The Gymnasium is an area of McKinley High which is most often used for recreational purposes, such for gym classes and Cheerios practice. Additionally, it hosts several school events, such as assemblies, voting polls, Proms and other usual school functions. In addition, the New Directions have performed a variety of songs here for the school.

List of Songs Performed in The Gymnasium

Song Episode Sung/Danced by
Push It Showmance New Directions
Ray of Light The Power of Madonna Cheerios
4 Minutes
Beautiful Home Mercedes with WMHS students

Song Episode Sung/Danced by
Run the World (Girls) Asian F Brittany with Santana and WMHS girls
Bein' Green Pot o' Gold Rory
Hit Me with Your Best Shot/One Way or Another Mash Off New Directions and The Troubletones
Jolene I Kissed a Girl Shannon
Dang Diggy Dang The Spanish Teacher Cheerios
Dinosaur Prom-asaurus Brittany with Cheerios
Love You Like a Love Song Santana with Brittany and Tina
What Makes You Beautiful Joe, Rory, Artie, Mike and Sam
Take My Breath Away Quinn and Santana

Song Episode Sung/Danced by
Hold It Against Me Britney 2.0 Brittany with Kitty and Cheerios
Womanizer Unique, Tina, and Marley with WMHS girls
Gimme More Brittany with New Directions
No Scrubs Sadie Hawkins Artie, Blaine, Ryder, Sam, and Joe
Locked Out of Heaven Unique and Marley with New Directions Girls
I Only Have Eyes for You Ryder with Joe, Artie, and Unique

Song Episode Sung/Danced by
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Tina in the Sky with Diamonds Jake, Marley, Ryder, and Unique
Hey Jude Blaine, Kitty, Sam, and Tina

Song Episode Sung/Danced by
Friday I'm In Love Child Star Spencer Porter




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