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Svengoobles is a popular TV personality hosting late-night showings of horror movies portraying a vampire character and appears as a judge at the 2012 Midwest Regional Championship

He is only featured in On My Way, the fourteenth episode of Season Three.

He is portrayed by Glee co-creator, Ian Brennan.


Season Three

On My Way

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Has been hug by Sugar

He appears in On My Way as one of the three judges of the 2012 Regionals competition, it is apparent from the response of the audience and people such as Finn, Sugar, Sam and Blaine that he is very popular, although Kurt is afraid of him. When the performances end, he emerges from a coffin brought on stage by two stagehands to announce the results and has been hug by Sugar.

Big Brother

In Big Brother, Sue refers to him in her first session of Booty Camp. She says, " the first glimpse of a solo in a competition hosted by a late night horror movie host."


  • Svengoobles' name is a parody the character Svengoolie, host of the old local TV series Son of Svengoolie, broadcast in Chicago.
  • This was Ian Brennan's first on-screen appearance. He is best known as one of the co-creators of Glee and the voice of the "and here's what you missed on Glee" segments at the start of many episodes. His second on-screen appearance occurred in Glee, Actually.
  • This is the second time someone that co-created or writes for Glee appeared in the show. The first was Michael Hitchcock appearing as Dalton Rumba in the episodes Hairography, Sectionals, Makeover, Love Love Love, and The Hurt Locker, Part Two.
  • Some people mistake his name to be Svenboolie.


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