Dr. Phil said people could change!

—Terri Schuester, Pilot

Terri Del Monico (formerly Schuester) is a major character on the first and second seasons of Glee. She is the ex-wife of Will Schuester.

Terri is first introduced as Will's wife. She is a manipulative and parasitic wife, consistently undermining Will and his ambitions. In Season One, she is notorious for faking her pregnancy, after fearing that Will would leave her for another woman. The plan eventually backfires after Will finds out about her fake pregnancy and he ends up leaving her. After several failed attempts at winning Will back during Season Two, she comes to accept that they are over and moves on.

Terri was a main character in the first two seasons of Glee before being written out starting in Season Three. She made a cameo appearance in Season Four and she returned for the two-part series finale in Season Six. She is portrayed by Jessalyn Gilsig, who starred in another show for Ryan Murphy. 



Terri appears as the nagging wife of Will Schuester who wants to have a baby. At the end of the episode, Terri reveals that she is pregnant.


Terri gets advice from her sister, Kendra Giardi, about raising kids. Later, she visits her OB/GYN and learns that she is having a hysterical pregnancy. However, Terri lies to Will and says they are having a boy.


Terri attempts to get pregnant by repeatedly having sex with Will, but is unsuccessful. Later, she becomes suspicious of Emma Pillsbury when Will is performing with his boy band, Acafellas.



Terri and Quinn.

Terri reveals to Kendra that she is faking her pregnancy. Later, she learns from Will that Quinn Fabray is pregnant and plots with her to have Quinn give the baby to her, so she doesn't have to raise it herself.

The Rhodes Not Taken

Terri and Will are having dinner together, where Terri lies about her morning sickness.

Vitamin D

Terri takes on the job as school nurse at McKinley High to spy on Will and Emma. However, Terri is forced to resign after she is caught giving pseudophedrine to the students.


Terri and Kendra blackmail Dr. Wu into tricking Will with a fake ultrasound after Will makes a surprise appointment. The plan works and Will is left with tears of joy.


Noticing that Rachel Berry is in love with Will, Terri uses this to her advantage by having her do chores around the house. Terri is also seen in a flashback, threatening Suzy Pepper over her crush on Will.


When Quinn begins to have doubts about the plan to give up her baby, Terri has Quinn babysit Kendra's unruly children with Noah Puckerman.


Will finds out about the pregnancy lie and angrily confronts Terri before leaving her.


Terri reveals to Will that she has been seeing a therapist, and Will tells her that he no longer loves her.



Terri and Finn.

Terri has moved out of her and Will's apartment, taking all of the DVDs. She returns to pick the last of her DVDs and attempts to drive a wedge between Will and Emma.


Terri and Will finalize their divorce. She later employs Puck and Finn Hudson at Sheets-N-Things. After forming a bond, Terri helps Finn with his "funk" assignment for glee club.


Terri appears in the parking lot and reprimands Will for his extravagant spending. She also tells him she believes they'll get back together some day.

The Substitute

Will and Terri

Terri helps an ailing Will.

Terri takes it upon herself to take care of Will after he falls ill. They both sleep together against Will's better judgment. He later tells her not to come by anymore so he can move on.

A Very Glee Christmas

Terri appears briefly in a flashback during Christmas time.

A Night of Neglect

Sue Sylvester enlists Terri, along with Sandy Ryerson and Dustin Goolsby, to take down the New Directions. After the other members' attempts fail, Sue relies on Terri to complete the mission.


Terri and Sue plot out how they're going to sabotage New Directions. They manage to trick April Rhodes into wooing Will with a spot on her Broadway show, so the glee club can disband.


Will terri

Terri says goodbye to Will.

Terri recruits Howard Bamboo to hack into Principal Figgins's e-mail, to re-route the glee club's plane tickets to Tripoli. Terri gets second thoughts and helps Will out by getting first-class tickets to New York instead. She then reveals that she got position as manager at a Sheets-N-Things in Miami and tearfully says goodbye to Will.

In Season Three, Jessalyn Gilsig was written out of the series.

Asian F

Emma mentions Terri.


Terri appears during the recap. Also, Quinn refers to the failed marriage between Will and Terri and Santana mentions her when she asks Mr. Schuester about how he proposed to her.

Glee, Actually

10 Glee Actually (HD).mkv snapshot 04.52 -2014.01.11 10.11.51-

Terri during Artie's dream.

Terri appears for the first time since Funeral in Artie Abrams's dream sequence. In an alternate universe where Artie could walk, Terri has successfully manipulated Will with the fake baby, and caused Will to become an alcoholic.


Terri tries to convince Will to get a job as accountant after hearing he took over the glee club. Later she is at Sheets and Things when Rachel visits her and tries to convince her to make Will stay for the glee club but she refuses.

Dreams Come True

Terri appears near the end of the episode, joining Will, Emma, Burt, Carole, Figgins, and Sheldon to hear Sue's speech. She joins in I Lived performance and share a friendly hug with Will. She last appears on the series with the other Glee Cast.


Terri is portrayed as the demanding and nagging wife of Will Schuester. She is shown to be extremely manipulative and selfish, even going as far as lying about being pregnant to keep Will from leaving her. Although she loves Will, she discourages his ambitions, because they get in the way of her plans for their marriage.

Although she never truly changes herself as a person, she has shown a caring side, such as getting first-class tickets to New York for the New Directions.


Will Schuester

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Terri and Will

Will was Terri's first boyfriend. After graduation, they got married. As the years went on, their marriage began to crumble to the point where Terri lies about being pregnant in order to force Will to stay with her. Terri has also shown that she is very manipulative, trying to find inventive ways to keep Will away from his colleague, Emma Pillsbury. After he learns that Terri lied, he leaves her and claims that he no longer loves her. They get a divorce soon after. After the divorce, Terri makes several attempts to get back together, but eventually accepts the fact that their relationship is over. Years later, when Terri attends the rededication ceremony, she shares a friendly hug with Will and the two end on good terms.


  • The name "Terri" comes from Brad Falchuk's old fifth grade school teacher.
  • In Preggers, when Terri is about to reveal her hysterical pregnancy to her sister, Kendra, the latter asks if the baby is black. This is a reference to Jessalyn Gilsig's role of Gina Russo from Ryan Murphy's previous show Nip/Tuck, where the child she supposedly conceived with Christian Troy ended up being black.
  • She along with Artie, Carole, Emma, Figgins, Kurt, Mercedes, Noah, Quinn, Rachel, Santana, Sue, Tina, and Will are the only characters to appear in the first and last episode.



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