together. I'm gonna hug you now.

—Sunshine to Rachel, New York


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