The God Squad was a group of Christian students at William McKinley High School, who attempt to spread the word that being a Christian is not just about reading the Bible, and that it can be "cool". Presumably, Joe Hart was the only member left since Mercedes Jones, Quinn Fabray and Sam Evans as graduated from school.


Season Three


The God Squad has their first on-screen meeting, welcoming Quinn back  to the group, as well as welcoming Joe, a new member. After a discussion on how to raise money, Sam Evans suggested that the squad should offer to sing vocal valentines or telegrams to their customer's loved ones, since the New Directions decided they were not going to do it.

They first sing Stereo Hearts to Rachel from Finn. When they finish, Santana then asked them to sing to her girlfriend, Brittany, which they are all unsure about. In the next meeting they discuss whether or not to sing to Brittany. All of the members are happy to do it, apart from Joe, who is still confused about how he feels, and takes some time to think about it. During Sugar's party, Joe decides that "love is love" and they do the performance to Brittany from Santana, singing Cherish/Cherish.

On My Way

After members of the God Squad hear the news of Dave Karofsky's suicide attempt, Mercedes calls an emergency meeting to pray for him. Quinn suggests that they instead pray for Karofsky's family, for they need the support more. Sam isn't completely clear on what has happened, and Mercedes explains how he has been bullied at school for his sexuality. Soon, Kurt joins the meeting, and after a brief debate with Quinn, comes to pray. Joe confesses that he was the one to invite Kurt after his request. They then tell Kurt that they plan to go see Dave in the hospital and that Kurt can join them if he wants to.



Former Members




  • In Heart, a list of their goals is written on a whiteboard behind Mercedes, and they include "praying for Artie's legs" and "secretly baptizing people." They also do community services (Shoe Drive, Adopt a Highway).
  • Since Quinn and Joe only joined in Heart, it means that Mercedes and Sam were the only members prior.
  • While the God Squad performed singing telegrams for people, it is unknown whether they themselves choose the songs or whether they are asked to sing a certain song on request.
  • It is implied that Joe was the only member left after Mercedes, Quinn and much later, Sam graduated. If there were others, they weren't shown. But since Joe also left the glee club and was no longer seen in the series, the club was disbanded.
  • Sam was surprised that another boy wanted to join in Heart.
  • In Homecoming, The God Squad was mentioned by Quinn when she and the Alumni were trying to get new members for the glee club in the Tea Party Patriot Club classroom.
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