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Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation Club is one of the many clubs at William McKinley High School. Blaine signed up to it as well as a lot of other clubs because it is his senior year and that it is his turn to shine. In the episode Makeover, while singing Everybody Wants to Rule the World, he is shown as a member of the club dressed as somebody like Robin from Batman, only with bow-tie and ears.

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During Dynamic Duets, another superhero club was shown. This was The Secret Society of Superheroes Club. In this episode, the Superhero Sidekicks Appreciation Club's poster was shown, posted on a wall when Jake was asking Puck for some advice.

Known Members

  • Blaine Anderson (former member)
  • Lawrence Gaba
  • Leigh Poindexter
  • Megan Dayle
  • Peter Lichtor
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