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The Crack Society is dedicated to those who love any of the countless crack ships involving Glee characters. By any standard definition, a "crack ship" is simply a relationship that has never been featured or implied on the show itself.

The Complete List

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  • Anderwilde (Blaine and Kitty)
  • Aphuester (Aphasia and Will)
  • Artana (Artie and Santana)
  • Artasia (Artie and Aphasia)
  • Artcedes (Artie and Mercedes)
  • Artchel/Abrerry (Artie and Rachel)
  • Artley/Martie (Artie and Marley)
  • Berper (Rachel and Suzy)
  • Berryford (Rachel and Matt)
  • Bike Chanderson/Blike (Blaine and Mike)
  • Blade (Blaine and Wade)
  • Blaimeo (Blaine and Cameo)
  • Blainandra (Blaine and Cassandra)
  • Blainecedes (Blaine and Mercedes)
  • Blaineshine (Blaine and Sunshine)
  • Blainofsky (Blaine and Karofsky)
  • Blaintana (Blaine and Santana)
  • Blainties (Blaine and Bowties)
  • Blaison (Blaine and Mason)
  • Blandler (Blaine and Chandler)
  • Blarley (Blaine and Marley)
  • Blina/Blaintina/Blatina (Blaine and Tina)
  • Blake Panderson (Blaine and Jake)
  • Blam/Slaine (Blaine and Sam)
  • Blambastian (Blaine, Sam, and Sebastian)
  • Blamchang (Blaine, Sam, and Mike)
  • Blartie (Blaine and Artie)
  • Blecky (Blaine and Becky)
  • Blill/Bill (Blaine and Will)
  • Bloe/Anderhart (Blaine and Joe)
  • Blory/Flanderson (Blaine and Rory)
  • Bloulder (Blaine and Kurt's Shoulder)
  • Bloz (Blaine and Roz)
  • Blue (Blaine and Sue)
  • Bluntbastian (Blaine, Hunter, and Sebastian)
  • Blunter (Blaine and Hunter)
  • Blyder/Ryaine (Blaine and Ryder)
  • Blyderjam (Blaine, Ryder, Joe, and Sam)
  • Braine/The Sunshine Twins (Brittany and Blaine)
  • Bram (Brody and Sam)
  • Bratt (Brittany and Matt)
  • Breadtana (Santana and Breadstix)
  • Bremma (Bryan and Emma)
  • Briano (Brad and his Piano)
  • Briarley/Pierose (Brittany and Marley)
  • Brinn/Finntany (Brittany and Finn)
  • Brittina/Tittany (Brittany and Tina)
  • Broe (Brody and Joe)
  • Brotana (Brody and Santana)
  • Bumeo (Bubba and Cameo)
  • Cassiebelle (Cassandra and Isabelle)
  • Changofsky (Mike and Dave)
  • Cheiste (Beiste and Chicken)
  • Cherry (Mike and Rachel)
  • Cherryford (Mike, Rachel, and Matt)
  • Chizes (Mike and Lauren)
  • Churt/Kandler (Chandler and Kurt)
  • Clue (Clint and Will)
  • Cohart/Toe (Tina and Joe)
  • Cohen-Berry/Tinchel (Tina and Rachel)
  • Colly (Carl and Holly)
  • Coopbastian (Cooper and Sebastian)
  • Cooperri (Cooper and Terri)
  • Cooplaine/Andercest/Coopblaine (Cooper and Blaine)
  • Danchel/Rachani (Dani and Rachel)
  • Doe A Deer (Dottie and Joe)
  • Dolly (Dustin and Holly)
  • Doz/Washingtinez (David Martinez and Roz)
  • Ellaine/Belliott (Elliott and Blaine)
  • Fabacon (Quinn and Bacon)
  • Fabang (Mike and Quinn)
  • Faberrittana (Quinn, Rachel, Brittany, and Santana)
  • Faberry (Quinn and Rachel)
  • Faberryman/Puckleberry Quinn/Quickleberry (Quinn, Puck, and Rachel)
  • Fabrington (Quinn and Hunter)
  • Fabrizes (Quinn and Lauren)
  • Fabrummel/Kuinn (Quinn and Kurt)
  • Fanderson/Quaine (Quinn and Blaine)
  • Farley (Finn and Marley)
  • Fartie/Artinn (Finn and Artie)
  • Femma/Pillsbury Doughboy (Finn and Emma)
  • Fierce/Quitt (Quinn and Brittany)
  • Figberry (Figgins and Rachel)
  • Figcedes (Figgins and Mercedes)
  • Figmeo (Figgins and Cameo)
  • Figson (Figgins and Finn)
  • Figtana (Figgins and Santana)
  • Fike/Chudson (Finn and Mike)
  • Finake (Jake and Finn)
  • Fincky (Finn and Becky)
  • Finder/Finnlynn/Lynnson (Finn and Ryder)
  • Finncedes (Finn and Mercedes)
  • Finneo (Finn and Cameo)
  • Finnony (Finn and Harmony)
  • Fintanchel (Finn, Santana, and Rachel)
  • Fizy (Finn and Suzy)
  • Flaine/Blinn/Hunderson (Finn and Blaine)
  • Flanel/Kory (Rory and Kurt)
  • Flevans (Rory and Sam)
  • Frankenasian/Tinn/Finna (Finn and Tina)
  • French Fridas (Frida and French Fries)
  • Frody (Finn and Brody)
  • Frory/Rorinn (Finn and Rory)
  • Fuinnchel (Finn, Quinn, and Rachel)
  • Gavrochky (Gavroche and Karofsky)
  • Gingertana (Santana and Emma)
  • Gizimo (Giselle and Azimio)
  • Goolster (Dustin and Will)
  • Handy (Hank and Sandy)
  • Harchel (Harmony and Rachel)
  • Harley (Holly and Marley)
  • Harmonick (Harmony and Nick)
  • Hatt Rack (Harmony, Matt, Rachel, and Puck)
  • Hevans/Kum (Kurt and Sam)
  • Holleo (Holly and Cameo)
  • Hopril/Aprolly (Holly and April)
  • Hummelchang/Kike/Mikurt/Kurke (Kurt and Mike)
  • Humper (Kurt and Suzy)
  • Huntbastian (Hunter and Sebastian)
  • Huntana (Hunter and Santana)
  • Huntina (Hunter and Tina)
  • Irish Berry Jam (Rory, Rachel, Joe, and Sam)
  • Isaine (Isabelle and Blaine)
  • Jacuzy (Jacob and Suzy)
  • Jade/Jonique (Joe and Unique)
  • Jaketina (Jake and Tina)
  • Jakurt (Jake and Kurt)
  • Jam (Joe and Sam)
  • Jam Puckevans (Jake and Sam)
  • Jameo (Jacob and Cameo)
  • Jartie/Jortie (Joe and Artie)
  • Jeffbastian (Jeff and Sebastian)
  • Joebastian (Joe and Sebastian)
  • Jottie/Puckertori (Jake and Dottie)
  • Joke (Joe and Jake)
  • Jory (Joe and Rory)
  • Jugar (Joe and Sugar)
  • Julyberry/Casschel/Rassandra (Cassandra and Rachel)
  • Junter (Jeff and Hunter)
  • Jyder/Puckerlynn (Jake and Ryder)
  • Jyderblam/Blamjyder (Jake, Ryder, Blaine, and Sam)
  • Karley/Mitty (Kitty and Marley)
  • Karmony (Kurt and Harmony)
  • Kartie (Kurt and Artie)
  • Karves/Scurt (Kurt and Scarves)
  • Katt (Kurt and Matt)
  • Kill/Mr. Schuesturt (Kurt and Will)
  • Kirt (Kurt and his Prom Kilt)
  • Kittana (Kitty and Santana)
  • Kitory (Kitty and Rory)
  • Kitty Katt (Kitty, Kurt, and Matt)
  • Kizes (Kurt and Lauren)
  • Klainchel (Kurt, Blaine, and Rachel)
  • Klainofsky (Kurt, Blaine, and Karofsky)
  • Kluntbastian (Kurt, Blaine, Hunter, and Sebastian)
  • Klusterf*ck (Kurt, Blaine, Will, Finn, and Puck)
  • Kooper/Kurt Coblaine (Kurt and Cooper)
  • Krody (Kurt and Brody)
  • Kuaine (Kurt, Quinn and Blaine)
  • Kublam (Kurt. Blaine and Sam)
  • Kublaminn (Kurt, Blaine, Sam and Finn)
  • Kublamofsky (Kurt, Blaine, Sam and Karofsky)
  • Kuntbastian (Kurt, Hunter, and Sebastian)
  • Kunter (Kurt and Hunter)
  • Kurggins (Kurt and Principal Figgins)
  • Kurley (Kurt and Marley)
  • Kurtana (Kurt and Santana)
  • Kurtbastian (Kurt and Sebastian)
  • Kurtcedes (Kurt and Mercedes)
  • Kurtina (Kurt and Tina)
  • Kurtinez (Kurt and David Martinez)
  • Kurtroche (Gavroche and Kurt)
  • Kurttany (Kurt and Brittany)
  • Lameo (Lauren and Cameo)
  • Lartie (Lauren and Artie)
  • Like (Lauren and Mike)
  • Lophad (Santana and Anthony)
  • Lord Artington (Lord Tubbington and Artie)
  • Lord Beckington (Lord Tubbington and Becky)
  • Lord Berrington/Rachington (Lord Tubbington and Rachel)
  • Lord Bethington (Lord Tubbington and Beth)
  • Lord Blainington (Lord Tubbington and Blaine)
  • Lord Charington (Lord Tubbington and Charity)
  • Lord Coopington (Lord Tubbington and Cooper)
  • Lord Diarington (Lord Tubbington and Diaries)
  • Lord Dustington (Lord Tubbington and Dustin)
  • Lord Emmington (Lord Tubbington and Emma)
  • Lord Ecstington (Lord Tubbington and Ecstasy)
  • Lord Finnington (Lord Tubbington and Finn)
  • Lord Harmington (Lord Tubbington and Harmony)
  • Lord Hollington (Lord Tubbington and Holly)
  • Lord Jakington (Lord Tubbington and Jake)
  • Lord Kittington (Lord Tubbington and Kitty)
  • Lord Kurtington (Lord Tubbington and Kurt)
  • Lord Marlington (Lord Tubbington and Marley)
  • Lord Mercington (Lord Tubbington and Mercedes)
  • Lord Pavington (Lord Tubbington and Pavarotti)
  • Lord Puckington (Lord Tubbington and Puck)
  • Lord Pussington (Lord Tubbington and Mr. Puss)
  • Lord Quinnington (Lord Tubbington and Quinn)
  • Lord Rorington (Lord Tubbington and Rory)
  • Lord Rozington (Lord Tubbington and Roz)
  • Lord Rydington (Lord Tubbington and Ryder)
  • Lord Samington (Lord Tubbington and Sam)
  • Lord Santington/Lopington/Pezington (Lord Tubbington and Santana)
  • Lord Scientolington (Lord Tubbington and Scientology)
  • Lord Shelbington (Lord Tubbington and Shelby)
  • Lord Smokington (Lord Tubbington and Smoking)
  • Lord Smythington/Sebington (Lord Tubbington and Sebastian)
  • Lord Sugington (Lord Tubbington and Sugar)
  • Lord Sunnington (Lord Tubbington and Sunshine)
  • Lord Suzington/Peppington (Lord Tubbington and Suzy)
  • Lord Terrington (Lord Tubbington and Terri)
  • Lord Tinington (Lord Tubbington and Tina)
  • Tubique (Lord Tubbington and Wade/Unique)
  • Lord Willington (Lord Tubbington and Will)
  • LynnMotta (Ryder and Sugar)
  • Mackadamian Nut (The Mack and Damian)
  • Mackford (The Mack and Matt)
  • Make (Mike and Jake)
  • Marchel/Rarley (Marley and Rachel)
  • Marlique/Warley (Marley and Unique)
  • Martana/Pezrose (Santana and Marley)
  • Martie/Artike (Mike and Artie)
  • Mattana (Matt and Santana)
  • Mattanthony/Manthony (Matt and Anthony)
  • Mattcedes (Matt and Mercedes)
  • McPorter/Spenson (Mason and Spencer)
  • Merchel/Rachcedes (Mercedes and Rachel)
  • Mermeo (Mercedes and Cameo)
  • Messe/St. Jones (Mercedes and Jesse)
  • Mikatt/Rutherchang (Mike and Matt)
  • Mikebastian/Sebike (Mike and Sebastian)
  • Mikecedes (Mike and Mercedes)
  • Miketana (Mike and Santana)
  • Mottaberry (Sugar and Rachel)
  • Nickbastian (Nick and Sebastian)
  • Nickel (Nick and Rachel)
  • Niff/Neff (Nick and Jeff)
  • Niffbastian (Nick, Jeff, and Sebastian)
  • Pam Anderson (Puck, Sam, and Blaine)
  • Parley/Puckerose (Puck and Marley)
  • Partie (Puck and Artie)
  • Pavurt (Kurt and Pavarotti)
  • Pecky (Puck and Becky)
  • Peggo/Waffleman (Puck and Eggo/Waffles)
  • Pendletank (Pendleton and Hank)
  • Pezberry (Santana and Rachel)
  • Pieberry (Brittany and Rachel)
  • Pierson/Finntany/Fritters (Brittany and Finn)
  • Pillsberry (Emma and Rachel)
  • Pinn/Fuck (Puck and Finn)
  • Pinnchang (Puck, Finn, and Mike)
  • Plaine/Bluck (Puck and Blaine)
  • Puckarotti (Puck and Pavarotti)
  • Puckbastian (Puck and Sebastian)
  • Puckercest/Puckerbros (Puck and Jake)
  • Pucklaine (Puck, Kurt, and Blaine)
  • Puckleberry Blam (Puck, Rachel, Blaine, and Sam)
  • Puckleberry Finn (Puck, Rachel, and Finn)
  • Puckleberry Fuinn (Puck, Rachel, Finn, and Quinn)
  • Puckleberry Pez (Puck, Rachel, and Santana)
  • Pucklecherry (Puck, Mike, and Rachel)
  • Pucklecherryford (Puck, Mike, Rachel, and Matt)
  • Puckody (Puck and Brody)
  • Pucktanbastian (Puck, Santana, and Sebastian)
  • Pucktina/Pina/Tuck (Puck and Tina)
  • Puckurt (Puck and Kurt)
  • Puff (Puck and Jeff)
  • Puffles (Puck and waffles)
  • Pugar/Puckermotta (Puck and Sugar)
  • Puke (Puck and Mike)
  • Puma (Puck and Emma)
  • Pummelberry (Puck, Kurt, and Rachel)
  • Purple Briano (Brad and The Purple Piano)
  • Purtofsky (Puck, Kurt ans Karofsky)
  • Rachebelle (Rachel and Isabelle)
  • Quack (Quinn, Sam and Puck)
  • Quaine (Quinn and Blaine)
  • Quamchel/Quamberry (Quinn, Sam, and Rachel)
  • Quarley (Quinn and Marley)
  • Quartie (Quinn and Artie)
  • Quavarotti (Quinn and Pavarotti)
  • Que (Quinn and Sue)
  • Quelby (Quinn and Shelby)
  • Quiff (Quinn and Jeff)
  • Quill (Quinn and Will)
  • Quinncedes (Quinn and Mercedes)
  • Quittany/Fierce (Quinn and Brittany)
  • Quitty (Quinn and Kitty)
  • Quody/Westbray (Quinn and Brody)
  • Quory/Fabranagan (Quinn and Rory)
  • Quyder/Fablynn (Quinn and Ryder)
  • Racob/Isberry (Rachel and Jacob)
  • Rainiday ("rainy day") (Rachel, Blaine, and Holly)
  • Roderane (Roderick and Jane)
  • Rodison (Roderick and Madison)
  • Rorbastian (Rory and Sebastian)
  • Rorchel (Rory and Rachel)
  • Rorgins (Rory and Figgins)
  • Rorittana (Rory, Brittany, and Santana)
  • Rormony (Rory and Harmony)
  • Rorofsky or Irishkofsky (Rory and Dave)
  • Rorson (Rory and Finn)
  • Rortana (Rory and Santana)
  • Rortie (Rory and Artie)
  • Rorttany/Rorittany (Rory and Brittany)
  • Rovarotti (Rory and Pavarotti)
  • Rycedes (Ryder and Mercedes)
  • Rydel (Ryder and Rachel)
  • Rylitty (Ryder, Marley, and Kitty)
  • Rydique (Ryder and Unique)
  • Rytana (Ryder and Santana)
  • Sambastian (Sam and Sebastian)
  • Sanbastina (Santana, Sebastian, and Tina)
  • Santcedes (Santana and Mercedes)
  • Santina (Santana and Tina)
  • Sarley (Sam and Marley)
  • Sartie (Sam and Artie)
  • Schang/Mill/Wike (Will and Mike)
  • Schuedonda (Will and Shadonda)
  • Schuenanigan (Rory and Will)
  • Schuenaniggins (Rory, Will, and Figgins)
  • Schuevarotti (Will and Pavarotti)
  • Sebandler (Sebastian and Chandler)
  • Sebarley (Sebastian and Marley)
  • Sebarotti (Sebastian and Pavarotti)
  • Sebartie (Sebastian and Artie)
  • Sebartana (Sebastian, Artie, and Santana)
  • Sebartina (Sebastian, Artie, and Tina)
  • Sebcedes (Sebastian and Mercedes)
  • Sebchel/Smytheberry (Sebastian and Rachel)
  • Sebklaine (Sebastian, Kurt, and Blaine)
  • Seblainchel (Sebastian, Blaine, and Rachel)
  • Sebofsky (Sebastian and Karofsky)
  • Sebrittany (Sebastian and Brittany)
  • Sebroche (Sebastian and Gavroche)
  • Sebrochel (Sebastian, Brody, and Rachel)
  • Sebrody (Sebastian and Brody)
  • Sebtana (Sebastian and Santana)
  • Sebtina (Sebastian and Tina)
  • Sebpartina (Sebastian, Puck, Artie, and Tina)
  • Sequinn (Sebastian and Quinn)
  • Shaggins (Figgins and Shannon)
  • Shannuck (Shannon and Puck)
  • Shelbastian (Shelby and Sebastian)
  • Shelbtana (Shelby and Santana)
  • Shelvarotti (Shelby and Pavarotti)
  • Shrubtana (Santana and Shrub)
  • Shueberry (Rachel and Will)
  • Sike (Sam and Mike or Sugar and Mike)
  • Sinn (Sam and Finn)
  • Smotta (Sebastian and Sugar)
  • Soz/Rue (Sue and Roz)
  • Spadison (Spencer and Madison)
  • Spoderick (Spencer and Roderick)
  • Spuck/Suck/Puckevans (Sam and Puck)
  • Spyderman (Spencer, Ryder, and Jake)
  • St. Adams (Jesse and Wade/Unique)
  • St. Anderson/Blesse (Jesse and Blaine)
  • St. Cohen-Chang (Jesse and Tina)
  • St. Chang (Jesse and Mike)
  • St. Evans/Jam (Jesse and Sam)
  • St. Fuckleberry (Jesse, Finn, Puck, and Rachel)
  • St. Faberry (Jesse, Quinn, and Rachel)
  • St. Fabray (Jesse and Quinn)
  • St. Fuinnchel (Jesse, Finn, Quinn, and Rachel)
  • St. Hudson (Jesse and Finn)
  • St. Hummel (Jesse and Kurt)
  • St. Lopez (Jesse and Santana)
  • St. Lynn (Jesse and Ryder)
  • St. Pavarotti (Jesse and Pavarotti)
  • St. Pierce (Jesse and Brittany)
  • St. Rose (Jesse and Marley)
  • St. Schuester (Jesse and Will)
  • St. Smythe (Jesse and Sebastian)
  • St. Tubbington (Jesse and Lord Tubbington)
  • St. Wilde (Jesse and Kitty)
  • Starkurt/Kelliott (Elliott and Kurt)
  • Suebastian (Sue and Sebastian)
  • Suechel (Sue and Rachel)
  • Sue Directions (Sue and New Directions)
  • Sueggins (Sue and Figgins)
  • Suester (Sue and Will)
  • Sugam (Sugar and Sam)
  • Sugarmony (Sugar and Harmony)
  • Sugarotti (Sugar and Pavarotti)
  • Sugzy (Sugar and Suzy)
  • Suniday ("sunny day") (Sunshine and Holly)
  • Sunray (Sunshine and Quinn)
  • Sunshina (Sunshine and Tina)
  • Sunshory (Sunshine and Rory)
  • Sury (Sam, Kurt, and Rory)
  • Sylverday (Sue and Holly)
  • Sylvuckerman (Sue and Puck)
  • Syder/Ram/Lyvans (Ryder and Sam)
  • Tarl (Terri and Carl)
  • Thadbastian (Thad and Sebastian)
  • Thes (Thad and Wes)
  • The Quack (Quinn and The Mack)
  • Tiff (Tina and Jeff)
  • Tiggins (Tina and Figgins)
  • Tincedes (Tina and Mercedes)
  • Tinpucklecherryford (Tina, Puck, Mike, Matt, and Rachel)
  • Tiny (Tina and Rory)
  • Titty/Kittina (Tina and Kitty)
  • Totcedes (Mercedes and Tater Tots)
  • Tottie/Tittie (Tina and Dottie)
  • Traine/Blent (Blaine and Trent)
  • Tue (Sue and Tina)
  • Tugar (Tina and Sugar)
  • Tuinn/Quinna (Tina and Quinn)
  • Tuitt (Tina, Quinn, and Brittany)
  • Tyder/Rydina (Tina and Ryder)
  • Unholy Artrinity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Artie)
  • Unholy Blanity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Blaine)
  • Unholy Finnity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Finn)
  • Unholy Kurtrinity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Kurt)
  • Unholy Sebtrinity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Sebastian)
  • Unholy Suetrinity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Sue)
  • Unholy Sugarinity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Sugar)
  • Unholy Tinity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Tina)
  • Unholy Tubbinity (Quinn, Santana, Brittany, and Lord Tubbington)
  • Unity (Unique and Kitty)
  • Waine (Wes and Blaine)
  • Warl (Will and Carl)
  • Wechel (Wes and Rachel)
  • Wert (Wes and Kurt)
  • Westana (Wes and Santana)
  • Westhart (Brody and Joe)
  • Wevel (Wes and his gavel)
  • Wevid (Wes and David)
  • Wew Directions (Will and New Directions)
  • Wierce (Will and Brittany)
  • Wildeberry (Kitty and Rachel)
  • Wildevans (Kitty and Sam)
  • Wildehart (Kitty and Joe)
  • Wildewest (Kitty and Brody)
  • Willcedes (Will and Mercedes)
  • Willofsky (Will and Dave)
  • Willshine (Will and Sunshine)
  • Willtana (Will and Santana)
  • Willzimio (Will and Azimio)
  • Winn/Fill/Schueson (Will and Finn)
  • Wina (Will and Tina)
  • Winn (Will and Finn)
  • Wist (Will and his Vests)
  • Wuck (Will and Puck)
  • Zizcedes (Mercedes and Lauren)
  • Zizon (Lauren and Finn)
  • Zonberry (Sunshine and Rachel)


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