The Celibacy Club is a club which promotes sexual abstinence at McKinley. It first appeared onscreen in Showmance. It is not known if the club is still active.


Season One


Finn mentions that Quinn is the president of the Celibacy Club, and therefore they cannot properly have sexual intercourse. 


Quinn appears in her role as president of the club. At the beginning the meeting, the boys and girls start off in separate rooms to talk about celibacy, then meet up later on. Rachel and Jacob Ben Israel join the club. When the boys and the girls come together to practice their grinding, Rachel has enough. Saying that girls want sex just as much as guys, Rachel storms out of the club. It is also revealed in this episode that the only reason Finn joined the Celibacy Club was to get closer to Quinn.

Season Two


Emma is president of the club. It can be assumed that she probably replaced Quinn when she got pregnant. Quinn joins because she wants to concentrate on herself, while Rachel joins for the same reason and to improve her song writing. Later on in the episode, Puck joins after being told by Holly that making a sex video could cause him to go to jail.

Holly and Emma conflict due to their differing opinions on the virtues of celibacy in high school. Will thinks that it would be a good idea for the Celibacy Club to sing a song espousing the benefits of celibacy. The Celibacy Club, including Carl, sings Afternoon Delight in front of the Glee Club to prove their points. However, this backfires due to Emma's misunderstanding of the meaning of the song. After the performance, Lauren makes fun of Puck due to his membership. Lauren finds this appealing and joins the club with him. 


Current Members

Graduated Members



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